11 comments on “The Blacklist: Is Alexander Kirk Liz Keen’s Father?

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  3. I think Red is her dad and Alexander Kirk not his baby. Katarina rostova husband but she had an affair with red she cared for him. I think that came as an affair and Lizzie was a result and she got back with her husband because she loved him them there mit be another daughter out there and could be older daughter. this is as a result of an affair between Katarina and red because if you look back her dad knew red and didn’t said anything about the father .they had a very serious pass with her so realy loved Katerina so there was an affair there somewhere and I believe Lizzy was a producer of that affair and Alexander Kirk just thinks he is the daddy because she went back to him right after that affair and I will always believe that’s her dad I will never stop I’ll make sure it sounds good I think that’s her dad and Alexander getting off there I believe I believe red is her dad and Alexandra Kirk’s but Alexandra as no idea that Red could be her dad. When Katarina left him for that period of time she with Red but he don’t know what happened between them and he thinks that he’s her dad. I will always believe that red is her father and no one else

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  5. Anyone who thinks Red is Liz’s father is a fool. he told her he isn’t, and has said over and over that he has never lied to her. For him to turn out to be her father makes no plot sense.

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