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Heroes Reborn: The World Still Needs Saving

Photo Courtesy Of NBC
Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The Cheerleader’s Gone But The World Still Needs Saving!

Tim Kring’s pulled off what many fans thought was impossible. Expectations heading into the premiere of the NBC Miniseries “Heroes Reborn,” were incredibly high for fans of the original series that got cancelled by the network five-years ago. At least in the eyes of this viewer the show succeeded in fulfilling those expectations, opening with a two-hour tale that helped to start to fill in the blanks of the events of the last five-years and introducing viewers to some new and charismatic characters.

Even though most of the cast we met in these first hours were new characters in the Heroes Universe, much of the story still revolves our old friend Noah Bennett, the man that became known as “HRG” in the original series. Bennett’s the first character we encounter and we watch the past play-out from his perspective, starting on a park bench in Odessa, Texas. Bennett’s eating an apple on the bench, when we hear the voicemail greeting of his daughter Claire Bennett, who informed the planet of the existence of “EVOS” in the final episode of the original series. We then hear the message Bennett left for his daughter.

“Hi, it’s your dad. It’s been several years since we talked, I don’t know if you’re still mad. I really don’t now anything, I just know I miss you. I’m sure there’s plenty of apologies to go around on both sides, but to be honest with you I don’t care who was right or wrong anymore.

So much has changed since I saw you last. I don’t know if these changes are good or bad, but I really think this has a chance to all work out. And knowing how important you’ve been in all this to so many people out there, it’s made me proud.

I’m just calling to tell you how excited I am that we might be seeing each other. When you look back at all the things you’ve done, the decisions you made, the last thing you want to feel is regret. I’ll see you soon Claire-Bear.”

While we hear Noah’s message we watch a festival being held at Primeatech Corporation. We see a flower arrangement and signs reading “EVOS and Humans United.” Odessa Unity Summit. The expo’s filled with an overflow crowd as we watch humans and  EVOS interacting, even though there’s a small group of protesters clutching Anti-EVOS signs. We watch shape-shifters, teleporters and a toddler who can fly, among the crowd along with humans Luke and Joanne Collins and their nine-year-old son Dennis. Bennett’s walking through the crowd looking for his daughter.

Suddenly the festive air turns deadly as the sky starts to darken because something’s blocking the sun, then an explosion occurs and fire engulfs the entire complex. Bennett somehow survives the explosion and wakes up to nothing but rubble surrounding him, his glasses near him but one of the lenses are cracked. He then screams out Claire’s name, which only he hears. We see a graphic reading Odessa, Texas June 13, one-year-ago. We hear snippets of commentators and world leaders talking about the tragedy, including the voice of President Obama. The dialogue becomes increasingly darker and ends with a man screaming kill them all.

We then witness a montage of vigilantes and some governments try to either kill or imprison EVOS over the next year. A man’s chased by two carloads of vigilantes in his underwear in Quebec. A man trying to escape from a detention camp in China’s dragging a large circular weight that’s chained to his right hand. We see three vehicles approach him and watch him cut off his hand and then he rockets into the air, fleeing his captors. A teenage boy and his mom attempt to go through a border-check at the U.S./Canadian border, when they see a young EVO woman get shot to death as she tries to run from the officers. The mother smashes the car behind them and turns their car in the other direction and speed-off, a collection of “9th Wonder Comics” slips on the backseat.

A graphic informs us that this is Chapter One: Awakening and that we’ve reached the present, which is June 13, one year later in Chicago. Luke Collins is in a car clutching a piece of paper which has the word Cockroach written on it. We watch about a dozen people approach a hall, an elderly man asks them each the password, Cockroach.

There’s a TV on broadcasting a memorial documentary entitled June 13, A Remembrance. The narrator blames EVO extremist leader Mohinder Suresh for the attack on Odessa, claiming Suresh took credit for the bombing. A middle-aged guy growls it’s a lie and shuts off the set. We realize the folks are all EVOS looking to band together and the turnouts far short of impressive. The teenager from the car’s in the room, but says he needs to leave when he receives a text from his mother. He drops a punch-card for an ice-cream shop in Carbondale, Illinois called Moe’s, Luke picks it up and pockets it. The group say they have to strike back and stop being victims, they have the powers. The old guy says Suresh’s right, we are the future and Luke Collins laughs derisively.

Collins tells the folks that he attended the unity summit in Odessa with his wife and son to watch history take place and they were strong supporters of the movement. That’s until his son Dennis died in his arms and he realized how dangerous and unnatural these abilities are for humanity. At that point Luke’s wife bursts in chasing another EVO and the two of them shoot them all dead, then set the bodies aflame and leave the hall. This is the state of the planet in the Heroes Universe in 2015, people terrified of those different from themselves.

Bennett’s not wearing glasses and going by a fake name, he’s selling cars in Austin, Texas. We soon learn that “Ted’s” got a pretty young fiancée named Anne whose obsessed with their upcoming wedding. She says that if they have more than 75-guests they’ll need to rent a tent and Ted suggests they elope.

Next stop’s Linderman Junior High where former student Carlos Gutierrez, awarded the Medal Of Honor for saving three fellow soldiers in the Middle-East, addresses the current students. His nephew Jose’s among the students and he smiles broadly when he tells the kids that anybody can be a hero.

Heading to the Midwest we land at Pinehearst High School in Carbondale, Illinois and we see the teenage boy who left the meeting just before the shooting occurred. There’s a couple a few lockers down a jock named Brad and his girlfriend Emily who the teenager has a crush on and he stares at her when she walks away. Brad roughs the kid Tommy up and he falls to the ground, he starts to look like he’s going to use his ability but defers. Brad calls him a wuss and walks away.

A graphic tells us we’re in Tokyo and we watch as a young man looks for an apartment he’s got the address of. He finds the apartment and knocks on the door and finds it open, he enters the apartment and calls out hello. He hears music and opens a door to find a young woman making origami swans and he startles her when he gets her attention. He tells the young woman Miko, that he’s Ren Shimosowa and he’s a gamer and quite well-known. He says he’s been playing a game called “Ever-Now” and he’s reached the next to last level and he received her address. Miko repeats the name as if it has some significance to her but tells him to leave. As he’s walking out of the apartment he stops in amazement as he sees a Japanese screen that looks like the game. She tells him to get out and don’t come back.

Bennett looks out his apartment window and sees a car that he’s noticed parked at the auto dealership he works at. He tells Anne he’ll be right back and leaves the apartment and starts walking down the street. The guy from the car starts to follow him, but Noah grabs the guy and asks him what he wants. The man’s Quentin Frady, a character from the six-part online series Dark Matters, which revealed a lot of the new storyline. Frady tells Bennett he knows his background at Primeatech and wants to know the truth about June 13. However Bennett’s memories are fragmented, he believes due to the blast he survived.

Frady tells Noah that he believes the attack came from Renautus, the company that bought Primeatech. Bennett calls him a Truther and a conspiracy theorist and suddenly a cruiser arrives, as Anne alerted the police. Quentin’s taken into custody as Bennett heads back inside. However he can’t sleep that night and he removes a painting from a wall, revealing a section cutout from the wallboard. He reaches in and pulls out a bag that contains cash, weapons and an address book. He finds a card for a Lumiere Ophthalmology, it strikes a chord but he doesn’t remember it. He looks it up online and finds it relocated from Odessa to Dallas.

Carlos Gutierrez watches the city from his rooftop, then goes to a liquor store and buys a bottle. He sees a news report on TV about a local hero who saved a man. The hero’s known as El Vengador and wears a Mexican wrestling mask when doing his good deeds guarding the Latino community. They show a police sketch and Carlos recognizes the eyes and realizes it’s his brother Oscar, Jose’s father.

We see El Vengador standing on a rooftop watching two men chase a woman down an alley, he jumps from the roof onto the roof of a car and proceeds to kick both guys’ tails. Gunshots ring out and we watch as El Vengador slumps to the ground, he got set up and the woman shot him twice and aimed to fire again when he threw a blade into her neck killing her. The police arrive and El Vengador bleeding gets away before they arrive at the alley.

Later that evening Carlos goes to the garage that his brother operates and finds Oscar on the floor bleeding. Oscar tells Carlos that he needs him to be a hero for Jose as he’s dying. Carlos says he doesn’t know how to be a hero. He doesn’t even know how he saved the three soldiers in Afghanistan. Oscar dies and we realize that Carlos is the Peter Petrelli character of the new series.

Luke and Joanne Collins sit in Moe’s ice-cream shop trying to find Tommy, who’s interviewing in the office for a job as a scooper at the shop. His crush Emily’s conducting the interview and gives him the job after asking if he can scoop ice-cream. They head out to the floor so Tommy can get a uniform when he sees Luke at a table and walks over to find out how he survived the fire in Chicago. Tommy catches on that Luke set the fire once Joanne comes out of the restroom holding a gun, they take him out back but Emily follows them.

Joanne aims to fire at Emily when Tommy touches her and she vanishes, he then touches Luke and he disappears as well. He suddenly realizes he’s revealed he’s an EVO to Emily and runs home. She follows him in her car and tells him he saved her life and his secret’s safe with her.

Bennett goes to Lumiere Ophthalmology and asks the receptionist if he looks familiar and she replies he doesn’t. He then asks her to look him up by name and she says no records exist. He says he really thinks he’s been there before and says he has a card that reads See More Clearly written on the back of it. She says they don’t have a doctor named Seymour, then she pulls a gun on him. The Haitian comes out of the backroom and says he’s a friend. Rene tells Noah to wait for him at a bench across the street.

Ren Shimosowa returns to Miko’s apartment saying he’s got proof she’s Katana Girl a character from the game. He says that Katana Girl’s father got kidnapped and he hid a sword under the floorboards of his study, which Katana Girl finds and uses to rescue her father. She tells him to leave immediately and he leaves the book he brought about Katana Girl for her to read. She realizes the story’s about her and goes into her father’s study and opens the board on the floor, finding the sword and a note from her father. It reads the sword is key, save me. She unsheathes the sword and turns into a digital character and she’s in the game. She slaughter’s the soldiers trying to attack her, the last one saying you’ll never find him before he dies.

Rene comes out to the bench and hands Noah an envelope, saying the last time he saw them Bennett left him these, it’s Noah’s glasses. He puts them on and says they make a world of difference and Rene stands behind him and starts strangling HRG with a wire cord. Bennett fights back and the two wrestle to the ground and Bennett grabs his pistol. They struggle over the gun and there’s a shot and blood spurts from The Haitian’s chest.

Noah asks Rene why he tried to kill him and he replies Bennett told him to, he had the perfect plan so he’d never remember. Noah realizes The Haitian removed his memories and asks what he can’t remember. Rene says it’s coming and dies, ending the first hour.

The second hour begins with a voiceover provided by Mohinder Suresh, asking why people fear the unknown and the strange. We then see Malina, the first character we glimpsed from the new series in an ad that aired on the Super Bowl. She controls the Northern Lights, as she’s dressed in a fur parka and says it’s happening too quickly and she doesn’t know long she can control it.

Back at Pinehearst High, Tommy tells Emily that EVOS are the modern equivalent to the witches in Salem, everybody hates them and wants them dead. She asks if he can make a flower she’s holding disappear and he does, unaware that Brad’s watching them through a window. When Tommy comes out Brad calls him a freak and says he’s turning him in.

Luke and Joanne Collins are trapped in a room filled with kids toys and covered in space themed wallpaper. There’s no doors windows or even a light switch for the lights that illuminate the room. Joanne tries to shoot through the walls but the bullets do no damage.

Ren shows up at Miko’s to apologize but she’s not in the apartment, he goes into her father’s study and sees Ever-Now on the computer screen. He logs in and realizes that Miko’s now part of the game and he starts playing to help her win. She almost saves her father when a force pulls him away and then she’s knocked out by a soldier, she rematerializes in the study.

Noah bails out Quentin Frady and tells him about his visit with Rene. He tells Frady to get in his car they’re going for a ride.

Carlos Gutierrez and his nephew Jose are sitting in Oscar’s garage after the funeral. Jose says he’s glad lots of people paid their respects. The priest comes in and tells Jose that his mother wants him home, after he leaves he talks to Carlos about how good a man Oscar was and that he loved Carlos very much. He then said that Oscar did his best to watch out for his own.

Tommy tells Brad he could make him vanish but he doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Brad says that if Tommy does something for him, he’ll keep his secret and Tommy agrees. He then attempts to back out when he realizes Brad wants him to make his stepfather disappear as he beats him. Brad goes out to get batteries for his stepfather’s remote control while Tommy stays in the house. Tommy tries to work up the nerve to touch the stepfather but when the man asks what he’s doing Tommy runs out of the house.

A short while later an older man who wears a fedora and has kept tabs on Tommy knocks at the stepfather’s door. The man’s an EVO and can erase memories by giving someone a penny for their thoughts. The man tells him he’s got a business proposition for the stepfather and gives him a penny.

We meet some new characters in a bar, an attractive redhead and brunette and a guy whose likely an EVO as he keeps winning at craps. The guy tells the redhead she’s his good-luck charm and has her blow on his dice and he keeps winning. The proprietors start giving him the stink-eye and he suggest to the redhead that they cash out and leave.

Noah and Quentin drive to Primeatech and are met buy signs warning of toxic material on the site. Bennett says it’s just a scarecrow and drives through the gates. They enter the rubble and Noah finds the trapdoor hiding level five, they go down through the door and Bennett tells Quentin to look for any documents with the name Molly Walker on them. Molly’s the little girl who Matt Parkman adopted after her parents got murdered, she’s an EVO that can find anybody on the planet just by thinking about them.

Ren nurses Miko back to health and she tells him she has to reenter the game to save her father. He says it’s too dangerous but she says with his help she can save her father. He’s in a tower in the game and asks Ren to direct her from the PC when she goes back into the game.

The redhead and the craps player are back in his hotel room and she says she wants another drink. He tries to kiss her and we find out her real intentions, she knows he’s an EVO and threatens to turn him in unless he gives her all the money. He tries to fake his way out of it, but she throws a knife at him and he stops it with his ability. She tries taking the money and running, but he uses his ability to pin her high up on a wall and starts choking her. A couple walk into the hallway and the guy knocks out the crap-shooter with a metal trophy. Just then the brunette from the bar walks in and hustles the redhead out of the hotel.

Luke realizes that maybe the reason they can’t find an exit in the room’s due to the light’s being on. He shoots out the lights and the couple see a plate-glass window in front of them. Luke breaks the window by repeatedly whacking it and the couple escape.

Carlos find the name of the cop that set Oscar up and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t tell him his boss’ name. The cop tells him the name of a superior officer on the force. Carlos goes to see the priest at the church and asks him if he was trying to allude to the fact that Oscar was El Vengador. The priest tells Carlos that Oscar ran the underground railroad to give EVOS safe passage to Canada, he also reveals that he’s an EVO, able to turn himself into smoke and asks Carlos to help him transport a mother and her son.

Luke and Joanne find an elevator and it takes them to the fifth floor of Primeatech, with employees working under the ground. They shoot all the employees and security guards and then take the elevator to floor one and escape. Bennett hears the gunfire and tells Quentin to head to the car as he investigates.

The brunette and redhead are back at the bar, the redhead says her name’s Zoe and the brunette introduces herself as Taylor. Zoe said she needs to disappear and was counting on that money to make it happen. Taylor says she’s a trust-fund baby and can write her a check.

Noah takes the elevator to the fifth floor and finds all the dead employees, but one man clings to life. Bennett asks him where Molly Walker’s at and the man says that Renautus plans to use her to power their new project which will get introduced the following day. The man dies before he can tell Noah anything else.

Miko’s back in the game and enters the tower but Ren tells her it’s a trap. She puts the sheath back on the sword and rematerializes in the tower in reality and she takes out all the security guards with the sword.

Carlos helps the priest get the mother and son safe passage to Canada. She picks up a small object and it turns to gold, she gives it to Carlos as a token of her appreciation and tells him it’s 24-karat. Carlos looks at Oscar’s costume and mask when he’s alone and it looks like he’s ready to take up Oscar’s fight.

Luke and Joanne shot Quentin in the shoulder and stole Noah’s car. It’s filled with files on EVOS across the planet, Luke’s not sure that’s a good thing. He seems to be questioning their mission. Noah tells Quentin that he’ll get him patched up, but they need to find Molly Walker.

Zoe’s been drugged and wakes up handcuffed in the crap-player’s room, it turns out that Taylor’s actually Dahlia and she’s the crap-player’s girlfriend. The guy says he thinks he suffered a concussion from the blow he took from the man in the hall. He then gets on a cellphone and tells the person on the other end they’re holding Molly Walker prisoner, it’s Zoe.

The Story Continues Next Thursday Night at 8:00 pm on NBC.

Wayward Pines: Running Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Photo Courtesy Of Liane Hentscher/FOX
Photo Courtesy Of Liane Hentscher/FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

If you thought you were confused after the first episode of the FOX Network’s miniseries “Wayward Pines,” you’re likely feeling just as lost after chapter two. Just like the story’s protagonist Ethan Burke, we’re still figuring out the lay of the land in Wayward Pines, Idaho, a seemingly sinister town, where they enforce the rules quite strictly. The veneer that they present to the world, cracks like an eggshell under close inspection. The town that the Chamber Of Commerce promotes as a paradise, is far from idyllic, its citizens terrified to do anything that would get them into trouble.

There have been many comparisons between this series and “Twin Peaks,” created by David Lynch and Mark Frost in the early nineties, as well as with “Lost.” While Wayward Pines contains elements of both shows, it also harkens back to an ITV series in the late sixties, entitled “The Prisoner.” Patrick McGoohan, portrayed a British Intelligence Agent, that angrily resigned his position and prepared for a new life. As he was packing his clothes in his apartment, he became overcome by gas and passed out. When he awoke, he found himself in a seaside resort community, referred to only as The Village. People were referred to by numbers rather than names and just like in Wayward Pines, escape seemed impossible.

The Prisoner had the same way of blurring fantasy with reality, that we’ve witnessed so far in this series. We’re aware of the fragile mental state of Ethan, that he experienced a series of hallucinations on his job as a Secret Service Agent. He’d been seeing a psychiatrist from the Bureau, before heading to Boise to try to find fellow agents Bill Evans and Kate Hewson and that was before he got into a head-on collision with a sixteen-wheeled truck.

This installment opens up seconds after last week’s episode, as Sheriff Pope has Burke stand up against a truck as he frisks him. Burke asks the sheriff to move his gun and he strikes him with it, sending Ethan sprawling to the ground. He tells Pope he just struck a Federal Agent and the sheriff replies that Burke’s grandmother’s Mary Poppins. He says Ethan has no ID or badge and the people he spoke with in the Seattle Secret Service office, are unaware of him.

Pope take Burke back to town and tells him to stay in his hotel room. He’s up all night, lying in bed with his eyes open when the alarm clock rings. He heads to the front desk and when nobody’s there he goes behind the counter and tries to access the computer. The hotel manager Tim Bell, informs him they don’t have a working computer at the hotel. When Ethan asks for a newspaper, Bell says the Wayward Pines Chronicle hasn’t printed an issue in a couple of weeks.

He heads to the old house that Bill Evans’ body’s in, chained to a bed. He breaks in through the back, then has to cover his mouth to avoid gagging from the smell of the decomposing corpse. He fights off the flies to check out something in Evans’ boot, but he hides it when Pope walks in with a shotgun. Ethan asks when will forensics arrive and Pope tells him they’re coming from Boise and they’ll arrive in a few hours. He tells Burke to go back to the hotel and leave Evans’ body to the professionals.

Ethan goes to visit Beverly at the bar, to find out more information on how Evans got killed. She turns up the music and tells him to dance with her, she then whispers in his ear that the barstools have microphones underneath them. She tells him they had planned to escape together, but then he wigged out and went on his own. She said Bill had a plan, that he wrote in a notebook. Ethan says he saw it and will get it later that day.

Burke leaves the bar and heads to the local coffee shop, where he first tries to call his wife Theresa, but gets her voicemail once again. He then calls the Seattle office of the Secret Service and asks to speak to Adam Hassler and he’s told he’s not available. He asks the woman on the other end if she’s Marcy and she responds she is and she says she delivered his last message to Mr. Hassler. He then asks her if she’s sitting at the reception desk on the seventh floor of the Secret Service building and she says she is indeed. Burke tells her there is no reception desk on the seventh floor, then asks who she is and she hangs up.

Ruby the barista tells Burke his coffee’s ready, he pulls the 20 dollar bill that Beverly just gave to him and starts inspecting it. Ruby takes the bill from his hand and says he gives that to her and she gives him his coffee, plus his change. Ethan says she must know just about everybody in town and Ruby says that she knows everything about them as well.

He asks her where he can find Kate Hewson and Rudy looks a little scared and almost as if she’s going to cry. She says she doesn’t know who she is, how could that be possible? At that point I thought to myself, that she seemed almost computer-like, perplexed that it can’t obtain a certain piece of data. Burke then calls her by her “married name,” Kate Balinger and she smiles again. She says she’s been coming in for years and she’s very nice, she works over at the toy shop.

Ethan walks to the store and sees Kate through the window and he flashes back to their affair. He then enters the store and Kate asks what she owes this pleasure to? He asks Kate what happened to Bill and she responds that Bill’s wife’s taking his death badly, she’s barely left the house since he died. He says that Bill wasn’t married and she says that she’s great with the garden, that she lives in the light brown house with the pink flowers out front.

Harold Balinger comes out of the backroom and Kate formally introduces them to each other. Balinger says he’d love to chat, but they’re up against a big order they have to fill and says so-long. He heads back to his workshop and she says she needs to go help him. Burke puts some wooden ducks on the counter and says he wants to buy them, he gives her a ten and she gives him back some bills in his change. He says that all the money in the town’s counterfeit, that the seal on the bill’s look like high-school kids made them.

He’s about to leave the store when he sees an official notice from the town of Wayward Pines:

Do Not Try To Leave.

Do Not Talk About The Past.

Do Not Discuss Your Life Before.

Always Answer The Phone If It Rings.

Work Hard And Be Happy

And Enjoy Your Life In Wayward Pines.

Burke heads to the house that Kate described, he rings the bell and a blonde-haired woman answers the door. He asks if she’s Mrs. Evans and when she confirms that she is, he introduces himself and says he worked with her husband in the Secret Service. She looks at him as if he was insane and says that Bill cut lawns for a living, he asks her how long they were married for and she says a year. A baby starts to cry and she says she has to excuse herself, Burke says he’s trying to figure out how Bill got killed and she says he killed himself in front of her, then shuts the door on Ethan.

He heads to Pope’s office and his secretary Arlene, once again gives Burke a hard time. Pope comes out to Arlene’s desk with another ice-cream cone. Pope says he heard that Ethan went to see the grieving widow Patricia Evans, Burke responds that she told him that Bill killed himself. Pope says that’s up to the coroner to determine, that Evans’ corpse is at the morgue and he tells Burke to stay away from the morgue.

Theresa Burke calls Adam Hassler at the Secret Service office and tells him her life’s at a standstill while they try to determine what happened to her husband. She says with the Bureau keeping the case under wraps, the public can’t aide in the search for Ethan. She asks Hassler if her husband’s with Kate Hewson and Hassler tells her definitively no. She then asks if he went to Boise and Hassler remains silent.

Burke of course heads to the morgue, where he finds Evans’ corpse in one of the compartments they store dead bodies in. He then sees Evans’ clothes on a metal table and he finds the notebook, which he doesn’t find suspicious in the least. It never occurred to Burke, that a town like Wayward Pines, would have fallen apart long before, if they were that sloppy. He’s about to leave when he runs into Nurse Pam, who asks if he’s back for his operation. She then asks if he’s spoken to his wife, then says she bets he’s going to bang her hard when he gets home.

He walks away in silence then sees two orderlies pushing gurneys, one with his wife Theresa strapped to it, the other one holding his son Ben. He calls their names and runs after them but they vanish into thin air. He searches all the rooms and he runs into Dr. Jenkins, portrayed by Toby Jones. Jones has made a career of playing strange little men, including author Truman Capote in Infamous and Dr. Armin Zola in the Captain America movies. Jenkins belongs near the top of his creepy character list.

The doctor appears truly relieved to see Burke, who tells him he just saw his wife and son wheeled in on two gurneys. Jenkins tells him that there are no patients in the hospital now, Ethan says he knows he saw his wife and son and Jenkins says he believes he saw them. He tells Burke that he’s suffering from internal bleeding in his skull and without surgery, the hallucinations will get more frequent and intense. Ethan asks to see his chart and Jenkins says he’ll get it right away.

Nurse Pam arrives at that moment and Jenkins instructs her to get Burke’s chart and prep for surgery, however what ever trust Ethan had in Jenkins, vanished when the nurse walked in. He pushes his way past the both of them, while Jenkins calls out after him that he really needs the surgery.

He meets Beverly in this cement structure, which she says she believes blocks the town from tracking them. She tells he needs to get rid of his micro-chip, which they put in his shin. She tries cutting it out, but she’s all thumbs and he ends up extracting it himself. She tells him to keep it in his back pocket, until they’re ready to escape. He asks exactly how did Evans get killed and Beverly tells him that Pope slit his neck in front of the whole town.

He then asks her if she told him she arrived in 1999 and had been there for just a year and she confirms she told him that. He tells her he just arrived from the year 2014. He asks her whose the President and she responds Clinton. He asks her if she’s ever heard of Obama, or 9/11 and she stands there blank-faced. He then asks her when she was born and she says 1960, he tells her she looks great for being 54-years-old. We’re aware there’s some fluctuation in time in Wayward Pines, Kate told Burke in the first episode that they hadn’t seen each other in 12-years, while Ethan told her they saw each other five weeks before. Does the town speed up time for some, while slowing it to a crawl for others?

They look at a map that was in with the rest of the papers he found with Evans’ clothes. They decide they’ll escape the following evening. As Ethan walks Beverly home, then bump into Harold and Kate Balinger and Kate invites them over for dinner the following evening and they accept. They part ways and Beverly tells Ethan that Kate intimidates her and she really doesn’t want to have dinner with them. Burke however says it will fit into their plan.

Theresa Burke’s at home with another woman on her couch as they watch TV, suddenly Theresa says she’s going to Boise. She says Ethan’s either dead or he’s abandoned his family and if it’s the latter, she’ll kill him herself. The other woman asks if she can help and Theresa says she can watch Ben, however he insists on accompanying his mother to search for his dad.

Arlene and Nurse Pam are at the bar complaining about Ethan Burke, when Arlene says that Beverly and Burke seem to be spending lots of time together. Pam asks if Beverly’s finally ready to settle down with one guy and the bartender says he’s married and he misses his wife terribly. Arlene then says so you’ve talked with him, she responds that’s her job as a bartender to talk to the customers. Pam asks if she’s talked about the past and Beverly says not ever.

Burke follows the map to a tree, then climbs it and finds a knapsack hidden in the branches. He hears gun fire and looks about 500-yards away to see Pope hunting with his back turned to Ethan, Burke just shakes his head and climbs down from the tree.

He hides the knapsack in the graveyard, behind one of the unmarked headstones. He then goes to pick up Beverly and tells her she has a nice house, she says she hopes she never sees it again. She then tells Ethan she’s terrified going to Kate and Harold’s for dinner, she says she truly doesn’t trust Kate. Ethan says he doesn’t trust her either, but he’s planned everything out. When they finish dinner, he’ll use their bathroom and check for microphones, when he’s sure the room’s clear, he’ll come back to the table and a few minutes later she’ll go in. When she’s in there she’s to hide her microchip somewhere they won’t find it. Then they’ll leave and head to the cemetery to pick up the knapsack.

They’re having dinner and talking about Harold’s woodcarving. Kate says that rocking-horses are his specialty and at that point, Ethan excuse himself to use the bathroom. He searches the room thoroughly, finding no microphones, then heads back to the table. Just before he returns, Beverly starts nervously talking and says she has a daughter in Portland, that has a rocking-horse.

Ethan sits down and Kate says she didn’t realize Beverly had a daughter and asks what’s her name. Beverly just sits there and then excuses herself and runs to the bathroom. She hides her microchip, but she looks like she’s ready to jump out of her skin. She leaves the bathroom, then runs from the house. Burke goes to check on her and comes back saying she’s outside, she has a bad upset stomach and he’s going to walk her home. Harold and Kate say goodnight and as soon as Ethan leaves he asks if Kate thinks they’re going to run and she replies absolutely.

Burke catches up to her and asks her what happened, she says she told them she has a daughter, she’s a terrible liar and they saw right through her. She says she has a four-year-old daughter living with her mother, she says to Ethan if she doesn’t make it out she has to contact them. Burke tells her not to talk like that.

Suddenly every phone in every home in the town starts ringing, she says that’s it the same thing happened just before they caught and killed Evans. He tells her to head for the cemetery and he’ll play the decoy, he says get home to your daughter. In an instant every door starts to open and all the residents give chase, Ethan waits until they spot him, then he takes off.

Beverly doesn’t get far until she gets caught and she’s dragged by two men into the town square, her feet dragging on the dirt road the entire way. Burke hides in a house and hears somebody enter and he grabs a fork as a weapon, his assailant has a baseball bat, but Ethan gets the better of him and stabs the guy. He then hears a crowd outside the window, he peeks out to see a platform set up in the middle of the square. Pope’s standing there waiting as the two men drag her up to the platform, then they handcuff her hands over her head.

Pope then thanks Harold and Kate for alerting him to the situation, he says that he can’t run this town without everybody’s cooperation. He then says this woman talked about the past and tried to escape, the penalty for the crimes is death and he takes a long blade and slits her throat open. Many of the women watching scream and gasp, Kate winces a little but remains silent. Burke remains in hiding in the house.

The last scene shows us Theresa and Ben Burke on the highway, they take the I-84 exit to Idaho, in their search to find Ethan.

The Story Continues Next Thursday Night at 9:00 pm on FOX.

Wolf Hall: Cardinal Wolsey Dies As Cromwell Gains Favor

Photographer: Giles Keyte BBC
Photographer: Giles Keyte BBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The power-play discussed in the first episode of the BBC Production of “Wolf’s Hall,” being broadcast in the states on PBS stations under the Masterpiece Theater, heading’s, gone into effect as we begin the second episode. A graphic that starts off the program, informs us that we’re in December of 1529, Cardinal Wolsey’s left London, now living in his home in Esler. However, the Duke Of Norfolk and his niece Anne Boleyn, who seeks to marry King Henry VIII, are less than pleased with the situation, wanting the Cardinal living in Yorkshire County, too far away to influence the English monarch.

Wolsey’s aide Thomas Cromwell,  sits in a hallway of the palace, waiting for Henry to appear, when he does he motions to Cromwell to come forward. Cromwell gives Henry a parcel of paperwork, in his attempt to defend Wolsey, the King gives the papers to his aide Stephen Gardiner, and tells Thomas he can’t talk about the Cardinal. Cromwell attempts to speak, when Henry interrupts him, saying don’t you understand, I can’t. He and his advisors leave, save Gardiner who stays behind to talk to his former colleague. He chides Cromwell for thinking, Henry would grant him a meeting.

Thomas heads to Wolsey’s home in Esler, the Cardinal’s in a panic, as a cat gave birth to a black kitten, under his bead which he believes is a bad omen. He says he’s decided to move to York, however Cromwell tells him to stay where he is, he’ll soon be back in favor with Henry.

Returning home, he finds his only surviving child and least favorite, his teenage son Gregory’s home from Cambridge. Father and son, genial and affable with all, can’t talk to each other, Thomas believes Gregory fears him, while his sister-in-law, Joanne, his late wife Liz’s sister, believes Cromwell spoils the boy. He reminisces about when Gregory was an infant, says he misses having a baby in the house and Joanne, says don’t look at her. He asks her if John Williamson, (her husband) does his duty? She replies his duty’s not her pleasure and leaves the room. Cromwell mutters to himself that’s a conversation he shouldn’t have had.

Thomas meets with the Cardinal’s caretaker George, who shows Cromwell a whip, that Wolsey’s started using on himself. The lawyer says that Wolsey would be better off in York, but George asks how they’d pay for the move? Cromwell waits in the palace hallways for Henry and his advisors to pass and the King acknowledges his presence, then sends his advisors on ahead. He tells Thomas that he certainly sticks by his man and Cromwell responds, Wolsey always treated him well, Henry asks if he has no other masters, the lawyer remains silent.

He then tells Cromwell he’ll give him a thousand pounds to move Wolsey, for Thomas to keep the information to himself and to have Wolsey pray for Henry. He then tells Cromwell that he  misses the Cardinal of York, greatly every day.

Thomas heads to Esler and tells Wolsey this is a strategic retreat, not a surrender. He says that he’ll remain in London, as his advocate with the King, who’ll soon change his mind and have him restored to full power. He says he’ll come to York himself, to fetch him, once Henry issues the decree. The Cardinal then gives Cromwell, a black velvet bag, containing a present for Thomas, that he asks that Cromwell not open until he’s gone. He then tells Thomas to get in good with Anne Boleyn, as she influence Henry greatly.

Cromwell’s been invited by Thomas More to his estate to dine, More’s against Henry trying to annul his marriage to Katherine Of Aragon, as well as the talk of breaking with Rome. Stephen Gardiner’s also a guest at the dinner, feeling quite uncomfortable, as the center of More’s “Fool’s” attention. Rumor has it that the “Fool,” fell on his head from a bell-tower, as a teenager, scrambling his brains. But Gardiner tells Cromwell, he wouldn’t put it past More, if the man were just acting the fool.

The dinner’s a tad bizarre, complete with a little monkey, eating on the table. More’s wife asks Cromwell, when he’ll marry again, Thomas responds, no one will have him. She says, that’s nonsense, his master may be down , but he’s got plenty of money, then asks if everything works “downstairs”? More’s humiliated, telling his wife she needs to cut back on the spirits, as her nose is glowing.

After the dinner, Cromwell takes a boat to visit Lady Anne. When he heads inside, he’s greeted by her sister Mary Boleyn, whose not shy about revealing her crush, on the far older man. She says she needs a husband to stop her father and Anne from insulting her, Thomas tells her to ask for someone young and handsome. She says she wants someone, her parents would hate, he tells her they’d kill her, she agrees he’s likely correct. She ten tells him Anne will ask him to perform a service for her, if he does it, she owns him. She says turn around and run the other way.

When he goes to see Lady Anne, she asks where he’s been and he replies Utopia, she asks the subject of conversation and he responds, talkative women. She then gets down to the true reason she summoned him, a crude sketch she found in her bed. At that point Cromwell’s introduced to the Boleyn family Priest, then she tells him that the drawing’s supposed to represent her as the villain, she says that the chambermaid who made up her bed, cries whenever she approaches her. She asks Cromwell to see what he can find out. Cromwell and the Priest go to look for the girl.

The Priest points her out and Thomas knows her, but forgets her name, he introduces the Priest, then says this is where you tell him your name. She replies that she’s Thomas Seymour’s daughter, could this possibly be Jane Seymour, who’d become the third wife of Henry VIII?

When he gets home, Joanne asks about Lady Anne, while she serves Thomas dinner, was she tall or short, Cromwell replies neither. Joanne says she’s supposed to be a great dancer, Thomas responds, they never danced. She asks how are her teeth, Cromwell says when Anne sinks them into her, he’ll give her a report. Joanne, then asks why God tempts us so, kisses her brother-in-law on the cheek, then rushes from the room.

George comes to London to give Cromwell a report in how Wolsey’s faring, although the Cardinal hates the food in the North, he’s got thousands of people coming to visit him, from all over the country. George says that Wolsey’s got his spirit back, Cromwell warns George to keep him in check, so Henry doesn’t perceive him as a threat. He tells George that the Duke of Norfolk’s furious with all the attention the Cardinal’s receiving, but we can tell George isn’t paying attention to the message.

While Wolsey’s stock’s rapidly falling, Cromwell sees his begin to rise, as he’s invited to the Royal Court while Henry shows off his archery skills. When it’s his turn to take the bow, Thomas impresses his King greatly with his talent, Cromwell says he participates every Sunday in a neighborhood match. Henry suggests he attend one week in disguise, Cromwell says the King’s team would surely win.

There seemed to be a bond between Thomas and Henry the first time they met, an unspoken mutual-respect and Cromwell’s display with a bow and arrow, made the King respect him more. The two take a private walk around the palace’s private grounds, as Thomas educates his King on the intricacies of taxation and the amount of revenue the crown could derive from it. Henry tells him to meet with the King’s lawyers on the matter.

That night, there’s a knock upon the front door of Crowell’s house, waking all within. When Thomas gets to the front door, the Royal guard say that the King’s summoned him to Essex for a meeting, Cromwell tells the women and girls to head to bed, he takes Rafe, Richard and Gregory with him. Once they get outside, they’re met by Harry Norris and the Boleyn family Priest. Norris tells Thomas the King’s nearby and wants to meet with them both.

A deeply troubled Henry, greets them in his night-clothes, scared to death, from a dream he had in which his older brother appeared, standing in a circle of white fire. Henry says his brother looked quite sad, he believes his brother showed himself, to express his anger in Henry taking his Kingdom. He says his brother’s ashamed of him and will testify against him when Henry gets to Heaven’s Gates.

Cromwell asks the King, if his brother said anything or made any signals, Henry responded he didn’t. Cromwell then says that Henry’s misinterpreted the dream. The King’s brother appeared to show his support, not his displeasure. The man who would have been King, wants Henry to show the world, he’s the supreme ruler of his nation. Henry thanks him, then says, I always know who to call.

When Thomas gets back to his bedroom, he finds Joanne there, she was worried there’d been a reckoning, for all the nice things they have. Cromwell kisses her, she returns the kiss hungrily, as the scene fades to black.

Thomas’ high spirits, are short-lived as George arrives to tell him that the Cardinal passed. He’d gotten arrested a few weeks before by Harry Percy for high-treason, George believed Percy arrested him as Wolsey ruled against his petition years before to marry Ann Boleyn. He was eventually taken to the tower, but by the time Wolsey got there, he was close to death, after stopping eating days earlier. The Cardinal died, asking where Cromwell was.

However, as the episode concludes, Thomas is named a Counselor to the King. He also opens the present he got from Wolsey, before he left Esler. It’s one of Wolsey’s rings, which Cromwell puts on his index finger and wears from then on out.

The Story Continues Next Sunday Night at 10:00 pm on Your Local PBS Station.

Sons Of Liberty: You Say You Want A Revolution?

Photo Courtesy Of History Channel
Photo Courtesy Of History Channel

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While recapping the first two-hour episode of the History Channel Original Event “Sons Of Liberty,” I stated that when deciding to dedicate six-hours of your time to a television show, the first question you need to ask yourself, is whether it’s worth your attention. After watching the second two-hour episode on Monday, I can now respond with an unqualified yes, the promise that miniseries showed in the first two hours, displayed itself firmly in the second installment. As the story gets closer and closer to the American Revolution, we’ve watched characters stepping-it-up in grand style and far more action.

The first image we see is the sign for Paul Revere’s workshop, as activity’s billowing inside, we see some of Samuel Adams men, putting white paint on their faces, while others are making sure all their weapons work properly. John Hancock walks in, sees the activity and tells Adams he strongly advises against the move they’re about to undertake. He tells Sam that they just needs to lay low for a while and soon they’ll get back into business and making money.

Adams looks at Hancock showing the disgust on his face and tells his cohort that all he cares about is money and John asks him what he wants, Samuel takes a sip of his pint, rather than respond. Hancock tells Adams that if they conduct their mission, Hancock’s and Adams’ deal’s over, Sam throws his mug into a bucket and says let’s go boys.

Adams, Revere and company, head towards Boston Harbor sneaking past all the red-coats on patrol. We watch Adams and a group of men in a row-boat, which apparently is just one of many boats converging on a British ship docked in the harbor. Suddenly the ships filled with dozens of men, the one sailor on board asks who they are and they tell him they’ve arrived to take control of his ship then knock him out. Two red-coats are on board and Adams points a pistol at both and tells them to swim, they quickly dive from the ship into the ocean.

A group of British soldiers rush to the dock and their commanding-officer, tells them to get in formation and Adams tells his men to get ready. Tim Kelly asks, what if they shoot and Sam responds we shoot right back. There’s a standoff, then suddenly Revere smiles and says to his mates, to open up the cargo, the cases filled with tea and yes they start dumping it into the harbor and we are witnessing the Boston Tea Party.

The red-coats commanding officer’s patience’s gone, he order his men to get ready to fire, but before he can give the command Governor Thomas Hutchinson runs over yelling stop. He tells the soldier they’ll be no gunfire, as that’s exactly what Adams wants, he’s taunting them to shoot him. The Governor says you’re not going to make Samuel Adams a martyr, then orders the soldier to have his men stand down. As the command’s given, one of the colonists on the ship yells, we found the wine and all the men cheer.

We head to London and enter a meeting between the English Prime Minister, some leaders of Parliament behind a table and seated about 50-yards away, Benjamin Franklin all alone seated in a simple wooden chair. The Prime Minister’s aide asks Franklin to explain this latest incidence treasonable acts, committed by childish and insubordinate colony.

Franklin says that the incident was a protest that got out of hand and the colonists are bothered that they can’t buy goods from their all shops and have the rights of all good Englishmen. The members of Parliament, laugh at the thought of calling colonists Englishmen. He says they dumped 90 thousand schillings worth of tea into the harbor, these colonists are outlaws and thugs, the sons of tyranny. They’re led by a governor, who lets this go on under his nose and does nothing, they should get beaten into submission. The other leaders cheer him on.

Franklin stands up and stares right into the Prime Minister’s eyes, then asks him if he sends another ship into Boston, what does he reaction to be? His soldiers won’t find a rebellion, but the extra presence could very well inspire him. If you make martyrs of these men, the people of Boston, won’t look upon them as sons of tyranny, rather Sons Of Liberty. After Franklin finishes, the aide asks the Prime Minister, if  there’s anything they can do and he responds there may be and all of them leave the room, Franklin sits and looks pensive.

We see three British Military ships heading to the colonies, on board one of the vessels, British General Thomas Gage and his wife Margaret Kemble Gage. When they arrive at Boston Harbor, Hutchinson and his Lieutenant, wait to meet Gage under a canopy. We soon see how huge an ego the General has as he leaves the ship riding a white horse, then gets down and looks at the hundreds of troops he brought with him.

Hutchinson and his Lieutenant get sent back to London on the same ship, without even time to pack. There’s a new Sheriff in town and his name’s Gage. We see him sitting in the State House and he asks his military aide about Sam Adams and the soldier, gives a brief description then asks if he should arrest him. Gage says, on the contrary, let’s buy him off.

Inside the Green Tavern Pub, Dr. Joseph Warren tells Samuel that Gage’s sealed the harbor, nothing going in or out, he’s also taken over the Clark’s house on Hanover Street, Revere mentions that soldiers have done that in a couple of houses in his neighborhood. Just then Gage’s aide comes in with a company of soldiers and Tim’s at the ready. The military-aide’s all smiles however, as he looks right at Sam and asks him if he’s the famous Samuel Adams, he then says that General Gage wanted to ease any concern during the transition and he’s paying the house’s tab for the night, in return for a moment of privacy with Adams.

They sit by themselves by the fireplace, then the military-aide says that Gage hope he and Sam can come to an understanding. He then says that the General thinks he’s a practical man, then throws a pouch of coins on the table in front of Adams’ who responds he doesn’t care what Gage thinks about him. The military-aide says he really should take the money, it’s more than he deserves and he’d be foolish for turning it down.

Sam picks up the bag and says the bag must contain more than 100 schillings, the soldier responds, 200 and this is only the beginning, then starts to turn and leave. Adams shouts to him to give Gage his best regards and throws the pouch to the soldier, who leaves feeling humiliated. He heads back to Gage, telling him the offer got refused and asks if he wants to arrest him now, Gage responds not yet.

The next day, red-coats pull the colonists out of their homes and send them to the town-square, soldiers line the sides of the street, then another line behind the colonists. The military-aide comes out and the colonists watch as soldiers drag a man to a post, lock his hands to the side of it and rip the back of his shirt open. The military-aide says for too long this city has gone unchecked. No more, Boston will know order. We see Kelly and Adams watching, John Adams watching from the other side of the street and Hancock watching from his carriage. Gage comes out of a door just then and addresses the crowd.

The General says let it be known that any man violating any of His Majesty’s laws, will get dealt without mercy. This man, hours ago stole something off one of His Majesty’s ships, his punishment will be swift and just. Another soldier steps up yielding a leather cat-of-nine-tails and starts the man across the back, his skin’s soon bloody and he screams in agony.

Women attempt to turn around and leave, but the soldiers keep them in place, grown men are weeping openly, while Adams tries to stop them and Tim Kelly holds him back. The man falls to his knees and the soldier stops, and the silence’s deafening as the crowd sees the blood dropping off the leather whip. The military-aide, looks at Gage and the General nods and the soldier goes back to beating him again. The beating finally stops, the military-aide tells two soldiers to take the man away and they drag him by his arms. Gage says to clear the square and the soldiers start sending everyone home.

Doctor Warren stops the soldiers dragging the man and tells him he’s a doctor and he needs to take of the man or he’ll die. The soldier says Warren’s not allowed to touch him, when Margaret Kemble Gage, asks the soldier if the man got punished for his crimes. He recognizes her immediately and she tells him to take the man to the doctor’s office. He reluctantly agrees to and Joseph thanks her as he leaves.

That big ego of Gage’s earns him two enemies, that he’ll regret gaining. The first’s Samuel’s cousin John Adams, whom he summons to his office. He thanks him for coming with such short notice and Adams responds he’s just trying to help. Gage says that John’s a man of the people, a public defender and Adams responds he believes every man’s due council and he’s also studied constitutional law.

Gage takes him into his office and shows Adams his law degree from Harvard and the deeds to John’s two homes. Adams asks if he’s being threatened and Gage responds that he’s just showing how easily he could extinguish the life John’s built. He then brings up Samuel and says his cousin doesn’t realize that civilized society’s built on law and order.

The timid John Adams of the first episode quickly vanishes as John attempts to keep his composure as he asks Gage how his values of law and order, fit with him throwing people out of their homes for being behind on taxes? How does it fit with the public whipping of a man without due-process, is that how he treats loyal British citizens. Gage spits back you’re not British you’re colonists and I’ll treat you however I wish until you grant submission to your King. Now get your cousin in line, you’ve got a lot at stake. Bad move by Gage.

Margaret goes out riding and her horse throws a shoe, so she dismounts and enjoys the sun on her face. We hear a horse and Joseph Warren comes up along the path, apologizing if he startled her and she responds he hadn’t. He introduces himself and she says of course she remembers him and how’s the man doing, Warren responds he’ll respond due to her kindness. As he examines her horse she says she misses the quiet, she grew up in New Jersey.

Warren’s surprised that Gage married a colonist and she replies she’s his prize for winning the French and Indian war. She says Thomas takes what he likes and he quickly agrees, then apologizes for being out of line and she says the sad thing is you weren’t. With her horse useless, he offers her his horse and says he’ll walk home but she refuses immediately. He then says let him take her home and she agrees, gets on his horse side-saddle and in front of him and Warren looks confused how to ride like that but then figures it out.

The military-aide and a squad of soldiers burst into the Green Dragon and start roughing the guys up. Kelly knocks out three, but then he’s overcome and he’s down on the floor with soldiers weapons aimed at him. The military-aide says just tell us where Adams is and they’ll leave peacefully, Kelly tells him to get stuffed.  He asks Kelly again and he spits on the aide’s shoes, another soldier knocks Kelly in the head with the butt of his rifle.

John goes to visit Samuel at his armory and he tells his cousin, he needs to leave now as Gage’s on his way to get him. Sam says he’s staying and his cousin asks him if he wants to die a martyr in the street? He then points to Samuel’s stock of weapons and says you and your gang of thugs have this, while they’ve got the entire English Empire, trained soldiers and the best Navy on the planet, isn’t he scared? Sam says of course he is, but he can’t stand around and allow this to go on. John says we need a better plan and Samuel realizes his cousin’s joining his cause. John says I can help, let’s go and the two leave together.

Gage’s second bad move started when he went to visit John Hancock and the entrepreneur tries brown-nosing him. He tries to arrange with Gage to get his ships back in business, but the General tells him he wants no part of his tawdry plans and Hancock’s useless to him, then tells his aide this will do. Hancock asks what he means and Gage responds he’s relieving John of his home. The military-aide tells Hancock he can leave now and Hancock, says leave to where, two soldiers physically take him out of the house.

With nowhere else to go, Hancock heads sheepishly to Revere’s workshop, where the men are eating dinner. Hancock says hello to Sam, who keeps on eating, John then says he’s all in what ever they need he’ll get it, what ever they do he’ll support. Adams asks why they should believe him he could be a spy for Gage, Hancock says he resents the comment.

Adams asks why the sudden change of heart and Hancock says Gage took his home. The look of revulsion Sam feels for Hancock in that moment’s plain to see, he’s thoroughly disgusted with his former associate and tells him to get out, Hancock looks defeated as he turns to leave. Suddenly, John Adams yells for Hancock to stay, he’s got a plan and needs Hancock. Sam asks what he needs him for and John replies his money and Hancock makes a face like he’s alright with that.

John Adams and John Hancock are walking the next day through the alleys and discussing Adams plan, he’s written letters to dozens of influential men from the other American Colonies and they’re meeting in Philadelphia. They need to send a message to London, it will mean nothing coming from just Boston, but quite a lot if the colonies unite.

Samuel, John and Hancock ride to Philadelphia as the delegates from Boston, when they enter the State House, the scores of men Adams expected are about 30 men. The delegates start debating and one delegate from an unknown state, blames Boston for their problems, saying they trashed the State House and threw the tea in the harbor. John says that doesn’t excuse what General Gage’s doing, the other man retorts that General Thomas Gage’s restoring order. At that moment the door to the room opens and a tall stately delegate sits down next to his companion.

John starts saying General Gage, when the man who just entered interrupts him. He says General Gage’s a cancer, I fought alongside him when we battled the French. And just like a cancer, he brings suffering and death, what he lacks in compassion he makes up for in brutality, action must be taken. The other delegate laughs at the suggestion , but the Boston delegation’s impressed. He then says that Virginia stands with Massachusetts. Sam asks Hancock who the man is and John tells him he’s George Washington and Adams says he’s intense.

The other delegate tells John Adams he realizes that his colony wants arms and support from the other 12 colonies, but they can’t provide it. He suggests the colonies write a letter to the Crown, requesting that Gage refrain from his extreme tactics. Adams starts to say that’s not enough, when the delegate says fine it’s settled we’ll send a letter and the meeting starts to break up.

Sam says to John that they’re not like Bostonians, these men are cowards, but John tells him to calm down they need these men, they just need another way to convince him. Hancock taps Samuel and he turns around to see Washington standing at their table.  He says make no mistake gentleman, war’s coming and everyone knows that, but Boston’s on its own right now. Samuel asks Washington his suggestion for their colony and Washington says he’d resist, he also tells Hancock that it makes a good impression a man like he’s there. However they’re not going to give you an army, you’ll need to build one, he walks away and Hancock and Sam are intrigued.

The graphic tells us now that we’re at a farm in Lexington, which is 17-miles west of Boston. The farms owned by a longtime friend of Revere’s and that’s where they’re going to train the army they’re forming. Paul opens up the barn and shows them the recruits, a mixture of Samuel’s gang and some new men.

Tim Kelly comes back with six brand new well-made rifles that he bought off a guy in Medford, he possessed plenty more and Sam says go back and buy him out and Hancock give Tim a pouch. Kelly then says, the man’s got a bunch of guns and Hancock says that’s all the coins he has, but then gives Tim a solid gold pocket-watch.

Margaret hears moaning coming out of her husband’s office and looks through a small window to see Gage taking another woman on his desk. She walks away shaking.

Revere heads to a pub and orders a drink and one for the man in the corner, Paul’s old army buddy William Dawes, who lives out in Lexington to keep food on his table. Revere recruits him for the cause, he and Dawes will design a secret route from Boston to Lexington, he then says they’re building an army, not turning anyone away.

Things are going well in some aspects for the colonist’s army, they’ve got plenty of guns and the troops are getting well-trained, but Adams tells Revere, they’ve got no gun powder. Even if they could afford it, Gage won’t allow anyone to sell it.

Gage goes into Margaret’s bedroom and tries getting amorous, but she resists and then tells him to stop. He looks at her angrily and she asks what she is to him, just a statue he can show off inside a home he stole from another man? Joseph Warren’s at home when there’s a knock on the door, it’s Margaret sporting a shiner under her right eye, she says she fell. She then tells Warren, that her husband doesn’t know she’s there and kisses him, she pills away and he kisses her. She breaks away and says she’s sorry but she shouldn’t be there and leaves.

There’s a knock on the door again, but this time it’s Amos one of Samuel’s men telling Warren there’s a medical emergency. There’s a Black man lying on the table, his side ripped open, Warren asks if he’s a free man and the man responds he’s as free as the doctor is. Paul Revere saved him, some red-coats shot him thinking he was stealing but he was just carrying a barrel which is his job. The man whose name’s Peter Salem says that the barrel’s are filled with gun powder and they store it in a silo not far away.

Revere tells Adams about the silo and they plan to raid it, they’re between three and ten men guarding the silo on any given night, but they can’t get to it without being seen. Adams says that isn’t a problem. They head out at night and they see there are four men on guard, one above as an observer, while three march around the silo. Sam dressed as a red-coat, overpowers one guard and takes his place. Kelly knocks out the other two guards so now all three guards marching are Adams’ men, the rest of the men break into the silo hidden to the observer and load 200 barrels onto trucks and moves them out.

Daylight arrives and with that the replacement guards, Sam tells Paul and the few remaining men they need to leave, Revere, pours a line of gun powder from the silo to the field. They take off and Paul ignites the gunfire, blowing up the silo and insuring their escape.

Gage arrives to assess the damage and asks how did a full company of His Majesty’s Marines get outsmarted by a bunch of Yankee amateurs. The military-aide responds this is inexcusable and Gage stops him saying he wants Samuel Adams and John Hancock by the week’s end.

We now see that Margaret and Joseph are having an affair. She says as they’re lying in bed, she wants to help him, she knows what he and his friends are doing and she wants to help. He says it’s too dangerous and she jokes no more dangerous than what they’re doing.

Target practice is taking place at the farm and Revere says to Samuel that Gage’s trying to find him and if he does he’ll hang. Samuel’s actually worried about Gage finding the weapons so he agrees to be moved to a safe house, with Hancock as Gage realizes he’s financing everything. The two head to the safe-house, but we suddenly see our bald Irish stoolie, Mr. Whittier.

Gage summons Joseph Warren to his home telling the doctor he’s feeling pains in his chest, he’s also summoned his wife and they both realize he knows about them. After some veiled back and forth talk, Gage bids Doctor Warren good night, warning him to take care, as the streets are treacherous. Margaret leaves the room and attempts to catch her breath.

The next day Margaret’s walking about when she hears men talking in her husband’s office, Whittier’s in there telling Gage and the military-aide where the farm and Adams and Hancock are. Margaret runs to her room writes a not for Warren and starts to leave the house, but her husband insists on her getting escorted by two red-coats.

As she’s walking she purposely drops a glove near Warren’s office, she goes back to pick it up and slips the note under Joseph’s door. He reads it gives it to Revere, who contacts Dawes, he tells Dawes they’ll both ride that night Dawes to the farm to have the men bury the weapons and he’ll go to the safe-house to get Samuel and John.

As he starts to ride into the woods he hears a noise and gets off his horse, walking his steed when three red-coats stop him with rifles aimed. First soldier says Gage has ordered no travel from Boston this evening, Revere says he’s unaware. Soldier says what are you doing traveling at this hour and Paul responds he’s a Colonial scout for an armed resistance against General Gage and the Crown’s tyranny. The soldier laughs and Revere takes all three out then rides away.

He arrives at Lexington shouting the British are coming and tells the men to sound the alarm and when they do the colonial army comes running. Kelly’s leading the colonists while the military-aide commands the red-coats, Kelly says no shooting until fired upon. He says they’re not giving one more inch of this field and the soldier tells the red-coats to get ready to fire.

Revere gets to the safe-house and tells Hancock and Adams they need to leave now, Samuel says he wants to stay and fight. Revere says if you die now this whole thing dies with you. Hancock says it’s too late as two red-coats arrive on horseback, but Revere has them chase him. Just as Hancock and Adams leave they hear the first shot of the battle for Lexington and Concord.

The Story Concludes Tuesday Night at 9:00 pm on The History Channel.

Gotham: Homeless Teens Abducted?

Photo Courtesy Of Fox
Photo Courtesy Of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The second episode of the new Fox series “Gotham” gave viewers a brief glimpse into the world of homeless teenager Selina Kyle and a far more in-depth view of the corruption that runs throughout the power structure in Gotham City, including the police department and the mayor’s office. After watching the first two episodes of the show, it seems that the only three virtuous people in power in the city are Renee Montoya, Crispus Allen from Gotham Major Crimes Unit and Detective Jim Gordon. Other than those three, perhaps every other public official pursue situations that can add money to their bank accounts, by “looking the other way.”

A middle-aged man and woman start abducting homeless teenagers and the Gotham officials show their true colors in reaction to the situation. Gotham Mayor Aubrey James knows the right things to say in front of the TV cameras, but beneath that thin veneer lurks a man that lacks any compassion for the citizens he serves, and he sets the tone for everyone else playing loose and fast with the law. Richard Kind plays the Mayor; Kind’s far better known for his comedic roles in series like “Mad About You” and “Spin City,” however in this series Kind shows his disdain for his constituents and any opinion that differs from his own.

In the pilot we quickly realized that Gordon’s partner Detective Harvey Bullock was dirty, from his flirtatious banter with mob-boss/femme-fatale Fish Mooney and the orders he relayed from Gotham’s crime kingpin Carmine Falcone to kill Oswald Cobblepot and dump his body in the river (Gordon actually faked shooting Cobblepot, telling him to leave Gotham forever when he threw him in the water.) Early in this episode we realize that the detectives superior Captain Sarah Essen’s just as jaded as Bullock, as we see when Harvey tells the Captain that Gordon gets uptight when he tries to get a confession out of a subject by beating them. Essen tells Gordon, she can’t force him to break the law, but he’s in Gotham where you either bend or break.

The episode once again opens with Selina playing the observer, although she’s far closer than she was last week when she witnessed the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne. A middle-aged couple identifying themselves as Patti (Lili Taylor, kind of resembling the Church Lady from SNL) and Doug (Frank Whaley, think Barney Fife) greet a group of homeless teens and an older disabled veteran in an alley and identify themselves as being with the Mayors Outreach Program For The Homeless. They offer the kids, sandwiches, soup, cake and chocolate and all join in except for the veteran and Kyle who backs away and says she’s not hungry. As the teens start eating, Patti starts sticking them in the back of the neck with a pin, knocking the teens out cold, they get two, the third teen, a rather hefty male gets stabbed but fights the couple off and runs away. Doug chases him down the street, where they scuffle in front of the picture window of a fancy restaurant and the teen ends up falling through the window into the restaurant. Doug shoots the vet killing him, however Selena escapes.

Gordon and Bullock go investigate the murder of the vet in the alley and get there before the squad car arrives. When the car and the uniformed officer arrive, Gordon asks why he wasn’t the first responder and the uniform replied that he just finished with the situation dealing with the teen who fell through the window at the restaurant. Gordon told the cop that he should have investigated the homicide first and the uniform responded he gets 50 a month from the restaurant, so that was his priority. He then asked if that made him a bad guy and Gordon replied, no just a bad cop, Bullock separated the pair to avoid a fight.

Bullock and Gordon interview the teen who tells them about Patti and Doug and his two friends getting kidnapped, but Bullock doesn’t believe him and tries to pin the vets murder on the kid. They head to Essen’s office and shortly after police scientist and the station’s “Mr. Creepy,” Ed Nygma shows up with the results of the blood test on the teen they’re questioning. The young man has “ATP” in his bloodstream, a drug specifically used to knock people out and used at the Arkham Asylum before it shut down 15-years earlier. Now that Essen realizes that someone’s kidnapping the city’s homeless teens, she wants to keep the case under wraps and tells Gordon and Bullock  not to leak the story to the press, which of course Gordon disagrees with.

Oswald Cobblepot, beaten, broken and tattered, tries to hitch a ride with bad results, finally however two teenagers pick him up. The guys tell him that he looks and smells like he just crawled out of a graveyard and ask what happened to him. Cobblepot rambles on how he got too greedy too soon, but he’ll be back bigger and stronger than ever. After the guys give him a bottle of beer, the guy in the passenger seat asks if anyone ever told him he walked like a penguin. Cobblepot manages a smile and tells him no one has, then breaks the bottle and slices the kids jugular vein.

Allen and Montoya visit Cobblepot’s mother (Carol Kane) to find out if she’s seen her son. Kane known for a variety of offbeat characters over the years, adds a new standout character, an older woman with powder white skin and a thick Eastern-European accent. She shows the officers pictures of her “handsome son.” She then forgets who they are and Montoya says they’re with the Gotham Major Crimes Unit and adds the honest ones as an aside. They believe Cobblepot got killed, but they don’t share that info with his mother.

We next take a trip to Stately Wayne Manor, where young Bruce’s trying to push his limits to the maximum. He lights a candle and holds his right hand over the flame, going lower and lower, until it leaves a scorch mark on his palm the size of a silver dollar. Alfred walks into the room just after Bruce stops, but realizes something’s wrong. When the boy shows him what he did to himself, the butler grabs him by the shoulders and shakes him, but then quickly apologizes and says everything’s fine.

Gordon heads to his fiancée Barbara’s apartment and as they eat takeout Chinese food, he tells her about the case and that Essen wants to keep it from the press. Of course she goes to her landline, calls the Gotham Gazette and reports it anonymously. Jim starts to get upset, but she tells him she did the right thing and he can’t argue with that. But the other shoe dropped the next morning.

Bullock and Gordon get summoned to Essen’s office once they arrive at the station and she greets them with the Gotham Gazette’s front cover story on the case. She asks both if they tipped off the press, Bullock denied it immediately and Gordon told her he didn’t contact the press, which technically was true. They then leave to investigate the three manufacturers of “ATP.”

Patti and Doug are at the manufacturer they’ve dealt with and that’s where they’ve hidden the teens they previously abducted. The manufacturer’s screaming at the couple, telling them they promised they wouldn’t arouse suspicion and now they’re on the front page of the paper. He tells them he wants more money, but Patti says the Toymaker wouldn’t allow that (The Toymaker’s a longtime foe of Batman.) She stabs the manufacturer’s aide with the pin knocking him out, but Gordon and Bullock knock at the door identifying themselves and saying they’re going to search the facilities. Patti and Doug get into a shootout with the two cops, but escape. As they search the basement they find the missing teens and rescue them.

Mayor James holds a press-conference at the police station the following morning, expressing outrage at the kidnappings, but saying the true problem’s the homeless teens. So he’s enacting a “tough-love” program, that will get the teens off the streets and into loving homes where they’ll receive the structure they desperately need.

James, Essen and the two detectives head to the captain’s office where the Mayor has a celebratory shot. Gordon asks what’ll happen to the teens and James responds the cute ones will go to foster homes, while the rest will get sent upstate. Jim asks if that means he’s sending them to a prison and Essen tries to smooth the waters, but the Mayor stays calm and tells Gordon that he appreciates his viewpoint.

School buses lined up, to transport the teens upstate and each bus has a line of teen entering it, including Selina Kyle. She tells the bus attendant, there’s been a mistake and she’s not supposed to head upstate and asks to speak with Detective James Gordon. The attendant refuses and forces Kyle to get on the bus. Once it’s loaded the bus driver and attendant come aboard, none other than Patti and Doug, Selina tries to escape through the bus emergency back door, but Patti pulls her pistol and orders the girl back to her seat.

Word soon gets back to James that one bus of teens got kidnapped by the pair and Bullock and Gordon work over the manufacturer trying to extract more information. The guy remembers the logo on the truck that they drove had a logo of a blue plate and a fork on it. After coming up without a match, Gordon realizes it’s a Trident, as in Trident International Shipping company. They recover the teens and all’s well and that’s where most shows of this genre would end, with that scene as the climax. That’s not the way Gotham ended though.

The teens are getting ready to get transported upstate, when Selina tells a male attendant that she needs to speak to Gordon and if he doesn’t get him, she’ll scream “he touched her.” Gordon quickly shows up and she asks if she had big enough information, could that keep her from being sent upstate and Gordon asks what she has. She grabs his attention by telling the detective she’s been observing him and he’s not like the other crooks, as she motions to his fellow officers. He sits down, and she says that she knows he gets along with “the boy,” and Jim asks her if she’s referring to Bruce Wayne and she confirms he’s correct. She then tells Gordon that she witnessed the murders and she saw the shooter plain as day and the camera goes black.

The Story Continues next Monday at 8:00pm on Fox.

Forever: When Is A Suicide Not A Suicide?

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

A hysterical woman in the back-seat of a taxi’s hitting redial and screaming into her cellphone as the cab drives over a New York City bridge, suddenly she tells the driver to stop the taxi and let her out, then opens her door. The driver pulls his vehicle off to the side and the woman jumps out of the car and climbs the outside railing of the bridge and then goes over to the other side. Less than a minute later, the woman screams in terror as her body drops from the bridge into the icy waters below.

The NYPD get reports from witnesses including the cab driver and are ready to call the case an obvious suicide, but the precincts Medical Examiner believes otherwise. So starts the second episode of the new ABC series “Forever,” as Dr. Henry Morgan believes that the young woman got thrown from the bridge rather than jumped, although all the witnesses and the driver felt otherwise. However Morgan points out quickly, that there’s lead paint under the young woman’s fingernails, showing that she struggled to hold onto the bridge’s rail. He also told Detective Jo Martinez and her partner Detective Hanson, that he ascertained she fell backwards off the bridge due to the injuries suffered, quite unusual in a suicide.

Martinez, already trusts Morgan’s instincts, though they’ve worked together just a few weeks, because of his track record of being almost always right. Of course she’s unaware that he’s been studying death for over 200-years, due to the fact that he doesn’t remain dead despite getting killed frequently over the years. (Think Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, only less humorous and a lot longer.)  The precinct recently brought in a new commanding officer Lieutenant Joanna Reece, (Lorraine Toussaint) who lacks Martinez’s confidence in the medical examiner and tells her and Morgan to work on another case.

Later that day, Henry’s assistant Lucas tells Morgan that the young woman’s parents want to speak to him, but Morgan tells Lucas that he doesn’t deal with relatives. Unfortunately the parents walk into the examining room and see their daughter before Henry could cover her body fully. The father screams at Morgan that his daughter didn’t kill herself and the mother explains that the young woman was a brilliant student, just finished a renowned research project and had a scholarship at the Sorbonne in Paris and supposed to catch a plane the night she died. The father asked Henry what he believed the cause of death was and Henry said they should talk to the police, but the father said to Morgan he wanted his thoughts. The doctor told the father that he understood what the parents were going through, but when the father asked if he had children Morgan said he didn’t. The father responded then the doctor had no idea the anguish they suffered.

Henry actually hadn’t been truthful with the parents as we see in a flashback from 1945 in the following scene as Army Doctor Henry Morgan and his nurse Abigail pick up an adorable infant in the field hospital they worked in. Abigail says the hospital probably sends him to an orphanage unless a young couple fell in love got married and took him in as their own. Henry realizing she referred to them said things were a bit more complicated and she replied, what’s simpler than making an impulsive decision effecting the rest of their lives. The baby Abraham, grabbed hold of Morgan’s thumb and wouldn’t let go and Abigail said that now Henry’s stuck. The camera zoomed in on the concentration camp tattoo on his forearm and we’re in the present almost 70-years later as the camera zooms out from the number and we see the now elderly Abe.

That night Henry rides his bicycle over to the bridge and finds the exact spot the woman fell from, he sees two pair of foot prints confirming she got murdered. Morgan nearly falls off the bridge but hoists himself back up. However he’s killed soon after as a truck hits him head on when he reaches down to pick something he dropped on the bridge. Abe arrives soon after with a towel and a set of fresh clothes, but the next day Morgan gets a package from his mysterious “fan,” who says his death looked painful. The man contacted Henry in the series pilot, telling Morgan that he also kept surviving death.

Jo stops by Abe’s shop and tells Henry that the young woman had booked her flight for Paris that night, which made her believe someone killed her and she wanted Morgan to come with her and talk to the parents. After speaking with the woman’s folks Martinez truly believed that Henry nailed it from the beginning and she got murdered.

When Morgan stops at the lab the next day, Lucas tells him that the paint chips came from lead-based paint, furthering Henry’s suspicion she was gripping the rail for dear life. Lucas also told him that he found a piece of human tissue under her fingernail that could belong to the assailant. Morgan and Martinez head to the facility containing the codex where the young woman and her professor deciphered the historic text. The professor’s lecturing a class but when Martinez flashes her badge, he dismisses them and gives them their assignment for later in the week.

After talking with the professor, the pair leave with Henry convinced that the professor and the young woman had an affair and he lied about being at the opera with his wife the night before. They head to his home and his wife tells them that her husband and her attended the opera the previous evening. However, Morgan being slightly less than rude, interrupts the wife and calls her a liar, saying she’s covering for her husband who never arrived at the opera the night before and she knew about his affair. Martinez then tells the wife if she’s lying then she could be charged with a crime and asks again if her husband attended the opera and the woman said he didn’t.

The pair go back to confront the professor who admits to the affair, but tells them he broke it off with her for her sake due to their age difference. She was just 22-years-old by the time she reached thirty he’d be 65. However he says that he wasn’t involved in the murder, he loved her too much to harm her and Morgan believes him, shocking the detectives.

The next day at the lab Morgan and Lucas look inside the woman’s mouth and find another skin tissue sample and Henry bets that one doesn’t belong to the professor, but Martinez interrupts them, saying the professor just committed suicide in his office. But Henry says the professor also got killed by someone else as the slits on his wrists from the razor that sliced them were going the wrong way for him to have done it and leaves the room.

He goes searching for the student they met when they first entered the facility, finds the young man and startles him. He then point-blank tells him he realizes he killed the woman and the professor, so he could get greater recognition for his contribution to the codex. The student soon cracks and takes a blade and holds it to Morgan’s jugular vein. Henry of course doesn’t fear death but if the student cuts the vein and Morgan dies, there are video cameras to record the event. Finally Martinez and Hanson see the pair on the security cameras and take down the student.

The final scene takes place at Morgan’s home and he picks up his landline to find his “fan” on the other end of the line. They chat for a bit, but the other man tells Henry he’d wondered why Morgan still took so much pleasure from life, then realized he’s a toddler just 200-years-old. The caller told him that he’d been around closer to 2,000-years and Henry could call him Adam. Morgan says he’d like them to meet, and the caller says they will, but they have plenty of time.

While enjoying the acting just as much as I did in the series pilot, this episode seemed more like a Sherlock Holmes knockoff with the added gimmick of Morgan being immortal. The pilot reached deeper into Morgan’s past and I’m hoping further episodes go in that direction.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday, at 10:00pm on ABC.  

The Leftovers: More Questions, Few Answers

Photo Courtesy Of HBO
Photo Courtesy Of HBO

Warning: Spoiler Alert

If you went into the second episode of the new HBO Original Series “The Leftovers” this past Sunday night, hoping that some of the questions posed in the pilot would be answered, most likely you ended the episode even more confused. Very few outstanding questions got resolved and the second episode filled viewers’ heads with lots of new ones. Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta are not making it easy for an audience to stick with this show, hopefully all the effort will prove worthwhile once they start explaining why their universe exists as it does.

We begin the episode sitting in on a meeting between a middle-aged man and woman who are officials with some unexplained branch of law enforcement. As they start to discuss whom they want to target in their next operation we realize that they are talking about the mysterious “Healer,” Wayne whom we met in the première. His full name is Wayne Gilchrist Anthony but is now called Holy Wayne. The pair discuss Wayne’s infatuation with young Asian women and he was nearly busted for statutory-rape before fleeing Pennsylvania. They found him relocated at a ranch in Nevada and they enthusiastically agree to storm his home and to take down his operation in any way possible.

We shift to Wayne’s ranch just in time to see a SWAT team arrive and open fire on the ranch. Their motive is clear, they are not out to arrest, instead their mission is to kill anybody who appears suspicious. One of the officers chases Christine, the girl Wayne told his employee Tom Garvey was important and that Garvey was in charge of her safety. He stops her outside of the ranch and has her get on her knees with his weapon pointed straight at her and asks where Wayne is hiding. When she replies that she has no idea, the officer threatens to kill her if she remains uncooperative, causing her to cry even more.

Just at that moment, Tom sneaks up behind the officer and shoots him in the throat with a hand-gun, then apologizes for his actions but explains Christine is important as his victim draws his last breaths. They run and Tom opens up what looks like a wooden man-hole cover that covers an entrance to an underground safe-room and they both climb down, Tom shutting the lid behind him.

Back on the East Coast in the next scene as Tom’s father Mapleton Chief Of Police Kevin Garvey is asleep in his bed, when he’s woken by his daughter Jill’s best-friend Amy. Startled, he tells the teen she’s not allowed in his bedroom but she tells him to follow her that she has something important to show him. We can see that time has gone by as snow is covering the ground and the first episode took place in Mid-October, however Kevin is shirtless wearing just pajama pants and Amy’s dressed in shorts and a light top.

As they walk through the woods, Amy leads the Chief to a man with a rifle, the guy who killed all the dogs in the first episode. As Amy touches him he turns to Kevin and asks what’s wrong with his legs and Garvey looks down to set his feet and calves engulfed in flame. It was just a dream, but Kevin must have smelled the burning in his sleep as he looks out his bedroom window and sees his back fence is on fire. His neighbor accidentally caused the blaze trying to burn his departed brother’s clothes in a pile too close to the fence, Garvey puts out the fire and chastises his neighbor.

Tom and Christine have escaped the ranch and are to meet Wayne at a gas-station/mini-mart. Telling her to stay in the car he heads inside the store and finds the clerk’s been killed. He walks out just in time to see a vintage Lincoln pull into the lot driven by an elderly woman. She gets out of her car opens the trunk and Wayne jumps out, Christine is so excited that she jumps into his arms.

We rejoin Kevin talking to another man in what apparently is the man’s office and that is soon confirmed as we realize that Garvey is talking to a psychiatrist. When the police chief joined the unknown man in the truck shooting the pack of dogs in the final scene of the first episode, the other guy had left the scene by the time other squad cars had arrived. Because nobody else saw the other man, there is lots of doubt in Mapleton, that the Chief’s story is right, as some believe he’s delusional while others think he flat-out lied. The therapist does everything but tell Garvey that he thinks the story is false, ending the session on a tense note.

Jill and Amy on the way to school stop at a coffee shop and Jill trips over a woman’s handbag on the floor as she walks to her table. She stops to put the bag back in its original position when she sees a revolver inside. The woman and Jill exchange apologies, but Jill wants nothing more to sit down at her table with Amy and dish. The woman’s Nora Durst who lost her husband and two children the day of the departure the two girls theorize why she has a gun in her bag. As she leaves the shop they follow her and when she starts to drive away, they flag down their two male classmates that we met in the first episode. They follow her to the house of an elderly couple, she introduces herself to the man and explains she’s there to ask them questions to receive their departure check.

Turns out Durst is a government agent and has to ask each family that lost a loved-one on the day of the departure, 150 questions before she can give the families their checks from the government for their loss. She sets up a video camera to record the conversation and then starts asking a variety of questions about the couple’s dead son Charlie, who was 34-years-old and was born with Downs Syndrome. Needless to say most of her questions were about things Charlie missed experiencing.

We have our first encounter with the  “Remnants,” as we are in what is known as the “Pledge House,” for people who have yet to prove themselves worthy to the other members to receive unconditional inclusion into their society. Meg Abbott who asked to stay with the group after running out on her fiancé is their as well as two men. They are not subject to the vow of silence of those in the main house and they can still enjoy luxuries like pancakes for breakfast. As they are in the midst of eating, Laurie Garvey who’s in charge of Meg’s training arrives with an axe and soon the two are hiking in the woods.

When they have hiked for a while, Laurie hands Meg the axe and motions to a big tree which she realizes that Laurie wants her to cut down with the tool. It’s obvious that Meg has never experienced any kind of manual labor and doesn’t accomplish much before telling her observer that she’s done, which Laurie questions by writing down Why? Meg just lets loose with everything that’s bothering her about her time with the “Remnants,”  and calls the exercise stupid. Laurie writes down okay and the two head back to their homes.

Mayor Lucy Warburton heads down to the station house and finds the Chief with a couple of his officers in the break room and asks for some privacy for her and Garvey. As they leave the room Kevin asks Lucy if she would like a bagel, which she refuses and proceeds to toast one for himself in this complex oven-device. She then brings up the dog shootings and asks him to apologize to the therapist for his actions and promise he won’t ever do it again, but he refuses. He tells her that he can’t make that commitment as he may encounter another pack of what he refers to as “not our dogs.”

She tells Kevin she is going visiting that night and he tells her to send his regards and she leaves the station. Garvey tries to get his bagel out of the oven-device, but it’s nowhere. Angrily tearing apart the machine still left him without a bagel and one of his officers looks at the Chief as if he lost his mind.

Wayne tells Tom that Christine’s safety is his biggest priority and that to make sure her protection she will travel with Tom than himself. He then tells Tom that Christine had told him of his exploits and he realizes that Garvey is torn up over his first kill. Wayne offers to use his powers to take the pain away from Tom, but the young man says he can’t do it. Wayne laughs and tells him that he’s the one person he’s yet to figure out; all suffering and no salvation.

Kevin drives over to the “Remnants,” complex and as the apparent leader Patti answers the door of the “Pledge House” he presents a warrant that gives him the right to search that house for reported missing persons. He sits down with Meg and asks her name and whether she is there on her own free will. She responds she is and he hands her his card telling her if she encounters any difficulty to call him. She holds on to the card, which Patti notices.

Getting into his squad car he gets a call from one of his officers telling him that they located the truck of the dog shooter and its in his driveway. Dennis Luckey is on the scene when the Chief arrives and tells him that they ran the truck of identification and came up dry. He then tells Garvey that the bag in the vehicle’s bed contains another dead dog and the keys are on the dashboard. Luckey suggests he moves the truck a couple of blocks away, but Kevin angrily tells him to report that it’s in his driveway.

He heads back to the station and breaks the news to Meg’s fiancé that she is living in the “Pledge House ” of the “Remnants,” but tells him that he believes her boyfriend can talk her back into returning to the life they shared. The fiancé asks Garvey why he would want to do that and the Chief replies that Meg needs him. The other man explodes and tells Kevin that he postponed their wedding for three-years due to her needs and he has reached his limit.

That evening Laurie comes to the “Pledge House” to conduct a nightly ceremony, taking away another of Meg’s possessions that she brought with her when she first arrived. At first she tries to convince Laurie to allow her one night that she can keep her remaining possessions, but her request’s dismissed. She asks Laurie if she has forgotten what it is to have feelings and emotions and Laurie responds by writing that Meg met her husband today and takes Kevin’s card out of Meg’s sleeve. Meg’s shocked wondering what Laurie is doing there when she could be living her old life with her “hot cop” husband. Laurie writes down that she still remembers and the two may have reached a meeting of the minds.

We find out where the Mayor went visiting, as the Chief enters the mental institution were his father former Chief Kevin Garvey (Scott Glenn) senior resides in. Lucy is just leaving when the current Chief arrives and she shares what looks like more than a friendly kiss with his dad. The former Chief suffered  nervous-breakdown shortly after the Departure and it’s apparent that the son doesn’t visit his father often. He brings up the dog shootings and tells Kevin to tell the therapist he’s ashamed of the incident because he drank too much and it would never happen again. However any thoughts that the father retained his sanity disappears when Garvey Senior starts talking with a non-existent person, though oddly the message makes sense. The former Chief tells his son that he was just told that they sent somebody to help him, but he should keep the information private.

Leaving the institution he drops by the station before he went home and got some tools and disassembled the oven-device. He then found his bagel, burnt, cold and hard as a rock. What that scene represented went over my head.

Soon after arriving home there is a knock at his front door and the dog shooter is standing there holding a six-pack of beer and asks Garvey if he is going to invite him in. Kevin asks the man his name and the man in return asks if the Chief is asking as a friend or professionally? Garvey responds they are not friends and the man declines to tell him. Jill and Amy walk into the door as the man is standing there and Jill asks if the brews are for her, to which the man asks her to put the six-pack in the refrigerator for her father. As she walks away, the man tells the Chief he has located another pack of wild dogs and he wants Garvey to meet him the next evening at a school-yard at sundown so they can take them down together. When Kevin asks why the man needs his assistance he replies he gets lonely and tells Garvey he will meet him the next night and walks away.

Patti walks into the room where Laurie is sleeping and kicks her foot to wake her. She holds up a note that read Meg is gone and the shock is apparent on Laurie’s face. However Patti doesn’t realize that Meg has taken the axe and returned to the tree and starts hacking at it in a cathartic release,  first laughing and then crying.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on HBO

Tyrant: State Of Emergency Puts Bassam Into Action

Photo Courtesy Of FX Network
Photo Courtesy Of FX Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Barry (Bassam) Al-Fayeed wanted nothing more than to take his family back to their home in Pasadena, CA. and away from the Middle Eastern nation that his family controls at the onset of the second episode of the FX series “Tyrant,” which aired Tuesday night. However as the episode concluded, he seemed to come to terms that he will never run far enough away from his role in his family, even after living in the USA for 20-years.

A day intended for celebration, grew darker by the moment starting in the last few minutes of the series pilot. Barry had brought his wife Molly and teenage children to his homeland for the first time to join in celebrating the marriage of Barry’s brother Jamal’s son. However the joy quickly vanished when the brother’s father and the country’s President, collapsed at the wedding and died soon after from complications of a stroke. Jamal, who was in line to succeed his father, cracked under the pressure and gave into his demons leading to a serious car crash soon after.

After getting his family situated at the palace, Barry heads  to the hospital as Jamal undergoes major surgery. He talks with his sister-in-law Leila as well as Jamal’s son and his brand new bride as they await word on Jamal’s condition. It is not the way Nusrat thought her wedding day would end up and she tells her new husband she wants to go back to the palace. After talking to his mother, he takes his wife to a car that will bring her back to the palace.

Barry’s uncle General Tariq Al Fayeed, tells his nephew that Jamal’s car crash was not an accident. It was an attack from an anti-government faction that’s looking for a way to exploit the transition in power. Tariq tells his nephew he is imposing harsh security measures in the capital city, including stopping and searching each passing vehicle, as well as imposing a curfew.

The scene shifts to a checkpoint in the city, as soldiers are searching each vehicles for suspicious activity. The camera focuses on a woman in a car, who undergoes the procedure, reminded of the curfew and waved through. The soldiers were less than thorough in their effort as we see the woman pull up to a building and underneath some blankets on the floor of the car’s backseat a young man comes out of his hiding place. We recognize him as the nephew of Walid Rashid, whom Jamal had heard rumors was planning on bombing the wedding, before he invited the family to the ceremony. He is back in the capital to try to overthrow the Al Fayeed family, in their time of weakness.

Jamal’s son is waiting for his father to get out of surgery when he receives a call from Nusrat, apologizing for leaving her new husband to head back to the palace and he replies that he was at fault. As she starts to respond we notice some young men standing on the street as her car passes them and they throw metal objects into the path, puncturing the vehicle’s tires. While it is spinning out it is T-Boned by another car and a group of young men approach the vehicle with rifles. Their plan is to kidnap Nusrat and hold her for ransom. As the police and soldiers arrive the young men scatter, leaving just three teens who extract her from the car and take shelter in a building. Jamal’s son hears it all happening on the still open phone line.

The three boys are no older than 15-years-old, led by one boy whose brother is in prison for acting out against the government; and he is the one who says he will sacrifice his life for his cause. He tells his two companions that if they are to die then Nusrat will also perish, striking a blow against the Al Fayeed family.

We head back to the palace as Barry encounters Molly and the American Ambassador to the country John Tucker. As Barry starts to tell them about the kidnapping, Molly cuts him short and tells her husband that Tucker had just told her. Asking the Ambassador his read of the situation, Tucker responds that with Jamal incapacitated, Tariq will use the kidnapping to impose martial law and will show no concern for Nusrat’s safety. Tucker tells him that he has no influence with Tariq, however he might listen to Barry, however he refuses to talk with his uncle.

Barry heads back to the hospital and talks with Leila, who asks him if he is ever going to stop running away from his homeland and his people. We see them as teenagers as Leila takes Bassam (Barry’s given name) to a cave he never knew existed. As he is marveling at the structure, Leila slips off her bathing suit and kisses and caresses the teen begging him not to move to the USA. We are well aware she did not get her wish granted.

Barry then finds his mother Amira Al Fayeed, and talks to her for the first time since getting on the plane back to America after his father’s death. His mother then asks him to try talking with his uncle and when he is hesitant, she also brings up his running away back to California, where he has no idea of his family’s problems. The conversation shakes her son up and he agrees to go down to the standoff and talk to Tariq.

The General’s surprised that his nephew has arrived at their location, directly across the street where Nusrat’s imprisoned, then shows his contempt when his nephew suggests negotiating with the boys. Tariq quickly dismisses his suggestion, then suggests his nephew go home to America. Barry informs him that he is going across the street to talk to the boys.

He startles them when he first approaches them, but convinces them he’s unarmed and only there to talk. When they realize who he is, the leader says that he will make a hostage that the government will exchange his brother for. Barry tells him that won’t happen and unless they follow his lead they will die in minutes. He then convinces the boys to allow Nusrat and him to leave and follow them out unarmed, and he would guarantee their safety. Seconds later they emerge from the building with soldiers spiriting away the Al Fayeeds while making the teens lay face down in the dirt and then handcuff them.

Barry asks his uncle to let the three boys go, unaware that Tariq had already issued the order for the boys execution via a shot to the head. Barry is so shocked at his uncle’s actions that he just walks away in silence.

He goes back to the hospital and Jamal has survived the surgery and making plans to eulogize their father the following day. Jamal thanks his brother for what he did and says their father always called Tariq a hammer and he saw everything as a nail. The older brother concedes that sometimes a situation call for a hammer.

Barry can’t sleep that night and Molly wakes up to find him staring at the ceiling and he tells his wife he keeps seeing the boys faces when he closes his eyes. He then asks Molly if he leaves his homeland knowing what Jamal will face, will he have blood on his hands? Molly says it sounds like her husband is asking for permission for the family to stay there.

The next day is the memorial service for the former President and Leila has given Jamal a prepared speech to read, which her husband refuses to read to the mourners. Leila asks Barry to talk with Jamal and after reading the speech tells his brother just to speak from his heart. The new President tells the audience that it was not easy being his father’s son as he was a tough and stubborn man. However that made his father lead his country into an era of prosperity. The speech is a huge success.

The final scene of the episode is late that night as Barry calls Jamal and wakes him from his slumber. He then asks his brother if he would like for he and his family to stay for a while to help Jamal and of course the new President’s pumped about the decision.

The story will pick up again next Tuesday on FX.

Halt And Catch Fire: Change Is Coming To Cardiff Electric

Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/AMC
Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/AMC


Although IBM brought in a squadron of attorneys in the last scene of the début episode of “Halt And Catch Fire,” it turned out that the lawyers from “Big Blue” would not stay long in the offices of Cardiff Electric in the second episode. Realizing that winning a suit over Cardiff would take an amazing amount of luck, the attorneys left the building  just as they appeared in the premier.

It appeared that Joe McMillan would become a major asset for his new company, John Bosworth introduces MacMillan to his fellow employees as Senior product manager  specifically for their new PC project that would commence shortly. Joe captivated that crowd of Cardiff employees with his charisma. In closing he expressed hope that the birth of this product would add another ding to the universe  (It turned out he nicked the line; Steven Jobs said it a couple of years before he “passed it off as his own.”

The first half of the show was watching Gordon Clark, morph from the sullen depressed guy we met in the series premier. Clark was given his own office with a prestigious window. (apparently Cardiff has a very small amount of offices with windows, which shows Gordon how much cash-flow his company expects this new product will bring into the market.) Gordon who last week seemed to have lost his ability to experience joy, was rocking out in his car to Boz Scaggs as he was heading home. Clark told his wife the good news and since the kids were playing down the street, Donna and Gordon decided to celebrate by playing in the bedroom.

Unfortunately things aren’t working out as well for Cameron, hired by Cardiff to write their own BIOS system. Isolated in a former storage closet, turned into her new office otherwise known as “The Clean Room” designed so she avoids contact with Gordon or other engineers.  Joined  in her less than spacious working-quarters by the company’s attorney, so that everything remains above-board. That working arrangement soon falls apart and Cameron is no longer working out of  “The Clean Room,” instead she has relocated herself in the company’s basement. Joe is unhappy with the way Cameron is conducting herself since she started at the company. He wants her to toe the line which she refuses to do as she marches to the beat of her own drummer.

While our “Three Amigos” are not seeing eye to eye on the project at hand, there are far more serious problems facing Cardiff. Turns out that IBM decided to get their revenge on their adversary, by stealing Cardiff’s biggest clients, including three that account for 68% of the company’s revenue. How did “Big Blue” steal away some of Cardiff’s best customers? By offering a rate that is far less than the one they are currently paying out. Needless to say that all the blame for the situation is on McMillan’s shoulders, according to one of the employees if the company fails to get back their major clients the company will die in just two months. Gordon took the news worst of all, as he felt duped by Joe, comparing McMillan to Mark  David Chapman and making the analogy that Gordon is John Lennon, the rock-star murdered by Chapman.

Joe goes to the basement looking for Cameron and when he realizes she is not there he starts panicking looking for the blue binder that contains the Bios system for the IBM, PC. Clark starts freaking out thinking they will end up in prison, while Joe tries to remain optimistic that she and the binder would turn up some place quite safe. Gordon then looks at the code that Cameron has written on dry-erase boards in the basement and is incredulous, he believes her work is brilliant. MacMillan can’t sell himself completely on the idea that Cameron will return with BIOS binder in hand, so he takes a drive stopping by a stereo store that has a going out of business sign. Because it appears the store is in the same condition that Cardiff could soon find themselves in, Joe tries to get the store owner to explain to him why his dream soured. The pair actually get into a physical confrontation before the store owner tells Joe he is calling the police.

Before Joe’s former boss from IBM catches the red-eye flight back to New York, he pays MacMillan a visit at his apartment. The “Big Blue” executive informs his former employee that he still has back-pay owed to him and hands him a check for over $600. We get a clue about MacMillan’s departure from IBM, when he tells his former boss that he did over $2 million of damage to the computer servers his last day at IBM. The executive informs him that they ended up making a profit from the reimbursement provided by their insurance provider. (No matter how much mud “Big Blue” falls into, they end up clean as a whistle.)

The executive then tells Joe that the check being delivered officially closes MacMillan’s employee file with IBM, unless he would like to rejoin the corporation. He then pulls out a plane ticket for Joe for the same flight he will soon be on; it’s just a business class-ticket but it is on the aisle. We can see the shock and temptation in MacMillan’s eyes, but he refuses the offer saying he likes it right where he is. The executive informs Joe that he was sure that would be his reaction, but made the offer as a favor to Joe’s father. He tells Joe that his refusal will disappoint his father, but then again he already is unhappy with his son’s choices.

This is the second inference that Joe has “Daddy Issues,” as we saw a note of encouragement from MacMillan’s father when he suffered a meltdown during the series opener. Apparently MacMillan senior is a heavy-hitter, whether he works for IBM or somewhere else. It seems abundantly clear that the two will come face to face in the next few episodes, most likely revealing the truth about Joe’s past. It also could result in an epic showdown between father and son.

Later that evening Clark, McMillan and Cameron are all in the Cardiff employee parking lot at just about the same time. Gordon sees Cameron and asks her where she has been and where is the “magic binder,” which she never reveals. Clark believes that the college dropout gave the binder to IBM and tells Joe that when he pulls into the lot. She denies this but asks if she has the right to do so, because she believes that once she creates a new BIOS she is out the door.

Clark and McMillan start scrapping in the lot when Joe’s shirt tears open, revealing  a lot of deep scars on his chest and his abdomen. He tells his two cohorts that the scars were the result of a childhood accident at the age of nine, as some bullies chased him off a roof and he fell to the ground doing some tremendous damage to his body. He tells Gordon and Cameron that the rest of the boys in his neighborhood were in love with the NY football Giants who would take on the Baltimore Colts in what is known as the “Greatest Game Ever Played,” while the fate of the Russian spacecraft Sputnik was far more exciting to him.

Apparently the event has helped shape the man he has become, an irritant who bucks the system every chance he can. He tells Cameron and Gordon that he believes they are all kindred spirits and that progress depends on the three of them changing the planet to suit them, not the other way around. He then tells the other two he will be at Cardiff at 7:00 am and hopes they will be there as well.

All three show up, but Clark shuts his office door in MacMillan’s face. Cameron heads into Joe’s office and tells him that her father used to tell her stories about the game that Joe got injured over. She also tells him that the game took place in December of 1958, while Sputnik occurred the year before, making us wonder if Joe had just made the story up to win back the pair.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on “AMC