2 comments on “Better Call Saul: How Mike Lost His Soul

  1. I knew that one day I was going to see Mike Ehrmantraut cry, and I knew it was going to be related to his granddaughter, but I didn’t think the story would go quite like that. But also it’s Vince Gilligan so I should have probably known that it would just emotionally cripple me.

    Also: Boo that I have to wait two more hours because of time zones. If you’re on Eastern time, know that you are lucky and I am jealous.

  2. The reaction I’ve gotten from my friends about this is a microcosm of what I’ve seen online. Everyone is telling me that this was the best episode yet, because it was Mike-heavy and because it leveraged Breaking Bad in so many direct ways. I would tend to agree, but I think it’s going to be a conundrum for them going forward because they’re not trying to make “Breaking Bad 2” and that’s what people seem to want even more than Saul’s backstory. That’s going to be quite a balancing act for them in the future.

    The payoff on Mike’s backstory (at least leading up to this pre-Breaking Bad era) was unbelievable. There should be multiple Emmys coming out of this episode.

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