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  1. She also asked if he ever spared someone who deserved to die and he explains that he spared Tom because he was the father of Liz’s baby. I don’t think he’s referring to Korpal. And it’s affected, which is a verb. Effect is a noun and you can’t add -ed. He probably got cozy with the woman to keep her warm as being in cold water like that could cause hypothermia. It actually helps to keep both of them warm as Red went into the water as well. I believe that is what he was doing.

    • Susan,

      I agree he was referring to Tom when he answered Katrina’s question, but I still believe Red didn’t think Nick deserved to die. Guess we’ll find that out on Thursday. Excellent point about the body warmth, however IMHO he still seemed too familiar with a woman that was a stranger. If I’m trying to get the story straight from a friend, I’d use the phrase “Talk To Me.” Meaning it’s ME, YOU KNOW ME and you can tell me anything. Now perhaps saving a complete stranger from killing herself would be a “bonding experience” and he felt talking to her like a friend, but it just didn’t ring true to me.

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