scorpion-logic-is-not-always-the-best-course-2 Episode recaps
Scorpion: Logic Is Not Always The Best Course
Courtesy of CBS Warning: Spoiler Alert Toby has still not warmed to Happy bringing her new fling around, throwing it in his face. But team Scorpion has
scorpion-sylvester-s-worst-fear-realized Episode recaps
Scorpion: Sylvester’s Worst Fear Realized
Courtesy of CBS Warning: Spoiler Alert While on community service detail, one of the group tries to befriend Walter. Walter does not seem too thrilled
scorpion-the-cuban-extraction-2 Episode recaps
Scorpion: The Cuban Extraction
Courtesy of CBS Warning: Spoiler Alert Walter reluctantly and obstinately meets with a lawyer to discuss a strategy for Walter’s part in the car accident
scorpion-emotions-rise-as-a-satellite-falls-2 Episode recaps
Scorpion: Emotions Rise As A Satellite Falls
1527 Episode recaps
Scorpion: Walter’s Life Hangs In The Balance
  Courtesy of CBS Warning: Spoiler Alert Toby begins the episode assuming Walter’s role filling the “leadership void”. Happy is already anticipating the
1284 Episode recaps
Scorpion: Our Worst Fears Are Realized. Literally.
Courtesy of CBS Warning: Spoiler Alert Happy is still treating Toby like his date night mistake was equal to the A-bomb over Hiroshima. The wealthy tech
1296 Episode recaps
Scorpion: The Team Individually Considers Risk
  Courtesy of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alert Toby slept through the dinner date he’s worked so hard for. To apologize, he brings happy a bouquet of wrenches
1171 Episode recaps
Scorpion: Fire Sparks New Versions Of The Same Men
Courtesy of Warning: Spoiler Alert A church group and their adult guides, seem to be lost. Deeply lost in the a forest. Not to put that aside
1282 Episode recaps
Scorpion: A Team Rift Complicates A Mexican Cartel Mission
Courtesy of CBS Warning: Spoiler Alert In the last episode a number of big picture and episodic plot points came into play. One of the lesser story lines
1486 Episode recaps
Scorpion: Trouble On The Lido Deck
Courtesy of CBS Warning: Spoiler Alert We begin this week with an armored truck robbery. The thieves are stealing a large box of rockets.