heroes-reborn-the-world-still-needs-saving-2 Episode recaps
Heroes Reborn: The World Still Needs Saving
Photo Courtesy Of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert The Cheerleader’s Gone But The World Still Needs Saving! Tim Kring’s pulled off what many fans thought was impossible.
wayward-pines-running-can-be-hazardous-to-your-health-2 Episode recaps
Wayward Pines: Running Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
Photo Courtesy Of Liane Hentscher/FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert If you thought you were confused after the first episode of the FOX Network’s miniseries “Wayward
1438 Episode recaps
Wolf Hall: Cardinal Wolsey Dies As Cromwell Gains Favor
1245 Episode recaps
Sons Of Liberty: You Say You Want A Revolution?
Photo Courtesy Of History Channel Warning: Spoiler Alert While recapping the first two-hour episode of the History Channel Original Event “Sons Of Liberty,”
1238 Episode recaps
Gotham: Homeless Teens Abducted?
Photo Courtesy Of Fox Warning: Spoiler Alert The second episode of the new Fox series “Gotham” gave viewers a brief glimpse into the world of homeless
forever-when-is-a-suicide-not-a-suicide-2 Episode recaps
Forever: When Is A Suicide Not A Suicide?
Photo Courtesy Of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alert A hysterical woman in the back-seat of a taxi’s hitting redial and screaming into her cellphone as the cab
1371 Episode recaps
The Leftovers: More Questions, Few Answers
Photo Courtesy Of HBO Warning: Spoiler Alert If you went into the second episode of the new HBO Original Series “The Leftovers” this past Sunday night
1313 Episode recaps
Tyrant: State Of Emergency Puts Bassam Into Action
Photo Courtesy Of FX Network Warning: Spoiler Alert Barry (Bassam) Al-Fayeed wanted nothing more than to take his family back to their home in Pasadena, CA.
halt-and-catch-fire-change-is-coming-to-cardiff-electric-2 Episode recaps
Halt And Catch Fire: Change Is Coming To Cardiff Electric
Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/AMC WARNING: SPOILER ALERT: Although IBM brought in a squadron of attorneys in the last scene of the début episode of “Halt And