4 comments on “Wayward Pines: It’s Just Human Nature To Ask Questions

  1. I thought Reggie was “re-frozen” put back into a cryogenic state, because he had the monitor tabs on his body. I thought the tube was filled with the solution used to freeze someone, not soil.

    • Ann,

      Your perception could indeed be correct and that could have been the material they used for the cryonic-process. However if you remember, Ethan and Pilcher saw a teenage girl in one of the tubes and David said she would be the next subject to get revived. We saw her clearly and there was none of the soil-looking substance in the tube with her.

  2. Before punishing Reggie, Pilcher says to Pam: `There’ll be no more killing’, which implies that something else was done to Reggie.

    • James,

      I think we can all agree that lying comes easily to David Pilcher, but he always told the truth to his sister. However, he felt betrayed by Pam covering up Reggie’s admission and felt betrayed. While it indeed might have been the material to put him back in a cryogenic state, as Ann suggested in the previous comment, Pam gave her brother a look that could kill once he filled the tube.

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