4 comments on “Forever: Jo Gets A Boyfriend, Henry Discovers Truth

  1. This has a few problems.The USA prohibited slave importation after 1808 (this was entrenched in the Constitution) so the 1814 ship had to be headed elsewhere(note Henry said that he expected the ship to be off a British island).Since Henry vanishes when he dies how could he have been carried into the slave hold dead rather than going overboard as we have always been shown until now?

    • Louis,

      I’m going to take you at your word about the 1808 provision, we’ll just credit that to artistic license and it’s rampant throughout most forms of entertainment. As for Henry getting carried past the slaves, he still got thrown overboard, up until this time we never saw the journey from where he got shot defending the slave and him being thrown overboard, this doesn’t change that scenario, it’s just an additional detail.

  2. Is the clock significant? Abe said it’s always worked, so it’s not like the gun effects it, as I first thought. Maybe proximity to the item allows time to pass? But then Adam would have noticed it with his fatal weapon. So it’s symbolic of? Possible solution to end his life and a sense of the passage of time?

    • Steve,
      I took it as a reaction to what Adam said to him, that the thing he despises about mortality’s the loss of time. The fact that you realize your life can’t end at any second.

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