2 comments on “Justified: Sam Elliott Is Here And He’s Not Messing Around

  1. Sam Elliot is already a great villain. I’m thinking he is going to rank right up there with some of Justified’s best villains. The casual way he talked about torturing a guy, cutting out both eyes because the man could still get a drivers license with one eye, was pretty terrifying.

    Are Raylan and Boyd anti-heroes? I’ve always seen Raylan as a hero and Boyd as a villain.

    • Great question. I’d say that they both have anti-hero shadings, but I would agree in the end that they fit the hero and villain archetypes. I’ve always compared the positioning of characters on the show to pro wrestling — as has pro wrestling legend Les Thatcher — and by those standards, Raylan is sort of like a “Stone Cold”-type loner babyface and Boyd is like a Scott Hall/NWO “cool heel.”

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