2 comments on “The Newsroom: News Night Stands Firm On The Moral High Ground

  1. I am an addicted, and all things Sorkin are my drug. When this series ends, I will be forced into my coma of rerun. Let us all hope that Sorkin returns, not just with his new feature film, but with another powerful series that casts meaning to an otherwise useless cache of media.

    • Annie, you are preaching to the choir on this. I came late to the Sorkin party. I loved A Few Good Men but for years couldn’t put my finger on it. I picked up the West Wing a few years after it had concluded. That year my wife got me the complete series. I’ve never seen less that the complete series 4 times over in a single year since. Loved Studio 60, Sports Night, Social Network, Moneyball. I think it’s safe to say that if Aaron Sorkin is involved, its a must see situation. The worst news we got in the last year or so was that Season 3 of The Newsroom would be the last. The television landscape (especially) is a better when Sorkin is working. Whether you are a ‘Wingnut’ (West Wing fan) or not, you should check out our West Wing retrospective. It goes into detail of some the brilliance that is Aaron Sorkin. Also the finale recap. My longest recap to date, and a finale that affected me for about 36 hours after it was over. Thanks for stopping by and spending some time on our site.

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