Tonight: A Super-Sized Sunday

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This young Television Season keeps expanding, hence the recap-lineup for “Not Just Another TV Site,” continues to grow as well. Last week we added two new shows to our Sunday schedule and this Sunday, we add yet another, to keep you up to date on the “Shows That Really Matter.”

The Evening begins at 8:00 pm, in Storybrooke, as the search for Anna continues on “Once Upon A Time.” In the previous episode we found out that Anna helped out David in the Enchanted Forest as the future Charming defeated an Evil  Bo Peep  and seemed headed to contact the Dark One, Rumpelstilskin. Mary Margret took over as Mayor of the town at least temporarily as Regina dropped into deep funk. In episode three, “Rocky Road,” we’ll find out if Elsa and Anna get reunited and if Regina makes any progress in her search for the author of Henry’s book. Chelle Figler will give you the lowdown on the ABC series, after the show.

Time to break out your favorite zombie paraphernalia, as “The Walking Dead,” returns at 9:00 pm on AMC.  The cult-favorite opens the new season with an episode entitled “No Sanctuary.” Will any of your favorites lose their lives in the season premiere. Will the cure for the pandemic that caused folks to become zombies become reality? Chelle Figler, a passionate fan of the series will offer her insight after the episode airs.

Carrie Mathison’s heading to Islamabad as the CIA Chief Of Station, after the former chief got stomped to death by an angry crowd in the previous episode of the Showtime Original Series “Homeland.”  This week’s episode also starting at 9:00 pm, “Shalwar Kameez,” revolves around Mathison attempting to recruit some of the locals, to help the Intelligence Organization, a most difficult task, given the disdain they have for the CIA.

Ending the evening on a lighter note, the new Fox comedy, “Mulaney,” takes center stage at 9:30 pm with the new episode, “The Doula.” John’s got a new girlfriend whose a Doula, can the new relationship survive the comedians rather eccentric group of friends. Jason Jones, will break down the episode, later tonight.

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