2 comments on “Mr. Robot: The Revolution Has Been Televised

  1. Good review cousin Jeff. Clearly Mr Robot was one of my top 10 best first seasons of any show. Takes me back to my First, the original Batman that aired circa 1966 that kept me in suspense every week: same bat time same bat channel. The anticipation between shows was a killer waiting what seemed like months for the next weeks episode to air. Waiting till next summer for Mr Robot to return will be a very very long wait indeed.

    • Randy,
      Thanks for the kind words! You bring up what’s now referred to as “Batman 66” and I think that’s a great analogy (At least for we Aging Boomers!) That show also bent the envelope and helped redefine the medium in many ways. It was on twice a week with the cliffhanger on the first episode and the resolution in the second. It was a campy show, that took advantage that lots of people bought Color TV Sets in 1966, as the Prime-Time schedule went to full color that season. The use of the camera, all the scenes dominated by the villains were on a tilt and the graphics from a comic-book, POW, WHAM, BAM. It became a status symbol to be the person sticking their head out the window when they climbed up the side of a building, Dick Clark’s cameo comes quickly to mind. Plus it knew not to take itself too seriously. ABC tried the same thing with Green Hornet, with BRUCE LEE as Kato but it didn’t work as the characters were distant and the tone was darker.

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