The Musketeers: Porthos Finds His Pop, Rochefort’s Brain Goes Pop

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, do we concentrate on the first 51-minutes of the latest episode of The BBCA Original Series “The Musketeers,” or on the last five minutes, which knocked viewers out, with a sneak left-hook to the jaw, leaving us all a bit dazed and confused? The temptation’s great to jump straight to the surprise ending, but we’d do a great injustice to actor Howard Charles and his character Porthos, if we chose that route. So have patience and we’ll get to the jaw-dropping ending in good time.

Porthos became aware, that his former commanding officer Captain Treville, knew the identity of the Musketeer’s father, since the premiere of season two, when the King’s soldiers rescued Treville’s old friend, General De Foix. The General showed interest in Porthos, and the Musketeer caught on, they’d interacted at some point. He thought La Foix was his father, but Treville told him that wasn’t the case. After surviving a serious gunshot wound in the previous episode, Treville promised to tell Porthos about his father after he got some rest.

We join the action, soon after that conversation took place, as Porthos and Aramis are going to meet the Musketeer’s father, the Marquis de Belgard. The come upon the estate to find two young teenage girls running to the front gate, a man chasing them on horseback holding a whip tells them to get away from the gate. Aramis asks what’s going on and the man claims the girls are his wife’s maids and they stole from her, he then whips the younger of the pair and tells her to get back to her quarters. Aramis asks the other girl, if what the man’s saying’s true and the teen nods her head, the man whips her and tells her to go back as well. He then asks what they want and Porthos, tells him they’ve come to see the Marquis, the man says he doesn’t receive visitors, Porthos says, he’ll see me.

The two enter the estate and climb a staircase when they meet an elderly man with long unkempt, hair and beard, who asks why they’re in his home. Porthos says they’ve come to visit the Marquis, the man admits to being him. The Musketeer then says his name’s Porthos and he’s Belgard’s son, he asks who told him this nonsense and he says his Captain with the Musketeers, Treville. Belgard respond’s that Treville’s treachery ruined his life, Aramis takes offense at the statement, then Porthos introduces his friend. The Marquis tells Porthos to follow him and his friend can remain there.

Belgard brings him into his study, excuses the mess, says since he withdrew from society, he’s become a recluse. He then says to Porthos, you have questions and Porthos asks if Belgard’s his father, he says he is, then asks if the Musketeer knows the sordid tale of the infamous Marquis de Belgard. When Porthos replies he doesn’t, he reveals that he was the head of the King’s Royal Body Guard, when Louis’ father Henri, got killed by a lunatic. They needed a scapegoat, so they chose him and La Foix and Treville, went along with them, condemning him with false testimony, leading to his Court Martial.

Aramis gets greeted by Belgard’s daughter Eleanor Levesque, her husband’s the man they saw on the horse at the gate. She says she’ll get him some refreshment, when Porthos and the Marquis walk out and Porthos says don’t bother we’re staying for dinner.

Constance puts flowers on Bonacieux’s grave as D’Artagnan watches, he then tells her he’s glad her husband’s dead, this is fate giving them a chance to be together as they should. Constance feels guilty, that she was unfaithful to Bonacieux and she didn’t love him and she needs time. D’Artagnan’s frustrated and says take all the time you want, hopefully I’m still around when you decide you want me, then walks off.

King Louis’ sitting in front of the fireplace, a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, rocking back and forth saying they’re trying to kill me like they killed my father. Cancel my public appearances and have someone taste my food, his new First Minister Rochefort, assures him he’ll taste the King’s food himself. He then asks Louis to sign these documents so he can keep things running smoothly for him, the French Monarch signs the papers without reading, which doesn’t bode well.

The Marquis makes a toast, to his son, who was lost but now found, he then looks to his daughter Eleanor, telling her to raise a glass. Her husband, stands up from his chair and says to Porthos, his wife isn’t related to him. Belgard tells his son-in-law to sit down immediately, he loved Porthos’ mother and he won’t allow him to get treated that way. Aramis asks if he loved Porthos mother, what happened?

Belgard says that Porthos’ mother was a servant for his father’s house, they fell in love and got married in secret. Shortly after Porthos arrived, his father found out and ordered his son to send them away or he’d disinherit him, but Belgard refused. He the says La Foix and Treville conspired with his father and came in the middle of the night, kidnapping them and them in the Court of Miracles.

He says after a time, for his sanity and the sake of his family’s name he married this girl’s mother, Eleanor responds she won’t listen to this. The Marquis says Eleanor got her mothers looks and personality, shrewish and defiant. Levesque stands up again and insults Porthos, the Musketeer said he didn’t come there to cause a fight, Levesque says we know why you’re here, throws a handful of coins at him. Porthos says if Levesque sits down right now he’ll let this pass and the man spits in the Musketeer’s face. Aramis stands up and growls, then hands his mate a handkerchief.

Porthos stands up and says remember you brought this on yourself, Levesque takes two swings, missing widely, Porthos knocks him to the ground while Eleanor calls him a savage. Levesque makes the mistake of standing back up, trying to continue, the Musketeer brings him to his knees, with two swift blows to the back. Aramis says Porthos should stop, unless he wants to kill him. Belgard chuckles, at last a champion, to defend my family name.

Rochefort summons Milady De Winter, to his office, apologizing for the way he treated her the last time they’d been together and says he thinks they can work together. She says you took away my life and an expensive present she received from the King. He apologizes and says there’d been a murderer on the loose and Milady says yes a female one working for Spain, almost as if she had someone on the inside. Rochefort dismisses the Priests, leaving the two alone. Milady’s now aware that Rochefort’s a spy for Spain and taunting him.

He then gets down to the reason he summoned her, her knowledge of Aramis, he asks if he’s sleeping with the Queen and she tells him he’s mad. He says check around, if she hears as much as whisper, report back to him, she says if Aramis slept with the Queen that constitutes treason, Rochefort smiles.

Aramis is in the courtyard of the Marquis’ compound when a wagon rolls up, he picks up some burlap and sees the corpse of the younger girl Martine. He asks Eleanor what happened and she said the stupid girl got kicked by a horse. Aramis isn’t buying her story, saying look at her throat, she responds the girl rode the horse, fell off got tangled in the reins and stomped to death. Aramis knows the girl was murdered. Eleanor goes to find the other girl Camille, tells her to clean up and gives her fresh clothes, telling her now she’ll earn her money.

Aramis follows Levesque and Camille into Paris and Levesque takes her to a house saying this is her home now, they’re met by a town house servant who lets them in and shuts the door. Aramis rides back to the barracks and tells D’Artagnan, Athos and Treville, he says that Martine was murdered and he believes that they’ve got Camille in that house for immoral reasons. Treville says don’t tell Porthos, or he’ll think they’re trying to bad-mouth his father.

Milady finds Athos in a hole in the wall pub, then asks him how much information leading to Rochefort’s downfall would be worth? He says he’d give her his undying gratitude, she says she wants 100 livre, he laughs at her says he doesn’t have that, she says speak to Treville, you want this information. He gets up tells her to tell the info for France, or for her own redemption, then leaves.

After speaking with Belgard, Porthos rides back to the barracks and asks the Captain if he and La Foix kidnapped he and his mother, Treville says they did, but there’s more to the story. He asks if Treville recruited him for the Musketeers out of guilt and the Captain says that’s not the case at all. Porthos however doesn’t believe him and takes off his Musketeers arm-shield, pushing it to Treville and leaving.

Doctor Lemay, finds Constance and proposes, she’s totally shocked and speechless. He says he loves her and promises to make her happy. He then says she needs time, but he hopes she says yes. She’s totally flustered and still speechless when he grabs her hands and kisses them.

Porthos heads back to Belgard’s home and the old man reaches into his desk drawer putting his hand on a pistol. Porthos says he spoke with Treville and he admitted what the Marquis told him was true, he tried to offer an explanation, but Porthos wouldn’t listen and resigned from the Musketeers. Belgard hugs Porthos and says welcome home son.

Aramis heads to the house he saw Camille dropped off at and tells the Town House Servant he wants to see the girl who got dropped off that morning. The servant replies the entertainment doesn’t begin until ten that evening, he says get me her anyway. He’s trying to convince Camille he can save her, when Eleanor walks in and asks what he’s doing, he replies their entertainment’s legendary and he’s hoping for a preview. She sends Camille back to her room and kicks Aramis out.

He heads back to the barracks and tells his mates what’s going on and Treville says they’ve no evidence that Belgard’s involved. Aramis says he doesn’t think the old man’s involved, Treville says if the soldier knew Belgard like he does he’d realize he was. D’Artagnan then asks if Porthos could be in danger and the four ride off to the town house.

The Marquis and Porthos are alone drinking wine and talking, when Belgard says he’s got something for his son, he pulls out a small painting of a Black woman and Porthos asks if that’s his mother. Belgard says it is, isn’t she beautiful and Porthos agrees.

The guests have arrived for the entertainment, an all male gathering, save for Eleanor. Athos and D’Artagnan walk in and Eleanor says this is invite only. Athos says they paid their admittance and some guy they played cards with named Levesque invited them. Eleanor says he’s her husband, D’Artagnan replies that her husband has exquisite taste and kisses her hand. The flattery gains her trust and she welcomes them.

Eleanor then announces it’s time for the entertainment and about eight-to-ten teen girls walk out, including Camille to get auctioned. Camille’s the first of the girls to get bid on, the bidding starts at 20 livre, makes it to 50 livre, then Athos says he bids nothing and he and D’Artagnan are taking the girls with him. Camille tells the girls to follow them and they run out of the house. Aramis is waiting with swords for both his mates and the three soon overpower them all, but Eleanor grabs a sword and tries to get D’Artagnan, who quickly overpowers her. He says he’d never killed a woman but he might in her case, then leaves.

They get the girls back to the barracks, Camille tells them her town Priest recommended her for a job as a governess for a Parisian family, Eleanor showed up in her fancy carriage and paid Camille’s father a year’s wages in advance. She got something to drink in the carriage, which knocked her out. She woke up locked in an outhouse with Martine, Levesque told them they were his prostitutes now and could never go home. However she has no knowledge of Belgard.

Porthos is in the courtyard of his father’s estate when he hears a banging sound, he finds the door it’s coming from and breaks open the door. Levesque has another girl prisoner, Porthos removes her gag and calms her, he’s there to help her. He asks who did this to you and we hear Belgard’s voice say, yes that’s an interesting question from the doorway. He’s holding a pistol, though it’s pointed to the ground. He says that he realized Levesque was involved in some criminality, but nothing like this. Porthos asks if he knew of any of this and he claims he hadn’t Eleanor hires the staff and Levesque runs the estate.

The two bring the girl out of where she’d been imprisoned and Levesque’s standing there asking the old man what he’s doing. He says he and his son are rescuing this girl and Levesque asks if he’s gone mad. Levesque’s men soon surround them, but the Marquis shoots Levesque in the abdomen, Eleanor screams to the man to shoot them, but the Musketeers arrived and Aramis fires the first shot killing one of the men.

As the gunfight rages in the courtyard, Belgard runs up to his study, with Porthos following him and Treville a short distance behind. The Marquis, grabs the pistol out of his desk, Porthos enters and asks what’s going on? Belgard says we shot Levesque, Porthos corrects him and says the Marquis shot him and the old man says his presence gave him the strength. Treville enters with gun drawn and tells Porthos not to listen to him, every time he opens his mouth he lies. Belgard aims his pistol at Treville, Porthos forces him to put the gun on the table.

The Marquis would lose his inheritance unless he got rid of his wife and son, and he pleaded with his two best friends to take them to the Court Of Miracles, or he’d kill them both. Treville and La Foix had pledged a blood oath with Belgard to protect each other, and he felt bound by it. He immediately regretted his decision, tried to find them but they moved on. Porthos earned his position as a Musketeer, Treville respects the uniform too much to give a man one out of pity.

Belgard tells Porthos to shoot Treville, when he sees his son won’t he grabs the pistol but Porthos shoots him in the hand. He then says he almost convinced him, but he overplayed his hand, then pulls out the picture, this isn’t my mother, you probably found it in some shop. He leaves, Treville sneers at the old man, says Porthos takes after his mother.

After a talk with Queen Ann, Constance realizes how stupid she’s been. She first refuses Lemay’s proposal, telling him she’s in love with someone else. She then runs down to greet D’Artagnan when he arrives, she says he’s the only man she’s ever loved, or will ever love and they kiss. She says she has to get back to the Queen.

The Queen’s in her chambers, when Rochefort walks in, looking rather strange He says he’s needed to talk to her in private, when he went to Spain to become her tutor, he gave her a jewel-encrusted crucifix. Ann looks uncomfortable says she has so much jewelry. He says she told him she’s treasure it always so imagine how he felt, seeing it around another man’s neck, she’s getting alarmed now. He says just tell me you’re in love with me and I’ll forgive all transgressions. She’s shocked, tells him he’s mad and tells him to leave.

She turns away, but says they’ll soon be together and kisses her on the neck, she whips around, slaps him across the face and says leave now or she’ll have him arrested. He says her cries will go unanswered, all the staff works for him now, he wrestles her to the floor and keeps kissing her. Constance walks in, realizes what’s going on and screams get off of her, the Queen grabs a long pin stabbing Rochefort in the left eye. He screams the King will hear of your affair with the Musketeer, then screams for the guards saying treason’s at hand. Constance and the Queen look at each other in horror.

The Story Continues Next Saturday Night, at 9:00 pm on BBCA.

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