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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Megan breaks some difficult news to Sylvester as gently as possible. It’s not what you think. She has to undergo a procedure that involves a needle and her brain. Her seizures are getting worse. Sylvester knows exactly what this means. Megan asks for him to be there when she wakes up. Assuming the father/husband figure, he does not hesitate to be the strong one, even though it clearly has shaken him. Then she adds a special request. Don’t tell anyone, especially not Walter.

The team has a job, and just at the right time. This time, something straight out of a bad movie. Someone has come into possession of a 1970s era nuclear war head and plans to sell it to the highest bidder. Scorpion has to go into Kazakhstan under the cover of a film crew. Yes, you’ve heard of this plot before. This would almost feel like a train wreck in waiting, but that was until Sylvester discovered that their cover is a film crew shooting bonus footage for a Super Fun Guy live action film.

All would seem to be working out great for Sylvester, but that was until he got a call from Megan. The doctors have moved up her procedure. Right into the window when Sylvester is expected to be in Kazakhstan. Sylvester wastes no time telling Walter that he cannot go on the mission. Walter is hesitant and believes this is stress over the flight. Sylvester will not specify the nature of his personal issue.

With Sylvester at home and the rest of the team on location, the mission begins. Trying to portray a fake film crew, shooting footage about a character only one of the team knows anything about. And he’s the one at home. It takes a while, but using a rigged camera and boom mic to measure wi-fi kick back and a sort of x-ray video, they find the nuke and related accouterments. They report back with that intel and Cabe hopes to send the coordinates in so the government can send in their Navy Seal team. But anyone who knows this show, knows it’s not going to end around the 11 minute mark.

A location scout, or someone posing as one is let in to the team’s room for fear of bringing in local authorities with the attention he’s causing. Once inside he grabs Paige and puts a gun on her. He believes they are spies.

Walter offers to let him inspect the equipment due to the fact this ‘scout’ saw nothing recording when he walked in on them earlier. Walter takes this opening and shines the camera’s light in his eyes. Cabe takes him down easily.

Cabe gets a call from Cooper. It’s not good news. They have picked up chatter of this ‘scout’ reporting to his superiors about an American film crew. He was set to report back in ten minutes, which he won’t be able to do. This chatter has grounded the Seals. Furthermore, the buyers set to bid on the nuke have thrown their weight around convincing the Kazakhstan government to lock down the borders. Nothing in or out.

Walter’s next plan in the progression is to utilize acid. Plutonium submerged in the right type of acid for two minutes will neutralize the plutonium’s effectiveness. Thus making the nuke a dud. At a nearby munitions plant (where they will find the acid), Walter spots what look like water towers. Instead, they are filled with sand. Happy climbs in, Walter hacks the alarm, easy entry into a munitions plant.

The execute the hack, Happy falls through. But at the last moment her boot gets caught at the end of the chute. Despite Toby’s contention that they are just friends, anyone could have and should have predicted that Toby would go in after her. After getting no where with a broom stick, Happy gets an idea. She’ll slide out of her pants.

Toby (to himself): Dear diary, it finally happened.

Once freed, Happy finds the storage where they keep the acid. Toby reluctantly grabs two lab coats. Despite his carnal urges, he recommends that Happy (and himself) don the lab coats for an inconspicuous getaway.

Once they arrive back at the set, their entire plan seems to have gone by the wayside. They need to enter building 28 in order to utilize that building’s underground tunnel that leads to building 33, where the nuke is. One problem. The Super Happy Fun Guy nerds are already out of their proverbial woodwork. This makes sneaking in virtually impossible. However, Sylvester has a plan. They need to acquire Super Fun Guy costumes, mimic the cosplayers and no one will even notice them walking where they’re not supposed to be.

(The team emerge one at a time in their Super Fun Guy cosplay)
Toby: I’m starting to think we should just let them have the nuke. (picks a wedgie) With great responsibility comes a great wedgie.
Cabe: This is just wrong.
Happy: Don’t say anything.
Paige: I don’t know how the actors move in these things.
(Walter walks out as Super Fun Guy, rubber chicken and all)
Walter: I want Homeland to double our fee. I feel absurd. And I don’t like feeling absurd.
Sylvester: I can’t believe I’m not there with you guys.
The Scout (still tied up): I can’t believe I got caught by you people.

They make their way over to building 33 with little incident. However, there was an ominous shot of a recording camera as they explain their plan. On the other side, Walter extracts half of the uranium core and submerges it. Happy takes three strips of duct tape, folds them in half and braids them together to prevent the door from opening and exposing their efforts. Toby apparently inhaled the acid which is an active ingredient in laughing gas. The bad guys have heard Toby’s outburst and are coming through, whether Scorpion is ready or not.

With at least four guys with guns vs Cabe and his one mag in his on sidearm, Happy and Toby make for the front seats of the flatbed truck the nuke is attached to. Can’t disarm it, steal it. They get the truck off of the base or set and race away with Walter and Paige still trying to neutralize the other half of the core. Problem is the bad guys never gave up the chase. Happy is driving a nuclear warhead at highway speeds, Walter is trying to neutralize a nuclear core using acid, and the bad guys are still shooting at them.

Cooper and Homeland cannot intervene, starting to feel like Director Molina all over again. Instead, Cooper thinks quick on her feet and suggests that if NATO was made aware of the situation, they would in fact, intervene. Cabe texts Sylvester a picture of Cabe holding a badge while riding on top of a nuclear war head. But Sylvester has to get the pic to NATO, which means driving a car.

Ray of all people jumps in riding Happy’s unrestored Knucklehead (yeah , she’s probably going to be ticked about that). Ray, playing essentially Sylvester’s inner voice over telling him to grab control, be the hero his friends are being, and take this like a super hero. Then Sylvester spends the entire ride screaming with his eyes closed.

They are running out of options and time. Toby searches for Kazakhstan’s mineral deposits (mines) and Walter’s plan is to arm the nuke and detonate it in a mine shaft underground. This plan is not well received by the group.

Paige: Are you sure about this. (Walter gestures) Maybe it’s the suit, but I’m with Walter.

The effectively fire off the nuke into the mine shaft with precision. Problem there is, the bad guys arrive just in time to see their investment fly away underground. With guns drawn, the team knows everything is in Sylvester’s hands now. But the probability of survival lessens with every passing second.

It takes a moment or two but the missile’s underground explosion occurs at just the right time. The blowback knocks the bad guys down. Cabe grabs one of their AK-47’s and points it on them. One guy gets up to lunge toward the group. Toby, with all of his fight training he’s been getting from Cabe, knocks the guy out cold with one shot. Happy notices and is considerably impressed. Paige adds that it might be the suit. Just then, Walter notices the chopper overhead. The camera pulls back to reveal five people in cosplay standing in formation, hair and capes flapping in the wind.

Toby: I can’t imagine how awesome we must look right now.

The shot fades in from black to reveal Sylvester standing over Megan in time for her to wake from her procedure. Sylvester made it. As he said he would. Then Megan notices Ray, someone she’s never met, and Sylvester holding a motorcycle helmet.

Sylvester and Ray return just in time for Happy to ask where her bike is. Walter is floored that Sylvester rode a motorcycle. Sylvester trying to brush it aside just replies with, “I said I’d get the job done”. Walter knows better. He offers to be a friendly ear. Sylvester wants to tell him but can’t. Then Walter offers a consolation. His Super Fun Guy costume.

Paige finds Walter tinkering with his rocket and decides to praise him for his gesture with Sylvester. She then moves in with the super hero analogies, claiming that Scorpion is or at least act like a super hero team. Walter shrugs it off. Even after the ‘he is Clark Kent and Paige is Lois Lane’ analogy. He does manage to compliment Paige in how she fit in her costume. And of course nothing becomes of it.

Walter finds Sylvester and as frantically as Walter can, almost begs Sylvester to tell him how it ends up with Lois Lane and Superman. When Sylvester tells him that sometimes they end up together but it never lasts, insert self-loathing super hero story line wear the hero cannot get the girl, you can see Walter’s eyes screaming.

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