2 comments on “The Blacklist: Suitcase Suppositions

  1. I got to the same conclusion. Remember when Elisabeth set up a trust fund for the daughter of the man who got killed on the boat when Tom was her prisoner, Raymond told her to be carefull as this sort of things could become an obsession. He looked like he was talking from experience. And the first time Elisabeth asked him if he was her father, he answered that he was long time dead, and that did not looked like a lie at all!
    We’ll see soon! Thanks for sharing your theory!

  2. I have had the same conclusion since the introduction of Katarina’s father, Dom. Red acted like a son would act toward his father. When Dom told him to drink the buttermilk he did so, even though you could tell he didn’t want to try it. He obeyed Dom’s directive. Plus the familiarity at the dinner table indicated an intimate knowledge of behavior even after years of being apart.

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