who-needs-kings-and-prophets-when-you-can-have-forever-2 Forever
Who Needs Kings And Prophets When You Can Have Forever?
Photo Courtesy Of WBTV “A good Network apologizes for the mistakes of the past, but a great Network corrects them.” We likely have all made decisions that
1274 Forever
Keeping The Fat Lady Quiet: The Battle To Save Forever
Photo Courtesy Of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alerts “It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings.” With apologies to the Bard: I come to praise “Forever,” not to bury it.
1442 Constantine
The Grassroots Campaign To Renew Constantine
Courtesy of NBC We here at NotJustAnotherTVSite.com judge all major decisions on one primary criteria. Does it measure up to our expectation of quality?
1372 Tv analysis
Why Is My Favorite Series On Hiatus, Again?
Collage Designed And Created By Jason Jones Although the landscape of Television’s changed dramatically, since it first became embraced by Americans in
1429 Episode recaps
Gotham: Expanding The Batman Mythos
Photo Courtesy Of FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert The FOX Television Network, took a calculated risk last fall when they introduced their new series “Gotham,”
1440 Tv analysis
NBC Decision On Brian Williams Makes Network Look Foolish
Photo Courtesy Of NBC Unless you’ve been under a rock over the last week or so, you’re probably aware that the anchor for the “NBC Nightly News” Brian
1421 Forever
The Grass Roots Campaign To Renew Forever
Image Courtesy Of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alerts Since “Not Just Another TV Site,” started publishing, we’ve had the pleasure of recapping some tremendous
1463 Person of interest
Person Of Interest: Living In A World Controlled By Samaritan
Photo: Courtesy Of CBS Warning: Spoiler Alert In order for any human society to work, we need rules and laws, we’re not an enlightened enough species
1492 Heroes reborn
Heroes Reborn: Tim Kring, Please Don’t Let Us Down
Image Courtesy Of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert It was the perfect show, at the right time for this guy, when NBC debuted their Sci-Fi/Fantasy epic “Heroes,”
1187 Gracepoint
Gracepoint: Broadchurch Reveals Who DIDN’T Kill Danny
Photo Courtesy Of ITV and The London Daily Mail WARNING: MULTIPLE SPOILER ALERTS! The FOX miniseries “Gracepoint,” while not performing particularly well