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It Will Be August In March On Once Upon A Time

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

In Fairy-Tales, the impossible coming true is rather common place and according to the “Hollywood Reporter,” a television series in which many of the characters hail from the Enchanted Forest, will present a surprising turn of events in March. The publication states that the ABC series “Once Upon A Time,” will bring back Eion Bailey, in the third episode following the show’s return from Winter Hiatus. Bailey will reprise his character of August, the grown-up version of Pinocchio, who accompanied the infant Emma Swan on her journey to our world. The outstanding question is, exactly how the show will explain the return of a character who seemed like he no longer existed.

August got killed by Neal’s evil fiancée Tamara in season two, but the Blue Fairy brought him back to life for his bravery, however he came back as the little boy that left the enchanted forest with Emma, 28-years-earlier. When Regina cursed the Enchanted Forest, Emma’s parents sent her to our world in a wardrobe, accompanied by Pinocchio, whose responsibility was to take care and watch over the infant who’d one day become the Savior.

Pinocchio, got talked into running away from the foster home he and Emma lived in, but he had to leave the infant behind. Because he ditched his responsibility, he slowly reverted back to being a wooden creature, he transformed into an adult-sized wooden puppet, by the time Tamara killed him.

The report states that ABC declined to explain his reemergence into Storybrooke, whether it be in flashback form or occurring in story’s real-time. We do know that three villainesses, Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella de Ville, will try to attain their “Happy Ending,” perhaps August’s return has something to do with history getting rewritten.

If August actually returns to the present, his return could pose a problem for SWOOK, the romantic pairing of Captain Hook, or Killian as he’s more commonly referred to now and Emma. Although romance never actually blossomed between Emma and August, they had great chemistry and a relationship might have developed except for his early demise.

With Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin forced out of Storybrooke by his wife Belle, Regina losing her true love Robin Hood, who left the realm of magic so his wife Marian could live and the three evil women trying to change their fates, March already looked promising for the series, now in its fourth season. The return of August will only add to the confusion and excitement.