Agents of SHIELD: Trust Issues

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

A young couple, we assume are Inhumans, prepare dinner when there is a knock at the door. Alicia stands in the doorway. You’ll remember Alicia from last season, a striking red-head with the ability to be in many places at once. Before they can completely understand what’s happening, the “Turgent” arrived. That would be the big blue porcupine guy that has been tearing through each episode. The trio put up a fight, but lost in the end. Coulson, Bobbi, and Fitz try to collect as much evidence from the scene before they lose control of the scene (local authorities). Daisy and Mack pursue the Turgent. They open a door expecting to find it, instead they discover Rosalind and her many men.

Daisy loathes the idea of helping a government agency rounding up Inhumans. An arrangement she did not broker but does experience the benefit of. In the apartment, Rosalind begins piecing together part of the puzzle. There are no signs in the apartment that suggest they were newly turned. This couple was Inhumans before the outbreak.

Hunter and May meet in a parking garage. Hunter is ready to jump in to this Hydra infiltration head first. May has her reservations. However, in Hunter’s mind, you don’t get to hurt Bobbi and live. Everything else are mundane details.

The Turgeon is tracking his victims by using a strange email chain that has embedded in it a virus. Coulson decides its in everyone’s best interest to share their email intel with Rosalind’s people. A notion that Daisy and Bobbi are not thrilled about.

Jemma sits with Dr. Garner. This type of resistant back and forth, Andrew should be used to by now. Jemma is absolutely hiding something major. She’s still jumpy and there’s something in her eyes that suggest we are not done with the foreign alien planet. Coulson walks with Andrew trying to get whatever little information on Jemma Andrew will part with. Then unannounced, May walks in.

Fitz stands over Bobbi’s shoulder while she conducts tests on the hair sample they found. A sample that appears to be deteriorating on its own. Fitz insists she run it again, then Fitz picks up a binder and starts thumbing through it. Jemma comes running in and with a very un-Jemma attitude and tone, she demands that Fitz not touch her stuff.

Daisy has done a little digging and believes she has a suspect in mind. Coulson’s team make for the suspects location but not before inviting Rosalind and the gang. Inside, Daisy finds the young man hiding in the closet. This ‘suspect’ is an Inhuman but his gift is clearly more of a curse. He’s essentially allergic to other Inhumans. Mr. Porcupine has a name, Lash. Rosalind takes custody of this, “Frye” and Daisy has a huge problem with that. Coulson convinces Rosalind to take Mack and Daisy along to check out their facility.

Jemma walks in on Bobbi running on a treadmill as part of her rehab. Jemma has come to apologize for her outburst, but Bobbi will have none of that. Bobbi asks if she has told anyone else that she wants to go back. WWWWHHHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT?!?! Jemma wants to go back to the alien planet she was so fortunate to be rescued from.

Daisy and Mack shoot the breeze inside the truck as they transport the Frye to wherever Rosalind keeps her Inhumans. As they approach an overpass, Lash stands on said overpass waiting for them. At the right moment, Lash jumps down landing on the transport. They do their best to subdue Lash, but two Inhumans fighting inside a truck derails its drive path. When Daisy comes out of it, she can vaguely see Lash’s silhouette. Then watches it becomes something else.

Bobbi walks into the hanger to find Coulson suited up and boarding the new bus. This throws up all kinds of red flags for Bobbi which goes all the way back to a previous scene where Bobbi had a bad feeling that Hunter was in trouble.

Ward’s #2 escorted Hunter in the trunk of his car. They march into the rebuilding Hydra headquarters. Resembles more of a garage. Hunter turns to get a good look at a map and potential intel on future moves when Ward appears. Hunter’s back is still turned. Like Russell Crowe in Gladiator, Hunter refuses to turn. Until, the moment has become awkward. Hunter says, my name’s not Richie, then he lunges for a gun and we have ourselves a fire fight. Ward’s men look for approaching vehicles but see nothing. They especially don’t see that Melinda May is already in the building.

Ward tries to buy time before he can present his ace in the hole. He signals to his #2 to make the call. Shortly thereafter, he slides that phone towards May and Hunter’s location. The phone shows a live feed…of Andrew. The Hydra legacy and a couple of goons surround Andrew in a convenient store. May wants very badly for Hunter to stand down, but that’s something he just can’t accept. Hunter takes his shot(s) but Ward gets away.

In the convenient store the camera reveals blood and products strewn about, black dress shoes and black dress pants lifeless on the floor. Suggesting its Andrew without revealing that to be the case. Then little Mr. Hydra’s Son blows up the convenient store.

Jemma finally comes clean to Fitz without giving us, the viewer, anything much to go on. Fitz knows she wants to rebuild the portal. She needs to go back and she needs Fitz to help her do so. Next week’s episode appears to maybe be completely about what we don’t know about Jemma’s time on an alien planet. And just why she would ever want to go back.

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