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  1. (Seldom one to be picky but as we are both writers I know you will appreciate me telling you to edit spelling (Katrina = Katarina)). With this out of the way, great summary of the episode.

    I would like to add although, I do not feel Raymond walked away after shooting Kate with no emotion. Mastery of masking emotions he learned early on I am sure in his capacities for Intelligence work. I would think shooting Kate was almost the aftermath of his truest pain for which he has spanked her for 3 episodes, one last season, other two this season. I thought this would be the most he would do to her and Bokenkamp/Eisendrath delivered a shocker much bigger than Liz ‘dying’ imho.

    Her death was instantly seen by most to be a fake, Lizzie’s that is. At least I saw it for what it was and my only measure on it’s truth was how many episodes would take place to cement it into reality or reveal it for the ruse it was. I was happy to be correct.

    But, I was sure he would continue to use Mr. Kaplan’s gifts in his search, her showing this capacity at the very opening of Episode One tracking the injured Kirk agent and thus showing her value again and again through episodes one and two of this season. None were acts of contrition as she stated clearly. She did what she was told to do when she first appeared, “Located (and/or Protect) her employer and to Protect Elizabeth”….which she did to the very end.

    I think Red was hurt as much as one can be when Kaplan turned on him. “The cleaner turned strategist”, he would say. Seeing all her actions as hubris to take on so much when she should have known better all decisions should go through him because he can never inform others the wealth of angles and information in his head and constantly being fed to him by sources or perceptions. Kaplan made a grave error and I agree with Red he could never trust her again as an employee but her years of service should have granted her reprieve at least until Agnes and Liz were both safe. But, this again shows what I already agreed to last year with Kate’s betrayal and her confrontation in which he was in error in his movements and belief thinking he could ever really protect Liz or the baby as long as he was within proximity, directly or indirectly.

    The shooting was a definitive moment and I agree completely it will further bifurcate camps and twist the many forks already created prior into splintered groups within groups in the TBL fans. Red has always been a cold-hearted killer with sole intent on his own desires. Only when his desires and those of others mesh does he do good things. Take the Djinn for example, he talked of much more productive means of running the business and I believe they will be more positive in the end than just revenge and torture. He has shown time and again to have morals behind his bullets. But, we must wonder, a man who could’ve just as easily put on in her head, did he leave nature to Kate’s fate? In the shooting, instead of just seran wrapping her like Newton, or a bullet straight to the head, did he allow for the possibility of survival for her? Was this his form of reprieve?

    I think it quite possibly was and we will not know until she appears again and whether his response is one to finish the job, be shocked, etc., until then we will not know his truest motive in his action. I for one, think it foolish, as he was doing quite well using her skills still, spanking her at every moment possible (which is also what he meant in the surgery scene…he meant Tom would be his instrument and Kate lacked loyalty). A note on Tom, I am a little satisfied with him using Tom’s skills. He seems to have put up with Tom up to now where he is a little more on the side of allowing Tom into his circle.

    Just a couple thoughts. Again, great summary. OH, one last note – I think THIS Summer Palace is the House by the Sea where the gun was in Raymond’s mouth. I once thought it to be Cape May, but I’ve since changed this assumption given Red’s knowledge of the house and so forth.

    Fantastic episode and they are delivering in every form and function what a great TV show should be delivering. I would hope the next episode or two give us even a moment of retrospection or digestion and then floor it again. I imagine until all is well for Red’s purposes, we will see speeds well above Sammy Hagar’s limits!

    Be well, be kind, be blessed…and most important, be back for more Blacklist!

    • Joe,
      What a truly pleasant surprise! Ironically, I’ve spelled her name Katarina, since Cape May, just a brain cramp on this recap, I guess. I’ve been a huge fan of Tolstoy’s since I was a kid, so I tend to follow his spelling on Russian names. I’d been using Konstantin, until IMDB listed him as Constantine.

      I went through the entire Summer expecting Raymond and Kate to make amends, truly believing that by surviving S3E23, she was safe. Raymond’s a logical man, and I believed that once he got past the initial anger and sense of betrayal, he’d bring Mr. Kaplan back into the fold. Last week was the first time I entertained the possibility my logic was incorrect, if anything it seemed Reddington’s anger had increased, cutting off the cop’s head was a huge indicator to me, that he no longer thought Kate was part of his team.

      Jon and the writers have let us know from the outset that Reddington’s capable of heinous and brutal acts, but I could ALWAYS see the logic in the actions he took. However, this was purely based on emotion, he refused to entertain Mr. Kaplan’s motivation for her decision. I truly thought he understood in S3E23, when he asked Kate “Had it truly come to that?” However now I’ve come to think of his response as his one moment of clarity in this situation. He understood Kate’s reasoning, however all he could see was Mr. Kaplan’s betrayal.

      Just before he shoots her, he brings up the trust-factor and says when he looks at her, he just sees a stranger. Ironically, that’s exactly how I felt about Raymond at that moment. Having the “bad-guy,” as a story’s protagonist, is far from a novel concept, however you have to give your audience a reason to root for them. Through three-plus seasons, I’ve unabashedly rooted for Raymond, for at least the moment, that connection’s gone. “I don’t know where we went wrong, but the feelings gone, and I just can’t get it back,” to quote Mr. Lightfoot.

      Raymond’s an extraordinary shooter and from 20 foot difference, one would think Red would have killed her. First thought in my head when we saw she was alive, was this was yet another setup, to allow Kate to infiltrate Rostov’s organization and gain his trust. Tis possible but that may be going to the same well too often.

      Thanks for the kind words my friend!

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