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Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

In the aftermath of Chief Dooley’s heroic but tragic suicide and the theater attack, where I must assume that was item #17, SSR finds themselves with more questions than answers. The quick deduction is that the theater patrons killed each other. Has me wondering if the Battle of Fingal was the same thing.

While investigating the crime scene, Sousa finds the baby carriage. Then finds the canister with “Stark” imprinted on it. Then he accidentally sprays himself with the mystery mist. Thompson comes over to check on Sousa when he hears the coughing. Sousa instantly attacks Thompson. The cops are able to knock Sousa out.

Dottie and Dr. Ivchenko get pulled over for running a red light. Dottie does what she does to get out of the ticket. On the cops journey back to his squad car, he hears over his radio an A.P.B. describing the vehicle and passengers he just pulled over. The cop turns back towards the vehicle to find Dottie’s gun pointed in his chest.

Sousa wakes up disoriented and shackled. Carter is able to fill in the holes of what happened, which jars loose Sousa’s emotional state at that time. He wanted to kill Thompson. He wanted to kill everyone. During a briefing shortly thereafter, Carter asks the question, “what is he after” (referring to Ivchenko). Then Howard Stark appears to suggest its him, Ivchenko is after. Stark is met with considerable hostility, guns and all.

Stark is his usual jovial self amidst arrest and potentially more. With him is a covered box. Inside is everything they need to know about the battle of Fingal. Stark created the gas that had those movie patrons tearing each other apart. It was also the source of the massacre at the battle of Fingal. Stark’s solution is to use him as bait allowing the SSR to set a trap and draw out Ivchenko.

Carter rejects the idea that this is the best course of action. Howard asks to see his stuff. Carter takes him to the lab where ‘most’ of them are. After a mild freakout, Howard Stark has a moment of clarity and attempts to take responsibility, even if it’s not completely his fault. On some level, it boils down to being concerned with how Peggy Carter sees him.

Thompson gives a painful update to the Howard Stark case to a gaggle of reporters from the steps outside City Hall. Howard keeps leaning in to give suggestions as to what Thompson should say next. “Hero” was just one word Howard suggested. SSR agents are spread out anticipating a move by Ivchenko. It worked as shots were fired just moments after Stark took the podium. Jarvis rushes Stark into an alley where a police car is waiting. Before the car is completely out of view, Jarvis realizes that two uniformed cops have been shot and left in the alley. Jarvis just gave Stark to the bad guys.

The new theory is that Ivchenko and whomever else are planning to hit Times Square. Retaliation for VE Day. Carter, Sousa, Thompson and Jarvis convene in an alley to try to piece this thing together. Thompson can’t convince anyone of consequence to cancel the VE Day celebration and no one can figure out the end game, except maybe Jarvis. Jarvis reveals that there is a larger, second vault. If by vault they mean hangar. There is a hangar with plane and cars. The gas was meant to be administered from the air. It seems this may have been all just one massively large attempt for one man to seek revenge specifically for the savage death of his brother at the battle of Fingal.

In Starks hangar, Ivchenko describes his motivation. Stark even willfully turns himself over to be killed if that is the goal, hoping to save many innocent people in the process. Ivchenko has no intention of killing him. Suffering and pain are on the menu today. Then Ivchenko begins rotating his ring while talking calmly to Stark.

Ivchenko joins Howard on one of those spirit walks into Howard’s most ‘shameful’ moment. They stand on what looks like a glacier. Howard, Ivchenko and a plane. Then a man comes running into view.

Soldier: Mr. Stark! Mr. Stark we picked up a signal from the Valkyrie,we think it might be Rogers. Sir, we found Captain America.

SON OF A _____!!! Then Peggy appears holding Cap’s shield. Back to reality, Carter and company run towards the hangar as a plane takes off. As they devise a plan, a last resort needs to be considered. As none of the SSR agents have any experience flying a plane, it looks grim. Then Jarvis volunteers, citing that Stark would want to be stopped at any cost.

Carter makes her way to the control tower where she finds Dottie and Ivchenko. Holding a shotgun on both of them, it seems well in hand. Then Dottie turns around talking in that painfully cheery tone she used that the Griffith, then proceeds to kick Peggy around the room. Peggy gains the upper hand momentarily, but makes a play for the microphone too early. The moment that Dottie starts monologuing is the moment Peggy takes advantage, ultimately kicking Dottie out of the window killing her on impact. With the wing of a parked plane.

Stark is completely under the spell and believes he is flying towards Cap’s signal, not Manhattan.

Ivchenko jumps the drop on Thompson. Almost immediately following, Sousa arrives. Sousa should have already shot him but he advances instead. Ivchenko starts his shrink routine and Sousa just keeps advancing. Then he hears the magic word, “Focus”. Sousa stops dead in his tracks. Ivchenko instructs him to shoot Thompson. Sousa slowly points his gun at Thompson, then hesitates, then knocks Ivchenko out with the butt of his gun.

Sousa (pulling tissue paper from his ears): Was he saying something?
Thompson: You son of a b****

Carter, meanwhile, is at the controls just as she was the last time she spoke to Steve Rogers. The parallels are creepy. Both cases, pleading for the man on the other line to cease their current plan. In both situations seemingly unable to persuade them. Then Jarvis gets on the line telling her he has Stark in his sights.

Peggy tries emotionally to convey to Howard (lost in a trans) that Steve is gone. Steve has died and there is no getting him back. Eventually there is silence, followed by a more groggy sounding Stark. Peggy instructs Jarvis to stand down. Much to Jarvis’ relief.
Apparently, Dottie did not die and has limped away.

Upon returning to SSR headquarters, Peggy enters the office, expecting her usual reception of silence and indifference. This day is anything but that. All of her fellow (male) agents are all standing and applauding her efforts.

A senator walks in the room and asks for Jack Thompson. Then begins congratulating Thompson as if he deserved all of the credit. And if that wasn’t overreaching enough, proceeded to tell the rest of the office what a privilege it must be to work for Jack Thompson. Sousa is incensed. He even attempts to charge in after the Senator and set him straight. Peggy Carter is not out for recognition. On a whim, Sousa asks Carter out for a drink. She says “maybe another time”. He seems a little dejected, but she seems rather flattered. Impressed even.

As a show of appreciation and remorse, Stark offers one of this residences to Peggy and Angie to live for as long as they may require it. Angie is blown away by its size and finer touches.

Angie (to Jarvis): You got a phone? I have to call my mother.
Jarvis: Naturally, (gestures towards the phone) there’s a phone in every room.
Angie: Oh my god! Are you kiddin’ me?
Jarvis: How refreshing to meet a person who appreciates the finer things…
Peggy: I appreciate the finer things, I just don’t want to know what happens in or on the finer things.

Howard is currently negotiating the surrender of his ‘bad babies’ in order to destroy them all. No government, not even the US Government can be trusted with those particular weapons. Then Jarvis says, “Not even this one” and pulls the vile of Steve Rogers blood from his inner jacket pocket. Stark believes the blood sample was lost while under Ivchanko’s spell. So this is Jarvis giving Carter the blood sample. “I owe Mr. Stark a lot, but he does not own my integrity”.

Peggy Carter stands on the Brooklyn Bridge and taking her time, slowly pours the remaining blood sample of Captain America into the river.

In what feels like the typical Marvel post credits scene, we get the answer to the question of will there be a season 2? Or maybe just trying to connect the dots in the existing timeline. Ivchenko is escorted to his cell wearing a metal rig that doesn’t permit him to speak. Once locked in, a familiar voice emerges from the darkness. Anyone familiar with the MCU knew it in the first syllable. Dr. Arnim Zola. The small scientist that assisted Red Skull in the Captain America: First Avenger movie and whose consciousness is found in Captain America: Winter Soldier. All indications point to Dr. Zola using Ivchanko’s expertise as part of a larger plan to grow Hydra in silence. Now this could just be connecting the dots, or it could be an indication of more seasons. Which would be smart. That’s roughly 30 out of 52 weeks where Marvel television could be a staple.

Courtesy of ABC and Marvel

Courtesy of ABC and Marvel

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

1943 we find the Russian doctor in a wartime camp. He is asked to help by using his “powers” to convince the wounded mind that they will feel no pain. Maybe a little insight into a further plan for this doctor. It was effective enough that a doctor could take a bone saw to a man’s leg and that man feel literally nothing.

Back at SSR, Sousa and the rest take turns interrogating Carter. They could save themselves a great deal of time by accepting that Carter is much better at this than them. Sousa is particularly cold. Dooley predictably acts like Dooley in this situation. However, Jack Thompson is not himself. Nor should he be. Carter saved his skin and at the same time, proved her metal and than some. He is the only one to accepts that none of this is adding up. Regardless of the evidence they think they have, they are still barking up the wrong tree.

Carter: You think you know me. But I’ve never been more than what each of you have created. To you, I’m a stray kitten left on your doorstep to be protected. The secretary turned damsel in distress. The girl on the pedestal transformed into some daft whore. You’re behaving like children. What’s worse, what’s far worse is that this, is schotty police work.

With Dotty in the wind, a misstep Carter was happy to point out, we find her purchasing a baby stroller. Responding to the store clerk’s presumption that she’s not far along (pregnancy wise) Dotty replies with, “it’s coming sooner than you think”.

Jarvis nonchalantly walks into the entrance to the SSR that is disguised as a telephone company switchboard. He finds the lead lady at the end of the row and asks to see Chief Dooley. She play the ignorance card as she reaches for the revolver fastened under her station. Jarvis tries to convey that he’s been here before and that she should just patch him in on the board. With one significant piece of documentation the entire SSR would be interested in.

Jarvis: I’m looking for Chief Dooley
Operator: I’m sorry, I don’t know who that is.
Jarvis: He runs this operation. The SSR that is. I’ve been here before for questioning.
Operator: Sir, I wish that we could help you but we are very busy here, only authorized personnel are allowed in here.
Jarvis: If you could just punch him up on your board and tell him that Edwin Jarvis is here…With a signed confession of Howard Stark. (everyone in the room abruptly stops)

The ‘confession’ has Stark owning up to everything, even things he could not physically done. The confession was supposed to be enough to get Carter and Jarvis freed. Dooley’s many things but stupid isn’t one of them. Again, something doesn’t add up. Instead, they retain Carter and Jarvis and wait to meet with Stark personally a few hours from now. In the meantime it seems that she will be cleaning out her desk.

This charade, and that’s exactly what it is, was all perpetrated by Jarvis in a moment of panic. Stark is not landing in Teterboro. There isn’t going to be a face to face. And Howard Stark did not sign a confession of any kind. With Carter and Jarvis detained, there is little they can do. The Russian doctor who recently began helping Dooley with his dying marriage is left alone. Like last week, he’s communicating with Dotty from across the street using Morse Code. Only this time Carter sees it. Carter writes in down and Jarvis reads the translation as she does so. It’s a time-table. “Prepare for the evacuation, 90 minutes”. To which Carter says out loud, “Leviathan’s coming”.

Her only play is to come clean on the fake confession in order to give a real one and I assume get people out of there in the next 90 minutes. Of course when the conversation transitions from what she did do and what needs to happen next, her pleas fall on deaf ears. Well, Dooley isn’t buying it. Sousa and Thompson might be. There is one last thing that could tip the scales. They found the sphere that hold Roger’s blood on her person. Something she wasn’t willing to divulge until now.

It worked, at least for now. They send a few men across the street to check out the claims of the communication between the Doctor and the building across the street. Dooley will keep an eye on the Doctor. If the Doctor believes he’s blown, this could end badly for Dooley. The word “Focus” and a few spins of his wedding ring, and Dooley is lost in the trance. Inside the trance, the Doctor suggests that after this they have something to take care of.

Apparently out of the trance, Dooley makes a b-line for Carter and Jarvis. He takes them into a small interrogation room. Then pulls a gun on both of them. He leaves them in there, locks the door, then breaks the key off in the door. Dooley with the Doctor evacuate the lab based on a false claim of negligence. The Doctor is looking for Stark item #17.

Thompson and Sousa are canvassing the building across the street. Dotty spots Sousa and retreats back into the room. She waits. Then re-emerges. She sees Sousa’s shadow and continues. Sousa tells her to freeze when she passes him. He should’ve just shot her like Thompson suggested. She eludes Sousa and Jason Bourne’s it down the stairwell (not once touching the stairs). She lands and a man has a gun on her. She smiles and does nothing.

Before the Doctor leaves with item #17, Dooley’s mind begins to break free. He actually says out loud that he feels like he should hold on to this item. The Doctor ramps up the mojo and things go as he’s planned. Dooley left holding a military grade vest of some kind. Dotty picks the Doctor up outside. She says that they’ve been compromised. He’s not shaken. Something about that vest seems to be enough of an issue that he believes the SSR will soon have their hands full.

Dooley heads home to see his wife and kids, but not really. It was all a dream set up by the Doctor. Dooley wakes to find he’s wearing the vest, except now it’s illuminating. Heat coils pulsating. Jarvis gets the agents up to speed on what it is and its volatile nature. As the coils heat up, as his internal temperature increases, it speeds up the heating process. At some point it will explode. So with no real good ideas, Dooley does the only thing he can to save his men. Steals Thompson’s gun.

Dooley gives his final orders. Thompson is to convey the situation to Dooley’s wife. And Carter is to get the man who did this. The vest begins to pulsate much faster. Dooley takes off running towards the outer wall shooting out the window, then he leaps out of the window. He explodes outside a good 5 stories above the street.
Carter thinks she’s got something, with the blood of Steve Rogers and Brannis set to steal something.

Meanwhile, Dotty takes her baby stroller into a movie theater. Turns on a gas valve of some sort, then locking the doors behind her. Cap’s blood is fine, but they discover item #17 is missing. The worst part is, Jarvis knows nothing about it. The gas released in the theater brings on coughing and eventually violent behavior.

An usher escorts a straggler couple to the theater in question. She sees the door has been closed with a crow bar through the handles. She opens it to reveal the remains of a blood bath. Could be very possible that this is what did all the carnage at the battle of Vinall.

Original Image Courtesy of ABC

Original Image Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The old man Carter and the Commandos pulled out of danger in the last episode starts to share what he knows regarding the Russian operation. The plan is to make Russia more powerful than their enemies and their allies. Which could include little girls trained as weapons. This part of the conversation persuades Carter to disregard protocol. Her questions are bothersome enough to Dooley that he asks Peggy for ‘a moment’.

The first thought that comes to mind is that of concern on Peggy’s part for poor little girls being exploited. But it turns out, while that is a worthy reason, Peggy has a theory that not only is Stark not to blame, but that the evidence points to a gun made for someone with small hands. Just wait til she finds out that Dottie is the grown up version of one of those little girls.

Peggy entertains another back to back meeting with Jarvis, begrudgingly. Jarvis explains that Chief Dooley visited Jarvis and the overall sentiment towards Howard Stark may be shifting. Peggy tells Jarvis that Russia is training young girls to be operatives. Then inquires as to how difficult it might be to get a list of all the women Howard has “entertained” in the last year. She settles on the last six months.

Jarvis: I don’t think there’s enough ink in the whole of New York to complete that request.
Peggy: Fine, just in the last six months then, is that possible?
Jarvis: Yes. Yes, I suggest we start with the western hemisphere.
Peggy: Oh, please.

Sousa takes a trip down to the local prison to follow his lead that Peggy Carter is the blonde woman in the yellow dress. The convict in question is Sheldon. The big guy that had the truck filled with Nitromene that Peggy took out then tied to a chair. He does I.D. Carter as the woman who beat him up.

Jarvis take Peggy to a local jeweler who makes diamond bracelets for each of Mr. Stark’s conquests. As crass as that sounds, it does provide them with a list of women. Peggy’s plan is to take that list and rundown each of the non-famous woman so she can take note of each of their wrists. Looking for scars or stress marks that might indicate being handcuffed to a bed when they slept. Jarvis hates this idea, as Jarvis is the one that tends to do the breaking up. While they are crossing names off the list, Jarvis is spending a significant amount of time getting slapped.

Dottie has scoped out a dentist office directly across from the “phone company”. When she walked through the door, she was greeted by the dentist who foolishly gave his staff a long weekend. He believes he’s interviewing a prospective dental assistant. Goes without saying that once he made an inappropriate pass, she ended him. Great vantage point for an assassination attempt. Across the street our Russian Psychologist friend trying to help Dooley is looking across at that very building. Dooley even suggests he open the window. Any minute, she’s going to take this psychologist out. Then there is a reflection from the gun and sunlight. I’m expecting him to hit the deck. Instead, he looks up and gives a subtle head nod. The Dr. is in on it too. They communicate is Morse code. He needs more time to find ‘the item’. Dottie’s new directive is to kill Peggy Carter.

The psychologist has planted the seed the his experience tells him that Dooley is experiencing some martial issues. He uses this as nothing more than a conversation piece in Dooley’s eyes. The bigger picture is that he is using that as a way in. He starts to tell Dooley that he needs to focus on the good times. Then he keeps repeating the word ‘focus’ as he spins his wedding ring. He is hypnotizing Dooley. Sousa interrupts just in time to inform Dooley of what he has learned about Agent Carter.

At the diner, Carter and Jarvis discuss what they’ve found on their latest lead. Which is nothing, then Peggy notices something. The entire diner has vacated. Her training tells her that this is what happens before SSR arrests someone they believe to be dangerous. She even spots the men still left in the diner as high ranking SSR officials. She instructs Jarvis to block the front door while she does the rest.

She runs out the back to find Jack Thompson waiting for her. It looks bad. She cannot go quietly, not yet. She apologizes to Jack then knocks him out. Before she can escape the alley she is intercepted by Sousa. She charms her way out of that one too. At SSR headquarters Dooley jumps into his best Tommy Lee Jones from the Fugitive. Peggy Carter is now a fugitive and will be brought to justice.

Dooley locks a new(ish) agent in a room with the psychologist who begins the hypnosis thing on this poor sap. It works much better this time. The agent answers every question honestly. But with Carter presumed to be a spy, Dooley has locked down everything. So the psychologist can’t access the lab to find whatever it is he’s looking for.

Thompson and Sousa and their men descend upon the Griffith. The no men thing rule that the Madam Fry sticks so tightly to is of no concern to the agents in the lobby. They forcefully find Peggy’s room. She’s hears them coming and is able to elude them. Standing on a ledge outside her own window.

Angie notices Peggy outside on the ledge. Peggy tells her the agents knocking on her door are there for her (Peggy). Angie quickly turns to let them in. Angie is going to buy Peggy time if not throw the SSR off her scent. Which she does beautifully. Up to and including fake tears to sell the bit.

Angie then arranges for a relative to bring a car for Peggy so she can get out of town. On her way out she bumps into Dottie (DANGER!). Peggy tries to get by her but Dottie plants a kiss on her. Wearing Peggy’s own special lipstick. Before she passes out, Peggy pulls back Dottie’s sleeve to reveal the scars she’s been looking for.

Before Dottie can finish the job, the SSR agents come around the corner. Dottie plays the innocent while Thompson and Sousa handcuff and remove Peggy. At headquarters, she is greeted harshly by everyone, especially Dooley. They sit her down and handcuff her to a table. Sousa then places on the table a photo of her from the night club and the fake sphere she left when she swiped Steve Rogers’ blood.

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Russia, 1937. Two little girls no older than 10 lie handcuffed to their beds. The familiar looking child shares her bread with the other. The next scene has these two girls are engaged is real hand to hand combat more suitable for people significantly older than they are.

Peggy is still holding a grudge against Stark and Jarvis. Dottie, is asking Peggy advice about the sights to see in New York. Yet, all Peggy seems concerned with is her resentment towards Jarvis while she stares at his business card before tearing it up. Then Peggy delivers a line about the people who lady Liberty represents that does in fact, as Dottie mentions, sound eerily like something Captain America would say. Not all sunshine and rainbows with Dottie. Last week we saw her skills as we saw her dispatch with Mr. Mink with minimal effort. Now combine the look she just gave with the small detail of her stealing Peggy’s room key, and Peggy may be her next target.

Jarvis ambushes Peggy at a newsstand in the hopes of reeling in her anger and sense of betrayal. Jarvis does a decent job with his attempt. However, Carter is strong-minded and tough willed. Jarvis did not find the desired result, but there’s still time. Pointing out how insignificant she is working for a male centered government agency might just have been what she needed to hear in order to eventually win her back.

Peggy walks into the SSR office and is presented with an opportunity to ‘assert’ herself. Last week Chief Dooley witnessed the typewriter internet device start typing all on its own. The cartographer brought in to crack the code is striking out. Peggy jumps into action and breaks the code as if it were written in English. Then asserts that she is going to Russia, whether the boys like it or not.

Thompson has a big and chauvinistic problem with Carter going to Russia. Despite being dramatically more qualified than anyone else, they resist. Then she throws a curve ball. What if she could deliver the 107th Regiment (here’s your first tip to “Howling Commandos”). Less than 90 seconds later, she does in fact deliver the 107th.

Carter forces her way into the boys locker room to change. Thompson feeling particularly juvenile, sends Sousa around the corner to find his compass which he has not lost. Sousa turns the corner to find Carter in her undergarments. She turns quickly concealing herself from him. Problem is that by turning her back, she revealed what looks like bullet hole scars in a relative pose that is a spitting image of the pose of the blonde lady in the first episode. There have to this point been no advances on identifying the blonde lady.

At the rendezvous point, the 107th (or Howling Commandos) are exactly where they’re supposed to be. Dugan (Neal McDonough) greets Peggy first, everyone else secondary. I get the feeling that Thompson is going to learn real quick that Carter is where she is for a reason. And maybe, persuade the men of SSR that there is more than one way to view their fellow agent.

It did not take long for Sousa to put 2 and 2 together. The bullet scars he saw on Peggy’s right shoulder with her medical report filed with SSR and the photos from the night club of the blonde woman. After all, Sousa is a good agent. Krzeminiski probably would have missed it, but not Sousa.

They’ve made camp and are lying low before advancing towards Russia. Peggy and the Howling Commandos shares stories by the fire. Thompson walks up like the boy who didn’t get invited to sit at the cool kids’ table. Peggy provides an opening, essentially inviting Thompson into the conversation. She asks about the Navy Cross. Thompson tells a story about taking out 6 Japanese who had entered their camp while everyone was sleeping. It sounds heroic, but his eyes tell a different story. Or at least a different feeling about it.

There is what imagine is only a cameo from John Glover, best known in the fanboy circles as Lionel Luther on Smallville. His character shed some light on the battle that left an entire Russian regiment massacred. Even drops Howard Stark’s name and mentions how there was an altercation between Stark and single star General who promptly retired a week later.

At dawn, Thompson surveys the situation and gives his orders. After asking if all is clear, one of the commandos replies with, “Carter?” As if to say, you may be giving the orders but Peggy calls the shots. There is a clear respect from a group of heralded men given to Carter that Thompson is noticing. He opens the floor and she has a different plan. One he agrees to without incident.

The 107th and Carter make their way into what looks like a boarding school. Where they find not only propaganda laced in a children’s cartoon, but an actual crying girl amidst the bed with handcuffs. Dugan approaches the girl to put her sobbing at ease. The 107th did watch the cold open, so they have no idea these girls are being traded to become assassins. Dugan turns to ask Peggy why it’s called a bowler hat, when the little girl stabs him in the chest with a pocket knife. Moments later, the youngest of these Commandos takes a bullet to the chest as our little assassin in training escapes.

Dooley stakes out Jarvis’ routine and intercepts him. Instead of being the crass s.o.b. that he normally is, Dooley extends the olive branch. He tells Jarvis in a plain tone, that he’s not interested in a witch hunt and is only interested in the truth. If Howard Stark is willing to pick up the phone, Dooley would love to hear Stark’s side of the story. Dooley, slowly but surely, is evolving into a sympathetic character.

While Peggy is away, Dottie begins to search her apartment. She snoops around and eventually finds a secret compartment in Peggy’s chest of drawers. Inside are a series of photographs of some of Stark’s inventions. Dottie is intrigued by one in particular. It appears to look strikingly close to the 0-8-4 found in the Agents of SHIELD episode this last season that included Peggy Carter. But I’m not willing to claim that just yet.

The team walks up on a cell with two men inside. They are captives forced against their will to build a weapon that Stark designed. They don’t have Stark (much to Thompson’s surprise I’m sure) , therefore they need this imprisoned engineer. The idea that Howard Stark would actually be behind all of this is (literally) laughably to these captives. Bad guys approach and Peggy shoots the cell door to free these two.

The team gets pinned down in the building’s boiler room and the engineer has an idea. He takes Jones and holds a gun to his neck and yells out in Russian that he will turn over the American if they will let him leave. As it turns out, this was not a ploy to aid our SSR/107th team. When the engineer did not back down, his own cellmate and head doctor shot him in the chest. They continue to take heavy fire and Thompson is about as helpful as a band-aid on a severed limb. The scene shifts to slow motion where Thompson begins to see Peggy Carter as the brave and honorable soldier we already knew her to be. Dugan provides the exit (blows a hole in the wall) and Carter has to almost pull Thompson to safety. He we almost catatonic. Peggy is the last one in the truck as it pulls away.

Russian Doctor: Not bad. For a girl.
Peggy: I hate you all.

On the plane ride back, Thompson is still shaken. Carter tries to put his mind at ease, but it won’t work. He mutters that they were carrying a white flag. The Japanese he shot that earned him the Navy Cross were there to surrender. This is maybe the first time in the series that Thompson has revealed a vulnerability and that there is a decent man under the facade.

Carter and Thompson report to Dooley. The intel they got, while good, was not what Dooley was hoping for. Thompson tried to give Carter the credit, but Carter pivoted back to ‘we’. Then Dooley excuses them looking very frustrated. But not before giving Carter a verbal pat on the back. Carter exits his office feeling rather good about things. She greets Sousa who maintains his normal self without revealing anything about his hunch on the Blonde Lady. Thompson asks if Sousa is coming (to the bar). Sousa declines. Thompson then turns casually and says something to Peggy that speaks volumes and comes as a surprise at the same time.

Thompson: Ahhhh. Come on Carter. (he turns to look at her) I owe you a Bourbon.

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Jarvis stands in front of two lackeys attempting to broker a deal of some sort. One would assume its to buy back one of Stark’s “Bad Babies”. It quickly becomes a shakedown. A shakedown that Jarvis is not pleased about.

Jarvis: Your manners never cease to disappoint.

The item Jarvis was attempting to purchase was not a Bad Baby. It was a container the size of a small room. Inside of which looked remarkably like an actual room, complete with furniture, art on the wall and Howard Stark. The SSR is hell-bent on hanging as much as they can around Howard’s neck including treason. Stark can’t hide at home, instead we turn our attention to “the Griffith”. A place that does not permit men at all.

Chief Dooley heads to Germany to chase down Ernst Mueller who is set to be executed in the coming days. How this pertains to Stark is yet to be seen. With the Chief out, Thompson becomes the interim Chief. This means Peggy will be relegated to running down lunch orders. A great opportunity for her to snoop around and get some pictures with the camera pen Stark gave her.

Agent Sousa is working on his own lead that at most will implicate Jarvis and maybe Peggy but get them no closer to Stark. A homeless war vet who won’t talk to cops. Sousa gives a heartfelt story hoping to open this homeless man up, but to no avail.

Peggy heads downstairs to swipe some food for Howard, when she returns, he looks glum. All of his inventions are in the SSR lab. That should be good news. Howard needs Peggy to steal one back from the lab. A proposition that Peggy is not thrilled about. She needs to recover the “Blitzkrieg Button”, a sphere the size of a baseball that has the capability to knock out the entire power grid in the tri-state area.

Mr. Mink the gentleman whose men were trying to extort Jarvis in the cold open, has decided to take matters into his own hands, quite literally. He killed his two lackeys with what looked like a pistol sized Gatling gun. Now he is tailing Jarvis and Peggy. In the car, Jarvis keeps tugging on his right ear when Carter asks certain questions. Could be a tell. We already know that Stark and Jarvis are keeping something from Carter, we just don’t know what or how egregious.

Dooley arrives in Germany to meet with Mueller who is hours from his execution. Dooley wants to know about a specific war battle that ties Mueller to the dead Russians. He offers cyanide as an alternative to being hanged. This way Mueller can rob his captors of the satisfaction of watching him squirm toward death.

Thompson walks into Sousa’s interrogation with a cheeseburger and a bottle of Scotch. Thompson gets the homeless vet to roll over pretty quickly. Later on, Peggy arrives at SSR. She pulls the old switch-eroo pretty easily. However, Jarvis’ tell has her concerned. After lifting the sphere she takes it into a room. She flips the switch and the canister opens. Inside is a vile of someone’s blood. This is not adding up. When she returns to The Griffith, she is adamant that Howard say what’s in the vile. My mind went straight for the ailment that Tony Stark will eventually have, but that was caused by the shrapnel not heredity. It’s so obvious it should have slapped me in the face. The vile contains Steve Roger’s blood. Then Carter decked him.

When Howard comes to, he might have wished he hadn’t. The important play by-play as it pertains to the plot is that the government had 11 viles of Steve’s blood and Howard only had one. The government has all but depleted their supply. Peggy’s bigger concern is to the why. Why all the running around? Why risk her neck to save Howard’s? Especially if he’s not interested in clearing his name. Meanwhile, Mr. Mink dressed as a florist delivery man, got Peggy’s room number and is attempting to sneak in. Leaving Stark vulnerable.

Dottie, Peggy’s new neighbor departs her apartment and discovers Mink. He tells her to go back inside. She does not. He pulls his mini Gatling gun out and points it at Dottie. She tilts her head like a curious puppy and says, “is that automatic, I want that”. Then she runs up the walls and takes Mink out in one swift move. Starting to wonder if Dottie plays the same role for Peggy as Kate (Agent 13) did for Steve Rogers in Winter Soldier.

Jarvis intercepts Peggy and tries to make amends, unsuccessfully. She walks off and Jarvis pulls a u-turn. Howard is sitting with his face in a paper in a shoe shine seat. Jarvis conveys his dislike for the apologizing part of his job description. Then Jarvis departs. Leaving two men reading a newspaper. Howard is no longer reading the paper. Then the man next to him asks to borrow the sports page. Howard begrudgingly complies. The other man was Stan Lee. Patriarch of Marvel comics.

At SSR, Sousa finally entertains an idea the rest of us have already known about. Maybe the woman in the picture from the night club is not actually blonde. Meanwhile, Dooley returns to the office and Thompson has a wrinkle to the story that Dooley will be pleased with. The battle in question apparently never being a battle in the first place, instead a one-sided massacre. This Dooley knew. Thompson pulled the flight log from the day after the battle. One name jumps off the page. Howard Stark.

Peggy arrives home and immediately turns up the radio and breaks a hole in her wall. Dottie, next door admiring her new Gatling pistol, here’s a knock at her door. It’s Angie to see if Dottie is coming down to dinner. Peggy is putting a hole in the wall to hide the sphere that contains Steve’s blood. Back at SSR, Dooley adds Mueller to the evidence wall. Then something strange happens. The typewriter they grabbed from the Man in the Green Suit’s place, started self typing.

You’re not going to want to miss next week’s episode. Two words. Howling. Commandoes.


Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

It has been a lovely holiday season, I hope your families enjoyed it as much as ours, but now it’s time to return to business as usual. The bulk of our fall shows are returning from the Holiday hiatus and in the coming weeks and months we will be bringing back previous shows (i.e. Musketeers, The Following, and Justified) as well as a healthy dosage of new shows (i.e. Allegiance, Heroes: Reborn). None more highly anticipated than Marvel’s Agent Carter.

The first layer of what we know pertaining to Agent Carter is of course the obvious. This will be a period piece. In Marvel’s Captain America: Winter Soldier we find the present day Steve Rogers bedside talking to an old and dying Peggy Carter. So any delusions of a time line adjusting scenario that brings the ravishing 1940’s Peggy Carter into the modern Marvel universe should at least be put to bed for the early going. I won’t count anything out, but this feels like a period piece nothing more nothing less. At least as far as the timeline is considered.

Naturally, the second layer is the who, and this is where it gets interesting. Anyone who has seen the first Captain America would have to assume that there will be a significant presence from Howard Stark (Tony Stark’s father and patriarch to Stark Industries). What most of you may or may not be aware of is the introduction of Jarvis. The uninitiated I’m sure are wondering how a complicated, smart, computer that runs a technologically advanced house and Ironman suit could possibly make an appearance in the 1940s. The clarification there is that we are not being introduced to the machine, we are being introduced to the man. Edwin Jarvis. The person and likeness that Tony Stark’s Jarvis was modeled after.

Beyond that, there are a number of assumptions we can make. One of which comes direct from a trailer released by Marvel themselves. A number of Howard Stark’s inventions and weapons have been stolen and the worry is that they are headed for the black market. Also there is the tone first seen in the Agent Carter short found on the bonus features on the Ironman 3 blu-ray/dvd. Agent Carter is a woman doing a man’s job post World War 2. Her presence is not exactly welcomed. And finally, what is the implications of what is presenting in the limited run Agent Carter and what that will mean for future Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Marvel Cinematic works in the future? We all know how well Marvel works outward. They already have tentative release dates for Marvel movies into 2018 and beyond. Make no mistake about it, Agent Carter is not filler. The plot and events will carry weight towards a bigger picture down the road. A can’t miss series for any fan of the Marvel Universe.

Lastly, Marvel has never missed an opportunity to promote itself. We at NJATVS are not the only ones excited about Agent Carter. That excitement will ring out further beyond this two-hour premiere. At some point in Tuesday’s two-hour Agent Carter we will get to lay our eyes on the first non-teaser trailer of Ant-Man. Amidst Phase 2, we will meet new characters to enlarge the Marvel Universe. We’ve already seen images of Ultron, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Now we get to see Ant-man. For those that are not familiar, hold you skepticism. With Paul Rudd playing the role of Scott Lang aka Ant-man and supporting characters played by Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter), Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas, this one is sure to be better than it sounds to simply say, “tune into Agent Carter for the world premiere of the Ant-man trailer”.

Courtesy of Marvel

Courtesy of Marvel