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Gotham: Taking Down One Of Their Own

Photo Courtesy Of Fox
Photo Courtesy Of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While watching last week’s episode of the new FOX series “Gotham,” a small alarm went off in my brain, when we briefly saw a new character, GCPD Detective Arnold Flass, portrayed by “Ray Donovan,” series regular, Dash Mihok. Adding a well-known actor as a detective, twelve episodes into the series, caused me to think that Flass, would become a central figure of an episode in the near future. The show-runners decided that moment occurred in the following episode, to turn the spotlight on Flass, during a very busy episode of the show.

We watch a man and women in scrubs wheeling a gurney containing a covered body, as they remove the sheet, we realize that the person strapped to the gurney’s gang leader Fish Mooney. As she looked at the faces, of the couple, the realization occurred to her, that this man and woman were strangers to her. She asked if they comprised the “B-Team,” and told that she’d get interrogated by Bob, one of their best.

GCPD Detective Jim Gordon arrives late to a crime scene, his partner Harvey Bullock waiting for him, Jim tells Bullock he’s sorry that things are looking bleak for Fish and he knows his partner has “a thing,” for her, Harvey snaps back the only one he’s got “a thing” for is himself.

Bullock takes Gordon to see the body, saying that the man was the victim, of a “public-service homicide,” as the victim was a lifelong criminal. The body’s suspended from some sort of conveyor-system and Bullock introduces Jim to Narcotics Detective Arnold Flass. He tells Harvey and Gordon that he received a tip from an informant, that the drug-dealer died, the victim of foul play then says he needs to leave as he’s involved in another case, Bullock walks him out of the warehouse.

Jim starts looking at the body and noticed one of his shoe-heels was sideways, he looked in the heel and found some packages of illegal substances. Harvey returns with the crime’s only witness, an elderly night-janitor who agrees to sit down with a sketch artist at the station.

The witness Leon Winkler’s alone in an interrogation room talking to his wife on his cellphone, telling her he’s still at the station. A man wearing a fedora that we see only in silhouette, asks Winkler if the sketch artist arrived yet, Winkler responds they hadn’t and says goodbye to his wife on the phone. The man asks if he could identify the murderer and the man responds yes, at which point the man in silhouette stabs Mr. Winkler with an ice pick, thrusting it twice into his back and Winkler died instantly.

As Bob begins to torture Fish, we watch an SUV drive up with Mooney’s guy Butch Gilzean, bound and gagged in the back. One of the two men in the vehicle, opens the back to find Gilzean’s vanished, he goes to tell the driver, finds him dead at the steering wheel and Gilzean sneaks up behind him, starts strangling the guy and asks where’s Fish.

At the station Captain Sarah Essen screams how can the citizens trust them to keep citizens safe, when they can’t even control their own house. Gordon and Bullock are looking at Leon, while police scientist Ed Nygma, tells the detectives that the witness got killed with an icepick, the same weapon that killed the drug-dealer. Harvey tells them the surveillance cameras got turned off before the killer entered the room, Gordon believes, one of the officers was the murderer. Essen and Bullock tell Gordon not to mention that to others, or he could find himself back at Arkham Asylum. Essen says to Gordon not to make any big moves without clearing it with her first.

After not appearing in the previous two episodes, young Bruce Wayne’s in the back of one of the family’s cars with Alfred Pennyworth at the wheel. Alfred asks why they keep circling the same block and Bruce responds that’s where Selena Kyle hangs out. Alfred stops the car and the boy jumps out, Pennyworth shouting for him to come back, which Wayne does. He asks Alfred if they can take one walk around the block, then head home and Alfred agrees.

As they walk Bruce sees Ivy and calls out to her and the creepy little girl responds, Millionaire Bruce Wayne. Alfred looks at her disgustedly and tells Bruce to stay away from her as she looks like she has the mange. Wayne asks her if she’s seen Cat and the girl responds, she does and when Bruce asks her to deliver a message she sticks out her hand and says twenty-bucks, which Alfred gives the girl.

At “Bob’s House Of Pain,” as he threatens to shatter her knee, Gilzean bursts in and beats the torturer to a pulp, then picks up Fish and gets her out of there.

We return to the station where Jim’s discovered that a page’s missing from the log of which officer guards the interrogation room. Gordon asks a bunch of officers who was at the door when Winkler got murdered, but they all have temporary amnesia. Finally Jim tries some psychology, tells one of the uniforms that another cop named him as the guard on duty and the officer says vehemently it wasn’t him.

When he finds out who allegedly named him, he tells Gordon that he had a thing with the other cop’s wife years before. Gordon comes out and asks where Derek Delaware’s at and one of the cops said he just left. Jim gets to the parking garage just as Delaware starts getting in his car, he tries to drive away, but he’d run over Gordon if he moved another foot. He gets out of his car, gets quickly bettered in the fight with Jim, Gordon puts him in cuffs, then searches the car, finding the same packets in Delaware’s trunk that he found on the dealer.

Jim brings Delaware into the station in cuffs and throws him in a holding cell, staring the officer cops down with a look of righteous indignation on his face. Essen calls Gordon into her office and sitting with her, Arnold Flass, who tells Gordon the drugs he found in Delaware’s trunk are part of a narcotics-sting. Essen says that the narcotics division’s under deep-cover in a lot of major drug-dealers organizations. She chastises him, for moving without checking with her first and says the detective will get released immediately.

Fish wakes-up in a motel room bed as Butch sits in a chair next to her, smiling to see she’s okay. She says she’s starving and Butch breaks up laughing, then tells her they need to leave Gotham City immediately. She tells Butch she’s not leaving until she slices the Penguin’s throat.

Harvey tells Jim that the narcotics division’s corrupt from top to bottom, with many GCPD officers running drug-houses, he says that he kept the info from his partner as they had yet to deal with the division, but the road leads right to the top as even the Commissioner gets a cut. He then calls a buddy on the force and gets some information. The two soon arrive at a drug-house, as Delaware’s packing up all the drugs with two other cops, a brawl breaks out until Delaware shows the pair a warrant to search the facility signed by a judge.

Earlier in the episode Ed Nygma gave his crush Kristen Kringle a greeting card and Flass grabbed it off her desk and reads it to some cops and Kristen and all but Kristen laugh as Nygma walks into the stairwell, they’re gathered in. Flass calls him a perv and tells him to stick to his day-job, Ed replies Rodger-Dodger and Flass calls him a weirdo, while Kringle tells him to stop it. Ed walks away and we can start to see a hint of what he’ll eventually become.

Oswald Cobblepot’s brought his mother to Fish’s club telling her it will soon become his, he’s hired a four piece band and his mother and his bodyguard dance. She gets drunk pretty rapidly and Gordon enters the club asking the Penguin if he’s celebrating early. Cobblepot truly likes and respects Jim, you can see it in his facial expressions, just how happy he is to see him. Penguin and Gordon sit down and Jim says the reason he contacted Oswald was for a favor. There’s some dirty-cops he wants to nail and since Maroni runs the drug-trafficking, he’s hoping Penguin can help resolve things. Cobblepot says done and Jim asks what he’s going to owe him for the favor, Penguin says nothing friends do favors for friends, because it’s fun.

Penguin has his henchman take his mother home, then opens a bottle of champagne and gets rip-roaring drunk, he plays with everything in the club, ending up on the stage with a microphone and greeting his soon to come clientele. Suddenly we hear clapping and Cobblepot turns around to see Butch and Fish, with her carrying a metal baseball bat. Across town at the same moment Falcone’s assassin Victor Zsasz, kills Bob for allowing Mooney to escape.

Bruce’s playing chess by himself in the library, when Cat walks in asks what kind of weirdo plays chess against themselves. He tells her he’s glad to see her, tells her he went to Switzerland for a few weeks then gives her a present, a snow-globe containing a village similar to the one he stayed at. She smiles, then he asks her why doesn’t she move into the mansion. Kyle’s afraid of feelings or attachment so she insults the boy, then says she lied and never saw his parents murder. She then leaves through the window.

Penguin’s henchman has Delaware at gunpoint in the detectives own bathroom. The henchman says he believes him and then we see Delaware’s wife come up for air as the mobster had her under the water in their tub. He then pushes the wife under the water and says he needs something more concrete.

Back at Mooney’s club, Fish has Cobblepot kissing her shoes. He says they can work together and she laughs saying he’s an umbrella boy and she took him in and taught him about the crime-racket, she then tells him he’s a nothing. Penguin responds that this “nothing,” outsmarted her at every move and she wasn’t smart enough to realize he worked for Falcone. Right then Victor Zsasz, with his female assassin team enter the club and starts shooting at Gilzean and Fish, they all leave the club, leaving Penguin alone laughing loudly, that he avoided an extremely bad fate.

Butch and Fish run down a hallway, reach a window with a grate on it that Gilzean pulls off then opens the window, telling Mooney to leave and he’ll hold them off. Seconds after she escapes, Zsasz finds Butch shoots him once, then asks his team if they should kill him or take him home and play with him?

Ed’s angrily picking stuff out of some other substance, when Kringle walks in and asks if he’s busy, he coldly responds he is, he’s dissecting onions from his food. She tells Nygma that Flass took the card off her desk and was teasing her by reading it to the guys. She says she thought the gesture was very thoughtful, then walks away, Ed’s ecstatic, saying out loud there’s still hope.

Gordon’s sitting at his desk when Penguin’s henchman puts a brown paper bag with the murder weapon and Delaware on cassette implicating Flass. Gordon then goes up to Flass and tells him he’s under arrest and Arnold responds keep walking mutt, you’ve got nothing. Jim dumps the bags contents on a desk, the bloody icepick and the cassette, says this ought to get you 20-30 upstate.

Arnold asks if he really thinks his boys will allow Gordon to arrest him? This is his house and Gordon quickly corrects him, he’s a drug-dealer and murderer, this is NOT his house.  Gordon then tells the entire squad-room about all the crimes Arnold’s committed and the cops start supporting Gordon. Flass starts to respond when Essen says shut-up Flass and tells him he’s under arrest.

Gordon’s about to head home when Delaware asks if he got the package and please leave his wife and kids out of this. Jim asks him what he’s talking about and Delaware, gets on his knees, begging Gordon to leave his wife and kids alone and it suddenly sinks in, that’s how the henchman got the info. He looks like he’s about to get sick as the episode concludes.

The Story Continues Next Monday Night at 9:00 pm on FOX.

Forever: Diamonds, Diamonds, Who Stole The Diamonds?

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Although NYPD Medical Examiner Henry Morgan, keeps his private life private, the same can be said for his partner on the ABC series “Forever,” Detective Jo Martinez, keeps her off-duty life to herself. We found out in the pilot that her husband died in an accident a few years ago, but precious few details of her life are known by fans of the show. That curtain of mystery, surrounding her, cracked open just a wee bit in the series latest episode, as we got our first glimpse of her late husband New York District Attorney Sean Moore.

Our first image of the evening is a New York City jewelry store, where we see all types of diamond jewelry, as we hear Tony Bennett singing “Rags To Riches,” on the soundtrack. Along with the song, we soon hear the sound of breaking glass as a man in a ski mask’s breaking the display cases and stealing the jewelry. The thief then finds the shop’s lock-box, quickly breaks it open and finds a velvet bag filled with loose diamonds. After he pockets the bag, he reaches above him with his crowbar and smashes the security camera.

We’re now outside in a different part of the city and we see a young blonde-haired men wearing a stocking cap, running as fast as he can. He runs up the steps of one of the brownstone building and raps on the front door, shortly thereafter we realize it’s Detective Martinez’s home as she answers the door, but nobody’s there.

The next morning, Martinez, Detective Mike Hanson and Morgan check out a homicide, of what appears to be a hit and run and we see the victim’s the guy who knocked on Jo’s door the night before. Morgan, informs the detectives, that this wasn’t a hit and run, the car went out of its way to hit the victim, then backed up over him to finish the job.

After Henry’s done his examination of the body he tells Martinez that the victim’s body shows prior damage leading Morgan to believe that the victim had a criminal record. They identify the victim as Aaron Brown, sent to jail in a case prosecuted by Moore. Hanson looks at the file when Martinez leaves the room and wants to kick himself when he realizes that her husband handled the case, that sent Brown to prison for robbing a jewelry store.

Martinez and Morgan interview Brown’s widow and she said her husband turned over a new leaf after he got released from prison, he stayed on the straight and narrow, trying to provide for his wife and son. Jo asks her if he had heard from any of his old cohorts and Mrs. Brown tells her that Aaron wasn’t involved in crime any more. When the widow leaves, Henry asks Martinez why she doesn’t believe Brown became a new man, she responds that in her years on the force, she’s yet to see a former criminal change his stripes.

We get our first flashback of the episode as a graphic tells us we’re visiting London’s Southwark Prison in the year 1816 and we see Henry in one of the cells trying to adjust to his manacles. Suddenly we hear a voice telling Henry to calm down, he’s been transferred from the Insane Asylum to the prison. The man’s a Catholic Priest and tries comforting Henry, a gesture he’s received from no one in many years.

The Priest says Henry appears to be a gentleman and Morgan says he once was, but after spending years locked away, he’s not sure what he is any longer. The Priest asks Morgan if there’s something he wants to get off his chest and Henry laughs, telling the cleric he’d never believe him. The Priest says when he’s ready to talk, he’ll be there to listen and at that point we realize that the Priest’s a prisoner as well, sharing the cell with Morgan.

Back at the station Jo informs Henry, that Brown’s the main suspect in a jewelry heist the night before. They head to the shop and Martinez sees a familiar face, Detective Hugh Dunn, who she attended the Academy with. Morgan then goes through the motions of the thief and as he concludes he says that Brown didn’t rob the store, but got set up to take the fall. Henry says the actual thief’s right-handed and used his left hand to make it appear to be Brown, he then says that the dead man couldn’t have smashed the camera above him as he had a torn ligament that would have kept him to reach that high.

When Henry and Jo return to the station, Lucas informs Morgan that they found the ski mask worn by the thief. He smells the mask and then asks Lucas to smell it and his assistant says it smells like pancakes. Jo and Mike watch the videotape of Brown being questioned and the man questioning him is Sean Moore. Near the end of the tape, Moore takes a call from Jo and tells her he loves and misses her and Martinez looses it and has to run out of the room. Henry comes in seconds later and sees the paused image of the tape and asks Hanson if that’s Jo’s husband.

Morgan finds his partner in front of a vending machine as the machine takes her money but refuses to drop the gum she selected. Her frustration’s immense and she tells Henry she doesn’t want to talk about her husband. Morgan agrees and she asks him why he’s looking for her and he responds he’d like her to smell some perspiration.

After Jo and Hanson identify the smell as pancakes with maple syrup, Morgan informs the detectives, that the odor’s a symptom of untreated diabetes. He then immediately picks out who he believes is their suspect, Brown’s former accomplice Diego Rodriguez, due to his skin discoloration. Mike says that Rodriguez is still in prison, but a call informs them that Rodriguez got let out three months before on good behavior. They have his address as a warehouse.

The three detectives head to the warehouse and find Rodriguez and another guy, who quickly flees the scene as they go after Rodriguez. The three detectives split up and Mike gets shot in the arm, we hear another gunshot and Dunn tells Jo he killed Rodriguez.

When Henry and Lucas perform the autopsy, they find a diamond inside Rodriguez’s abdomen, then soon discover that he swallowed a condom filled with Diamonds. Henry brings the stones to Abe, who tells Morgan that the stones are flawed and not worth much, contradicting the value that the store owner said they were worth.

Jo and Henry go to visit Mike in the hospital and Hanson says the case’s solved, Rodriguez was the thief and killed Brown, but Henry says there’s something wrong as the stones were supposedly much higher quality than the lot found in the abdomen. Mike asks Martinez to summon his doctor as his pain meds are wearing off, then asks Henry to drop the case, as it’s killing Jo.

Henry decides that he and Lucas will do the detective work and they trace Brown’s steps the night he got killed. Morgan realizes the red paint on Brown’s hand came from a red door of the house they just discovered, he knocks at the door and Jo answers it. He tells her he believes Brown knocked on her door the night he died and she recalls going to the door, but no one was there. They then realize that Brown came looking for Sean.

They interview Brown’s widow again and this time Jo tells her that she believes Aaron was an innocent victim and he might have tried to find Jo’s husband the night he got killed. When Mrs. Brown finds out Sean Moore’s Jo’s husband her face lightens up and says that Sean got Aaron’s cell reduced so he could have a life with her and their son. She then tells Jo, she’s got the greatest husband and Martinez thanks her.

The pair end up in a bar and she tells Henry she just wants to drink and stay silent, Henry says he has to say one thing, a splash of water will bring out the full flavor of the rye she’s drinking. After about ten seconds of silence Morgan tells his partner that she needs to deal with Sean’s death sometime and she says she will, but not tonight.

She wakes up the next morning at Henry and Abe’s and asked how she got there, Henry explains Abe picked them up after the bar closed and they brought her to their place so Abe could give her his famous hangover cure. She takes a sip says it’s awful but her head’s clear. Abe believes somebody robbed a statue from his store and Jo asks how much it was insured for and Henry says nothing because the statue was a fake. Abe then says he can use his blanket policy and likely recoup more than the statue’s worth. Immediately Henry and Jo deduce that the store owner may have set the whole thing up, to get a windfall from his insurance company.

When they arrive at the station, Dunn’s there and Martinez tells Dunn she thinks Phil Fleishman, the store owner set the robbery up and Dunn and Jo drive to Fleishman’s store.

Back in 1816, Morgan’s told the Priest his secret and the cleric not only believes him, he says they were both sent to the prison for a reason and the Priest’s reason’s to help Henry. He talks Henry into hanging himself and tells Morgan, that when he’s reborn to move far away and put this life behind. When Henry’s neck breaks, his body vanishes.

Hanson comes into the morgue and suddenly Morgan questions if it was really Rodriguez that shot him, they act out the scenario and realize that Dunn actually shot Mike, then killed Rodriguez and planted the gun on his body. Hugh and Jo are driving to the store when they get a call that Fleishman’s not at his store and must be at his home in the other direction, so Martinez pulls the car around and starts driving the other way. However Dunn blew his cover when he mentions Jo lives in Washington Heights. Her address was kept secret to keep Sean protected, she slips a blue-tooth receiver in her ear and calls Hanson’s cell phone.

Dunn soon realizes she knows what’s going on and pulls his gun on her. Henry tells her to smash the car into an upcoming barrier and make sure she hits the middle of the barrier. She does and survives the crash with just minor abrasions.

She returns to the station and Mike tells her to head home or she can come to his house and have dinner with his wife and children. Jo says she’s heading home, but she grabs the videotape from Brown’s records. She sits at home playing and rewinding the tape, when there’s a knock at the door, Henry thought she could use some company.

They sit on Jo’s front steps each holding a mug and she tells Henry her lost conversation with Sean was an argument, before he traveled to Washington where he got killed. She says she never got to apologize and Morgan tells her they were in love and Sean knew she was sorry.

The Story Continues Tuesday February 3, at 10:00 pm on ABC.