Tonight: Legends-Iconoclast

Legends 9.24a 1

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Warning: Spoiler Alert   

Martin Odom’s still undercover as journalist/gadfly Sebastian Egan, attempting to discover who were the assassins that took out a Saudi Arabian Prince with a drone in Los Angeles, in the previous episode of the TNT Original series “Legends.” Odom’s also trying to clear Middle Eastern women’s rights activist Hani Jibril as a suspect in the case. Jibril, stopped the Prince’s motorcade to discuss the plight of women in his nation, moments before the attack took place.

Of course with every episode of this series we’ve seen Odom gathering information about his true identity and likely he’ll get one step closer to solving that puzzle in this episode. Join Jason Jones after the show for his recap, providing analysis, insight and speculation on the episode as well as the series.


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