Agents of SHIELD: A Snake In The Grass

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Dr. Garner is alive. Coulson brought him back. Strapped tightly to a gurney, Andrew is alive and awake. As predicted, harming Andrew brought May out from the shadows. Once she hears word that he’s alive, she goes in and asks what happened? He tells the story we saw last week. Alex was there with two other guys. More importantly, and this is new information, Coulson put an agent on Andrew for his own safety. That agent took out the other two men. Then the blast flung him from the store.

Outside in the hallway, May intercepts Hunter from going in to see Andrew. She all but picks a fight with Hunter over the risk he took. Coulson comes out to break it up. Then he benches Hunter. May wastes no time asking to take over ‘Kill Ward’ duty. Now that she’s back, Coulson is happy to oblige.
Ward whines to his #2 about Hunter getting through their recruitment process. Sounded almost like a complaining teenager. “They all want me dead that much”, of course they do. Meanwhile, Alex Von Strucker is on the run. Afraid Ward will end him for not getting the job done. He reaches out to a family friend. An ally/colleague of Senior Von Strucker. The man agrees to help.

Daisy has a theory about Lash. Lash is in the ATC. That’s right, working for Rosalind. Coulson has an appointment with Rosalind to visit the ATC detainment facility. Daisy is concerned he’s getting to close to the situation, like an undercover cop who’s been under for too long. He shrugs it off, but I have my reservations.

May walks in on Bobbi jumping rope. Bobbi mentions Andrew and May snaps. May goes after Bobbi as if she risked Andrew’s life not Hunter. To May its all the same. Hunter did what he did to get revenge for what Ward did to Bobbi. As it turns out, May just had to test Bobbi to see where she was at physically as May wanted to recruit Bobbi to help in the assassinate Ward mission.

Rosalind creates an ’emergency’ to yet again postpone Coulson’s tour of the ATC building. Coulson isn’t buying it. Rosalind reluctantly agrees to let Coulson tag along…to her residence. There has been a break in.

Hunter is beginning to get stir crazy sitting on the bench. Now he’s getting in Fitz’ way. Hunter even finds a seamless way to put his two cents in about Fitz working to get Will back. Hunter sees it as giving assistance to Fitz’ competition. Fitz sees it as saving the man who kept Jemma alive.

Daisy finds Andrew walking the halls and interjects with a request. Daisy offers Andrew the opportunity to consult. He’s almost elated compared the boringness of recuperating. She’d like him to assist on trying peg this ‘Lash’. Andrew asks about Lincoln but Daisy has little to go on. Lincoln won’t come in. Mack comes around the corner and calls out for ‘Tremors’, Mack is leaning toward supporting the Lash is ATC theory. This puts their focus directly on Banks, Rosalind’s #2. They plan a little surveillance op. Hunter begs to come along.

Bobbi and May gain access into a large Cayman Island bank. An account that SHIELD monitors belonging to Hydra. One just went active. May and Bobbi parade around like a foreign dignitary and her assistant. Once inside, Bobbi places a small explosive inside a safe deposit box, places the box back in its slot. Moments later, all of the lock boxes are broken loose. They pull out box #38. Before they can identify the contents, Fitz informs them that they tripped an alarm.

Bobbi decides to take a diplomatic approach. Security is in their face by the time Fitz told them they had no time. With Fitz feeding her information through the coms, Bobbi tries to act her way through. Suggesting that this was all a front to recruit the head security agent as if she worked for his former employer. When that doesn’t work, they decide to do it May’s way and fight their way out.

In the surveillance van, they get a beat on Banks. Hunter follows at a safe distance. Daisy and Mack discuss what the next move is. Before they can decide, they hear a noise. Hunter has donned a bandanna around his face and ices Banks, putting him to sleep. Hunter’s idea was that one DNA sample and they could check for Inhuman genetic markers. An idea that was actually kind of sound.

The ’emergency’ that sent Rosalind and Coulson on a trip to her residence, may prove to be a setup. Short of knocked over furniture, it feels like a faked robbery. Plenty of valuables lying around. Furniture looks unused. He even finds a baseball bat with some of baseball’s best player autographs of all time (Mantle, Frank Robinson, Ted Williams). Something seems off. Rosalind accepts what Coulson is throwing back at her and aborts the effort. They head to the ATC detention facility.

Ward’s #2 returns prematurely from his hunt of Alex Von Strucker to hand Ward his cell phone. Gideon Malick is the voice on the phone. Malick has a proposition. After Alex came to him for assistance and assistance was granted, Malick plans to sacrifice young Alex. Putting him firmly in Ward’s side of the equation.

Daisy, Mack and Hunter find the ATC facility. They can’t just walk in, so Daisy employs a ‘dwarf’ (they didn’t specify it by name) to see inside. Mack questions that it might be seen. Daisy retorts with, “that’s why it’s the 2.0”. This dwarf can cloak itself. Once inside relays some difficult images. An Inhuman tucked in the fetal position inside a gel filled case. If that wasn’t Inhumane enough, Daisy is not thrilled at the sight of Coulson just standing by Rosalind’s side as they watch.

Jemma walks into the lab while Fitz is working, but not on the Will project. When she asks about the simulations, Fitz hesitates. She thinks it’s because the entire situation is awkward for him. He hesitates because he doesn’t want to disappoint her. He’s run dozens of simulations and none of them have worked to this point. However, he does reiterate that they (collectively) will not give up. Jemma leaves feeling better about the situation. Once out of view, Fitz hits a key command on his keyboard and up shoot several articles he’s found online about Will Daniels.

After the tour of the ATC facility, Rosalind opens up ever so slightly. She mentions how Coulson suggested at her apartment that she wanted him to like her. Coulson attempts to walk that one back, but Rosalind admits there is at least a little truth to that.

May and Bobbi find where Ward’s #2 has strung up Alex and have been beating him. #2 Stabs Von Strucker before the fight even begins. Bobbi is slightly rusty but it is to be expected. May is absolutely not taking on three men at once. Bobbi loses the upper hand on #2 and they both end up in the pool. She is able to grab her baton that fell into the water. Using that she regains control and gets out of the pool. #2 is still talking trash about not being able to beat him. With her out of the water and him still in it, she uses her baton to electrocute him to death. No more #2.

May gets Alex down and asks about Ward’s location. Alex continues on about wanting to finish the job. Wanting to do as instructed. But then Alex Von Strucker delivers the episodes major body blow.

Alex: I tried to do what Ward wanted. I tried to kill him.
May: Professor Garner?
Alex: We had him. I didn’t know he’d change into that thing.
May: That’s not true.
Alex: What is he?
May: I don’t know.

Dr. Andrew Garner is Lash. I’ll give you a moment to really comprehend what that means. The implications could be major. The notion that Lash’s Inhuman status long predates the event that changed Daisy and many others all but flies out the window. Needless to say, next week’s episode should shed some light on that story line. And perhaps why Lash/Andrew are so interested in getting Lincoln.

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