Agents of SHIELD: Coming Back Is Not Easy

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We start this week with Lincoln on the run from the newly formed ATCU. He is chased through the woods until he emerges at the base of an electrical tower in a clearing. He uses his power to create a distraction. A wall sparks. Following their missed opportunity, the ATCU puts out a bolo on Lincoln. Lincoln is now playing the part of Dr. Richard Kimble, minus the whole wrongfully accused of killing his wife angle.

Predictably, Jemma is almost completely out of whack, physiologically. Three months being hunted on a foreign planet does things to a person and Jemma is no different. Fitz attempts to re-acclimate her to the lab setting. From her perspective, there is something really wrong. Bobbi’s cell phone and basic moving part in the lab give her the jumps. But more importantly, using a camera trick, the show runners show there is more going on than the team can sense.

Hunter and May enter an old stomping ground for Hunter where he and his former associate proceed to get a little sauced and the native accent gets think enough that close captioning is required. Eventually, May convinces them to talk business. The former associate explains that he knows people they might be interested in meeting, but Hunter will have to fight his way in. Last man standing earns a meeting.

Lincoln hitches a ride from the only person he can trust. While they are on a first name basis, their relationship is still undetermined. Elsewhere Rosalind receives a call from the White House, but Coulson has hacked the signal. The two agree to meet but not until after Rosalind’s associate believes they have Lincoln’s location. As suspected, John-supposedly the only person Lincoln can trust, has turned on Lincoln. Lincoln makes the decision to leave despite John’s adamant demands for Lincoln to stay where he is. Lincoln gives the aluminum bat in John’s hand a love tap, but it’s enough to send John into cardiac arrest.

Bobby tries to get a grip on what Jemma is going through by talking to Fitz. Fitz doesn’t think he knows how to help Jemma. Let’s acknowledge the ironic elephant in the room. Fitz is specifically just the right person to help her. Fitz’ issue for the majority of season 2 is not unlike what Jemma is going through.

At the Fight Club like proving ground, Hunter is immediately intimidated by the human crusher pummeling his opponent. Hunter enters the ring thinking he’s about to fight ‘the Abomination’ (that’s a joke for the Marvel fanatics), but instead he’s set to fight the former associate that got them in. He played Hunter the entire time.

Hunter is vertical but not faring well. The big oaf tries hitting on May, not a smart idea. A moment later, May is surrounded by three large men. This might get comical pretty soon. The three men escort her to another room. She asks who’s first? Then proceeds to make easy work of them. Outside, both men are extremely bloody and it appears Hunter is getting his second wind. While his former mate, gloats to the crowd, Hunter slips on brass knuckles. Three shots and the bigger man goes down.

Rosalind is not buying what Coulson is selling, but that’s because her team is already en route to intercept Lincoln. The only flaw in that plan is, so is Coulson’s team. In addition to that though, Rosalind has an ace up her sleeve (as Coulson puts it) and he’s tired of waiting for her to play. Rosalind pulls out her phone and shows Coulson a picture of Daisy. Coulson will do anything to prevent Daisy from getting in Rosalind’s cross-hairs.

Lincoln in full on self loathing form. Everything is bad, he is the cause, and no one should care about his well being. Daisy tries to spin it back to her experience that was guided by Lincoln after she emerged from the mist. He’s not going for it, until…Daisy moves in, invading his personal space. In a good way. Lincoln agrees to go with Daisy just as Mack enters. And he is followed by a troop o Rosalind’s men. Coulson was prepared to turn over Lincoln to save Daisy. When Lincoln escapes, Rosalind orders her men to take Daisy, something Coulson simply will not allow.

Fitz decides that maybe a quiet candle lit dinner in an empty restaurant might be what she needs. Fitz is greeted by the host. The host then greets Simmons. The wine is a gift the restaurant. A celebratory gesture as Fitz has kept the reservation for months. This was the date they were to go on referenced in the season finale of season 2. The waiter begins to pour the wine and Jemma begins to lose it. There was something or many somethings that Jemma was lucky to survive. What is still as of yet unknown.

The something better that Coulson offered Rosalind that consequently saved Daisy is Coulson. Instead of fighting over who gets to do what, Coulson offered his services to the ATCU. Daisy and Mack are becoming quite the team. Mack did not tell Coulson of the ‘moment’ he walked in on between Daisy and Lincoln. There is trust building that wasn’t there in season 2.

Hunter, bloody, beaten, but not broken enters a room where he stands before Ward’s #2. After saying that the boss likes people to prove themselves, Hunter says, “sounds like an interesting bloke, can’t wait to meet him some day” as the Hydra logo is seen on the wall behind him.

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