2 comments on “Justified: The Last Ride Begins With A Bang

  1. So glad you are covering Justified. One of the best shows on TV that doesn’t get a lot of coverage. At least the kind of coverage that shows like Breaking Bad or even Walking Dead (which is so inferior to Justified its not even close) gets.

    If i could recommend some shows that you guys should check out, i would recommend The Americans and Hannibal.

    The Americans airs on FX (the same as Justified). It takes place in the Cold War and follows two KGB spies as they pose as an American couple. It focuses on their marriage and is really compelling. Its on many top ten lists.

    Hannibal is about Hannibal Lecter. It is dark and disturbing and psychological and beautiful. Its a violent show but most of the violence takes place off screen and we see the aftermath. Mads Mikkelsen (the bad guy in Casino Royale – James Bond – ) is better than Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Lecter. Also on many top ten lists.

  2. Thank you so much for weighing in. I agree that Justified doesn’t get enough attention, which selfishly is good for those of us covering it, but as a fan of the show, it deserves better. Thanks also for the recommendations with the site; I can’t say that I know which ones specifically are being added over time, but the roster of shows being covered will only continue to grow.

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