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  1. I got to the same conclusion. Remember when Elisabeth set up a trust fund for the daughter of the man who got killed on the boat when Tom was her prisoner, Raymond told her to be carefull as this sort of things could become an obsession. He looked like he was talking from experience. And the first time Elisabeth asked him if he was her father, he answered that he was long time dead, and that did not looked like a lie at all!
    We’ll see soon! Thanks for sharing your theory!

  2. I have had the same conclusion since the introduction of Katarina’s father, Dom. Red acted like a son would act toward his father. When Dom told him to drink the buttermilk he did so, even though you could tell he didn’t want to try it. He obeyed Dom’s directive. Plus the familiarity at the dinner table indicated an intimate knowledge of behavior even after years of being apart.

  3. I am becoming more sympathetic to the Imposter Theory since the last episode. It definitely would explain some things. “Everything about me is a lie” is a big one, if we are to interpret it as a literal statement. The one thing that I’m still trying to connect however is the whole Hobson’s Choice mystery and how this specifically connects to this theory. The whole a mother and her child “I could either save one or lose both. It was the most difficult decision I ever had to make.” I want to know how this connects to this Imposter’s history. I also want to know how this imposter’s history is related to or connects to Katarina’s suicide (or if she really didn’t commit suicide and the official narrative is wrong since they never did recover her body.)

    • As I’m thinking about it there’s one thing that may not add up. Let’s say Garvey did have a profile marked in CODIS to be set off if he did find a DNA match to the profile he highlighted in CODIS. Let’s say these bones prove the real Red is dead and now he holds this truth against our Red. Didn’t we learn from The Pilot that the FBI didn’t have our Red’s DNA, or the real Reddington if so on profile before he surrendered himself to the FBI? Therefore Reddington’s DNA profile would not be in CODIS. So if Garvey had a profile marked in CODIS to be set off through a new match and the bones confirm it, how could that marked profile have been “Raymond Reddington” if Red’s DNA was never in CODIS to begin with as the FBI didn’t have any DNA sample in CODIS to confirm he was Red from the start, and had to use fingerprints instead? UNLESS Red used an alias and Garvey somehow recognized this alias to be the same man as the real Reddington (why would he use an alias anyway)? And the fact that his profile wasn’t in CODIS to begin with as anyone in that system was involved in a crime at some point in their life is fishy in itself. Was Red able to hide evidence of a crime he committed so his DNA wouldn’t be found (maybe in the suitcase of bones assuming he killed them)? Way too much speculation on that last point.

      • In response to one of my points made above as to why Red would possibly use an alias and his profile still being in CODIS- maybe Raymond Reddington wasn’t his real name and that was just a code name he was given during the Cold War by the Navy for his work in foreign intelligence. Just more food for thought.

      • Chad,

        Enjoying your theories, and glad that my theories intrigue you as well. Yes, in Gregory Devry, Ressler says that they don’t have a DNA sample from Reddington, to determine which man was telling the truth. However, since that episode we have found a source for the DNA of Naval Intelligence Officer Raymond Reddington, the clothes that Harold matched Lizzie’s DNA with. Being an extremely efficient bureaucrat, it wouldn’t surprise me if Harold submitted those results to be entered into the CODIS library. Hence Garvey’s match.

        • Jeff,

          You are right in that it is possible that Harold submitted that DNA sample to CODIS. However, there was no actual clip of him doing so in that episode or in later episodes. Remember he gave the results right to Elizabeth. If he did submit it to CODIS you would think the writers would have made that a huge scene in the show as something significant to look back on. And we have to think that if that was a sample of Red’s DNA why wasn’t in CODIS to begin with and why was the sample kept hidden in that locker room? It seems that Harold was the only person, or one of the few persons who had access to that file. Shouldn’t legally speaking that sample have been registered into CODIS from the beginning? And why it wasn’t is a whole other question, if that sample in fact was his. There’s also no way of knowing if that sample was his actual DNA. I read somewhere that DNA can be transferred from one person to another especially in physical altercations. So it’s possible that this sample belonged to Katarina or something and her DNA got transferred to Red during a fight. I don’t know how accurate the logistics of that are but who knows.

          I’m not saying that I think that that aspect of your theory is wrong, because I have no proof it isn’t, and I still think the only thing that adds up is Red being an imposter and the bones belonging to the real Red. And I do believe a lot of your explanation and the logic behind it. But the element of Raymond Reddington’s profile being marked by Garvey, by that specific name, with no alias if that’s the case, without us seeing any past proof that that sample Harold retrieved he submitted to CODIS, or without any hard proof the sample was in fact the real Red from all those years ago and wasn’t Katarina’s DNA that got transferred over to him, makes it difficult for me to fully accept that “Raymond Reddington’s” (specific name no alias) profile was marked by Garvey. Unless Harold did submit it to CODIS and we just didn’t see it, and that’s how Garvey was able to mark his profile because of Harold’s submission- that would make sense. But they never showed Harold doing so. This is the main unexplainable loophole for me right now. But something tells me your general theory is correct.

          I’m just curious to know if Garvey knows anyone with past FBI connections (current or present) because we don’t think that US Marshals can Access CODIS right? Or are they able to since he is a US Marshal and you don’t have to be specifically an FBI agent to do so; rather just law enforcement.

  4. I believe this is the real Raymond Reddington as was seen in the Pilot of “The Blacklist” Harold Cooper asked Ressler if it’s really Reddington and Ressler replied they have done all the test yes it him.

    • Then whose bones could be in that suitcase that are so valuable to Ian Garvey and clearly he had their profile highlighted in CODIS that when the results came back they matched the same profile he had marked in the system? Clearly he had some relationship to the FBI once or else he couldn’t have accessed CODIS. I doubt it’s Katarina because Kate would have left him and been at war with him since season 1, at this point and I don’t think it is the real Masha or real Elizabeth Keen, especially if they were Red’s daughter. Why would Red so much envy for his daughter because who’s ever in that suitcase he clearly wanted their remains to be buried for eternity and “die into the sands of time as originally intended.” And he also sat on the suitcase at one point revealing just how much he disliked this person. If he is an imposter it would damage his relationship with the FBI and distance himself from Lizzie as she would know she was working with a fraud. If you can’t trust who a person says they are then what can you trust? What does “Everything about me is a lie” mean then? You see what I’m saying?

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  6. And what about Red’s wife in the Berlin episodes. Reddington disappeared on his way home at Christmas, leaving his wife and child. Was this his wife. Was Jennifer the child, Where is Jennifer? His ex-wife, knows something as she told Red to tell Liz. And what about the little girl at the house which he remembers just before blowing it up, is that Jennifer? How does he remember a daughter he didn’t have?

  7. I don’t think red is an imposter i believe the lie red is hiding is something far more exciting that were never going to guess. If you think back to me when me Kaplan was having flash backs of the beginning when katsrins told Kate to take Masha to Sam it’s someone Raymond and I both trust . That mean that Raymond is indeed “Masha “father , now when Elizabeth father Sam was dying we seen how sincere Raymond was and when he went to the hospital Sam recognized him

    • Just wanted to throw this out there, but what do you guys think of the “Third Man” theory that says that there was possibly a third man we don’t know about: possibly the man that Liz shot the night of the fire (maybe he didn’t die from that). This third man may have been the one who Katarina had said had stolen Masha because he thought he was the father (a blonde American, which would mean that there are two Americans involved in the picture including Reddington, because our Red isn’t blonde; unless he had blonde hair in the past) who Kate said wasn’t sure if he was the father and never found out, and told Kaplan she was never going to end up with him anyway. And maybe the same man who stole the Fulcrum and hid it in the bunny. This man might have been the same guy who we saw in those images of the fire wearing at red ring, which happened to have said US Army on it (I’m thinking Army intelligence) after a close up analysis from the website Criminally Sane, which actually did a very good analysis on this. I just can’t tell for sure if the blonde guy who seemed to have been shot was the same guy wearing the US Army ring because the images were separate. This is the only other serious option I can think of who those bones belong to. Honestly one of the things getting to me is how in many interactions Red has in the show with new characters they automatically recognize him as Reddington without any hesitation. That’s maybe the only thing holding me back from completely endorsing the Imposter Theory.

      I actually do believe that this Third Man theory is very likely, but I’m just not certain if those bones belong to him or the identity is somehow connected to this “Third Man” and Katarina- maybe the real Red idk.

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