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Person Of Interest: This Was Not An Attack This Was A Test

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Let’s address the elephant in the room before we proceed with this recap. After four seasons of consistently ranking as a Top 20 show, the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” could end up getting cancelled by the network. The reason such a move would be made is purely financial, the show would qualify for syndication if it airs a fifth season. That usually calls for a large salary increase for the show’s stars, Michael Emerson and Jim Caviziel. The factor that weighs against Person Of Interest getting the green-light for a fifth season is the fact that the network doesn’t own the show, as it’s produced by Warner Brothers.

It would end up as far more cost-effective for CBS to air NCIS: Boise, next September than for POI to return. The question that network that was referred to as the “Tiffany Network ” in another age, needs to consider is whether quality’s more important than the bottom line.

Although Executive Producer JJ Abrams and series creator Jonathan Nolan, have stated recently in interviews that they intend to find a way to keep telling their story, the season finale airing Tuesday night, felt more like a series finale. Samaritan seems stronger than ever, as “The Machine’s” been reduced to just its bare essentials. Saving just enough of itself that its creator Harold Finch can rebuild it.

The Machine’s” human operatives survived a firefight despite overwhelming odds, yet faced a new attack as the episode drew to a close. Meanwhile Samaritan spent the episode eliminating what it perceives as threats, outliers and those that would fight the new age it intends to implement. Although all the regular characters survived the purge, many familiar faces met their demise in this episode.

The evening started with scenes from the previous episode, we then see a telephone lineman installing a box on a utility pole. Root and Finch are in their control center when they hear a phone ring. Root says it’s behind the wall and seconds later she’s knocked down the wall with a sledge-hammer and they see an old rotary-dial payphone ringing. Harold picks up to find “The Machine’s” sending a distress signal, but it also sends another message the numbers 314, which Root realizes is a call for help. Although their destination’s unknown they take off.

Dominic and the Brotherhood are still holding Reese, Fusco and Carl Elias prisoners and Dominic tells Detective Riley that he wants the same deal with he and Harold that Elias has. He tells him he wants the keys to the city. John tells him there’s no arrangement or any keys to the city. Dominic asks if the detective thinks he’s stupid, John responds that Dominic’s just smart enough to get himself killed.

The Brotherhood leader tells his female soldier Floyd to go kill Fusco, however Harper Rose beats her to the cop and picks the lock on his handcuffs and gets him out of the building. Floyd comes back reporting that Fusco escaped and Dominic knows that Harper Rose freed him, as she always plays both sides against the middle. She’s tied to a chair next to Elias.

Greer enters a car to talk to one of his operatives named Gregory about the status of “The Machine” and the operative tells the administrator they’ve almost got that fox treed. Greer smiles and says very good, now let’s burn the tree.

We then head to Washington and see Control talking to one of her agents about Samaritan planning an attack on May 6. The agent tells Control the only buzz in the area is the house that’s off-limits to all intelligent agents located in Columbia Heights. When Control asks the agent who issued the memo, the woman responds that Control did.

Root tells Finch that “The Machine’s” talking to her again as they enter a high-priced apartment building. Root steals the keys off a fireman to control the elevator and she takes them to the penthouse. The man who lives in the penthouse is hosting two Russian gangsters, trying to sell the man weapons and a pair of self-charging night-vision goggles. Root shoots the Russians in the legs then takes the night-vision goggles and she and Harold get back into the elevator, but their access was overridden. The Russians are shooting at the elevator and have penetrated the door. Root looks into a surveillance camera and says enough standing on the sidelines. If you want us to save your skin, get in the game. “The Machine” reconfigures the elevator and they ride down to safety.

Root and Finch then head to former number, Caleb Phillips company as Root says they need to get an algorithm. Root hacks the server and starts to download but she realizes it’s a trap. Phillips asks what she’s doing, she tells him the truth and he asks why he should believe her. She tells him perhaps she’ll trust her friend more and Harold comes out and tells Phillips they do need the algorithm. Caleb interrupts Harold then puts what they need on a flash-drive, he says whatever Harold needs he’ll supply him with, since Harold saved his life. Finch thanks him and they head off.

Dominic brings out a box of cellphones and dumps it on the floor in front of his captives. He tells John to unlock the phone and contact Harold, or he’ll put a bullet in Harper and Carl’s heads. Harold answers his phone thinking he’s talking to John and calls him Mr. Reese, but Dominic’s on the other end. He tells Harold to meet him in 15-minutes or Mr. Reese will die. Root tells Finch that “The Machine” revealed that it’s located in Brooklyn, but Harold says he needs to save John. Root tells Harold that “The Machine” needs Reese and it will save him, but they need to save it.

Dominic’s ready to kill Elias and Harper, when a fax machine rings and Floyd reads the fax aloud. It’s instructions to Reese, telling him how to take out the guard next to him and free himself. John takes out the soldier and cuts his zip-ties, then puts his earpiece in. “The Machine” asks if he can hear her and she starts telling John where to shoot to take out all the soldiers. Soon they’re all dead except for Dominic, who tries to escape but he’s stopped by Fusco and two uniforms carrying automatic weapons.

Control and Shaw’s former partner, break down the door of the house in Columbia Heights, but the Samaritan operatives have fled. The agent says they built fertilizer bombs there, enough to blow up the entire floor of a Federal building.

Control summons Senator Garrison, the man who negotiated the deal with Greer to give Samaritan the unfiltered feeds to all US Intelligence information. She asks for his phone, then puts it in a box on her desk which she says assures them nobody can monitor them via the phones. She then tells Garrison about the attack Samaritan has planned for May 6, called the correction. She tells him they need to cut off the feed to Samaritan and suggests they go back to using “The Machine” as their information source. Garrison tells her she’s losing it and says she needs to get a grip on reality. She actually cloned his phone, while it was in the box, she sends a message to Greer that he believes was sent by the Senator.

Elias and Dominic are taken into custody and Fusco feels kind of hinky about them attempting an escape and rides in the vehicle talking them to the precinct. John tells Lionel he needs to go and help Finch, but he congratulates him on doing an outstanding job.

Greer arrives at the NSA and starts talking to Garrison as he enters the room, but his talking’s cut short when he sees Control’s sitting there with a gun aimed at him. She tells him she knows all about the correction and she tells him she knows they’re planning to bomb a Federal building the next day. She says he can save himself from being dropped in a black-hole, if he tells her what building they’re bombing.

Reese shows up in Brooklyn just as Finch and Root arrive, unfortunately so do a squadron of Samaritan operatives with automatic weapons. Root and John hold off the gunmen long enough for Finch to get them in the building. Harold realizes they’re in a telephone substation, located in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Root’s instructed to build a rudimentary computer in the briefcase. Harold realizes that  “The Machine’s” actually there. When it relocated two years before, it sent itself into the nation’s electric grid, now Samaritan’s trying to destroy “The Machine” by sending power surges and brownouts throughout the system. It’s plan is for Harold and Root to upload just enough of itself to the computer in the case for Harold to rebuild it.

Control believes that Samaritan’s planning to bomb SCOTUS, the following day as they planned to hear arguments on government surveillance. She calls Shaw’s former partner and tells him to have the building evacuated and to track down the bomb.

As the vehicle carrying Elias and Dominic gets close to the precinct, a large truck side-swipes it and the vehicle flips onto it’s roof. One of Carl’s men come over and pull Elias out and they head to his car. Dominic climbs out soon after, and he shoots Elias’ man, then aims his gun at Carl, but he drops his weapon as Fusco surprises him from behind. Suddenly shots ring out, a sniper takes out Elias and Dominic but leaves Fusco alone, the sniper’s a Samaritan operative.

Samaritan operatives have the building that the team’s in surrounded. There’s a breach at the back door and Root starts picking off operatives as they enter. She looks for Reese, but he’s at the front of the building ready to take on what looks like about three dozen gunmen. He asks “The Machine” if it can hear him, then tells it to kill the lights. Reese fires some smoke bombs and then “The Machine” once again tells him where to shoot.

Control’s agent calls her and says that there’s no bomb in the Supreme Court building. She then asks Greer again what building they’re planning to bomb and he laughs at her. He says that Samaritan would never have planned that kind of attack, that would have shined the light on itself. Greer then says that killing a hundred or so people is an empty act, but if you target and kill the right people, they can accomplish a lot.

Samaritan’s monitor suddenly reads, this was not an attack this was a test. Greer then thanks Control for identifying the agents that would have caused them trouble. We then see the two agents that Control informed about the correction are dead, then some men come in and throw a black bag on her head and take her away.

As Finch attempts to upload “The Machine” to the computer in the briefcase, it sends Harold a message on a laptop calling Harold father and apologizing for failing him. Harold says they still have time and “The Machine” responds that it thought Finch wanted it to live, but now thinks he’s changed his mind. Harold says you’re my creation, I don’t want you to die. “The Machine” replies if it doesn’t survive it wants to thank Harold for creating it.

A power surge comes down the line, heading for “The Machine,” Finch closes the top of the briefcase and gets jolted hard enough to knock him off his feet. Root asks if he saved “The Machine,” he looks at the briefcase and sees a blue power light on and says he thinks so. Root tells him they need to leave and it won’t be easy.

However when they get outside, they see all the Samaritan operatives on the ground. Root calls for John and he’s unharmed. However three vehicles of Samaritan operatives arrive and Reese and Root are once again in a firefight as the screen goes black.

Person Of Interest: Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

There’s always been a strong female presence on the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” even when that presence was just Taraji Henson as Detective Jocelyn Carter, in the show’s first season. However the latest episode of the series, entitled “Skip,” was jam-packed with female characters, most of them familiar faces, however a critical member of the cast, was a new character. Bounty-Hunter Frankie Wells, who traveled to New York City, from her home in Florida to bring back a criminal, who skipped the state named Ray. Frankie, also was the first number “The Machine,” assigned Harold Finch and John Reese, in the episode, but another women, who we’ve met previously, also got into danger according to Finch’s creation.

This edition, was a bit more disjointed than usual, with people coming and going throughout the hour and the action at times became a tad complicated. While not all plans by our heroes, worked out ideally, situations that verged on becoming deadly, fizzled out without anyone suffering permanent bodily harm. Friendships, however did take a beating in a couple of cases, one likely irreparably, the other likely to get smoothed over in the near future. We also saw two things, I mentioned over the last few weeks, come closer to fruition, subjects we’ll touch on, a bit later.

Our first scene’s at a very high-stakes gambling room, where admission alone costs the player’s 20 grand. Reese is sitting at one of the poker tables, with quite a lot of money in front of him, when the hostess Frankie Wells, tells John she’s glad he’s beating one of his opponents, whose supposedly mean. Frankie backs away smiling with a drink order in her hand and ends up spilling on her employer, the man running the room, whose named Ray. He tells her she’s fired, she says she really needs the job and he grabs her by the fist and drags her out of the room.

Reese follows them about a minute later, surprised to see Wells beating the stuffing out of Ray and he intercedes and Ray takes off, she then takes John on and Reese eventually takes out his gun, just as three enforcers come out, brandishing weapons. Frankie takes off, Reese tells them he’s a cop and reaches for his badge, but Frankie stole it, he however got her cellphone.

Harold’s at the subway-car, when Root shows up and says it’s been a long time since they saw each other and Finch excuses himself as he tells her he’s meeting someone for coffee. She replies judging by the color in his cheeks he’s meeting a woman and he actually is, Elizabeth Bridges the woman he met and hung with during a conference in Hong Kong earlier in the season.

At that point he put a Trojan Horse in her computer, as he knew her work would be wanted by Samaritan and they’re taking her algorithm formula to utilize in their programs. The program that Harold installed is dormant, but when she tells him the news he tells her he wants to take her out to dinner the next night to celebrate, he’ll activate it then.

John returns to the station banged up when Dr. Iris Campbell, John Reilly’s Department Psychiatrist, tells John she can no longer have him as a patient and recommends one of her colleagues. John asks what’s wrong and she dodges the questions, he asks if things he’s revealed scared her and she says she doesn’t want to discuss it. As someone, whose really not a “Shipper,” but wanted John and Iris to get together, I was rather bummed.

Reese tells Fusco that Frankie stole his shield and Lionel tells him he needs to get it back yesterday, that he’ll get a long suspension if brass finds out. John starts searching through her cell phone and he thinks he’s come up with the location, she’s heading to next.

Wells’ at a bar flashing the shield briefly, saying her name’s Detective Reilly and she wants to talk with one of the employees Athena. Reese says he wants his badge back and she tries to run, but he catches her and cuffs her, taking his shield back in the process. Suddenly Ray enters the bar and she screams at him to stop, even though she’s cuffed. He runs out to the street, with her on his tail and Reese chasing the two of them, Ray starts to try to cross the street, but a car swerves to miss him, just then a young women pulls up and tells him to get in.

Ray looks at her and smiles, says Athena and jumps in the passenger seat, when they pass John and Frankie the young woman yells Hey Reilly. It’s the con-girl known as Harper Rose that we met in the episode entitled “Blunt.” At that time I said I thought that Annie Ilonzeh, who plays Harper, looked like a great fit to become part of the cast and this episode just solidified those beliefs.

Harold calls Root and tells her he needs her help with Elizabeth Bridges as “The Machine,” made her a number shortly after his meeting with her for coffee. Harold and Root trail Bridges for a while, but then she gets into a verbal argument with her ex-husband who’s trying to get her to come back to him, Root and Finch left at that point.

The two head back to Harold’s office in his guise as college Professor Whistler and he freaks out, thinking that somehow Samaritan’s connected Finch and Whistler. Root tells him that’s ridiculous as he’d be dead if Samaritan knew where he was, she blames Elizabeth Bridges’ ex-husband, who likely saw them having coffee together.

Back to John and Frankie, as they follow Harper’s car, thinking she and Ray are inside heading somewhere, another vehicle T-Bones Harper’s car and  a bunch of thugs step out of the other vehicle and start shooting up Harper’s car, only to find some teenage boy inside, nearly in tears, saying she told me I could have the car.

John and Wells start taking out the thugs, it looks like they’ve got them all, when recovers and knocks out Reese with a blow to the head from behind him. Then another guy gets up and the two hold Frankie’s arms, an older man steps out of the car wearing a fedora and says Miss Wells, I’m Mr. Worthy, how you doing? She’s then knocked out by one of the thugs.

Root tells Harold she needs to leave as she’s on a mission of her own, she needs to take care of, when Finch asks if he can help she kisses him and says he’s a dear friend, but she has to do this on her own. Harold tails Root and a little while later he enters an office she’s in and asks if Elizabeth Bridges became a number because Root’s going to kill her and she admits that’s the case.

Reese and Wells find themselves handcuffed together in a butcher shop when they come to, Worthy asks Frankie where Ray’s at and she says she doesn’t know. Worthy then tells Detective Reilly that unless he convinces her to tell him where Ray’s hiding when they return they’re both dead.

Root tells Harold that she must kill Bridges to keep Harold safe, if he activates the Trojan Horse, Samaritan will detect it, find him and eliminate him. She says Finch’s too Hell-Bent on doing this to allow Elizabeth to live as it’s a death sentence for Harold. She shows Harold the vial of poison she’s going to inject Bridges with, completely undetectable, all will think she died of a heart-attack. Finch grabs the vial and drinks the poison, saying now there’s no reason to kill Elizabeth.

Frankie’s able to grab a paperclip just before Worthy’s two goons come back and she frees one of each of hers and Reese’s hands and they overpower the goons. She then kisses Reese passionately and handcuffs him to a refrigerator door handle, leaving him behind to find Harper and Ray on her own.

Root starts to call 911, but Harold pulls the phone socket out of the wall, he says he refuses to let another friend die. Root tells Harold that if Shaw died it’s not his fault, if anything it’s her fault as she called Shaw and asked her to help. Harold starts shaking from the poison and says neither of them want friends to die.

Reese gets back to the station and Fusco’s done a lot of detective work on Ray while John’s been away. He believes that Ray murdered his accountant down in Florida, the cause of death was ruled a mugging, but he says the two argued the night before and the next day, the accountant gets his throat slit. He also found out that Ray grew up in New York City and worked for a relative at some building that the relative owned but the business went bust. He bets Ray’s hiding out there.

That’s exactly where Ray’s at as we see Harper enter the building with all the forged documents he needs to skip the country, he tells her to come upstairs. Harper shows him the documents and Ray practically salivates, she tells him he owes her 50-grand and he gives her the evidence he has that could convict Worthy. She tells him she doesn’t want that and he says take it or leave it, she starts to take the documents back and Ray puts a knife dangerously close to his fingers.

Harold has about five minutes left when Root says he wins, she promises she won’t kill Bridges and she’s going to take him to the hospital to get the toxin for the poison that he swallowed. He looks at Root and manages a weak smile and tells her to hurry.

Wells, followed by Reese enter the building and aim their guns at Ray, Harper grabs the documents and gets ready to split when Worthy and his goons enter the building and tell them all he’s going to kill Ray first and then kill all of them. However Harper has an idea that she think all can live with, she offers Worthy the evidence that Ray has that could convict the criminal, in exchange for letting Ray go and leaving the building and he agrees. She asks Detective Reilly if he’s willing to allow Worthy and his associates to leave and he says they can but Ray can’t.  Worthy says nice doing business with you and leaves the building.

Harper then says to Ray he’s not leaving the building a free man, so he can either die or get arrested, and he agrees that getting arrested is the better option. But it turns out that Frankie’s brother was the accountant that Ray killed and she doesn’t want him to live, but John convinces her to settle for him getting put away for most of the rest of his life. Ray grabs a gun and John shoots him in the leg, he then looks at Wells and says I said don’t kill him.

Harold has his activator with him when he knocks on Elizabeth’s hotel door and asks why she cancelled dinner, she shows him the e-mail reporting her to some organization from his e-mail address trying to damage her credibility. She says she knew they disagreed on theory, but she never expected something like this from him. She asks if it was all a lie and Harold weakly responds, it wasn’t all a lie. She says she never wants to see him again and shuts the door on him, of course Root sent the e-mail to thwart Harold activating the Trojan Horse.

He talks to Harper who says she’s been blowing up with somebody she thought he and Harold set her up with and she’s made all sorts of money from Thornhill. John says he’s got an associate that uses the alias Thornhill and she says then you do know him, he responds that some people think Thornhill’s a she. After she leaves Reese calls Harold and leaves a message that “The Machine’s,” been giving assignments to Harper. That sounds like a future team member to this viewer.

John returns to the station and Frankie thanks him for everything, then gives him a hug, she looks him in the eye and says call me when you’re a free man. As soon as she leaves, Iris Campbell asks Detective Reilly if they can talk in her office and follows her in there.

She apologizes for not telling John the reason she has to stop treating him, because she’s developed feelings for him. She tries explaining herself, then finally says to heck with it and kisses him. She then starts to walk away when John grabs her hand, looks into her eyes and tells her he keeps secrets really well, then kisses her passionately, looks like JOHRIS are now a couple.

The Story Continues on Tuesday April 14, at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Person Of Interest: Seeking Closure Through Vengeance

Photo Courtesy Of Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros.
Photo Courtesy Of Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Loss has become a reoccurring theme on the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” both Harold Finch and John Reese, have lost loved ones due to violence and Harold’s operating under the assumption, that Sameen Shaw died in a battle with Samaritan. The latest episode, entitled “Karma,” dealt with Harold’s seeking closure a few years back, while “The Machine’s” latest number’s seeking it in the present. Character’s debated whether a man convicted of homicide, deserved to have the rest of his life ruined, without definitive evidence he committed the crime.

The first images we see are flashbacks, Northern Lights employee’s Alicia Corwin’s ID badge, Harold telling his partner Nathan Ingram, that engineers who worked for Northern Lights, keep turning up dead. Ingram saying Alicia’s not going to bump him off, then Nathan greeting Finch at the ferry, where seconds later a car bomb, would kill Nathan and cripple Harold. Then we see a news report on the death of Nathan, CEO and founder of IFT.

A graphic tells us we’re back in 2010, as we see a badly injured Harold, negotiating the streets of New York in a manual wheel chair. He gets to his office and Finch’s got limited use of his arms and hands, he struggles to tape a photo of Corwin to his window. He struggles to operate his laptop, then calls Alicia’s cellphone on it, with his number undisclosed. He uses an electronic device to distort his voice and tells Corwin, he’s aware she killed Nathan Ingram and she’ll pay dearly for that.

He disconnects, then listens in on the call she places on her cell phone. She gives her ID number then asks to speak to the office of the Special Counsel, only to get told their unavailable. Alicia says you make him available, I just got threatened on my cellphone, the woman at the other end says she’ll check into it.

We return to the present and it appears that Harold’s having a therapy session, with a shrink named Shane Edwards, who deals with victims of violent crimes. Harold’s got his arm in a sling and talks about losing his dear friend and the fear of losing the ability to use his arm permanently. Fusco and Reese monitoring the conversation, tips us off he’s the latest number, Lionel says “Glasses” should tell him about his group of nutty friends, Reese tells Fusco that he’s part of that group as well.

Dr. Edwards tells Harold that even though our world stops when we encounter tragedy, the world still continues and one has to make their peace with that to get on with their lives. He then says that’s it for today and they should schedule another session. Reese tells Fusco, that he’s got a therapy session of his own back at the station. John in his guise as NYPD Detective John Reilly meets with Dr. Iris Campbell.

Edwards then meets with a young woman in a wheel chair, becoming paralyzed in a car accident with her former boyfriend, intoxicated and hitting her at the time of the accident. He went to jail but he’s already out and he’s celebrating his new-found freedom, she asks Edwards, why fate worked out that way. The doctor responds that justice usually finds people like her former boyfriend in the end.

I’m not much of a “Shipper,” however I truly would like to see John and Iris develop a romantic relationship, it’s apparent he’s got feelings for her, even if he tries denying it even to himself. I believe she could handle and support, what John’s real mission is, as she’s aware of his compulsion to save the world. The session’s not great as John’s uncommunicative and Iris, says he’s reverting back into withdrawal, despite his promise to acquire new habits. He replies sometimes that’s tougher than it seems.

After Reese’s session, he follows Edward to a gym and watches the psychiatrist plant a gun in someone else’s locker and leaves. He then goes into a bank, throws something in a trash can, walks over to one of the bank officer’s desk, grabs a business card and leaves. Edwards then uses a burner phone and calls his patient’s former boyfriend, Clive Barton and says he’s the bank officer and all his assets are frozen. Barton starts screaming and Edwards says just come down and ask for Brian Humphries and they’ll quickly straighten it out.

Edwards then calls Humphries, tells him his partner’s coming to rob the bank and he’s going to ask for you, if you give him your keys and code, nobody will get hurt. Humphries hangs up and Barton walks in seconds later, the bank officer says take what ever he wants just don’t hurt anyone. Barton’s about to ask what he means, when Edwards triggers the explosive device he put in the trash can and frames Barton for armed robbery.

Turns out Edwards’ a vigilante shrink, he’s framed seven people who hurt his patience, since a deliveryman, Wyatt Morris got convicted of murdering Edwards’s wife Lucy eight-years before. Edwards said that he came home saw Morris truck double-parked then shot out of parking lot when he arrived home, he went upstairs and found Lucy murdered, lying in a pool of her own blood. Morris got convicted of manslaughter as all the evidence was circumstantial.

The camera Finch planted in Edwards apartment showed him putting tape on the lapels of his tuxedo, the doctor’s giving a speech at the gala event, honoring his pro-bono work with patients of violence in Lucy’s honor. Reese takes Iris to the event, as Lionel joins them at the table as well.

Edwards takes the podium to address his guests, when Harold lets Reese know that Wyatt Morris, just snuck into the service entrance, he’d been released from prison the day before. John leaves the table, and starts getting close to the former convict, who heads straight for Edwards and the two get into a shoving match. Morris’ escorted out of the building and Edwards heads to his car, which explodes before he reaches it. Morris runs away, but is Edwards setting Morris up?

It certainly appears that way as Edwards’ places a call to Wyatt’s cellphone, leaving a text supposedly from Morris’ brother telling him to meet him at the conservatory at the botanical gardens. Harold realizes Edwards’ plotting something so he goes to intervene.

Back in 2010, somehow Harold in his crippled condition, attached a bomb to the undercarriage of Alicia’s car, he’s also rigged the door-locks so that he controls them. Then he calls her with the electronically enhanced voice, tells her about the device and says she’s getting repaid for Nathan’s death. Corwin says Nathan was a friend and was unaware of the hit on him, but realized Northern Lights was responsible once it happened.

“The Machine,” attempts to contact Harold on a payphone, but he disregards the ringing. He asks how can he believe her and she responds he can’t but she’s telling the truth. She says she really wanted to help the world with Northern Lights, but things went awry and she committed terrible acts. She says perhaps she’s responsible for Ingram’s death after all. Harold, releases her, unlocking the buttons and the payphone ceases ringing.

Edwards confronts Wyatt at the observatory and has him put gunpowder from an envelope on his hands, however Harold comes in trying to talk sense to Shane. Edwards tells Harold he’s shooting himself to death to set up Morris and begs him to say Morris pulled the trigger. Reese enters with gun drawn, but this is Harold’s situation, Finch tells Edwards that if he dies there, the memory of Lucy dies with him, while he could be sentencing an innocent man to life in prison. Shane puts down the gun.

Reese asks Finch in the final scene, what if Morris killed Lucy and Harold replies some questions never get answered. However if Wyatt Morris committed murder and attempts to again, they’ll stop him.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Person Of Interest: Finch Gets Jury Duty

Photo: Courtesy Of CBS
Photo: Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Times are trying for Harold Finch and John Reese currently as they went into this week’s installment of the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” with just a skeleton crew. They are living under the assumption, that Sameen Shaw’s dead, even though she’s alive and kicking, held as a captive by Samaritan. Samantha Groves, better known as Root, left the reservation, when Finch told her they might never find out what happened to Shaw and Harold told Reese it’s a good idea to keep NYPD Detective Lionel Fusco out of the loop, for fear he ends up badly injured or killed. So just like the early days of season one, Reese and Finch decide to operate once again as a two-man-team.

Unfortunately, Harold’s been called for jury duty in his guise as college professor Harold Whistler and he fears avoiding it, because it could mess up his cover-story. So Reese’s is on his own, trying to catch up on numbers “The Machine,” gave them over the last few weeks while they were preoccupied with staying alive. Finch tells John that all the numbers he’s looked into that they couldn’t help are either dead or in jail as they couldn’t stop the people they got assigned to monitor, from committing foolish acts.

Finch’s pulling out all the stops trying to avoid serving on the jury, he tries hacking the court’s computer system, but the attempt fails. He tells the judge and the two presiding attorneys that he believes a giant computer runs this nation, without most citizens being aware it exists. That almost gets him off, but he ends up replacing a previously selected juror, who’s cellphone rings in the courtroom.

As if Finch doesn’t have enough on his plate he’s joined by a former high-school English teacher named Emma, played by veteran actress Blair Brown. Depending on your age, you may know her from her younger days when she starred in movies such as “Continental Divide,” with the late, great, John Belushi or her TV series which was the first show referred to as a Dramedy, by Television critics, entitled “The Days And Nights Of Molly Dodd.” Or if you’re younger you might remember as Nina from the FOX series “Fringe.”

Turns out that Emma’s “The Machine’s,” new number, both Reese and Finch believe her problems stem from the trial and they’re correct as someone’s threatening the former teacher via text. She needs to ensure a guilty verdict in the trial or people will get hurt and their blood will be on her hands.

Lionel sees three missing person’s files on John’s desk at the police station and realizes that he’s working on a “side-project,” and offers to help, but Reese brushes him off, which only arouses Fusco’s curiosity. He knows he’s being shut out by Finch and Reese, but can’t understand why.

The trial that Emma and Harold are on the jury for, is a murder trial as the State of New York has charged Chad Brice with the murder of his wife Caroline, a high-flying executive with a tech-company. The prosecution states that Brice was jealous of his spouse’s success and worried she’d leave him high and dry, so he murdered her and the evidence points in that direction. Finch believes that Emma’s getting pressured by the defendant and he vows to convince the rest of the jury to convict Brice.

Reese’s standing in the courthouse when he runs into an old friend, Zoe the executive fixer. A woman whose job description’s cleaning up messes left by wealthy individuals. Her arrivals not coincidence, she realizes John and Harold are involved in the trial and came by to give Reese some assistance.

Finch sees Emma grab another cellphone out of her purse and links his phone to hers, and soon sees the texts being sent between Emma and the person who’s threatening her. She tells her stalker she can’t do what they asked of her and we read a text for her to follow the instructions she got or someone will get badly hurt. She says Kill Me, but the fixer says they know they’ve got her vote so she won’t be harmed.

Things look gloomier for Brice with every witness who testifies, as all speak of Caroline glowingly as if she was Mother Theresa, while barely hiding their contempt for Chad. Numerous witnesses state the marriage was troubled and that Caroline had been talking about divorce right before she got murdered.

Zoe and John spend an entire night coaching Harold, to become a man who can convince the other jurors to follow him. He’s far too polite according to Zoe, when they first start, but Finch practically screams at John and Zoe when they portray opposing jurors at the end of the session. Zoe pronounces Harold ready to do the job.

The lawyers give their summations the following morning and then the Judge calls recess for the courtroom so the jurors can start deliberating. There’s a challenge for the foreman, as this Type A, female business executive wants the slot, but so does Emma. They put it to a vote and just one juror raises his hand to support the executive.

Emma asks if anyone has comments and Harold stands up and says he believes the evidence against Brice is so overwhelming he must be guilty, he’s shocked seconds later when Emma says she agrees with Harold completely. They take their first vote and all the jurors vote to convict, except for Finch. A sports fan named Tim asks Harold why he changed his mind and he replies he think his decision was too hasty and they should examine all the evidence piece by piece. The rest of the jurors groan. That night they’re told they’re sequestered and have to give up all their electronics, so Finch’s connection with John and Zoe’s over.

When Emma gets into her hotel room she sees a message on her bed, from the fixer. There’s a picture of all the jurors with a red-bubble around Finch’s picture saying he’s going to die and it’s her fault. She finally snaps and climbs out on her balcony and gets ready to jump off and end her life. Reese and Finch, communicating with Morse code as John tells Harold to get out on his balcony now.

Finch sees Emma ready to jump and climbs over the railings so he joins her on her balcony. He tells her that he’s aware she’s getting pressured to have the jury convict Brice, by an agent working for the real killer but he says he’ll help her and they’ll catch the guy.

The two of them go into Emma’s room and suddenly Tim bursts her door open, he’s the fixer and he’s going to take Harold out and make it look like a suicide. He doesn’t factor in Reese showing up and the two duke t out with Harold and Emma helping John however they can. Tim trips and slips over the railing and he’s holding on with one hand when his grip starts to loosen. Reese grabs his hands and hoists him back up, when Tim asks why John saved him, Reese tells him he wants him to stand trial, then knocks him out with a punch to the jaw.

Charges against Brice get dropped, it turns out that it was Caroline’s assistant that killed her as the project she created was dangerous to people and she planned on alerting the country. Lionel cuffs him and takes him to jail.

Fusco confronts John in the next scene and says he knows what Reese and “Glasses,” are doing, because Shaw’s status is unknown they’ve decided to protect him. Well he knows the risks and he’s not giving it up, he’s part of the team and it’s his choice what he’s willing to sacrifice his life for.

Finch and Reese meet for breakfast at the same restaurant the next morning and John lets Harold know that Lionel’s back on board, he tried to get rid if him but he’s like a fungus. John looks at Finch and says to Harold they can’t do this alone. Harold smiles and says he’s well aware of that, that’s why he hired John.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Person Of Interest: How Do You Teach A Machine To Care?

Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS
Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Elections have gotten rigged, most likely since they’ve held them, so how long until artificial intelligence systems can determine the outcome of a contest, despite the results of the actual ballots cast? At least in the universe that the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” exists in, that technology exists and Samaritan’s used it in the election that occurs during this episode. The system threw out the existing Governor of New York, giving the nod to his challenger, by the same margin that the polls said, that Governor James Murray would win by. “The Machine,” gives Harold Finch the number of Simon Lee, a pollster that works for the Murray campaign and in the ten elections he’s worked on, he’s predicted each race perfectly.

Lee’s track-record’s produced an extremely confident young man with a huge ego, who can’t conceive being incorrect in any election. However as the results come in, it’s apparent that the challenger Michelle Perez will score the upset. Murray’s campaign manager verbally rips Lee all throughout the night, until their disagreement dissolves into a fistfight. Murray separates the two and tells them to calm down.

NYPD Homicide Detective John Reilly’s been put on restricted duty after he shot his sixth person since being transferred from narcotics to homicide by Internal Affairs. He’s also assigned a police psychiatrist, whose approval he requires to return to the streets, which means that Reilly’s true identity, John Reese can’t help out the team in this situation. If Reese doesn’t cooperate, he’ll lose his job with the Police Department and his cover to remain hidden from Samaritan, so Finch gives the number to Sameen Shaw. As he hangs up the phone, he senses a presence and without turning around says good afternoon Miss Rhodes, as the woman who prefers to go by her nickname Root’s come to talk with Finch. She just finished an assignment given to her by “The Machine,” now she’s taking on the role of a reporter for the New York Herald, though she’s yet to find out what the assignment will involve.

Shaw’s pretending she’s a phone volunteer for the Murray campaign, but she’s clearly unhappy with the role, telling a potential voter the reason to reelect the Governor’s because he’s used Rogaine for thirty-years, which shows great foresight. She gets a call from Finch and tells her supervisor she needs a two-minute break for the call. She tells Harold how miserable she is, but Finch stresses that they need her in the campaign office to keep tabs on Lee.

The next scene’s a flashback for Finch, as he recalls the early days of building “The Machine,” and the difficulties that he and his late partner Nathan Ingram encountered trying to perfect the Artificial Intelligence System. We witness the first version coming to life on October 1, 2001, as Harold verifies that the system can see him and recognize him. He then poses a question to “The Machine,” a scenario that involves a couple broken down in the desert with the wife sustaining a broken leg, Finch then states if the man carries his wife, they have a 31% chance of survival, it rises to 40% if the man leaves his wife, what does “The Machine,” suggest the couple do. Although the increased chance of survival’s just nine percent higher, “The Machine,” says the man should leave his wife. Harold then deletes his prototype telling Nathan they’re back at square one, unless their system cares about people, it’s liable to attempt to rule humanity.

Although Perez wins the election to become the next Chief Executive of New York, Simon Lee’s convinced the election wasn’t on the level. Harold, Shaw and Root, all express concern, that Lee might embark on a very dangerous journey with his digging. They believe that Samaritan’s behind the controversial results and Lee will get targeted as an enemy by the Artificial Intelligence System that now receives an unfiltered feed of all United States intelligence. If Lee’s targeted as an enemy his life’s in jeopardy.

Root and Harold  work together to find any dirt on Michelle Perez, to get her to resign from the office she just won and find out she got arrested for prostitution under another name when she was in her twenties, and reports that her services paid for her education. Harold tells Root that he’ll send the information to Perez anonymously, hoping that’s enough to cause her to resign. They attend the press conference held by the newly elected Governor and her Lieutenant Governor Nick Dawson, They also see that Simon Lee’s in the crowd and a woman they identify as an operative for Samaritan, is on the move, possibly to execute Lee. However, the pollster’s not her victim, she slipped Perez two medicines that caused a fatal reaction when combined and she collapses and dies at the beginning of her speech.

The now scared audience, starts to run out of the hall, Simon Lee among them and Shaw notices the Samaritan operative’s following the pollster. Because Samaritan’s concentrating so closely on Lee, the team can’t risk interacting with him any place there are security cameras, so Shaw bumps into Lee in a blind-spot. The Samaritan operative asks for directions and the Artificial Intelligence System sends her to the men’s room. She walks in with her pistol aimed and tells another occupant to leave, she kicks open a stall and find’s Lee’s phone siting on the toilet.

We witness more bumps in the road for Harold and Nathan as they attempt to fine-tune “The Machine,” as the system tries to take over their computers with a virus and in an attempt to determine which of the 43-prototypes are viable to take the next step, the systems try destroying each other, while setting Harold and Nathan’s severs aflame. Harold looks at Ingram and tells him they’ve taught it to think, now they’ve got to get it to care.

Lee realizes his life’s in danger, although he doesn’t know whose trying to kill him, so he gets off the street and into a hotel. Finch disables the security cameras so Samaritan can’t find him, for now at least the pollster’s safe. Harold also disabled all electronic accessibility in Simon’s room, so the pollster can’t use the phone or his laptop, hence keeping him hidden. A maid knocks on the door and Lee answers it, asking if he can borrow her cellphone for an emergency call. He calls 911 and says his name, but Finch terminates the call. “The Machine,” speaks to Root and tells her Samaritan intercepted the signal and the operatives are on their way.

Root and Finch then talk about what’s taken place over the past year, as Samaritan replaced “The Machine,” as the United State’s Government’s intelligence system. She tells Harold he was wrong when he told her in an earlier conversation, that she seemed lost, she tells him she’s terrified because they’re losing and their lives as well as the fate of the world’s at stake. She says even if they defeat Samaritan, odds are low that the entire team could survive the battle.

She then tells Finch because of her past, which she dedicated to killing, robbing and scamming people, she deserves to die. In a huge moment in the series, Harold tells her, it’s where you end up, not where you start that counts. He tells her she’s a brilliant woman, a comrade and a friend, a huge leap for a man that got kidnapped twice by Root. We see the warmth between them rise to the surface, as Harold finally admits what’s been apparent for a while, that Finch identifies closely with her and thinks of her as somewhat of a surrogate daughter. She grabs six pistols, sticks then into the band of her slacks and tells Harold to wish her luck. It rings far too familiar for fans of the series, as the scene echoes a moment between Reese and Detective Joss Carter last season, just before she got murdered by a corrupt cop.

Root heads out to the hallway and “The Machine,” tells her the Samaritan operative Martine’s directly below her, so Root grabs two pistols and starts shooting through the floor. The operative gets out of the line of fire and an associate restores all the video feeds in the hotel, so now Samaritan can locate both Lee and the person shooting at Martine. Shaw arrives at the hotel and calls Reese, telling him that she needs him at the hotel immediately, she then shots a Samaritan operative, but turns around to see another with his pistol pointed at her head. Reese shows up just in time shooting the other operative.

Martine and Root continue their gun-battle when Finch contacts her calling her Root for the first time, instead of addressing her by her legal surname, Miss Groves (which seemingly increases the odds she’ll get killed in this battle.) She tells Harold she’s fine, Lee’s gotten rescued by Reese and Shaw, who knock him out and leave him in the dumpster behind Simon’s office. We watch another exchange of gunfire and can see that Root’s taken at least one hit, as Martine runs out of the building.

The next morning Detective John Reilly meets Dr. Iris Campbell for another therapy session and she tells him he’s either got a death wish or a hero-complex and tells Reilly he can’t save everybody, but he tells her he has to. He tells the doctor about all the evil in the world and the lack of good guys to combat it, so he has to protect and defend the innocent. He then tells Campbell he knew a detective who was the finest cop he ever met, whose only concern was protecting others and he couldn’t save her, so he ties easing his conscience by saving as many people as he can. The doctor tells Reese they’re making progress.

Back at the team’s headquarters, Reese receives a happy surprise when Root comes in with her arm in a sling, the only injury she suffered in the battle. She then tells Harold that he needs to reconnect with  “The Machine,” but he tells her, that her interaction with it has changed it, it now has a voice thanks to Root and he’s intimidated by his creation, he then tells her he went through dozens of prototypes, before he finally realized the only way “The Machine,” would serve the purposes that Nathan and he desired, he had to cripple his creation. Root replies that “The Machine’s,” aware of that and still wants to interact with her creator.

The final scene has Harold walking on the street, stopping when he reaches a security camera. He looks into the lens and says it’s about time the two of them talk.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on CBS.