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The Flash: Parallel Earth’s Brings New Crisis To Central City

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW
Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We pick up the story of The CW Network series “The Flash,” right where it ended in the second season premiere, with a strange man showing up unannounced at STAR Labs telling Barry Allen his world’s in danger. He tells those gathered that his name’s Jay Garrick and he emanates from a parallel earth, where he’s known as The Flash. According to him the Singularity opened up a portal between the dimensions and the Black-Hole sucked him in and deposited him on this earth without any powers, or a way to get home.

He then shares a tale of his last night on his earth, as he battled another super-speedster named Zoom, perhaps the fastest man alive and thoroughly evil. Zoom had bested him that night and was just about to kill him when the portal opened up and took him to our earth. He’s been stuck in Central City for the last six months and during that time he boned up on Team Flash.

He then mentions that Barry and Joe found a murder victim named Al Rothstein in a nuclear-plant, then Barry fought another Al Rothstein that they dubbed the Atom-Smasher. Garrick tells them that the Atom-Smasher’s from his earth and was sent to our dimension by Zoom to kill Allen.

We leave STAR Labs and head out into the night air, when we see a portal open and two figures emerge from it. One of the men’s trying to catch his breath and asks where are they. The other man’s Zoom, wearing a suit similar to the Reverse-Flash’s costume. He tells the other man that if he wants to go home he needs to kill the Flash.

Barry’s skeptical of Garrick’s story and has Caitlin run Jay through a battery of tests to se if they can prove if he’s making the story up or telling the truth. While Caitlin’s tests show his blood pressure’s consistent with a runner’s, the rest of the results prove inconclusive. However she tells Barry and Iris that she gave Jay a lie-detector test without his knowledge and he passed with flying colors.

Allen still doesn’t trust him and until they acquire more proof they hold Garrick in a Meta-Human cell. Jay says that while he understands Barry’s skepticism, he’s cooperated fully and he just wants to help him and his team. Just then Cisco alerts Barry through the com-device that a fire’s broken out.

The Flash shows up at the blaze and quickly puts it out by rotating his hands at super-speed, creating enough of a wind to extinguish the flames. Flash turns around and sees the man that arrived with Zoom, he’s another Meta-Human that can turn his skin-cells into sand and he starts attacking the hero. Flash hears Cisco on the com-device asking if he’s alright, which causes him to focus and race back to STAR Labs.

Garrick tells them the Meta-Human’s known as the Sand-Demon and he comes from his Earth and that he’s battled him a few times. He tells Barry that he can teach him how to defeat the villain but Allen rather rudely tells him thanks but no thanks.

Team-Flash gathers together and Joe West can’t grasp the concept of a parallel earth, so Professor Martin Stein attempts to explain it to him. He says there’s been a theory for years that our world’s just part of a multiverse, one of an infinite number of earths existing in parallel dimensions. Each earth’s somewhat like ours, but each one has their differences. He says that although Joe’s a detective on our earth he could be a physicist in another dimension. West says he’s more confused than ever and heads back to the station.

Detective West gets approached by a young female uniform when he gets back to the station. She introduces herself to him and tells him her name’s Patty Spivot and she understands he runs the Meta-Human Task Force. He tells her the Task-Force got dissolved and she says that’s too bad as she wants to join it. She majored in science and was top in her class in marksmanship. West asks her if she’s aware what happened to his partner and she tells him she knows Eddie died on duty as did Joe’s previous partner, but the partner before that’s still alive and just transferred. She says she just wants a chance to have an interview, he tells her she just had her interview and she didn’t get the job.

Joe meets Barry at the waterfront warehouse where the fire took place and Allen tells him that the place’s too porous for him to obtain a fingerprint from. As they’re talking about the case, Officer Spigot walks over and asks Barry if he’s Barry Allen, when he confirms this she tells him  she’s his fan. She loves his forensic reports and says she’s read every one of them.

She then says something the two might have interest in. She’s gathered a vial of the sand left behind by the Sand-Demon and found a metal pipe which has his prints on it. Joe tells her she did good work but she’s still not getting the job.

Barry heads back to STAR Labs with the vial of sand while Joe goes to the station to run the print. Garrick tells them it’s not actually sand it’s the Meta-Human’s skin-cells. Cisco goes into the lab to examine it and when he touches it he’s transported in his mind back to the battle between the Flash and Sand-Demon. He had a similar experience last week with the Atom-Smasher, is this part of the ability Wells told him he has last season? He confirms that the sand’s actually skin-cells, but Barry still doesn’t trust Jay.

West’s identified the print as to belonging to Eddie Slick, an arsonist who served a stretch in prison. West tracks him down but Slick sees him following and sprints off. Joe turns the corner to find Slick’s on the ground handcuffed with Officer Spivot sitting on his back. They caught Eddie Slick, but not the Eddie Slick they’re looking for.

West questions the suspect and he’s got an alibi for the previous night when the fire got set and tells Joe he’s crazy when he says Eddie’s a Meta-Human. Without any cause to hold him West and Spivot release him, Joe tells him to get out of his sight and not to return. As Slick walks away he makes some comment about Meta-Human’s being tricky and then tells Patty he’s impressed that she grabbed another pipe and got her own set of Slick’s prints. Just then they see Eddie walking towards them and Joe says he thought he told him to get his ugly face out of here. This however isn’t the same guy they just released, this is the Earth-Two version the one known as the Sand-Demon. He knocks West out and grabs Patty as a hostage.

Joe contacts Barry at STAR Labs and Team-Flash tells Barry he’s got to trust Jay Garrick, but Allen remains obstinate. Iris asks everybody else to leave the room and then asks Barry why he’s afraid to trust anybody. Barry says that he trusted Wells and because of that countless people died including Eddie and Ronnie. Iris says that Barry’s afraid to trust Garrick as he reminds him of Wells, but he needs to get past that and start trusting again. She says your team will do whatever you want but if you lose trust in them, they’ll stop trusting you. Garrick’s released and starts briefing the team on Sand-Demon.

He says that Slick’s got himself hidden out in a very moist atmosphere such as a greenhouse. When Barry asks him how he’ll defeat an opponent who’s got the ability to slip through his fingers, Jay says he’s going to hurl lightning bolts at him from the speed that the Flash produces.

Slick has holed-up in an abandoned greenhouse and has Spivot tied to a chair. She asks if he’s so powerful, why’s he building a concussive bomb to take out the Flash? He says he’s going to kill the Flash, the bomb will kill her. Patty then berates him for thinking he’s special and he somehow got chosen. She says he was just in the right place at the right time and that all his powers have done is accentuate his worst qualities. Eddie tells her that soon she and Flash will get a taste of his worst.

Team-Flash’s frantically searching for where Sand-Demon could be hiding, when Cisco excuses himself and heads back down to the lab where the sand sample’s at. He touches the sand again and this time he sees the conversation between Slick and Patty and he’s able to identify the greenhouse and sees the percussive bomb.

Jay’s playing Obi-Wan Kenobi to Barry’s Anakin Skywalker trying to teach the younger man how to slow down and direct the lightning bolts at his target when he throws them. Barry says he just can’t do it and Jay tells him he believes in him. Just then Cisco tells them he’s figured out where Slick’s hiding and since Jay said he usually creates a diversion, he thinks Sand-Demon maybe building a concussive bomb. Garrick says that Sand-Demon used one against him once and that Cisco’s likely spot-on.

They need a diversion and since Jay’s fought Sand-Demon before, they think he’d be the perfect diversion. Barry asks him if he’s got his suit and Jay says except for his helmet. Cisco asks if it’s a kettle-helmet with two gold wings and it’s the helmet that entered STAR Labs in last season’s finale. Jay’s incredibly pleased to have it back, he tells them it was his father’s helmet that he wore when he fought in the War Of The America’s. Although Cisco wants to hear all about it, Barry stresses this isn’t the time.

Cisco hacks into the Greenhouse close circuit cameras and tells the duo to enter. Slick hears the whoosh from the Flash arriving, but he’s shocked to be standing face-to-face with the Flash from his world, who he thought was dead. The two trade insults and then Sand-Demon starts to attack Garrick. While he’s preoccupied Allen removes Patty from the chair before the concussive bomb can explode, the blast knocks out Garrick but Slick turns to sand and absorbs the blast without difficulty. Sand-Demon readies himself to battle Flash, but the Scarlet Speedster just starts racing around the room faster and faster. He then grabs a lightning bolt, slows himself down and aims it right at his opponent. The lightning-bolt causes Sand-Demon to turn to glass and he falls to the ground and smashes into particles.

Back at the station Joe apologizes to Patty for getting her involved then asks her why she wants to join the Task-Force so badly. It turns out that her father got shot in the face by one of the Mardon brothers before they became Meta-Humans. When she learned somebody so evil had such power she knew she had to do everything in her power to stop them. West says to her Monday morning at 8:00 am and she asks what he’s referring to. He replies that’s when you join the Task-Force, Detective.

Right after Spivot leaves West hears a woman’s voice coming down the stairs saying hello Joseph, it’s been a long time. The voice belongs to a very attractive woman about Joe’s age, he uneasily greets her and asks why she’s there. She says she’s been calling him for months and wanted to see him and their daughter. I believe that this is Mrs. West from Earth-Two, a world where Joe died and she lived on. One where they might have produced a son named Wally, instead of a daughter named Iris.

Stein realizes that Cisco’s got some sort of ability that causes him to see visions. Cisco makes him promise not to tell anybody, he thinks this is the power Wells told him he gave him and he fears the powers evil. Just then the two scientists get the test results they’ve sought using exotic matter.

They run upstairs and tell the rest of the team that although they closed the Singularity, Central City contains 52-separate portals, the largest one being in STAR Labs. Stein starts to explain in further detail, when he suddenly has difficulty speaking and collapses on the ground.

The scene changes quickly and we see a bullet-train pass in front of us. We’re on Earth-Two as a young woman guides a group of grade-school students through STAR Labs. We see a retro-looking rocket-ship displayed, something that looks like it came from a Flash Gordon short in the forties. Suddenly the elevator doors open and the guide’s face breaks into a huge smile. She says children we’re in for a real treat, may I introduce to you the founder of STAR Labs and the savior of Central City, Dr. Harrison Wells. Wells looking very sharp in a blue-suit sans tie walks out of the elevator and says hi kids.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 8:00pm on The CW.

Gotham: Monsters Will Cleanse This City In Fire And Blood

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Looks like our old friend Oswald Cobblepot’s going to have a challenger as King Of Gotham City’s world of crime. In the second episode of the second season of the FOX hit series “Gotham,” we watched Theo Galavan’s band of escapees from Arkham Asylum make their presence known in grand fashion. Galavan’s the ultimate marionette, keeping his identity in the shadows as his escapees wreak havoc and getting Gotham City Mayor Aubrey James to publicly disappear through pure intimidation. Can the Penguin and company stand up against Galavan, his sister Tabitha and his escapees?

Published reports during the summer stated that two major characters would get killed off in the season’s first few episodes. One of those deaths took place in this episode and unfortunately our prediction in our season preview article turned out to be correct, ushering in a new day in Gotham City.

The episode opens with a meeting between Galavan, his sister Tabitha and Gotham City Mayor Aubrey Plaza, who finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having a wooden box covering his head. Theo tells James that he’s going to open the latch in the front of the box and one of two things will occur. Either James agrees to call his secretary and tell her he’s run off with a woman and he’ll send her written instructions of what to do, or Galavan will put a tarantula in the box and close the latch. Naturally the Mayor chooses to make the phone call.

James asks Galavan why he’s doing this to him and the businessman and community leader tells him that he’s just a part of the great endeavor, the great cleansing. Theo tells the Mayor that monsters are coming, who’ll cleanse the city in fire and blood.

We head to the offices of the Gotham Gazette and we see the editor in chief turn up his nose at the paper’s headline asking Where’s The Mayor. The editor starts shouting at his staff that he could care less where James is or whom he’s sleeping with, he says that’s not news. As he gives his lecture, we see bodies coming from the roof, dropping past their windows. The reporters rush to the windows to find out what’s going on.

On top of the roof we find the four men that Galavan and his sister busted out of Arkham Asylum, in the first episode. They’ve got seven hostages up on the roof, in straight-jackets and Jerome spray-paints a letter on each of their jackets and Aaron Helzinger picks them up and throws them to the street below. When they’ve finished the dead men on the ground spell out MANIAX! They’ve introduced themselves to Gotham City.

New GCPD Commissioner Sarah Essen’s working out of her old office in her old precinct. She addresses her officers and informs them they’re dealing with a massive problem, then turns over the floor to reinstated Detective Jim Gordon who gives a rundown on the MANIAX personnel. Jerome Valeska killed his mother, Arnold Dobkins’ a schizoid, a thief and rapist. Robert Greenwood murdered and then ate six women, Aaron Helzinger murdered his entire family with his bare hands and Barbara Kean killed her parents. The seven victims were all from the Yellen shipyard.

Galavan’s meeting with the four men planning their introduction, he says what they did was just the overture. Jerome impresses Galavan the most and when the boys get into a spitting contest over whose the boss, Valeska bests Greenwood in a game of Russian Roulette and winning the title.

Barbara and Tabitha enter the room with James in tow, still with the box on his head and the lid’s latched. The women are taking turns whipping him and tell Theo they’re bored. Kean asks when it’s going to be her turn to do something dastardly and Galavan smiles and says soon. Them he asks her what she knows about Jim Gordon?

Alfred and Bruce are down in Wayne’s father’s secret cave located below Wayne Manor and Alfred’s distraught at what he’s finding in there. There’s a cache of weapons and a bullet-proof vest with two slugs embedded in it. Bruce wants to turn on his father’s computer, but Alfred asks him to think it through. Wayne responds he’s thought about it enough, this contains all his father’s secrets. He turns it on, but Pennyworth destroys the server with a sledge-hammer, saying that what’s inside the computer likely cost Bruce’s father his life and he won’t let Bruce get killed. Wayne tells his butler and guardian that he’s fired and for him to leave and never return.

Jim heads down the bar that Harvey bartends at and he has an unpleasant reunion with Bullock’s fiancée Scottie Mullens. She asks why he’s there and tells Harvey he’s going to ask him to go back to being a cop, but Bullock tells her she’s mistaken. Jim says she’s right, that’s exactly why he came and Harvey tells him he’s got a life now and won’t go back. Before Gordon leaves Harvey tells him to look for a connection with Yellen shipyards, where all the hostages got taken from.

Alfred comes into the library with a small suitcase and bids goodbye to Bruce, Wayne tells him if he needs a reference that he’ll give him a great one. Alfred’s hoping the boy had a change of mind, but he leaves the mansion and heads to the train station.

Harvey’s hunch panned out, the MANIAX stole a filled-up fuel truck from the shipyard and the guys have chosen their victims, a school-bus filled with cheerleaders from Gotham City High School. Jerome soon has all the cheerleaders manacled to their seats  and then sprays them all with gasoline from the truck’s hose. He goes to light the gasoline, but his lighter doesn’t work, so Arnold Dobkins tries his, just as the police arrive. The MANIAX fire on the GCPD realizing they won’t receive return fire, standing in front of the schoolhouse. After shooting some officers they take off leaving Dobkins whose lighter’s failing to spark. Gordon grabs him but it’s a second too late as he finally lit the gasoline trail on the ground leading to the bus.

Jim knocks Dobkins to the ground with a punch in the face and then drives the bus to safety, seconds before the gasoline fire explodes. Gordon grabs Dobkins and asks who busted them out of Arkham, but before Arnold can respond Tabitha shoots him through the head with a high-powered rifle from a nearby rooftop. Now the MANIAX are down to four.

Bruce heads down to the train-station and finds Alfred sitting on a bench and sits down next to him. He tells his guardian he doesn’t want him to leave and he understands he did what he did to protect Bruce. However he says that Alfred’s either with him or against him, Pennyworth responds that of course he’s with him but he believes Wayne’s too young and not ready.

Wayne tells him that’s cool, so he wants Alfred to make him ready to teach him how to become a warrior. He says that Alfred’s lived a dangerous life and he can prepare him, the boy even says he’ll go back to school. Pennyworth agrees to the deal if Bruce follows his instructions completely and when Alfred tells him to hold back he’ll restrain himself. Wayne shakes Alfred’s hand and says he’s got a deal, but Alfred has to get the computer fixed. When Pennyworth asks how he’s going to do that, Bruce responds it’s Alfred’s problem since he broke it.

Regular readers of these pages, are well aware of my admiration of Sean Pertwee’s portrayal of Alfred. Although I enjoyed Michael Caine in the role in the Dark Knight Trilogy, Pertwee brings an edge to the part. He’s a dangerous man and when the situation calls for it, Alfred freely reveals that side of him. The next scene showcases that part of Pennyworth’s personality, as he tracks down Wayne Enterprises executive and confidante of Thomas Wayne, Lucius Fox in his favorite watering-hole.

Alfred makes it seem at first that their meeting’s accidental, but he soon tells Fox that he’d been thinking about him. Fox asks him what his thoughts pertained to and Pennyworth tells him the way he figures thing, the world’s made up of two kinds of people, those you can trust and those you can’t. Lucius agrees with him and then Pennyworth tells him that he needs to confide in him, but if Fox betrays him he’ll wind up dead. Lucius says perhaps he should pass on being Alfred’s confidante and the butler tells him that ship sailed, when he told Bruce his father was a stoic.

Lucius looks Alfred in the eyes and tells him he’s got only the best intentions in regards to Bruce. Pennyworth smiles and says he’s glad to hear that. Then he asks Fox if he can fix a computer?

Back at the precinct Gordon gets a call from Barbara Kean and he tries to play things cool asking her how she’s doing and what’s going on. Kean calls him on it and Gordon tells her she’s sick and she needs help. He says she’s really a good and loving woman and that he wants to help her. Suddenly he sees her in the doorway of the precinct, calling from a cellphone and she asks him how she looks. She leaves the precinct and he follows her out holding his pistol and aiming it at her.

As soon as he leaves Jerome and Greenwood enter the station wearing uniforms. Jerome ties up Commissioner Essen and then he and Greenwood open fire on the precinct. The pair kill almost all those in the building, Nygma, Kristin Kringle and Lee Thompkins, are among the few not badly injured in the incident. Essen’s witnessed this all before Jerome turns his attention to her.

Meanwhile Gordon’s following Barbara down an alley and he calls out to her to surrender and he’ll do all he can to help her. She says that’s just going to get her sent back to Arkham and Jim throws up his hands and says let’s talk this out. Kean says it’s too late for that and we hear a scream and Helzinger jumps down and lands on Gordon and starts pummeling him. Jim picks up a steel pipe and hits Helzinger in the head with it and then just stares when he doesn’t react. After a couple of seconds, Aaron softly says oww and then continues beating Gordon to a pulp until Barbara tells him to stop.

Jim’s on the ground on his back barely conscious and Kean straddles him and tells him she kept saying this is what she’s really like, but Gordon wouldn’t listen. She says I’m not sick I’m free, then tells Jim he best get back to the station in a hurry.

Greenwood and Valeska now concentrate on Commissioner Essen, Greenwood picks up a video-camera and starts taping Jerome’s conversation with Essen. She looks at him and through gritted teeth tells him that he’ll soon be dead and nobody will remember his name. Jerome laughs at her and says that’s where you’re wrong, I’ll leave a mark and it’ll spread like a virus throughout the city. Greenwood shouts out there’s nothing as contagious as laughter and Jerome shoots him dead saying that’s his line. Now just three MANIAX remain.

Essen head butts Jerome in the head and he says he likes it and tells her to do it again. The second time she breaks his nose and says that’ll leave a mark. Valeska laughs as blood spurts from his nose, then says now it’s my turn. When Jim arrives back at the precinct, a couple of uniforms are still alive as well as Ed, Kristin and Lee. However Sarah’s dying, her blouse covered in blood. Jim grabs her hand and says it’s a new day Jim and dies.

Lucius Fox is with Bruce in the cave as Lucius inspects the computer and smiles and says it’s certainly broken. Bruce asks him if he can fix it and Fox says he imagines so, but it’ll take some time. He then tells Bruce that he loved his father and he never got a chance to tell him that and he wishes he’d helped him more. Alfred enters the cave with a somber expression and some news for Bruce.

Jim enters Essen’s office and suddenly we see Harvey in the doorway and he says she was a Hell of a lady and Gordon responds she was a Hell of a cop. He then sees Harvey’s sporting his shield and he says he appreciates but Harvey’s not obligated to come back. Bullock says he doesn’t want to talk about it, we are what we are. Jim asks him how Scottie took the news and Harvey says she’ll understand, or she won’t.

As they head out of the office and into the main precinct, Bruce and Alfred arrive. Bruce tells Jim that he’s sorry for the losses but he’s glad Gordon’s okay. He then says he’s sorry he was so rough on Jim the last time they spoke and he gives Gordon a hug. One of the cops turns on a TV and we see a news report containing footage that Jerome sent to the station that he taped during the massacre. He tells the city they’re all prisoners, just cogs in the wheel, then tells them to hang onto their hats as they ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 8:00 pm on FOX.

Tyrant: Searching For Direction

Photo Courtesy Of FX Network
Photo Courtesy Of FX Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The Al Fayeed family and Abbudin struggle to come to grips with their new reality, in the FX Network Original Series “Tyrant.” As the family branches in Abbudin and California, deal with the death of Bassam/Barry, Colonel Mahmoud attempts to identify the rebel agent that killed 12 Abbudin soldiers in the previous episode. Our first image of the evening’s watching Mahmoud scouring surveillance tape, trying to see the face of the rebel agent who detonated a truck disguised as an Abbudin soldier.

Our next stop’s the bedroom of Jamal and Leila, as the couple finish making love. Leila asks her husband if he’s alright and she realizes he’s still obsessing over the death of his brother. The President says that Leila may not have liked Bassam, but he loved his brother. Unfortunately he should have realized 20-years-ago, that his brother didn’t have the same love for him.

Leila tells Jamal that she loved Bassam, because he was his brother. However she says feels relieved, that he’s gone and that they’ve put that chapter behind them. Jamal’s facial expression shows that he doesn’t share his wife’s sentiments.

However Barry’s not dead despite the hostile conditions he faces, as he tries to find his way in the middle of the desert. We see Bassam plodding along, his skin already the color of a lobster. He needs to find some signs of civilization soon, or he truly will die alone in the desert.

Back at the palace, Ahmed’s sitting in a chair wearing a powder-blue business suit, while taking hits from a bong in his bedroom. The weed’s smell wakes his wife Nusrat, who asks him what he’s doing? Her husband responds that the Minister of Energy Development’s getting ready for the work week.

Ahmed’s at the Shunshin oil-refinery in the desert, when the aide to the Chinese Ambassador approaches him about the plans for the ground-breaking ceremony, the following day. He tells the President’s son that the way things are planned, the crowd will get blinded by the sun, as they look to the stage to see Jamal and the Chinese Ambassador. Ahmed tells him this is the desert and the sun’s always somewhere, then he says to the aide this is his country and his oil and he knows what he’s doing.

Ihab Rashid tells his followers that they have to assassinate Jamal at the ground-breaking ceremony the following day. One of the rebels replies, they’ve got no supplies or guns. Rashid responds they don’t need guns, just one pistol and one man to fire the gun and put a bullet in Al Fayeed’s skull. Ihab’s second in command, says they’re all well-known and pictures of each of them are on the watch-list. Malik, the rebel that blew up the truck, says he’s not on any watch-lists and tells Rashid if he gets a gun at the ceremony, he’ll kill Jamal.

Ahmed returns to the palace and a soldier tells him that his father wants to see him. He enters Jamal’s office and his father asks Ahmed his suggestion for the new Minister Of Energy Development. Ahmed looks back at his father with a confused smile and says that’s his job. Jamal asks if the Minister shows up for work high on drugs, or insults one of their Chinese partners, when they try to rectify a mistake.

Jamal tells his son the people hate him, even though they don’t know him. They hate him for being Jamal’s son and getting everything that they want. He says they think you’re a lazy fat slob, then asks his son why he’s working so hard to prove them correct? He says if you don’t want the jobs, just let me know. The job of being the Minister of Energy Development and the job of being his son, Ahmed says he wants them both. Jamal says good and kisses his son on the forehead, then says together we’ll change their opinions.

Molly’s back at her home in Southern California, lying awake in her bed in the middle of the night as he teens Sammy and Emma are sound asleep on either side of her. She looks like she’s numb and lost, not yet really accepting that her soul-mate’s been taken from her. She lies there staring at the ceiling and twisting her wedding band.

Once the sun goes down, Barry finds that the desert turns far colder, as he walks through the night seeing his breath in the air. Exhausted he lies down and falls asleep on the sand, taking advantage of the cooler air to replenish his strength for his journey the next day.

Malik’s at his job as a dish-washer at a café, when he’s summoned by one of Rashid’s men. He meets with Ihab and Samira Nadal and eats and talks about the buzz he got from blowing up the truck and killing the soldiers. He tells them that it was a rush to feel the heat and the blast and realize he was still alive and walking away without getting caught.

Ihab reminds him this is a different situation, this is a gun not a bomb and he might be killed by soldiers. He says to the couple that he’s very clever and even if he dies, if he kills Al Fayeed he’ll know his life meant something. A female co-worker comes out and tells Malik his boss is looking for him, he tells her to say he’s in the bathroom. She looks at the three of them and shakes her head, before she walks away.

Bassam wakes up as the sun’s blazing down on him, his skin’s nearly purple. He has a flashback to his childhood, he’s crouched down at a river bank running his hands through the water. A man in a uniform says to him it looks like it’s been here forever, but tomorrow it will be gone. He says that’s how it is in the desert Bassam, it rains and a river forms, but the heat of the sun makes it disappear by the next day.

Barry sees some sort of a reptile just a few feet away from him and tries to grab it so he can eat it, but he slips and tumbles down the dunes. However, the fall turned out to be a blessing in disguise as he sees camel tracks and starts to follow them, realizing that’s his best chance of getting rescued.

Molly tells Emma she needs to leave the house and try to acclimate herself with being home and asks her daughter to join her, but Emma says she’s not up to facing people that day. Molly gets into Barry’s car, as Sammy borrowed hers and she starts to cry. After she composes herself, she drives past a gaggle of reporters and videographers at the end of her driveway.

Jamal meets with his advisory staff and talks about the ground-breaking ceremony, the following day. His uncle Tariq advises as head of the Abbudin military to cancel the ceremony. He says that due to the limited military response to the truck bombing, he can’t be sure the rebels will stay away from the ground-breaking.

The President stands up at the head of the table and tells Tariq and the rest that he’s trying to present Abbudin as a peaceful nation to their Chinese partners and the world. He says cancelling the ceremony, or responding with a chemical attempt won’t bring tourism and businesses to Abbudin. He says that cancelling the ceremony isn’t an option.

That night as Barry walks through the desert, he gains some hope as lightning starts flashing through the sky. He suddenly stops and starts reaching towards the sky for the rain that he expects to fall. However it’s just heat-lightning and Barry spends another night without water as he sleeps on the sand.

Ihab and his second in command start drilling Malik with questions, making sure that he’s got his cover identity down straight. He’s pretending to be a journalism student at a nearby college and he’s a photographer for the school paper. When Rashid asks him what he should say if anyone asks why he’s approaching the stage, Malik responds he’s trying to get a good image for the paper. He’s told that the gun will be in one of the port-a-potties near the stage.

Colonel Mahmoud finally gets a clear image of Malik’s face and he recognizes him. He heads to the café he works at and speaks to the young woman we saw talking with Malik earlier in the episode. He asks the woman if that’s Malik and though she recognizes him immediately, she says the image’s blurry. He then shows her a picture of Rashid and asks if she’s seen him, she remains silent.

He says he doesn’t want her to lie, or turn in her friend so if she recognizes them she should just remain silent when he asks her again. He then shows her the two pictures and she keeps her mouth shut, he thanks her for her bravery and loyalty to Abbudin.

Molly heads to a Catholic Church and slips into the Confessional Booth. She tells the priest that she hasn’t gone to confession since 1997, as she met and married a man who was of another faith. The priest asks what her husband would think of her being there and she says she thinks he’d approve, he died a few days earlier. She then says it all seems unreal and she needs somebody to tell her what to do, how to grieve and to be a good mother.

Barry’s still following the camel tracks, when a sand-storm comes out of nowhere and forces him to the ground in the fetal position. The sand hits his body in wave after wave, feeling like a thousand razor-blades against his skin. When the wind finally ceases, he looks down to see the camel tracks were covered by the sand. He falls to his knees and starts shouting Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, God is Great, God is Great. He then starts weeping and falls to the ground.

The ground-breaking ceremony takes place and Malik’s able to get past the security screening. He goes into the port-a-potty and grabs the gun. He then takes his position with the other photographers as Jamal takes the stage and starts talking to the assembled crowd. Malik walks towards the stage and pulls out the pistol, but he’s shot before he can fire his weapon. Still on his feet he fires his gun, but hits the Chinese Ambassador’s wife in the shoulder, before someone puts a bullet between his eyes.

Molly holds a memorial ceremony for Barry in a church, as the contribution basket goes around, she reaches into her purse and finds only Abbudin currency. A man and his teenage daughter sitting behind her, give her a hundred-dollar bill to put in the basket. She thanks them after the ceremony, the man introduces himself as Jimmy Lytton and his daughter Natalie. He then tells Molly he’s an attorney and says if he can help her in any way over the coming days to please contact him and he gives her his card.

Two men with camels find Bassam passed out in the desert. They believe he’s an escaped prisoner and they’ll collect a reward for turning him in. They bind his hands and feet and still unconscious, they put him lying sideways on the back of one of their camels.

Jamal’s waiting for the Chinese Ambassador at the hospital and asks about his wife’s condition, the Ambassador says she already went through one operation on her shoulder and she’ll have further surgery the next morning. Jamal starts to apologize and the Ambassador tells him to stop. He says his nation can’t make a commitment to a country that fails to keep his wife safe.

Jamal says listen to me, the man behind this will have his head on a stake the following morning. He promises justice to the Ambassador. We then see soldiers unloading canisters of chlorine and Sarin gas, before the screen goes black.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on FX.

Halt And Catch Fire: The Boys Are Back In Town

Photo: Courtesy Of AMC
Photo: Courtesy Of AMC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

When all’s said and done, the major difference between Joe MacMillan from the AMC Original Series “Halt And Catch Fire,” and the hapless bus-driver Ralph Kramden from the Classic TV series “The Honeymooners”  is that MacMillan’s get-rich-quick schemes actually work. MacMillan even has his own Ed Norton, embodied by Gordon Clark, the guy who does most of the work, while Joe gets most of the glory.  Just like Norton, Clark keeps getting involved with projects with MacMillan, despite knowing that he’s likely to end up in a manure pile.

Episode four begins in the Clark’s kitchen as Gordon’s getting his daughters ready for school, while his wife Donna gets ready for work. Donna’s not feeling great and asks her husband if she’s got a fever. Gordon puts his lips to her head and pronounces her cool as a cucumber and she heads off to Mutiny.

Joe has a meeting with one of the middle-management members of West-Group Industries, the oil-company he’s employed at and owned by MacMillan’s future father-in-law Jacob Wheeler. The man he’s meeting with Ellis Mortimer, oversees the company’s mainframe computer system and Joe’s come to pitch him his newest idea.

He tells Mortimer, that the computers are only in operation on Mondays through Fridays from nine to five. He suggests leasing the mainframes to third-party companies, while they’re not being used. He tells Mortimer its pure profit and little overhead. Mortimer says that he’s afraid that third-party companies could get access to West-Group’s data and Joe explains that they would cordon off a section for each outside user. They wouldn’t have any access to West-Group’s confidential information.

Mortimer then asks MacMillan if he’s so high on the project, why doesn’t he present it to his future father-in-law? Joe’s flustered as he didn’t realize Mortimer was aware of his relationship with Sarah. Ellis looks him in the eye and tells him he was there before her first marriage went south, and he’ll still be there when Sarah tires of Joe.

Donna walks into the house that Mutiny’s based in and gets Cameron, then the two of them address the Coder-Monkeys about their new reality. Because of the loss of revenue after Sinorous destroyed the network, they no longer have any money to pay the employees. What Cameron and Donna offer instead of a paycheck, are shares in the company. There’s silence for about a minute, until Tom Rendon stands up and says he’s in, then most of the Coder-Monkeys follow his lead.

However, Yo-Yo and another programmer say they’re out. Cameron tries to talk to Yo-Yo, as he’d been there from the beginning, but he says he won’t work for free. She tells him he always wanted to get into game-cartridge design and here’s his excuse. He replies that he doesn’t think the shares will ever have any value and leaves the house.

A while later Howe comes out of her room and finds John Bosworth standing at the kitchen table. She asks him if he’s ready to start working for Mutiny and he responds, she can’t pay him, she’s looking for volunteers. He tells her he was on this side of town, so he brought her breakfast and then started looking at her folder of invoices. He says he’s got some ideas he thinks will help if she wants to listen, she tells him she’s all ears.

Donna and Lev are in one of the rooms working on Community, the network’s chat-rooms and Lev tells Donna he wants to go back to gaming. She says he can handle his responsibility it’s only six-rooms, he corrects her and tells her there are 18-rooms, they’ve tripled in less than a week. He asks Donna to go to Cameron for another Coder-Monkey, she responds that when they reach 30-rooms she’ll talk to Howe.

Donna walks into the kitchen as Cameron’s telling Bosworth that they sent out update disks to all their users, but still many have cancelled their subscriptions. He says Howe gave her subscribers a venereal disease and she’s not going to win them back with penicillin, she needs to send flowers. He says they need a salesman to go to their largest former subscribers and sweet-talk them back into the fold.

Cameron suggests using Lev and Donna tells her she needs him for Community and tells her the growth they’ve made. John interrupts their discussion and tells them, this is the moment they’re supposed to ask Bosworth to become their salesman. He then says after a couple of times of turning them down, they’re supposed to plead with him until he grudgingly takes the position. Bosworth’s onboard and things are looking brighter already.

Joe’s back to his old tricks at West-Group Industries, going through a back-window to get his company to realize his vision. He enlists one of the maintenance workers to pull all the wires from the mainframe up through the floor. He then tells the man he can take it from there and the worker asks what he puts on the work-order. MacMillan slips him some money and asks what work-order? Apparently he gave the man enough to walk away without further questions.

Cameron has a brainstorming session with the Coder-Monkeys to design a new game, but the only suggestion comes from Wonderboy and Howe’s underwhelmed. Just then Rendon walks into the house and Howe busts him for being late, he apologizes and sits down and joins the session. Cameron says she wants to design a shooter game, but she wants something fresh as the target for the game. Bodie suggests they shoot ET to death, to keep him from eating all the user’s Reese’s Pieces, he gets a groan from the group. Cameron says they’ll reconvene the next day, then tells Tom he has to show up on time, or it will hurt morale.

Gordon’s using his new-found free time to get into shape and he’s taken up jogging, sporting a bright-red track outfit. He’s spent, but then he sees Joe’s sitting on the bench on the Clark’s front-lawn, so he pushes himself to run up the driveway and asks MacMillan if he wants a smoothie.

They head into the garage and Joe starts pitching his idea to Clark, who thinks it’s a great idea until he realizes Joe wants him involved. He asks Joe if Sarah’s just some woman he hired to pretend she was her fiancée so MacMillan would seem normal. Joe replies he just wanted to give Gordon, the right of first refusal. Clark says thanks but no thanks.

Bosworth approaches the first house and a teenage boy answers the door, John asks if his dad’s at home and the teen’s mother comes to the door and asks what he wants. John tells her he’s the sales-manager for Mutiny and wanted to know why her son cancelled his subscription. She responds she cancelled it, due to the fact he spent all his time on the computer and has no friends.

John asks how many friends he had on Mutiny and the teen replies he has 32-friends, plus another 6-7 guys he just plays games with. The mother looks shocked, she says she never hears her son talking to anybody. He smiles at Bosworth and says his mother’s a Luddite, then tells her they communicate through their keyboards. John smiles at the mother and tells her their generation doesn’t grasp it, but to kids her son’s age Mutiny’s their place to congregate, their church.

He tells the woman he’s sorry to have bothered them then turns around and starts to walk away, but she asks him his name again. He knows he’s closed the deal and a big smile breaks out on his face before he turns around, then he says John Bosworth.

Cameron calls in Donna and tells her with their limited resources she’s decided to cut some network activities. She tells Clark that she’s eliminating Chess and Backgammon then tells her she’s eliminating Community as well. Donna’s crushed and asks why she’d do that, it’s gaining subscribers and takes up minimal bandwidth. Donna says she thinks it’s a bad plan and Howe says her comments are noted, Clark picks up her purse and heads home.

Gordon heads into his bathroom and nearly strokes out when he sees Donna lying fully clothed in the empty bathtub. She says she’s been there since he came home with the girls, she desperately needed alone time. She then tells Gordon about Cameron’s plans to cut Community and he responds that’s her baby and he realizes why she’s so down. He says that the concepts brilliant and it will be hugely successful, but his words fail to brighten her mood. He leaves her in the bathroom and we can see by the expression on his face he’s going to team-up with Joe to make his wife’s vision come true.

Cameron heads to Orson’s Family Foods to get some munchies in the middle of the night and sees Tom Rendon collecting carriages in the parking lot, with an Orson’s name-tag on his shirt. He tells her he used to work their during high-school, the owner’s giving him some late night shifts so Tom has some money. Cameron suddenly realizes that’s why Tom’s coming in late and she feels like an idiot. He tells her where her favorite candy’s located and says he’ll see her later.

Clark and MacMillan meet in a parking garage and Gordon tells Joe his terms. He says he’s in charge of the project and he doesn’t want to get paid, instead he wants Mutiny to be Joe’s first customer and to cut them a great-deal. Joe says we do this tonight, Gordon shows him a list of what he needs and MacMillan says pick it up and meet him at a bar at eight that night.

Donna’s not giving up on Community without a fight and she asks Cameron if she’s used the feature, Howe lies and says yes. Clark asks her what’s her favorite room and Cameron can’t bluff her way out of it, finally she says she knows what Community is. Donna says that she really doesn’t and walks out of the room, so Cameron logs into one of the rooms and she starts chatting with Tom.

They’re having a rather flirty conversation, when suddenly Gordon’s name comes up. Rendon types Gordon = Donna’s husband? Cameron types back, No Gordon the guy who saddled her with two kids and now she’s trapped! However she hit Control, the letter D and the exclamation point, which shared their conversation to everybody on the network. Tom comes in and tells her, a few minutes later Donna sees the message.

Gordon and Joe meet at the bar and Clark gives MacMillan the receipt for the equipment, Joe takes some money out of his pocket and says he’ll give Gordon the rest in a few days. Suddenly Clark realizes that they’re breaking into West-Group Industries and going into the mainframe without permission. Gordon says he feels like punching Joe in the face and MacMillan tells him to go ahead, however they leave the bar and head for West-Group.

Donna and Cameron meet outside and Clark asks her how Cameron thinks Donna can command any respect if Cameron degrades her. She says if you have anything to say about Gordon, tell me to my face and don’t ever bring up my daughters again. Howe apologizes, but the tension between them is palpable.

Gordon’s slotting all the boards into the mainframe and MacMillan says he’s going to get them both a can of coke. As Joe leaves the room Clark takes a step back, then suddenly gets dizzy and passes out, hitting the floor face first. He regains consciousness just as Joe returns and he says he tripped over a cord and fell, then goes back to work.

The next morning Bosworth enters the kitchen of Mutiny and starts to pour himself a cup of coffee, but Cameron walks in and takes the pot from him and pours them both a cup. She then tells John she’s done asking him to work for Mutiny, she’s telling him he’s working for Mutiny. She then says his first assignment’s helping her run the company better.

He tells her when he was her age, he was putting ham radios in boxes at Cardiff, all he did was pack boxes, punch out and drink beer. He says it takes time and she asks how long, he just smiles at her as Rendon walks in the house, John formally introduces himself to Tom.

A little later Tom’s in the backyard cleaning up all the cans on the lawn and Cameron comes out. The two start flirting with each other and the moment we’ve expected since we met Rendon happens, as the two start making out.

The final scene takes place in the Clark’s bedroom, with Gordon talking to Donna through the bathroom door. She says she thinks she caught the flu their daughter had, Clark tells her he has some great news for her. He says that the consulting job he worked on the night before, paid off big time. He says his contact at the company’s allowing Mutiny to lease their mainframe for just three dollars an hour, so now she can have a thousand rooms for Community.

Gordon’s words finally penetrate Donna’s skull and her mood brightens for a moment. He asks her if she’s vomiting and she says she is and she’ll meet him in the kitchen in a minute. However as the camera pans wide in the bathroom, we see Donna’s got a home-pregnancy test and the results are positive.

The Story Continues Next Sunday Night at 10:00 pm on AMC.

Halt And Catch Fire: A Desperate Search For That Next Big Thing

Photo Courtesy Of AMC
Photo Courtesy Of AMC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The first season of the AMC Original Series “Halt And Catch Fire,” revolved around three core characters, that designed and produced a portable personal computer for Cardiff Electric. The final product however destroyed the creative team, as the woman who designed the software for the computer Cameron Howe, left the company after her vision was severely compromised. Joe MacMillan, the man that got Cardiff Electric to build a personal computer, burned the truck containing the first shipment of the machines.

One year later, Cardiff Electric coming off the success of their two computers, the Giant and the Giant Pro, got bought by a European conglomerate, leaving the former President of Cardiff Electric Gordon Clark, with a large payout but without a job. His wife Donna has become partners with Howe in their start-up company Mutiny, a company that transmits video-games over the phone lines, for multiple users.

MacMillan used the past year to study at the Fisk Observatory, where he met and fell in love with a reporter named Sara Wheeler, whom he proposed to last week in the season premiere. Sarah said yes without hesitation and this episode opens in the hangar of Sarah’s father Jacob Wheeler. Wheeler struck it big in the oil-industry, this private hangar’s just a tiny part of his vast holdings. One wall’s dedicated to pictures and the mounted heads of deer and elk he killed while hunting.

Wheeler’s portrayed by James Cromwell, an actor that’s left behind roles such as the farmer in “Babe” and the inventor of Warp-Drive in the “Star-Trek” universe, to concentrate on playing wealthy men of great intellect. Those characters usually are adversaries for the protagonists and Jacob Wheeler falls into that category quite comfortably.

He cuts off the small-talk quickly, then says to MacMillan he understands Joe loves his daughter, Sarah wanting the ground to open-up and swallow her father, due to his bluntness. She quickly says she’s going to talk to one of the employees, but she stays long enough to hear Joe tell her father that he loves her very much. One of the qualities that he loves about her, is she shares her father’s skepticism.

As soon as she’s out of ear-shot, Wheeler asks Joe how he proposes to support the two of them, stating that her salary’s not enough for the two of them. MacMillan says he has a few prospects he’s chasing, but Wheeler sees through the bluster and asks him about Joe working for him. MacMillan says thinks the oil-industry’s stuck in the past and he wants to be involved in tech. Jacob says with Joe’s spotty resume, he’d be fortunate to sell waffle-irons and says the offer’s there if he changes his mind.

Donna and Lev get their chat-room up and running, but their first user quickly bails when they realize there’s no game involved. There’s some ruckus at the front of the house, as John Bosworth limps in with the use of a cane and quickly asks for a chair. Seconds later he admits he’s faking and the coder-monkeys welcome him back and get pumped when they’re told he’s joining Mutiny. Donna doesn’t have the same reaction and her face reveals her dissatisfaction to Cameron immediately.

Gordon gets examined by his family doctor about his nose-bleeding episodes, the physician takes blood and starts asking Clark a series of questions. However when the nurse leaves the room Gordon admits that he was using cocaine about three or four months previously, to help him get through a series of all-nighters at work. His doctor tells him that irritating his nasal membranes, is just the minor stuff. He could have a heart-attack, or his lungs could seize up on him. Gordon says he hasn’t done it in months and then thanks his doctor.

Donna tells Cameron that if she keeps making unilateral decisions, she’ll leave. Cameron says that Donna wanted somebody to take charge and Clark responds Bosworth knows nothing about what they’re doing and he’s an ex-con which could hurt them acquiring financial backers. Cameron apologizes for not discussing it with Donna first, but she says that John Bosworth stays.

Gordon heads to the local electronics store and buys a bunch of Atari game units and Commodore personal computers, he sets them all up in his garage. He arranges everything perfectly, but he shows little desire to play with any of his toys. So he goes into his workbench and snorts a line of coke from the vial he has hidden there.

Joe and Sarah are sitting on a bench in the middle of a city-square and MacMillan tells her that Jacob offered him a job that afternoon. Sarah’s shocked that he’d even consider it, asking him about the other situations he’d been waiting on and he says they fell through. He says he did some digging over the last few hours and talks about advances in tech for the oil-industry, such as three-dimensional viewing. MacMillan says he thinks he can lead her father’s company into the future. Sarah says if that’s what Joe wants, she won’t stand in his way.

Gordon’s buzzing heavily and calls Donna at Mutiny and tells her he put in a second phone-line so they’d have a line dedicated to a modem. Donna says that’s great, but she needs to get ready for her meeting with potential financiers. Clark then connects to the game on Mutiny and realizes there’s something wrong with the game he’s playing, so he calls one of his former engineer’s Stan to come over and help him figure this out.

Donna and Cameron meet with the potential investors, but the meeting doesn’t go well. The man behind the desk how they can ascertain that there’s a large enough audience for Mutiny to make a profit, the women respond that they just know, causing the investor to roll his eyes. He then asks them about kids, saying he wants to make sure they’re fully committed and won’t give up their jobs to raise families. That basically ended the session.

In a scene that may harken Joe MacMillan’s maturation, Joe’s greeted by his new boss and he’s welcomed to his new position as a data-entry clerk, in a department that’s archaic by 1985-standards. MacMillan’s informed that he’s now an hourly employee and to make sure he punches in and out for each shift. Joe asks if Jacob’s aware of his position and the supervisor asks Jacob Wheeler, with the reverence usually reserved for Kings and God. Clearly he’s never met his employer.

Even at my age, I still have a temper, when I was Joe MacMillan’s age it ran quite-hot. Not destroying a truckload of computers, or flooding the server room of IBM hot. However, I’m not sure I could have handled myself as smoothly as Joe did given the circumstances. He simply sat at his desk and went to work.

Gordon and Stan keep playing the Mutiny game and they realize that the game’s results are random, despite whom ever actually shoots first. Gordon offers Stan some more nose-candy and he refuses, concerned that Clark’s got a substance-abuse problem. Clark says he found a vial, what was he going to do throw it out? He then says he’s going to Mutiny and asks Stan to pick up Gordon’s daughters at school, a move that was certain to go horribly wrong.

Clark heads over to Mutiny while Donna and Cameron are over meeting with the possible investors and gives Lev and Yo-Yo a patch to make the game work properly. As he’s getting pats on the back from the Coder-Monkeys, somebody picks up the phone and says Donna’s kids were almost kidnapped. Gordon speaks with Principal Hawkins and apologizes for not alerting the school he sent a friend to pick-up his daughters and says he’ll be right there. He bribes the Coder-Monkeys into silence with free pizza delivery for a month.

Donna and Cameron return to the house to find Bosworth throwing a license plate into the trash, a prank from the Coder-Monkeys. Lev calls out the front door to Cameron that she needs to see this. When she gets inside, she sees that somebody hacked their site and came up with a counterfeit copy of their top-game Parallax, but with far better graphics. The hacker identified himself on his counterfeit game as Thomas Renton, he’s one of their subscribers and they have his address, so Clark and Howe pay him a visit.

They drive to Renton’s house and he says that he meant to get caught, that’s why he identified himself on the game. He says they won’t sue him as he can help them make Mutiny far better than the current product and then starts talking code to Cameron, whose pretty amazed. Donna says they’ll drop the matter if he promises not to do it again. He says to make them happy he’ll end his subscription.

Lev gets the mail and he sees the last letter Bosworth sent Cameron from prison and he starts reading it to the Coder Monkeys in a Texas drawl. But soon the letter gets personal and sad and the guys tell Lev to stop reading it. However John walks in and he tells Lev to finish reading it, with a look of menace in his eye. Lev reads the rest of it in a quavering voice, just as Howe walks in to the kitchen. She tells him to leave and when he says he lives there, she replies he best stay out of her sight for a long time.

Just as Cameron stops shouting at Lev, she’s informed about the incredible lag-time in the game Gordon gave them the patch for. Suddenly she realizes that Renton’s hacked into their network and he’s jammed the lines with users, far more than their system can handle.

Cameron heads over to Renton’s and asked him what he did this time, he said he built a PBX that can handle a dozen users on one phone-line. Howe says that would cut her overhead by a third and he says he’ll give it to her and he doesn’t want a job. He says he loves his job and he makes good money, but Cameron realizes he’s obsessed with Mutiny, he’s logged the fourth most time spent on the site.

Cameron heads back to the office and says she thinks they should hire Renton and tells her about the PBX. Donna tells her she realizes she hired him already and if she makes another move like that, she’ll walk out the door. Cameron says she understands.

Joe calls Sarah and tells her about his new job. She immediately says that’s demeaning and that her father’s punishing MacMillan for the sins of her ex-husband Peter, who bilked her father for millions, before their divorce. Joe says that Jacob’s testing him and he’d do the same thing, in her father’s position. He tells her to hold off on calling her father.

John and Cameron talk outside of the house on some lawn-chairs and we find out that Howe’s actual first name’s Catherine. Cameron was her father’s name, she took it as her own after he died in Vietnam. She tells Bosworth that she wants him to take charge of Mutiny, he replies that it’s beautiful she’s given him this job, but he needs to take care of some personal stuff, before he can take it. He says he doesn’t know how long it will take.

Donna comes home and tells Gordon that all the Coder Monkeys think he’s the greatest because of his patch for their game. He tells Donna about the lag-time and she says that’s gotten solved as Cameron hired a guy who built a PBX that can handle ten-users on a single phone line. Clark’s amazed at this concept and tells Donna he’s going to determine their potential-user base.

Jacob Wheeler heads into the elevator to his office, when his secretary says he just received a gift, he asks if a note’s attached. She reads it to him, “Thanks for the opportunity.” She then says it’s unsigned and the gift appears to be a waffle-iron. Wheeler says he knows who sent it and the elevator doors close.

Gordon’s found himself a new project. He gets so involved with his research, that he takes the vial and throws it in the garbage can.

The Story Continues Next Sunday Night at 10:00 pm on AMC.

Ray Donovan: Uber Ray

Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime


Micky Donovan returns to Los Angeles in the second episode of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan,” and nobody except L.A. FBI Bureau Director James Cochran seems pleased with the situation. At the top of the list of those dissatisfied with the unfolding development’s Hollywood fixer and Micky’s son Ray, well aware that where ever the elder Donovan is trouble soon follows. Ray brought his father back to Los Angeles from his slice of paradise in Mexico,  at the behest of Cochran to talk about his role in the murder of former Public Enemy Number One Patrick “Sully” Sullivan.

We join father and son on a highway heading back to the states, in the middle of the night and Micky wakes up finding Ray’s handcuffed him to the passenger door. Looking up at the car’s moon-roof he sees the stars above and starts reminiscing to his son. He talks about the one summer during his four kids’ childhood when he wasn’t in prison, they rented a cottage in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. His wife wanted a lobster dinner, so Micky got three of them each weighing three pounds and put them in the bathtub while he and his wife ran some errands. When mom and dad returned home they found the bathtub empty, as daughter Bridget convinced her three brothers to set the crustaceans free in the ocean.

Jon Voight who portrays Micky and Liev Schreiber as Ray, are consummate actors with incredible chemistry between them. Ray very rarely laughs, but when he does it comes from deep in his belly and one of the brief moments that he’s able to forget about his inner-demons. Micky sees the reaction and hopes to bond with his son over the memories, however the bridge between them has suffered far too much damage to repair.

Cochran follow’s Ray’s suggestion that the FBI take credit for Sullivan’s death. He hosts a press conference and gives medals to two agents including Ray’s lackey Frank Barnes, for the mobster’s take-down. While the conference’s televised back in Boston, a reporter named Kate (Vinessa Shaw) for the Boston Globe thinks something’s a miss with the information that Cochran releases during the ceremony. The Bureau director tells reporters that they believed Sully had been in Los Angeles for the previous 6-8 months. The reporter bursts into her editor’s office telling him the Bureau is lying and for him to send her to Los Angeles for the story. The cliché that most procedurals would follow, would be telling the young woman that sounds like a great angle and bring us back an exclusive. Instead we get some realism as her editor reminds Kate that newspapers are barely surviving in 2014 and there’s no way he’s going to authorize her request. She responds that she’ll dig up compelling evidence to change his mind.

Micky and Ray walk into Cochran’s office and Micky hopes to win him over with jokes, but the Bureau director tells him the time for fun has ended. Micky will disavow all knowledge of how Sullivan died and he’s now on parole for the next five years, meaning he’s anchored to Los Angeles for that time. No Mexico for Micky and only more headaches for Ray. He tells Cochran to send his father back South of the border and the director responds that if Micky gets in trouble father and son will share a cell in Leavenworth.

Ray brings his father over to his brother Terry’s gym where Micky will be staying, but when they get upstairs the elder Donovan’s three other sons look less than pleased to see him back. He tells them that he’s now on parole and son Bunchy, wearing long pants comes over and hugs his father. Micky breaks out a bottle, but Bunchy is sober and now works at the bicycle shop.

Abby’s in her bedroom when Ray arrives home and the two start kissing, but her husband doesn’t want to stop there, he tries to take his wife forcefully. She says no twice and the third time slaps him across the face and says that his forceful sex makes her feel raped and of course Ray’s dumbfounded by that statement and heads to the shower. As he’s showering Abby walks in and asks him to talk to her about the priest she recently realized molested Ray as a child, but he remains silent and she storms out in frustration.

Getting out of the shower he sees a brochure for a house n the market in Truesdale, he calls Barnes and tells him he needs all the credit report for every parole officer in the city. He then calls his aide Lena and tells her to try to dig up any dirt she can on Cochran. He gets dressed and we see a very expensive watch collection, he pulls out one that’s impressive and puts it on his wrist. He drives over to the house in the brochure but as he arrives gets a call from Ezra Goodman telling him to get right to his office.

Ezra’s mistress Deb (Denise Crosby) embraces Donovan when he walks in the office and tells him she is now in charge of acquiring donations for the cancer center Ezra’s building as a tribute to his late wife Ruth. Goodman had surgery to remove a tumor on his brain last season and there are times when one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood, seems to slip in and out of reality. Ezra’s manic when he sees Ray and starts complaining of all the people who pledged money for the center but have yet to pony up to the table. He mentions a client June Wilson, once a huge star on-screen now in her early seventies had pledged $5 million, but now avoids his phone calls. Donovan tries to dissuade his employer, but eventually says he’ll talk with her.

Abby and Ray’s son Connor’s serving a five-day suspension from school at home when he gets a call from his grandfather. The boy’s excited to hear from Micky and tells him that he earned his suspension pushing another student down a flight of stairs from behind, something even Micky thinks wrong. He’s calling from the parole bureau and his officer calls for him so he says goodbye to Connor and greets his officer a woman named Lupita.

The yoga class Abby attends starts to disperse and she appears to have fallen asleep on the floor and her instructor puts his hand on her shoulder to wake her. She opens her eyes and asks him if he sees her and he replies that he does, but she repeats the question and then kisses him full on the mouth. As he starts to get aroused she seems to realize what she’s done and embarrassed bolts the scene. We watch her reactions driving home and she laughs nervously at first, but then we see the pride in her eyes that she controlled the situation. She buys some naughty lingerie on the ride home and tries it on.

Ray gets word from his top aide Avi on the parole officer that Ray wants to talk to. He heads into a casino and asks an attendant where the officer was and the man replies that he is the large Black man standing nearby. We watch as the Parole Officer sees the last of his money become the casino’s and sits at the bar, Ray joins him there shortly after. Donovan asks him if he had bad luck and the officer responds he doesn’t want to talk. Ray signals the bartender to give them each a drink and the officer repeats he’s not talking, but after a few rounds he tells Donovan his sorrows. His daughter’s getting married and wants a 15 thousand dollar wedding gown and he’s heartbroken because his plans of winning the money collapsed. Ray says that’s a large sum on a parole officer’s salary and the officer suddenly realizes that Donovan’s not some random nice guy. Ray puts an envelope stuffed with cash on the bar and stays silent.

Micky and his Parole officer Lupita are at the gym, as she inspects where he resides and Connor surprises him. He tells his grandson to go wait for him, but Lupita tells him the visit’s over. After she leaves Micky and the boy walk by the imposing flight of stairs that leads to the street and makes his grandson believe he’s going to throw him down the stairs from behind. Connor freaks but Micky did it to teach the boy a lesson. Connor tells his grandfather that he and Ray are going to the boy’s house to apologize but Micky says a Donovan’s sorry when they do wrong, but never apologize.

Back at the casino the officer tells Ray that he can get Micky transferred to his case-load but some of Donovan’s requests may prove too difficult, and Ray pulls the envelope from the bar and gets up to leave. But the officer tells him to sit back down and then admires Ray’s watch and Donovan gives it to him to close the deal.

Abby gets a text message alerting her that Connor has used his Uber Account (a car sharing service) to go to Terry’s gym and she calls Ray, who tells her he’ll head over and pick their son up. He climbs the stairs to see his father and son sparring in the ring, only to stop when Connor sees Ray. He tells his son that its time to go, but the boy disobeys his father and then starts spouting what Micky said about Donovan’s not apologizing. Ray actually smiles, but that quickly disappears as Abby comes in glaring at Micky and telling her son to go wait in the car. When Ray and his wife get to the street she screams at him for not telling her Micky’s back, that she’s sick of her husband’s lies. She says he’s making no attempts to save their marriage and Ray says he’s unaware it needed saving.

Inside a restaurant we see a very pretty older woman toying with a man half her age, she then sees Ray and tells the man to go have a smoke, he leaves the table and Ray comes over and kisses the woman then sits at the table. She’s the former box-office top attraction June Wilson (Ann-Margret.) She orders a glass of wine for Ray and herself then asks how much she pledged to Ezra’s center and nearly faints when she’s told its $5 million. She pulls out her checkbook and tells Ray she’ll have to sell her art collection and Ray says that’s ridiculous and he’ll handle Ezra, but we get a feeling of just how powerful Goodman is when she expresses fear of his wrath. Ray then rips up the check and tells her to enjoy dinner. The phone rings as he enters the car and Ezra says that he just spoke to June and she told him that Ray left without her donation, to which Donovan tells him she couldn’t afford it and asks Goodman if he wants Ray to beat her up and Ezra hangs up the phone overcome with frustration.

Micky’s sitting alone at Terry’s gym when his new Parole Officer comes in and the old man tells him the place’s closed, but seeing the man’s not moving he asks him if he can help him. The officer tells Micky that he’s now his Parole Officer and tells him to pack his bags that he can’t live in the gym as gambling goes on there. He then takes Micky to a skid-row dive and tells him that he starts his new job at 5:00 am.

Lena calls Ray, telling her boss she thinks she’s scored dirt on Cochran as he’s at LAX wearing a t-shirt, a biker vest, torn jeans and has a bandana in his back pocket. She quickly realizes she found nothing but the cover-band he fronts for at the bar at the airport. She watches him sing Bob Seeger’s Night Moves in front of an audience that’s indifferent.

Ray’s in his car and calls Abby at the house and asks her to meet him somewhere and she thinks he’s nuts. He tells her it will be worth her while and texts her the address. It’s the house in Truesdale and when Abby arrives he asks her if she wants the house and she’s ecstatic, it turns out she still has on the lingerie and proceeds to pleasure her husband.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Graceland: Briggs Connects With Caza To Find Suspects

Photo Courtesy Of USA Network
Photo Courtesy Of USA Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Graceland is officially under the command of FBI Agent Mike Warren, as the team tries to determine, who hired the two men who tortured Warren last week and possibly behind an operation to smuggle heroin out of Mexico via bus-lines. As the episode opens, Agent Paul Briggs is on the beach waiting for Warren to arrive. He proceeds to tell Mike, that they won’t identify who hired the pair through usual law-enforcement channels. He tells Warren that he has arranged a meeting across the border with a representative of the Caza Cartel, to find out who arranged for Mike’s  kidnapping and torture. Warren is against the plan, believing it is too dangerous, he also reminds Briggs about the anger Charlie will display when she hears the news, and Briggs asks Mike not to tell her.

Once Paul crosses the border into Mexico, he leaves his car and gets into a vehicle with two guys from the Caza Cartel. After driving for a while they hand the FBI Agent off to two other men, who give Briggs a black hood to put over his head during the ride. They drive out to a mostly deserted area, get Briggs out of the car, take the hood off his head and drive away. Briggs hears an animal and walks a bit to find a young goat tied to a post in front of a simple green wooden house. Seconds later, much to Briggs surprise Alfredo Armas, the head of the Caza Cartel, pulls up in a car and comes out carrying two bags of groceries that he gives to Briggs. He then pulls out a knife and slits the goat’s neck, as the animal will be their lunch.

Armas tells Briggs while they are eating that he has no respect for what the Agent does. Although he realizes the law needs enforcement, he berates the Agent for working undercover and lying to the people he is trying to bust. Paul counters that the cartel had employed Jangles for years and he was in fact a member of Mexican Law Enforcement. Armas tells Briggs that he never felt he could trust or get close to Jangles because of the double-life he had led. The two men part with an agreement that if Armas provides Briggs with the name of the man who hired the hit on Warren, Briggs will do his best to get the FBI to lower the heat on the cartel.

Back at the house, Johnny walks in on Jakes packing up his possessions as he is moving out of the house. Johnny attempts to talk him out of it, but Jakes reveals to his housemate that he has a nine-year-old son that he wants to start a relationship with. He had been with the boy’s mother years before, but just after their son Daniel was born, he broke things off with her in fear of putting her and their son in danger. Jakes tells Johnny, that he has rented a two bedroom apartment and requested a desk assignment, so that he can be a responsible father for Daniel. He asks Johnny not to tell anybody else in the house that he is moving, then gives in to a hug from Johnny.

Paige has worked on a case for the DEA for four months and she is upset that just when it seems about to break, her assignment has changed to becoming a member of Mike’s task force. She has video of the petty dealer named Finch she has worked with in her under-cover guise, on the phone with whom she believes is the big shark she is trying to snare, Moreno. She also believes that Finch is setting up a meet with Moreno, however without any audio she has no clue what is really taking place. Mike offers to help Paige, but she waves off his offer of assistance.

Charlie has discovered that Briggs is nowhere around and she is not taking the news well. She asks her housemates if they know where he is, but they all deny any knowledge. She sees the look in Mike’s eyes that he is hiding something, he confesses that Briggs is in Mexico and Charlie blames Warren for Paul’s decision. When Briggs gets back home he finds out Charlie knows and goes to her undercover assignment where she is posing as a tattoo artist. She expresses her anger and feelings of betrayal, but Briggs turns the situation back on her, saying she has sneaked around at night. Charlie hands Briggs a blue binder and tells him her secret’s contained in it.

Briggs soon finds that the binder contains information on Kelly Badillo, widow of Juan, whom Briggs accidentally killed in a scuffle over a gun last year. The Bureau cleared Paul of the crime, when they blamed his death on Jangles, but Briggs is afraid that Charlie has determined the truth. He heads to Jakes new apartment, to tell him about the binder, Jakes is aware that Briggs killed Badillo, as he helped Paul by tampering with evidence after the crime. Jakes tells Paul in no uncertain terms he will not go down for the crime and tells his former housemate to talk to Charlie to find out what she is doing.

When Briggs leaves the apartment, Jakes calls Daniel’s mother Cassie to confirm their meeting tomorrow, so he can be introduced to his son. Cassie tells Jakes he is not supposed to call her house, but he tells her he is just excited about his new apartment and the room he has for Daniel. She cuts him off telling him they will talk about things the next day and hangs up the phone.

Mike takes Paige down to the local FBI bureau and introduces her to a lip reader who can determine what Finch said on the phone. They find out that Finch’s meeting with Moreno is in a half-hour, so they hurry out of the bureau and get a Swat team setup  at the location when the meeting takes place. They convene at a house next to Finch’s place and Paige grabs the agents’ pizza and walks over to the dealer’s house.

When Finch answers the door, he tries to get rid of Paige but she barges right in. He then tells her to go into another room to check out his new microphone and when she leaves he pulls out a pistol, then follows her into the room. Paige realizes it is a setup and overpowers Finch, grabbing the gun in the process. She then tells Finch he can either meet Moreno with her or she will knock him out and stick him in the closet, take all the money and come back later to kill him. Of course Finch takes the first option and they both answer the door when the big fish arrives.

Seconds after Moreno walks in the door and after she has verified he has the money to buy the drugs, she calls out the code-word and the Swat team storm the house. Moreno crashes through a full length window to escape capture, but Paige runs after him, jumps on his back and accuses him of calling the feds. At that point Mike and housemate Bates show up, Bates tries to subdue Moreno but nearly gets his light knocked out. Mike however knocks the Drug Kingpin to the ground, cuffs him and then cuffs Paige to keep her cover intact. As soon as he has the handcuffs on Paige his cellphone rings and Jess is on the other end with a lead about a building that is allegedly a drug distribution center run by the Caza Cartel.

Charlie is once again in front of the Badillo house when Briggs jumps into her car and asks her why she is doing this. She tells Paul that she feels responsible for her husband’s death, because she trusted Jangles. Kelly is back to drinking heavily again and she says their daughter is a mess as well.

Later that day another Swat team crashes though the building Jess called Mike about, all this building is another baby-goat tied to a pole, but the only other thing they find a photo on the floor covered with goat waste. The two head back to house and inform the crew the suspect is Carlos Solano.  Johnny and Paige both argue that man in the picture, is far older than the guy they know as Solano, as they have run into him constantly and he is just a young guy. Briggs informs that the guy they have run into is Carlito, who is trying to run the family business with all the villains, now. His father, doesn’t seem too convinced to the idea that Carlito, will take the operation to a more profitable and corruption free environment. Which is why he is still in charge of his organization.

The next afternoon has arrived and Jakes’ stoked to finally be a father in every sense He knocks on Cassie’s door and he finds out the meeting had a been a disaster from the word go. Her fiancée comes to the door in seconds telling Jakes he has to go as he is violating a restraining order from last year. Then two cops walk out of Cassie’s home and promptly arrest Jakes for breaking the arrest warrant. When he gets out of jail he goes back to his apartment and smashes up the room he prepared for Daniel.

Briggs feeling guilty about Kelly Badillo, starts following her around in his car. When he sees her enter a liquor store, he follows her in and just as she is picking out a bottle of whiskey, Briggs tells her that he recognizes her from the counseling group she belongs to in hopes of maintaining sobriety. He then sarcastically describes the pair as two drunks who fell off the wagon. Kelly then tells Briggs she has been sober for three-days, he responds that he has been sober for five as he picks up two bottles and begins to head towards the cashier. Kelly asks him if she buys him a cup of coffee from a nearby would he attempt to stay sober for six days? Briggs smiles and says that sounds like a good idea.

The final scene of the episode begins with Mike getting a call from Jess in FBI Headquarters and she does not seem too pleased. She tells Mike she stuck her head on the line to see this project through, if it fails there will a lot of men and women out of work. Meanwhile Paige fresh from a shower walks past Mike wearing nothing but a towel, she goes into her room without shutting the door allowing Mike to watch. He walks in and the camera fades to black.

Graceland can be seen Wednesday nights on the USA Network.