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Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Raina wakes up abruptly following a vision of Coulson, Ward, Skye, Lincoln and Hydra. Jiaying is sitting at her bedside. Lincoln being in this particular vision was specifically alarming. Then the sound of Gordon’s return is followed by Cal’s angry voice. Gordon departs again to retrieve Lincoln while Cal throws his hissy fit. Gordon returns moments later, this time with a fresh wound. “It was Hydra”.

Coulson waits patiently in the honeycomb holding cell. Gonzalez continues to play the “I can’t trust you” card, but Coulson wins out over the mutual goal of stopping Hydra. That and knowing that both men have their secrets, Gonzalez included. Coulson mentions one of those secrets, an enhanced person held on Gonzalez ship, and offers to open the Toolbox free and clear if Gonzalez helps.

Coulson’s team (Hunter, Fitz, WARD, and 33) are given permission to doc the Quinjet with the Bus. Agent May is not prepared for a face to face reunion with Grant Ward, and she’s not the only one. The ranking members of SHIELD on both sides, look on from Deathlock’s retinal feed as Hydra removes his eye. Ward isn’t concerned as he has Bakshi on the inside. A notion that doesn’t instill calm with the others in the room. Coulson sees this is a necessary evil. Gonzalez puts the op to a vote. Agent May is the swing vote, but she wants a moment alone with Coulson before casting her vote.

May is hurt (in her own way) that Coulson kept from her the use of Andrew (her ex-husband). It wasn’t for anything official Coulson used him as his personal therapist during the alien writing segment of this season. May is taking this very personal. Yet no one stopped to consider that May was the one that forced Coulson out, to keep him safe. In that episode, she didn’t care about any such secrets. She knew that it was necessary for the Director of SHIELD to keep secrets. But she chooses now to get on her soap box of trust. Or lack thereof.

Skye wants to attempt a rescue mission for Lincoln and is trying to get assistance or permission to do so. Gordon is against it, very possibly because Jiaying would be against it. Then Raina charges is with what she knows. “Skye can save Lincoln, I saw her do it”. Then Raina says something that brings Skye on board with her ‘gift’s’ plausibility. Why was Coulson working with Ward?

While making preparations for the mission, Fitz and Simmons chat. Simmons brings up a portable bomb that they’ve developed that will vaporize it’s victim. Fitz is intrigued by the prospect of vaporizing Ward, until he realizes she’s not joking.

The team gathers in the payload of the bus when they hear a sound (familiar to us). May and Coulson both and quickly aim their guns on Ward. Ward didn’t make the sound. Gordon did. Skye walks out onto the catwalk, alone.

Skye: Hey guys…
Ward: This is great. Finally got the whole team back together.

Coulson reluctantly turns their meeting over to Ward. He tries to do his part in this debriefing, but the tension is thick. He attempts to address the elephant in the room. And even makes a heartfelt show of contrition. Not an apology, but contrition. The idea being that not being shot, not betraying Skye, not dropping Fitz and Simmons in the ocean, but breaking up their ‘team’ is what he will regret forever.

Deep in the SHIELD base, Hunter walks in on Mack trying to set up a link to allow the rest of the team to observe the op. Hunter forgives Mack for what he and Bobbi did to him in an effort to keep the ‘new’ SHIELD from being identified before they were ready. It’s awkward but works out in the end. They may not be friends, but Hunter is willing to work towards that end.

List and Bakshi watch on monitors as their doctors experiment on enhanced subjects. Bakshi doesn’t believe they will survive past this level of the experimentation. Then List says something that should pique the interest of those anticipating Avengers: Age of Ultron. “No one’s past this point of our experiments. Well no one, except the twins”. The twins of course being a nod to Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. Or Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. A Hydra agent runs in to inform them a cloaked ship is on approach.

Being spotted was always part of the plan. Hydra does successfully hit the SHIELD plane (#661, not the bus). The Quinjet disconnects and May flies it in a manner that would suggest they are just falling debris. They descend on the Hydra base with minimal resistance. Bakshi leads Ward, Skye and Simmons to a room where they meet some actual resistance. List is moved out quickly.

Ward: Just like old times…?
Skye: Not exactly.

Skye moves out ahead, raises her hand, and sends out a pulse knocking out all of the Hydra agents in their path. They find Mike Peterson who shrugs off his own condition to get them focused on finding Lincoln, who is in much worse shape. Skye finds where they are working on Lincoln. It is significantly guarded. Skye neutralizes the entire room like a female Jason Bourne. Without the use of her ‘power’. Lincoln is flat lining. As time ticks, Skye focuses and uses her ability to restart his heart and hopefully nothing else.

Simmons tries to confront Ward but is intercepted by Bakshi. In the struggle she places the ‘bomb’ on Bakshi. He lunges again but before he can get there, he disintegrates to dust. What follows is a Ward like guilt trip that includes yet another person claiming Simmons has changed and ends with “I’m disappointed in you.”

Coulson has broken off and May finds him accessing a computer. May claims that this “wasn’t the plan”, Coulson looks up slowly, “or was it”? Shades of the ocean op in the beginning of Captain America: Winter Soldier where Romanoff was executing something that Cap didn’t feel was the mission at hand.

Once securely in the base, Coulson receives a phone call from Ward. Ward slipped out as to not spend any time afterward locked up or spending time in “T.A.H.I.T.I.” This call is about Kara (Agent 33). Ward is leaving Kara there, with SHIELD, like an orphan on the steps of a cathedral. She deserves better. She was a good agent for SHIELD before Hydra took everything from her. Ward lays it on thick. All of this while Kara is being informed that Ward is not coming back.

As it turns out, Gonzalez really only went along with this plan as a way to secure enhanced people including Skye. Bobbi wants to discuss Gonzalez’ plans for Skye as Coulson walks up. Gonzalez quickly transitions into Coulson honoring their agreement about the Toolbox. Coulson unlocks it and hands it over as promised.

Coulson: There you go. Unlocked and all yours. Go nuts. At least until Fury shows up and asks for it back.
(Gonzalez looks up in disbelief)
Coulson: Ooo. Spoiler alert.
(Coulson’s phone rings, he turns it over to show that it’s Maria Hill calling)
Coulson: I have to take this.

Jiaying visits Raina again in an attempt to slow her down. She’s not pleased that Raina provided the information necessary to ramp up Skye into leaving to save Lincoln. Then this is where Raina questions why exactly Jiaying is the one giving the orders. Then in mid-sentence, Raina is struck with a new vision. Loki’s scepter.

Maria Hill, via video call, appears to be sitting in a room that seems to share a view with Stark Tower (let that marinate for a moment). The intel Coulson was copying from the Hydra base was specs on Loki’s scepter. In Hydra’s hands, it could be catastrophic. It’s location is the same as ‘The Twins’, Segovia. Before the end of call, Hill asks about Theta Protocol and it’s readiness.

Coulson: Yes it is. Time to bring in The Avengers.

The scepter was not the only thing in this vision. Not be awful with the puns, but “The Vision” might have been the only thing she didn’t see in this obvious Age of Ultron foreshadowing.

Raina: I see…a scepter. Beautiful. Dangerous. It isn’t finished yet. So much destruction. It’s terrible. Consequences are upon us. Men made of metal. Tear our cities apart. And the world will be changed forever.

Courtesy of Marvel

Courtesy of Marvel

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Operation: Fitz Extraction goes off without a hitch. New SHIELD’s tails were no match for a cloaked Quinjet. Once strapped in, Coulson opens the Toolbox pulling up intel on the new twofold head of Hydra. Who apparently are even more obsessed with powered people than Whitehaul, if you can imagine that. Coulson plans to make a deal with Grant Ward.

Jiaying sits with an over the moon with excitement Cal reflecting on their almost picture perfect family dinner the night before. Cal is all too content to sit quietly in his almost prison cell waiting with anticipation for the next ‘family dinner’. Jiaying’s lack of enthusiasm suggests that might not ever come. Plus, that’s exactly what she told Skye. Suggesting Gordon take him to pick up some things so his stay is not so prison-like feels like an opportunity to remove Cal from this place, permanently.

Bobbi and Mack engage in a very one-sided sparring match, favoring Bobbi. During which, they sporadically talk about the current situation. Both following orders. Both believing they are on the right side. By the end Bobbi admits that it is concerning that they are spending all of their time on Coulson, the Toolbox, and tailing Fitz. Spending no time hunting Hydra.

Bobbi: Coulson may be a number of things, but he’s not the enemy.

With a fancy laser en route to crack open the Toolbox, Simmons must come clean to May. She duplicated the Toolbox, gave the real one to Fitz and has been pretending to work on opening the fake.

Coulson intercepts Agent 33 and makes a call to Grant Ward from her phone. Ward comes without hesitation and Mike has him remove all six weapons he had on his person before the face to face with Coulson. Ward plays the cards you’d expect. Coulson replies with the resourcefulness of Ward and the carrot to the deal. After Ward gets Coulson in, Ward goes through the T.A.H.I.T.I. protocol. Erase all the bad and let Ward walk away free and clear. Ward resists at first, but comes around for a chance with 33 free and clear. “I may know a guy”.

May told Bobbi the truth about the Toolbox. Fitz wants to get Skye, but not if it means including Ward. And Jiaying is removing Cal despite the carnage that might cause. So everything is moving ahead swimmingly.

Mike delivers Ward and Agent 33 in a ride much less efficient than a Quinjet. While they are alone in this 1970’s hoopdie, Ward explains to 33 how they have the upper hand and until Coulson arrives at his endgame, they will use him to get to theirs. The guy who knows a guy tied up in the trunk is none other than our friend Mr. Bakshi.

While Skye is not alright with the plan to drop a walking rage fest into the general population then inform him he’s no longer welcome around his wife and daughter, she is willing to strap herself to the ticking time bomb. The normal people’s safety is not a concern for Jiaying, but it is for Skye. She offers to go with Cal, to Milwaukee.

Hunter, Fitz, and Coulson sit across from Ward, 33, and Bakshi. There is palpable animosity from both sides. Fitz’s legs his shaking. Hunter gradually extends his hand to cover Fitz’s hand that is firmly gripping his gun in its holster. Then Ward has the gall to ask Fitz how he’s been. Fitz hesitates then lunges at Ward, requiring both Coulson and Hunter to restrain him.

Bakshi gains access to Dr. List with no complications. The team plus Ward and 33 watch Mike Peterson’s feed to watch what happens in this meeting. Bakshi is quick on his feet in answering List’s questions, maybe too much so. Then Bakshi offers Mike Peterson to Hydra as a show of good faith. Moments later in the Quinjet, we have a good old fashioned Tarantino-eque stand-off. Deathlock has begun targeting the room. In an instant he will be able to kill everyone in the room before they know what hit them. Cooler heads prevail and Fitz types in the order to ‘play along’.

Skye and Cal on their first ‘father-daughter date’ are finding that Milwaukee is nowhere near the place Cal remembers. All of the sweet and quaint places he remembers are all gone. Skye bumps a stranger and lifts his phone. While Cal goes into a liquor store hunting ice cream, Skye calls May. Quickly pleads with them to send someone to get Cal because once she leaves, he going to go nuclear. For whatever reason, Lincoln is their tailing them from a comfortable distance.

The Hydra plane is about to land. They are making a stop where they believe a person has achieved quantum entanglement, or one person in two vastly different places simultaneously. The first theory is that its Gordon. Then Ward starts to believe this whole thing is about Skye.

At his old office, Cal walks into his old office. The door reads “C.L. Johnson, M.D.” Skye pauses for a moment to soak in what her name was supposed to be. Daisy Johnson. Inside the office, Cal continues to reminisce. Skye cuts him off attempting to soften the blow of the news she’s about to give. When she says “I could visit”, his attention is peaked and not in a good way.

Lincoln reveals himself as a tail and Cal’s rage begins to grow. At the same time, Bakshi, Mike and a team of Hydra decent on the building. When they cross paths, Lincoln attempts to fry Mike’s chest. It doesn’t work. Mike tries to explain that he is a friend to Skye, which Lincoln doesn’t believe. This inconvenient moment is when Simmons gets some headway on hacking Mike’s feed. With all of the suspicions flying around about Coulson’s secrets, this is not the best time for May and Simmons to see Coulson working with Ward. Bakshi it seems is the double crosser, or at least the first one. Coulson and Skye find each other. Ward’s presence only seems to alarm her for a moment. Then at the most inopportune time, Gordon shows up to whisk Skye away. Cal finds a way to piggy back the ride back.

Ward surprisingly, with the plan falling apart, stays in line. At the end of season one there was a largely looming question. Has Ward’s deception been so bad that he can never be redeemed? Is there any situation where Ward might be invited back into the fold. Maybe not forgiven, but brought back in. I am in no way suggesting this is happening. However, this at least opens the door of possibility.

Bobbi and Mack arrive after the fight had ended. They believe everyone cleared out. Then Coulson’s voice says otherwise. They walk in hesitant and guns drawn.

Bobbi: What happened here?
Coulson: I’ll tell you back at the base. Take me to your leader.

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Right out of the gate, we are introduced to what might become the season’s big bad and Skye’s mother more than 20 years ago. The eyeless kid is has a short distance teleportation issue that he’s having trouble controlling. Skye’s mother seems integral in whatever this is.

Present day, Skye sits in a quarantine room. Coulson and Skye reflect on the recent events. Skye wallows in relative self-pity. Coulson tries to add a different perspective. Mack is out of quarantine. Simmons is overseeing the hopeful destruction of the underground tunnels. Coulson is adamant that the mission was not a failure and he will make someone pay.

A Hydra council of sorts meet to discuss who will take Whitehaul post in the wake of his death. The goal is a permanent removal of Hydra from the landscape.

In the tunnels, a body emerges and takes one of the team in a hazmat suit. Then it attacks others. The obvious assumption is that it’s Raina gone full inhuman. Simmons gets a few shots off before Raina escapes. Simmons was able to get some blood and tissue samples from Raina after the fact. Then Coulson gives her the order to come home, to HQ.

Mack and Fitz begin a casual conversation until the emotion of the situation sends Mack down an emotional pity party. Fitz says he knows what Mack is going through. Mack describes what he felt angrily to a very calm Fitz. Culminating to the point where Mack reiterates, ‘you know what that’s like?’ Yes. Fitz knows precisely what that’s like. Exactly.

Coulson tries to explain the next order of business and whatever has been festering in Mack gets out. Mack verbally takes Coulson on. The conversation escalates loudly and quickly. Mack challenging Coulson’s motivation and orders. Then Hunter and Bobbi get into a side argument. All the while the anger in the room is doing something to Skye or around Skye. A soda can begins to shake and one of the on-screen monitors indicates something in red. Skye grabs the soda can at the exact moment that the argument is brought to a halt.

Bakshi becomes the pawn. The carrot in front of the horse. This is the play that has half of the team worried they will be vulnerable. Coulson video conferences Talbot to show that they have Bakshi. The plan is not rejected by Talbot. In transport, the SHIELD vehicle is t-boned by another truck. The truck keeps driving the SUV until they are inside a garage, loading dock or other such part of a building. Following the truck in is a tact team of sorts. Coulson and May fight them off to a point then toss out small explosives leaving only four men standing. May takes Coulson’s gun and finishes the job in short order. One man was unaccounted for and shoots both May and Coulson allowing Bakshi to escape.

Bakshi in the front seat of the SUV starts asking questions. His driver is…wait for it…Hunter. Yes, that Hunter. Speaking in a decent American accent no less, claiming that he now takes his orders from Bakshi. If you’re new to SHIELD, this is the part where we remember that the team has pulled off moves like this as a rouse or distraction for the bigger move. In the garage, all of our SHIELD teammates, slowly get up.

Bakshi makes contact with what must be the head of this Hydra council. Then Hunter pulls the old standard of the mercenary who takes the better offer when the mark presents it.

Simmons and Skye talk. Simmons like everyone else tries to take responsibility for more than she should accept she takes it two or three steps too far. She believes it is their duty to eradicate the world of these ‘powers’ not try to control them. A concept that is not well received by Skye.
The Doctor (Skye’s father) tries to hide out on a container ship outside San Juan Puerto Rico. He is instantly joined by Raina. He keeps his eyes on his bag. Then expresses his apology for Raina not getting to evolve. Only she has. Evolved into some porcupine humanoid. Raina was under the assumption that the evolution would have made her something angelic and divine. And she believes that gift was bestowed (unjustly) upon Skye and not her, creating a sense of being somehow wronged.

Hunter drops Bakshi off at his desired location. With Bakshi out of the car, Bobbi jumps up to the front seat with Hunter. He continues to speak in his American accent, which Bobbi is not a fan of. “Drop the accent, it makes you sound like a douche.” Last season, there was a cryptic moment when Bobbi and Mack seemed to be in on something. Here, in the car, Hunter draws it out of her. And after the laughter, Hunter is pleased at the admission.

Bobbi: We are in a support group.

Skye wakes up to notice Fitz standing outside her room. He looks detached. He was able to fix her vitals watch and pull up some of said vitals. At the moment of the blast, Skye’s heart rate measured at more than 300 beats per minute. Skye said that was really fast. Fitz replies with a very telling and important retort (if you hadn’t already picked up on the Skye story line). “No, that’s INHUMAN.” As Fitz describes what his mind is working through, he begins to get more emotional and loud. Again, items in the quarantine room begin to shake. Fitz continues. It’s not that there’s something wrong with the data in his head, there’s something wrong with Skye. She wasn’t harmed from the event because she caused the event. As her emotions climb, she essentially explodes the lights in her room just by yelling out.

May comes down to visit Skye and Skye emerges from the darkness quickly, hiding something behind her back. May then explains why Tripp’s death hit him so hard. Which begins a montage of sorts. Coulson personally delivering Tripp’s personal items to Tripp’s mother. Then the head of the Hydra council and Bakshi executing a new protocol. Watches flash red on the wrists of Hydra agents. Then, from inside the house, a team of Hydra’s men descend upon Hunter and Bobbi’s SUV. They open fire but Hunter just uses the vehicle mounted guns to take them out without prejudice.

The red watch alert seemed to be the order to kill those Hydra council members around the globe. Hunter and Bobbi get into the once well guarded home and take out the remaining councilman. The red watch alert wasn’t for Hydra, it was for SHIELD agents. Bakshi played right into Coulson’s plans.
May notices Skye is bleeding. The very instant before May demands to know what’s happening, Fitz comes around the corner to announce that her DNA structure is identical to what it was before the incident. However, there is something off. As if he’s hiding something. Fitz switched the DNA results. With the team ready to explode at any turn, Fitz thinks its best to keep this from everyone until everyone calms down considerably. Skye embraces Fitz for his maneuver.

Fitz: I switched the samples with your old ones.
Skye: Were the test results different?
Fitz: Dramatically.

Raina attempts to slowly cross the street. Or attempt suicide by driver. Then vehicles stop. Not to avoid her but to surround her. The men declare that all they want to do is take her in. She says no and all but forces them to kill her. Then a massive blue plasma ball looking effect surrounds her. Then the man with no eyes (the kid from the cold open) teleports into the blue ball. He ‘looks’ toward Raina and takes her away.

Man with no eyes: It’s OK beautiful, I’ll show you the way.

In Coulson’s office, Mack’s remote control model of Lola pops its own hood and begins scanning Coulson’s office. Specifically the desk. Mack and Bobbi aren’t in a support group. There is something covert happening.

Mack: I have visual confirmation. Fury’s toolbox is locked in Coulson’s office.
Bobbi: Did you manage to wrangle the blueprints from the base.
Mack: Yeah, almost good to go.
Bobbi: Ok. I’ll make contact soon.