4 comments on “Wolf Hall: More’s Season Ends As Anne Becomes Queen

  1. Thanks Emma! As a fan of history as well as great acting, I’ve gotten totally wrapped up in this splendid production. The praises I’ve read of Mark Rylance’s work on the stage, don’t do him justice! The man can say more with a look, or raised eyebrow, than a lesser actor can with a soliloquy. I remember Joanne Whalley from a film she did in the late eighties/early nineties entitled Scandal with John Hurt, back in her femme fatale days! A character totally the opposite of Katherine of Aragon, you’d be hard pressed to realize they’re the same actress. As you mention they completely recreate the era, so well that it’s tough readjusting to 2015, after spending 58 minutes in Henry VIII court!

  2. The best of all the recaps out there. But hard to find other episodes on your site. How do I find every episode review you did on this please.

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