wayward-pines-who-are-the-true-monsters-2 Episode recaps
Wayward Pines: Who Are The True Monsters?
Photo Courtesy Of Sergei Bachlakov/Fox Warning: Spoiler Alert Once again the creative team behind the FOX Network Summer series “Wayward Pines,” pulled
the-flash-he-s-not-evil-just-a-jerk Episode recaps
The Flash: He’s Not Evil Just A Jerk
Photo Courtesy Of The CW Network Warning:  Spoiler Alert Although I thoroughly season one of the CW Network series “The Flash,” it seemed rather ironic that
1606 Episode recaps
Gotham: The Time For Vengeance Is Now
Photo Courtesy Of FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert Season two of the FOX series “Gotham,” introduced a new “BIG BAD” in the season’s premiere Theo Galavan.
1367 Episode recaps
Tyrant: These Men Are Here To Destroy My Country
Photo Courtesy Of FX Warning: Spoiler Alert The mythical Middle-Eastern nation of Abbudin’s on the verge of a civil-war and the outcome of such a battle’s
halt-and-catch-fire-health-issues-and-an-uneasy-reunion-2 Episode recaps
Halt And Catch Fire: Health Issues And An Uneasy Reunion
Photo Courtesy Of AMC Warning: Spoiler Alert The characters in the AMC Original Series “Halt And Catch Fire,” could really use a group-therapy session
1491 Episode recaps
The Musketeers: Athos’ Past Catches Up With Him
Photo Courtesy Of BBCA Warning: Spoiler Alert Many people try to run away from their responsibilities, I guess if you lack a conscience, you can do something
the-blacklist-saving-earth-by-killing-humanity-2 Episode recaps
The Blacklist: Saving Earth By Killing Humanity
Photo Courtesy Of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert One of the great debates that divides our nation, centers around the argument whether or not “Global Warming’s”
1441 Episode recaps
Ray Donovan: Irish Spring
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime Warning: Spoiler Alert Things looked bleak for the Donovan clan, at the outset of episode five of the Showtime
1611 Episode recaps
Graceland: H-A-Double-P-Y
Photo Courtesy Of USA Network “Warning: Spoiler Alert“ Hey-Diddle-Diddle And Mike’s In The Middle, along with other serious and possibly deadly situations