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  1. This is a great assessment of this week’s episode. However, my favorites scene was not addressed, when Red visited Gerald Sullivan and his wife. He asked Sullivan for a song and Sullivan pulls out his guitar and sings Michael Rows the Boat Ashore. Red exhibits this insanely projection of happiness for the song which still begs to question Red’s sanity or if it was Red just being Red. I don’t understand the correlation.

    • Trish,

      Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately for the sake of brevity, I did leave out that scene and it was a fun one! I think Raymond truly revels in creating uncomfortable situations for people. He also seems to have a penchant for emasculating men in front of their wives, as we’ve seen him do quite often. He realized Dembe wasn’t going to allow those folks to embarrass themselves for that long.

      I think he needs to have that impish side to balance out the cold-blooded killer that’s also within him. Remember earlier in that episode, he told the guy who assaulted Lizzie that when he was a younger man he used to romanticize the outlaw-life and that he no longer does that. I think Raymond had to go through an unusual situation after Liz killed Connelly, he was caught by surprise and wasn’t in control and that threw him. He’s a master chess player whose used to being ten steps ahead of his opponent and suddenly somebody crashed into the chessboard throwing everything into chaos.

      I think he’s kind of feeling the same way right now, thinking that the Tom issue was settled and now the pregnancy turns the scenario on its head. I think Raymond believes he can always overcome adversity, but when he’s no longer in control he gets concerned. So perhaps he compensates for that by controlling others. He likely knows what outcome he’ll choose before he even enters the scenario, but the people he faces off against don’t.

      Thanks for writing and feel free to do so at anytime!

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