Who Needs Kings And Prophets When You Can Have Forever?

Photo Courtesy Of WBTV
Photo Courtesy Of WBTV

“A good Network apologizes for the mistakes of the past, but a great Network corrects them.”

We likely have all made decisions that we wish we could take back, unfortunately life rarely gives the chance to go back and change things. The ABC Network finds itself in that rare position, where they can rectify a bad decision and solve a scheduling program in the process. According to “Variety,”  the network has pulled their robes and sandals drama Of Prophets And Kings, from its prime-time schedule next fall. The periodical also reports that the network will move another new series Quantico, from its previous slot and now air the show Sunday night’s at 10:00 pm.

Moving the series that revolves around a group of rookie FBI Agents to Sunday nights, now leaves a hole in the network’s schedule on Tuesday night’s at 10:00pm EST. Is it perhaps more than coincidence, that the gap in the schedule is the same slot that “Forever,” occupied this past season? Would the ABC Network consider bringing back a show, that many fans are still discovering, and whose long-time fans have worked day and night to find the show a new home?

Rather than to rush a series to the air to fill that time-slot, the network with a call to Warner Bros. TV, the network can fix a programming snafu, while becoming heroes to a fan base that refuses to let the show die. Perhaps the best thing is, that ABC can promote the show all summer, giving it the exposure and the marketing it deserved its first time around the track. They can also use the summer to promote it heavily on the network’s website, streaming all 22-episodes, all summer long.

Long after the viewers of other cancelled shows have accepted their collective fate, the rabid fan-base has tightened their belts and doubled their efforts. Petitions to find the show a new home, have gone viral on the net, “Twitter” is jam-packed with tweets about the show and each day Facebook pages devoted to show, gain members at an astounding clip.

With the reports that the network needs a show to fill their old slot, series creator and show-runner Matt Miller, called on the fans to start tweeting ABC about bringing back the series. Donnie Keshawarz, who portrays NYPD Detective and former lead singer of the Craniacs Mike Hanson, took to Twitter Tuesday night with this message “Calling all @Foreverists! Given the recent issues over at ABC, there’s no better time to launch a tweet assault on them to bring us back!!”

ABC has a great opportunity to bring back a show that’s far more popular now, than when they decided not to renew it. Forever will air a Season Two, the only question that remains is if ABC is smart enough to take that second chance.

26 thoughts on “Who Needs Kings And Prophets When You Can Have Forever?”

    1. #Save Forever Im in love with this show and there are 1/2 billion people who agree with me Save our show !!!!

  1. ABC DID promote Forever quite heavily last summer, lumping Gruffudd together with all their “hunks” : Fillion, Dempsey, Foley, Goldwyn, etc. However, as soon as the season started, ABC abandoned promotions for this series. Would they change behavior, given this show is not an ABC studio product, and given that the Tuesday 10PM spot has been an ongoing vulnerable spot against CBS? Will ABC wake up to the new reality of tens of competing networks and allow their shows to develop an audience where percentages will be different because the pie gets divvy’d up between lots more diners? ABC, more than any other network, is infamous for its impatience, yanking and then tossing new series overboard after only three, or even TWO episodes!! Definition of insanity when ABC execs do this time after time especially on Tues. nights.

  2. I don’t think that ABC recognized the enormous following that FOREVER has in 98 countries besides the USA. The fans grow at an enormous rate each day on Facebook and their one united dream is to have a new home for many Seasons of FOREVER to come. I don’t see them giving up this dream any time soon!

  3. Yes! We need Forever back!! And we will succeed; the question is, will ABC have the wisdom to revive it (and PROMOTE it this time!!!!)

  4. #Forever is the best show, uniquely different, a fabulous cast, great complex character relationships & intriguing story lines… It’s wonderful to escape lifes daily grind & be transported into the mysterious world of Henry Morgan, Abe , Abigail & Jo… It’s a show that gets better as it goes along, it’s only getting started, please ABC let it continue, I can’t wait to find out what happens next!!! I’m in Australia, so it’s not easy to know what’s happening, but I for one what The ABC to #SaveForever #ReNewForever You won’t regret it & you will have Thousands of people from all corners around the world #Forever grateful… Thank you

  5. ABC executives, to use your own slogan on Forever’s promo poster:WHO SAYS YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE? Who says that with proper promotion and a regular airing of the episodes (!) Forever could not be your next Castle and run for many seasons to come?

  6. Forever is a great family show! With a wonderful cast and intriguing story line. You just could not got wrong putting back on the air. The masses have spoken,and we want it back! #SaveForever

  7. I am a late comer as a @Foreverist. I didn’t officially become one until I was shocked by the cancellation. But I am one of the one that joined the Facebook group, I revived my Twitter account just to aid the cause. That this show could join the “Brilliant but Cancelled” is unthinkable as it is such a quality show. The premise is fresh, the writing superb and the actors are quality. ABC has a chance for another Castle here, but if they really are that short sighted, let’s have someone else pick up this fantastic show.

  8. What another cop show??? Please tell me they are not going to do yet another cop show??? The frickin insanity.!! Just bring FOREVER back now please and all will be forgiven. But for Gods sake don’t bring it back to ABC, they care nothing for us, the people who make them money.

  9. The previous comments have pretty much summed up my feelings on the matter, but to summarize, Forever had a rabid fanbase, which seems to be multiplying daily, possibly even more so since the cancellation. Ioan’s touching Instagram message to fans has strengthened our resolve and we’re bound and determined to find our beloved cast & crew a new home. If ABC is willing to give us another chance, that’s great, BUT— TREAT THE SHOW WITH THE DIGNITY IT DESERVES. You promote it and rest assured so will we. I’ve already convinced many friends to watch and I’m sure most fans are doing the same. Foreverists want nothing more than to enjoy and discuss their favorite show for YEARS to come. @FerL67 #SaveForever

  10. Forever is a superb series, based on an original concept which adds a refreshing angle rather than the usual crime wannabes which festoon the schedule. Series like this, with an excellent cast, scripts and originality always seem to struggle at first (usually because the powers that be just don’t get it…fringe comes to mind) – when they are given the chance to blossom and mature they have innate longevity.
    It will make a refreshing change if this one is given that chance..

  11. It would be extremely poetic if they revived this show. You know, just like Henry Morgan, the show died, only to reappear shortly after. It might have even been a trick from ABC (?).

  12. FOREVER has it all. Great writing,acting,directing and a phenomenal story line. The humor,drama and rich character development is both mature and playful. It’s rare to have such a quality program for adults and younger people. Every character has such a depth well crafted background that it makes you feel they could be someone you know in real life.

    If ABC wont give FOREVER the green light maybe the numerous other television streaming platforms could bring it on.

  13. Please bring back Forever!!!! So many devoted fans all over the world would be so happy. We the viewers are the most important part of television. We are wanting this show back. Please take all of the thousands of tweets and comments into consideration. Forever has such a loyal and devoted fan base. Bring forever back and see the viewers back Forever with everything we all have. 🙂

  14. Please oh please bring Forever back. I’m from Malaysia and this series is very very much loved here. We’re just bereft and gutted that it got cancelled – a really bad, short-sighted decision.

    Karen Goonting

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