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Wayward Pines: Humanity’s Last Stand?

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Underestimating one’s opponent can prove to be a fatal flaw, a lesson that goes back to Biblical Times, when a giant took on a scrawny kid with a slingshot. Jason Higgins, the hand-chosen successor to David Pilcher, to become the leader of “Wayward Pines,” can’t bring himself to accept the truth.  Despite the mounting evidence Higgins refuses to accept that the Abbies are capable of thought, let alone be humanities intellectual superiors. His refusal to alter his mindset has put the 1178 residents of the town in a possible deadly situation. However this episode begins with a flashback that shows the viewers how the conflict between humans and Abbies originated.

The first images of the evening shows what looks to be an idyllic society of Abbies in the wild eating and playing together and showing signs of affection and a mother with her newborn. Suddenly one of the Abbies looks to the sky and starts snarling, we soon see a helicopter hovering above them. Without any warning the chopper starts firing on the Abbies with an automatic weapon and wiping out most of the tribe. When the helicopter lands, Pilcher emerges and we hear someone tell him the area’s now clear and they can start building their fence. Once again humanity starts off with an Original Sin.

We cut to Higgins and Kerry’s bedroom and Jason tells her they should have a baby and at first she seems pleased with the idea. However she soon starts focusing on the problems of the town and any thoughts of romance between the couple that night quickly dissipates.

Theo’s trying to get drunk from the less than satisfactory liquor at the Beer Garden when Rebecca walks in and sits down on the stool next to him. She says to Theo that she really tried to find him, whether she’s being truthful remains a mystery, as one would think that as the town’s designer she’d have some clout. She says that at first her and Xander’s marriage was comparable to two prisoners sharing a cell. Yedlin asks her if she still got feelings for Xander and she responds she chose Theo first. He says that doesn’t answer his question, but just then they see hundreds of people walking briskly through the town square.

Outside the fence Adam Hassler carves a stake, while many of the scouting party sleep. Suddenly, he sees the flames of the corn crops on fire and yells for everybody to clear out. However some of the Abbies already breached the camp and they kill some of the scouts while also suffering losses. Hassler runs into Theresa Burke’s tent and sees one of the Abbies mauling her, Hassler stops the Abbie with two shots to the head but Theresa’s badly injured.

In Megan Fisher’s lab suddenly all the male Abbies start snarling and shaking the bars of their cages in an effort to break free. Fisher looks over at Margaret the female Abbie and sees that she’s standing perfectly still but she’s glaring at Fisher and it causes Megan to feel quite uneasy.

Theo and Rebecca find out that the Abbies have set the cornfield on fire and there’s a woman’s voice on a loudspeaker asking for all able-bodied men to report to the fire-station. Kerry pulls up and tells Yedlin she needs him at the hospital, he asks her why they’re recruiting civilians and she responds to fight the fire while the soldiers fight the Abbies.

Yedlin addresses his staff and tells them they’ll set up a triage unit and treat victims by how severe their injuries are. He then tells the staff he’s got confidence in them to handle the situation. Oscar the senior medical student starts praising Yedlin and the surgeon tells him to shut up.

Jason and the soldiers gear up to battle the Abbies and Higgins says if they can’t save the cornfield they’re all dead.  However the Abbies lit the four corners of the field realizing the flames would spread to the center. The soldiers are badly outnumbered and 35 people die at the hands of the Abbies, while the crops got burned to the ground.

The hospital’s a scene of barely contained chaos with blood everywhere and the screams of pain from the victims fill the air. CJ and Hassler arrive with Theresa and Yedlin realizes she’s got a collapsed lung. Theo tells Burke why she can’t breath and says that she’s going to feel pain but this will help her breath, then sticks a syringe into her chest. Theresa winces in pain but soon she’s breathing normally.

Jason’s having an episode of self-doubt and Kerry calls him out on it, telling him he’s acting like a sniveling loser. She says she thought he was the man that was trained from birth to lead Wayward Pines and he says she’s correct. Kerry then tells him to never display a lack of confidence in front of the others, because then they’ll lose their faith in him.

Jason and Kerry meet with Mitchum, Yedlin, Mario and Fisher to assess the damage and discuss their options which CJ says don’t exist. He says that the Abbies learned to use fire, after the soldiers killed some with flamethrowers and says that they knew what they were doing when they set the crops on fire and when they ambushed them. Higgins won’t accept the fact that the Abbies are capable of thought and reason and gets agitated when someone suggests otherwise.

Mitchum says that even if the Abbies were to retreat from the fence, the soil they used would need months to recover. CJ tells them that they’ve got less than six weeks worth of food in storage. Then Yedlin hits them with the second punch, they’re dangerously low on antibiotics and somebody could possibly die from a sinus infection or tetanus. Theo says he could possibly synthesize a penicillin type drug, but that’s about it.

Hassler was also badly injured by the Abbies and wakes up after his surgery and sees Oscar standing over his bed. Adam asks if Theresa’s alive and Oscar says he can’t discuss other patients with him. Hassler flashes back to Seattle in our era and he’s sitting on a city bench when Megan approaches the bench and sits next to him. He asks where Pilcher’s at and she says he couldn’t make it so she came instead.  She says that Ethan Burke belongs to the future and that Adam can now pursue the woman he loves Theresa. Then she says Pilcher told her that Hassler tried to call it off and asks him if he’s in love with Theresa why would he do that. Hassler replies that his feelings don’t justify his actions and walks away.

Hassler leaves his room and starts looking for Theresa and he sees her in a room comatose and hooked up to a ventilator. He walks over to her bed and takes her hand and apologizes for destroying her life. He then flashes back to our era and we see that he witnessed Ethan and Theresa surprising Ben with a birthday cake in the park, then he sadly walks away. Right then Burke wakes up momentarily and pulls her hand away from Adam then closes her eyes again. We see that she’s having the same memory of surprising Ben and then she flat-lines.

Theo heads to Fisher’s lab and Megan’s got Margaret in an MRI chamber per Yedlin’s request. He tells Fisher he wants to examine Margaret’s brain to determine how large her center of language and advanced thought is and then the surgeon gasps. He says a chimpanzee’s brain contains a center that’s one-third the size of a human and that Margaret’s center’s twice the size of a human’s. Megan asks if that means she can understand them, unaware that Margaret’s actually communicating telepathically with the Abbies outside the fence.

Theo heads back to the hospital and starts questioning Hassler about female Abbies, when Adam asks what Theo knows about the females, he replies they’ve got one in captivity. Adam’s eyes show his fear and he asks Theo if the female has a raised brand on the palm of her hand.

In the final scene we watch the radar detector pick up more and more Abbies gathering around the fence, the amount of dots on the screen increase from about a hundred to what looks like thousands. Suddenly the sound of the Abbies outside the fence permeates the air, causing everyone to come out to the street. As the hospital staff stand in front of their building, Arlene asks Yedlin if they’re going to be alright.

The Flash: Round One Goes To Zoom

 Dean Buscher/The CW
Photo Courtesy Of Dean Buscher/The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Turns out that Jay Garrick’s assessment was unfortunately spot on that Earth-Prime’s version of “The Flash,” had not prepared enough to take on the evil speedster from Earth-Two Zoom. Just how badly did the demon whose wreaked havoc on Earth-Two for the past two-years defeat Barry Allen? Try picturing a contest between a pile-drive and a stake with Flash in the role of the stake, as Allen was fortunate to escape with his life. Battered and broken the Scarlet Speedster held serious doubts whether he’d be able to resume his crime-fighting career. At the very least will have to go through some major physical-therapy and rehab to once again be fastest man on Earth-Prime.

Perhaps I watch too many action-adventure oriented series, but when a show begins with an action sequence in which it appears our hero’s in dire-straights, followed by a graphic that informs us we’re going to jump back to 72-hours-earlier, you’ve tipped your hand that the scene’s phony. This hackneyed device seems to be employed on an almost weekly basis by some series during the Prime-Time schedule and should be retired for the foreseeable future.

The action started out with Earth-Two villain Doctor Light zapping Flash with three bolts of energy and he hits the concrete apparently unconscious. She rips the lightning-bolt emblem off his chest and laughs haughtily saying Zoom never loses. Then we see the graphic telling us we’re heading back three-days before this battle took place. Considering Flash defeated Doctor Light in the previous episode and locked her in a cage for Meta-Human prisoners at STAR Labs, immediately got me questioning the legitimacy of the previous scene. However we’ll return to that point in a bit.

The Flash’s questioning the Linda Park of Earth-Two about Zoom and why she attempted to kill her Earth-Prime double in the previous chapter. She said she hoped that Zoom would find her Doppelganger’s corpse and conclude she died in a battle against Flash and she could live a carefree life here on Earth-Prime. The protector of Central City tells her that as long as Zoom’s on the loose she’ll never be free and tells her that he can defeat him with her help.

He asks her how she was supposed to contact him and she replies she’d been told to take his emblem and throw it through the breach. Zoom would show up on our side of the black-hole shortly after and take her back to her home. Flash asks her to team up with him and trick Zoom into thinking she was victorious, then they’d defeat him when he walked through the breach. After telling him that he can’t stop Zoom she reluctantly agrees to go along with the plan.

Barry meets with Team-Flash and Wells and tells them about his plan and Caitlin asks him how he expects to defeat Zoom if he encounters him. Wells says that he’s worked out a formula on his planet that can dampen Zoom’s powers and leave him vulnerable for attack. He suggests that Cisco creates a weapon that can project a dart containing the formula. Caitlin says that Zoom’s supposed to be faster and more powerful than Barry and Allen can catch bullets, how does Wells expect to strike Zoom with the dart. The scientist says they’ll use the element of surprise and shoot the projectiles at him when he emerges from the breach. Detective Joe West says they need a plan and it sounds as viable as anything he’s thought of.

Wells and Allen take off in separate directions and Joe gathers Caitlin and Cisco to talk privately. Snow asks West if he’s just discounted everything Jay Garrick told him and believes Wells is right? The detective smiles and says Hell no, he’s wary of him and just wants to give him enough rope to hang himself. He then looks at Ramon and tells him Barry told him that Cisco can do something with his mind and Snow says vibe. Joe asks Cisco if he can use it on Wells and he says he can try.

Wells starts making the compound in one of the labs and as he works he has a flashback to STAR Labs on Earth-Two as he berates one of his scientists on the phone. With sarcasm dripping from his voice he asks the person on the other end to do him a favor. Since that person’s incapable of doing the job they got hired for, find Wells someone who can do the job and slams down the phone.

Jesse Wells, the scientist’s daughter entered his office while he was still on the phone and she says she still has troubles reconciling the fact that he adopts a far stricter persona at STAR Labs than the laid-back Dad she knows from home. Harrison says her mother’s always  had the same reaction then asks her why she’s not  in school. Jesse smiles and says she graduated high-school at 15 and her first course at Central City University doesn’t start for another two-hours.

We soon realize that this conversation’s taking place shortly after Wells held his press-conference announcing STAR Labs new app, that got interrupted when Jay Garrick appeared and accused Wells of being responsible for all the Meta-Humans. Jesse asks her father if what Flash said was indeed fact and he responded that Garrick’s far faster at throwing groundless accusations than when he’s chasing criminals. Jesse takes Flash’s side saying Garrick’s a hero and only has Central City’s best interests at heart.

Perhaps Wells’ ego gets the best of him but he admits to his daughter that he’s responsible for the Meta-Humans and starts sounding like he’s bragging. Her father’s admission doesn’t sit well with Jessie and she says she’s leaving, Wells says she should probably head for school and she replies she’d already received quite an education that morning.

Doctor Light derives her powers from the stars, which gives her the ability to emit energy beams but also enables to control the light spectrum which she utilizes to escape from STAR-Labs. Cisco walks by her cell to find Doctor Light’s vanished with only her visor costume and boots remaining. Reacting to the panic that suddenly grips him he opens the cell and soon realizes that Park made herself invisible, she’s hacked the security system and Doctor Light has left the building.

Team-Flash momentarily believes there plan’s gone with Doctor Light until Caitlin suggests that Barry ask Linda Park if she’d like to help. Allen says that she’s staying with Iris at Joe’s house and he’ll talk to Iris and have her broach the subject with Linda. Joe asks Barry if they can talk privately for a moment and he tells his surrogate son that perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that Doctor Light escaped  and it was a message to them that the time’s not right for him to take on Zoom.

Joe asks him how much of Allen’s motivation comes from defeating Zoom rather than him still trying to defeat the Reverse-Flash. Barry says he already defeated him and West says that Allen’s the first one to say that Eddie took out the Reverse-Flash by shooting himself to death and preventing his descendent from being born. He says that Barry’s dealing with a guy that’s got the same face as the man that murdered his mother. He tells Allen he’s got to figure out his true motivation before he challenges Zoom.

Cisco approaches Wells while he’s working on the compound and tells Harrison he’s really impressed with the equation Wells worked out and slaps him on the shoulder and says congratulations. He then closes his eyes and attempts to see inside the scientist, but Wells rises from his stool and asks Ramon what he’s doing? Cisco says it’s called congratulations and Harrison’s face and voice become as cold as ice. He asks Cisco what he vibed from him and when Ramon responds nothing he asks him once again. He tells Ramon that if he’s got a question ask him and not to touch him again. As he walks away Caitlin tells Cisco he’s got to attempt it again.

Harrison has another flashback as he’s sitting in his office at STAR Labs on Earth-Two watching the news on TV as he works on a projectile gun. In a wink to their sister-series Arrow, the newscaster reports that Robert Queen’s been identified as the man known as the Arrow. Queen was believed dead in a boating accident in the South Seas. The newscaster then says that reports are coming in that there’s a Meta-Human attack taking place in the science building of Central  City University. Wells calls Jessie gets her voice-mail and starts to leave a message when he glances back at the screen and sees a live shot from the school that’s focused on Jessie’s cellphone. It’s lying on the grass with the lens cracked and Wells picture appearing as the caller-ID reads Dad.

Iris brings Linda to STAR Labs and Park says that Joe told her to stay in their house and not to leave. Iris smiles and replies then something came up and Linda’s shocked to see the Flash standing in front of her and even more taken aback when he asks for her help.

Cisco’s rigged up a pair of gloves that will mimic the energy bolts that Doctor Light projects and Ramon stresses that these gloves pack a jolt but that Barry’s suit will easily absorb it. Then Linda undergoes her training regimen and quickly shows she’s far from a natural. She improves by the end of the training session to not totally awful, but Flash tells her she can do it. Wells tells her to stop yelling every time she fires a blast and says he’ll work out some minor flaws in the gloves.

Joe and Barry have another private conversation and West asks Allen if he’s sure about going ahead with this and Barry says Linda will work out great. He says that he’s been  thinking about their earlier conversation and Joe’s right, Barry’s still fighting old battles but not for the reason he believes.

He talks about the message Wells left for Barry on the flash-drive when Wells said he’s about to make Allen’s greatest wish a reality, but he believes that Barry still will never be truly happy. He tells Joe that Wells’ words resonated within him as he never has felt truly happy. Joe tells Barry to forget what Wells said and that Allen’s responsible for his own happiness so go out and grab what makes you happy. Allen smiles and we can see Joe’s words got to him.

Back at the station Patty Spivot’s showing some other women officers a video on her phone with babies making funny faces when Barry comes over. She starts to tell him about the video but he backs the two of them into  a relatively secluded corner and kisses her. She smiles and thanks him and asks what that’s for and Barry says he’s decided to seek out happiness and kissing her makes him happy. They kiss again before she says she’s got to get back to work.

Linda’s overcome by the reality of what she’s volunteered to do and backs out heading back to the West home when Flash arrives and tries to get her to change her mind. Flash tells her that he knows she’s strong and a fighter and that she’s up to the task. She smiles and says that’s nice to hear, but with all due respect what are you basing it on. Flash says Linda you’re trusting me, so I’m going to trust you and removes his head-piece. She barely mouths the word Barry and then says Holy Crap I used to make-out with the Flash.

Which brings us back full circle to our opening scene as we see that the whole thing’s a setup to lure Zoom through the  breach and trap him. Both Wells and West are in sniper position with weapons equipped with the darts aimed at the breach. Flash’s unharmed by the bolts but plays the part and acts like he’s dead. Linda shouts into the breach she killed the Flash and throws his emblem into the breach and yells for Zoom to take her home. They wait an hour before they realize he didn’t fall for it.

Later Linda and Iris are back at their newspaper and talking about the disappointment they share that the plan didn’t work. Park says she’ll see Iris tomorrow and leaves the office but doesn’t get far before confronting a hideous mask that frightens herb to her core.

Cisco concocts a way to vibe Wells as he comes over with a can of lubrication oil and accidentally on-purpose spills the can on Wells work-station. As he cleans up the mess he and Wells make contact and Ramon gets a vision of Jessie in a cage being held by Zoom. The Speedster tells Jessie that her father’s on the other Earth and she says Wells will defeat Zoom and the vision fades. Suddenly the phone rings with Iris calling Barry telling him that Zoom’s captured Linda and Cisco says they’re on the roof.

Flash arrives and sees Zoom holding Linda in the air, he says that Flash uses people as bait and he does as well then throws Linda from the roof. Barry races to the pavement and then rapidly vibrates his arms creating a wind that slows her down enough that he catches her easily and deposits her safely on  the sidewalk.  He turns around to see Zoom in front of him and the man’s huge.

Flash asks Zoom what he wants from him and Zoom growls back everything. Flash smiles and says you want to  be  me, you want to be a hero? Zoom responds heroes die and Flash says you got to catch us first. He then races around the city faster and faster and Cisco excitedly says he’s going to thunderbolt him and the Flash grabs a lightning bolt he created with his speed and fires it at Zoom. The villain slips out-of-the-way at the last instant grabs it and fires it back at the Flash hitting him in the chest and throwing him into a building. Flash then leads Zoom on a supersonic chase and the pair plummet to the street in a free-fall trading blows the entire way down. Zoom however gains the advantage and senses Wells behind him attempting to surprise him with the dart but Zoom grabs it in his hand.

He smashes Flash to the ground and we hear a crunching sound coming from Allen’s body as if the demon crushed his back. He then picks up the Flash’s broken body and speeds to the newspaper that Iris and Linda write for. He holds Flash up in front of them as videographers grab the cameras and says behold your hero, he’s not a God. He’s nothing.

He then runs to Joe’s station and stands in front of all the officers holding Flash by the scruff of the neck. He yells out that the days of Flash protecting their city have ended. What will they do without their precious hero. Joe’s captain orders all his officers to open fire on Zoom but the behemoth stands there and catches all the bullets then opens his hand lets them fall to the floor.

He then races back to STAR Labs where Cisco, Caitlin and Wells are trying to track down Zoom and Barry. Zoom looks at Wells and says you expected to beat me with this as he pulls Barry’s headpiece off his face. Harrison says he made a terrible mistake and Zoom says and a costly one and he’s about to kill Barry but Cisco catches him by surprise hitting him with the dart. The compound weakens him causing him to let Allen loose and he falls to the ground briefly before he gets back up and goes back through the breach as Wells screams no.

Barry’s lying comatose on a bed at STAR Labs as Cisco, Caitlin, West and Wells are gathered around him. Joe grabs Wells by the lapels and tells the scientist this is on him and if Barry dies he dies. Caitlin says that Barry’s vital signs have stabilized and West says Harrison best hope that continues. Cisco tells Joe to chill for a bit and asks Wells who’s Jessie. Wells puts his hands on Cisco’s shoulders and asks did you vibe me did you see her? Ramon says yes to both questions and says that Zoom’s holding her as prisoner. Wells asks but she’s alive and West asks did he send you over here to kill Barry also? He asks is that the only way you’ll get her back? Harrison says the only way he gets her back is by defeating Zoom and he prayed that Barry could help him do that.

With Caitlin and Cisco at his side Barry finally comes to in the final scene. Barry’s vision’s fuzzy at first but he soon sees his friends as well as ever. Ramon says he scared them nearly to death as he was out a long time and he taps Allen on the thigh as a welcome back gesture. Caitlin smiles and says she’s thankful he heals as quickly as he does.

They see the agitation suddenly on Barry’s face and Cisco says oh no fighting’s a long way off. Allen says that’s not it, he  can’t feel his legs.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 8:00 pm on The CW.

Gotham: With The Rest Of The Monsters

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

If a TV show compels me to repeatedly yell to a character to keep their mouth shut, it automatically passes my litmus-test. That actually occurred several times while watching the latest episode of the FOX series “Gotham,” much to my wife and our dogs’ consternation. That sub-plot was one of many that kept this viewer glued to my seat throughout the evening, indicating that in an era when the industry’s embracing comic-book shows, Gotham just maybe a cut above the rest. A war’s taking place in Gotham City and there are wolves masquerading as sheep, while others get pushed into situations they originally wanted no part of.

The blood-feud that’s developed between Theo and Tabitha Lucas and Oswald Cobblepot’s keeps boiling as the Penguin attempts to get Butch Gilzean deep within the Galavan organization. Cobblepot whacked off Butch’s hand with a meat-cleaver near the end of the previous chapter, this week opens with Gilzean telling Theo, Tabitha and Barbara Kean that Penguin’s lost his mind.

Butch tells the trio that Penguin blamed him for the bust at his counting-house and accused Gilzean of plotting behind his back and being a traitor. Butch told them that Oswald then grabbed the cleaver and chopped his hand off, he said that Penguin tried to hit him again but he slipped on the blood and Gilzean escaped and then woke up in a hospital. He then asks Theo for a job, but Galavan doesn’t think it’s a good match.

Butch says he’s got brains and nobody knows Gotham better than he does. Theo asks the women their opinion and Tabitha says she thinks he’s cute and reminds of a sad bear. Kean says that they had an incident last year as Gilzean held her prisoner in her own apartment. Butch says that’s true and he apologizes, Tabitha suddenly gets animated and says them can put a hammer or a knife on his stump. Kean  suggests a mini chainsaw and both women giggle which convinces Galavan to welcome Butch aboard.

We watch a guy running as fast as he can through a seedy Gotham City neighborhood with Jim Gordon in hot pursuit. The suspect knocks over a homeless man  trying to slow Gordon but he sidesteps him. He reaches the end of the alley and two members of the Strike-Force take him down. Gordon slugs the guy and says he’s looking for a firebug, and he knows the guy’s one. The dude says he’s been out of arson for years.

Gordon says he’s looking for a girl who wears a costume and uses a flamethrower, the guy responds he doesn’t know any female firebugs, he says they’re Mad-Rare like unicorns. Gordon punches the guy in the gut and leaves him sprawled among the garbage in the alley. The male Strike-Force member says to Gordon that Captain Barnes’ demanded that any breaking of policy must be reported even if committed by a superior officer. Gordon barks back you do that and stomps away.

Bridget Pike’s staying with Selina and while Kyle’s sleeping she starts cleaning up the condemned apartment. Selina wakes up and asks what she’s doing and Pike replies she can’t sleep she just killed a cop and she’s unwelcome at home. She says she can’t go to the police and asks Kyle what she should do, Selina responds she needs to leave town. Bridget responds she’s got no money and Kyle smiles wickedly and says she knows a way to solve that problem, they’ll pull a heist. Pike’s against the idea but admits it’s her only option.

Just how depraved is Gotham City? How about holding what appears to be a nightly auction where the clientele bids for sex-slaves held against their will? Selina tells Pike this is the place they’re robbing and tells the teen to go in through the back door but to remain hidden until Kyle makes her move.

Both girls enter the building and Selina gets the crowd’s attention by shooting her gun towards the ceiling. She says that the crowd’s getting robbed and some of the folks start to laugh until Bridget shoots a flame into the audience. Pike  wants to free the women who are caged but Selina says they don’t have the time. They gather the money and run out of the place after Bridget shoots another burst fire from her flamethrower to keep anyone from following them.

Back at the precinct Barnes’ reads the riot-act to Gordon telling him we don’t ever beat suspects. He then shows security-cam footage to Jim of the girls entering the auction house, Barnes identifies one of the teens as the firebug but says he’s got no idea whom the other girl is. Gordon realizing it’s Selena says he knows her.

Alfred’s continuing Bruce’s boxing lessons in the cave under the library and he keeps telling Wayne he needs to focus that distractions will lead to his death. He tells Bruce to throw a left at him but it’s a tap and he gets Wayne in a headlock as Bruce struggles to get free. Alfred tells him he needs to fight dirtier than that and his ward bites down hard on his hand making Alfred pull back his arm and Bruce gets free. After complaining about the pain he smiles and tells Bruce good job.

The two resume sparring and Wayne says to Alfred he’s ready to take on the board of Wayne Industries. Pennyworth tells Bruce that Silver St. Cloud called and invited Bruce to the Galavan’s for dinner. The teen drops his hands and stands flat-footed as he processes the news and Alfred knocks him to the ground as he hits him flush in the nose. Pennyworth smiles and says you’re far from ready and extends a hand to help Wayne up.

Kristin Kringle and Lee Thompkins stand in the station engaging in some girl-talk, specifically Kristin saying how sweet and gentle Ed’s been to her. She says she kind of wishes he’d be a little less gentle, says she likes a little fire in a man. Ed’s been standing in the adjoining hallway listening and at that point walks in and invites Kringle over for dinner that night.

Harvey Bullock’s an old-school detective and that’s what makes him so valuable on the Strike-Force. While everybody else runs around like their hair’s on fire, Bullock relies on the same things he’s always done working leads and interviewing people with connections to others. Harvey’s got Ivy Pepper sitting at his desk as he tries to track down Selina Kyle and asks Ivy where she’s living. Ivy looks back at him blank-faced having never heard of Selina Kyle and she’s surprised that’s her friend Cat’s real name. Harvey says if she doesn’t tell him he’ll have child-services take her away, but if she tells him he just might grab a candy-bar and forget she’s at his desk.

Bullock’s chewing on a candy-bar when he finds Gordon and tells him Uncle Harvey knows where Selina lives and gives Jim the address. Gordon says he knows the place thanks his partner and takes off to find her on his own. Bullock advises he take back-up but Jim says with Kyle the quiet way’s more effective.

Selina’s taken her cut of their bounty, leaving Pike with enough money to leave Gotham and start a new life. Kyle says to her when she gets to the bus station to take the first bus heading south and ride it to the end of the line. Bridget asks what she does then and Selina says she’s got plenty of money so she can do what ever she pleases. Suddenly a van drives up to them with Bridget’s brothers inside, the oldest one Joe grabs Bridget and shoves her in the van. Selina tries fighting the younger brother and though she wrests his rifle away, they take off with their sister.

Kyle goes back to her place for more weapons and ammo and Gordon busts down her door holding his pistol aimed at Kyle but she’s holding a twin-barreled shotgun. He tells her to lower her weapon and she gives him a look like get real. Jim says she’s running with a really dangerous girl who could get her killed and Kyle says she doesn’t know who Gordon’s referring to. He says he saw the two of them together on surveillance footage and then says she torched six buildings and killed a cop. Selina says that Bridget didn’t want any involvement but her brothers forced her to, she says they’ve physically abused her and have kept her in chains for years.

Jim holsters his pistol and says to Selina then let him help her. He gives his word that he’ll do everything he can to keep her safe. Selina puts down the shotgun and gives Gordon Bridget’s name and address. He reassures Kyle that he’ll handle everything and save her friend.

Bridget’s in handcuffs as her brother’s count her take from the robbery and it’s six grand and Bridget says they can keep it. Joe says he’s going to keep it but what he’s upset about is she was about to leave them. As he berates her he starts chucking firecrackers at her which she manages to dodge. Joe then comes right up to her and asks if she wants to be part of the family again then lights an M-80 and holds it under her chin and she screams yes.

Joe releases her from the handcuffs and tells her if she ever tries it again he’ll kill her and her fiend Cat as well. He asks if she understands and she says yes. Then he shoves her and tells her to fix their dinner. Bridget’s seething washes her hands and then goes into another room.

Butch pays Penguin a visit with a mallet attached to his stump. Penguin says well at least it’s useful and Butch tells him not to start. Penguin then asks how things are going and Gilzean says he’s in and he’s got Galavan’s trust. Cobblepot asks if he’s located his mother and Gilzean says not yet it takes time. He says if he pushes too fast and too hard he’ll blow his cover. Penguin then starts controlling Butch via the brain-washing process that Victor Zsasz put him through last year. He asks Gilzean if he’s his lord and master and Butch responds he is and then he agrees when Penguin says  he has to follow every order Cobblepot gives him. Penguin then spits out for Gilzean to locate Oswald’s mother or he’ll cut off Butch’s other hand.

Bridget comes out of the other room wearing her costume and carrying the flamethrower. Joe asks if she intends to kill them with a sneer on his face and Bridget says yes then turns on the flamethrower and barbecues them both. She then grabs her money and takes off.

Minutes later Gordon and Bullock walk into the apartment and sees the two bodies on the floor. As Harvey goes over to examine the remains one of the brother’s sits up and grabs Harvey by the ankle and starts talking. Harvey’s scared out of his mind and kicks the guy until he lets go. Gordon then feels for a pulse and he’s dead, Jim says nice going Harvey. Bullock looks at Gordon like he’s insane and says oh my kicking him killed him? Perhaps it was getting roasted extra-crispy style that ended his life.

Ed and Kristen are just finishing dinner at his apartment and she says he’s got to stop spoiling her. He says he intends to spoil her for the rest of his life. They start kissing and she asks if that’s his bedroom, they both smile and head in there.

Gordon and Bullock head back to the precinct and Barnes’ tells Jim he wants that girl and he wants her now. Gordon tries to explain to Barnes that Pike’s brothers forced her to commit the crimes and they abused her and held her prisoner for years. Barnes basically says he lacks any pity for her and she’s going down.

Butch heads back to Galavan’s office and while he’s alone in there he turns on a monitor and sees Mrs. Cobblepot. Galavan walks in and greets Butch, he quickly shuts off the TV. Theo says that Gilzean’s hard-working and the most loyal man he’s ever met, then says it’s too bad that it’s Penguin that Gilzean’s loyal to. He asks Butch why he allowed Oswald to cut off his hand and Gilzean says that Penguin’s his lord and master.

Tabitha enters the room and Theo says we might be able to do something about that. He tells Tabitha that Penguin brain-washed Gilzean and asks her if she can reverse the process and she says she thinks she can. She wraps her whip around Gilzean’s neck until he passes out. Theo reminds his sister that dinner’s in an hour.

Theo, Silver and Bruce sit at the table in the Galavan’s dining room when Tabitha enters and apologizes for running late. She has a spot of blood on her cheek and Theo motions to her to wipe it off. He then proposes a toast to family for in the end that’s all we’ve got.

Kyle goes to Bridget’s building and finds her friend on the roof next to her pigeon-coop. Selina tells Pike she’s got to run, but Bridget says she’s not afraid anymore. She’s going vigilante and she pledges to rid Gotham City of all the scum and pervs that came after them. Selina says nobody ever came after her and once again says she needs to run, Bridget says it’s nice realizing somebody cares. Kyle says she doesn’t care she just thinks Pike’s stupid and starts to walk away but then rushes back to Bridget and hugs her telling her to be careful. Selina then calls Jim and says she thinks she knows where her friends going.

Pike returns to the auction house and after she burns one of the employees to death, she opens the cage and frees all the women. They all run out to the street just as the Strike-Force arrives, when Bridget walks out of the building Gordon tells the other officers to hold their fire and then starts to walk over to Pike with his hands up.

He tells the teen he’s aware that she got forced by her brothers to pull the heists and to kill Officer Garrett. He says if she puts down the flamethrower and comes with him they’ll work things out. Bridget says she’s not going to jail and Gordon says she’s a minor and there’s other options. She gets scared and turns on the flamethrower just enough to push Gordon  back, but a uniform fires a shot hitting one of her tanks and soaking her costume with the accelerant.

Barnes’ repeats the hold your fire command but the shot put Bridget over the top and she starts incinerating a cruiser. Gordon calls out to her to stop, but the cruiser explodes and the fire ignites her suit and she bursts into a ball of flame.

Back at Galavan’s mansion Theo and Bruce have a private conversation and Galavan asks Bruce if he knows a Wayne Enterprises executive named Sid Bunderslaw. Bruce responds that he does and Theo tells him that he’s missing and presumed dead. He then says he’s done extensive research on Wayne Enterprises and he discovered Bruce’s father was a very good man but Wayne Enterprises has a lot of sketchy deals under their control. He tells Bruce he realizes how mature he is and says when he becomes Mayor he’d like to help Bruce clean up his family’s company. Bruce thanks him and they shake hands.

Butch arrives at Penguin’s with his face cut-up, he tells Cobblepot that he’s found Oswald’s mother but they realized he’s a plant and Tabitha tortured him. However he says he escaped and they can save Penguin’s mother if they move now. Penguin says Butch’s loyalty will get rewarded and to sit down while everybody gets armed. Has Gilzean really returned to lead Penguin into a trap.

Gordon tells Selina he tried his best but Bridget didn’t make it. She immediately blames him but Jim says it seemed like she wanted to die and then asks Kyle again who ordered the Pike’s to set the fires? Selina says like you’re going to  do something about your little friend? Jim looks shocked and asks why Penguin hired them. Selina advises Gordon to talk to Cobblepot as she’ll never speak with the detective again.

Ed and Kristin are  basking in the afterglow when she shows concern, Ed asks her what’s wrong and she says she’s afraid her former boyfriend Officer Dougherty’s going to come back and kill her. Ed smiles and says she’s got no reason to worry. Kringle says that’s sweet but Ed’s too gentle to take on Dougherty and then Ed blows it all by telling Kristin he killed Dougherty. Kringle’s immediately repulsed and gathers her clothes so she can get dressed and leave, she says he’s psychotic and he’s going to prison where terrible things will happen to him.

Nygma pleads with her not to talk like that and attempts to calm her down and he puts one hand over her mouth and the other grips her neck. He says he fell in love with her at first sight and she just wanted to protect her. He says Dougherty beat her and he wanted him to stop, so Ed stopped him. Suddenly he realizes she’s not breathing, he accidentally killed her and starts crying cradling her corpse. Looks like the Riddler’s on his way.

We watch two orderlies pushing a gurney with a heavily bandaged body on it. The talkative one says she’s not dead, they said the suit melted onto her skin. She’s fireproof now, that’s right she can’t burn. That’s why we brought her down here with the rest of the monsters so they can perform tests on her. Bridget opens her eyes and sees that every room contains a heavily guarded “patient’ within.

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 8:00 pm on FOX.

Tyrant: An Alliance To Defeat A Common Enemy

Photo Courtesy Of FX
Photo Courtesy Of FX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The balance of power’s shifted in Abbudin, the viper in the palace got exterminated and the Caliphate Army not only will take on Abbudin’s military, they’ll be dealing with resistance from citizens banding together to defeat them. While the nation’s President Jamal Al Fayeed, announced to his people a new power structure heading the government, his brother Bassam attempted to convince the numerous tribes that populate the nation, band together to defeat Ihab Rashid and his allies the Caliphate Army. However as Bassam tries to save his country, his son Sammy’s just miles away in an Abbudin court-room, renouncing his father to get his inheritance of $100 million.

We start the evening joining Jamal as he watches global news-reports, concerning the Caliphate Army taking over the village of Ma’an. His wife Leila enters his office and pleads with him to have something to eat or get some rest. He barks back at her, their country’s being overrun and he’s got a meeting with the Chinese. Food and sleep are the last things on his mind.

Abu Omar commander of the Caliphate Army’s torturing a prisoner in Ma’an, trying to attain information about others he considers enemy to the cause. He has one of his soldiers shock the prisoner with jumper-cables attached to a car battery and the man finally talks.

Ihab Rashid’s with a bunch of soldiers on the street, when Ahmos Al-Yazbek approaches him. He asks Rashid to convince Abu Omar to give him back his second wife Daliyah, saying her son Hani needs her. He offers a bag filled with money, saying this is all he has in the world. Ahmos two sons Kasim and Munir watch the conversation a few feet away.

Rashid tells the old man that Daliyah’s safe with them and tells him to keep his money, he’ll need it to help rebuild his village. Ahmos pleads with Rashid, saying he has his two oldest sons as soldiers, but his youngest son needs his mother. Kasim comes over and tells his father to leave, then keeps pushing him until Ahmos turns and walks away, Munir doesn’t look pleased.

A tall man wearing a black turban and his face covered with a black cloth, starts walking towards Ahmos brandishing a rifle. Ahmos thinks the man’s going to rob him, so he throws the bag of money on the ground and screams you want my money take it, it’s all I have. The man picks up the bag, hands it back to Ahmos and lowers the cloth on his face, revealing it’s Bassam. He tells the old man he’s been searching for him for three days, since he heard what happened to Daliyah.

Al-Yazbek tells Bassam he has relatives just a few blocks away and perhaps they can help them rescue Daliyah. Bassam tells the old man to return to his wife and his son, he’ll stay and do everything he can to free her. However Ahmos says he can’t go back to Hani without his mother. He says he’s staying until they rescue her.

The meeting between Jamal and the Chinese Ambassador doesn’t go as well as the leaders of Abbudin would have liked. Al Fayeed says to the Ambassador that this is just a temporary setback, the Ambassador sarcastically recalls the fact that he was assured that Ihab Rashid was dead and that the rebels would never get control of the oil fields.

The President tells the Ambassador with the weapons the Chinese will provide them, they’ll swiftly wipe out the Caliphate Army and Rashid. The Ambassador says his country’s not obligated to give Abbudin any weapons, but General Tariq Al Fayeed reads from the agreement the two countries ratified. The Ambassador says that’s to combat outside threats, China’s not getting involved in Abbudin’s civil-war, but Jamal says the Caliphate are outsiders.

The Ambassador almost broke off relations with Abbudin, when his wife got shot during an attempt on Jamal’s life, so he can barely contain his contempt. He says the deal for weapons was contingent on Jamal keeping his country together, perhaps if he hadn’t gassed his own people, he’d have a better handle on things.

Jamal glares at the Ambassador and spits out that the representative from China plays the human-rights card when China’s one of the worst violators of human-rights on the planet. He calls the Ambassador a puppet and the diplomat and his party leave the office.

Tariq tells his nephew to run after the Ambassador and beg his forgiveness. He says that without their weapons they won’t be able to defeat the Caliphate Army and force them to relinquish Ma’an. Jamal sneers at his uncle and says that he wants the Chinese to clean up the mess he created. Tariq tells Jamal that he got brainwashed by Bassam and he still hears his words in his head. He points to a picture of his brother and Jamal’s father and says remember his words. Your father knew what to do in a situation like this.

An evil smile takes over Jamal’s face and he says I know what to do as well. He then takes the solid gold oil-well that was a gift from the Chinese Ambassador and slams Tariq in the forehead with it. He then kept repeatedly striking him with it, until his son Ahmed pulled Jamal off him. Colonel Mahmoud felt for a pulse, but Tariq was gone.

After Amira hears about Tariq, she seeks out her daughter-in-law Leila for a serious conversation. Amira tells Leila that the only hope for the family and the regime is to get Jamal’s illegitimate son Rami Said to become the head of Abbudin’s military. Leila’s dead-set against the idea at first, but Amira convinces her that it’s their only option.

James Timmons pleads Sammy’s case in front of three Abbudin judges. The spokesman says that the reason the family’s contesting the will, is due to the fact that Barry was tried, convicted and executed for treason. Timmons argues that Sammy shouldn’t be punished for the actions of his father and the judge says he wants to question Sammy.

The judge asks the teenager if he disagrees with his father’s actions and Sammy responds, that he believes his father was delusional and selfish, thinking he could come back after 20-years and take over the country. The judge asks if Sammy renounces his father Bassam Al Fayeed and his actions, the teenager says he does. The judge says he’d like to hear Sammy say the words and the teen renounces his father. When they get outside the courtroom, Timmons tells Sammy he did a great job and hopefully the judges will now rule in his favor.

Ahmos and Bassam go to the neighborhood his relatives lived in and it’s nothing but rubble, he sees the corpse of his 14-year-old cousin and starts to weep, but suddenly some people emerge from the rubble pointing rifles at the pair. One of them asks what they want and Ahmos says he’s looking for relatives. He’s told none of his relatives are there  and he asks about his cousin, the girl holding the removes the mask around her face and he realizes it’s his cousin’s daughter.

The girl tells the pair that most of the men are being held prisoner by the Caliphate and Bassam comes up with a plan to rescue the prisoners with the help of Ahmos’ son Munir. He tells the old man to get him on the phone.

Leila goes to talk to Rami Said, saying that neither Jamal or her son Ahmed have what it takes to be a General. She asks Rami to stay and become head of the Abbudin military. Said’s shocked and flattered that Leila has approached him but he declines the offer, saying Abbudin’s not his home. She says that the places he’s saved in his position with the United Nations weren’t his home. Then she says it’s your grandmother’s home and your mother’s home, we can see by the look in Rami’s eyes that Leila convinced him to take the job.

Munir tells all the soldiers on  the street that he just got a call about some skirmish a few blocks away and they all take off, then he does the same thing to the soldiers guarding the prisoners and they head for the skirmish as well. Seconds later Bassam, Ahmos and the women and children open the cages and free the prisoners. However it doesn’t take long before Abu Omar realizes they were set-up.

The prisoners have all gotten out and Ahmos and Bassam are about to leave when they hear some women screaming, there’s a cage with about six women in it. One of them is Halima, the young woman who spray-painted Free Bassam Free Abbudin in the second season premiere. They free the women, but the Caliphate soldiers arrive firing their weapons. Ahmos gets shot but Bassam gets him back to the neighborhood.

Rami’s at the palace and he’s on a video-conference with the leader of a band of mercenaries. Said tells the man what he needs and the man says he’s got it covered. Jamal interrupts the conversation and asks the man how many soldiers he can provide. The man responds as many as you can pay for Mr. President. Ahmed comes into the office and Jamal introduces Ahmed to Rami as their new General and Ahmed’s brother.

Back in the neighborhood, Ahmos is taking his final breaths and he’s at peace, but he makes Bassam promise to get Daliyah back to Hani. Bassam says he will and the old man squeezes his hand and then takes his last breath. Bassam covers him with a sheet.

The entire first family and all the major government officials arrive for Jamal’s address to his people. The President talks about the foreign invaders that are trying to take over Abbudin and talks about the high death toll including General Tariq Al Fayeed. He then introduces the new military commander for the nation Rami Said and says even now General Said has plans in effect, we see the mercenaries flying to Abbudin.

The man who appears to be the leader of the escaped prisoners Siddiq, says that they must leave their village and head elsewhere. Bassam says if they do that then all these people that they’ve lost have died in vain. Siddiq asks who Bassam is and one of the women replies that he was a friend of Ahmos and it was his idea to rescue the prisoners. Siddiq now treats him far more politely. He says that their tribe isn’t strong enough to take on the Caliphate and Bassam agrees. He says however if we can get all the tribes to band together, we can force them from our country. He says their ancestors forced the Romans out of Abbudin, he believes they can defeat the Caliphate.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on FX.

Halt And Catch Fire: The Games People Play

Photo Courtesy Of AMC
Photo Courtesy Of AMC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The most important goal for the characters on the AMC Network’s Original Series “Halt And Catch Fire,” is to establish a connection on a myriad of levels. Although they’ve attained success making those connections electronically, they’ve each failed to secure those connections with the people they most care about. The episode entitled “10Broad36,” illustrated that point throughout the hour, making for painful yet compelling television.

I truly believe that Joe MacMillan, Cameron Howe, Donna and Gordon Clark, are good people who strive to do the right thing, however they approach Grand-Master level when it comes to self-destruction. Sometimes ego’s behind their bad decisions, although anger and fear, figure prominently in each character’s mind-set. So these four visionaries that want to advance global communications, find their biggest problem’s a failure to communicate with each other.

MacMillan’s embraced the “Miami Vice Look,” over the past couple of episodes, switching from suit and ties, to unstructured jackets and t-shirts. He’s eating breakfast, while going over notes when he glances up and notices an empty beer-bottle on his counter. He goes into the closet holding Sara’s clothes and realizes she was there the night before getting some of her stuff.

Joe calls his fiancée, but gets her answering machine. He leaves a message saying he knows she was there and he keeps leaving messages, but she’s yet to return one. He says it’s been a week, that he loves her and for her to please call him. He puts the phone into the cradle and it rings, he thinks it’s Sara but it’s her father, telling him he wants to meet with him.

Jacob tells Joe that his financial people have tweaked the deal they want to sign with Mutiny, chiefly raising their rate for renting the mainframe from three to five dollars an hour. MacMillan says that upping the rate that high will hamstring Mutiny and restrict their chance for growth. He says there’s a lot of talent over there, but it’s raw. However once it’s developed Mutiny could become an advantageous ally for Western-Group Industries.

Wheeler softens his stance, telling Joe to ask for five, but he’ll go as low as $3.50 an hour. Jacob says if they don’t jump at that offer, then MacMillan should move on and they’ll find new clients. Joe can now go marching over to Mutiny and come off as a hero, for offering the $3.50 an hour rate, but things are never that smooth and simple with MacMillan.

Joe and his daughters arrive at Clark’s brother Henry’s house in California. Henry’s portrayed by Kevin Rankin, whose last few roles (Gracepoint, The Newsroom) have been troubled characters and Gordon’s brother has plenty of flaws as we soon find out. However the reception’s warm as Henry gives Gordon a strong hug and his children help Gordon’s daughters get settled. Gordon tells his brother that they’ll talk about what’s troubling him later on.

Donna takes the morning off from work and has her mother over at the house and her mother tells Clark she looks tired and has bags under her eyes. She asks her daughter if everything’s alright and Donna says she had a miscarriage, she says that she didn’t even get a chance to tell Gordon she was pregnant. Her mother offers her sympathy and Donna says perhaps it was for the best.

Lev tells the Coder-Monkeys that he’s figured out that Tom Rendon and Cameron are sleeping with each other and says Rendon’s in her room right now. He runs to Cameron’s bedroom door and yells that the network got hacked and someone’s giving out free memberships.

The couple scramble to get dressed, while Cameron yells she’ll be right there. Tom sneaks out her bedroom window, but the Coder-Monkeys are standing there waiting for him. Rendon smiles sheepishly, as he realizes that they weren’t fooling anybody.

At the same moment, Cameron comes out of her room and starts yelling what’s happened, when she’s unpleasantly surprised at who she sees walking through the house’s front door. It’s MacMillan, who takes off his sunglasses when he’s right in front of Howe and exclaims well this is Mutiny.

Donna, Cameron and Joe enter Cameron’s room and Donna starts looking over the contract, then her eyes wide as she sees the rate’s been changed from three to five dollars an hour. Howe reacts angrily and starts saying this is bait-and-switch, Clark asks her to join her in another room to talk privately.

She tells Cameron that if she can keep her emotions in check, Donna will negotiate a better deal. She says he’s just posturing and that the mainframe’s the reason why their business has expanded, so calm down and Clark will get them a better rate.

Joe and Tom meet in the kitchen and they chat uncomfortably, each sizing the other guy up and making sure they don’t divulge too much information to one another. Joe thanks Rendon for the coffee and heads back to meet with Donna and Cameron.

Clark attempts to be the voice of reason in this second round of negotiations and she does a good job of it, saying to MacMillan the exact reasons that he told Wheeler, Mutiny couldn’t afford the rate increase. He smiles back at her and says the rate’s $5.00 per hour and if Mutiny can’t ante up, some other client will take their place. Donna says to Joe, this is the part where I offer $3.50 then you counter with $4.50 per hour and we settle for four dollars an hour, which is fair. Joe smiles again and says the rate’s $5.00 an hour.

Donna looses it, she starts to cry and throws the contract at MacMillan and says he’s playing dirty. MacMillan calmly stands up and walks out of the room and the house. Donna says he’s bluffing, within three-hours he’ll call back with a counter-offer. However, less than an hour later the plug’s pulled and the network goes offline. Cameron starts freaking out on Donna, until Bosworth tells Cameron to stop. Clark says she’ll fix the problem.

Gordon and Henry go to a local bar and Gordon tells his brother about his medical condition. However instead of Henry being the strong one for Gordon, Clark has to tell his brother his situation’s not that bad and he’s sorry he laid all his troubles on Henry.

Doesn’t take long before Henry’s three-sheets to the wind, while Gordon seems relatively sober. Clark asks Henry about the auto-shop started by their father, that Henry now runs and his brother says his father wants to sell the shop to Midas. Gordon suggests that he speak to their father on Henry’s behalf, but the brother says Clark’s got enough on his plate.

Henry notices the time and says they need to get back home, he asks Gordon to settle the tab while he uses the restroom. The waitress smiles as she walks over to the table, she’s Henry’s girlfriend from high school Jules Duffy. The two joke with each other for a bit, before she puts down the bill and tells Clark she expects a big tip.

Donna meets with Joe at Western-Group and apologizes for over-reacting and being unprofessional. She says she’s not leaving without a deal, so she asks Joe to tell her what she has to do. He says he’s willing to give them discounts on the rate, if they’d be willing to make some changes. The first two are simple, he wants the landing page to be multi-functional, he says he wants a news-feed or a stock-ticker on the page. His second desire’s for Mutiny to have a mail-service, aside from the chat-pages.

The third request’s the tough one, Mutiny currently only operates on Commodore 64 computers. He tells Donna that Commodore will be extinct within five years and he wants Mutiny to be able to run on the AT&T system Unix. He says that if they can make all three changes, he’ll cut their rate to $3.50 per hour.

Donna goes back to Mutiny and meets with Howe, Bosworth and Rendon and tells them Joe’s demands. The first two they have no problem with, but Cameron’s against building a new operating system for Unix. Rendon says that he doesn’t think MacMillan’s tech-savvy and says they could likely fool him by putting the guts of a Commodore inside the housing of an AT&T machine.

The next day Gordon asks Henry to borrow his truck and says he’ll drive to Sacramento to visit their father and try to talk him into keeping the shop. However Clark calls his father instead and finds out that Henry’s got the shop leveraged to the hilt. He also tells Gordon, his brother has a drinking problem, so he goes to talk to Jules Duffy about Henry instead.

The Coder-Monkeys have found that the AT&T housing’s far too small for the guts of the Commodore to fit inside. So they decide to fake the machine completely, using coaxial cable to connect one of the Commodore’s to the fake AT&T computer, they even put a mini-tape recorder inside it, so it sounds like there’s a modem and a connection.

Gordon and Jewels drive out to a scenic spot and she tells Clark that Henry’s usually in the bar at least three days a week, sometimes coming in as early as noon. Gordon asks how Henry messed up the front of his truck, Jewels tells him that his brother stayed until the bar closed one night, the week before. The next day he said he swerved to avoid a deer, Gordon responds that he told their father it was a rabbit.

The pair smoke a joint in the bed of the truck and start talking flirtatiously. They kiss, then quickly stop they start kissing again and start taking each other’s clothes off.

MacMillan arrives at Mutiny and he sits down in front of the phony AT&T computer. He’s impressed with the new landing page as well as their mail-system. Then he starts playing the games and quickly realizes the set-up’s phony. He says the unit’s melting their table, then he pries it apart. He sees the tape-recorder and the coaxial connection and storms from the house.

Howe follows him to his car and says he can’t do this to her again. He says she did it to herself this time. Then he looks at her and shakes his head and says the saddest part’s she’s so much better than this. He gets in his car and drives away.

Gordon and Jules finish having sex and she says she didn’t expect anything like that. Gordon’s already feeling guilty and says that she has to know why he did have sex with her. He tells her about his brain-damage and how terrified he is. He says he hasn’t even told his wife yet and Jules stops him. She says if he’s looking to unburden himself, he picked the wrong girl. She grabs her purse and starts walking home.

He arrives at Henry’s and Gordon’s youngest daughter’s scared, as she woke up and he wasn’t there. However Henry starts screaming at Gordon, telling him he spoke with their father and Clark never came over. He says he can smell the weed and Jules all over him, then he tells Gordon he needs to leave. Instead Gordon picks up his daughter and brings her into the room they’re sleeping in.

Cameron drives Donna somewhere at night, but we can see by the expression on Clark’s face, that this isn’t a happy mission. Howe says to Donna, Mutiny could die in the morning, don’t do this for the company. Donna smiles weakly and says that’s not the reason. She gets out of the truck and steps into a building, as Cameron follows her we see the sign says Planned Parenthood. Clarks getting an abortion.

Later that evening, Gordon calls the house and gets the answering machine. He calls to Donna and she grabs the phone and asks if everything’s okay. Gordon tells her that their youngest daughter’s scared and says that Donna does something to calm her down. He puts the receiver between he and his daughter and Donna sings the girl a lullaby, that works almost instantly. Gordon starts to close his eyes as well and the screen goes black.

However, there’s one more scene that takes place in Jacob Wheeler’s office. MacMillan says that he gave Mutiny three tasks to complete to lower their rate to $3.50 per hour. He says two of the tasks they got perfect, but they tried to trick him into thinking they completed the third task. However in their effort to try to trick him, they rigged up a broadband system. He says broadband’s too costly for practical use right now, but within ten-years they’ll have replaced most modems. He suggests to Jacob that Western-Group acquire Mutiny.

The Story Continues Next Sunday Night at 10:00 pm on AMC.

The Musketeers: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Photo Courtesy Of BBC - Photographer: Dusan Martinek
Photo Courtesy Of BBC – Photographer: Dusan Martinek

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The odds of a TV series getting aired are enormous and the chances of that series making it to a second season, aren’t much better. However, for a series to have a strong first season, then follow it up with an even better second campaign’s an impressive feat. The BBCA series “The Musketeers,” breaths that rarefied air, that few shows ever get to taste, that fact was obvious in the latest episode, entitled “Through A Glass Darkly.” While most nights, the major storyline revolves around one of our four Musketeers, this episode was a true ensemble piece, emphasizing the strength of the cast.

We first see a strange man in a building flipping a coin, as the camera pans wider we see there’s a brass contraption that’s a model of the planets revolving around the sun, with each sign of the zodiac displayed in a circle on the ceiling around it. This is 1682, so there’s no machinery instead a man wearing a white mask with a beak, like a giant hawk, moves the machine with a series of ropes and pullies.

The Musketeers ride up to the Palace grounds and start to guard, the outdoor contingent King Louis has gathered. The French King seems to have a strong knowledge of astronomy, telling his audience about the findings of Senor Galileo, whose proved that the moon rotates around the earth and the earth in turn, revolves around the sun. The bodies revolving as they do’s the cause of the solar eclipse, that takes place later that day. They will witness the event, at the building established by the famous Parisian astronomer Marmion, who according to the King’s adviser Rochefort’s transformed an abandoned fort, into a new world.

All the Musketeers accompany the party save Athos, who can’t stand the sight of the King’s mistress and his wife Milady De Winter. Porthos says that Louis will notice his absence, but D’Artagnan, responds that the only thing Louis’ noticed for weeks is De Winter.

We see the man again, this time flipping his coin outside, when a younger man walks up to him and the first man asks if all the preparations are in place for the King and his party. The younger man responds, he handled it personally. The first man flips his coin and tells the other man to call, which he calls heads and guesses wrong. The man who flipped the coin says and so it begins.

The Royal Carriage arrives on Marmion’s property and the younger man comes out to greet them, he says he’s the Great Marmion’s servant Robert, his master’s putting together the finishing touches on his display, but he’ll lead them to the fort. Constance tells D’Artagnan, she’s nervous and he assures her there’s nothing to fear. She says she just can’t shake the feeling. Robert points out to Louis the camera obscura on the top of the fort, which we’ll make their viewing the solar eclipse possible.

The Royal Party, the Musketeers and three members of Rochefort’s Red Guard enter the building. Rochefort immediately assigns the three men to different sections and they’re quickly killed by Marmion’s men. The rest of the group is on the upstairs level, as Marmion (the coin-flipper) talks to them from below. The King’s party’s surrounded by men wearing the identical white man with the prominent beak. I realize that fashions were more ornate and gaudy in this era, but if I see those guys with those masks, I hightail it out of that fort and head back to the palace.

They head downstairs where Louis greets Marmion as the great astronomer, they goes to the table used for the camera obscura. (A camera obscura’s an ancient device, which a pinhole’s cut into the roof of a building that’s dark inside. The device first discovered by the Romans, projects a full color image of what’s seen through the pinhole, with the use of mirrors, the image appears right-side up.)

Marmion starts to lecture his guests on their ancestors believing a solar eclipse was the end of the world. But even in this era of science, one should reflect on fate and each person’s place in the world. The King interrupts him, saying if he wanted a sermon, he’d have gone to church, we can see the disdain in the face of Marmion. He lifts the cloth and the image of the sun appears on the table, Robert provides all the guests with rudimentary sunglasses.

Back at the Musketeer’s barracks, we see Treville packing some stuff and throwing other things away, when Athos enters with a jug of wine and two glasses. Treville says he was a damn fool, turning down Louis’ offer to become his council, now he’s got Rochefort and no longer needs him. Athos says you’re still a Musketeer, but his former commanding officer says, no a new Captain will soon arrive.

Porthos and Aramis each guard one wall of the top floor, while D’Artagnan guards the bottom floor and keeps trading glances with Marmion. When the eclipse is total, the astronomer nods his head and all the guests get accosted, then held with blades to their necks. Just to show how serious he is, Marmion shoots one of the men in the party dead.

The Musketeers continue to battle Marmion’s men, when he shouts out one more step and the King dies. Aramis and D’Artagnan, immediately stop, but Porthos keeps struggling to get control of his opponent’s pistol. Aramis barks out Porthos and he reluctantly stops fighting.

Treville and Athos, oblivious to the trouble the Royal Party and their mates are in, watch the eclipse from the porch of the barracks. Treville, takes a slug of his wine and then says he’s lived there far too long, it’s time for him to visit new lands and new challenges.

Aramis looks down at Marmion and asks him to show compassion, at least allow the dauphin and the women to leave. Marmion walks up the stairs and stands right in Aramis’ face and asks what he said, the Musketeer, again asks him to at least allow the baby and the women to leave. Marmion smiles, then pushes Aramis through the upstairs window, and possibly to his death.

D’Artagnan, Porthos and Rochefort start to fight again, D’Artagnan, comes close to getting stabbed and Constance tries to interfere. Marmion fires a shot at the ceiling and says that’s it, he knows the pain of loss and grief, but unless they want to die, the fighting stops. Porthos glares at him and says he’ll kill him and the astronomer says to take him to the dungeon. Rochefort says he’ll have Marmion’s head and he’s then sent to join Porthos.

Marmion then approaches Constance and asks why she attempted to defend D’Artagnan and she says she has feelings for him, he’s her friend. Marmion laughs and tells his men to tie the two friends together with rope, D’Artagnan whispers to Constance they’ll get out of this.

Rochefort and Porthos, chained together by their hands, on each side of a pillar. Although the two men despise each other they realize they need to work together to escape. Porthos notices brass hooks on the walls in front of them and says if they can to one, they unlock their manacles. Rochefort tells him to try to reach one, but when Porthos stretches, Rochefort screams in pain from the chains on his arms.

Back with the Royal Party, Marmion says now it’s time to make choices and Louis asks what kinds of choices? The astronomer says simple choices with simple outcomes, then pulls out his coin, flips it and tells the King to call. Louis says what’s this for and Marmion once again says call, the King says he’s not saying anything until he knows what’s at stake. The astronomer says, you call correctly you live, guess wrong you die. Louis just sits there, white as a sheet and his mouth moving, but no words come forth.

He smirks and asks the rest of them if any of them are braver than their King and are willing to risk it all for their freedom. After several seconds of silence, Milady says yes, she’ll take the chance. Perhaps because she beat death once, she believes she can do it again. Marmion starts to tell her no second chances, no begging and De Winter says she’d rather die than listen to him for one minute longer. D’Artagnan, begs her not to do it, she smiles coldly and says she appreciates the concern. Louis says he forbids it and Milady says maybe she can help.

She calls heads and wins, Marmion sets her free but tells her if the King’s guards attack the fort, the Royal Party will die before they dismount. She leaves the fort, tells a young man she needs a horse, he helps her up and she gives him her tiara, then rides as fast as she can to the palace.

Back on the lower floor, an older man, part of the Royal Party stands up and shouts heads, I want to go next and I choose heads. Marmion flips the coin and it’s tails, as the man starts to beg, he’s shot in the back, dying instantly. Marmion smiles and asks, who’s next?

Aramis awakens on a lower roof, with a crow sitting on him and cawing, he pushes the bird off him, then reaches behind his head and pulls out a large shard of glass. He then sits up, then stands, then starts climbing the outside walls of the fort, so he can get back in and help rescue them all.

Marmion tells his prisoners, they think he’s cruel, but life’s cruel and fate’s cruel. D’Artagnan asks what fate has to do with it, they all share the same fate, but the astronomer says the privileged, the wealthy and the aristocracy, have a way of avoiding their fate. They never need to make critical decisions, Louis says some choices are difficult, but they carry repercussions.

Marmion smiles and tells the King he’s finally understanding the game, then says to two of his men, take them and they grab Queen Ann, their baby and the governess Marguerite, then take them away. Louis starts screaming, then crying and begging Marmion not to hurt his wife or son. Constance says he’s only a baby and Marmion tells more men to take the three remaining members of the Royal Court away as well. The only ones remaining are the King, Constance and D’Artagnan.

Robert and another man accompany the Queen, her son and Marguerite, Ann says they’ll get royally compensated, if they allow them to go free. Robert says Marmion’s his brother and he’d follow him to Hell and back. The Queen says he’ll meet him in Hell and Robert responds he’s already been there, he’s not afraid.

After they’re locked in the room, Marguerite says she’s scared and Ann says they all are, but they can’t show it. Besides they have the Musketeers to protect them. The governess says, yes but Aramis got himself killed, the fool, the Queen looks out the window to see if she can see him.

Milady rides up to the Musketeers barracks and Treville looks out his window and asks what she’s doing there? She says we need to talk and get Athos. Athos arrives and says she’s a liar and a cheat, why should they believe her story. De Winters says, Aramis is dead and the King’s in danger, want to talk about my credibility? Treville says he’ll gather the men, but Milady says they’re expecting an attack, we need to surprise them. Treville says we and she says she knows the location, she’ll guide them.

Treville leaves to gather men and Milady asks Athos why he’s staring at her. He says he’s truly surprised that she’s about to commit a selfless act, worrying about someone else instead of herself. She says if Louis dies, she’ll lose her place in the Royal Court, that would be disastrous. Athos shakes his head and grins then says forgive him for being naïve.

Robert comes back and asks to speak to Marmion privately. He tells his brother if they kill them all, they’re as bad as they are. He didn’t sign up for a massacre. Marmion says, to remember the plague years and he’s doing this for all they lost.

The astronomer then walks up to Louis and says do you choose one or two and Louis asks what that means. After a couple of more times, of asking without getting a response, he tells the King, his wife, son and the governess are in one room and the three members of his court are in the other. He’s sending his man down to kill which ever room Louis chooses, now the King’s hysterical, how can he choose without knowing which room his family’s in? Marmion says, if he doesn’t his man will kill them all.

After sitting there terrified, he finally chooses one and says God forgive me. The man goes to kill the  occupants of room one. As he reaches the area, he gets the keys to the room from the guard, then goes into the room where the rest of the Royal Party are in and kills the two women and men. Just as he finishes, Aramis enters the area, he waits for the killer to leave then looks at the carnage in the room. He then realizes there’s just one guard and starts to formulate a plan.

The man reenters the room and the King asks who did he kill and gets met with silence, he begs them to tell him who survived. Finally D’Artagnan reaches his limit and screams damn it, stop torturing him. Marmion says that the Queen and the dauphin are still alive. Louis sheds tears of joy.

Aramis stands in the doorway, feet away from the guard and asks what he thought about the eclipse? The guard gives chase but Aramis soon overpowers and then kills him, he then breaks down the door of the room Queen Ann’s in and rescues them, saying he’s getting them to safety.

Milady, now wearing slacks and a riding jacket with her hair pulled back, isn’t recognized by the guard at the gate. She says she needs to get to Marmion to deliver a message and the guard says his master’s not receiving visitors. She says if Marmion doesn’t get the message, his master will kill the guard with his bare hands, he lets her in, she pulls a knife and throws the guard backwards over a cliff. Treville and Athos quickly follow and take out the rest of the outside guards, then the three head to the fort.

Because Porthos can withstand pain better than Rochefort, he has the Captain of  the Red Guard to grab his hook, he gets it but dislocates Porthos shoulder in the process. They get free and Rochefort asks if Porthos can walk, he says his legs are fine but Rochefort has to put his shoulder back in place. He says he isn’t a doctor, and the Musketeer says all he has to do is pull his arm as hard as he can. Suddenly Treville and Athos hear Porthos scream, Athos says it’s either an angry bear or Porthos.

The three Musketeers, Rochefort, Treville, Milady, Queen Ann, her son and Marguerite all meet up. Athos tells Aramis to get the Queen and dauphin to safety, then head right back to the fort, so they leave the fort.

Back with Marmion and his prisoners, D’Artagnan asked what made him then way he is and the astronomer tells him he and Robert are the only survivors of their village. The plague infected their village and people healthy that morning were dying that night. However it seemed as if the plague would only kill a few, when Louis ordered the village barricaded. The people didn’t die by the plague, they died from starvation as Louis failed to provide food for the village.

His wife died first as she wouldn’t eat a bite while their two sons were hungry. It got to the point when Marmion only had enough food for one son, he loved them both equally and couldn’t choose, so he flipped a coin and his younger son won. His brother died that night, but a week later Marmion lost his younger son. He says Louis starved his village to death out of indifference.

Robert then pulls his brother aside and says we have to leave now, or the King’s soldiers will find us and kill us. Marmion says he won’t leave until the King’s dead inside. Then he tells Louis, the game’s back on, call right and Constance will get freed, call wrong she dies. He calls wrong and Marmion heads over to shoot her. She tells him to look her in the eyes and realize how ashamed his wife and boys would be of him.

D’Artagnan says take my life instead, the astronomer asks why and he says he loves Constance. Robert tries to talk Marmion out of shooting D’Artagnan, but can’t so he steps in front of D’Artagnan and takes the bullet in the chest. Marmion asks his brother why and he say’s it was his choice then dies. The astronomer breaks down sobbing.

Treville’s no longer a Captain but he still gave the orders, telling Aramis and Porthos to take out the two guards on the top floor and the rest of the crew to follow him. Porthos couldn’t let the moment go by without a good-natured dig and says yes sir Captain.

Two guards take away Robert’s body, then two other men grab Louis by the arms and stand him up as Marmion’s about to shoot him. D’Artagnan says that’s not right let fate determine the outcome, we win you set us all free, we lose and you kill the King. Marmion agrees but says D’Artagnan will execute the King if they lose. He flips the coin and tells the astronomer to call it, he says heads you’re freed, tails the King dies, it comes up tails and Marmion starts to hand the pistol to the Musketeer, when the cavalry comes to save the day. They kill all but Marmion and Louis screams he wants his head, Rochefort sees him running down a hallway and shoots him dead.

Louis tells Milady to pack her things, she’s no longer wanted at the palace. She says that’s what I get for being noble, kicked out? Athos says well you won my respect, she replies at one time that would have meant something. Rochefort tells the King he killed Marmion and Louis says he’s the hero, ignoring the Musketeers really saving the day.

They all meet up at the Royal Carriage, Constance and Ann embrace and start crying, then Constance sees D’Artagnan in a field and runs to him. She says she loves him, she doesn’t care what people says she’s spending the rest of her life with him. The two then kiss passionately, as Ann watches glowingly and Aramis has an ear to ear grin.

The Story Continues Next Saturday Night at 9:00 pm on BBCA.


The Blacklist: The Blacklist Halloween Special

Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC
Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Although the actual title of the sixth episode of the second season of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” is actually “The Mombasa Cartel,” it’s doubtful that you’ll find a network show with a creepier episode, this week of Halloween. And the episode concluded in rather shocking fashion, which we’ll discuss later on. Realize however, that of all the strange things we’ve experienced in the world of Raymond “Red” Reddington, you weren’t prepared for what you encountered in this episode, including a family that most likely would unnerve Morticia and Gomez Adams.

The episode begins in a flashback, as the graphic on the screen informs us that we’re in Koidu, Sierra Leone, 29-years earlier. We see a family working their land including a cute little boy, of about six-years-old. An open Jeep filled with men brandishing weapons, arrives and the men exit the vehicle, they ask the father if his name’s Samuel, he responds it is and he’s told he’s got a big mouth. The men start shooting his livestock, then all the men, finally Samuel’s wife and the boy’s mother. The little boy’s terrified, as one of the men picks him up and puts him in the Jeep.

Back in the present, we travel to Paris, where an African businessman’s served his meal by his waiter in his hotel room. When asked if he needs anything else, the businessman replies no, but the waiter accosts the guest, knocking him out on his bed, then putting a yellow clip on tag on his ear. Once again we change locations, this time in a small Russian seaside town as a boy and his grandfather stroll along the beach. The boy calls for his grandfather, who comes over to see a corpse washed in from the sea that’s skinless.

We’re now at Red’s apartment as Raymond and FBI Agent Liz Keen, watch a TV show about endangered species, Reddington shuts it off angrily, grumbling that soon tigers and lions, will disappear and thought of as mythical creatures like the winged Griffith of the Unicorn. He then tries to pitch a new number to Keen, the Mombasa Cartel, traffickers in rare and endangered animals, when the agent says the Bureau, may not find the case worth pursuing, Red weaves a tail of villages and individuals wiped out, and all sorts of heinous actions take place for profit, he says the cartel deals in blood-money.

Don Resller’s at a local pharmacy trying to get his prescription for pain pills replaced, as he claims they got stolen from his car, the pharmacist clearly thinks he’s lying, he finally says he’ll call his doctor and come right back, instead heads for his office. He’s late as Keen’s already telling the task-force about the Mombasa Cartel, and the amount of harm Red claims they’re doing to the planet. She gets a text message and tells the other’s it’s from Red and she needs to call him. Instead, she leaves the office and heads to a door with a keypad and types in the code, then opens the door, we see a man that appears dead on the floor of the room, then we see Red’s sniper whose been the tail she can’t shake. He says to her, are you telling Red or am I?

Raymond’s sitting outside the “Roach-Coach” operated by Zoe D’Antonio, the young woman Red got “The Tracker,” to locate in the previous episode, eating and reading the paper. He takes off his hat and puts it on a stool next to the table, then gets up and starts to walk away, but the woman shouts and gives him his hat back. Reddington, expresses his gratitude offering her money, but she tells him it’s not needed. He asks again and she says she’s good and Red smiles and tells her he likes that, then asks her name. She replies its Zoe and he introduces himself as Kenneth, then tells her it’s his favorite hat, she tells him to model it and compliments him.

We’ve joined Red and Liz in the park and he informs her, he’s set her up for a meeting with Jeff Pearl to have drinks. Pearl’s not only the 33rd richest man on the planet, he’s played in the series latest bit of out of the box casting, by “Easy Rider‘s” Captain America, Peter Fonda. Keen’s going to go undercover as a animal-rights blogger and try to obtain information on the cartel from Pearl. She doesn’t grasp the information as quickly as she usually does and Reddington asks if everything’s alright, (she’s nervous about the sniper) and tries to cover by saying she’s blown away that Pearl’s Red’s buddy. He snaps back he doesn’t have buddies, they share some interests including protection of endangered species.

Keen arrives at the club she’s meeting the magnate at and he’s playing drums with the band onstage, then heads to her table when he’s finished playing and tells her he likes her blog. He then says that his friend told him she’s looking to take on the Mombasa Cartel and tells her to take caution, as they’re insidiously dangerous. He says his foundation’s targeted them from the start, without success, but he mentions one guy she could investigate.

The next day the Task-Force learns about the body that washed up in Russia as well as one caught in a fishing net off Japan. Tech wizard Aram’s done a series of tests to find out where the bodies emanated from and he’s discovered its Sitka, Alaska, the former location of a group of Radical Animal Rights Activists known as the “Sitka Seven.” They got busted back in 1971, with one member doing a federal stretch and the rest broke up and moved on. There’s a camp that they lived in but the land rights’ owned by a corporation.

We meet the residents of the camp, Skye Kincaid and her two grown sons, Peter and Matthew. Turns out Peter’s the guy who knocked out the African businessman, whose body got dumped off the shore, after his brother Matthew skinned it. Matthew, then stuffed the body like any taxidermist would an animal, when he puts in the eyes his mother says that’s his best job yet. We find out the bodies are from poachers, that the boy’s father tells them to capture, kill and stuff and Skye tells Peter, that their work’s important.

Matthew’s played by Carel Struyken, Lurch from “The Adams Family,” movies and he’s what they used to refer to in the movies as “a bit touched in the head,” we’re not even sure he can talk until the last few minutes of the show. However, he’s gifted as a taxidermist, setting his victims up at a campfire scene not far from their camp.

The FBI bring in Lee Chung, the lead Pearl gave Liz for questioning then let him go, but he’s reported missing a short time later. Meanwhile, Ressler’s in Sitka, but out of his painkillers and going through withdrawal, so he purposely slams his thumb into his car doors hinge, breaking the bone and getting him a refill. Liz contacts him and tells him to check out the camp.

Donald drives to the camp and knocks on the door, but gets no reply, then gets startled by Skye Kincaid telling him it’s private property and he responds he’s an FBI agent and shows his badge. He asks if she knew the “Sitka Seven,” she replies they moved over forty years before. He asks whom she lives with and she said her son Peter, who soon shows up in his truck with a cage attached under a tarp. The two men introduce themselves and Skye tells her son that Ressler’s with the FBI. Don asks what’s in the cage and Peter says goats, Ressler says the “Sitka Seven,” kept goats and Peter laughs lots of people keep goats. The agent asks to have a look and Lee Chung’s in the cage, Peter whacks Donald over the head knocking him out.

Skye’s on the phone with the boy’s father, Jeff Pearl and tells him they’ve got trouble as an FBI agent’s there. Pearl tells Skye to make sure that Ressler’s not skinned and left in the forest. He then grumbles he should have stopped Matthew years before and Skye says he wouldn’t have lasted a day in an institution as Pearl hangs up.

Aram does more digging and realizes that the plane’s that transported both victims to Sitka’s owned by the same corporation that owns the camp, so Liz calls Reddington to find out if he knows anything about the corporation. She tells him she’s heading to Sitka and meeting Alaskan agents from Anchorage to try to locate Ressler who’s out of contact. Red tells Liz to take caution.

Ressler wakes up in a field in a cage next to Chung, trapped in another cage, both having the yellow tag on their ears. Peter takes Matthew out and tells him to have fun hunting, but only kill the animals that got tags on them. They’re both released from their cages and Chung starts to run, when Don asks him where he’s running to. Ressler looks for his pills and Chung tells him the Kincaid’s took them, then asks if Ressler’s a junkie, and Donald responds no, Chung says that’s what all junkies say. Those are the last words he says as Matthew put an arrow through his heart. Don rips off the arrowhead and takes off.

Pearl arrives home and gets surprised to find Red standing in his foyer, Raymond figured out that Pearl’s behind the killing of the poachers and the Mombasa Cartel, as he owns the corporation that Liz asked him about. He then asks how Pearl had morphed from an idealist to a murderer and now stands for everything he once deplored. Pearl offers his explanation of controlling the monopoly saves the animals and the planet and Red tells him he’s full of guano.

Red then tells Pearl about the first scene we saw of the episode and the fate of the young boy taken away. At the age of 14, they left him to die tied to a pole, after serving them for eight-years, but Red found the teen and rescued him. After the boy got well Red educated the teen and the young man graduated college, speaks six languages fluently and has a working knowledge of a dozen more. The boy of course’s Dembe, who tells Red to let Pearl live, he’s past the pain, but Red’s not and shoots the billionaire dead.

Matthew takes a break from tracking Ressler and sits down with his stuffed “Friends” around the campfire and he listens to the music being played. Ressler’s disguised as a corpse but he’s holding a metal coffee cup, which starts shaking, so Ressler tries running. Matthew picks him up in the air, but Ressler slices open his chest with the arrowhead.

The agents arrive and stand outside the camp ready to burst in, when Matthew comes in with his chest a mass of blood and Skye screams. They burst in, take out Peter by gunfire then head to the bathroom where Matthew and Skye sit in a tub filled with water, turning red from the blood. Rather than surrendering, Skye throws the phonograph into the tub with them, electrocuting them both.

Loose ends; Liz shows Ressler his painkiller bottle showing she knows he’s got a problem and he breaks down. Liz gets Red’s sniper arrested so he can’t tell Red what he knows and Red realizes she’s hiding something.

Keen enters the door in the final scene and tells the occupant, she almost told Reddington, but changed her mind. If you have any doubts, the Halloween Episode concluded with a man back from the dead; Tom Keen, whose been her prisoner since she nearly killed him in last season’s finale, now with overgrown hair and an unruly beard. He tells her he’s answered all her questions and she starts to leave, but he says she can’t keep him imprisoned forever.

The Story Continues Next Monday at 10:00 pm on NBC.

Ray Donovan: Viagra

Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime


The most accurate analogy of the second season of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan,” might be what’s known as “Fire Season,” in Southern California, that takes place annually during the late summer and early fall. Firefighters realize that as soon as they get one blaze extinguished, three more fires will spring up shortly. Without a chance to catch his breath after deluding a reporter from the Boston Globe, and avoiding an extended stay in Leavenworth, sharing a cell with his father Micky, Donovan’s running on all eight-cylinders, juggling chain saws and trying to avoid losing a limb.

There’s little if any happiness at Ray’s home, as his long-suffering wife Abby’s decided she’s finished tolerating her spouses long history of infidelity, actively pursuing an affair with LAPD Detective Jim Halloran, whom she met at the firing-range earlier this season. She’s texting the cop as we join her at the breakfast table and she’s soon joined by her son Connor, who excitedly asks his mother if she knows what tomorrow is and becomes disappointed when Abby vacantly responds that it’s Saturday. Daughter Bridget, heads for the refrigerator and as she passes the kitchen table, sees the diamond earing her boyfriend Marvin Gaye Washington, gave to her in the previous episode. After screaming at her mother that she violated her rights by searching her room, she tells Abby that Marvin gave her the earring because he loves her and her mother rolls her eyes in response.

Bridget responds by striking a nerve, telling Abby that she can’t understand her relationship with Washington, because she’s a victim. When her mother tries to deny it, Bridget responds that she hears her cry herself every night, just as Ray enters the kitchen. Donovan’s informed that his daughter’s seeing Marvin again, tries his best at being diplomatic, telling his daughter that Washington has lots of problems. His daughter replies that she has her own set of problems, including being setup by the LAPD, as two officers magically found an ounce of weed in her backpack that had not been there before they arrived, as a warning to Ray by Los Angeles FBI Bureau Director James Cochrane to stay in line. A story that Abby was not aware took place until Bridget just shared the information. She immediately blows up at her husband, for not telling her and then tells Ray that their daughter’s correct; she IS a victim. Seconds later the conversation ends, as the kids and Ray leave the house, while Abby stays in the kitchen and stews.

Micky’s sitting in his skid-row one room flat in his boxers and a tee-shirt, reading a porn magazine when there’s a knock on his door and Ray’s assistant Lena’s standing in the hallway. Donovan, thinks she’s looking for the heroin dealer that used to live in the apartment, but Lena stops him from closing the door on her, handing him an envelope and telling him it’s from Ray. The old man gets excited as a kid on Christmas morning, as this is the stipend Ray promised to give him in the previous episode, but his smile soon fades as he realizes there’s just three hundred dollars in the envelope. He soon grows less enthused, when Lena informs him the money’s for two weeks.

Ray’s driving when his cellphone rings and the older woman who launders money for him calls and tells him he can’t buy the house in Truesdale, because she can’t launder a million dollars in cash through Terry’s gym, which in reality’s a front for Donovan’s off the books income. She tells Donovan, that unless he starts receiving funds in check form, that he and his family won’t move to Abby’s dream-home.

Cochrane’s assistant Tom Volcheck, finishes his sixty laps at the gym he belongs to and lo and behold Lena’s just getting out of the pool herself. She asks the FBI agent if he’d like to join her in the sauna and after another woman that was with them left start kissing passionately. Lena excuses herself to go to the restroom and a minute later Ray, walks into the sauna and Volcheck realizes that Lena’s jammed the door shut, so he’s trapped inside with Donovan.

Ray’s aware that Cochrane and his wife Holly are wife swappers and Tom and his wife Megan got coerced into participating, or risk being reassigned to Montana. Volcheck admits hating the arrangement, sharing his beautiful wife with his boss, while obligated to have sex with Holly, a large matronly looking woman, in fact at their last gathering Tom shunned Holly’s advances. Ray convinces the agent that he needs to strike first before Cochrane grows tired of them and moves onto a new couple and Volcheck agrees to let Avi wire his house for sight and sound to catch the Director in the act.

Terry’s at his doctor’s for his latest checkup and after finishing their talk, Terry’s former lover and the doctor’s nurse Frances, comes into inject Terry with medication. Frances was ready to leave her abusive husband for Terry, until the first season finale, when she realized Ray killed the former Boston priest that molested Bunchy and him as children. Terry tells the nurse that he’s ready to reveal exactly what happened with the priest, but Frances cuts him off, telling him she didn’t want to hear it.

Things are looking up for Bunchy, as he gets a call from the mother of the little boy he built a bicycle for and gave it to them for free. She asks him if he liked to come over for dinner and he responds he would and he also wants to add one more part to the bike. The woman tells Bunchy, that her son’s sleeping over a friend’s house that night and it finally dawns on Bunchy, that he’s about to go on his first real date. After hanging up, he tells Terry about the date and that he’s nervous that if the woman wants to have sex, that he’ll be unable to perform. Terry tells Bunchy to wait in his office and soon return with the gym’s trainer Potato Pie, who gives Bunchy two Viagra, to help him get started.

Ray gets a call from his former client/lover Ashley, telling him that she’s fine but someone close to her desperately needs his services. He arrives at an indoor arena, that’s covered with signs announcing that author of “Fight For Your Life” and motivational speaker Steve Knight will have a five-hour self-help session in just a few minutes Ashley’s waiting outside the venue waiting for Donovan, thanks him for coming and brings him into Knight’s dressing room. After seeing his new-age routine fails to impress Ray, he shows Donovan the reason he requested his services, then opens a closet door to reveal a beaten and bound Latino arena worker and explains that he lost it. He tells Ray, that he’s madly in love with Ashley, he’s leaving his wife to marry her, costing him a small fortune to pacify his wife and that he needs for this situation to disappear. Knight’s told that it’s time to head to the stage, but Donovan follows him until just before they reach the curtain.

Ray tells the motivational speaker, that he doesn’t work for him and got put-off by the fact that Knight just assumed they had a deal. The author apologizes and asks Ray if he’d work for him and Donovan replies he will, but his services don’t come cheaply. Knight thanked him and told him that he would pay whatever it took to keep this man from ruining his career. He then heads onto the stage, shadow-boxing in front of the crowd, tells them to shut off all electronic devices and once that’s been done, he tells his audience it’s time to turn off the past.

There’s a knock on the door of Terry’s apartment and he’s shocked that it’s Frances, he says that he thought she didn’t want to hear anything from him and she affirms that. The two then passionately embrace and as they lie in bed she tells Terry that this was a one-time thing. She tells him she loves him, but she knows that Ray killed that priest, Terry responds that the priest raped both his brothers as children. Frances now understands why Donovan shot the priest, but tells her lover she can’t condone murder and leaves the apartment.

Bunchy’s night’s going far better than his brother’s as his new lady-friend is shampooing his hair in her kitchen sink and he’s in heaven. After she rinsed out all the soap, the two start kissing, then Bunchy asks to use the bathroom. It’s time to take his confidence booster, pulls the Viagra out of his pocket, then swallows one. Seconds later, he hears the sound of his girlfriend’s son, he wet himself at the sleepover and got sent home. Bunchy walks out to the hallway and sees mother and son and the boy tells him what happened. Bunchy tells the little boy that’s alright and soon the three of them are watching a cartoon on the living room couch and the boy lays his head on Bunchy’s lap.

Terry heads to the Irish Consulate in Los Angeles, trying to get approval for he and Frances to move there. The official mentions that he notices Terry’s got a preexisting condition and he tells Donovan, that some Americans move to Ireland to take advantage of their socialized medicine. Terry responds that he’s afflicted with Parkinson’s, but looks the man in the eye and tells him he’s not a freeloader. He then tells the man, his fiancée’s a nurse and he owns a boxing gym along with his brother. The official’s quite pleased to hear that and grants approval for Terry and Frances to emigrate there.

Micky and his neighbor Shorty are having a great time getting high and Shorty mentions the amount of cash that’s in the safe of the Marijuana dispensary he got his weed from, earlier that day. Because the Federal Government has yet to approve the sale of pot, for medicinal or recreational purposes, banks won’t allow the dispensaries to deposit their funds, as they could be charged with crimes from the Justice Department. Shorty, tells Micky that he could easily crack the safe, it’s an old model that he hadn’t seen since the seventies, as they jokingly discuss pulling a heist, Micky says they should pull the bars off the window like they did in the Old West. Shorty responds that the best way to enter would be through the roof and Micky agrees with the assessment.

Donovan says that Shorty should get a life-insurance policy, that Micky would pay for and be named beneficiary, but the old man laughs at him and tells him that no insurer would give him a policy. He says however that if Micky married him which is legal in California, he could receive Shorty’s pension after he passed, Donovan shakes his head and mutters about two men getting married. Shorty then asks Micky if he can ask him a question and when Donovan says yes, the other man gets down on one knee and with a straight face proposes to Micky. The two explode into laughter, but Donovan’s cellphone rings, Shorty picks it up talking in a high-pitched voice. The woman on the other end is a Paramount executive and Shorty tells her he’s with Warner Bros. Micky however, realizes the calls legit and the woman sets up a meeting, to listen to the ideas that Sean Walker was promoting before he got murdered by Sully last season.

Ray talks with the victim of Knight’s wrath and asks him what it will take for the man to walk away and remain silent. He settles on a deal to send the man home to Guatemala, where his wife and children live and he’ll receive 350 thousand dollars. Ray heads out of the dressing room, tells Knight he’s negotiated a deal and that the motivational speaker now has Donovan on retainer, at a price of 100 grand a month, which solves the check problem that the old woman told him about.

Terry rushes into his doctor’s office calling for Frances, who comes out and hustles Donovan into an examining room. He excitedly tells Frances that they can start a new life in Ireland and shows her the approved documents. Her head swimming, she tells Terry she needs time to think it over, when he drops to one knee, tells her she’s the love of his life and asks her to marry him.

Ray calls Abby’s cellphone, leaving a message apologizing for keeping her in the dark on Bridget and a bunch of other things. He tells her that he wants to meet her at a restaurant for dinner at 8:30, however she never hears the message as she’s at a bar with Detective Jim Halloran. After playing darts, Halloran tells Abby she’s beautiful and they share their first kiss.

Ironically, Ray heads back to his apartment in the city when his wife doesn’t arrive and the doorbell rings. Standing there in a patent-leather raincoat’s Ashley, who asks Donovan if he’s going to invite her in? When she enters the apartment, she removes the coat revealing she’s clad only in a black bra and black panties and walks to Ray’s bedroom. After a momentary look of indecision he follows her.

Back at the house, Connor asks Bridget what time it is and she replies, that it’s 12:03 am and Connor says fourteen; we realize why his feelings got hurt when Abby didn’t know what the next day was. Bridget wishes her brother a happy birthday and he responds with a melancholy smile.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Graceland: The Unlucky One

Photo Courtesy Of USA Network
Photo Courtesy Of USA Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

It’s the morning after the night that everything burned to the ground in FBI agent Mike Warren’s task-force’s case against the Solano family, in the sixth episode of the USA Original Series “Graceland.” All the members of the house are having bad mornings, but for Paige Arkin, the situation’s dire, as she goes undercover to infiltrate a sex-trafficking operation also controlled by the Solanos without any backup due to a snafu that Jakes found himself in. Just as Paige called an audible changing the game plan, Dale’s pulled out of his truck by two policemen, as he had violated the restraining order when his son Daniel visited him in the previous episode.

Paige gets taken to the facility where the operation’s hiding a group of young foreign women, who are being held to sell to buyers to use as prostitutes. She’s taken the place of the original drug mule transported by Cal-Coast Bus Lines from Mexico, after swallowing ten balloons filled with heroin. The young woman vomited up nine of the balloons but the tenth burst inside her and she died from an overdose, Paige then swallowed the remaining nine and took her place. The man in charge at the facility asks her where the last balloon is and Paige tells him that’s all she swallowed. He then brings her into a room and demands she undresses then takes her picture to post on their website. She’s then brought in to where the rest of the young women imprisoned, including the young Ukrainian woman she had tried to help weeks before. Arkin believes that agents will rescue them shortly, unaware that Jakes ended up in a jail cell.

Warren’s disgusted that an inside source tipped off the Solano family and destroyed all the evidence and warned Carlito Solano to steer away from the pick up he was driving to. However his superior from the Bureau’s headquarters Jess, walks into the house referring to Mike as the conquering hero. The agent looks at his friend with benefits, as though she lost her mind, but she spins it as a great victory for the FBI and will win them great favor with Bureau Director. Warren refuses to perceive the situation in that manner, saying that any evidence that could have locked up the Solano family no longer exists. Jess leaves but first asks Mike to come back with her to his position at Bureau Headquarters with her, he tells her he’ll think it over.

Mike still has one card to play, as he is holding Lawrence the Cal-Coast supervisor involved in the smuggling operation that kept a steady flow of heroin coming over the border from Mexico and Warren believes that Lawrence knows far more than he’s admitted. The supervisor does concede that the Solano family control a member of law enforcement that informed them the bust would go down, allowing them to destroy all the contraband. The agent also inquires about the sex-trafficking operation, but Lawrence denies knowledge, so Mike leaves the prisoner handcuffed to a chair in the safe house.

The phone rings at the house and Briggs answers to find Dale on the other end, explaining he’s in jail and asked if anyone had heard from Paige. When the response is no, he tells Paul that he believes Arkin’s in danger as he believes she may have gone undercover to try to bust the operation. Mike immediately freaks out but Briggs takes control, saying he and Charlie will find the recorder in Dale’s truck with Paige’s messages and Johnny goes to bail out Jakes with Mike insisting on going with him.

The tape’s found letting the team know that she took the young women’s place and Johnny and Warren greet Dale when released. Warren decides that Jakes doesn’t feel sufficiently guilty, so he tells the DEA agent that if Paige’s harmed it’s on him. We have seen evidence throughout the season that Mike’s severely lacking in management and people skills and once again handles the situation in the worst possible way.

When they get back home, Mike seeks out Paul finding him on the beach. He tells Briggs he’s holding Lawrence prisoner and he’s sure the supervisor has information on the sex-trafficking operation, but he won’t confess anything to Warren and asks Briggs for help in the situation. The two arrive where Lawrence’s held and he asks Paul who he is and the agent responds that he’s the man going to set him free and the supervisor gets excited. However, Briggs tells him before he can unlock the handcuffs, Lawrence must provide some info on the operation and once again the supervisor denies knowledge. Paul tells him he’s got one more chance to answer and Lawrence repeats his statement.

Briggs then grabs the gym-bag he brought with him and tells the prisoner he brought his old mistress for him and pulls out a large bottle of liquor and Lawrence begs for mercy as he’s a recovering alcoholic, sober for the last 16-years. Paul laughs derisively, then hands Warren a towel and tells him to put it over Lawrence’s face and hold back his head, then starts pouring the alcohol into the prisoner’s mouth through the towel. They remove the towel as the supervisor spits out the liquor and gasps for air and Paul questions him again and without an admission tells Mike to put the towel back on the prisoner’s face, but the other agent questions Briggs if they should proceed further. The look in Briggs’ eyes tell Warren that’s not an option and they torture Lawrence again.

Paul’s methods pay off as Lawrence agrees to cooperate and tells the pair he has to set up a meet in order for them to gain access to the operation. He contacts the people in charge and sets up a meet with them for the next morning at a local hotel and then they will transport him to the facility. The agents fear releasing Lawrence until they get Paige, so they leave him at the safe house. Briggs and Warren head back to Graceland to plan out the rescue with their housemates. Before they get into the car, Mike says he didn’t realize how brutal Paul would get and Briggs calls him out asking what did he expect when he asked for his help?

Arkin realizing that no help’s coming any time soon tries to escape with the Ukrainian girl, but the attempt fails as they run out to the yard of the facility and Paige tries to scale a chain link fence. As she climbs the boss comes out and whacks her in the thigh with a baseball bat and she falls to the ground with a badly bruised thigh.

Back at the house the five sit down to strategize, but nerves shot and tempers short. They finally agree to have Mike go undercover as the buyer and Jakes will follow the car that transports him to the facility. The next morning Mike’s met by the boss and a guy wearing a cowboy hat, searched and then they put a hood over his head and he gets into the car. Shortly after they pull out, Jakes starts his truck and trails the trio.

The young women get lined up and each given a placard with a number on it, Warren’s brought into the room and the hood’s removed and we see Paige smile with relief. Looks like things are going to wrap up nice and tidy, but there’s still 20-minutes of airtime left, so we realize things won’t run all that smoothly. Mike tells the boss that he wants to purchase Paige but she plays like she’s afraid to go with him. The boss starts to get ready to pummel her, but Warren tells him she’s scared and he wants some time alone with her, they head into a room that the boss monitors them on a security camera.

Mike informs Arkin that all the evidence against the Solano family no longer exists and tells her he wants to keep the operation running a while longer so he can pin the sex-trafficking on the family. Paige vehemently disagrees and says that he should take the Ukrainian woman in her place, but his emotions won’t allow him to agree and she slaps the agent across the face. At that point Warren exits the room and says he’s going to buy her but she’s uncontrollable, to which the boss responds by punching Paige in the face.

The two get driven back to the hotel each wearing hoods and then the men drive off. Mike and Paige enter the vehicle he’s driving and he apologizes for not following her wishes but gives her his word that they’ll shut down the operation and rescue the young woman she’s concerned about. Paige tells Warren exactly how much she values his word in unflattering terms.

They arrive at the house and all the housemates embrace her, as Mike feeling unwanted heads to his room. When she settles into her room, Jakes comes in and tells her he can’t express how terribly he feels and gives her a music box that belonged to his mother. The box has a ballerina on it and Dale tells Paige that he thought she’d like it as the Ukrainian girl’s a dancer. She breaks down crying and asks her friend that if they can’t save this young woman, than what are they accomplishing, Jakes holds her and tells her he lacks the answer.

Mike arrives where he’s holding Lawrence, removes the handcuffs and hands him an envelope with a forged passport and traveling money. He tells the supervisor to leave and to stay out of contact with his associates. Lawrence leaves cursing Warren out as he does.

Jess arrives and tells Mike she’s returning to Washington and asks if he’s joining her, when he admits what we’ve known all along, that he’ll remain at Graceland. She says that she truly thought his goal was to become Bureau Director and he replies that he thought that as well. Jess tells him that if he doesn’t return with her, their benefits end and Mike acknowledges he’s aware of that. She then wishes him good luck addressing him as Agent Warren and leaves.

Mike’s with Paul when his phone rings and he tells the person on the other end that the news he’s getting is terrible. He gets off the phone and tells Briggs that Lawrence was found dead at his home and he gets in his car and drives to the crime scene. When he arrives a detective gives him a hard time until Warren identifies himself, the cop feeling foolish introduces himself as the head of the LAPD Gang Task-Force and says that Lawrence’s murder was the work of a cartel. Mike asks him if he has any idea who set up the hit and the detective names the Solano family. He then gives Warren his business card including cell number and tells him to call him anytime.

The final scene’s a conversation between Briggs and Warren and Mike says he found the Solano’s inside informant, the detective he had just talked to. He tells Paul that the cop’s second in command was at the bust, in fact he was standing right next to him. Briggs replies that Mike’s taking on a huge fish and Warren responds they’re going to reel him in shortly.

Graceland can be seen Wednesday nights on the USA Network.