Scorpion: Trouble On The Lido Deck

Courtesy of CBS
Courtesy of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We begin this week with an armored truck robbery. The thieves are stealing a large box of rockets.
Walter checks a website to make a reservation for dinner for two on Valentine’s Day. Toby tries to connect the dots. Walter is trying to maintain that this is a work dinner where he hopes to talk to Paige about some data entry tasks. It doesn’t hurt that its on Valentine’s Day and only a short time after Drew signed a month-long contract to pitch in Portland Maine. Hmmm.

Walter: I didn’t know it was Valentine’s Day.
Toby: Should I get the extinguisher, cause, liar liar your pants are on fire.

An arms dealer known as Kristof organized the theft of many light weight shoulder to air rocket launchers. If it were just about recovering stolen property, Homeland could take this one on their own. Kristof is using a luxury cruise ship as transport. The Top 1% of the top 1%. Homeland wants Scorpion to plant gps trackers on the various potential buyers to catch the bigger fish.

Cabe asks if anyone is down for a little James Bond action and pulls out one of the rocket launchers that were stolen. Scorpion will need to hack into the weapon’s computer interface. Once that’s done, the others will sync up. In and out in under 30 minutes. Walter, Paige, Cabe and Sylvester will board the boat in place of another group who will miraculously have ‘customs issues’. Big shocker, Sylvester is terrified of this plan.

Boarding the boat took dramatically longer than anticipated. So now the whole plan of do the job, get in and get out before it departs is no longer viable. To complicate matters, Cabe and Walter seem to be lock inside the engine room. And then there is that all so familiar sound to anyone who’s ever been on a cruise liner.

Sylvester: Paige! That was the get off the boat noise.
Paige: Where the hell are they?

Right about the time Paige begins to reel in Sylvester off the ledge of succumbing to irrational fears, she gets a call from Ralph’s school. Ralph might legitimately be sick. Paige will need to send Toby and Happy to pick him up. Toby discovers pretty quickly that Ralph’s sickness was all a rouse.

Toby: Ice packs in your backpack to make your teeth chatter? Ralph, I’ve seen you hack a digital thermometer, this is amateur hour.
Ralph: I had limited resources.

The plan seems salvageable, but they need to catch a couple lucky bounces. Then there is a knock at the door. It’s the captain to invite them to have lunch at his table. The gentleman playing the Captain is familiar. This probably won’t be the last time we hear from him. They head out towards lunch when someone recognizes Walter. It’s the girlfriend he was breaking up with at the diner Paige used to work at because it was efficient. He even tells her the truth which she doesn’t buy for a second.

Walter can’t get a steady signal to hack into the rocket launchers interface. After some bickering with Happy they find the hollow space she told them to look for. In the hollow space are the rocket launchers. While in the cargo hold, a hostile voice asks who are you? With a gun pointed at Cabe. Walter drops in from above to take out the gunman.

Meanwhile, Sylvester trying to keep up the charade that he’s a wealthy man who he is most certainly not. The frog legs were manageable, but telling the story of an ice fishing trip with ‘Grandfather’ and the escargot was incrementally more difficult. The captain has ordered all passengers to the Lido deck. This way the guy who found Cabe can identify him when he enters the Lido deck. There the captain tries to convey calm and then the man that pulled of the armored truck heist physically takes out the captain.

The thief shoots off a few rounds into the ceiling. Holds up a passenger manifest and informs the group that anyone who cannot produce proper identification to verify the manifest, things will not go well.

On the home front, Ralph explains that he ditched school because he wanted to give a Valentine card to a special young lady, but someone else beat him to it. Then Toby and Happy exchange pieces of advice for Ralph which really is the disguise as they are having a conversation about each other.

The thief is at “Bonesteel” (the name Sylvester and Paige are using). Paige comes inches from being shot after not coming forward when their ‘name’ was called. In a hurry, Walter rigs a beer can to use as a microphone and accessed all of the speakers on the ship. They have negotiated to bring him the rockets on the Lido deck to prevent any casualties.

On the deck, Walter and Cabe hold the bags holding the rockets over the edge. A plan that did not work. The thief elbows Walter in the abdomen forcing Walter to fall over. Then he notices Walter’s coms ear piece. Pulls it out just in time to hear the Military intercept helicopter getting a final go ahead to land. Cabe refuses to give that confirmation until the gun is pointed at Walter. With the chopper inbound, our villain takes out one of the rocket launchers and fires it in the helicopter’s direction.

Sitting on a rail around a skylight, Cabe gets an idea. Asks if Walter’s ever been scuba diving. They both sit on the rail, cross their arms over their chest and fall back. Cabe now is able to communicate with Happy and Toby. With only 45 seconds, they have to hack a nearby Japanese Destroyer to fire a shot of their own to intercept the rocket headed straight for the helicopter.

Of course Walter and Cabe didn’t leave the room they landed in so they were found pretty quickly. Out on a lower deck/walkway Cabe and Walter attempt to fight their way out. A gun slides towards the captain who picks it up and points it at each man involved. Remember I said this won’t be the last we hear of the captain. Who is actually Kristof. The perfect cover.

The captain sends one of his goons to retrieve Paige. The second she’s gone, Sylvester surveys the room. He sees something and hands a vase to another passenger and says, “Chas Bonesteel ain’t going out like this.” He’s trying to access the air duct, but doesn’t possess the athleticism to pull that off.

They bring Paige to where Walter and Cabe are. She tries to employ the ever popular toddler maneuver commonly referred to as ‘jello-legs’ to no avail. Then Walter suggests they take him instead. He is a high valued government asset. They are much more likely to get away using him than Paige.

Sylvester makes it through the air duct and out to where the rest of the crew are. Living the persona of Chas Bonesteel he is able to muster the courage to leap from where he’s standing and take out the raft they were lowering with Kristof, Walter and the rockets.

The event causes enough of a distraction for Cabe to get over on one of the goons. At that moment, Walter is tangled in the raft’s rope. The other men in the water are being pulled towards the massive cruise liner’s props. Then our main thief gets pulled under and what follows looks like a scene from Jaws. Then Sylvester gets pulled under while Walter tries to free himself. Cabe dives in after Sylvester and Paige runs off to convince the crew to kill the engines. The current is too strong, but somehow Walter manages to grab Cabe’s hand just as Paige kills the engines. It doesn’t work. Then she finds an override kill switch. Shutting off the engines mere moments before Sylvester would have been pulled under.

While everything gets sorted out. The ex-girlfriend approaches Walter. Coming to grips with the fact that he really does work for the government. Then Walter asks her what he could so that he doesn’t repeat the same mistakes he made with her in the future (i.e. with Paige). Her answer is intriguing. No woman can stimulate his mind forever. So he needs to make an actual connection with the lady in question or it will be doomed to fail.

Toby and Happy take Ralph back to school (its dark outside). Then run up with a rig of some sort. Then Toby fires off professional grade fireworks. The last of which spell out clearly, “For Sloan”. Ralph runs over for the finale. Toby hits another button and the last one fires. This one spells, “love Ralhp”. Then after saying to Happy some salvaging nonsense about love can be misspelled, Happy eventually reaches out for his hand. A moment passes and Toby goes in for a kiss. Happy leans back. Toby asks if she was going to punch him. When she said no, he went in again. This time interrupted by the school administrator who has called the cops. Toby runs over and picks Ralph up like a duffel bag and runs away.

Toby: Let’s go Ralph! She called the fuzz.
Ralph: What about Sloan?
Toby: Don’t worry, chicks dig outlaws. Start the car!

Walter’s working on a much larger rocket of his own when Paige walks up asking about their work dinner. Walter, considering what his ex told him, is going to jump on the grenade. He reels back giving excuses about how Paige is an important part of the team and she’s earned a weekend off. As she tries to leave, she once again catches Sylvester writing a Valentine’s Day Card. She flat-out asked, “are you sending a Valentine to Megan?” Naturally, the answer is yes but Sylvester is conflicted about it as it’s Walter’s sister. Paige plays it off like that does not matter. And to be fair, it probably wouldn’t. Then Paige says the thing that prompted Sylvester to do everything he did today to help the team.

Paige: Chas would send her that Valentine.

Taking Paige’s advice, Sylvester decides to take a chance. Not a complete gamble, that would be foolish. He walks over to Walter and tells him there is someone he’d like to see tonight. Its early stages, but. Walter is happy for his friend and says “whoever she is, she’s lucky to have you”. Sylvester gladly takes that compliment maybe as an indirect blessing. Walter even goes so far as to offer him the reservations at the restaurant that was supposed to be for Walter and Paige.

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