1188 Episode recaps
The Musketeers: The End For Rochefort As War With Spain Approaches
Photo Courtesy Of BBCA Warning: Spoiler Alert Regular readers of these pages realize how much this writer respects The BBC and their mastery of what’s
1241 Episode recaps
The Musketeers: Queen Ann Accused Of Treason
Photo: Courtesy Of BBCA Warning: Spoiler Alert Back in motion picture’s infancy, when folks gathered at their neighborhood movie theater, to enjoy silent
1329 Episode recaps
The Musketeers: Porthos Finds His Pop, Rochefort’s Brain Goes Pop
the-musketeers-rochefort-seemingly-can-do-no-wrong-2 Episode recaps
The Musketeers: Rochefort Seemingly Can Do No Wrong
Photo Courtesy Of BBCA Warning: Spoiler Alert It’s not very often that a secondary character can alter the trajectory of a TV series, make that character
1517 Episode recaps
The Musketeers: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
1491 Episode recaps
The Musketeers: Athos’ Past Catches Up With Him
Photo Courtesy Of BBCA Warning: Spoiler Alert Many people try to run away from their responsibilities, I guess if you lack a conscience, you can do something
1432 Episode recaps
The Musketeers: Woman’s Visions Creates Uproar In Paris
Photo Courtesy Of BBCA Warning: Spoiler Alert Religious fervor’s lead to more deaths of human beings, than probably any other cause of death throughout
1567 Episode recaps
The Musketeers: All For The Welfare Of The Child
Courtesy of BBC America Warning: Spoiler Alert Rochefort emerges from behind a very ornate four-post bed. He rudely gives a strange woman instructions.
1526 Episode recaps
The Musketeers: Louis Tries Out The Commoner Life
Photo Courtesy Of BBCA Warning: Spoiler Alert Have you ever had a boss, that every once in a while, likes to let his hair down and have a night out with the boys?
the-musketeers-a-new-dynamic-in-paris-2 Episode recaps
The Musketeers: A New Dynamic In Paris
Photo Courtesy Of BBC Warning: Spoiler Alert Although The BBCA premiered the first season of “The Musketeers,”  last June, the network broadcast the premiere