2 comments on “Why Is My Favorite Series On Hiatus, Again?

  1. Really good and thought out, I just don’t think people are willing to schedule life around t.v. shows whims anymore…..like my parents will say things like “oh we should hurry to get home to watch csi or the voice” or “oh tonight numbers is on how bout dinner next week” and they have a dvr, lol.

    I dont see a lot of young people willing to do that kind of stuff because most of us have hulu,netflix,appletv,amazon prime and so on….so if we miss something and cant find it on one of those we are more likely to stop watching then try and schedule our day around seeing it air.

    • John,

      Totally agree that the TV landscape has changed vastly in the last 40-years, before the advent of home VCR’s not to mention DVR tech. Between all the sites you’ve mentioned and adding in the Networks own websites, time-shifting’s become a way of life in 2015.

      However, I think we’re still using a system that’s seventy-years-old and is outdated.

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