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Wayward Pines: They’re Our Replacements

Photo Courtesy Of Sergei Bachlakov/Fox
Photo Courtesy Of Sergei Bachlakov/Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Who truly are the monsters on the FOX Network Summer series “Wayward Pines,” the Abbies or the remaining humans who reside behind an electric fence in an Idaho community? Four episodes into the second year of this series, the answer to that question’s at best debatable. While the residents of Wayward Pines, fixate on doing everything they can to survive, many of them have lost their humanity in the process. They readily eliminate threats from throughout their ranks, while forcing others to enter situations they’re not yet prepared for.

Contrast that behavior with what we saw earlier this season, as the Abbies readily sacrificed themselves in order for some of them to get past the electric fence and enter the town. Would the remaining humans in the year 4032, put themselves in danger for the greater good? Although there are some characters we’ve encountered that seem selfless enough to give up their lives to save another, they appear to be very few that would comfortably fit in that category.

Dr. Theo Yedlin, Ben Burke and Xander Beck, got exiled from the town at the conclusion of the season premiere and while Yedlin got saved early in episode two, Ben and Xander’s fate remained unknown until this chapter. Beck’s alive although he finds himself at the bottom of a pretty deep pit, possibly an abandoned well. He climbs the rocks that line the sides and nearly reaches the top when an Abbie pushes him back down to the bottom. The Abbie then jumps down and starts attacking Beck, but Xander gets the creature in a headlock and chokes the life out of it. Then to confirm his opponent won’t rise again, Beck smashes a boulder against his skull.

As despicable as Jason Higgins, the current leader of Wayward Pines has proven himself to be, there’s a special place in Hell for Megan Fisher. She somehow survived her brush with death on Invasion Day, however her second chance didn’t alter her perspective or her personality. She’s a controlling, manipulative, woman that despises to be challenged and that happened a couple of times during this installment.

Jason, Kerry Campbell, CJ Mitchum and Fisher were in the midst of a meeting when we joined them, as Megan gets the First Couple up to date on their big fertility push. A number of the young teens are far along in their pregnancies and more girls have started ovulating. Mitchum, seemingly disgusted with the conversation gets up to leave but Jason asks him to stay. CJ says he thought the meeting concerned sending out a squadron miles away from town to check out soil samples and the water situation, so they could plant more crops to feed the town. Mitchum wants to take full advantage of the Abbies vacating the area.

Fisher tries torpedoing the idea asking Jason what would Pilcher say? Higgins responds that Pilcher would back the plan and he tells CJ and Mario to start planning for the upcoming mission. Megan involuntarily stiffens in her wheelchair, when Higgins’ disregards her advice. However we can see that Mitchum’s pleased as more crops gives the town a better chance for survival.

Beck’s getting a drink from a brook when a stranger with a long beard and long stringy-hair comes up from behind him and covers Xander’s mouth and holds a blade to his neck. Turns out the stranger’s Adam Hassler, Ethan Burke and Kate Hewson’s boss in the Secret Service and one of the dozen nomads that David Pilcher sent out when he revived the people from Group A. Hassler’s the only one of the nomads to return to the town and he’s got the physical and mental scars to show how harrowing his experience was.

Adam tells Beck that the Abbies have a system and if you can survive long enough you can figure it out. He says they usually send a scout to a new territory first and if you can hightail it before the scout reaches the rest of his group, you’ll survive. He then tells Xander he’s got to go back to town as there’s somebody he needs to talk to and suggests Beck join him, saying the worst they can do is not let him in. However both men are allowed through the gates without a problem and a buzz of recognition fills the air as some of the soldiers realize that the man with Beck’s Adam Hassler.

Hassler’s brought into an examination room where he meets Yedlin and they introduce themselves. Adam says his mission was to leave town and look for other survivors and we’re aware that he made it to San Francisco, from a videotape Theresa Burke found last year. The only human that Hassler met outside the gate was Xander and Theo muses that perhaps they’ll never know for certain if any other humans remain. Adam grabs Theo and whispers “Oh we know. They’re not are enemies, they’re our replacements.”

Hassler then grimaces in pain and Theo tells him to lie back and show Yedlin where the pain’s emanating from. It’s his abdomen and when Theo lifts up his shirt we see how badly Adam’s torso’s been repeatedly sliced. From his chest to his waist, his body’s covered in scar tissue.

Later that morning, Theo’s doing paperwork when Jason comes into Yedlin’s office and starts asking the doctor questions about Hassler, as Adam won’t talk to him. Theo says he won’t violate doctor/patient confidentiality and he tells Higgins that if he wants answers from Hassler, then go question Adam.

Crisis time for Lucy Armstrong the young girl that helps Rebecca Yedlin in her beauty-shop. Lucy’s had her first-period and she’s terrified Megan will find out and immediately try to pair her up with a boy and get her to start spitting out kids. Lucy’s crying and tells Rebecca that she’s not ready to have children, but Rebecca tells Lucy she needs to go back to school or they’ll realize something’s wrong.

Hassler’s fallen asleep in the hospital bed and he dreams about a battle he had with an Abbie in which he killed his opponent with a sword. He wakes up startled, then realizes he’s in the hospital and puts on his coat and starts to leave, however that’s when we realize that Adam’s hallucinating and keeps seeing nonexistent Abbies. He heads downtown and his appearance raises a ruckus, as he’s scaring little kids and he keeps getting visions.

He ducks down an alley however Theresa Burke sees him and follows him, when she’s certain it’s him she asks how he could have worked with Pilcher and why did he involve her family? He asks where’s Ethan and she tells him he’s dead and there’s good probability that Ben’s dead as well, as they threw him outside the fence. She screams that she lost her family because of him and that they had trusted him. She then turns around and stomps away.

The grade school students put on a play commemorating Pilcher’s decision to put the Wayward Pines project into action and the cast featured a seven year-old portraying Pilcher as well as singing pine trees. Lucy’s emotions overcome her and she leaves the auditorium and breaks down crying. Later that day Fisher approaches her and says she’s noticed the girl used the bathroom a lot that day and Armstrong says she ate something that didn’t agree with her. Megan accepts her response but Lucy realizes Fisher didn’t believe her. She tells her older brother Frank that Fisher knows, but he tells her not to worry and promises he won’t tell Megan.

That vow doesn’t last too long, as Megan invites Frank for a chocolate ice cream soda and reminds Armstrong that the “First Generation Of Wayward Pines,” aren’t allowed to keep secrets from her. Frank says it’s his job to protect Lucy and Fisher tells him she understands that but says that the needs of Wayward Pines outweigh those of any individual. Frank admits his sister’s ovulating.

Theo goes to talk to Mitchum about possibly rethinking the mission he and his crew are about to embark on, telling CJ that he believes Pilcher’s protégé underestimates the Abbies. Mitchum assures Yedlin that’s not the case, then he tells Theo that they’re carrying out this mission to give the people hope.

Rebecca returns to her shop to find Megan inside talking to Lucy and Yedlin asks what’s going on? Fisher says she and Lucy are talking and then she tells Lucy to head back to the Academy with her. Lucy refuses and Rebecca tells the girl to wait outside. She then tells Megan to leave the girl alone and Fisher says she’s meeting with Jason in 15 minutes and she’s going to report this incident to Higgins. Yedlin breaks into a huge grin and she says that Fisher should try that and then says that’s a fight Megan’s bound to lose then pushes Fisher’s wheelchair out of her shop and onto the sidewalk. Yedlin tells Lucy she’ll stay with her and Theo for the next few nights.

The convoy starts to leave town and Theresa stops the vehicle with Mitchum in it. She tells CJ she’s going with them as she has  to find out Ben’s fate. Mitchum asks her what’s the story with him as Adam climbs into another vehicle and she tells CJ that’s Mitchum’s concern not hers.

The convoy reaches it’s destination and we see snow-capped mountains in the distance. Theresa approaches Adam and asks him if he’s there to help her and he responds she’s correct. She tells Hassler the general area that the harvest crew last saw Ben, he forages through the underbrush with a flashlight. Unfortunately Ben wasn’t as fortunate as Xander and Theresa has to lift the tarpaulin off his corpse to identify her son.

The following day Frank sees his sister and asks what’s going on and she tells him that she realizes that despite his promise he told Fisher about her period. Frank says he had to and Lucy says she could tell Megan things about him, he seems concerned and asks what kind of things? Lucy ignores the question and tells her brother she hates him. Whether he felt bad because of what his sister said, or concerned with what Lucy would tell Fisher, Frank’s moody and morose the entire evening. He finally puts on his hoodie and heads downtown where he’s about to eat a sandwich when the merry-go-round suddenly comes to life briefly. However just as abruptly it powers down and Frank’s terrified when he sees an Abbie’s standing on the ride and staring back at him.

The Flash: Open To New Opportunities

Photo: Cate Cameron /The CW Network
Photo: Cate Cameron /The CW Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The CW network series “The Flash,” opens its latest episode with a graphic telling us the scene we’re about to watch took place two years ago. We’re on  the football field of Central City High School at the end of a victorious game by the home team. One of the player’s stands alone on the field basking in the moment when he’s approached by two of his teammates congratulating him on the victory. One of them on crutches tells the teenager he knew he could do it, but their conversation’s cut short when the team coach throws the game-ball to the young man and says congratulations Jefferson.

As his two teammates head to the locker-room the coach tells the player that the stands were loaded with scouts for collegiate programs. When he scored his touchdown leading to the victory all the scouts grabbed their cellphones, the coach tells his player that he’ll be able to attend any college he wants.

As he walks away the player spikes the pigskin in excitement, but a second later he sees a large explosion across the city. It’s the particle-accelerator exploding and Jefferson watches as a wave of energy approaches the field and he screams to those remaining on the gridiron to run inside the locker-room. He’s about 20-yards from the door when he stops to help his teammate on crutches get inside. As he tries to close the doors he’s hit by a bolt of energy and thrown against a brick-wall. He lies on the floor unconscious as the energy enters his body.

As we return to the present, we join Caitlin, Cisco and Barry in STAR Labs as they try to  keep Professor Martin Stein alive. He had a seizure at the end of the previous episode and started emitting flames from his head and his hands as he did when teamed up with Ronnie and became Firestorm. However since Ronnie died closing the Singularity and saving the planet, Stein’s had nobody to bond with and his powers are out of control. Cisco attaches an electronic device to the professor’s chest which stabilizes him. Cisco says this is just a short-term fix as the device will run out of power within a few days.

Caitlin tells Cisco and Barry that she may have found a permanent solution as she’s found two suitable candidates to bond  with Stein. Both underwent the same process as Martin and Ronnie did when they got blasted by the particle-accelerator. She says they also both have the same blood-type as the professor, but she’d need another blood test to  determine if they’d make suitable physical matches. The Flash takes off and he’s back in seconds with a test-tube of blood from each of the men, he took the samples at super-speed so each thought they got bit by an insect.

Barry runs into Joe’s new partner Patty Spivot and she asks for Barry’s help with a case she’s working on. She gives Allen a plastic bag filled with teeth, she says she believes they’re shark’s teeth as she’s interviewed a bunch of people from a neighborhood who claim to have seen a land-shark. In fact they all said the shark walked on two legs like a man. Barry says he stays away from Meta-Human cases usually but he’ll run some tests for Patty. Joe arrives and greets the pair and asks Patty how her man-shark case’s progressing. Spivot smiles and says Barry’s going to run some tests for her.

Iris sits in Joe’s house looking at pictures of her and her mother before she took off on them. Joe tells Iris he’s very proud that she’s decided to meet with Francine, but we can see by the expression on his daughter’s face that she’s a little creeped out by the situation.

Back at STAR Labs Caitlin says the new blood samples seem to verify her previous information and she believes both  men are suitable candidates to converge with Stein and become the new Firestorm. She does however favor one man over the other, he’s Henry Hewitt and he’s a scientist so she thinks he and Stein will have more in common. The other candidate’s Jefferson Jackson the former high school football player we saw earlier and he’s now a car mechanic. Barry says perhaps he’s the better fit as he  averaged a 4.0 grade-point average in high school and he’s got an athletic background. Caitlin says she’s going to invite Hewitt to STAR Labs while Martin and Barry go down to the garage that Jackson works at. Cisco says he’s going to keep working on a new stabilizer for the professor and as they scatter we see a figure emerge from the shadows it’s Earth-Two’s Harrison Wells.

Allen and Stein meet Jefferson Jackson at the garage he works at and the first thing he asks them is if they have a car that needs repairing. Barry tells him no, then introduces the two of them telling the mechanic they’re from the Department Of Safety. The mechanic says everybody calls him Jax and asks if the garage’s violated some safety regulations?

Allen smiles and shakes his head and says they want to talk about his encounter with the particle-accelerator. Jax says he refuses to talk about that night as that’s when his  dreams went South. He woke up in the hospital with a crushed leg and torn ACL and he could tell by the expression on his mother’s face that his aspirations to play in the NFL had ended.

Barry apologizes for opening up a mental-wound but tells him they’d like to take him to STAR Labs as he thinks they can help him. Jax tells the pair that unless they’ve got a car that needs repair their conversation’s over and tells them to have a nice day.

Francine and Joe are sitting and waiting for Iris to arrive and Francine thanks her former husband for arranging the meeting. Iris walks in shortly later and Francine’s excited to meet her now grown daughter, but Iris looks skeptical. Francine starts saying the speech she likely prepared for months if not years but Iris cuts her off. She says to her mother that she can start by apologizing for abandoning them over 20 years before. The older woman says she’s sorry but Iris has to understand she’s been through a lot.

Iris stops her right there and says to her mother that this might be a good time for Francine to have Iris back in her life, but she never considered whether it was a good time for Iris to have Francine in her life. She says she doesn’t hate Francine, in fact she wishes her the best. However they’ve spent the last 20+ years apart and she’s got no desire to change things and she leaves.

Henry Hewitt meets with Caitlin and Cisco at STAR Labs and he’s strutting like a peacock telling the pair he always knew he was destined for greatness. Barry and Martin walk in and Hewitt immediately starts toadying up to Stein, saying he’s a big fan and he’s read all his papers. Stein’s quite pleased by Hewitt’s flattery and Caitlin tells Barry that Henry wants to converge with the professor. Allen’s a bit taken aback that Caitlin revealed the project to him but she says he’s perfect. Cisco says he’s got an ego bigger than Texas, but other than that he seems fine.

Stein’s informed that Henry’s excited about the merging of the pair into one being and Martin says no time like the present. Cisco gets out a device like the one Ronnie wore and straps it to Henry’s chest, Stein and Hewitt shake hands and some energy passes between them but there’s no convergence. Martin asks him to try again but this time there’s no reaction. Henry asks what that means and Caitlin says they’re not a match.

Hewitt gets belligerent and tells Caitlin that she should be prepared before she builds up somebody’s hopes. Professor Stein assures Hewitt that nobody wanted this to work more than him. Hewitt says he wouldn’t bet on that and storms towards the elevator, we see a small bolt of energy emanating from one of his hands but he’s unaware.

Next scene takes place at Dr. Tina McGee’s facility, as she goes over last-minute instructions with her assistant. Suddenly an alarm sounds in the building and McGee quizzically says applied sciences? She recognizes the man who escapes from one of her labs carrying a weapon and we can hear the shock and disbelief when she says Harrison Wells?

Dr. McGee calls the CCPD and asks them to send Detective Joe West to investigate. Joe and Patty arrive and West introduces Spivot to the doctor, who then said she’d  been sorry to hear about Eddie’s death. She then thanks them for coming as she admired his discretion the last time they met, she says this is a very sensitive matter. West knows that he’s investigating  a robbery and asked what got taken? McGee says it’s not so much as what got taken as who took it, she says she’s sure the man was Harrison Wells.

Patty says that’s impossible as Wells died, Tina says that’s what she thought and asks Joe if there’s any way he survived? West looks shaken and he tells her that Wells died, no questions about it, McGee says the other strange thing was Wells was walking.

Leaving the facility Spivot says they need to inform Barry as he’d be a huge help on this case and Joe tells her that she’s not to mention this case to Allen. She asks why and West tells her that Wells killed Barry’s mom and he doesn’t want Barry reliving that again. She says she’s a bad liar and Joe says she’d better become a good one. The pair go separate ways when they enter the station and West sees Francine waiting to talk to him.

His patience gone he tells Francine to leave and never come back that she heard their decision. She tells Joe she’s dying of an incurable and her doctor’s say she’ll be fortunate to make it to the end of the year. West looks at his former wife’s face and intuitively realizes she’s telling him the truth. She says she doesn’t want to die without getting to know her daughter and asks him to convey the message to Iris.

Jax arrives unexpectedly at STAR Labs and he’s under the impression they can fix his knee and he can start playing football again. Barry tells him that’s not something they can do, but he can become a superhero and save Stein’s life in the bargain. Jax says he’s not interested in any of that and Caitlin gets ticked off. She says that’s the kind of person he is, he’s allowed one setback to stop him from progressing. She tells him to leave as he’s not worthy of the opportunity, Jax says that’s fine with him and he leaves.

Barry tells her she handled the situation badly and could’ve blown their last opportunity to save Stein. She says she’ll go find Hewitt and bring him back and they’ll find a way to make things out. They’ll all soon realize that utilizing Henry Hewitt’s no longer an option.

Joe and Barry have a father and son conversation starting with West telling Allen that Francine’s dying and now he needs to tell Iris. Then he asks Barry what’s the story with Patty and Barry laughs and says she’s adorable and funny and just about perfect but she’s not Iris. Joe smiles and tells Barry that Iris was his first love and nothing ever replaces that, but you’ve got to go on have the courage to explore new situations and opportunities. The look in Barry’s eyes show that the man who raised him got through to him.

Henry’s sitting at his work station in the lab that he works for when his supervisor walks over and asks Hewitt if he’s finished his project his boss assigned him. Henry says he’ll have it in the morning, the supervisor tells him he said he needed it by tonight and Hewitt says well you’ll have to wait until morning and the lights in the room start to flicker.

Now the supervisor’s angry and he tells Hewitt he may think he’s smarter than everybody else but that doesn’t excuse him from doing his job. He tells the scientist if he pulls this act again he’ll terminate him. Henry starts screaming at the supervisor to get off his back and he’s sick of the way he’s treated. The supervisor’s face reflects his fear as fire’s emanating from his head and hands.

Joe tells Iris that Francine’s dying and the first thing she asks is how can he be sure she’s telling the truth? West tells his daughter that he knows Francine and she’s telling the truth. Joe says that what ever Iris decides he’ll back her decision totally.

The next morning Barry, Stein, Caitlin and Cisco watch a newscaster report a story about some major electrical disturbance at the facility that Hewitt works at and police are searching for Henry to question him. Caitlin says that when they attempted to converge they awakened the dormant gene within him. Cisco says that his history of violence makes him an imminent danger. Caitlin says she didn’t see anything like that in her search and Cisco says his juvenile record got expunged but he hacked into it. Henry’s got quite a few incidents of destruction and assault recorded on the hidden documents.

Martin tells Team-Flash that Hewitt’s not the only one suffering with his abilities and says he needs to lie down. Cisco says he’ll help Stein get there and the professor expresses his thanks. Once they leave Caitlin says this is all her fault that Martin’s dying and she chased away their only chance to save him. Barry basically gives her a shorter version of the speech Joe gave to him, to start thinking outside your ordinary boundaries and it can open up a new world for you.

Caitlin heads down to the garage to talk to Jax and the first thing she does is apologize and says she should never have talked to him the way she had. She says she just got frustrated that Jax failed to realize the life-changing opportunity he turned down. She says that her husband and Martin teamed up as Firestorm and Jax asks the guy who flew into the hole? She smiles and says yes and says he died during that incident, but she says she couldn’t stop him and looking back at it she realizes he’d have been miserable if she had.

Henry Hewitt’s tracked her down and arrives at the garage, he says she did this to him and it’s nothing like she promised. He starts to go after her but Jax tries to stop  him and Hewitt tosses him against a wall. He then starts going after Caitlin again but Jax quickly recovers and chucks a metal car-part against the back of Hewitt’s head knocking him out. Snow grabs Jax by the arm and they jump into her car, he asks where they’re going and she tells him STAR Labs.

Iris and Francine meet and Iris tells her mother that she really thought Francine made up that she’s dying but Iris checked it out and confirmed it. She says she hoped that could get her to forgive Francine and allow them to have a relationship but she says she found out that Francine’s still lying and keeping secrets.

Iris tells Francine she’s an investigative reporter and she did some digging on Francine and found out that she gave birth to a boy eight months after she left them. She asks if the boy’s Joe’s and her brother and then says she doesn’t want to know. If Joe found out he had a son that grew to manhood without him knowing about him it would kill him. She tells Francine to never contact them again and leaves.

We’re aware that the character Wally West will get introduced at some point this season. Is Francine’s son Wally West? Wally got introduced to the DC Comics Silver-Age as Iris’ nephew but it’s not much of a stretch of Wally being her brother in this retelling of the tale.

Jax and Caitlin walk into STAR Labs and Cisco tells him that Stein’s dying he’s got a fever of 142 degrees and it’s still rising. Jax says he’ll do it he’ll converge with the professor. Barry asks him if he’s sure and Jax smiles and says his coach used to say in football you leave yourself and enter the team.

Caitlin and Cisco get Martin and tell him that Jax has agreed to converge with him, they help him over and then Cisco puts the electronic device on Jax’s chest. He asks what he needs to do and Stein says they just need to touch however the match’s so perfect that just getting close to each other sets off the convergence. Jax’s eyes turn white and energy emanates from his body. Caitlin asks if Stein’s with him and he says he’s unsure and asks how to check, but we hear Martin’s voice reassuring him he’s with him. Firestorm’s reborn.

He asks when’s their first assignment and Cisco asks if he feels up to taking on one now? He tells Firestorm that Hewitt’s charging himself on the Central City High School football field, he fails to notice that Barry’s slipped off to go there as the Flash. Jax says that’s where he got zapped by the particle-accelerator and Firestorm flies off.

Flash tells Cisco to cut off all the power to the football field so Henry’s power-source get’s cut off. Firestorm arrives at the field and goes after Hewitt but Henry tosses him into the stands. We hear Martin’s voice telling Jax to focus to utilize his athletic ability and the discipline he learned on the gridiron.

Flash tells Caitlin that it seems the angrier Hewitt gets the more powerful he becomes and she says that’s how we defeat him by getting him so angry he blows his circuit. Flash asks Jax if he’s alright and he responds that he’s a quarterback and he can take a hit. Flash smiles and asks him if he’s up for playing a game of you can’t catch me?

Flash darts all over the field at super-speed taunting Hewitt and Henry’s frustration keeps getting greater. He hurls energy bolts at Flash and Firestorm he misses Flash but Firestorm blasts back at him stopping the energy in midstream. He flies over to Henry and hits him with a right to the chin knocking him out and causing Hewitt to pop his circuit and his energy vanishes.

Hewitt’s powers are permanently disabled and Flash says they’ll keep him in the tunnel until he forgets about STAR Labs. Martin says this is goodbye for a while for Jax and he as they’re heading for Pittsburgh to study with a women that helped train Ronnie and him. He says they had a lot of unexplored territory to learn. They converge and fly off and Jax lets out a whoop to express his excitement.

Flash stands outside of CC Jitters and watches Patty inside and he starts smiling and the smile gets bigger until he feels a hand around his neck and pulls him off the ground. He turns to see it’s the man-shark standing in two-legs and likely 14 feet tall. He growls at Flash he’s going to kill him when Spivot runs out of the coffee-shop and tells the creature to release Flash. She empties her service revolver into the creature but he feels nothing. He tosses Flash aside like a rag-doll and grins as he advances on Patty. Suddenly a blast of energy hits him in the back and destroys the creature, when he hits the ground Flash sees a man in a hoodie holding a weapon but he runs away. Flash quickly overtakes him and pulls off the hood revealing the man’s Earth-Two’s Harrison Wells.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 8:00 pm on The CW.

Gotham: Bringing Law And Order Back To Gotham City

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The two prevailing themes so far in the second season of the FOX Network series “Gotham,” have been turbulence and change and we saw a lot more of both in the season’s fourth episode. Gotham City’s gotten shaken like a snow-globe in the young season and we witnessed a whole lot of shaking going on in the chapter entitled “Strike Force.” The show-runners have quickened the pace in their sophomore campaign, making this a tighter, more exciting and more jam-packed series than the show presented last season.

This episode opens with all of Gotham City’s crime-bosses gathered at a conference table and everybody’s talking at once, until the Penguin picks up a shotgun and fires a round into the ceiling. He then asks all gathered to conduct themselves with more civility, as they discuss the problems they’re facing.

Penguin wastes no time getting to the matter of their collective concern, who masterminded the breakout of five inmates from Arkham Asylum. Cobblepot tells the group he finds it very difficult to believe that not one person in the room has any knowledge about who set-up the escape. He then says the GCPD’s main suspect’s a blind old man, murdered by Jerome Valeska. Oswald says it again this time over-emphasizing the word BLIND.

As Penguin’s voice hangs in the air, there’s silence until one of the guys seated tells Cobblepot they thought he arranged the escape. Penguin laughs derisively at the notion, telling all in attendance that he gave each of them all the freedom they wanted and the money was rolling in and everybody happy. Why would he mess a great situation up by bringing chaos into it. He tells the crime bosses they’ve got to reestablish their brand and rid Gotham City of the turmoil plaguing it, then sends them on their way.

As all the hoods leave, Penguin’s right-hand man Butch Gilzean introduces his boss to Tabitha Galavan who entered the room in the middle of the meeting. She tells him that her brother wants to speak to him about a matter that could benefit both of them. She tells him there’s a car downstairs waiting to take them both to see Theo.

Jim Gordon’s arguing with another detective in their precinct house when a large bald man wearing a dark blue three-piece suit stands in the doorway. After watching the back and forth for a couple of minutes, the man picks up a wooden chair and breaks it apart with his hands, then throws the pieces on the floor. He says my name’s Nathaniel Barnes, Captain Nathaniel Barnes and yes I’m your new boss. He then points to a uniform and tells him to clean up the mess he just made.

Barnes then talks about the building surrounding them, telling his personnel that it’s over 100-years old. He says they don’t make them like this anymore, this old girl’s solid and tough. Then he says that didn’t stop some psychopath from coming in here a few days ago and killing your Commissioner and nine of your fellow officers. He says he’s ashamed of it and he wasn’t even there. He then says that if there’s a person in the room that’s not angry and embarrassed they should resign right then and there, the room remains silent.

Barnes chuckles and says some of you are lying to yourselves, I’ve gone through all your files and read them all. He then calls seven officers over and tells them they’re not police officers they’re lowlife criminals. He then tells each of them what crimes they’ve committed and tells them all to hand in their badges and guns to the desk sergeant as they’ve all been fired.

He then tells his remaining staff that the days of looking the other way have ended. He says if you fail to enforce the law you’ll get terminated and if fear or disdain keeps you from helping a fellow officer you’ll get terminated. He then tells his staff to get back to work and tells Gordon he wants to see him in his office.

Barnes asks Jim his thoughts on what he said and Gordon says he agreed with every word the Captain said. Barnes asks Gordon if he’s a brown-noser and Gordon chuckles and says not at all. The Captain then says he went over the detective’s file, his history in the service, the police-academy and the GCPD. He says you’re a trouble-maker and a fighter, would you agree with that description? Gordon smiles and says yes sir and Barnes tells him he’s going to make him his second in command.

Theo Galavan and Penguin meet and we can see by Cobblepot’s expression that he’s confused about why Galavan summoned him. Then Barbara Kean walks in and Penguin quickly realizes that Galavan engineered the escape from Arkham Asylum and set himself up to be the hero at the Children’s hospital charity event. Galavan laughs and says that’s correct and Penguin’s going to be his destroyer.

Cobblepot smiles and says he’s honored that Galavan thought of him, but that’s not his style. He’s a builder and idea man and Theo says then that Penguin will be greatly interested in a new project he’s planning. He removes a sheet and shows Oswald a scale model of this huge modern office-park. Penguin says that the project would be in what’s currently a residential neighborhood and Galavan would need all sorts of political connections to get the houses knocked down and his project built. Theo says when he becomes Gotham City’s new mayor that will clear all the hurdles.

He then tells Penguin that his only problem’s that two already declared candidates could win the race, so he needs them knocked off and an attempt made on his life as well. Cobblepot then says Galavan needs an assassin and since this is Gotham City he can find one in the phone book under the letter A. As Penguin starts to leave, Tabitha grabs a TV remote and Theo says that Tabitha wants to share her favorite reality show with Oswald. When the monitor comes on Penguin sees they’ve got his mother imprisoned, he agrees to help Galavan.

The next morning Lee Thompkins and Jim are sleeping when her phone rings. She picks it up and she’s surprised to find herself speaking with Captain Barnes. Barnes tells her he’s heard great things about her and can’t wait to meet her, then asks to speak to Gordon. She gives Jim the phone and Barnes tells him to meet him in an hour at the Gotham Police Academy. He then tells Gordon that everybody knows he’s sleeping with the Medical Examiner.

Gordon arrives at the academy first and he’s looking through the trophy cases when he hears the Captain’s voice behind him. Barnes says that Gordon was oldest in his class, wasn’t the most athletically or academically gifted, yet he finished at the top of his class. The Captain says that’s because Gordon’s a warrior, but he can’t win the battle to clean up Gotham City on his own. Barnes says that graduation for the academy’s the following week and they’re going to recruit some of these folks for their precinct.

Barnes settles on four recruits, three men and one woman. He tells them they are now the Alpha Unit of the GCPD Strike-Force. They’ll report directly to Gordon and Jim will report directly to him. All seem pleased with the new arrangement, Gordon telling his Captain they’re a great group of kids.

Later that morning Galavan receives a medal for honor and valor for saving Bruce Wayne’s life and killing Jerome at the charity function. A TV news-reporter asks Galavan why he hasn’t declared himself as a candidate for mayor yet? Just then a sedan passes by and a guy leans out the window firing an automatic weapon at Theo but missing him by a mile. When everybody returns to their feet Galavan tells the reporter since the bad guys don’t want him to run he now feels obligated to throw his hat in the ring.

Bruce’s back at school and starts heading to where Alfred’s got the limo parked. As Pennyworth gets out of the car he sees Selina Kyle sitting on the stone wall behind him and asks her if she’s waiting for somebody. She jumps from the wall like a gymnast then tells Pennyworth no that’s his job. Alfred then slaps Kyle across the face and says that’s for Reggie, I know you killed him.

He then says he doesn’t know what she wants with Bruce but from his vantage point his ward’s better off without her. He says so do yourself a favor treacle and jog off. Selina appears to be holding back tears, but she smiles and says all’s good and climbs back up the wall and takes off just before Wayne arrives. Alfred gives his ward a change of clothes and a pair of sneakers. He says your preparation begins today, it’s likely a 90 minute trek home possibly two-hours  depending on how many stops Bruce makes. Wayne looks at Alfred and asks you expect me to walk home? Pennyworth corrects him, telling his ward he expects him to run home.

Penguin and Butch show-up at the campaign headquarters of City Council member Caulfield, as she’s one of the other two-declared candidates for mayor. Gilzean has a ski-mask over his head, while Penguin’s sporting a derby and has a bandana tied around his nose and mouth. He walks into Caulfield’s office and she asks if he’s there to kill her, Penguin says that’s correct. She pleads with him not to, saying she’s a mother. Cobblepot suddenly gets agitated and says he’s got a mother too. After Penguin finishes Butch tells the two witnesses to keep their mouths shut as they have their names and addresses.

Ed Nygma’s trying to summon up the courage to ask Kristin Kringle out and he’s getting more awkward every time he practices. His alter ego steps out of the shadows and tells him he saved Kringle’s life and she owes him, so take what he deserves. Ed writes something on a piece of paper and interrupts Kristin’s conversation with three uniforms. Nygma excuses himself and then says Miss Kringle dinner tonight at eight and gives her the address, she smiles and says I like that, he smiles back and says yes you will. She’s suddenly interested in Ed.

Barnes, Bullock and Gordon talk to the four new officers and Barnes stresses they can never look the other way, because the situation will only escalate. If they see a kid breaking a window and let him go, he’ll only go on to do commit worse crimes and eventually end up with a gun. Just then the meeting’s interrupted as they’re told that City Councilor Caulfield’s been murdered.

Harvey and Jim go down to the headquarters and Jim asks if anybody saw anything and swears they won’t have to testify in court. The woman who was there tells the pair they have their names and addresses and Gordon says that Caulfield got stabbed multiple times and likely drowned on her own blood. Harvey says they’re wasting their time, but the woman says the guy with the knife was short, well-dressed and walked funny. Jim immediately realizes it’s Penguin.

Bruce meets with Theo Galavan for lunch, Alfred tells Wayne he’ll wait for him in the lobby. Theo asks him to join them, but Alfred says Bruce wants to thank Galavan for saving his life and he’d only be in the way. Wayne then says he can never repay him for saving his life and Galavan says he’s unsure what came over him that suddenly made him that brave. Theo then starts talking about the murder of Bruce’s parents and that he’s shocked the GCPD have no leads. Bruce says he’s very disappointed and then Theo says even the board of Wayne Industries are sitting on their hands.

Suddenly Bruce looks out the window and he’s smitten by this very pretty blonde girl about his age playing with the fountain on the grounds. Theo sees where he’s gazing and he tells Wayne the young lady’s Silver St. Cloud, Galavan’s brother was her stepfather until he died. Now she’s Theo’s ward and asks Bruce if he’d like to meet her and Bruce immediately nods yes.

When they reach the fountain Silver greets her Uncle and he introduces her to Bruce. He tells her Silver’s spent the last two-years studying in Geneva but now that she’s back in Gotham City, she’ll attend the same school Bruce does. She asks Wayne what it’s like and he says he just started as he’s been home-schooled for the past year. She smiles brightly and says we’ll take it on together then.

Nygma’s actually invited Kringle to his apartment for dinner, that’s why the note read Chez Moi. He tells her he’s an incredible cook and soon the two of them are having a great time. She apologizes for being so mean to him over the years and he says he deserved it for being so annoying. She says that he was just trying to be nice, then says she can’t believe she accused him of writing the goodbye letter from her former boyfriend. She then says he’s a jerk and Ed says he’s glad he’s dead. She looks at him strangely and says he just left town he’s not dead. Nygma says he meant that he’s dead to her and she excuses herself to use the bathroom. As soon as she leaves, Ed’s alter-ego appears and says Nygma blew it, Ed screams leave me alone and Kristin thinks he’s talking to her.

For some reason Kristin thinks it’s quite normal when Ed says he talks to himself and that the more forceful part of him informed him that he ruined the mood. Kristin says she enjoyed the mood also and the two of them kiss, tentatively at first. But then they both take off their glasses and start kissing passionately.

Butch and Penguin sit in a car in front of the other declared candidate’s campaign headquarters. Gilzean says he never questions Penguin’s orders but asks him why they’re involved in this. Oswald’s voice breaks and says because they have his mother, Butch asks who has her and Penguin says Galavan. Gilzean says we’ve got to find her.

This time Penguin sends our favorite psychopath Victor Zsasz to do the hit. The candidate’s standing there with four other guys and they’re all packing heat. Victor says the odds aren’t quite fair and quickly shoots two of the guys dead. The other two grab the candidate and head to the street with Zsasz in close pursuit.  Victor quickly kills one of the candidates aide’s and takes out the second one just as Gordon and Bullock arrive, with the four recruits right behind them. Gordon feels sick when he sees it’s Victor, meaning Penguin’s involved in this hit as well.

One of the recruits rescues the candidate then they all take on Victor. Zsasz hits two of the kids in their bullet-proof vests knocking them to the ground and Victor escapes. After they make sure all the officers are fine, Gordon tells him they just met Victor Zsasz and he works for Penguin.

Jim arrives at the Penguin’s and sees him sitting at the conference table taking an Alka-Seltzer. Gordon tells him they’ve got witnesses stating that Cobblepot stabbed Caulfield and Zsasz just tried taking out the other candidate and he thinks Penguin’s behind the attempted hit on Galavan. Penguin tells him he’s in no mood for a lecture and Gordon tells him they’ve got a new captain and things are changing on the GCPD.

Penguin looks at Gordon and laughs derisively at him. He says Gordon arrived alone and unarmed, is he afraid that his Captain will find out he killed a man over a debt owed to Cobblepot and that he arranged for Penguin to force Commissioner Loeb to resign? Jim says he killed the man in self-defense and Penguin asks where are the witnesses. Jim says he’s willing to face any consequences of his actions and Oswald smiles and says he’s ready too. Gordon leaves Penguin’s house.

Galavan’s excitedly telling his sister Tabitha, that while the cops hunt for Penguin he’ll steal the Mayoral election. Bruce sees Silver at their school but starts to walk past her, she calls to him and gives him a look like she’s surprised he didn’t stop. Selina’s sitting on the curb as Alfred’s words echo in her ears. Finally we see Penguin sitting in front of his fireplace with a drink in his hand. Butch enters and Oswald asks if he found Penguin’s mother, Gilzean’s face tightens and he squeezes his boss’ shoulder sympathetically. Penguin lets out a cry and throws the glass into the fireplace, making the flames more intense.

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 8:00 pm on FOX.

Tyrant: Winds Of Change Sweep Through Abbudin

Photo Courtesy Of FX Network
Photo Courtesy Of FX Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The times are tumultuous for the Middle-Eastern nation of Abbudin and the country’s ruling family the Al Fayeed’s in the FX Original Series ‘Tyrant.” The rebel movement’s licking their collective wounds and regrouping with a new strategy. Change is also effecting the Bedouin community, that Bassam’s residing in as a guest of Ahmos Al-Yazbek, as Ahmos’ second wife  Daliyah is leaving for Germany. She’ll be staying there six-months to study how to become a solar-engineer, which will vastly improve life for the residents in her village.

Back in California, it turns out that the lawyers for the Al Fayeed estate are contesting the will and unless Barry and Molly’s son Sammy returns to Abbudin and appears in court, he can kiss his $100 million inheritance goodbye. Jamal’s starting to think that his son Ahmed may lack the skills to be the Minister Of Energy Development, when his mother Amira reveals some mind-blowing news to Abbudin’s President.

Let’s start things off with that revelation, as Amira informs her son that he’s got a 25-year-old son that he never knew existed. Turns out that when Jamal was a very young man, he fell in love with a girl and the two had made arrangements to leave the country and live the life they wanted. However Jamal’s father caught wind of the scheme, beat the stuffing out of his son and told him if they left Abbudin, they’d both get punished far more severely. The elder Al Fayeed forbade his son to ever contact the girl again, so he was unaware she was carrying his son. However Amira stayed in touch with her and helped her and her son financially.

The woman passes away and Amira went to the funeral and talked with her grandson Rami Said, a Task Force Commander for the United Nations. Rami’s upset that he didn’t make it back to Abbudin before his mother passed, Amira tells him he was a wonderful son and his mother adored him. She then tells him it’s time that his father knows about him and that the two meet.

Jamal and Amira haven’t spoken since he ordered his brother’s execution and he’s surprised to see her. However she quickly lets him know what this visit’s about. She then tells him that she never told him, because his father would have forbidden Jamal to contact his son. But the time is right for them to meet. Jamal doesn’t like the idea and tells his mother as much, then quickly ends their meeting.

Ahmed comes into his father’s office and asks him why he still hasn’t signed the paperwork finalizing the deal with the Chinese on their oil refinery. Ahmed responds that it’s 300 pages and he wants to make sure there aren’t any loopholes, Jamal tells him to get up earlier and go to bed later. Before Ahmed leaves the office, he gives his father a picture of the ultrasound exam that Nusrat had that morning. Jamal’s grandchild will be a boy, he props the picture up on his desk, then calls Amira to arrange a meeting with Rami.

Ihab Rashid and Samira Nadal are in hiding at a safe-house and eating stale pita-bread. He gives photographs of himself and Samira to a young man and tells him to bring the pictures to a friend of Rashid’s. He says the man’s a forger and he’ll produce documents for Ihab and Samira to travel to Europe. He tells the young man to return as soon as the documents are finished. The young man says he can handle the assignment and leaves.

Abbudin soldiers and the liaison for the program in Germany arrive in the Bedouin village and Daliyah goes and meets with them. As they meet, the village doctor comes over  and talks with Ahmos’ sons about Daliyah heading to Germany. Munir says he believes his mother’s jealous of Daliyah’s beauty and is forcing her to move to Germany, but Kasim tells him that’s stupid and to shutup. The doctor asks Bassam about his opinion and he says he thinks it’s a great idea and will help the village immensely. The doctor laughs at him and says Daliyah will never return to Abbudin once she experiences life in Europe.

The doctor’s words anger and scare Daliyah and Ahmos son Hani, whose been milking the family’s goat while listening to their conversation. He dumps over the bucket of milk and socks Kasim in the jaw when the older brother yells at him, then he runs out of the pen.

James Timmons, the attorney that’s helping Sammy get his inheritance drop’s by the Al Fayeed house unexpectedly. He tells them that the lawyers are contesting the will and Sammy needs to appear in court in Abbudin. Molly says she forbids Sammy from going back there, but her son tells her he wants his inheritance. The two yell at each other and Sammy leaves the house.

Rami Said arrives at the palace and after Amira introduces the men to each other, she suggests that Jamal give Rami a tour of the palace. We rejoin them mid-tour, as Al Fayeed’s pointing out all the tile in a certain room, he says it took a year for the builders to complete the job. He then says, you’d think it would be wonderful to grow up here, but it really wasn’t.

We then find out why Khaled Al Fayeed was so dead set against Jamal getting involved with Rami’s mother, she was a Rashid. Jamal explains to Rami that the relationship was doomed even before it started, a tale of two star-crossed lovers, whose families despised each other. He then tells Rami that he looks just like his mother, he says that he has her eyes, she had very kind eyes.

The men go target shooting and Jamal’s amazed that Rami has perfect aim. The two walk out to the courtyard and Leila approaches them. Jamal introduces them, telling his wife that Rami’s originally from Abbudin, but he’s been stationed all over the world with the United Nations. Leila asks how they met and Jamal says that he makes it his business to seek out Abbudin’s best.

Back in their bedroom, Jamal can’t stop singing the praises of Rami and Leila asks if he knows that Said’s a Rashid. Jamal says he’s just a distant cousin and he has no contact with Ihab or the rest of the rebels. He then says that he thinks that Rami could be a big help for his administration and Leila realizes there’s something her husband’s not telling her.

Jamal tells Leila that Rami’s his son and that Amira just informed him about him earlier that day. He then explains about the relationship which took place long before they met. Leila says that Jamal’s not bringing his illegitimate son into her house and make him part of the family. She tells her husband that he has just one son Ahmed.

There’s a knock on the door of the safe-house, it’s the young man and Ihab lets him in the door. He grabs the envelope and sees that it’s empty and asks the guy where are the papers? The young man said they threatened his family and with that the door bursts open and some burly guys grab Ihab and Samira, put black bags over their heads and takes them away.

The pair are transported to Syria and when the bags are removed from their heads, a young man tells Ihab that it’s good to see him again. Samira asks Rashid if he knows him and he does, it’s Abu Omar and they studied together in Egypt. Omar says they’re friends and Rashid questions that statement, but Omar responds he always considered him a friend. He sends Samira with his wife to get fed, while he talks to Ihab.

Rashid tells Abu that he’s changed and Omar responds that spending two-years in the prisons of Mubarak in Egypt will do that to a man. He says he wants to help Ihab overthrow the Al Fayeed regime and help Rashid become the leader of his nation. Rashid says he’s done fighting, Omar responds from where he’s sitting, Ihab has yet to start to fight.

Jamal meets Rami the next morning in a café in the capital, Rami’s a little taken-aback that Al Fayeed cleared the café of all of their customers, so the two could drink their coffee privately. Jamal smiles and tells Rami that he wants him in the government and offers him as the second in command in the Abbudin army. Rami says he didn’t want to meet Jamal to get a job and Al Fayeed says he realizes that, but he wants him on his team.

Rami says he’s flattered but he’s an Al Fayeed and a Rashid, something he’s lived with all his life and why he left Abbudin to advance his career. He says that Jamal’s asking him to choose sides and the President responds that now there are no sides. Said says that’s because you gassed the opposition and Jamal responds it’s complicated. Rami once again says he’s flattered but he’s staying with the United Nations. The two men tell each other they’re very glad they met, Rami tells his father you’re not the man I was expecting.

Daliyah’s beside herself with worry as Hani has been missing since the incident in the goat pen, that afternoon. She says that it was a stupid idea to think about going to Germany, but Bassam says he thinks that the move will help the village. She rolls her eyes and says she’s not taking advice from someone whose wife thinks he’s dead.

Bassam realizes where Hani’s hiding as the two of them talked about hiding places. He convinces Hani that his mother’s doing a good thing and she will return to Abbudin. Then he tells the boy that he’ll stay with him for the six months, his mother’s in Germany.

The next day Daliyah says her goodbyes to her family. She hugs Hani and says the next time he sees her she’ll be a solar-engineer. She says they’ll build a house and Hani will have his own room. They hug and she gets into the jeep with the two soldiers and the woman from the program and off they go.

A while later they’re driving along, when several vehicles containing rebels force them from the road. The two soldiers are immediately shot in the head, then the rebels force the two women to lie on their bellies in the sand. As Daliyah turns around to look at her captors, we see that Ihab Rashid’s standing over her brandishing a pistol.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday on FX.

The Musketeers: Woman’s Visions Creates Uproar In Paris

Photo Courtesy Of BBCA
Photo Courtesy Of BBCA

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Religious fervor’s lead to more deaths of human beings, than probably any other cause of death throughout man’s existence on this planet. Although we’ve evolved and advanced in so many other areas, organized religions and their followers, still drive people apart as much in the USA in 2015, as it did if France back in the late 1600’s. This week’s episode of the BBCA Original Series “The Musketeers,” concentrated greatly on religion, as a French young peasant woman, became a hero to her fellow citizens, as she received messages each night in her sleep from God.

The young woman believes it is her mission to join French King Louis XIII, on the battlefield, as they lead the French people to war over Spain. The young woman says that God’s revealed to her that Spain’s King Phillip’s actually Satan and he’s called upon her to drive him from the throne. The woman named Emilie’s and she’s gathered an army of followers from the small towns and villages in the country, on her journey to Paris, and are willing to follow her straight to the Spanish border and fight, without a weapon among them.

We get our first look at the people’s prophet at the same time the Musketeer’s do as they’ve set up camp on the outskirts of Paris. Emilie’s frightfully young, no older than her early twenties, thin and frail looking, resembling a young Cissy Spacek, when she portrayed Carrie in the seventies. However, she’s got the heart and courage of a lion and the faith that only a true zealot possesses. She addresses her followers and the only sound’s her voice, ringing clearly through the forest.

Some of the men recognize the Musketeers and ask why they’ve arrived. Athos asks Emilie if she’s aware that forming an army without the King’s permission’s treason and she replies they love King Louis and want to meet with him and have him join their crusade. D’Artagnan, Porthos and Athos, leave the camp saying they’ll pass their request on to the palace.

The King’s soldiers return to the palace and talk to the Musketeer’s Commander, Captain Treville and their mate Aramis. The three who saw her say she’s touched in the head, D’Artagnan tells the pair she even fainted in the middle of talking to them. Aramis says that religious people refer to that as the special sickness and berates his comrades for not reading the Bible more often. Treville tells Aramis, since he’s so knowledgeable, he’ll act as their spy in Emilie’s camp to determine just what’s occurring. When asked what Louis thinks of the situation, Treville responds the King’s concentrating on matters of State.

Actually Louis’ concentrating on his new playmate Milady De Winter, excited as a boy on Christmas day and randy as a teen at senior prom. He tells Milady he’s got a present for her and she says a small principality, would be lovely and he laughs at her sense of humor, then gives her a new necklace. He asks her to take off her ever-present choker, but she tells Louis it hides a birth mark, however he can see other parts of her frame if he desires.

The citizens are attacking Spanish citizens in France, the French Ambassador’s secretary’s ripped from his carriage by an angry mob, found by a young boy and his dog, hours later, dead and covered in cuts and bruises. Ambassador Perales, summons Red Army Captain and his agent Count Rochefort, to complain and to tell him to convince the King to arrest Emilie and put an end to all the madness. Rochefort asks why he should as he’s told and Perales reminds him rather brusquely, that Rochefort works for Spain.

Rochefort tells Perales to watch his tone, as soon he’ll rule France with Queen Ann at his side and he’ll have the Ambassador’s head on a chopping block. Perales stunned, looks Rochefort in the eye and tells him he’s as mad as a rabid dog and Rochefort slaps him across the face. The Ambassador tells the undercover spy, that’s the second time he’s hit him, there won’t be a third time.

Aramis’ about to leave the bed of the Royal Prince’s governess Marguerite, who he started sleeping with to have more contact with his son. She says he’s got time before he needs to leave, but he says he’s got to get to work. She asks him if he loves her and he tells her, he’s very fond of her. Then he says that she needs to marry someone from her own class, as a soldier he’s below her. However, until she meets Mr. Right, let’s have a good time, then takes off.

Perales decides to pay a visit to Rochefort’s role-playing call-girl. She thinks Perales wants a roll in the hay, but he quickly corrects her, telling her this concerns Rochefort, then opens a money pouch emptying the contents on her table. She says I don’t think you want the usual thing and he smiles and says that’s correct.

Emilie’s talking to her mother about the troubling visions she’s had recently and her mother says, that God’s showing her what will occur if she fails. Aramis walks into their tent, but he’s soon followed by six other guys who tackle him, they ask who he is and he says he came to meet Emilie. She recognizes him as a Musketeer, he tells her he heard her talk, got so inspired he deserted his post to join her. She looks him in the eye and says sit down and eat.

Rochefort runs into Milady in a hallway, when it’s just the two of them and pins her against a wall, asking who she is and what’s her game, he removes the choker and sees the noose-mark around her neck. He asks her what the King would think if he found out his new lover got convicted for murder. He then says the conversation’s not over.

Aramis and Emilie get along well and he says that people call her the new Joan Of Arc, she says she’s not Joan, the thought of being burned to death haunts her. She then tells Aramis, she’s glad he’s joined her movement, that he will be right by her side when they march into Spain. He says they have no weapons, does she expect God to protect her army and she tells him of course he will.

As Emilie sleeps, she screams in terror through the night and Aramis hears it all. The next morning, Emilie’s mother Josette, tells Aramis her daughter wants to see him, but he’s going to help her first. The Musketeer talks to Josette about Emilie’s screams and the old woman says when God talks to her daughter, sometimes it rips her like a hurricane.

He then asked her if hearing her daughter scream like that doesn’t bring her great anxiety? She responded, that her daughters an innocent, God gave her to Josette to protect. He goes to see Emilie and she tells him that he was in her dream last night and the two of them will meet with King Louis. Aramis asks her if all her dreams come true and she says they do.

Ambassador Perales suddenly hears a crowd on the street below, and rocks start crashing through his office window, the Musketeers tell the crowd to stop and go inside the Embassy to rescue the Ambassador. Perales says this is madness, that he spends every day trying to make peace between two Catholic nations, but some in Paris and Barcelona, have their own agendas. Porthos says you can blame this on Emilie and Perales says he’s referring to someone else.

Queen Ann’s beside herself, not only was she born and raised in Spain, her brother’s Phillip the Spanish King. She tells Constance, that she’s heartbroken over the death of Spaniards in Paris, due to that silly girl and her silly visions. Constance says that her followers say all she wants is to talk to the King, but Ann says he’s too entranced with Milady to meet with her. So she tells Constance, the two of them will go to see Emilie, not a great plan.

Another plan that didn’t work out was Perales attempt to get the call-girl to murder Rochefort, she attempted to stab him, but he easily overpowered her. He asked who had set up the hit and she told him it was Perales, then Rochefort took the knife she tried to stab him with and gutted her, the life slowly oozing out of her body.

Back in the woods, Emilie tells Aramis that her followers are restless and want to go on and march to Spain and take Phillip from the throne. She asks why Louis doesn’t love his people, when they have so much love for him? Both the King and her are servants of God and God wants them to do their bidding. Aramis asks her how she’s so sure that’s God’s plan and she smiles and says she realizes, Aramis doesn’t believe her. But she tells him, you won’t betray me.

Rochefort seeks out a Priest that was a trusted aide to Cardinal Richelieu and asks what he know of Milady De Winter and the Priest replies she just arrived in Paris. Rochefort knows he’s lying and starts bringing up some sordid affairs the Priest’s involved in. He then tells Rochefort that Milady was the Cardinal’s agent and assistant, she’s a spy and a murdering whore. Rochefort thanks the cleric for playing along and says he might spare his life.

Constance and the Queen quickly realize how stupid Ann’s plan was as Emilie’s followers and mother start saying they should hang her, so that Louis can marry a French woman and make her the new Queen. Luckily for them Aramis is there, but more lucky is the decision by Emilie to have God instruct her what to do that evening while she slept. Until that time, they’re guests of Emilie’s.

A messenger arrives with a package for Perales and Porthos brings it to him, the Ambassador quickly opens then screams as the box contains one of the call-girl’s ears. Porthos then opens the box and looks at it and Perales says he knows where I am, but won’t tell Treville or the soldiers whom he’s referring to, saying he’ll only tell Louis or Phillip.

As much pleasure as Louis exhibited earlier, De Winter may have shown even more pleasure she wakes up in her own bed in the palace. She’s made it, life doesn’t get better than this, she’s the Royal Courtesan and will receive all the benefits that come with the position, she opens her window and takes in the view of the grounds, when her mood quickly sinks as she sees Rochefort waving at her holding an envelope.

Rochefort has a list containing every crime she ever committed, but offers her a deal. Commit one murder for him, the list disappears and all debts are taken care of. She agrees to the deal.

Aramis gives Ann a cup of the broth and says it’s quite tasty, Emilie says she’s not hungry so Constance eats her bowl. A short time later Constance has these terrible nightmares, involving Louis, Ann, a masked executioner  with a two-sided hatchet and lots and lots of blood. She wakes up screaming, her clothes soaking wet and Ann says she had a nightmare, but Constance said it was more real than any nightmare she ever experienced. Emilie, says perhaps Constance received  a vision.

A messenger arrives with a written order by Rochefort saying that a carriage’s arrived  that will take him to Barcelona. Treville sends D’Artagnan, ahead to make sure the carriage’s there, but for some reason he decides not to wait for his soldiers response. The four soldiers, walk towards where the carriage’s said to be, while D’Artagnan arrives, quickly realizes it’s a trap and runs back to warn the others. However it’s too late De Winter stabbed Perales with a poison pin, while all were walking he died soon after.

Emilie wakes up the next morning, telling all that God told her to free Constance and Queen Ann and that Aramis will take them back to the palace. She tells Ann however to send the King that it’s imperative that they meet as soon as possible and Ann says she’ll do everything in her power to have her husband meet with her. Aramis fills a canteen from the bowl of soup that Constance ate the night before, he explained that bowl was meant for Emilie and perhaps the soup caused the visions. He asks her to summon the Royal Doctor when they return to the palace.

The pair present the soup to the doctor, but he says he’s not an alchemist, however, he’ll have a look-see. Turns out it was the broth that had caused the visions as Josette had fed her daughter “Magic Mushrooms,” from childhood onward and the psychedelic visions resulted from the narcotics in the mushrooms.

Rochefort denies sending the message saying it’s not his signature and the stamp’s a poor imitation of his. He then blames Treville and the Musketeers for Perales death. Louis explodes when he hears the news, having the fire in his belly generously stoked by Rochefort. Louis sends Treville and the Musketeers to arrest Emilie for the murder of Perales, though completely innocent.

However Aramis has a far better idea and a way to solve the problem. They tell her she’s got an audience with the King, so she rides away from her followers, the conquering heroine. When they arrive at the palace, Treville tells her she’s under arrest for the murder of Perales. Constance, Athos and Aramis all tell her they know she’s innocent, but her mother’s been drugging her, causing the visions. They go through a hellish night of withdrawal, but then she crashes and sleeps 15-hours. She had no dreams.

She doesn’t want to accept it but she does and Aramis tells her there’s only one way to make things right. She goes back to all her followers, denounces Josette and says she was deceived and in turn deceived them. There’s no mission, no war, go home and live your lives. But the folks are just stunned and stand there, in a last-ditch effort Josette says they substituted another girl for her daughter and she’ll lead them all to Spain. One of Emilie’s men screams false prophets, hits Josette in the head and she died instantly. Emilie told Aramis to leave. The army dispersed and all went home, crisis averted.

Except France needs a scapegoat for Perales murder and Rochefort talks King Louis into dismissing Captain Treville. When the four Musketeers arrive at the palace, Treville tells them he’s relieved of duty and no longer their Captain.

The Story Continues Next Saturday night at 9:00 pm on BBCA. 

The Blacklist: Stimulating The Warrior Gene

Photo Courtesy Of NJBC
Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The United States Government’s conducted some barbaric experiments on some of it'[s citizens over the last 80-years or so. Back in the thirties, they introduced syphilis into Federal Prisons, without informing the convicts. In the fifties, the CIA and other Intelligence Agencies, experimented on soldiers with LSD and other hallucinogens, to test its effect as a mind controlling subject. It’s too scary to even contemplate what our Government’s doing in the current era, when elected officials show their constituents how little they care about them.

That’s one of the storylines introduced in the latest episode of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” as a scientist involved in “Black-Ops” for some branch of the Government, now’s working independently on experiments involving the “warrior gene”, an anomaly in some folks genetic makeup. Dr. Linus Creel’s found a band of subjects he’s experimented on, turning docile souls into killing machines.

The other story-arc in the episode, involved Raymond Reddington’s former wife Naomi Hyland, whom Red has kept imprisoned since he got her back from his adversary Berlin in the second episode of this season. Berlin planned on killing Naomi and sending her to Raymond in pieces, as he claimed that Reddington did to Berlin’s daughter, but Red got control of his enemy’s assets, returning them in exchange for Naomi.

Before we explore this installment’s plot, let’s take a moment to discuss the current state of  “The Blacklist.” The series rocketed out of the starting blocks last year, in its freshman season and maintained its velocity throughout the entire season, concluding with a no-holds barred finale, that got fans even more excited for season two. However, in this young television season, the series has yet to recapture the magic from the first season.

James Spader’s Red’s, a far toned down less grand version of the former Government Operative turned Master Criminal, we enjoyed last year. We’ve experienced a more brusque, less charming Reddington, so far this year.  That made Reddington a larger-than-life figure, showing a charm and sophistication of an earlier era, while able to switch gears to ruthless, without bating an eye. Even the childlike joy and laughter he displayed when he and Dembe laughed like six-year-olds over an old “Three Stooges” short, while holding a prisoner. These contradictions made Raymond Reddington a charismatic character.

Megan Boone’s Lizzie Keen, morphed from a sweet naïve girl, who thought she lived the perfect life, into a cynical, bitter, paranoid woman this season. The transformation’s understandable, given the year she experienced finding out her life was essentially a lie, however it makes for a far less sympathetic character and dampens the viewer’s desire to watch her succeed.

Mozhan Marnò’s former Mossad agent Samar Navabi’s joined the team and while she’s an attractive woman, so far we know little about her and she has yet to show her abilities as an asset. Former member Agent Meera Malik’s not a character that I enjoyed, as she sold out her team to Government bureaucrat Diane Fowler, but she served a purpose. Navabi’s yet to show any reason for the character to exist, other than as a place holder. The one character that’s improved from the first season’s Amir Arison’s techie Aram Mojtabai, the team’s techie and biggest team player. He’s incredibly loyal to Kean and follows suggestions without questioning.

The series has yet to find its cadence this season, starting with the strained relationship between Lizzie and Red, the secrets that have remained unanswered for the past year and the distrust that’s forming on both sides. Except for the deal he consummated with Berlin to get back Naomi, Raymond’s not played a prominent role in any of the investigations he’s given as leads to Harold Cooper’s Task-Force, instead working on his own separate agendas.

The show seemed to start finding it’s footing in this episode, although still not clearing the bar set last year. Red’s new name’s Creel, not only experiments on his subjects without their knowledge or permission, he seems certifiably insane complete with a fetish that causes him to pull out a patch of hair from the back of his head, every time one of his subjects commits violent acts. We first meet the scientist as he monitors one of his subjects, a formerly docile single mom that he’s turned into a ticking bomb.

Creel orchestrated her losing her job, her longtime boyfriend and she’s close to losing her home. After standing outside the bank that holds the loan on her home in a trance for a while, she walks into the building and deals with an unsympathetic loan officer. He says the bank’s got no choice but foreclosure and she leaves the building, upset, distraught and incredibly angry. She stomps to her car, grabs a revolver from her glove compartment, goes back into the bank and opens fire. After she’s captured she’s sent to a mental hospital to evaluate her.

Back at the cabin, Red’s holding Naomi in, he asks her where their now grown daughter’s at, but she refuses to tell him. He then tells her he’s gotten new passports and new identities for her and her husband Frank as they must leave Philadelphia, or face danger on a daily basis. Hyland argues at first then realizes Red’s right and just then Frank pulls up in his car to the cabin. He however refuses to give up their lives and start anew and convinces Naomi to return to Philadelphia with him.

Keen realizes that Red’s holding Naomi and she desperately wants to talk to her about what Hyland knows about Lizzie’s connection with Raymond. So she gets Amir to monitor the cell phone records of both Naomi and Frank, plus their frequent contacts to determine where Hyland’s being held.

Cooper calls Liz into his office and tells her that the rumors over the years about “Black-Ops,” are factual and he begins listing some incredulous sounding projects, he then pulls out an old photo from his desk of the “Black-Ops” team that worked on stimulating the “warrior gene,” before they lost their funding. Keen asks who a familiar face in the corner of the photo belongs to and she’s told the research assistant, Linus Creel. He gives her a classified document on the project but it’s almost totally redacted, making it impossible to derive info from.

A report comes in that another man with a connection  to Creel, went on a shooting spree, killing many until gunned down by police. Liz speaks of her frustration about the redacted document and Navabi asks if the Government employs a polyglot, a person who can determine what redacted documents actually say. She calls Red and asks if he’s aware of such a person and he laughs at the term and takes her to an old associate, who possesses a clean copy of the document. The experiment works in three parts, first reducing the subject’s self-esteem, then taking away important possessions and relationships, finally pushing them to the point of anger. They realize that’s what Creel’s doing with his subjects.

An old friend, whose opinion I greatly value told me that he got put off by Paul Reuben’s character Mr. Vargas, introduced in the previous episode, but I happen to enjoy the character and the out of the box casting choice. He returns in this episode, in a scene that begins with an attractive young woman talking on her cellphone as she enters her house. She’s talking to a man she’s having an affair with, who promised to leave his wife for her. She tells him she doesn’t care if it’s a bad time, either he tells his wife about them or she will, then hangs up the phone.

At that point the woman’s startled as Mr. Vargas marches over to her from the living room and starts berating her about the way she treats her dog, a white, pudgy, Lab mix. He says it’s shameful, leaving the poor animal locked in the house all day and having the choice to relieve himself inside the house or wait until his owner comes home. Mr. Vargas says, he’s cleaned up four messes in the last twenty-minutes, then demands the dog’s leash and tells her he’s taking the pup for a walk. She tells him no, instead she’ll call the police, until one of his enforcers pushes her down into a chair.

Creel’s programmed 18-subjects over the previous 18-months and all have carried out his plan except for one young man he’s held back for this occasion. He invented a beautiful girl on Facebook, that seduced the hapless teen online, then told him there’s somebody else and she and he are deeply involved. The teen starts to lose it and heads down to a question and answer session conducted by a US Senator, he believes the fictitious Amanda Palmer supports. Creel’s talking to the Senator about the “warrior gene” and that he can stop subjects from acting on the impulses in their heads, but the Senator cuts him short. Linus then reveals he’s attempted to contact the Senator for over a year and the Senator’s refused to speak with him.

Back at the cabin, Red asks Frank to take a walk with him, when they reach a parking lot, Mr. Vargas and crew drive up with the woman’s dog. The woman’s named Monica and Frank’s the man she’s having the affair with. Raymond tells Frank the affair’s over and that he and Naomi will relocate and assume new identities. He then picks up a sharp stick and holds it to Hyland’s jugular vein and says the only reason he’s still living’s the fact he makes Naomi happy. Keep her happy he says.

The teen and the Task-Force arrive at the Q&A session at the same time and the kid starts looking for Amanda, but Creel tells him he set the whole thing up. He purposely tricked him and broke his heart so the teen would kill him, make him a martyr and cause people to study and eventually adopt his work, but Liz and Ressler attempt to talk the kid out of it. But the boy’s confused, finally shooting Creel but just winging him. Liz goes to him and tells Ressler to call for a medic, but Linus rises, grabs Keen and holds a pistol to her head. Ressler tells him to let her go but Creel says if he shoots Liz they’ll kill him, but Ressler tells him he won’t get killed, just injured. Just then a shot rings out striking Linus in the back killing him instantly, the agents look up and see a sniper who then disappears.

Frank and Naomi talk and he tells her he thought things through and the biggest priority in his life’s her safety, so he believes they should move and start over again. Although she’ll never realize it, Red saved her marriage and probably both hers and Frank’s lives. Lizzy gets some info from Amir on being able to triangulate the phone calls of the Hyland’s and he’s located where Naomi’s at. Keen drives to the cabin to find Naomi alone, Hyland starts to talk about Berlin and her being held by Raymond, but Lizzie cuts her off. She says she came to talk to see if Naomi can shed light on her connection with her former husband. Although Naomi’s got the info Keen wants, she feigns ignorance, then tells her Red’s just using her until she’s no longer an asset. Red’s been standing at the door listening and chooses to come in the cabin at that point. He says something disparaging both of them then tells Naomi it’s time to leave.

As she’s leaving she tells Red she’s got no idea where their daughter is, the girl knew Raymond would attempt to find her and lives off the grid. Reddington clearly appreciates  her telling him that and kisses her on the forehead, then her and Frank take off for their new lives. We can see that Raymond’s more than perturbed at Liz for trying to get info from Naomi, driving them just a bit more apart.

The Story Continues Next Monday at 9:00 pm on NBC.

Ray Donovan: Suck

Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

What does the most powerful “Fixer In Hollywood,” do when he sees his life and career breaking down in front of him? That became the central question in the fourth episode of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan,” as the title character found the walls of the life he built for he and his family on the West Coast start to rumble. Donovan’s been used to calling all the shots, but this season his life’s in turmoil due to Los Angeles FBI Bureau Chief James Cochrane making him dance like a circus monkey to avoid sharing a prison cell in Leavenworth with his father Micky.

Ray and Boston Globe reporter Kate McPherson were getting tanked in a Los Angeles bar as the previous episode  concluded and as we joined them this week, they are having sex in a hotel room. Donovan wakes up early and steps outside the room, watching the sunrise and attempting to come up with a way to keep McPherson away from Micky, whom she wants to interview about his relationship with former Public Enemy Number One Patrick “Sully” Sullivan and the way he died. The reporter doesn’t believe the story released by the Bureau that Sully got shot and killed by a FBI Agent, as she’s discovered inconsistencies in their story.

As he re-enters the room Kate and he talk and she tells him that just because they had sex, it won’t stop her from pursuing her story. Ray asks if they can see each other again and Kate declines, saying she doesn’t think it would be a wise decision. He expresses his disappointment and leaves the room and when he gets into his car calls Deb Goldman to inform her to make a bid on the house in Truesdale that Abby’s crazy about.

We see a familiar figure in the next scene as Sully’s former henchman Tiny’s in a grocery store staring at a cold cuts display, when he grabs two packages and stuffs them in his pockets and starts to walk out of the store. Tiny may have made it out of the store with the luncheon meat, but he got greedy when he became transfixed by rotisserie chickens and attempts to stuff one in his jacket. As he turns around he stands face to face with a cop who asks Tiny what he’s hiding and the food falls to the floor. Tiny picks up the chicken and attempts to run out of the store, but the obese man makes it about 50-yards into the parking lot when he gives up.

Cochrane in the kitchen with his wife answers his cell phone and breaks into a swearing jag until his wife, acting more like his mother chastises him for his language. He apologizes to his wife then asks the person on the other end of the phone where Donovan’s at? Ray soon arrives at a diner, where he meets the agent he owns on the Bureau’s staff Frank Barnes, who accompanies Donovan to the table where the Bureau Director’s having breakfast. Cochrane’s a little man in a big man’s position and he brings all the pettiness and insecurities of a little man to his job and he’s relishing ordering Donovan; a man who could rip him in half with his bare hands, around like a lap-dog.

The Director tells Ray that Tiny got arrested and started talking to the cops about the night Sully got killed on the docks, Cochrane tells Donovan he’s got 24-hours to eliminate the problem and Ray responds he’ll take care of it. Then just to show Donovan, he can’t sneeze without him being aware, Cochrane asks him about the night before with Kate McPherson.

Ray drives home, but calls Micky’s parole officer Ronald Keith and tells him that he needs to get Mickey out of his apartment and away from McPherson. Just as the reporter introduces herself to Micky, Keith pulls him away for a urinalysis and sends the Globe reporter on her way. When Keith gets the elder Donovan in his car, he calls Ray and puts his father on the line. Ray tells Micky not to talk to McPherson, or he’ll end up in prison and the old man says he’ll stay away from her if he can go visit his sons at Terry’s gym.

Ray arrives home and Abby asks him where he’d been all night and he responds working, but tells her that they’ve made a bid on the house. He then goes to take a shower and she joins him in there, but he rebuffs her attempts at love-making, telling her he has to see Ezra. She doesn’t believe his excuse and remains in the shower crying as he gets dressed.

Donovan drives to go bail-out Tiny, when his phone rings and Deb tells him their offer’s been accepted by the owners of the house and he needs to give them a million dollar deposit the next day and Ray tells her he’ll get the money. He then calls Ezra, whose avoiding Donovan’s calls and gets the secretary who tells him the agent’s still tied up in meetings. He picks up Tiny and brings him to the same motel that he hid Sully, when Ray hired the mobster to kill Micky last season.

When they enter the room, Avi’s already inside and slugs Tiny in the gut, causing the big man to start pleading for his life. Through two seasons, we have watched Ray Donovan go through a myriads of moods, but not until this episode did the South-Boston native, just lose it and scream, every vein protruding from his neck and head and his eyes on fire. He sissy-slaps Tiny and reminds him the rule they all learned at the age of five on Dorchester St. in Southie’s never talk to the cops. The big man tells Donovan he panicked, he can’t go to prison or back to Southie as everyone believes he set Sully up. Donovan takes his picture with his cell phone and tells Avi to keep Tiny in the room, then he drives over to Lena’s gives her the picture of Tiny and tells her he needs, a passport, a one-way-ticket to the Maldives Islands and 15 grand in cash in two-hours.

Mickey heads over to Terry’s gym and sees Daryl and Terry, but neither are happy to see him. Terry’s watching a video of Ireland and tells Micky he’s moving there and the old man tells him if he wasn’t on parole he’d join him. Daryl’s finally seen through all the smoke and mirrors that his father has dazzled him with over the years and realizes the old man is beyond redemption. Micky starts talking with a young boxer at the gym, about possibly managing him, then asks the kid if he’d take a dive. Terry storms out of his office and tells Micky to leave and never return.

Ray’s fed up with Ezra’s avoiding him, storms into the office suite and then into Goldman’s office and shows his anger at the way the agent’s treated him. Ezra tells Ray that he’s still angry at him, for failing to collect $5 million from former Queen of the Silver Screen June Wilson, that she pledged to the Ruth Goldman Cancer Center, that Ezra’s building in memory of his late wife. Ray tells Goldman that he did fail him and he will get the money from Wilson, but he’s keeping 20% and Ezra starts to sputter and asks what Donovan’s doing. He replies that it’s a reminder to the agent that Ray does all his dirty-work for him and that Ezra relies on him more than he’d care to admit.

June Wilson’s not looking as glamorous as she did a few weeks ago when Ray interrupted her meal at a Beverly Hills bistro with her boy-toy Carlo, a few weeks ago. Perhaps it’s too early in the day, or she’s due for a Botox injection, but her dour mood makes her look more frowsy. She reminds Ray, that she told him at their last meeting, that Ezra Goldman always demands all debts paid in full. She then hands Donovan a manila envelope and asks him to look at the contents, there’s a picture inside that looks like a photograph from the sixties of a young red-headed girl with Downs-Syndrome. June tells him the girl’s her daughter and she’s kept her hidden all these years with Ezra’s assistance and she will not allow the information to surface now and destroy her legacy. She writes Ray the check, then informs him that this will be the last time they ever socialize, Ray walks out the door looking embarrassed and ashamed.

Micky’s back at his apartment and his neighbor Shorty invites him into his room to talk and Shorty’s smoking his medical-grade marijuana, when Micky asks for a hit since he had been drug-tested that morning. Shorty’s also has an oxygen tank and he’s discovered that if you inhale the oxygen, just before hitting the joint, you get higher, Micky tries it and gets wasted. He starts to hallucinate that the dolphin on Shorty’s Miami Dolphins cap’s talking to him, in the same female voice he heard from the dolphin he encountered in Mexico. The dolphin tells Micky she was mistaken about him, that he’s just a sailor and not a captain. Micky screams back to the dolphin that he’s a captain not a sailor and Shorty tells him he never said that. The elder Donovan, collects himself and walks back to his apartment across the hall and closes the door behind him.

He then does some push ups as he still tries to collect his wits and rummages through his pocket for Kate McPherson’s card. He calls the Globe reporter and tells her he’s willing to talk for a price, she shuts him down and says she never pays for stories. Micky counters with, how about if it meant an eyewitness account from the docks the night Sully got killed? McPherson tells him she maybe able to work something out and will get back to him.

Ray heads back to the motel and tells Tiny that he’s about to embark on his new life, complete with new identity and passport, plane-fare and a home in the beautiful Maldives Islands and 15 grand in cash as a parting gift. Only problem is Tiny wants nothing to do with the plan and stupidly tries to escape through the bathroom window, which his neck wouldn’t squeeze through. Avi patches the big man’s wounds, then they attempt to drive Tiny to the airport. Tiny begs them to send him back to Boston, or better yet, allow Tiny to work for Ray. Donovan keeps repeating to the guy that he has no choice but to go there and Tiny rips up the passport and plane-ticket. They bring him back up to the room, when Cochrane calls telling Ray to meet him immediately.

Donovan pulls his car alongside the Director’s car and Cochrane asks him what’s the story with Tiny and as Ray starts to respond he informs him that he’s well aware of what’s going on and Barnes will take care of Tiny. He then plays a recording of the phone-call between Micky and McPherson and infers Ray best make sure that meeting never takes place. He heads back to the motel carrying a chicken and a bottle of red wine and tells Avi to leave, he’ll handle the situation. Avi realizes something’s wrong and tells his boss to take care. Ray gives Tiny the chicken and wine and the big man devours the meal and Donovan tells him he’ll get him ice-cream for dessert and leaves the room. He and Barnes exchange eye-contact in the parking lot, then Ray drives away.

He immediately calls Kate and tells her that she’ll put herself in serious jeopardy if she tries to contact Micky again and she wants to know what Donovan means. He responds that he can’t talk over the phone, but texts her an address and tells her to meet him there. As they hang up, two plain-clothes law-enforcement officials burst into Micky’s room and cuff him, then spirit him away.

Barnes heads into the motel room with weapon drawn and Tiny comes out of the bathroom and Barnes shoots him once in the abdomen, but Tiny charges at him like a wounded rhino, knocks Barnes down and runs out of the room. Barnes gets up and unloads on Tiny at the top of a stair case and the obese man falls down the stairs and onto an innocent bystander, pinning him to the ground. The Agent realizes what he has to do and shoots the innocent bystander between the eyes.

It’s scrabble night at the Cochrane’s and a young couple arrive for dinner and their favorite board-game. The husband appears uneasy in front of Cochrane and possibly frightened. As his wife is putting dinner on the table, Cochrane answers his phone and he briefly raises his eyebrows, then says thank you Frank and hangs up. The other woman and he are alone in the kitchen and the Director squeezes one of the woman’s breasts, eliciting no reaction from the other woman, as the head to the table to enjoy their casserole.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Graceland: Magic Number

Photo Courtesy Of USA Network
Photo Courtesy Of USA Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

After a one-week hiatus, USA Network summertime hit “Graceland,” returned to the airwaves Wednesday night, with each member of the house involved in individual projects, most relating to trying to take down Cal-Coast Bus-Lines and it’s operators the Solano family, by FBI Agent Mike Warren and his task-force. The agent believes that the family is smuggling heroin from Mexico via the buses and has convinced Bureau Headquarters to assign his housemates as the task-force that will prove his theory correct.

The dynamic in the house has changed dramatically in the second season, as Warren has evolved from an agent sent to California, fresh out of the academy. Last season he was the Eagle Scout younger brother of the group, watching out for his team and empathetic to each member of the house’s problems. However the rookie achieved rock-star-status with Bureau Headquarters for his part in killing serial-killer/Mexican Federale Jangles and got his ticket punched to head to his dream assignment, working in the upper-echelon of Headquarters.

Although we saw signs throughout the first three episodes of the current season, any thoughts that Warren’s still everyone’s pal “Mikey,” vanished in this installment, as he is through with diplomacy and will be as blunt as he has to, no matter who’s offended. We have witnessed him treating Johnny callously at times and this time Jakes would feel the lion’s share of his dissatisfaction. Dale’s dealing badly with the no-contact order imposed on him by his son’s mother and once gain fed his demons with vast quantities of alcohol. The problem however, was Jakes scheduled interview the following morning with Cal-Coast for a mechanic position to get an agent inside the company.

Warren blew up at his housemate when he saw his condition and told Briggs to get him in the shower to sober him up. Paul also suggested that he travel with the pair to Cal-Coast and play the buffer. Warren’s worst fears appear to becoming reality as the supervisor, a recovering alcoholic picks up immediately that Dale’s coming off a bender.

He sends him away due to lack of reliability and it looks like the plan failed. However when Jakes gets to the parking lot, Briggs hands him a six-month sobriety pin from Alcoholics Anonymous. Dale walks back in, shows the man the pin and told him he’s getting his act together, but needs structure in his life. After telling the supervisor he had one bad night, the man decides to bring him on board.

The reason Paul had that sobriety pin was from going to meetings with Kelly Badillo, widow of slain FBI agent Juan Badillo, whom Briggs accidentally killed in a scuffle as Badillo was pretending he was Jangles to try to prove that Briggs and the Federale were allies and pulled a gun and in the ensuing struggle went off killing the agent. Although the Bureau cleared Briggs of any wrongdoing as they believed Jangles killed Badillo, he’s struggling with the guilt as is Charlie, who had worked with Jangles as a Federale and blames herself for Badillo’s death.

Kelly tells Paul after the meeting that she’s financially struggling due to the Bureau refusing to pay off Juan’s death benefits as his body’s still missing. The pair exchange their disdain  of the situation, but Kelly realizes she has no recourse. When Biggs gets back to the house he shares the news with Charlie who’s now more distraught than ever.

Paige has convinced Warren that the Ukrainian girl, used as a drug-mule to smuggle drugs over the border was kidnapped by the ones who arranged her passage into America to sell into prostitution. Mike asks her if she believes the Solano family is behind the operation and she responds that she does. He assigns her a SWAT team and Johnny to head to the town where the girl disappeared. Johnny goes into an “Asian Massage Parlor,” and after arranging a deal, the place’s busted by the SWAT team. Paige talks to the madam of the parlor and explains she’s not interested in her operation but instead about any knowledge of the “Tinkerbell Girls.” The madam responds she wants to “lawyer up,” and brought to the local police station.

When they arrive, Paige questions the woman again and tells her because of her frequent contact with mainland China, Homeland Security will not allow her a lawyer as she’s a possible terrorist threat. The woman’s explanation that the calls were to the nurse taking care of her elderly parents, receives no sympathy from Paige, pressing for details about the girls. After being assured of anonymity, she talks about a girl who came to her parlor about a year before, who said she escaped sexual slavery. The girl’s face was severely scarred on one side, so the woman told her she couldn’t use her, but that’s all she knows.

Jakes and the supervisor at Cal-Coast start building a bond between them and Dale volunteers for any overtime that comes around. The supervisor tells him he will put him on the list and walks towards one of the bus bays. It’s the only bay that’s door’s shut and the man opens it with a magnetic swipe-card and out rolls bus number 118, the vehicle the task-force thinks is smuggling heroin from Mexico. Dale lets Mike know the info and Warren asks him to get close enough to the supervisor to copy his swipe-card and he will set up a team to disassemble the vehicle in 20-minutes.

Charlie tells Briggs she knows how to get the Bureau to pay Kelly the money she’s owed at her cover at the tattoo parlor. A guy she inked up that afternoon told her that he was sitting on $2.3 million in heroin and looking for a buyer. If they bust the guy and give Kelly credit as the informant, she’ll receive a ten percent reward, exactly the amount she’s due on her husband’s death benefits. Paul tells Charlie it’s far too dangerous, but she replies he’s not involved. He responds that he won’t allow her to go it alone and they should sleep on it.

Johnny’s out with new friend Carlito Solano at a club that he has a private booth at, Solano walks through like royalty even causing a girl to spill a drink on herself, because he can. When they reach the booth, Solano tells the employees to take good care of Johnny and then puts two tabs of ecstasy in the agent’s hand. Johnny faked swallowed while stashing the pills in his pocket. Later when Johnny uses the facilities and heads back to the booth Solano won’t let him back until he’s earned the privilege. He then tells the agent to bring the girl who spilled her drink, back to the booth. Johnny chats up the pair but they refuse until he gives them each one hit of the ecstasy.

Jakes walks into the supervisor’s office and asks about how important goals are to maintaining sobriety and the man attempts to get Jakes to open up to him. Dale tells him that his goal’s reuniting with his son and the supervisor says that will help him achieve long-term sobriety, then pulls out his wallet, hands it to Jakes showing him the picture of a girl. She was his niece, killed in a drunken crash he caused on St. Patrick’s Day, he went to prison and cleaned up his life for the last 16-years. While Dale holds the wallet he copies the card that opens the bus bay door.

Briggs agrees to help Charlie with the bust and they head to the source’s girlfriend’s house with a SWAT Team at the ready. Paul and the guy are cool with each other and get down to business. Paul’s ready to make the deal sending the team into the house when Charlie asks to talk to him; she notices a lot more bricks of heroin and if the team comes in then, Kelly will get far more money than the policy is for.

Briggs tells the guy he needs to take a taste before he buys and Charlie and the guy go to another room to count the money. Paul starts slicing the bricks and flushes them down the sink, but it’s too slow so he chooses the washing machine instead. When he turns it on the source gets suspicious and gets up to investigate and Charlie knocks him cold smashing a bottle over his head. The girlfriend sunbathing in the front yard comes in gripping a pistol and demanding an explanation. The SWAT Team enter at that moment, eliminating the need for the explanation.

Carlito, Johnny and the two girls are back at Carlito’s place each making out with one of the women. Solano pulls out some cocaine and pours it on his chest, telling the other girl to come to him. As the girls start to snort it off his chest he insists they kiss each other first, which they do and then start fondling Solano. Johnny starts to get up from his chair but Carlito orders him to stay seated and watch.

Immigration and Custom agents head to Cal-Coast the next morning demanding that nobody moves until they see proof of identity from all employees. It’s in fact a diversion for Mike, Jakes and the team to tear apart the bus, all the agents are wearing coveralls including Warren who’s just supervising. They come up empty-handed and Warren snaps, whacking the bus with a tire iron, as the crew reassembles the bus.

Briggs drops by Kelly’s to see how she’s doing and while they talk she shuffles through the mail and then suddenly stops looking shocked. Paul asks what’s wrong and she tells him one of the letters is from the Bureau and she’s afraid to open it, but Briggs convinces her to. She sees the check along with the letter Charlie forged stating that this closes the case. Kelly then breaks into tears when she realizes this confirms her husband died, she’s inconsolable and weeps into Briggs chest while he hugs her. When he gets back to the house, he fibs to Charlie saying that Kelly’s overjoyed and Charlie fixed everything.

Jakes request for overtime payoff as his supervisor substitutes him for an employee that’s out sick. He brings him over to the closed bay, swipes the card and opens the door and bus number 118 drives out of the bay and onto the road. He then tells Dale that his job is to put barrels of waste on a rig in the bay. When the supervisor leaves Jakes pulls off the lid and along with the waste he sees multiple bags of heroin, he’s found the stash.

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