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Wayward Pines: Who Are The True Monsters?

Photo Courtesy Of Sergei Bachlakov/Fox
Photo Courtesy Of Sergei Bachlakov/Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Once again the creative team behind the FOX Network Summer series “Wayward Pines,” pulled off a pretty neat trick, confirming some of the clues viewers picked up on, while also revealing some jaw-dropping surprises. The show took the audience back to our era, as another complicated relationship gets explained and the true reason behind Theo and Rebecca Yedlin living in Wayward Pines gets revealed. As many viewers deduced Rebecca played an instrumental role developing David Pilcher’s vision and one of Pilcher’s original band of “True Believers.”

Rebecca’s a Harvard educated architect working for a firm in the Boston area and finds out a project she’s been working on got assigned to another architect. She’s also informed that she’s got a visitor in her office, a man who refused to wait in the reception area. Her visitor introduces himself as Dr. David Pilcher and asks if she’s read his book? He tells Yedlin he’d like her to consider designing an ambitious and historic project and suggests they discuss it over dinner.

Pilcher hands Rebecca her Harvard thesis over a restaurant table and says that he’s noticed that Yedlin’s a fan of Henry Clubb and she smiles and says Clubb inspired her to become an architect. Clubb built a settlement in 1856 called Octagon City in Kansas, that Clubb envisioned as a Utopian Society for Vegetarians, with all the buildings being eight-sided. The settlement failed miserably as occupants fled after only a few months, but both Yedlin and Pilcher got inspired by Clubb’s vision of a Utopian paradise.

He tells Rebecca that he believes a flood is coming and he wants Yedlin to build an arc. She responds it would be very expensive and Pilcher without hesitation says he’s willing to pay whatever it takes. He then asks her if she’d like to build the community that she got inspired by? Pilcher then says he’s looking for dreamers and asks if she’s one of them?

We return to 4032, as Jason Higgins dispatches two jeep-loads of soldiers to deal with the Abbie near the merry-go-round that scared Frank in the final scene of the previous episode. Although Jason instructed his men to kill the Abbie, Kerry realizes that they’ve encountered their first female Abbie. So the female’s spared and brought back to Megan Fisher’s complex to be studied. Fisher notices a swirl mark on the palm of one of the female’s hands and says perhaps it’s anthropological. However she makes it clear, that her only interest in studying the Abbies is for her to learn how to kill them all.

Outside the town’s gates CJ Mitchum leads the mission to determine the best place for the town to plant new crops and he asks Adam Hassler to help some guys taking water samples. Hassler suggests he grab a shovel so he can start digging graves. Mitchum says they’re not planning on dying out there, but Hassler responds that the Abbies won’t give them a choice in the matter.

Theresa Burke tells CJ that she’s staying outside the fence when the rest of the team return to town. Mitchum says they can’t be certain that the Abbies have left for good and advises her to return with them for her own safety. She says that her son died out there and she’s not leaving him again and she’ll be fine without Mitchum’s protection. CJ says that she might want to tell Hassler the same thing and Theresa shakes her head and says Adam’s the reason her son and husband died. Mitchum acknowledges that, but he says Hassler’s the reason she’s still alive.

Rebecca’s brought to Idaho and introduced to some of the other “True-Believers,” including Megan Fisher who raves about Yedlin’s designs for the town. Pilcher tells her they’ve already set up a base of operations and Rebecca will have plenty of time to explore the facility after they have dinner that evening.

Jason’s obsessed with trying to determine how the female Abbie got inside the fence and pays Rebecca a visit at her hair salon. He asks her if the fence’s secure and she replies that it is, he asks her what if she’s wrong and she replies then they’re all dead. Ever the punk, Higgins feels the need to give Yedlin a dig and asks how everything’s going at home? Rebecca says all’s well and Jason smirks and says that she must have told Theo everything then and says it’s never good to keep secrets.

Frank reports for breeding-duty and tries to reschedule, but the woman ignores the request and tells Frank his locker and breeding room number. The session ends pretty disastrously as Frank shows little passion in bed and the poor girl says it’s obvious he doesn’t like her. Embarrassed Frank tells the girl she’s right he prefers blondes, she gives him a dirty look and says maybe he’s not a good match for anybody and says she’ll tell the authorities that as she leaves the room.

Theo and Kerry have a conversation in Yedlin’s office and he tells her that he wants to be put in charge of research on the Abbies. Kerry says she could do that but Theo would be stepping on some toes, she’s delighted to see that doesn’t deter Yedlin and the two head to the facility. Fisher’s about to extract some spinal fluid from the female without sedation. Theo tells her he’s in charge now and orders her not to perform the procedure and says he’ll be by first thing in the morning to layout the new protocols. As soon as Yedlin walks away Megan orders her assistant to extract the fluid.

Rebecca’s informed that Pilcher’s glorious project will come to fruition in 2000-years as Fisher explains they’ll be in cryogenic hibernation until after the crisis they’re expecting passes and they’ll be members of a new start for humanity. Yedlin realizes they’re serious and wants to back out but she’s afraid of the repercussions of making that choice. We now know exactly why Rebecca was in such a terrible mood on her vacation with Theo in Hawaii, because she knew those were their final days in the 21st Century.

Here’s a fun fact, the First Generation Of Wayward Pines believe that the only definition of the word Gay signifies happiness. We find that out when Frank comes to get examined by Theo after he strikes out with Meadow at his breeding session. Turns out that this wasn’t Frank’s first attempt and he had just as little success the first time.

Yedlin asks him if he believes he’s Gay and then we realize that concept’s never been explained to the youngsters. He tells Frank that perhaps he’s attracted to members of his own sex and the teen freaks out and asks Theo to cure him. Yedlin tells the teen there’s nothing wrong with him, but Frank replies if he can’t reproduce they’ll kill him. Theo assures him he won’t allow that to happen.

Outside the fence, Adam tells Theresa that she and Ben were never supposed to follow Ethan to Wayward Pines. He’d been in love with Theresa all along and sent Ethan to Idaho to get rid of him so Hassler could have a shot at winning her heart. However when Ben and she followed Ethan, he decided he had no life in our era without her. He apologizes but she doesn’t display any anger.

We’re hit with our third straight bombshell in the next scene as Theo comes home to find Rebecca and Xander waiting for him. Rebecca tells Theo that she and Xander are married and have been for about a year, but they haven’t been together for six months. She tells Yedlin she got kidnapped and woke up all alone in this mess and thought Theo died. Xander explains they got matched up and says it’s not Rebecca’s fault. Yedlin lets his wedding ring hit the floor and then causes Xander to hit the floor when he connects with a right to Xander’s nose.

Adam tells Theresa that he realizes why she doesn’t want to go back to the town as she’s given up and just wants to die. He tells her that he’s been there but he’s at peace now and just needs Theresa’s forgiveness. She says they’re stuck together so they can talk but she’ll never forgive him.

We get one more flashback, as we see when Rebecca’s first revived from her 2000 year nap. The scene very much resembles when we got introduced to Theo, but Xander’s there to greet her instead of Kerry. He tells Rebecca she got knocked out in the storm. When Xander drives them through the town square she realizes they’re in the town she designed.

The final scene shows us that the Abbies have returned and embraced fire as their own weapon, as they each clutch a torch and start burning down the cornfields. However suddenly they stand still and silent as it appears that the female Abbie might be communicating with them telepathically.

The Flash: He’s Not Evil Just A Jerk

Photo Courtesy Of The CW Network
Photo Courtesy Of The CW Network

Warning:  Spoiler Alert

Although I thoroughly season one of the CW Network series “The Flash,” it seemed rather ironic that a show about the “Fastest Man Alive” moved at the pace of a glacier. After all the series revealed there was something shady about Dr. Harrison Wells in the pilot yet the situation wasn’t resolved until the season finale. That situation’s been rectified this season, with changes, information  and new characters getting introduced at warp speed. That trend continued in the latest chapter entitled “The Darkness And The Light,” as Team-Flash had to deal with some familiar faces in new roles.

The action opens on Earth-Two, as we’re alerted to when we once again see the shot of the bullet trains. A graphic informs us we’ve jumped back eight months as we attend a press conference held at STAR Labs. We hear the voice of the man speaking before we see his face, he greets the crowd with false modesty saying for those who don’t know him his name’s Dr. Harrison Wells. His words are met with appreciative applause.

He tells those gathered that it’s been an amazing couple of years in Central City, as they’ve witnessed people known as Meta-Humans who possess incredible abilities including flight and super-speed. Unfortunately many of those blessed with these gifts have gone down a dark path and proven to be a danger to the city. He says that STAR Labs has utilized all it’s forces to their mission of helping to keep the public safe and he’s gathered them to announce a wearable Meta-Human detector-app. Wells straps the over-sized wrist-band on his right arm and says that the signal picks up any Meta-Humans in the near vicinity such as Zoom….

His words get interrupted as the detector starts beeping and a whoosh of air enters the hall and soon the crowd applaud Central City’s Super-Hero Jay Garrick The Flash. We see an attractive young woman with some connection to Wells show the excitement on her face as the Crimson Comet arrives. Garrick however doesn’t look happy as he confronts Wells and asks him when he’s finally going to admit that he’s responsible for all the Meta-Humans including Doom. The crowd gasps as Garrick says that 11-hours before the first sighting of a Meta-Human STAR Labs had released tons of Dark-Matter gas underneath their facility, one of the side-effects of his actions created the Meta-Humans.

Seething at Wells he spits out that perhaps when Wells can admit all the damage he’s done he can then help Garrick in his quest to defeat Doom. Wells caustically laughs and says he’s just the planet’s number one tech entrepreneur, it’s the Flash whose the Superhero. He says it’s time for him to do his job and capture Zoom. A look of shame crosses Garrick’s features and he leaves the facility at super-speed. The attractive young woman shouts across the hall to Wells asking her Dad if he’s okay and he responds he’s fine, then goes back to talking about the future.

Back on Earth-Prime in the present, Earth-Two’s Harrison Wells sits in our version of STAR Labs along with Barry Allen and an incredulous Cisco and Caitlin as he skims through the autobiography of the deceased Harrison Wells. Cisco’s trying to come to grips with the man in front of him didn’t murder Nora Allen or lead to the deaths of Eddie and Ronnie. Wells tells the trio he’s completely clueless about what they’re talking about and that the Wells they knew isn’t him.

Ramon asks Barry why they should believe anything he says and Allen responds because he saved his life the previous night when King Shark attempted to devour him. Barry then turns to Wells and asks him why he decided to go through the breach, as it certainly wasn’t to meet him. The scientist says that Allen’s exactly the reason he traveled through the dimensions as he’s going to help the speedster defeat his greatest enemy. Cisco says he already did that when the Reverse Flash got bested. Wells says he’s not referring to the Reverse Flash he’s talking about Zoom and sees by the look in Caitlin’s eyes that they know the name.

Allen tells him that Zoom’s sent a series of Meta-Humans through the breach to kill him. The scientist says that the beings he sent are just the symptoms, Zoom’s the plague. He’s been wreaking havoc on his world and now he’s got his sights set on defeating Allen and having a field-day on our planet. Barry asks him how much he knows about Zoom and Wells says everything. He says he created Zoom and all the Meta-Humans by releasing Dark-Matter from his particle-accelerator, a responsibility he wouldn’t previously accept but now he’s going to do something about it.

Detective Joe West walks in sees Wells standing there and instinctively pulls out his service revolver and fires three shots at him, Barry’s quick enough to catch all three bullets leaving the scientist unharmed. West stares Wells dead in the face and asks him how he’s alive and Harrison responds probably because West missed. Allen puts his arm around Joe’s shoulders and suggests they take a walk.

Barry finally convinces his surrogate-dad that this Wells is a completely different guy and has no connection to the guy they spent last year fighting. Joe tells Barry that he’s got to talk to Iris and let her know that there’s a guy back at STAR Labs with the same face as the man who led to her fiancée’s death. Joe explains it to his daughter who handles the news far better than he did. Still not ready to accept that this Wells is a good-guy he gives Iris a pistol to carry just-in-case.

Ramon and Allen head down to CC Jitters and run into Joe’s partner Patty Spigot. Barry was all set to ask her out last week before getting grabbed by King Shark and then realizing Wells was the guy that killed the creature. Spigot’s outwardly shown her interest in Barry since they first met but the situation with King Shark shook his confidence. Patty heads back to her station house feeling a little dejected and Cisco tells Barry he blew that big-time. He then turns around and he’s enchanted with the new woman at the register and asks her out. She says no and he feels like he’d wish the ground opened up and swallowed him.

Seconds later however Ramon gets another vision, he sees a female Meta-Human robbing the Central City bank and tells Barry he’s got to go immediately. The Flash arrives just as the Meta-Human’s about to leave, she hurls an energy bolt at him which he bends out-of-the-way of and says to her she’s got his attention. The robber than slams her hands down on the floor creating a concussive blast that throws two customers into the air and the Flash catches them both but the Meta-Human’s escaped.

Allen returns to STAR Labs and describes the Meta-Human he encountered and Wells tells them the villain’s from his Earth and goes by the name of Doctor Light. She was a petty-thief before she got doused with the Dark-Matter and now she’s got the ability to siphon power from stars. Cisco’s impressed and says cool to which responds that given the temperature that a star burns at and it’s iridescence it wouldn’t be cool at all. Cisco shows the disgust on his face when he says “You know our Dr. Wells was evil, but you’re just a Dick.”

Wells tells the pair that they need to capture Dr. Light and hold her as a prisoner to lure Zoom to this Earth. Garrick walks out of the hallway and says to Wells that he’s insane and they’re not going to lure Zoom anywhere. The man whose accident gave Garrick his abilities says like everyone else on his Earth he thought Garrick died, he says he should have realized that he ran away and was hiding from Zoom an entire universe away.

Garrick snaps back that he didn’t run away that Zoom had him on the ropes and stole his speed when the Singularity opened up and sent  him to this universe. Then the two start arguing about what they should do with Dr. Light once they capture her. Jay tells Barry she’s a thief not a killer and all he’s got to do is reason with her. Allen ends the discussion when he says they don’t need to decide anything until they capture her and they have to locate her to do that.

Barry finally gathers up his courage and asks Patty out for dinner and she says she hopes she’s not going to get all excited and he calls at the last-minute begging off with a science-project to complete. He laughs and says he’s been wanting to do this for a while, the  conversation ends as both of their cellphones ring. Allen’s call’s  from Cisco saying that the silent alarm just got tripped at the bank.

Barry finds Dr. Light in front of a palette of cash and she tries taking him out with another energy-bolt. He tells her to calm down he knows who she is and he’s aware that the only reason she’s on his Earth’s because Zoom took her there and left her with instructions to kill the Flash if she wanted to go home. He says that he and his people can protect her from Zoom, she says nobody can stop Zoom and he asks her to hear him out.

She removes the visor that covers her face as a sign of good faith and reveals that she’s the Earth-Two duplicate of Linda Park, the girl Barry briefly dated last year and who works as a reporter with Iris. Shocked he says her name and she freaks out wondering how he knows her name. She says she knew she shouldn’t have trusted him and emits this blinding light and escapes. Cisco contacts Flash via their audio-com and the speedster says he can’t see.

Back at STAR Labs Barry’s vision still hasn’t returned and Caitlin tells him he’s fortunate he escaped the incident without permanent blindness. Jay says because of the speed of his metabolism his eyesight will return in hours, Wells chimes in that it will return in exactly 6.25 hours. Barry’s now concerned that he put the Earth-Prime version of Linda Park in danger and says he’s going to the paper to make sure she’s safe. Unfortunately Barry resembles a human-mole as he’s squinting and all he can detect is light and colors. Garrick and Caitlin say they’ll drive the van over and make sure she’s safe and sound.

Suddenly Allen’s cellphone rings and he tries to find it, Iris tells him to calm down and she’ll get it. She tells her he received a text saying running a few minutes late, P. She asks who that is and Barry tells her he had his first date set with Joe’s partner Patty in a couple of hours, but she’ll likely never speak to him again as he’s got to cancel. Iris smiles and says you’re at STAR Labs, surely there’s something or someone here that can help you. Barry calls Cisco for assistance.

Barry’s wearing a pair of Ray-Ban’s equipped with a microscopic camera and an audio feed from Cisco. Cisco guides him through the date with voice commands as if he was operating a remote control robot. It appears that Allen’s pulled things off perfectly when Patty tells him she realizes he can’t see a thing. Barry laughs and takes off the sunglasses off and puts them in his pocket. He tells her he got his pupils dilated but he didn’t want to cancel. She’s enchanted that he tried to pull it off just to keep the date.

Caitlin returns to the van with fresh coffee for her and Jay. She asks him what Wells was referring to when he said that Garrick had run away from Zoom. Jay opens up to her and tells her that he’s actually terrified of Zoom, they fought several times and each time he barely escaped with his life. He then stole his most precious possession his speed and he’s afraid he’ll do the same to Barry or perhaps kill him. Snow says she doesn’t trust Wells but she trusts him.

They start discussing  Earth-Two and she asks if they have a Tahiti. He says they do but he’s never visited, but he’s been to Atlantis. Caitlin’s eyes grow wide as she asks the mythical sunken continent? Jay smiles and says on his Earth it’s above the water, in fact one of his best friends live there. Caitlin sighs and says she’d love to see it. Jay says it’s so beautiful when you arrive you never want to leave. The two lean in to kiss each other, but Dr. Light arrives at that precise moment and sets off another concussive blast, knocking the van on its side and Jay and Caitlin unconscious.

Dr. Light walks into the newspaper office and orders everybody to leave except for Linda. Linda’s editor says that’s not going to happen and Iris says Park’s going with them. Dr. Light says she’s sorry but the only way she can live is by killing Linda. She then produces a small ball of energy that levitates over her palm. Garrick and Snow regain consciousness and race into the office. Dr. Light says to the Earth-Two Flash she thought she took care of him outside.

Jay says to the Meta-Human she’s not a murderer and she says he’s right. However she says it isn’t really murder if you kill your duplicate. The editor tries to intercede but Dr. Light accidentally hits the elderly man in the chest with the ball of energy and he falls to the ground dead. Iris grabs the pistol Joe gave her and fires at Dr. Light knocking off her visor. She slams the floor with both her hands setting off another concussive bomb and she escapes.

Iris takes Linda home while the other four head back to STAR Labs and  confer with Wells. He asks what the visor is and they tell him it’s from the Meta-Human, Iris knocked it from her face with a gunshot. Wells says they can find her using that and Ramon asks how does he propose to do that. The scientist looks Cisco dead in the eye and says you’re going to find her with your ability. He then tells the others he’s wearing a Meta-Human detector and he’s known Cisco had abilities since the moment they met.

Ramon explains that he gets visions usually by touching something belonging to the Meta-Human. Wells tells him to touch the visor. Ramon braces for the vision but nothing happens. Wells tells him to try it again and once again Cisco fails. He says he can’t control his powers and Harrison says of course he can he’s just too afraid. He yells at Cisco to man-up and thrusts the visor into his gut. Cisco yells out she’s at the South Plaza Train Station on platform 15.

Flash arrives and finds her and she asks why he won’t leave her alone, he replies she killed an innocent man and she says she needed to kill Linda to make Zoom believe she was dead. She says otherwise she has to kill him. Wells speaks to Flash through the com-device he says he has to run fast enough create a spectrum-mirage multiple-images of himself so she doesn’t know where to blast. He tries it and it works for a bit but she figures it out and just misses him with an energy blast.

Jay Garrick gets on the com-device and gives Barry a win one for the Gipper pep-talk. He says Allen’s faster than he ever was and better than Jay will ever be. He says he can defeat her because he is The Flash. The confidence boost does the job and Barry defeats her and they put her in a Meta-Human cell at STAR Labs.

Barry’s now convinced that Wells’ plan’s the one to follow and he says they’re going to set a trap for Zoom and lure him to Earth-Prime. Jay apologizes but he says he can’t stay in good conscience as he believes Barry’s heading for a date with death. Before he leaves STAR Labs he asks his friends to ask themselves why Wells denied he was responsible for Meta-Humans for two-years and now he’s obsessed with Zoom?

We find out the answer to that in the episode’s final scene as we see Zoom’s holding Wells daughter prisoner in a cell. He taunts the young woman saying her father’s abandoned her. She says he hasn’t and her father’s the smartest man in the world  and he’ll soon rescue her and kill Zoom. The speedster says he can’t die, as for she and her father that’s to be determined. We finally get a good look at his mask and Garrick’s correct, it is the stuff of nightmares.

Photo Courtesy Of The CW
Photo Courtesy Of The CW

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 8:00 pm on The CW Network.

Gotham: The Time For Vengeance Is Now

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Season two of the FOX series “Gotham,” introduced a new “BIG BAD” in the season’s premiere Theo Galavan. Although he’s the mastermind behind countless murders and seemingly endless destruction throughout this campaign, Galavan’s perceived by the people and civic leaders of Gotham City as a hero. He captured the city’s admiration and respect by killing his own henchman Jerome Valeska as he terrorized the guests at a charity event for Gotham Children’s Hospital. Although he kidnapped Mayor Aubrey James, Galavan’s the favorite to win the special election to replace the missing Mayor.

We’ve known that Galavan’s avenging his ancestors, whom he told Barbara Kean had helped build Gotham City yet there’s no mention of the family’s name. Episode five gave us the “Big Reveal,” as we found out exactly what’s fueled Galavan’s obsession with vengeance and we found out that he and his sister Tabitha aren’t working alone in their quest.

Our first scene takes place in Galavan’s office as he’s seated at his desk with Tabitha standing by his side. Oswald Cobblepot and his right-hand man Butch Gilzean are also in the office along with a trunk that they’ve acquired for Galavan. Penguin tries to convince Theo to release his mother, the reason that Penguin started doing Galavan’s bidding, Galavan refuses and Penguin tries to hide his anger and fear for his mother’s safety.

When Cobblepot and Gilzean leave Galavan opens the trunk revealing that Wayne Enterprises executive Sid Bunderslaw’s inside it. The executive recognizes Galavan and asks him what’s going on and Theo says he’s aware that Bunderslaw knows all the dirty little secrets of the Wayne family through the generations. He’ll either reveal them to Galavan or get tortured to death, however before Theo asks a question Tabitha pulls out a knife and scoops out one of the executive’s eyeballs.

Back at Penguin’s office Cobblepot starts saying they’ve got to hurt Galavan badly for not releasing his mother. One of Penguin’s lackeys walk in and tell their counting-house just got busted and they lost all the money that was on the premises. Oswald takes out his anger on the guy whacking him twice in the head with a tire iron, before he stops and tells Butch he’s got a plan.

Captain Barnes makes good on his promise to start cracking down on the Penguin, as he Gordon and Bullock lead the Strike-Force in a bust of one of Cobblepot’s money-laundering operations. Almost all the employees hold up their hands to surrender, but one guy tries to hit Barnes with a rocket-launcher and misses badly. He’s soon dead riddled with bullets courtesy of Barnes and Gordon.

Barnes’ wants to know how a Gotham City criminal could possess a rocket-launcher and Gordon tells him there’s a weapons-supply store named Merc’s that’s still operating due to the fact they’ve got half of City Council in their pockets. Barnes’ says he could care less about the City Council and they’re raiding Merc’s the next day.

Tabitha walks into Cobblepot’s office and gives Penguin a list of businesses her brother wants torched. She also gives him a silver-box which she says the arsonists will need for one of their stops. He’s still wired and increasingly paranoid and Galavan tells him to pull himself together and get things done.

Butch meets with Selina Kyle as he needs for her to vouch for him to the Pike brothers, a trio of arsonists that used to work for Fish Mooney. Kyle knows the guys through their sister Bridget who she hung out with when they were younger. Bridget opens the door and Selina says she and her pet-gorilla have some business to discuss with her brothers.

The Pike’s ask Kyle why she’s there with Butch and she tells the brothers that Butch is good people. When they respond that he shot Fish, Selina responds it’s complicated. Butch gives the oldest brother the list of places they’re going to torch and a set of instructions. He says this is going to take a lot of work and Butch says they’re getting well compensated in return. They make a deal and the youngest brother says he’ll take a trip to Merc’s the next day to get the supplies they’ll need.

Merc’s turns out to be the Home Depot of weapons clerks are helping customers, the aisles categorized and signs tell the customers where they can find anything from brass-knuckles to automatic weapons. The youngest Pike brother starts doing his shopping and sees an explosive device and promptly steals it by sticking it down the front of his pants. Right then the Strike-Force arrives and tells everybody they’re busted.

Pike tries to run away but Gordon and Barnes chase him down and corner him. Both officers have their weapons aimed at Pike and tell him to surrender, but he goes out in a blaze as he tries shooting first and Barnes and Gordon unload their weapons into him. Jim hits the explosive in Pike’s pants and both officers stand there shocked when he explodes.

Ed Nygma and girlfriend Kristin Kringle are dinner guests of Lee Thompkins and Gordon and he walks in as everybody’s already eating. Jim tells Lee he’s sorry he’s late and Lee tells Gordon that Ed’s actually pretty cool and charming with Kringle. Nygma proposes a toast and says the less you have the more valuable they are, friends and everybody smiles and clink glasses.

The two remaining Pike brothers are trying to figure out a way to torch the places without having their entry guy and the older brother tells Bridget she’s been promoted. She tries begging off saying she doesn’t want to have anything to do with fire. But the brothers tell her she either joins the gang or they’re kicking herb out of the house and she agrees to help.

The trio have five stops that night and they coach Bridget through her first installation of a bomb. When she lights the fuse the oldest brother tells her to run to the wall safe and take the thing out of the silver-box and hold it up to the scanner. It’s Bunderslaw’s eyeball which the scanner recognizes and opens the safe. She’s told to grab the knife within it and get out. She’s a second to late and her pants’ leg catches on fire burning her leg, but they still do the other four hits.

Barnes and Gordon discuss the five cases of arson that took place in the city the night before, when one of the members of the Strike-Force Garrett tells them the lab just called and all of the fires got started by using Thermite and high-end accelerants. They realize they’re dealing with pros and Barnes asks why they’d hit five locations in one night.

Bridget finds some fireproof cloth and starts sewing herself a suit so she doesn’t get burned on their next round. Selina walks in and realizes Bridget’s now part of the gang and tells the girl she doesn’t need to do this, she can leave and be free as Kyle is. Bridget says what’s good about freedom if you’re always alone and Selina counters with what’s good about family if you’re a slave. She then shakes her head and leaves the place.

Penguin gets the knife from the Pike’s and asks Butch why Galavan wants a knife with the Wayne family crest on it? He says he thinks there’s a connection between the two families but he can’t find one. Butch says that if Cobblepot has questions about the history of Gotham, there’s just one person to talk to. Edwidge who runs the antique shop in Butch’s old neighborhood.

Butch brings the older woman to Penguin’s office and Oswald shows her the blade and she loses all the color in her face and stammers that she’s never seen that knife before. Cobblepot says he knows a liar when he sees one and tells her that her choice’s to tell him about the knife or he’ll use it on her. Naturally she agrees to tell him the history.

She says the knife’s cursed it was involved in a heinous act that took place nearly 200-years earlier. Back then Gotham society was ruled by five families, the Kane’s, the Elliot’s, the Crowns, the Dumas family and the most powerful by far the Wayne’s. Celestine Wayne was known as the Crown Jewel of Gotham and she’d been promised to marry the oldest Elliot son.

At a party at the Wayne mansion celebrating Easter, Caleb Dumas and Celestine went missing. Her brothers searched the house for her and found her in the arms of Dumas and both got dragged to the library. Caleb swore the two were very much in love and had been for some time, but Celestine swore on her mother’s grave that he attacked her. Oldest brother Jonathan Wayne took the blade and cut off Caleb’s arm.

The Wayne’s destroyed the Dumas family and seized all their assets. They forbade the newspapers from mentioning their names and the city was purged of any street or building with the name Dumas on it, after they fled Gotham. Caleb moved to Europe and lived out the rest of his days with a religious sect in a monastery. Celestine never married and died an old maid and the remaining members of the Dumas’ clan changed their names.

As soon as Edwidge finished her tale, Penguin asked what the Dumas family changed their names to and she congratulated him for being so quick. Of course they changed the family name to Galavan and she became worried when Theo and Tabitha came to Gotham City. She tells Penguin he’s swimming in deep waters and Cobblepot breaks out into a grin and says that’s where Penguins thrive.

Harvey’s on the phone with a C.I. and tells the guy if he hears anything about the arsonists to call him immediately. Jim walks over to Harvey’s desk and Bullock knows that Gordon’s got some sort of lead. Jim tells him that all the buildings are property of Wayne Enterprises and says the next building they’ll hit will be the Gotham Book Depository. Harvey says he’ll bring the donuts for the stakeout.

The Strike-Force waits for the arsonists to arrive the following night at the building and Gordon spots their vehicle and alerts all the team to be ready. Bridget gets out of the van looking like a giant fly, her body covered in the gray material and her face covered by a mask that looks like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly. She’s carrying a flame-thrower as she exits the van and the Strike-Force tell them not to move, the two brothers hit the gas and drive off leaving Bridget on her own. Trying to escape she turns on the flame-thrower and starts burning the debris around them, but the machine jams and Garrett tries to take her out.

They struggle for a bit when the machine starts working again and she lets off a burst of flame that accidentally catches Garrett’s pants on fire and soon he’s a walking ball of flame. Gordon gets him down on the street and smothers the fire with a blanket and calls for an ambulance. Selina’s watching from a fire-escape and helps Bridget flee the scene.

Back at Penguin’s office, Butch walks into find Cobblepot’s got a brand of Gilzean’s favorite whiskey on his desk. Penguin tells Butch to have a glass and Gilzean says he’s not up for it, but Penguin tells him to have a drink. Butch winces then pours himself a glass and Oswald’s gleeful as the conditioning that Victor Zsasz used on him last season still works and he’s got to do whatever Penguin tells him to do. He then says Butch’s the only person he can trust and Gilzean asks him if he’s alright.

Penguin starts laughing and says perhaps he’s gone crazy because of his fear for his mother’s safety, but maybe he’s got the perfect plan to take out Galavan. He then says that Theo’s locked in a blood-feud and that’s clouding his judgement and Cobblepot intends to exploit that.

He tells Butch that Gilzean will go to Galavan’s and tell him that Penguin thinks Butch betrayed him. Gilzean says Galavan won’t buy that as he realizes how loyal Butch is to Penguin. Penguin says but he’d believe I thought you betrayed me, we only have to sell it the right way. He says Tabitha saw him acting paranoid before and now they just have to give Galavan a reason to feel sorry for Gilzean. He then picks up a meat-cleaver and cuts off Butch’s hand, as Gilzean screams in pain and shock.

Back at the precinct, the Strike-Force awaits word on Garrett’s condition when Barnes walks in looking ashen. He tells them that Garrett passed earlier that morning and one of the other recruits says he was going to be a great cop. Barnes’ says he already was a great cop and they’ll mourn him but that needs to wait. Right now there’s a cop-killer on the streets and they have to bring her to justice.

Theo walks into his home and sees a man wearing a monk’s robe in front of Galavan’s fireplace. The man turns around to Theo and says it’s been a long time, Theo smiles and calls the man Father Creel and the two embrace. Creel says that Theo’s surrounded himself with luxury and Galavan says it’s necessary to play the part. However it’s already paying off as he’s got the knife. Creel asks if Galavan’s captured Bruce Wayne yet and Theo tells him not yet but he will soon.

Creel smiles and says we’ve waited almost 200-years for this moment of redemption and we’re not in a rush at this point. He tells Theo that their cousins are coming over from Europe at that moment, a group of warriors like this city’s never witnessed. He says Gotham will be redeemed in blood and Bruce Wayne will die.

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 8:00 pm on FOX.

Tyrant: These Men Are Here To Destroy My Country

Photo Courtesy Of FX
Photo Courtesy Of FX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The mythical Middle-Eastern nation of Abbudin’s on the verge of a civil-war and the outcome of such a battle’s pretty much in doubt. The country’s rebel leader Ihab Rashid, joined forces with the Caliphate Army led by his old mate Abu Omar and have “liberated” the Bedouin village where Ahmos Al-Yazbek and his family live, from the rule of the Al Fayeed family. Then they drafted every male in the village, between the ages of 15-50 to join them in the fight to free Abbudin.

Despite their rhetoric the rebel forces don’t seem to be the friends of the people. Friends don’t beat an elderly man bloody to extract information, or steal his wife from their village. What the rebels never realized was that the village they “liberated,” could have captured a major asset in their fight to rule Abbudin. Bassam Al-Fayeed was among the residents when the troops first pulled into the village.

The rebel forces arrived in the village in the opening minutes of  the episode, blaring a message from their vehicles telling the residents that they were liberated and for them to congregate in the square. The rebels led by Rashid, stood upon a platform with an Abbudin official, the woman from the United Nations that was to accompany Daliyah Al-Yazbek to Germany. They shoot the official and the woman from the UN, but Rashid says they’ll show mercy to Daliyah and let her return to her family.

Ashraf Barhom, the actor that portrays Jamal Al-Fayeed didn’t have a lot of screen-time in this episode, but he’s such a great actor that he makes every moment count when he’s on the screen. Watching him toy with an adversary, when he holds the upper hand is one of the high points of this series. His current target’s his uncle Tariq, the commander of the Abbudin military, who disobeyed his nephews orders and staged a chemical attack on the city that was the rebel’s stronghold.

Tariq has to inform Jamal that Ihab Rashid not only survived the chemical attack, he went to Syria and joined forces with the Caliphate Army and they now control the Bedouin village. After ridiculing his uncle for not reaching his objectives during the unauthorized attack, he tells Tariq to call a council meeting. He tells his uncle that he’ll present his plan to deal with the situation to the other advisers.

Ahmos pulls Bassam aside and asks him to watch out for his two sons, when they leave the village to join the Caliphate attack. Bassam tells his host that he can’t join the battle, as the rebels will kill him and anybody he’s with once they recognize him.

Ahmos gives him a look of disgust, then he says to his guest that his way is to run away from everything. He ran away from his family, the government, the army and now the rebels. Bassam replies he realizes that’s what it looks like, but Al-Yazbek responds that’s what it is. He tells Bassam the direction to head if he can elude the guards, then takes off a bracelet and gives it to his guest. He tells Bassam to show the bracelet to another Bedouin and he’ll get accompanied to the Lebanese border.

Back at the palace, Jamal meets with his advisers and Tariq lays out his attack plans to defeat the rebels. The General tells the group that there are just two roads that access the village, he plans to make them impassable and then conduct an air-strike and bomb the village. The President says the village’s filled with civilians and the General remains silent.

Jamal asks what Intelligence believes would be the rebels next move if not stopped at the village, Tariq says the city that he ordered the chemical attack on. He says we think they’ll be sympathetic to their cause and the President responds of course they will because you gassed their city.

We see the wife of one of the rebel leaders, crouched behind a car and she’s holding a pistol. The young woman’s American and clearly disillusioned with her life, since emigrating to the Middle East. It appears she’s going to end her misery by taking her own life, but then Bassam comes up to a soldier from behind and says he’s stealing the jeep. He tells the soldier he doesn’t want to hurt him, but the soldier whips around and knocks the blade from Bassam’s hand.

The two struggle in the dirt, but Al-Fayeed grabs a large rock and splits the guy’s head open, killing him instantly. He hides the soldier’s body in a pen and then jumps into the jeep. However the woman’s in the backseat with the pistol aimed at his head and tells him to drive.

They make it past a checkpoint and then drive for about an hour, before they reach a large metal fence. Al-Fayeed says they’re walking the rest of the way, but the woman slips and sprains her ankle, dropping the pistol. Bassam picks it up and puts it in his waist-band, telling him he’s not going to hurt her. He says he wants to wrap her ankle, but they’ll find a shady spot to do it at. The woman looks amazed as she says you’re not leaving me.

The rebels have discovered the missing jeep and the rebel’s wife’s gone and they start beating on Ahmos to find out where Bassam went. He stays silent, but his son Kasim tells them he’s heading to Lebanon. He says his father was just being a good man and gave this stranger a home. He then tells them the route that Al-Fayeed’s taking.

The rebels are ready to leave the village, with all their new recruits in tow, when two helicopters show up on the horizon. Abu Omar tells Ihab Rashid to take cover and let his men handle it, but the two choppers quickly kill about 20-soldiers. The rebels have rocket-launchers though and shoot the two helicopters out of the sky. Two more quickly appear, they take out one and the other one flies away. The soldiers gather together and let out a victorious cheer. Rashid stares at the dead soldiers, but Omar looks at him like it’s to be expected.

Tariq hands Jamal a leather-bound folder, containing contingency plans if the Chines are forced to abandon the city, due to a rebel attack. The General says he assures the President that the plans are unneeded, but Jamal says you assured me that we’d stop them in the Bedouin village. He says that his uncle’s assurances are meaningless and then walks away.

Turns out that the young woman was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, but always felt out of place being a Muslim girl in America. What she doesn’t say to Bassam, but is readily apparent, is that her expectations of the Middle-East were based on a romantic notion. He’s wrapped her ankle and tells her to stand up and put weight on it.

She’s fine but they don’t get far, as they’re attacked by the woman’s husband and another soldier. First the husband beats the stuffing out of Al-Fayeed and then he grabs his wife and asked if Bassam touched her, she quickly responds he didn’t. Then she tells her husband she forced him to take her with him, saying she’d rather die than stay with him.

The husband throws her down on the ground, then sits on her stomach and starts choking her. The other soldier has his gun aimed at Bassam, but he’s watching the struggle. Al-Fayeed takes the soldiers knife out of his boot, stabs him then shoots him with the pistol, then kills the woman’s husband with his next shot.

He asks the woman if she’s alright and she nods yes. He then gives her the bracelet and tells her to show it to the people in the village and they’ll take her to the Lebanese border. She’s shocked that he’s not joining her, but he says he has to stay. He says these men are here to destroy my country and I can’t run anymore. She asks what he’ll do and he responds, whatever God sees fit and bids her farewell.

Molly and Sammy Al-Fayeed, along with their attorney James Timmons touch down at the airport at Abbudin, just as Jamal’s addressing the nation about the rebel attack. He uses the occasion to denounce Ihab Rashid, saying that he joined forces with a terrorist group from outside of the country, but he assures his nation that his forces will defeat the rebels.

The Caliphate army leave the Bedouin village, with an unwilling guest as Abu Omar’s taken with Daliyah and his first wife encourages him to take Ahmos’ second wife as his. Daliyah and her son Hani start crying, but it does no good as she’s taken away from him.

Bassam grabs the rifles from the soldiers and starts traveling back to Abbudin. Perhaps he believes that he and Jamal can bond over this common enemy and repair their ruptured relationship.

The President finishes his address to his nation and his wife Leila praises his speech, once he’s off camera. She then says this should teach the people the difference between these dirty terrorists and protesters who want to make their nation a better place.

Jamal looks at her and says Bassam was right he predicted all of this was going to happen. That Tariq couldn’t be trusted and Ihab Rashid would keep fighting. He said that instead of listening to his advice, he killed his brother instead.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on FX.

Halt And Catch Fire: Health Issues And An Uneasy Reunion

Photo Courtesy Of AMC
Photo Courtesy Of AMC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The characters in the AMC Original Series “Halt And Catch Fire,” could really use a group-therapy session, in which everybody opens up and admits their true feelings. (That is except of course Western-Group Industries Chairman Jacob Wheeler, perhaps the most secure man on the planet.) Our core players are desperately in need of human contact, but none of them seem to be able to establish it. Not with each other or their loved ones, they just lurch from crisis-to-crisis, because they’re always hiding something from somebody and it always comes back to haunt them.

The manure hit the fan early and often, throughout this episode, as everybody felt like they were on precarious ground throughout the evening. Information got released in an uncomfortable fashion, which in turn opened up a cauldron of anger, betrayal and unexpressed feelings.

We start off in the Dallas apartment of Joe MacMillan, whose just finished getting reacquainted with his fiancé Sara Wheeler, who just got into town from her home in Austin. A little later she checks the mail and finds a packet from her ex-husband, she takes the phone and calls him from the bathroom. MacMillan asks if she’s alright, then spots the packet, it’s a copy of the pre-nuptial agreement she and her former husband had drawn up before their marriage.

Cameron and Tom Rendon are in her bed, talking about the new game they want to design for Mutiny. Tom then tells her he has to go home and get ready for work, he climbs out her bedroom window to keep the Coder-Monkeys from realizing their together. However he doesn’t sneak out undetected as John Bosworth sees him climbing out from the driveway.

Donna walks in the door just as the girls are getting ready for school. She asks Gordon if it would be terrible if she had a beer and her husband tells her to have two. She then starts talking to Gordon about setting up an invoice system with the network they’re leasing, Clark says he can take care of any paperwork and save her the trouble. Donna says that after the Sinorous incident, Cameron wants him to stay away from the company, so she better handle it. Gordon then droops the bombshell that Joe’s his contact at the company they’re leasing from.

Instead of sleeping for a few hours, Donna jumps back in the car and heads to Mutiny. She tells Cameron that Joe’s involved and that she was unaware until moments before. Howe thanks her for her honesty, then tells Clark she needs to be alone for a while to collect her thoughts. As Donna walks out, we hear Cameron trashing her bedroom.

Gordon meets with Joe and tells MacMillan that he has to inform Jacob Wheeler what’s going on and MacMillan at first refuses to. However he quickly softens his stance and tells Gordon that he’ll take care of it and that Mutiny will have a formal written agreement.

Clark goes next to an appointment, with his doctor after blacking out in the previous episode. Seems that Joe inhaled toxic vapors over the years building computers and he’s suffered brain-damage. The doctor tells him that brain-tissue doesn’t regenerate and that his symptoms will likely get worse and happen more frequently.

Gordon calls Donna from a payphone on the street and tells her he wants to take her out to dinner that evening, but she says she’ll be tied up with Mutiny. She says perhaps they can go out over the weekend, then quickly says good-bye and hangs up. Gordon stands there with the now silent handset and finally hangs it up.

Bosworth walks into Cameron’s bedroom as she’s starting to put it back together. He tells her to stop for a while and the two of them should talk. She tells John she’s angry and hurt that MacMillan’s back in her life, Bosworth says he doesn’t like him either, but he knows how to make money. He tells Howe that she has Joe right where she wants him, he’s looking for forgiveness and hoping to set things right.

MacMillan meets with Jacob Wheeler and he tells him his proposal about leasing their mainframe and Wheeler says it sounds promising. Joe says he knew his future father-in-law would feel that way, so it’s been in operation for the last three weeks. Wheeler states that MacMillan did this behind his back and he says that Joe brings something to Western-Group that’s been lacking. He’s hungry and never happy, Wheeler gives him the charge of the new division, but he says he wants to meet with a Mutiny representative the next day.

Joe goes back to his apartment and tells Sara about the deal and she asks why he didn’t tell her upfront? He says he wanted her to be proud of him when it was up and running, but he’s fibbing and she realizes it. When she finds out it’s Cameron’s company, she says the plot thickens but he responds that was the only way to get Gordon to help him. She says she’s proud of him but they can’t have any secrets between them, she’s still recovering from getting kicked in the teeth from her ex-husband.

The next morning, Donna’s going through morning-sickness and Gordon’s lost in thought when the doorbell rings. Gordon finally hears it and MacMillan’s at the door wanting to talk to Donna. Clark says that’s probably a bad idea as Donna doesn’t like Joe. However he waits for her and then asks her to meet with Jacob Wheeler, she says she can’t as it’s Cameron’s company. He tells her to relay to Cameron he expects her to be pleasant and professional.

Gordon picks the girls up from school and says let’s have an adventure, where would you girls like to go today. They say in unison they want to go to his mother-in-law’s house, as their grandfather has an advanced edition of this arcade named Nintendo. His mother-in-law asks Gordon if he’d like a drink and he accepts the invitation.

Cameron arrives at Western-Group and Joe tries to talk to her, but she asks the receptionist if Wheeler’s ready to see them. She’s quiet at the start of the meeting, until he compares Mutiny to what Cameron considers a far inferior company. She says her company does what that other company does better and with far lower overhead due to their coding system. Wheeler asks her how somebody gets really good in her craft, she spied a copy of Sports Illustrated on his desk and she asks what makes Wayne Gretzky so outstanding. He says practice and patience and she prompts him to explain further and he says a load of God-given talent. She smiles and says your words not mine, then shows him her presentation.

Gordon and his mother-on-law are getting polluted in the living-room while his daughters are in the den playing with the Nintendo. She tells Gordon he’s fun and he agrees that he is fun, then jokes it’s Donna whose always so serious. They get on the subject of money and he thanks her and her husband for lending them money and support when times were tough. She thinks he’s talking about repaying the money and he finally writes her a check for 23 grand.

Wheeler’s enchanted with Cameron and tells her he’s impressed. He then says what about this guy, nodding towards Joe. He asks can you vouch for him, he’s marrying my daughter. Although we see the shock in her eyes, she plays it off perfectly, stating Joe’s a Hell of a guy and then congratulating MacMillan.

Joe chases Howe down to the garage and he says he just wanted to say she did a great job in the meeting. She turns around and with a face filled with fury, she says I thought I was your mark, but it’s him. That’s why you’re marrying a billionaire’s daughter. He says that has nothing to do with it and then asks her if she read the letter he sent her. At that moment Sara walks up and introduces herself to Cameron. Howe’s very genial and tells her it’s a pleasure meeting her and then heads to her car.

Later that evening, MacMillan hands Sara a pre-nuptial agreement that he’s already signed. He says he wants nothing from her, except herself. She says they’re moving too fast and she’s heading back to Austin, she doesn’t know for how long.

Tom tells the Coder-Monkeys he’s got a date and needs to take off. Cameron heads into her room and breaks down crying, but Rendon climbs in through her window seconds later. He hugs her as she cries.

The Story Continues Next Sunday Night at 10:00 pm on AMC.

The Musketeers: Athos’ Past Catches Up With Him

Photo Courtesy Of BBCA
Photo Courtesy Of BBCA

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Many people try to run away from their responsibilities, I guess if you lack a conscience, you can do something like that without any remorse. Perhaps I give my fellow human beings too much credit, but I sincerely believe, even many of those who successfully leave and never get found, still have trouble sleeping at night, due to the guilt that they feel. The past however, tends to catch up with most people, even in France, back in 1682, as Athos found out in the latest episode of the BBCA Original Series “The Musketeers.”

Athos is the least approachable of the Musketeers, as well as the most intimidating. He plays things close to the vest, he’s the angst-ridden strong, stoic type. He’s the first among equals, their unspoken leader and it’s a thankless role in many ways. We found out last season, that Athos lived the life of a nobleman, he was a Count and owned a village as well as the family estate. He walked away from his life after his wife, whom we know as Milady De Winter, killed his brother. He ordered her death via hanging, but she made a deal with the executioner that spared her life. Athos still has to get her out of his system.

Milady was spot-on when she told him recently, he’ll never stop loving her. She’s his addiction and so far he’s lacked the strength to kill her himself, which I guess is a testament to his humanity, as well as the thing that keeps him from being happy. He tries to bury himself in fighting evil and when things are peaceful, he buries himself in a bottle. This latest episode, concentrates on the unfinished business left behind, when Athos left his home.

We see two men dragging an unconscious man by the arms, his feet dragging in the dirt, they bring him into a building, binding his hands and feet, then tie him to a chair. Water’s thrown in the man’s face, he wakes up and we realize it’s Athos. He asks his captors who they are and where they have him? Someone pulls out a blade and he says if you’re going to kill me, at least show me the courtesy of telling me why.

A voice from the crowd in front of him says they mean him no harm, then a young woman opens a door, letting sunlight stream in, she asks if he recognizes them now? His eyes begin to focus and he realizes it’s Bertrand the Innkeeper in Pinon and his daughter Jeanne. He asks what they’re doing and Jeanne said this was their only choice as Athos refused to answer his letters. They need him to come back and take his place as Lord of the Manor and leader of their village.

Back in Paris, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan, tell their former commanding officer Treville, their concerns about Athos. He asks why they’re coming to him as he’s just another Musketeer now, illustrated by his cleaning up horse dung. Besides, he says Athos’ drunk somewhere, Aramis responds that they checked all the taverns and he hasn’t appeared in days. Treville says well the quicker we get this done, the quicker we can find him, gives the shovel to D’Artagnan and walks off with the other two soldiers of the King.

They search his room and they see letter after letter to Athos, from Bertrand asking for help, Treville says it’s a family matter, no concern of theirs. D’Artagnan stops him from leaving, saying that Pinon’s less than a day’s ride, Treville says he’ll go, but not as their commander but a fellow Musketeer. D’Artagnan slaps him on the back and says, what ever you say Captain.

Athos tells the villagers that he’s not going to listen to complaints tied to a chair, they cut his binds off and he goes outside to se if he recognizes where he is. He quickly sees, that he knows this place all too well, this is Pinon. He screams to them he left this place how dare they bring him back there. Jeanne responds that he’s the one to blame, this is his land and he’s abandoned it, the soldier counters with just work the land and live off your crops, the foods all yours. Bertrand’s daughter informs him that Baron Renard, burns the crops and poisons the rest, that he wants Athos’ land. Suddenly he shows up with some of his men and his son.

Renard must have many descendants who emigrated to the United States, and now are among this nation’s most wealthy citizens, as his lies and accusations, sound strikingly, like comments emanating from the One Percent in our era, about the poor. He called them lazy parasites and thieves, he’s just being a concerned neighbor and tried to restore order. Athos replies, he’s certain they can work it out like gentlemen and Renard and his son dismount from their horses and go inside to meet with Athos, Bertrand and Jeanne.

The conversation didn’t begin well, as Athos told Renard, he’d renounced his title and was no longer a Count. The Baron, dumbstruck and angry, couldn’t believe his ears. He told the Musketeer, that he can’t do that, it goes against the natural order and it’s his God-given birth-right. Athos responds that God wasn’t involved and then Renard asked who owned the land? The soldier responded he did, it’s his family’s land and he’s the rightful owner. He then said all he wanted was Renard’s word, that he’d leave these people in peace. Renard extended his hand and promised to treat them just as they deserved.

As he and his son walk out the building, the son says his father promised him the land. Renard basically calls his son a complete dope, then says he said he’d treat the people how they deserved to be treated and in his mind, they’re vermin. Athos walks out at that point and the Baron says he’s no longer royalty, that means he’s a peasant and he has to bow to his betters. Two of Renard’s men try to take him down, he quickly takes them out, then a group surrounds him and he holds his own until somebody hits him with a blunt instrument and he blacks out.

He regains consciousness to find himself tied to a crossbar by his hands, his feet dangling in midair. He looks over and sees a woman of means standing about 50-yards away, dressed very sharply in a blue suit and hat, pointing a pistol in his direction. The son comes over to whip Athos, but Bertrand attempts to stop him, ending up getting whipped instead. At that point the woman fires her pistol cutting the rope, that’s tied Athos to the crossbar, and he hits the ground. Renard says soldiers are coming lets book and grab the girl, they take Jeanne as prisoner and ride away. The Musketeers ride up a few minutes later, but the Baron’s men are too far ahead.

Pretty predictable what happens next, Athos asks his fellow Musketeers what they’re doing there and they respond to help. Athos says this land and his past life are meaningless to him and this isn’t his fight. D’Artagnan, says he may not care about the land, but what about the people and he walks past him. Porthos blocks his path and says if he heard these words from anyone else he’d think they were scared. But I know you, you fight for the people and you fight to the death. Athos looks Porthos in the eyes and says not this time and Porthos lets him pass, the Musketeer gets on his horse and rides away.

Treville and D’Artagnan, will stay with the villagers and have them collect all their weapons, Porthos and Aramis get directions from Bertrand where the Baron lives and they go to rescue Jeanne. Bertrand gets emotional as they start to leave and Porthos assures him they’ll get his daughter back safe and sound.

Athos rides a couple of miles, then stops when he gets to a field. He starts to daydream about he and Milady romping through those same fields, him trying to catch her, then the two making love in the grass. He decides to visit the Family Estate, burned to a charred hulk, last season by De Winter, as she attempted to kill her husband.

He walks inside, pushing away boards to enter a room and suddenly sees Milady, right after she shot his brother Thomas to death with a bullet to the heart. She tells Athos, he made improper advances and she had no choice, but she’s dragged away by two of the house servants, begging Athos to help her.

Suddenly Athos hears a woman’s voice calling his name, it’s the woman who shot the rope earlier, but this time he recognizes her, it’s Thomas’ fiancée Katherine. Turns out her titled father’s business sense was miserable and all their assets got taken right after he died. She tells him she’s living in one of the servants quarters at his estate, she didn’t think he’d mind.

She takes him to the one room cottage she lives in and the Musketeer’s jaw nearly hits the floor, you live like this he asks her. She says she Exists like this, she’s become quite self-sufficient, she hunts and traps her food for every meal. She then says that De Winter’s the cause of all her sorrow, she took everything away from her that meant anything. She tells Athos, he did the right thing in hanging her, she hopes she’s burning in Hell. He tells her she’s still alive and she’s the King’s mistress and Katherine slaps his face, saying he has no honor.

Porthos and Aramis find Renard’s home, where the men are all downstairs drinking and Jeanne’s tied to a poster bed and gagged, they quickly untie her, just before Renard’s son goes to check on her, due to the knotted sheets hanging out the window, they assume that’s how she escaped and plan to track her like a fox. They run from the house yelling and laughing taking off in horseback, while the three of them emerge from a room across the hall. Porthos says he didn’t think it would work, they then take Jeanne back to Pinon.

Treville and D’Artagnan, sit at a table as the villagers bring in their weapons and a sorry lot it is. Dull axes, even duller blades, sticks, some farming equipment and one pistol, that looked ancient in 1682. D’Artagnan pulls Bertrand aside and asks if this is really all their weapons and the Innkeeper says yeah. Treville says they can’t beat Renard with this stuff, they’d barely scare the birds. We have no swords and no firearms, suddenly Athos walks in and says there’s plenty at the house, he and D’Artagnan, load up a buckboard wagon and ride to the estate.

Athos explains that all royalty’s supposed to keep a militia, his father stocked an armory and he maintained the tradition. The rooms filled with scores of swords, pistols and barrel after barrel of gunpowder. They load all the stuff onto the wagon and ride back to Pinon.

When they arrive back, Athos goes into the building where all the villagers gathered. He apologizes for not telling them he was leaving or answering the letters. However, he says that they’re too reliant on his family and have to start taking initiative to make their lives better. He says if they defeat Renard the next day, the land is there’s with all getting an equal share.

Treville, takes the floor and says when it comes to war there’s two solutions. You can sue for peace and get the best deal you can, or you can fight. But if you fight, you’d best be sure, your cause is worth dying for. Now you folks are fighting for your homes, your families and your lives, what’s Renard fighting for. Now we’ll fight with you if you want to battle, meet us at dawn.

The five soldiers find themselves alone at sunrise and Athos says they’re not coming let’s go home, when a boy about twelve shows up. Soon an elderly couple and Bertrand and Jeanne arrive, then the whole village turns out. Porthos says well looks like we’re staying, but how we going to turn these folks into soldiers?

Aramis gives shooting lessons, while Treville teaches some men how to battle with small trees, whose ends got shaped into points. They’re very ragged at first, then they start improving, with Bertrand, the first to hit the target with his shot.

They then build a barrier around three sides of the village, giving their opponents just one path to use, which has no cover, or seclusion. Treville tells all the villagers to wait for his command before they pull the trigger. Katherine, who refused Athos invitation to join them suddenly arrives, she crouches down near Athos, see’s an enemy in the bushes and kills him with one shot, Aramis then does the same. Athos mentions something about him turning his land over to her, but she believes she’s getting the whole estate.

Renard’s men start charging, Treville holds the command until they’re about 25 feet away and screams fire and the Baron’s men start hitting the ground like bags of cement. More men start coming and some climb the barrier, soon wishing they hadn’t as the Musketeers and the villagers beat them bloody. Renard calls for his men to retreat and regroup. Treville  says reload your weapons, tend to the wounded and repair the barrier, this isn’t over.

Later Renard rides over waving a white flag, with his son by his side. He offers Athos a deal, sign over the land to his son and the people will get spared. Athos says it’s no longer his land and Jeanne responds, that’s right this land belongs to us now. We don’t intend to give up and we refuse your deal. Katherine’s face loses its color, she says you’ve given the land to the peasants and Athos nods and says, yes and to you as well. She runs away.

Preparing for the second wave, Aramis and D’Artagnan, bury kegs of gunpowder in the dirt right in the path that the enemy will use. Aramis asks if he’d seen this work before and his mate replies he’s never seen it fail. Treville calls for his two men to take their positions and again tells the villagers to wait for his command before they shoot.

As the enemy starts charging, Aramis shoots at the gun powder kegs and they explode like land mines, each keg taking out bunches of soldiers. The Baron and his break the barrier and get inside the perimeter and everybody but Renard start fighting but they’re badly outnumbered. They get down to one man, Renard’s son who calls out Athos. The duel ends quickly as the Musketeer knocks the sword out of his opponent’s hand, then knocks him to the ground, his sword resting on the younger Renard’s neck. The son says do it, kill me, Athos responds don’t tempt me.

From behind him Athos hears Katherine’s voice telling him to drop his weapon, she’s got her pistol aimed for his head, the soldier drops his sword and gun on the ground. She asks Renard’s son what he’ll give her for Athos and the Musketeer asks what she’s doing. She says she can’t breath in a world where De Winter lives, so she’s trying to salvage something that will give her happiness, even from the Renards.

The son reaches into his sleeve, pulls out a small dagger and attempts to stab Athos, but Katherine shoots him dead, then runs away. The Baron runs to his son’s side who starts saying he doesn’t want to die and Renard says remember your stature courage son, the son whimpers and dies and Renard falls to pieces holding his son’s body, his body racked with tears as he repeats, My poor son, my poor son. Katherine goes back to her room and takes out a pair of pistols that Thomas left her, could she have plans to head to Paris to kill Milady?

Athos thanks his fellow Musketeers for their help and convincing him to do the right thing. He gives Bertrand a letter and his ring and tells him he’s now the Mayor of Pinon. The soldiers ride away, with villagers lining both sides of the street, nodding inn respect to Athos as he rides by.

The Story Continues Next Saturday at 9:00 pm on BBCA.

The Blacklist: Saving Earth By Killing Humanity

Photo Courtesy Of NBC
Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

One of the great debates that divides our nation, centers around the argument whether or not “Global Warming’s” taking place on our planet. If it’s occurring because of toxins that we let into our air, than humanity’s destroying our home. The most radical, but most effective way of solving that problem’s eradicating every vestige of humanity, but nobody insane enough to dream up that concept, could possess the intelligence to actually accomplish that, could they? In the circles that Raymond Reddington travels in, people with mindset do exist as we witnessed in the latest episode of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” as an eco-terrorist group plans to wipe out humans across the planet, by releasing the plague that wiped out millions on this planet 700-years-ago.

The episode begins without the usual previous episodes  catch-up clips for the audience, going straight into this story. We see a woman in her late thirties, walking down a city street in Washington, DC, frantically talking to someone on her cellphone. The woman says to the person on the other end, that she needs to stop him and she’s going to the police. We see the caller on the other end’s a woman about ten-years younger, who tells her friend that she’ll come and meet her and go with her to the police, right then we notice the woman walking, has blood dripping down he side of her face. She asks the other woman to please come alone and hangs up.

Moments later the woman, now cleaned up waits for her friend who pulls her car to the curb. She gets out of her car, but we quickly see a man jump out of the passenger side and quickly we figure out this is the man she talked about on the phone. She’s got something he wants and he struggles to get it, she tries running and gets hit by a cab, throwing her up in the air, then slamming her to the asphalt. The man searches her handbag, finds what he needed and tells the crowd to call an ambulance, then he and the other woman run off.

Red and FBI Agent Liz Keen, talk on the phone and Keen’s rather upset that Red still has his sniper keeping her under surveillance, she tells him to get rid of him or she will. Reddington changes the subject to the reason of his phone call, an incident that took place in the city that morning, as a woman died after being struck by a taxi. What intrigues Raymond’s the woman’s identity, Carrie-Ann Beck, wife of Maddox Beck, part of a radical environment cult, who allegedly died in a blast a few years before. Red believe that Beck’s responsible for his wife’s murder and most likely planning something to shake people up. Raymond doesn’t realize how much he’s understating the situation.

Back at the FBI Task Headquarters, Keen informs all the agents about what she learned from Red, Task Force Chief Harold Cooper tells his agents, he wants them down at the morgue investigating cause of death. The group’s IT expert Aram Mojtabai, informs Cooper that Beck’s not in the morgue, she’s being kept on life support as she’s carrying a 30-week old baby, the hospital’s hoping to save. Beck’s brain-dead, she’s just kept alive for the sake of her child.

Aram also reveals that the hospital found ancient clay under her fingernails and he believes he knows the cause.  A museum held an exposition featuring 13-ancient paintings and one got stolen, ironically it was the least valued painting in the collection, a painting on loan from a church in Italy. But Aram’s got some clues as the museum scanned the painting with lasers and found a map hidden within the work. Cooper tells Aram to ask the woman whose the Bureau’s cartography expert to come take a look.

The woman arrives and tells Cooper, Agent Donald Ressler and Aram the lore of the painting. According to legend, the map contains how the plague got contained 700-years earlier, as Priests traveled to the ends of the earth to bury it. When Cooper starts pressing for information about where it could be buried, she informs Harold the whole thing’s a fake and the work’s worthless.

Lizzie heads to Red’s office and the same cartography expert’s there and he introduces her to Keen. The woman tells Raymond that the paintings worth a fortune and that it does show where the plague’s buried, turns out the ends of the world seven centuries ago, now’s known as the United States. Beck arrives at the spot before Keen and Ressler, but walked away empty-handed as the infected priest’s grave moved. There’s a stone plaque giving the new location in ancient Aramaic, which Aram translates. The body’s interred in an ancient church about 30-miles away.

The agents arrive and a priest takes them to the chamber containing the remains but they see that the lock and chain securing the door’s cut, Ressler has the priest take him to the other entrance while Liz goes through the door into the chamber. She encounters Beck in a haz-mat suit, with a bag carrying the infected remains, Keen has her weapon drawn and tells Maddox he’s not leaving the room alive. He counters that she has a choice, let him leave or he’ll expose them both and they’ll both soon be dead. Liz contemplates her choices, when Beck’s accomplice sneaks up behind her and hits her on the top of her head knocking her to the ground and the two escape.

Red’s still working on his own private projects, having little to do with the cases he gives to the Task Force. Through the previous episode, Raymond became consumed with insuring the safety of his former wife, now with that resolved he’s moved on to search for a mysterious girl that he gives little information about. He deals with a man we’ll refer to as “The Tracker,” a tiny misshapen bald little man with coke-bottle glasses. (For fans of “Fringe,” he played the guy who owned the store that Peter Bishop got rare books from.)  The waiting room for “The Tracker’s” clients resemble a huge DMV, with a woman calling out numbers as if she worked in a bakery.

“The Tracker,” tells Red he’s got no new information on MS. Mysterious, mainly because Raymond’s provided him with little information. Reddington starts blasting the little man, but then notices something seems wrong with his old associate and asks what it is. The man responds its his mother, she’s got cancer and they’re running out of options. He mentions a few different procedures they’ve tried, then says the Flack seed diet and Red stops believing him. “The Tracker’s, ” invented fake illnesses for relatives for years and Red knows he’s pulling the same routine and he leaves the office.

Aram and Agent Samar Navabi are alone at the Task Force building when Reddington and Dembe enter the building and Aram tells Red that Liz isn’t there. Raymond tells Aram he came to speak to him, and the two of them and Dembe find a secluded place to talk. Red wants to see if Aram can track the girl and Mojtabai freaks, asking what Raymond did to the guys who couldn’t find her. Reddington gives Aram a sad smile and tells him finding this girl’s an important piece of his war with Berlin.

Keen and Ressler arrive back to headquarters and tell Cooper, Aram and Samar what happened. Navabi light’s into Liz for letting Beck get away with the remains and Lizzie defensively says, he was going to expose both of them. Samar shakes her head and talks about all the deaths that will occur because Keen allowed him to escape. As she stalks off, Aram pulls Keen aside and tells her he’s sure she made the correct decision, as he’s seen her under pressure and she always comes out on top. He then says Red asked him to do one thing and he froze, he soon realizes he should have kept his mouth shut as Liz badgers him for what Red wanted.

Beck and his associate ground up all the remains, turning it into a mist that will spread the plague through the air, he heads to his flock and tells them it’s time for their sacrifice, then picks one girl as patient zero. They infect her with the plague, then set her loose in the middle of the city, coming in contact with 2300 people before she passed. Those people get quarantined but only have hours remaining without an antidote.

Keen shows up at Red’s very upset, as she tells Red the FBI’s not looking for his daughter, who Liz believes is the mysterious girl. Red tells her that jealousy usually leaves him cold, but he finds it endearing in Keen’s case. She laughs at the accusation but Red says she’s just not ready to admit it to herself. Lizzie walks out in a huff.

Beck’s ready to introduce the next phase of his plan, having his entire group infect themselves, then take planes to every corner of the earth, insuring humanity’s destruction. Each of them get a mister with a mask attached and take the deadly disease deep into their lungs. Then go their separate ways to complete their mission.

The teams back together at headquarters, when Aram announces he’s figured out the plan and then describes how Beck’s group plan to take flights to 24 cities around the globe. All of the infected have boarded their planes except for one guy at Dulles. Keen and Navabi run off in tandem to stop the man from boarding his plane. The two agents arrive but can’t locate the suspect, but Amar spots him on the airports security cameras and direct the agents to where he’s standing. Samar locks eyes with the suspect and he breaks into a full run trying to elude her, he trips over some equipment and she tackles him, then the two roll on the ground into a small glass room. They struggle then the guy pulls out a mister and sprays it into Navabi’s mouth, realizing she’s infected she shuts the door, she’s also wounded as the guy shot her in the side. Liz sees her in the room but Samar tells her not to come in, she’s infected. Keen weighs her choices for a moment then enters the room, attempting to staunch Navabi’s bleeding with her jacket.

“The Tracker,” calls Raymond and tells him to get to his office. When Red gets into see him he tells the little man that his vending machine’s still broken. “The Tracker,” tells Reddington he found the girl, he used an application to make the picture resemble what she’d look like today and he found a 97% match. Red looks at the dossier and smiles saying her name, Zoe D’Antonio, then smiles at  “The Tracker.”  The little man looks through the window in his door and asks Red what’s going on, Raymond tells him he got him a new vending machine.

As Red and Dembe climb back into the car, Reddington receives a call from Aram and Raymond tells him the girls been located. Mojtabai congratulates Reddington, but tells him that’s not the reason he called, Liz and Samar got infected and Aram’s coming up short trying to locate where his compound is. He tells Red that Beck’s fallen off the grid and Red tells him that’s where Aram should start and hangs up the phone.

Later Mojtabai, comes into Cooper’s office and tells the chief he’s located Beck’s compound after receiving a tip from Red. He says the group would want a solar-energy powered location, not on the grid and only one property in the area meets those requirements. He gives Cooper the address but tells him not to get surprised if Reddington gets there first.

There are just two people at the compound, Beck and the woman who lied to Carrie-Ann, when Red strolls onto the property saying hello. Beck pulls out a knife and asks Reddington who he is and Raymond pulls out a pistol and tells him he’s the snake in the grass. He then tells Beck how he used to admire him for taking on polluters, but his message got distorted. Just then Dembe shows up with a tray containing vials of the vaccine. Red tells Beck that only two kinds of people would pull the stunt Beck did, saints or megalomaniacs and tells Maddox he’s far from a saint. He knew Beck wouldn’t sacrifice his life so he made a vaccine for himself and the woman. Red and Dembe take all the vaccine and leaves as sirens approach. By the time the authorities arrive the pair died from the plague.

The Blacklist’s a show that uses music quite effectively in all their episodes and the closing montage featured a very touching tune, serenading the scenes we watch as the episode draws to a close, Lizzie and Samar are both in hospital rooms passed out while receiving the antidote. Red sits with Liz, while Aram’s in Samar’s room when she wakes up and grabs his hand. The final shot’s Red on the street outside of a food-truck, selling food to customers on the corner. The young woman known as Zoe D’Antonio walks out of the truck, dumps some garbage and then heads back inside. Red approaches the “Roach-Coach,” as the episode concludes.

The Story Continues Next Monday at 10:00 pm o NBC.

Ray Donovan: Irish Spring

Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Things looked bleak for the Donovan clan, at the outset of episode five of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan,” but the “Fixer For The Stars,” solved a problem that could have caused grave danger for his father Micky, Los Angeles FBI Director James Cochrane and himself, however due to some quick thinking and revisionist history, the trio avoided revealing the true story to a crafty and tenacious Boston reporter. The solution kept Cochrane on course to become director of the entire Bureau, as well as keeping both Micky and Ray out of prison.

Although the main story-arc concerned Ray and his father, Donovan’s wife Abby and teenage children, son Connor and daughter Bridget are all caught up in their own situations that have them courting trouble. First on the docket, the apology Connor owes to his classmate that he pushed down a flight of stairs earlier this season, resulting in the boy fracturing his collar-bone. Both boys as well as Ray and the other boy’s father are sitting in the other family’s living room.

Connor tells his classmate that he had done wrong pushing him from behind and causing him to fall down the stairs, but he said the other boy started the altercation by breaking Connor’s cellphone. The classmate’s father pushed for Connor to apologize and Ray chimed in as well, but he refused to, stating that an apology would make him look weak and the other boy’s father exploded in anger, grabbing him by his shoulder and threatening him. Ray, restraining his anger told his son they were out of there and they left the house with the other man’s screaming ringing in their ears.

As Ray drives his son to school, his phone rings and he picks it up hands-free, to find Micky’s parole officer Ronald Keith on the other end, telling him what we witnessed in the previous episode, that two plain-clothed law-enforcement officials had taken his father from his apartment the previous night. Connor, hearing his grandfather’s missing becomes concerned and Ray picks up the receiver to talk privately. Keith tells Donovan he has no idea where Micky’s at, but he’ll find out.

Turns out that the elder Donovan’s been spirited away to FBI headquarters and he’s held in an interrogation room. Cochrane soon walks in and Micky demands to call his lawyer, telling the director he knows his rights. The director in a fit of bravado, grabs a chair and destroys the close-circuit camera filming the proceedings. He then hands Micky an affidavit, claiming that Ray killed the FBI agent that the elder Donovan killed last season. The old man tells the director he won’t rat out his son and Cochrane walks out of the solid brick room telling Micky to enjoy the view.

Ray heads to the marina, seeking out his paid informant at the bureau Frank Barnes, whose pounding down beers on his boat. Donovan beats the agent mercilessly, first trying to find out where Micky’s hidden and secondly to find out dirt on Cochrane. The agent is clueless where Micky’s stashed, but he does tell Ray that there are rumors that Cochrane’s having sex with his assistant’s wife, the same couple that were over Cochrane’s house for Scrabble night in the previous episode.

Abby’s heading to the gun-range, hoping to see the young detective she flirted with the day before. Bridget comes into her room and tells her mother she’s not feeling well and Abby, realizing that her daughter just wants to stay home for the day gives her permission to skip school. After her shooting session, she tries to ask about the detective, but then gets embarrassed and leaves.

Kate McPherson, the Boston Globe reporter investigating the death of former Public Enemy Number One Patrick “Sully” Sullivan and has Cochrane terrified she’ll find out how Sullivan really died, shows up at Micky’s to find he’s not there. Donovan’s neighbor Shorty asks if he can help her and she explains that she’s the reporter who had set up a meeting with Micky. Shorty’s about to hand her something from Micky, when Ray arrives, so he slips it into her purse and heads back to his room.

Ray tells Kate, that if she keeps digging her life’s in danger and then shows her the newspaper article on Tiny’s killing. She tells Donovan, she’d faced threats on her life when she wrote about pedophile priests, she kept digging then and she intends to do the same in this situation. Ray gets out of her way and she leaves the building, while Donovan gets another call from Keith telling Ray where Micky’s at.

Bridget’s back with boyfriend Marvin Gaye Washington, whose become a rap superstar since last season. He’s sporting a pair of diamond earrings and takes one off his ear and puts it on hers, then invites her to a party. The event’s a swanky poolside affair, hosted by a guy named Cookie, who was recently released from prison and gave Marvin the earrings. It turns out however, that Marvin’s guardian who’s also at the party, wants the young man to stay away from the former convict and Marvin and Bridget leave the party.

Abby heads back to the new house in Truesdale that she and her family will soon move into, when the female neighbor she met the last time she was there shows up with a friend and a bottle of wine as a peace-offering, due to their rocky introduction. Shortly there after, the three woman feel buzzed and laughing giddily, when Abby feels sick because she drank so quickly. The alcohol removes, the neighbor’s inhibitions and she tells Abby that they know what Ray does for a living and she has a marvelous divorce-attorney. Abby’s back goes up and says she has no intentions of getting a divorce and the other woman responds that he’s a common thug. Abby sees red and grabs the woman by the throat, telling her she’ll kill her, then barricades herself in the bathroom, while the women call the police.

Ray’s able to get a Federal Judge whose a close friend of Ezra’s to issue a warrant for Micky’s arrest as a person of interest in a murder case and get him out of FBI custody.  A detective and two uniformed officers armed with a warrant, take Micky away from Cochrane, who tells the detective he’ll have his badge. His phone rings and Ray’s on the other end, Cochrane threatens to kill Donovan, who responds that soon he’ll be thanking him.

Abby’s in the back of a cruiser, but the detective she met at the firing range has interceded on her behalf and got the charges dropped. He tells her he’ll take her home, but she asks if he’ll take her to a hotel and have sex with her instead. The detective, gently refuses and tells her she’s emotional and then she asks him to hug her which he does.

Kate gets a call from Ray and tells her to meet him at Ezra’s and she’ll get the true story of how Sully died. When she arrives, Ray, Micky and Cochrane are there and Ray tells McPherson that he and his father had worked for the FBI to help capture Sully and Micky was the bait. Micky had told Sully that he could get him to the Maldives and Ray produces a passport with Sully’s picture on it. Cochrane tells her she can have the exclusive, but she has to keep Micky’s name out of the book for his own protection from Sully’s friends.

She apparently buys the story and Ray drives her to LAX to catch a plane back to Boston. She asks him if he loves his wife and if he has any friends. He responds that he does love Abby, but he has trust issues, something Kate herself can relate to. He tells her he’ll miss her and she heads back to Boston.

Abby receives a text message from the Detective, when she gets out of the shower, asking if she’s okay and she responds that she is and thanks him for being a gentleman. He texts back next time he might not, and she texts him back a nude selfie. We see Ray sitting in his car in the dark, until a figure comes out from his house with some trash for his barrel. It’s the other father and when he comes outside Ray drives away, perhaps just attempting to scare him.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Graceland: H-A-Double-P-Y

Photo Courtesy Of USA Network
Photo Courtesy Of USA Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Hey-Diddle-Diddle And Mike’s In The Middle, along with other serious and possibly deadly situations to the members of the house dominated the fifth episode of USA Network Original Series “Graceland,” as the task-force to take down Cal-Coast Bus Lines will end prematurely via orders from FBI Headquarters. Task-Force leader Mike Warren gets the news directly as his boss and friend-with-benefits Jess arrives at the house to deliver the news in person. Warren and his team learn that they have one shot at wrapping things up and collecting as much evidence as possible against Cal-Coast and the company’s owners the Solano family.

We open the episode joining Johnny as he is outside of the home of Carlito and Lucia Solano, brother and sister, as well as children Carlos Solano a prominent drug-cartel leader and the owner of the bus line that’s been smuggling heroin out of Mexico and across the border. They are also involved in sex-trafficking as they’ve used a series of foreign young women as drug mules and then sell the women as sex-slaves.

Johnny has become an intimate of Carlito’s as his undercover assignment and arrives for a visit when he hears sounds of glass breaking and a man and woman arguing emanating from the house. The agent pulls out his pistol and sneaks inside, but puts the gun away when he sees the siblings are having a spat, as Lucia is throwing china at her brother while he bats them away with a metal trophy. Lucia tells Johnny that they are arguing over her new boyfriend whom she said her brother is jealous of while Carlito infers that her guy’s less than manly and she throws a glass that hits him on the side of his head drawing blood.

Solano tackles his sister and pins her to the ground with his hands gripping her throat telling her to apologize which she defiantly refuses to do. Johnny gets concerned, tells Carlito to stop and when he doesn’t punches him in the face, knocking Solano to the ground and off Lucia. The sister tells Johnny he shouldn’t have punched her brother and Carlito screams just one word; leave and the agent vacates the house unsure if he blew his cover.

Paige and Warren are in her room as he’s on his laptop corresponding with headquarters about the heroin found in drums of industrial waste by Jenks in bay five of Cal-Coast in the previous episode. Paige’s happy for Mike’s success but she’s mainly concerned with her assignment finding the facility where the kidnapped foreign young women are held. Warren however seems less than satisfied with the pace of their results and Paige tries cheering him up with an old Shirley Temple song; “You’ve Got To S-M-I-L-E To Be H-A-Double-P-Y.” It’s pretty much the last light moment of the night.

As Mike goes downstairs, he’s greeted by an unexpected visitor in Jess and immediately feels awkward as the two women he’s sleeping with are now shaking hands. After Jess meets the rest of the housemates, she tells Warren that they’re pulling the plug on his task-force, she will lead the final operation, completed by Friday. As she and Warren talk alone, he’s told that Paige’s operation’s shut down immediately as they will need all their forces concentrated on the drug bust.

Jakes, already out on the road in his truck, sees a hooker he had an encounter with in the previous episode passed out on a picnic table outside a restaurant covering her face to block out light. Dale’s concerned she’s alright and wakes her and offers to get her breakfast and she asks whether he has a place she can clean up at. He takes her to the apartment he rented when he thought he would be granted visitation rights to see his son Daniel and as she enters she sees the results of Jakes’ drunken rampage when denied those privileges. The two start kissing when his phone rings and an angry Warren’s on the other end asking why he’s not at Cal-Coast. He tells Mike he’s heading there and realizes the woman is in his shower, so he shouts his goodbye.

Jakes meets Warren and Briggs in the Cal-Coast parking lot and Mike informs him that the operation’s shut down and he needs to know the schedule of pick-up right then. Dale tells him to give him twenty bucks if he wants the schedule then the agent heads to  a liquor store and buys a bottle. He enters the  Cal-Coast warehouse and goes to his locker where he takes a slug from the bottle, then pretends he’s blasted in front of his recovering alcoholic supervisor. The supervisor’s livid and pulls Dale into his office where he tells Jakes he’s fired and Dale replies by vomiting on his shirt. He storms from the office to clean himself and Jakes uses the opportunity to find out the pick-up happens in two-days.

Mike heads back to the house to tell Paige her operations been cancelled and she surprises him by asking how long he’s slept with Jess, which he explains as an office fling, while he has deeper feelings for her. She tells him to “persuade” Jess, stating that the welfare of the women means enough to her to encourage him to have relations with his boss.

Dale heads back to his apartment and finds a child’s bicycle outside the door, he walks inside to find the woman playing with Daniel. He asks his son how he found him and the boy responds that Jenks’ address’ written on the restraining order. Dale starts to explain to Daniel that the order’s meant to keep them apart, when the woman asks to talk in private with Jenks then proceeds to scream at the agent that he’s blowing things. She tells him to spend time with the boy before bringing him home, then asks her to join him saying he’ll pay her for her time.

Johnny risks the danger to go back over to Carlito’s that evening while Briggs’ observes him through binoculars. Carlito’s wasted and Johnny calls for him as he enters the house. He expresses apologies and Salana asks him if he enjoyed hitting him, after hesitating Johnny replies that part of him did and Carlito praises his honesty. He babbles on how his father and family have no trust in him and how much he resents them for it. He asks the agent if he believes in him and Johnny responds he does and Carlito presses his forward to the agent’s and replies he knows Johnny does and then says he’s going to sleep.

When Briggs and Johnny arrive back at the house Briggs says Solano may have “feelings” for their boy and Warren asks the agent if he’d consider “persuading” Carlito and we see the revulsion on Johnny’s face at the suggestion. But after he thinks he agrees to do what ever it takes to bust Solano.

Jakes, Daniel and the woman are at a fair and the two guys are eating cotton candy when the boy sees the bumper cars and Jakes nods in acknowledgement that they can ride them. After a day of bonding Dale drops his son at his mother’s and the two embrace, as the woman breaks into tears sitting in the truck. As the boy goes inside she wipes away her tears and tells Jenks her fee for the day is two hundred bucks, which takes him by surprise as he thought they had bonded. He tells her he only has eighty dollars but he’ll drive to an ATM to get the balance when she accepts the money, leaves truck and tells the agent he’ll be fine.

Mike arrives at Jess’ hotel room and tells her he understands why the task-force’s been halted and she tells Mike that he did a great job and he’ll get all the credit. They kiss, undress and head to the bed but he brings up Paige’s operation and she tells him she’ll get clearance in the morning. Mike starts fondling her but then sighs from frustration and Jess realizes he’s got deep feelings for Paige.

The agent heads home and tells Paige that he didn’t come through, but omits telling her that Jess realized the truth about them. Upset, she heads to Dale’s room and asks for him to back her up as she tries to find the women’s location and in turn tick Warren off. Hearing the last part Jakes’ gets anxious to get going,

Johnny shows up at the club and tells Carlito that he want’s in on the heist he’s pulling, but Salana laughs him off. The agent asks him if he doesn’t believe in him and Solano displays his anger and takes Johnny to a back room where he tells the agent he’s going to mess up his face when Johnny kisses him on the mouth. Solano swears at him in Spanish, but Johnny tells him that he knows Carlito’s attracted to him and Salana kisses him. He then tells the criminal that he wants the two of them to do the pick-up and Carlito agrees. Briggs and Charlie follow the pair in another vehicle.

We join Paige on the bus as she has located the latest “Tinkerbell,” identifies herself as a federal agent and tells the woman she wants to help her. Although nervous and uncooperative initially, she consents to work with Paige and wear a wire. They pull up to the bus station and get off the vehicle, Jakes behind them in his truck and the woman looking ill. The two enter the lady’s room and the woman starts vomiting up the balloons filled with heroin. She regurgitates nine, but had swallowed ten and she coughs up an empty balloon, goes into a seizure and dies while Paige is trying to contact Jenks via the wire. However Dale’s preoccupied as he’s handcuffed and arrested for breaking the restraining order. Paige unaware that Jakes isn’t listening says that she’s going to masquerade as the woman, swallows the balloons and straps on the backpack, then gets escorted into a van by a man wearing a cowboy hat.

Carlito and Johnny are driving to Cal-Coast when Solano gets a call that the pick-up’s cancelled and makes a U-turn not paying any attention to traffic conditions. Paul radios Mike that the pair are turning around and right then all the drums go up in flames and explode, destroying the evidence. Warren tells Jess that some member of the operation relayed the info on their raid to the Solano’s and is eyeing every one on the scene warily as the screen goes black.

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