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Truly surprised that TNT has yet to renew their recently completed Original Series “Murder In The First,” as they announced earlier the renewal of three other series. The show wrapped up on August 11, with a satisfying finale, wrapping up all the loose ends and with justice served, as sociopathic computer-wizard Erich Blunt offed himself rather than spend a lifetime in prison. Kathleen Robertson and Taye Diggs have incredible chemistry on-screen, the supporting cast shows potential and the writing tight and up to the standards set by Executive Producer and Creator Steven Bochco over 30-years ago. Series show runner Eric Lodal, recently tweeted that he’s had no contact with TNT, on the status of the show. The network has a history of supporting its Original Series and the only big budget items would be actors salaries, as we are talking essentially about a cop show. Here’s hoping that we spend next summer with Detectives Mulligan and English.

One of the shows that TNT has announced will return next year, The Last Ship,” aired an episode on Sunday August 10, that could have served as an exciting season finale, ending the year on an up note. The crew of the Nathan James executed a rescue of Commander Tom Chandler, Tex as well as Dr. Scott, eliminating the Russian ship commanded by Admiral Ruscov  as a future threat, whether or not he survived the explosions that seemed to engulf his vessel. Although the series has put together an exciting and entertaining rookie campaign, the decision to bring it back for a second season, surprised this viewer. With two episodes remaining in this season, we’ll soon know whether Dr. Scott, indeed has manufactured a cure for the virus. If she has, then would the Nathan James then head back to the States, hoping to save whoever remains? That would be a much different story than what we witnessed this year.

Congratulations to Damon Lindelof, Tom Perrotta and the cast and crew of the HBO Original Series The Leftovers,” as the network has renewed it for a second season. Regular readers of these pages, are aware that we stopped recapping it, but something that eluded us, apparently garnered the ratings to bring it back.

Once again FX has brought a quality dramatic program to viewers in their summer Original Series Tyrant,” which is nearing the end of its first season, as viewers have watched Barry/Bassam Al Fayeed morph, from a California pediatrician, who had broken ties with his family and his homeland Abbudin 20-years earlier, to a man engineering a coup to depose his brother and replace him as the nation’s President. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, as this series has aptly demonstrated, the man who tried desperately to wipe away any traces of his upbringing and become the typical American’s now a stranger to his wife and children.

If you have access to BBCA and are currently not watching the Network’s adaptation of “The Musketeers,” you are doing yourself a grave disservice, as it’s one of the most entertaining shows currently on television. The network has produced a gritty depiction of the time period, with a modern attitude, we see all the pomp and puffery of Paris in the year 1682, but we receive just as much exposure to how the poor and needy subsisted. The show has slightly tweaked the characters, making them enjoyable companions to spend the summer with. Peter Capaldi, the actor portraying Cardinal Richelieu in the series, will shortly become far more recognizable as he debuts later this month as the newest incarnation of Doctor Who.

Watched the preview episode for the upcoming CW series “The Flash,” which Jason Jones will recap when the series premieres in October, however I will say that I was pleasantly surprised, as the pilot impressed me far more than the network’s other series based on a DC Comics character, “Arrow,” the show that introduced Barry Allen before he acquired his powers. Although Allen’s back-story differs from the “Silver-Age Flash,”  that I grew up reading in the sixties, the pilot made this viewer think there could be a second show on CW that would attract my interest, along with mainstay “Supernatural.”

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