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Wayward Pines: The First Generation Of Wayward Pines

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While many viewers of the FOX Network’s miniseries “Wayward Pines,” might be less than satisfied with the way they wrapped things up, it might have been the appropriate way to end the season. The last few minutes of the series, harkened back, to many episodes of the classic science-fiction anthology series The Twilight Zone, a show that very few episodes concluded with conventional happy endings. Good intentions, nobility and bravery, aren’t always rewarded in life. Sometimes we discover the correct path but still fail to follow it, we overlook the bad and give the title of Savior, to those whose names shouldn’t even get mentioned in the same paragraph the word appears in.

Chapter ten of the story, jumped into action in the opening sequence and kept the viewers on the edge of their chairs, until the screen went black. David Pilcher got pretty ticked off when Sheriff Ethan Burke revealed the truth about Wayward Pines, to all the residents and decided to display his anger by cutting off all the town’s electrical power. Including the power source for the electric fence, keeping the Abbies at bay for the previous 14-years.

We see that the Abbies have breached the perimeter in the opening sequence and they’re heading straight for Main Street. Ethan contacts the complex and speaks with Pam, who confirms what Burke’s already figured out, that her brother cut off all the power to the town. Six Abbies have been found inside the perimeter, the residents gathered on Main Street need to be moved to a secure shelter immediately. Ethan tells everybody gathered to head to Lot 33, where there’s an underground bunker, which should provide them safety from the Abbies.

Ethan, Kate and some of the men head over to the sheriff’s station and Burke starts passing out weapons to them. The two grads of Wayward Pines Academy, locked in a cell ask what’s going on, but their questions are ignored. We move to an interrogation room locked from the outside, where Jason’s body’s being stored and the teen that shot Harold Balinger and three other men to death last week isn’t dead. He comes to but doesn’t say anything.

Ethan tells Kate to finish  passing out the weapons and he’ll meet her at the bunker. They’re just about to leave the station when Jason shows himself through the glass section of the door he’s locked behind. He says that Pilcher’s predicted that this day was coming for a long time. The First Generation of Wayward Pines, would survive the storm in an ark. However  those too weak to swim like her and Harold would die. Kate contemplates shooting Jason dead, but decides it’s not worth the time and they leave.

Ben’s sitting by Amy’s side on her hospital bed when she regains consciousness. He hugs her and tells her how scared he was that he was going to lose her. Just then Theresa enters the room, she says they need to leave immediately, Ben says he won’t leave Amy. Theresa tells her son to find Dr. Carroll the surgeon who operated on Amy.

Pam walks into David’s office and he hugs her and tells her he’s so glad she arrived. He says they have to discuss preparations for reviving Group C and her face registers horror, upon hearing her brother’s words. She tells him that those are their people down on the ground and he has to save them, but he says he wishes he could but it’s too late.

He says the town’s sick and he failed them, but says he won’t make the same mistakes with this new group. He says  the Abbies will leave in the winter and then they can repair the town and start fresh. He says this time he and Pam have to be more hands-on, like in the old days.

Pamela says they’re not having a theoretical discussion, these are real human beings whose lives are in danger. She says Pilcher must turn back on the power and then send his guards down to Main Street to destroy the Abbies. David’s eyes light up when she mentions the guards, he summons two into his office and orders them to put Pam into suspension. He then has the guards round-up all the volunteers and he orders them all to be re-frozen.

Doctor Carroll tells Theresa that it’s too early to move Amy, but Theresa says they have no choice in the matter. Suddenly all the power goes out again in the hospital. Carroll says the generator’s acting up and he’s got to fix it and he’ll be right back.

Main Street’s filled with corpses, some Abbies but mostly humans, we see “Big” Bill, Theresa’s boss at the real estate office become a happy-meal for one of the Abbies. Pilcher watches all the carnage on the monitors in his office, while listening to an opera LP.

Pam and the volunteers are brought to Christina, who heads up the cryogenics process. Pam tries reasoning with her, the head-guard and a younger guard, but Christina cuts her off and says Pilcher’s their savior. Pam smiles and says he’s not a savior or a God, he’s just a man and he’s made a terrible mistake. The community’s thriving, we had a lot of birth’s in the last year. At that point the head guard knocks out Pamela with a Taser unit, the young guard starts to say something and his supervisor says he might want to stay quiet.

Some of the graduates from Wayward Pines Academy come into the sheriff’s office and release the two guys from the cell and Jason. One of them suggests they stay where they are, but Jason convinces them they have to go to the ark. He says that’s the only way they can survive the attack.

Dr. Carroll starts to reboot the generator, but he’s stopped pretty quickly by the Abbie right behind him. Theresa realizes Carroll’s likely not coming back and starts leading Ben and Amy out of the hospital. She reaches around a corner to make sure all’s clear but an Abbie grabs her arm, slicing her arm in the process. Ethan shows up and kills the Abbie with one shot and then he helps them leave the hospital and head to Lot 33.

Kate’s trying to keep one step ahead of the Abbies and goes into her toy store and bolts the door to the back-room. She’s just about to catch her breath, when she hears sounds on the roof. An Abbie falls through the roof and Kate kills it by repeatedly hitting it with a large steel instrument.

She gets out to the street and an Abbie’s munching on Tim the hotel manager. Tim’s still alive and he points to a bag about two-feet in front of Kate that contains the remainder of the bombs that Franklin built. Realizing it’s too late to save Tim, she grabs the bag and runs to Lot 33.

Pamela’s put back into a cryogenic-state. Pilcher watches and we can see the mixed emotions registering on his face as the tube’s she’s encased in get’s filled with the material that will put her back into a state of suspended animation. The rest of the volunteers watch in horror and disbelief.

Most of the town’s residents are in the bunker and Ethan goes over to Megan Fisher and asks her where the tunnels that also occupy the space where they’re at lead to and she says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Burke says he knows that Megan was with Pilcher from the beginning and she says she doesn’t know where they lead to. Kate asks Fisher if she wants everybody to die and Megan says David will save them all.

Burke tells her that Pilcher’s the one trying to kill them, he shut off the power and let the Abbies into Wayward Pines. Fisher says Ethan’s a liar, but Ben yells out that he’s not. He walks up to Megan and says you told us Pilcher watches over all of us, so how could he not realize the power’s off? Ben says you told us this is an ark and one crack can destroy us all, Pilcher’s the crack and we’re all going to drown.

Ben’s words resonate with Fisher and she tells Ethan that the Western tunnel leads to an elevator that she has the code for. She says the elevator will take them to the complex. Burke tells Theresa that he’ll be back soon and he and Kate head to find the elevator.

Jason and his buddies arrive at Wayward Pines Academy and there are a few dozen students waiting there. Jason opens the door to a supply room, stocked to the hilt with everything they can possibly need. Jason says this is the place that the First Generation Of Wayward Pines rides out the storm.

Kate and Ethan take the elevator up and we watch them shoot four guards. The guards with the volunteers hear the gunfire and the head guard runs to help, but the younger one stays behind. As soon as the other guard’s out of sight, the young guard points his weapon at Christina and tells her to wake up Pam.

After taking  out all the guards, Kate and Ethan return to the bunker and tell all the residents they’ll need to take several trips on the elevator, but they’re all heading to the Complex where they’ll be safe. Everybody starts to head to the elevator except for Megan, her husband Brad tells her it’s time to go, but she says she’s staying behind. She says that she saw some students on Main Street and if any show up she wants to let them in. Brad kisses her on the forehead and tells her to stay safe. A few minutes later, there’s a banging on the door and then the doors knocked off it’s hinges and thrown to the floor below. We don’t see Megan get killed but it likely happened quickly.

Most of the residents have made it to the complex, but Ethan asks where Ben and Theresa are and Amy responds they haven’t made it up yet. He takes the elevator back down and gathers the last group including his wife and son, but the elevator screeches to a halt short of the floor. Ben shimmies up to the top of the car and he sees a ladder and the elevator door.

Ben helps everybody out of the car and then reaches down to help his father get out, but Ethan says he’ll catch up with him. He’s got to make sure none of the Abbies can make it to the complex, he tells Ben to go on ahead and he’ll see him soon.

Burke gets all four bombs out of the bag from Tim and connects them all to a detonator. Pilcher’s watching him on his monitor and suddenly his voice is ringing in the elevator. The Abbies are climbing up the walls of the elevator shaft and Pilcher tells Burke he warned him the truth would lead to Wayward Pines destruction, but Ethan wouldn’t listen.

Kate enters Pilcher’s office with her weapon pointed at him and tells him to turn on the fence and nobody else needs to die. He glares at her and says he’s dedicated his entire life to these people and she comes in and tells him what to do? He says she’s only there because he chose to bring her, but she and Burke have to learn it’s not just about one person, it’s for the greater good.

He looks at Kate and chuckles and says she should go ahead and kill him, that she can destroy him but his ideas and legacy will live on, long after he’s gone. Kate says your ideas end today and suddenly we hear a shot, Pam and the surveillance operator entered the office and Pilcher’s sister killed him. The surveillance officer starts restoring power to Wayward Pines.

Ethan’s assembling the bombs and we become aware that the only way he can detonate the bombs is if he remains in the car. He flashes back briefly to Theresa and he giving Ben a birthday cake and he smiles. The Abbies start attacking the elevator, shoving their fists through the floor boards. Ethan hits the button and the car explodes, bursts into flame and falls to the bottom of the shaft. Ben hears the explosion and sticks his head in the shaft and calls for his father. A piece of debris hits Ben on the head and knocks him out.

A few hours have passed, everyone’s safe and starting to calm down. Pam approaches Kate and asks how Ben’s doing and Kate says he’s still unconscious. Kate asks if they have any beds, most of the survivors are exhausted and would love to get some sleep. Pam smiles and says they have beds in the East Wing. Kate says she’d really like to help, but the more information she has, the more help she can offer. The two women take a walk.

Pam shows Kate the suspension tubes and she tells her that in each tube, there’s a person inside, whose yet to be revived and Kate says she almost believes her. Pam says that’s the truth and Kate laughs and says they’ve never said a true word to each other in 12-years. Pam says well now’s a good time to start.

She says that they’ll run things the right way, no more secrets or surveillance. Pam says we are the future of humanity, we’re all that remains. Then the screen goes black for a few seconds. When the picture returns we hear a female voice asking how are you feeling Mr. Burke? Ben’s in a hospital bed and Amy’s wearing a nurse’s uniform, he asks what’s going on and Amy says his doctor will be there shortly and explain everything. Ben asks her why she’s dressed like that and she replies she’s a nurse and graduated two weeks ago.

Ben says you graduated, how long have I been unconscious? She says your doctor will explain everything Mr. Burke. Ben says tell me how long I was out for and what’s with this Mr. Burke routine. Amy lowers her voice and says they’re listening. He asks quietly how long he’s been unconscious and she says three years and four months. She says she tried to talk them out of putting him in suspension with the adults, but they say your father killed the savior.

She says I told them, then corrects herself and says I convinced them that you’re nothing like your father, that’s why they revived you. Ben asks where are his clothes and she says they’ll put him in suspension again and he repeats the question. She gives him a plastic bag with his clothes in it, but begs him to stay. He gets dressed and leaves the hospital.

He goes down to Main Street and there aren’t many people around, he sees a young woman on the other side of the street and one of the guards looks at Ben with a leering smile. Ben sees the merry-go-round is working and sees a young couple and their toddler sitting next to it. Then he looks to his right and gets startled. There’s a statue of Pilcher that’s been erected, he’s holding a book and standing up. The inscription reads,

David Pilcher

Wayward Pines


Jason and the rest of the First Generation Of Wayward Pines, did survive the storm and then they put all the adults in suspension and installed themselves in what they considered their rightful place. In charge of Wayward Pines and in turn, the future of humanity.

The Blacklist: Guess Who Found The Fulcrum?

Photo: Courtesy Of NBC
Photo: Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The NBC series “The Blacklist,”coming off its largest audience ever on Sunday night, settled into its new time-slot on Thursday nights, with the episode broadcast after the Superbowl’s conclusion. We pick up moments after two United States fighter-jets, fired upon a Black-Ops Site, somewhere in the Bering Sea, by order of the Director of the National Security Council with three FBI Agents and Raymond Reddington in the site.

Our first image’s watching Agent Donald Ressler, fighting one of the men holding him and fellow agent Samar Navabi, captive before the airstrike. The two men battle to a draw, then Luther Braxton’s man runs off and Ressler frees Navabi from the chains that imprisoned her. They soon find Reddington, who just regained consciousness and he tells them Braxton escaped, taking Liz hostage.

Back at Task Force Headquarters, Aram Mojtabai tells Assistant FBI Director Harold Cooper, that they’ve received no radio contact from the site and are clueless about any survivors. Cooper wants to send a search and rescue team out there, but the NSC Director’s Liaison Kat Goodson, says that the site doesn’t exist and without any signal from survivors she’s unable to do that.

Liz wakes up in a chopper and asks if Agents, Ressler, Navabi and Red are okay and she soon sees she’s talking to Braxton, who says he could care less. He asks her how it feels she has information worth dying in her pretty little head and Keen says she doesn’t know a thing. Braxton tells her she knows and he’ll get the answers.

Red’s able to rig an SOS signal from the Black-Ops Site, rescuing Raymond and the two agents as well as two of the facilities guards, including the one that helped Reddington earlier. Aram’s able to get some sightings of Braxton and they’ve narrowed down the vicinity he and Liz are in. While Ressler and Samara follow Aram’s info, Reddington breaks off on his own.

Braxton landed the helicopter on the helipad of Grace River Hospital, Keen’s strapped to a gurney with one of Braxton’s men’s hand’s over her mouth. The gang come in with weapons raised, they get the drugs they came for and head off for Braxton’s hideout. Braxton tries waterboarding Keen to get the answer, but his Minister Of Pain says, if she’s got any memories, they’re deeply repressed, Luther knows just the women that can help.

The phone rings and Braxton thinks it’s one of his men, instead it’s Raymond and Luther starts laughing saying this is the second time he’s going to defeat the great Raymond Reddington. Red compliments him on his skills as a thief, calling him meticulous, however Luther has problems improvising and that’s what he has to do now and that’s how Red will catch him.

The NSC Director meets with the extremely unhappy members of the extremely powerful clandestine organization, whose lives would turn chaotic if the Fulcrum’s released. Many say that the Director assured them that by taking out the Black-Ops Site the problem would get eliminated and ask where’s Reddington. He apologizes for the failure of the air-strike and admits Reddington’s whereabouts are unknown, but once again assures him he’s got the Fulcrum situation under control.

Braxton kidnaps the child of a hospital psychologist that’s involved in blocking traumatic memories and replacing them with pleasant ones. The doctor, Selma Orchid treated him when he returned from the Gulf War and blocked some of his worst memories. He tells the doctor her son’s life depends on her extracting memories from Keen.

Red gathers together all of Luther Braxton’s business associates in a conference room and tells them that their working relationship with Braxton’s ended. He also says that, he will reach out to one of them in that room and when he does, they’re to call the number he’s provided, asks any questions and starts to turn away. There’s always one dimwit, in every situation and this one says, what’s in it for us? Reddington brusquely spit out your lives and left the room.

The drugs that Braxton obtained at the hospital are given to Liz and Dr. Orchid talks her back 26-years, to the traumatic night when she was just four-years-old that she’s blocked-out. The doctor tells her they’re going back and Keen starts to cry she doesn’t want to, however Orchid eases her fears. She puts her through an exercise and takes her back 26-years, we see four-year-old Lizzie standing there with her eyes closed and as the doctor counts down from three we see her open them.

The doctor asks Keen what she sees and she responds a little girl, whom she acknowledges is herself at four-years-old. A man says to the little girl it isn’t safe and stay here and he puts her in a closet, we see the adult Liz sitting next to her and the little girl’s holding a live bunny. She asks the toddler if he hears her and the little girl clasps her hand, we hear a man and woman talking, but it’s distorted, however, the man’s voice’s not Reddington’s.

All of a sudden the rabbit jumps out of little Lizzie’s hands and she runs to the back of the closet to get it and Keen chases her, suddenly they’re in the snow laughing and the little girl looks all excited as she sees her father, but Liz misses his face. They’re back in the closet when Keen decides, to go out through the closet’s front door, Little Lizzie, tries pulling her back in then finally runs back into the closet herself. Keen starts seizing and Orchid has to give her a shot to bring her back, when she awakens, she’s wide-eyed and said my father, I saw my father.

Of course the guy who hears from Braxton’s the wise-guy from the previous, meeting and he hands Red a device containing information about an off-shore bank-account that he wants Reddington to pay him a finders-fee, for turning in Braxton. Raymond says that perhaps he doesn’t understand, but Braxton’s holding a hostage that he wants to save. The guy looks at his girlfriend, then tells Red that another 15-seconds won’t hurt anything, Raymond gives Dembe a nod and seconds later he tells Red it’s completed.

The man tells Red that Braxton needed a place to meet an important person in a safe spot and gives him the address, Reddington looks at it, puts it in his pocket, then pummels the man’s face while his girlfriend groans. Raymond looks at her and says he’s right another 15-seconds won’t hurt and hits him again.

The room where Liz’s treatment’s taking place just has three occupants, Keen, Orchid and Braxton’s guard, when Orchid’s cellphone rings and it’s her young son, Luther soon gets on and says the doctor’s got until 9:00 pm. After Braxton hangs up, Orchid says that’s too soon but Liz says she wants to get the information, for herself, so she finally knows what went on that night.

Braxton shows up for his meeting and lo and behold it’s the Director, who’s trying to obtain the Fulcrum from him. Luther tells the Director that his price went up ten percent, after the artillery attack he survived. He said to the Director to have the money and get ready to meet at 9:00 pm.

As Braxton walks out to his Mercedes, he sees Red there, waiting for him. He pulls out a pistol, but quickly hears the click of Dembe’s gun behind him, his shoulders slump and he just says Son Of A B. Red then tells Braxton he barely remembers Belgrade, but this will be engraved in his memory for the rest of his days.

Red and Dembe take out the two guards on the stairs and then kill the guard in the room. Raymond tells Dr. Orchid she’s in no danger and asks how Liz is and what she remembers, Orchid says bits and pieces but we were so close. Reddington asks while she’s still under the drug can she go any further and Orchid says if they’re cautious and don’t push her. Raymond starts talking to Liz inside the closet and suddenly we hear a gunshot in the house that little Lizzie’s in and then smoke starts to seep through the closet. Keen tells the little girl she knows she just saw something awful, but there’s a fire and she needs to scream for help and they both scream together, we’re rushed through a blurry room and there’s nobody recognizable. Suddenly Liz wakes up looks at Red and says you were there.

Red and Liz talk as she starts to regain her bearings and she says they were arguing about the Fulcrum. Then she says you came in with that woman and those people looking for the Fulcrum, then you left my father to die in a burning house. Red’s eyes fill-up and he says a four-year-olds memories can be complicated, but she cuts him off. She says you came into my life because of the Fulcrum and you came back into my life for the Fulcrum, you’ve never cared for me, just the information I had. Then she said that all his charm and pretend caring didn’t work because she knows what he is, then tells him to leave her alone.

Red meets the Director and the NSC chief quickly loses his smugness, when he sees Braxton hanging on a hook like a side of beef. Red tells him you sent a thief to get what I had all along and you can see what I did with him, the Director asks if Reddington has any idea who he’s talking to and Red tells him all too well, the tells him he possess and has always possessed the Fulcrum. The Director says he believe Raymond’s bluffing and he’s going to hunt him down and skin him alive. Red just looks the Director right in the eyes and says, please call my bluff, PLEASE, call my bluff, then chuckles.

The next scene’s Ressler and Navabi in a room with a TV set and Donald says check this out, as Kat Goodson’s conducting a press-conference about the air-attack on the Black-Ops Site and Raymond Reddington’s whereabouts, are once again unknown.

Liz back in her apartment goes through the precious few possessions she’s got of her childhood and she pulls out the charred stuffed bunny, we’ve seen off and on throughout the past two seasons. However, this time, Liz notices something stuck inside her childhood toy, the Fulcrum.

The Story Continues Next Thursday, at 9:00 pm on NBC.

Gracepoint: And Danny Solano’s Killer Is….

Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/FOX
Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Creepytown,” got a whole lot creepier as the final episode of the FOX “Ten-Part Event Series,” “Gracepoint” concluded Thursday night and we finally found out who killed ten-year-old Danny Solano, sending the village into an uproar. The short answer to that question is, it’s complicated, a series of events led to the young boy’s death and in the end, it destroyed two families. I have to admit to feeling misled by the miniseries show-runners, as well as the star of the series David Tennant, who proclaimed that the American version of the British show “Broadchurch,” wouldn’t duplicate the ending of the original.

Technically, they didn’t which keeps me from saying they outright lied. However if those statements weren’t released, I would have refrained from exploring how the British series concluded. Unfortunately, that exploration cost me the shock most viewers likely felt when the hour ended. And in the end, it sullied the one person who was the most empathetic character on the show.

The episode opens with Gracepoint Detective Emmett Carver, getting an examination for his faulty ticker. We move to the Chief’s office, as the head of the department sits there with a binder labeled examination finding. As we’ve known for weeks, Carver flunks the exam and gets ruled as unfit for duty. The Chief tells Carver he’s got no choice, the detective asks for the rest of the day before he hands inn his badge. The Chief tells him, he’s assigning the case to Ellie Miller and Carver responds that’s a bad choice, but he’ll be out by 6:00 pm.

We find Detective Miller interrogating the case’s prime suspect, Mark Solano’s assistant Vince Novik, and she tells him a new witness stepped forward, saying they saw Vince putting a body into the Solano van, which he uses as his regular car. Novik says his mother needs her meds and probably hasn’t eaten since breakfast the day before, unless Ellie sends someone to check on her, he’ll remain silent.

Carver tells Ellie to get someone to check on Mrs. Novik and asks if she brought in her son Tom’s computer. She replies her son claims it got stolen, and Carver informs her that he’s got her son and husband waiting in a room for questioning. She asks why she wasn’t told and he responds he’s telling her now.

Tom and Joe are waiting for Carver when he arrives, he sets up a video camera to record the interview, but it quickly runs out of tape so he records it on his cell-phone. He says to Tom that his mother says someone took his computer and the boy replies someone from school stole it, Carver then pulls out Tom’s laptop in a plastic bag. Carver says he got it from Reverend Paul Coates, who claims that Tommy said he would tell the police that the priest hit Danny. He asks him if he saw Coates hit his friend, has heard that Paul struck Danny, or knows of anyone that hit Danny and the boy responds no to all the questions.

Carver then asks Tommy why he destroyed his laptop and he says to get rid of e-mails from Danny, then realizes his efforts were in vain as they recovered them from the hard drive. He then tells him that Danny used a different e-mail address than his normal account, that Tom and only one other person got messages from. Carver starts reading the e-mails from Danny and we see that Solano had been dissing his friend for a while. The last message from Danny told Tom to stay away from him, that he’s a follower, even his own father’s bored with him but Tommy’s yet to realize it.

Carver then asks the boy if that last remark hurt his feelings and Tom responded it did hurt a little bit, then the detective asked if it made him feel like physically hurting Danny? Joe steps in at that point, announcing the interrogation’s over and if Carver wants to talk with his son again, they’re getting an attorney. The detective says he finished his questions but then asks Tom and Joe their shoe sizes, which are six and ten, respectively.

The next scene open with Ellie and Emmett on the beach and he tells her that a kids camp used to stand at the edge of one of the cliffs, he looked for it when he took the job. He then reveals he vacationed there with his mom and dad during his childhood. Carver asks Miller what Novik’s explanation and she says he claims he’d carried a small deer, he’d hunted at night and cut through a farmer’s fence. She then says that Joe called and said everything went fine and he took Tommy out for ice-cream and asks her superior, if that’s true. He doesn’t respond, answering his cell phone instead, one of the officer’s discovered Danny’s smart-phone on and they’ve got a fix on where the signal emanates, Carver asks for it to be forwarded to his phone. He tells Miller to get back to the station and he’ll meet her there later.

We follow Carver’s journey, past the church where Reverend Coates prays, then we see a man from the back looking like he’s texting. He pulls into the driveway of a home, starts to go to the door then realizes the person with the phone’s in the separate garage. Out walks Joe Miller who tells Carver he’ll tell him everything.

As Miller talks to the detective in the interrogation room, we see what took place the night of Danny’s murder. Danny rides his skateboard to the Harvey Ridge Hut, meeting Joe there. Miller tells Carver that’s the first time they met at night, Danny used to come to the Miller home afternoons, with Tom at soccer practice and Dylan taking his afternoon nap. They’d met together for about three months, Danny originally showed up looking for Tom, upset that Mark had hit him in front of the soccer team and they talked things through and things escalated from there. He said that he never molested the boy but developed deep feelings for him.

The Millers returned from their vacation in Spain that day and they made plans before the trip to meet at the hut that night. Joe kept telling Danny how great it was to see him and he really missed him, then gives the boy a Maraca, as a present. He starts to rub Danny’s face and the boy said no. Miller told Carver he backed right off, but we see that he tries to convince the boy that it’s okay, Danny pushes him away and runs out the door.

Joe says Danny threatened to jump off the cliff, but he talked him out of it. Danny tells Joe he’s sick and Miller admits he is, but Danny’s fine and nobody needs to know about anything, he can pretend that they barely know each other. Danny then gets more upset at that solution and says he’s going to tell his parents and starts to run away. Miller then tells Carver that he grabbed Danny’s sweatshirt and the boy fell banging his head on the rocks and dying instantly. We then watch Miller clean the hut, put Danny’s body in the boat, cut the lock and chain off it and takes the body to the other shore where he dumped it along with the skate board. He heads back to the hut for a once-over and sees Mark and Gemma Fisher get together for their one-night affair.

Miller also admits that he gave Danny the five hundred dollars to pay his cellphone bill in cash and he got the phone for the boy, telling Ellie he needed it for household expenses. The only thing that doesn’t ring true is the autopsy showed that Danny died by getting hit with one blow by a blunt object. If he’s running and tripped, it’s unlikely that would have caused that injury.

A quick aside; at this point I’m madder than a wet hen, as except for the method of death, this is exactly the scenario that played out on “Broadchurch,” as the British Joe Miller strangled the boy to death. Carver walks into Ellie’s interrogation of Novik with a uniform, announces into the tape recorder interrogation ends at 12:43 pm and tells the officer to get Novik out of there, Miller looking shocked at the turn of events.

She asks him what’s going on and he asks her where she was when Danny Solano got killed and she asks if Carver thinks she killed him? The detective says they’re going to play by simple rules, he’ll ask her questions and she’ll provide him answers and once again asks about her whereabouts that night. She tells Carver they just returned from their vacation and she felt wiped, she bathed Dylan put him in his crib then took a sleeping pill and went to bed at 9:00 pm. Emmett asks if she knows what time Joe went to bed and he says the sleeping pill makes her incoherent.

Carver then tells Miller that Novik didn’t kill Danny, they’ve got a suspect in custody, that’s admitted to being responsible. Emmett starts to come sit next to Ellie and she asks him why he’s coming closer to her? Carver then tells her that Joe killed Danny and the news doesn’t register right away. She says he’s lying and he denies it, says it can’t be true and he says it is. We watch her face as the news sinks in and she runs to the waste basket and vomits. She then starts crying not Joe, as she accepts the news as reality.

She tells Carver she needs to see him, needs to hear him admit it. Carver walks her to the room, telling her not to touch him or do anything to jeopardize the case. She enters her face a mask of rage as Joe apologizes to her, she says he was just 12-years old, he says he realizes that and he doesn’t understand how this happened and she repeats herself. He then says he loves her and wants her to know he’s a good man, that pushes her over her limit. She screams he’s not a good man, then starts pummeling him and kicking him repeatedly as he falls to the floor. Carver and the uniform come in and pull Miller off her husband and out of the room.

She tells Carver that she doesn’t understand any of this and he replies that Joe says the same thing, he claims it’s some part of him that came to the surface he’d been unaware of. She rhetorically asks if he’s always had this sickness and Carver just looks down. He then tells her this isn’t her fault and he’s arranged a room with double beds in a nearby motel, draw the blinds and shut out the world. He then tells her only answer the phone if the call’s from him.

The mother and children arrive at the motel and Miller tries to make the best of the situation asking Tom if he likes the room, he asks her if she’s going to tell him what’s going on? She tells him yes, but first she needs to get his brother settled, Tommy goes into the bathroom and sits on the floor, looking fearful. She enters a bit later sits on the floor next to her son and tells him they caught Danny’s killer and Joe confessed to everything. Tommy screams no, that his father couldn’t do that and she tells him that it’s true.

She tells her son that it’s not any of their faults that Joe did this, then asks her son if Joe ever touched him or Dylan inappropriately and Tommy denies it and shows the disgust on his face. She apologizes and he asks her how she could even ask that question. She apologizes again and she says she just doesn’t get it and he tells her she’s correct, in a way that indicates Ellie’s unaware of the whole truth. She then flashes back to the CSI investigation of Harvey Ridge Hut and the investigator telling her there’s size six footprints all around the place and she asks Tommy if he knows something he’s yet to tell her?

We once again return to the night Danny died and we see that Tom followed Joe out the door, saw his father hug Danny outside the hut then listened to the conversation. When Danny runs out Joe chases him, but Tom steps out with a canoe paddle asking his father what he’s doing and attempting to whack Joe with it. Danny stops running and tells Tommy no, when the backswing of the paddle smacks him in the head killing him instantly. Joe and Tommy look at each other and Miller tells his son to go home, go to bed and don’t say anything, this is Joe’s fault. Ellie then hugs Tommy.

Carver informs the department personnel and then heads over to the Solanos to inform them. When they find out, Chloe cries, Beth asks about Ellie and Carver says she was clueless. Mark gets up and walks out the door, we assume to confront Miller at the jail. That’s confirmed as an officer tells Mark he’s got five minutes and a slot opens the door putting the men face to face. Mark’s incredulous, he’s Joe’s friend they’ve been at each other’s houses, how could he do this. Miller apologizes but says it started after Mark hit Danny at soccer practice and Solano admits that’s a pain he’ll live with forever. He then tells Joe that he knows he molested Danny and he’d better hope he’s locked up for a long time.

There’s a knock at the motel room door and it’s Owen, whose going to watch the boys as Ellie goes out for a while. She first heads to the Solano home, Beth sees her in the bedroom, closes the drapes and comes out the front door, her eyes brimming with tears and looking like she’s going to hit Ellie. She asks Miller how she didn’t know then storms away and goes back in the house. She then goes to the jail and talks with Joe, telling him what Tommy told her. She asks if that’s what he meant that he’s a good man and he asks his wife what she wants him to do? She asks if she now knows every detail and he confirms she does, she looks him in the eye and says that he’s never to tell anybody about Tommy’s involvement.

Although I totally understand Miller’s motivation as a mother to keep her son out of any further involvement, I can’t say I agree with it. Tommy attempted to save his friend, not hurt him and certainly any District Attorney or Judge would clearly see that and the boy could get publicly exonerated, making things far easier to live with. I also lost respect for Ellie Miller for that decision as she’s truly been the one empathetic soul in this village.

The funeral takes place the following day, with Reverend Paul Coates trying to heal the community, Carver’s in attendance but Ellie’s not. They meet later that evening sitting on the beach, she tells him she’s going to take the kids to a new town and get a fresh start. She jokes they now comprise the ex-detectives club. A procession of mourners arrive at the spot Danny’s body ended up, Mark and Beth light a funeral pyre in their son’s honor, soon we see other fires springing up all around the shore for miles. Mark asks Paul if this is his doing and Coates said he might have spread the word and the word’s good.

Carver’s walking back to the inn, when his phone rings and it’s his daughter Julianne, he called her earlier to ask the date of her graduation and tell her he’s going to undergo the corrective heart surgery and would she take care of him while he recovers. She tells him her graduation’s June 11, and she’ll gladly be his Florence Nightingale. He says he shouldn’t have asked but she tells him of course she’ll be at his side when they slice him open. They end the conversation and he accidentally clicks onto the footage of the interview with Tom and he notices before the boy answered if he saw anybody hit Danny, he looked to Joe first before answering. Carver knows something’s a miss and calls Ellie but she doesn’t pick up, the look in his eyes grows in intensity, will Carver put all the pieces together? We’ll never know that answer as the series ends there.

Although the first three episodes dragged, the miniseries picked up momentum in number four and finished strongly. My only complaint’s to the show-runners and Mr. Tennant for releasing their respective statements, that way I would’ve gotten shocked at the conclusion.

Forever: Royal Scam Leads To Murder

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

After a one-week hiatus, the ABC series “Forever,” returned to the airwaves on Tuesday night, with an episode that pushed all the right buttons; a murder in which the spotlight shown on numerous suspects, a flashback to the year 1957 and an ending that left viewers with their mouths agape and wishing they broadcast the next episode immediately. The main theme of this installment, resonated strongly with Dr. Henry Morgan, as the victim had reinvented himself from a working class guy born in Oklahoma, to a member of English nobility. Morgan’s quite familiar with reinventing one’s identity, a process he’s undergone perhaps dozens of times in his over 200-years on this planet.

We start out a nouveaux-rich mansion, where we see a banquet’s about to take place. We focus on a young couple, discussing the affair, the man whose the intended groom complains that the party’s not the intimate little gathering that her father promised. The bride to-be, Emily Sontag, tells her British fiancée Colin, that the word intimate doesn’t exist in her dad’s vocabulary. Colin then says instead of getting married at his family’s castle in England they should elope, but Emily’s pining for her royal-wedding at the castle, he reminds her he’s a viscount, nobility not royalty. Colin seems nervous, as if things aren’t what they appear to be.

Emily’s father Norman Sontag, a self-made man, who owns a textile-mill in New Jersey, retains his blue-collar demeanor as Colin thanks his future father-in-law for the lovely event. Sontag says wait until you see the wedding, my little princess deserves a castle and you’ll provide that right? Colin once again looks uncomfortable as the scene ends. Turns out Colin had reasons to feel uncomfortable as he’s found dead in a Central Park fountain the next morning.

Detectives Martinez and Hanson are on the scene and Hanson says this case seems tailor-made for Henry, but Jo tells him that it’s Henry’s day off. At that moment Morgan and Abe, are eating Sunday breakfast and Abe’s scouring the obituaries, looking for possible antique owners. His face shows some pain and he says oh no, turns out his best friend when Abe was 12-years-old, Lyle Ames just passed away. Henry barely remembers the name and Abe tells him they were friends when the family lived on 69th and 2nd.

The phone rings and Henry answers it to find Jo on the other end, telling him they’ve got one of his, an English Aristocrat with ties to royalty, after checking with Abe, Morgan tells Martinez he’ll be right there. When he arrives we find Colin’s suffered a severe blow to the back of his head, and an even deeper gash to his carotid artery. But as Henry investigates the victim’s remains, he realizes that Colin’s not a viscount, he’s an out-and-out phony. When they get back to Henry and Lucas’ office, we’re informed Colin was actually an American as Henry’s determined by the shape of his soft palate. It indicates that he spoke like most Americans do.

Henry then examines the victim’s suit and notices a special stitching technique, used by just one tailor in New York City, Morgan’s personal tailor Arturo. The pair travel to see Arturo and he recognizes Colin as a regular customer, who always paid in cash and picked up all his suits but one, the tuxedo for his upcoming wedding. He directs them to the Wedding Registry on the second floor.

The events of the case cause Morgan to flashback to 1957, when Henry his wife Abigail and 12-year-old Abraham, lived in that apartment on 69th and 2nd, as Henry’s attempting to add some grey to his temples, to make him appear that he’s aging. Abigail makes fun of him, but Henry’s concerned someone will find out about his secret and they’ll need to move again. Abigail assures them that they’re perfectly safe and nobody’s going to out him.

They meet the head of the Bridal Registry, a young English woman named Patricia Bedard, who seems quite taken aback when she hears of Colin’s murder. She gives Martinez the information on Emily Sontag, but Henry notices bumps on a bike-messenger’s calves and follows him out to the street. The guy realizes Morgan wants something from him, then Henry asks if he can have a closer look at the messenger’s legs. The guy’s about to start beating on Henry, when Jo arrives and flashes her badge, then Morgan tells her, this man has the same marks found on Colin. The messenger says it’s referred to as chain-burn and it’s a common hazard in his profession. Henry produces the picture of Colin and asks the messenger if he recognizes him, but he probably knew him with blonde-hair. The messenger looks for a few seconds and that look of recognition flashes in his eyes, he says the guy’s Dwight Diziak, whom he used to work with until about a year-ago, when he just vanished.

We find out that Dwight’s from Oklahoma, got pushed from foster home to foster home as a kid and has a criminal record. They decide to reveal all this information to Emily when they talk to her, to see if she could’ve been involved in the con. Sontag’s clearly distraught over his death and seemingly shocked by the scam he was pulling. She’s got a doorman and security footage to verify she never left her apartment the night before.

Abe’s getting dressed in his best suit and it turns out he’s heading to Lyle Ames’ funeral and would like Henry to join him as his wing-man, apparently there’s a woman from his childhood he expects to be there. Morgan’s rather appalled at the idea that Abe would use a funeral as a pick-up spot and declines going. He instead heads back to the lab and Lucas found some ripped paper in Dwight’s suit pocket, he pieced it together and it was a torn-up check for a million dollars to Colin from Norman Sontag. Lucas comments on how hard a life one would have constantly looking over their shoulder. That in turn sends us back to 1957.

Abigail and Henry are walking in Central Park and Morgan’s enjoying the changing of the seasons and the crispness in the air. His wife responds, that it’s a sign that everyone aged a year, including him, then laughs at him as his grey hair is now on his shoulders. A man with a crutch looks at Morgan with recognition and Abigail kisses her husband, as she heads off to her shift at the hospital.

As Henry prepares to head home, the man shouts out Dr. Henry Morgan and Morgan turns around. The guy looks him straight in the eyes and says it sure is you, I saw you get hit by an artillery shell on Normandy, I was standing right next to you and my leg got wrecked by a piece of it, but you look a lot better than me. Henry tries a lousy American accent and says you got the wrong guy, but the veteran shouts after him that Morgan’s the most authentic looking ghost he’s ever seen.

Martinez and Morgan head to Norman Sontag’s mansion and he’s just ripping Dwight from stem-to-stern, calling him a sociopath and other terms of endearment. Henry asks how Sontag hurt his back and the factory-owner says he threw it out playing golf. They then asks when was the last time he saw Dwight and Sontag says as the party concluded, which was about 10:00 pm, then makes some reference that the young man was a native of Oklahoma. Jo asks how he knew that, as they didn’t tell him or his daughter that. Henry then realizes Dwight came back, Norman threw him up against a wall, but the younger man in better shape knocked Sontag onto his desk, hurting his back in the process. He then pulled his seven-iron from the golf-bag next to his desk and whacked Dwight in the head with it. Sontag says he needs to speak to his lawyer and the three head to the station.

Sontag’s corporate attorney Peter Guzik, gives Morgan and Martinez, a typed out scenario of what Sontag admits to doing. The factory-owner says that Dwight returned two hours later, confessed to the entire scam, but he’d fallen in love with Emily. He doesn’t want any money or property, he’s just going to admit to Emily what he did and beg her to forgive him and marry him. He then said that Diziak left the house bloody, but alive.

Back at square one, Henry notices the catalog from the store that Arturo works at and includes the Bridal Registry and realizes that all of Dwight’s clothes come from that store. Jo theorizes perhaps he had a Henry Higgins, as she played Eliza Doolittle in a school production of My Fair Lady. They get records of the purchases and they were all bought with Patricia Bedard’s employee discount. Henry reminds that My Fair Lady’s based on Pygmalion, a story about a sculptor who makes the perfect statue and fell in love with it. Dwight was Bedard’s Pygmalion, she called off from work and she’s not in her home when they raid the place. But they see all the evidence that links Dwight and Patricia in the con-job they were pulling and they believe she killed Dwight in a fit of jealousy. Seems logical, but we’re just at the 38 minute mark. Henry then says she hasn’t gone on the run as her pictures are still on her desk.

Which leads us back to our final flashback of the evening as Henry and Abigail gather their possessions, running from Henry’s past yet again. Abigail says she just needs to pack-up their pictures and they’ll be ready, Henry looks exasperated but she says in a serious tone, these can’t get replaced. She then asks Henry if he’s told Abraham they’re moving and Morgan says he’s got a friend over and didn’t want to bother them. He enters the room to see his son and another boy under a tent, they fashioned out of a blanket each holding flashlights. The other boy asks Abraham to tell him about it and he says it’s the best day of his life. The other boy says he can’t wait until he gets his first kiss and Abraham says, don’t worry Lyle, it’ll happen soon. Then Lyle says Fawn Mahoney’s a “Real Tomato,” and Abraham says that’s she his, he’s going to marry that girl someday.

Henry arrives at the shop just as Abe’s leaving for the funeral and Henry tells him that he’ll play wing-man, a first kiss is really special and it’s his fault they moved. When we arrive at the cemetery, it suddenly becomes apparent that Fawn Mahoney’s the widow of Lyle Ames and Abe’s going to attempt to hit on her right then. Henry’s disgusted but then sees Emily Sontag and Peter Guzik walking from another plot and he surmises it’s Dwight’s funeral that day as well. However then he sees Patricia and tells Abe they need to follow her, Abe gives his card to Fawn’s grandson and tells him to tell her it’s from an old friend.

Bedard’s captured and admits that she and Dwight were in on the con together and in love, but he came back from getting assaulted by Sontag and told her the con’s off, that he’d fallen in love with Emily and that he was heading to her to confess all and hope she’d still marry him. She asks where they found his body and she tells them that’s the spot he proposed to Emily.

They head to the spot and Lucas and Henry reenact the crime and realize that Emily’s far too small and light to have killed him with the gold tipped pen, they realize was the murder weapon, which for those of you not counting at home, leaves us one suspect, Sontag’s attorney Peter Guzik. Martinez brings Emily in for questioning and tells the lawyer they found the murder weapon. The plan worked and they smoked him out as he dug up the pen and they witnessed then arrested Guzik. He’d always been in love with Emily and apparently snapped when Norman told him what Dwight had pulled.

Abe’s in the shop with his back to the door, when he hears it open and shouts out we’re closed. A woman’s voice says Abraham and it’s Fawn Mahoney Ames, he says he’s surprised she remembers him and she replies he was the only other man she kissed besides her husband. Abe asks her if she’d like to have coffee and she reminds him she just buried her husband two days before. But she tells him she’s just 20-blocks away and sure, she’ll be back in the area soon.

Jo and Henry, satisfied having caught their man, and she tells him with great affection, that he’s the most perplexing man she’s ever met. He’s fanatically private, nearly a medical-savant and buys tailored clothes on a Medical Examiner’s salary. He says I might as well level with you, I’m Hank Morgan from Ohio. She laughs and he gets in a taxi.

The mood changes immediately, when we hear the voice of the driver, it’s Henry’s stalker “Adam,” the man who claims to have the same condition as Morgan but he’s two thousand years old. He then says buckle-up Doc, wouldn’t want you to get injured, automatically locks all the buttons and drives away.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on ABC. 

Gotham: Don’t Mistake Bravery For Good Sense

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The Fox freshman series “Gotham,” broadcast their Fall Finale Monday night, in an episode, action-packed from the start, concluding with Detective Jim Gordon and a young Bruce Wayne, lots of lessons along the way. The detective and the boy-billionaire share the same philosophy, right can defeat might and that goodness always triumphs in the end. As the series takes the rest of the calendar year off, at least one of them may question that philosophy as the episode ended.

We also saw that underneath the genteel exterior of the Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth, lurks a man who seems to have gone through MI5 training with James Bond. Although the Batman Mythos, always hinted that Pennyworth came from a military background, but we’ve never witnessed a display such as this one in other versions of the tale. Although I thoroughly enjoyed Michael Caine in the Christopher Nolan films, Sean Pertwee makes the screen crackle whenever he’s on camera.

Selina Kyle, who prefers the name Cat’s a guest at Wayne Mansion, as Jim Gordon asked Alfred and Bruce to keep her hidden until ADA Harvey Dent could build a strong enough case against Industrialist Dick Lovecraft, to try him for the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne. Cat witnessed the killing and says she could identify the triggerman.

This episode opens with a woman whose appearance screams Assassin on the grounds of Wayne Manor, when a groundskeeper sees her and asks if he can help her. She asks if it’s the Wayne Estate and he confirms it, then offers to guide her back to the main road, she smiles at him and tells him she’s where she’s supposed to be, then swiftly snaps the man’s neck. Two male accomplices, both wearing leather outfits arrive and she barks out open him, they slit his torso and she smears some of his blood on her forehead.

Bruce’s trying to conquer his fear of heights by walking the third floor bannister, Cat gives him some tips that help, then he climbs off. She says he should join her climbing the midtown bridge, then she asks if he wants to kiss her and he responds no thank you. She knows he’s fibbing so she says no, sarcastically and he explains that he’d like to, but feels she’s got ulterior motives. She tells him he thinks too much, she was just trying to act nice and he tells her she’s not a nice person. He says she’s a good person, but she really doesn’t want to help others, she responds by saying screw you orphan, climb the bridge yourself.

Front door rings, Alfred opens it and it’s the female assassin, with a blanket wrapped around her and saying she got in a car accident. Alfred invites her in and kids come down stairway, as soon as woman sees Cat, her eyes give her away and Alfred tells Bruce and Cat to run, then slugs the woman in the jaw. The two men enter and one goes with the woman to find Cat, while Alfred battles the other, with the criminal holding a pistol and Pennyworth staving him off with a wooden stick, knocks the gun out of his hand and the guy runs. Gunfire ensues, Alfred gets winged but he kills one of the men, but the kids and the other two assassins are gone.

Gordon arrives in the next scene and Alfred blames everything on him and bringing Kyle to the house, but Jim says that’s not certain. Seconds later proves Alfred correct as Harvey Bullock walks in and says Kyle’s mug-shot was the only thing found on him. Then Jim has to tell Harvey everything about his arrangement with Dent, trying to keep Selina safe so she can testify and of course Bullock blows up and for good measure Alfred calls Jim a plank, the two detectives split up to expand the search and Pennyworth joins Harvey.

Cat and Bruce out maneuver the pair after them and they’re right outside of Gotham City, Kyle tells Bruce that the assassins were after her not him, how could they know she’s hiding there. Bruce now panic-stricken says he needs to call Alfred, Cat tells him as soon as she gets him safely hidden she’ll find him a phone.

We travel to the estate of Carmine Falcone, as two of his goons bring in a guy with a black hood over his head and it’s Oswald Cobblepot, as the henchmen leave we can see that Falcone’s legitimately angry. He asks Penguin how did Maroni know where Falcone kept his money and Cobblepot swears that Maroni didn’t hit the armory, that it may have been someone in his own employ. The Crime-Boss says that Cobblepot’s hatred of Fish Mooney may cloud Penguin’s judgment and right then Mooney’s mole Liza walks in with a tray of tea, Carmine asks her to return later. Penguin says he’ll find the mole in Falcone’s organization, even though he’s well aware that Liza’s the guilty party.

Gordon heads to Harvey Dent’s office saying Lovecraft’s disappeared, Dent says he’s struck out trying to find him as well. Gordon didn’t tell Dent where he was hiding Kyle or her name, he asks the ADA if he mentioned Gordon’s name. Dent responds that he never said his name out loud, but he whispered it to some trustworthy sources. Gordon then tells Dent, if either kid gets a scratch it’s all on Dent and storms out of the office.

Bullock and Pennyworth have a teenaged guy in the interrogation room and the kid’s playing games so Alfred peels off a c-note and gives it to the kid. The guy says he knows Cat’s got a new fence but he doesn’t know where he hangs out, but he’s got the name of someone who would. Another hundred later, the guy tells them to talk to Fish, all the fences go through her.

We see Fish in the next scene as all Falcone’s gang leaders seated for dinner, waiting for the Don to arrive. We hear a gunshot, then see one man at the table’s now face down in his pasta. Carmine excuses them all for shocking them, but he wants to explain the context. He said that he loved Ben, (the man he shot)  they grew up together, but Ben’s job was to guard the Armory and he didn’t, he also might have looked the other way. He then says if  anyone at the table’s involved, they’ll wish they died like Ben did. Falcone then tells the gang leaders he’s raising their tariffs 25% and two of the leaders say that’s a big increase. Carmine asks Fish what her thoughts are and she says we’re a family, whatever helps the family. Falcone compliments her but we can see the tension between the two of them.

Bruce and Cat find a payphone, but Wayne doesn’t carry change and asks Cat if she’s got any, but she shakes her head then asks why Alfred’s so important, he’s just a butler, Bruce responds he’s my family and Cat gives him a coin. As he starts to make the call she tells him she’s leaving, that he’s safe and to head home. She only told him the bad guys were after him, so he’d hang around longer. Bruce tells her she has to come home with him so she can testify at the trial, she looks at him with pity and tells him that wouldn’t happen, then climbs a fire escape. He follows her up to the roof and she leaps from one rooftop to the next, he attempts to follow her but stops at the edge when he looks below. He gathers his courage and heads backwards to make a running leap, Cat tells him he’ll never make it, but he lands on the ledge, she grabs his hand and pulls him onto the roof. She says if they’re hanging it’s going to be by her rules.

She takes him to this subterranean culture known as “The Factory,” she explains it’s a mall for street kids, without the lousy music. She gets Wayne some street clothes and he looks like a normal 12-year-old heading to ride his skateboard. All of a sudden a little voice says hello to Cat and she turns around to find Ivy Pepper standing behind her, Kyle gives her a big hug and asks what’s she doing there. The daughter of the man who Gotham City officials pinned the Wayne’s murder on, says she got  adopted  by a nice couple upstate, but they wanted her to cut her hair and dress nice, so she ran back to Gotham.

Bruce suddenly  looks at her and says he knows her, she’s Mario Pepper’s daughter and Ivy asks him his name and he tells her, which gets Cat quite edgy. Cat tells Ivy to stay cool and we see a little psychotic interlude by the pre-teen asking Cat why she’s trying to give her orders. She says she’s fine, that Bruce didn’t kill her dad or force her mother to slit her wrists, did he? Bruce says of course not, she says good, then asks him how he’s doing, he responds he’s fine and asks how she’s doing. She says she’s doing great, how do I look? Bruce tells her she looks good and Cat makes an excuse to get away. She’s clearly terrified of the girl and when Bruce asks her why she says she’s scary.

At Mooney’s nightclub, Butch tells Fish that he’s nervous about Falcone figuring out they knocked off the armory, Fish tells him to have conversations with the two gang leaders who squawked about their tariffs being raised and she leaves the main bar and heads upstairs. Just then Bullock and Alfred show up and Harvey says they need to speak to Fish, Butch tells them she’s busy. Bullock pulls out the mug-shot of Kyle and asks if he knows her, asks if Fish might know her and Butch says Mooney knows everybody. Bullock once again asks to speak with Fish and Butch replies the same way.

Alfred interjects that he knew a fella named Butch, who was anything but, in fact his mates called him Butchie, as he wasn’t the least bit tough. Mooney’s right-hand man looks to Bullock and asks if this guy’s threatening him, but seconds later he’s on sprawled on his back on the floor, with Pennyworth crouched over him, holding a blade to his Adam’s Apple. Fish comes downstairs and asks what’s all the drama about.

Harvey show’s Mooney’s Kyle’s mug-shot and she says she looks familiar, then reveals she knows all about Selena witnessing the Wayne’s murder and the hit squad that’s after her. But she asks Bullock why she should care and Alfred says because Bruce Wayne’s with her, and Fish sounds intrigued when she says really. Alfred then tells her he’s Wayne’s legal guardian and properly introduces himself. She’s somewhat charmed but she asks why she should do something that could damage her own interests. Pennyworth responds that anyone can clearly see she has grace and class and surely she’s filled with compassion and empathy, Mooney’s swept off her feet and says she’ll make some calls.

Gordon locates Dick Lovecraft at his mistresses’ condo and Lovecraft says that he and Dent think he’s running things, but the same assassination team’s after him. He pulls a briefcase out from under the bed, then starts telling Jim that a few weeks before the Wayne’s murder he saw the stock price dropping so he bought a bunch of shares expecting it to bounce back, that’s how he got involved with the true ringleaders. Just then the assassins break into the condo, Gordon knocks down the guy, but the woman gets him in a sleeper-hold and knocks him out.

Gordon’s woken by the ringing of his cellphone, Bullock’s on the other end and Fish found out they’re at “The Factory,” they’re heading over there. Jim tells Harvey what happened, says he’ll get there as soon as he can. He walks into the bathroom and sees Lovecraft’s body in the tub with a bullet between the eyes, he then realizes the assassins used his service revolver to kill Lovecraft.

Cat and Bruce head to her fence a guy named Clyde, who seems happy to see her. She pulls out her booty and it’s stuff she stole from the mansion and Bruce gets outraged, but she told him to keep quiet. Clyde says this is far better than her usual junk and she asks for a grand, the fence laughs at her and says he’ll give her 50 bucks. Bruce gets ticked-off and says the pen’s solid-gold and costs $2000 and Clyde asks who the well-spoken dude is? Cat says it doesn’t matter $500 is her lowest offer and Clyde laughs again. She picks up the stuff but two of Clyde’s guys grab them and the fence says someone’s coming to visit her. They lock the pair up in an upstairs loft, with windows 20-feet off the floor.

The female assassin pays off Clyde, then her partner heads into the room see’s the open window above, but Kyle’s hiding right behind him and knocks him out with a blunt instrument, they climb towards the window but the female assassin spots them and she starts her chase. Staying behind, Wayne throws about a dozen metal pipes trying to hit the woman but misses each time, however it bought Cat the time to reach the window and start to climb out. The woman climbs the structure Bruce’s on, grabs his ankle and points her pistol at him. She asks where Selena is and Bruce says he doesn’t know. The woman says he’s not on the contract but she’ll hurt him if he refuses to cooperate. He tells her she’s gone, the woman puts down the pistol and says to Bruce that she’s got advice for him, don’t mistake bravery for good sense. Alfred and Bruce meet on the stairwell and tightly hug each other, Gordon sees the boy and says thank God.

The next scene takes place in Mayor Aubrey James’ office and he’s chewing out Dent and Gordon  for digging too deep. James tells Gordon that they’re going to rule it a suicide, Lovecraft got distraught and overpowered Jim, grabbing his weapon and shooting himself in the head. He then tells the two of them they’re on thin ice and one of them will pay for this incident, Dent says that’s rather unfair and James tells him it’s not going to be him, because he walks the line without falling over, Gordon keeps falling. Jim tells the Mayor to kiss him where the sun doesn’t shine and James blames Gordon for being overzealous in questioning Lovecraft. Gordon’s been reassigned as a guard at the Arkham Asylum.

Bruce’s in the library when we hear Cat’s voice telling him they’ve got a lousy security system. Bruce smiles and says he didn’t think, he’d see her again. She says they never said goodbye and she hands him all the stuff she stole back, but Bruce says she should keep it. She says she’s just being nice and shows him the one thing she’s keeping, as he looks at it she kisses him then leaves through the open window.

Tyrant: Coup Comes Crashing Down

Photo Courtesy Of Vered Adir/FX Network
Photo Courtesy Of Vered Adir/FX Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Could a California pediatrician successfully run a country in the Middle East? As the season finale of the FX Original Series “Tyrant,” opened, it appeared that we would see the beginning of the Presidency of Bassam Al Fayeed, before the episode ended.  However, the seemingly fool-proof plan for the younger Al Fayeed brother to replace his brother Jamal as leader of Abbudin didn’t go as smoothly as Barry and his co-conspirators hoped. And what seemed unthinkable in the previous episode, became reality in the season finale.

We joined Barry/Bassam at the final strategy meeting before the coup attempt started the following day. American Ambassador to Abbudin John Tucker, tells Al Fayeed that upon his return from a fishing trip with Jamal, the President, his wife, their son and daughter-in-law, along with Barry’s mother, placed under house arrest for their own safety. Barry tells the group he’s hoping to convince his brother to give a public resignation speech, then he and his wife Leila can take their money and relocate. Tucker asks if Al Fayeed believes that Jamal’s ego would allow him to make that speech and Barry replies to save Jamal’s ego his brother would want to make that address to his people.

Molly’s “free-spirited” sister Jenna and Barry and Molly’s teenage daughter Emma, are having a spa-day, when Jenna suggests the two of them go to a local town known for their shopping the next day, before their flight back to California. Jenna’s convinced she’s not coming back to Abbudin, so her niece agrees, but stresses they have to get back to the palace by noon.

Jamal gets his brother to look at the fishing equipment he’s provided for their expedition the following day. He asks Barry which rod he’d like and his brother asks what’s the difference and Jamal responds one is black and the other’s red. Barry chooses the black one which pleases Jamal as he preferred the red one. The President’s visibly excited about the two of them being alone and at peace on the ocean the following day.

Barry gets a call from Tucker, asking him to come to the American Embassy immediately. When he arrives he’s told by American operative Lea Exley that the United States is leaving the Democracy-making business. When Barry asks her what that means, she tells him that the State Department’s decided that the coup’s unnecessary, as Tariq’s in prison and the plane explosion in the previous episode wiped out Tariq’s senior commanders. They feel that Barry can handle his brother and have dropped their support for the takeover.

Al Fayeed loses it at that point, telling Exley and Tucker they’ll still stage the coup despite American support. Exley, lists the reasons he shouldn’t including the United States not smoothing the diplomatic waters for the new regime, or provide protection for Molly and the kids back in the States. Exley then tells Al Fayeed, he’s either power-hungry or an idealist, with both scenarios causing more problems than they would solve. Barry leaves the meeting pretty much resigned to the fact all his work has been in vain, when he gets a call from his old friend Fauzi Nadal, asking Al Fayeed to meet him in front of the mosque.

When Barry arrives, Nadal gives him a speech to address the nation once he assumes the Presidency, when Al Fayeed tries to thank his old friend, Fauzi tells him that he should thank Barry. He quickly reads the speech and becomes inspired by Fauzi’s words, he calls Tucker and tells him he’s going through with the coup attempt and if the United States doesn’t help he’ll write a letter to the New York Times, explaining how the State Department let down an American trying to start a democratic government in Abbudin. He then hangs up despite Tucker’s pleas not to.

That evening Jamal and Leila have dinner with their daughter-in-law’s parents, Hakim and his wife. They’re eating Moroccan food, but Hakim’s appetite seems off, as he’s one of the conspirators in the coup to overthrow Jamal. Hakim’s a scared rabbit by nature and intimidated to join the coup by the younger Al Fayeed. As talk turns to their children having a baby in the future, Jamal invites Hakim to retire to another room for brandy.

Molly’s lying in bed, visibly frightened when her husband joins her. She tells him how angry she’s with him and his decisions and concerned about his well-being, he responds that he loves her and nothing can go wrong. Barry then gets a text message from Tucker, telling him he’ll have American support in his overthrow-effort. He tells Molly, he’ll see her and the kids in a week and the two make love.

Emma and Jenna get their pocketbooks and cellphones stolen by three local young men and they can’t pay for their bill at the café they’ve been eating and drinking at. The manager tells them he’ll call the police, but Emma convinces him to follow them back to their car and their driver will pay him and give him a big tip. Unfortunately Molly had seconds before called the driver and asked him to look for her sister and daughter, so they arrive to find the car’s gone. The manager then calls the local police.

Lets take a moment to discuss the Al Fayeed brothers, to compare and contrast their similarities as well as differences. We have basically seen the story unfold in this first season, through the eyes of Barry/Bassam, a man who exiled himself from his birthplace and did his best to deny his existence in Abbudin for 20-years. He came back home with his family to attend the wedding of his brother’s son and planned to return back to California within days. Complications set-in when their father died after collapsing at the wedding and Jamal nearly perished after an assassination attempt.

The younger brother had always blamed his father for killing many of his own citizens with a chemical gas attack, but found out from his mother that it was actually his uncle General Tariq Al Fayeed, who sent out the attack orders behind the President’s back. Fearing the deviousness of his brother the military commander, the President kept the truth a secret from all but his wife. Hearing this revelation, made Barry want to carry out the plans of his father to turn Abbudin into a democracy, but felt Jamal would self-combust, throwing the nation into civil-strife. He thought he was the only man to lead his country forward, which in reality’s a pretty egotistical mindset.

Jamal had power foisted upon him at birth, raised as the hand-picked successor to follow his father as President of Abbudin, unfortunately he never really wanted the power and responsibility of being in charge. He’s far less polished than Bassam and in many ways he’s a simpler man, but don’t mistake his less professional demeanor as stupidity, as Jamal’s cunning and wise, even if he wears his emotions on his sleeve. He’s a man used to getting what he wants, and he always finds a way to make that occur. In reality Jamal’s like a little boy hoping that he’s loved, a feeling he never got from his father and more recently from his wife Leila. He wants Bassam as his best friend and loves his brother deeply, although he feels his brother just pities him in return.

The President was rather cryptic during the brother’s fishing expedition, however if the younger brother paid attention to what Jamal said during the trip, he would’ve realized his brother had things on his mind. Jamal said that the ocean was so clean one could swear they could see the bottom of the sea-floor, but in reality nobody’s aware what goes on just beneath the surface. He then tells his brother that he wants them both to get so drunk they tell each other everything. But Barry doesn’t pickup the signals his brother’s sending.

Jamal tells his brother that they would have been much closer had their father been a fisherman instead of the President. He then fantasizes an existence where the brothers live in a small town, with Bassam a doctor and Jamal a furniture maker and Leila and Molly were best friends. He then says his brother would be the doctor and he would make the tables for the patients to lie on. The driver of the boat tells the President they should head back to shore and Jamal asks his brother should they head for open waters and become fishermen, Bassam replies they’d never survive doing that. The older brother asks what if I told you I was serious, then they share a smile and Jamal tells the driver to head home.

Emma and Jenna are finally located, but it’s too late to make the flight so Tucker tells Molly to bring her family to the embassy. When they arrive, Tucker has yet to find out any information but he’s concerned that the TV stations were still broadcasting as Hakim should have stopped all broadcasts from the nation by then.

Tucker’s concerns are legitimate as we find out in the following scene as the brothers get off the boat and a group of soldiers march towards them. Bassam tells Jamal he’s sorry, but he did this to protect him, but stops short when he sees Tariq leading the soldiers. Jamal then chides Barry on his choice of allies, telling him Hakim confessed the plot after two-drinks. He then tells his brother that he loved him so much he would have given him the Presidency if he asked for it. He then tells Tariq to take his prisoner to the cells.

Jamal’s mother Amira comes to him to beg for sparing his brother’s life, send him back home, exile him but allow he and his family to live. Jamal then tells Amira that his brother was going to have her arrested, but she says that doesn’t matter. She begs one more time but Jamal refuses to tell her what she wants to hear.

Tucker’s found out that the coup failed, but he’s unaware if Barry’s alright. Molly breaks down in tears and Tucker holds her in an effort to comfort her, when her kids Emma and Charlie walk into the room.

In the prison’s basement, four prisoners get lined up for execution by gunfire, one of them being Hakim, who begs for his life. Jamal and Tariq show no mercy as the four are soon riddled by gunfire. Barry, directly above where the four got executed clearly hears the sound of gunfire.

Jamal meets with Leila and Tariq, who both try to convince the President to execute his brother. Al Fayeed says to his uncle that he spared his life when he thought he’d betrayed him and the General says he would have advised him against that move. Leila then says, her husband has no choice, Tariq proved you can get out of jail and Bassam proved that exile allowed him to return to Abbudin. Jamal thinks for a moment, then tells the pair he’ll inform his mother of his decision then issue the order, ending the season on a rather steep cliff-hanger.

Murder In The First: Blunt The Edge

Photo Courtesy Of TNT Network
Photo Courtesy Of TNT Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

There was just one burning question at the outset of the season finale for the TNT Original Series “Murder In The First,” would tech wunderkind Erich Blunt, walk away from committing two murders, or could SFPD detectives Hildy Mulligan and Terry English, outsmart their suspect and put him behind bars where he belonged. Although Blunt’s attorney Warren Daniels, got his client exonerated of the murder of his lover Cindy Strauss, evidence putting the tech genius behind the murder of his biological father Kevin Neyers, starts pointing directly to him.

The episode opened with Betty Harbach, arriving via limousine to the office building where Blunt’s company’s located, met by her grandson’s assistant, who tells her she will take her to her meeting with Erich and his attorney David Hertzberg. Blunt expresses sorrow over the suicide of his grandfather, Betty’s late husband James, who shot himself in the head in the previous episode, leaving behind a handwritten confession that he had killed Neyers. However, he soon reveals the reason he had asked for them to meet, telling her that he and her husband had bonded although they had met for the first time just months earlier and that James and Hertzberg setup a financial package for Betty’s welfare after James had passed. She’s quite surprised when she realizes that she now has a financial portfolio valued at half a million dollars.

Hildy and Terry discuss the weapon that Harbach used on himself and to kill Kevin Neyers and they’re informed that the weapon doesn’t have a paper-trail, although it was originally issued to an officer from the department. When the pistol’s disassembled there’s a number; 1970 written on the inside of the handle. The three of them realize that the number came from the officer who got assigned the weapon and that number now belongs to their fellow detective Edgar Navarro. Navarro, tells him that the weapon was never in his possession, but he recalls the officer that had the number before him was Howard Toomey, an officer fired from the department for drinking excessively.

Toomey now runs a half-way house and readily admits his drinking should have gotten him fired 18-years-earlier, however after the detectives show him pictures of the weapon, he tells them it was never his. Toomey then tells the detectives, that the reason he had wanted the number 1970, was his father had held it before him and he had to trade numbers with another officer to acquire it. The officer was Jimmy Salter, English’s former captain on the force, now head of security for Erich Blunt.

Mulligan and English meet with Salter at an Italian deli in the city and the former captain, admits that the gun was his rookie service revolver, but that he never gave the weapon to James Harbach. Hildy, asks Salter if he believes that Harbach got possession of the gun by coincidence and the former cop tells her, coincidence is not a factor in the equation and he ‘s pretty sure he knows how the old man got the gun.

Salter heads to Blunt’s office and asks him how Harbach got the pistol that the former police officer had given to his employer four years earlier for protection. Blunt looks Salter directly in the eyes and tells his head of security that he never gave him a weapon and with that statement loses another valuable employee. The former officer tells Blunt it’s been an adventure and wishes him good luck as he resigns on the spot.

Hildy and Terry travel to Betty Harbach’s home, where a security company’s installing a state of the art alarm system in the rather dilapidated house. Hildy remarks that it’s probably expensive and the old woman replies, that the company’s giving her a deal. The detectives then start asking Betty about her grandson and she responds that her lawyer advised her not to talk with the police about Erich. When she’s asked if the attorney’s David Hertzberg, she tells them she has to close the door and Mulligan responds that’s fine, the officers will soon return with a warrant and the detectives get invited into the house.

She then shows the officers the portfolio that her grandson had given her and they look at the withdrawals from the bank account; one that she had made to pay for the new security system, but she has no knowledge about the other, a withdrawal of $1300 shortly before Neyers got shot. Hildy asks Harbach if she ever heard of Fentanyl and the old woman replies that the drug was the only thing that gave her late husband any relief from the pain the cancer caused him. As she looks through her calendar, the detectives notice an entry about an insurance agent who wanted to meet with James but her husband wasn’t home. She told the officers that she didn’t really trust him as James had already been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. When she told the man her husband was out he got into his fancy red sports car and drove away.

English has a pretty good idea what the withdrawal was for and drives over to Chris Walton’s house, the man originally convicted of murdering Neyers, to confirm his suspicion. Walton’s repairing a motorcycle when English arrives and tells the detective that helped free him from prison that he may move to Sacramento, get a job and start a new life. Terry tells Chris he’s proud of him and then asks if he remembers how much Neyers paid him for the delivery of Fentanyl the day he got shot to death and Walton confirms that it was $1300 cash up front.

Blunt’s starting to have sex with an attractive young woman in his home, when his security alarm informs him that someone’s at the front door, it’s his pilot Bill Wilkerson and Blunt was not expecting the visit. He tells the young woman to wait for him and heads downstairs to talk with his guest. The detectives quickly surmised that the fancy red sports car belonged to the pilot and they had already questioned Wilkerson whether he had any involvement in Harbach acquiring the gun. Bill tells his boss that they’ll soon be behind bars, but Blunt counters that the detectives are just guessing and that Erich never gave the pilot any gun. He then asks Wilkerson if he’s wearing a wire and makes him strip naked, but then realizes that the transmitter is in Wilkerson’s wristwatch which he soon smashes.

He asks how the pilot could betray him in such a manner and Wilkerson loses it, screaming to Blunt that he stole Cindy away from him then destroyed the pilot’s marriage. He then asks how he could kill a woman who carried his child and Blunt starts justifying all the heinous acts he committed by explaining that he’s just more evolved than normal humans, it’s time to cull the herd and he’s just a step ahead of everyone else.

The tech genius decides to go on the offensive the following morning and heads to the police station to talk with Mulligan and English. He then tells the pair that he’s recently become aware that Salter and Wilkerson were the men behind the murder of Neyers, they were due huge paydays if the IPO of Blunt’s company went through and that they murdered Neyers to make sure the sale went through without any problems. Hildy tells Blunt she doesn’t believe a word he’s saying and he offers to undergo a polygraph.

English then asks Blunt if he can convince Wilkerson to wear a wire so they can entrap Salter, but Blunt tells the cops Wilkerson wouldn’t after already being caught wearing one. He then hands Erich a copy of a magazine, which has an article stating that the NSA can use a person’s cellphone as a recording device, even when not in use. Blunt responds that something like that would be simple and English asks if he could accomplish that with a court order and then hands Blunt a copy of the order they obtained to bug Blunt’s phone. Hildy then plays back the conversation he had with Wilkerson the previous night admitting all his crimes and place him under arrest.

Hertzberg goes to Warren Daniels’ office and tells the attorney that Blunt wants him to represent him in the upcoming trial and Daniels refuses without hesitation, then asks his old friend why he’s still working for that sociopath. David replies that every criminal deserves an attorney and then says the only difference between a CEO and a criminal is venture capital. He goes on to tell Daniels that he truly believed Blunt’s innocence before this revelation and the other attorney admits he knew Blunt was guilty from the start. Hertzberg says that Blunt passed a polygraph, but Daniels informs him that his client did not pass the test.

David heads to prison to meet with Blunt and asks him point-blank if he admitted what the District Attorney claims they recorded him saying and Blunt denies it and tells him to have Daniels file to make the tape non-admissible at the trial. Hertzberg then tells him that Daniels refused to take the case and that he’s resigning as of that moment and sticks out his hand to shake Blunt’s hand before he leaves. The tech genius instead spits on the attorney’s hand and Hertzberg glares at him then silently walks out.

Mulligan and English are walking the streets of San Francisco splitting a six-pack of beer as they walk, throughout the afternoon and into the evening. The two start talking about how somebody like Blunt could exist, when Terry’s phone rings and we can see by his reaction what the call was about. Erich Blunt had hung himself in his prison cell, as we hear his words about his grandfather going out on his own terms rather than waiting for death repeat over and over.

Halt And Catch Fire: 1984

Photo by Tina Rowden/AMC
Photo by Tina Rowden/AMC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Cardiff Electric’s Senior Product Manager for their personal computer division Joe MacMillan, definitely qualifies as a man of vision; unfortunately every time he reaches the destination his dreams led him to, he feels let down by the experience. Perhaps his attention span’s too short, or maybe the buzz he experiences when he reaches his goals never live up to the expectations. However if there remained any doubt about his self-destructive tendencies, they vanished in the final episode of the first season of the AMC Original Series, “Halt And Catch Fire.”

MacMillan and lead software engineer Gordon Clark meet with the company’s owner Nathan Cardiff to discuss their future with Cardiff, as well as the future of the company itself. Although Nathan’s being told by the pair, that they have built a personal computer that will give Cardiff $40 million dollars in profits, the owner’s not happy about the situation. The “Giant,” cost Cardiff his former trusted right-hand man, Sales Manager John Bosworth, whom Nathan fired and had arrested for manipulating company funds to keep the personal computer division running. The owner has watched the company his father founded, head in a way he feels less than comfortable with.

Joe attempts his silvered-tongued-smoothie routine, but the old man cuts him short, saying he should have the former IBM employee whacked and buried in a shallow-grave in the desert. However, the pair call his bluff when he contemplates coming back and running the company himself. He negotiates a deal, putting Clark and MacMillan as equal partners to run Cardiff and will give them eight percent of the company to split between them. Gordon’s reveling in the moment, but Joe looks less than satisfied as they high-five and congratulate each other.

Cameron Howe’s parted ways with Cardiff Electric and is sitting in her apartment as a telephone repairman looks at her land-line, which appeared to have lost a battle with a sledge-hammer. He tells her that he’s got to get wire-strippers from his truck, when she reaches in a drawer and hands him a pair. The man tells her the phone company’s hiring and she just smiles.

After a week of sleeping on the couch, in retaliation to Donna telling him about kissing Hunt, Gordon’s told to come back to their bed and after telling his wife he’s still very angry, he agrees to put it behind them. Donna’s back at work at Texas Instruments, the next morning and responding to a man from the personnel division about her job performance. She purposely sabotages the interview and to her delight finds herself fired, effective immediately. As Donna goes out to the parking lot, Gordon’s there to take her to lunch in an apple-red Porsche, which she laughingly calls the most ostentatious toy she’s ever seen and then tells her husband she loves it.

Back at Cardiff, Gordon starts humming the “Ride of the Valkyries,” soon joined by the rest of the software engineers in an off-key rendition, then opens a shipping carton and pulls out the first “Giant,” fresh from the factory. He triumphantly raises it over his head, to the cheers of the staff, then tells them that every one of the 100-units requires a full inspection. He then hands one to Joe’s secretary Debbie, as a gift, for putting up with his anger and frustration throughout the project.

Joe’s taken over Bosworth’s former office and Gordon walks into to see MacMillan trying to find a spot on a VHS-Tape of the NFL game he recorded the evening before, to show Clark. However, what he wants to show his new partner’s, what has become one of the most iconic TV commercials in the history of advertising. It’s the “1984 Mackintosh ad,” that turned Apple products into a household name and a major step into making the personal computer, the omnipresent item it’s become today.

When the spot ends, Joe’s beaming with inspiration, while Gordon applauds the drama that ad evokes when “the girl who looks like Cameron” throws the hammer at the screen, but he points out that they never showed a computer in the commercial and that the Mackintosh’s a toy, while they have built a real computer. Joe then makes an eleventh-hour attempt, to delay shipping the “Giant,” so they can design an awe-inspiring software application to make the Cardiff machine special.

Clark attempts to bring his partner back to reality, by telling him that they have produced the personal computer Joe envisioned at the start of the project, a machine that nobody, including Clark thought was realistic. The “Giant’s” perfect in its present form and now they can reap the rewards for their effort. As Gordon walks out of the office, Joe says more to himself than to his partner, that the girl in the commercial did look like Cameron.

Miss Howe’s at the phone company as some supervisor threatens her with legal action, because she has misused her phone company issued equipment. Cameron, however disarms the rather grumpy man, with her knowledge of equipment and he backs down. He asks her who she works for, and seemingly for the first time since she left the Clarks and Joe at Comdex, said out loud that she doesn’t work for anybody.

The elation at Cardiff, turns sour quickly as some of the software engineers have found a flaw with one of the first five machines they tested, that causes the computer to shut itself off. The computer’s the one that Gordon gave to Debbie and in his frustration, starts accusing her of dropping or mishandling the machine. MacMillan hears the commotion and walks in and inquires about the problem, one of the older engineers jumps to the conclusion that one machine out of every five’s flawed, meaning that they would have to hold off shipping until the problem’s solved. Joe takes that as a sign that they should design the software application he pitched to Gordon earlier.

Joe heads out to the main office and gathers all of Cameron’s “Coder Monkeys,” and tells them that he’s got a challenge for them all, to create a killer application for the “Giant.” All the programmers seem very enthused about the idea and pledge to have wonderful ideas when they arrive at work the next day.

Gordon arrives home to find Donna wearing one of his white shirts as pajamas and her hair in pigtails and she announces her first day as a lady of leisure was wonderful. She tells her husband that their daughters are gone for the night at a sleepover party and asks Gordon if he’d like to have one with her, then reveals the pillows and comforter on the living-room floor. As they cuddle after making love, Gordon tells Donna that he can’t trust Joe and wonders if he’s responsible for the damaged machine. Donna tells him that Gordon’s worked too hard for MacMillan to ruin their dreams.

The next morning the presentation by the programmers of their ideas for applications are incredibly lame and MacMillan makes his displeasure readily apparent. He berates them for not thinking big picture, then asks if Cameron was the only programmer among them that possessed creativity? One of the programmers shot back what ideas did Joe have and the former IBM employee just sat there with his head hanging down.

The doorbell rings at Cameron’s apartment and she opens the door to see Joe standing there and the pain is apparent in her eyes. He tells her he needs her, begs her to come back to Cardiff, then suggests she start her own company and he’ll hire her as a vendor. Finally he says they should start a company together, move to California and build a life together.

A few less broken promises and disappointments and Cameron most likely would’ve jumped into Joe’s arms and they’d pack their things and be off to destinations unknown, but those events occurred and Howe’s heart had broken too often. She told MacMillan, she thought she heard a heartbeat, but she now realized that what she heard was an echo. She told him that she fell in love with him, because he whispered her words back to her as if they were his. She then said he was the same as the boy, whose mother let go of his hand on the roof of their home causing him to fall and be impaled on a metal fence, a sad, little boy.

Gordon tells Donna that night that he’s going to get MacMillan to leave Cardiff Electric, by threatening to implicate Cameron as Bosworth’s co-conspirator in hacking the company’s bank account, although he tells his wife he would never truly turn her in. Donna says that MacMillan would call his bluff unless he had evidence implicating Howe and gives her husband a document that will fool Joe into thinking they have evidence.

Clark greets Joe sarcastically when he arrives at the office at 11:30 am and then shows his partner that all the programmers have left Cardiff except for one. He tells MacMillan that the rest of them have quit and went to work for Mutiny, which Joe inquires who is Mutiny and Gordon provides him the answer.

Mutiny, as you might expect is the brainchild of Cameron Howe and the office is her apartment. She’s got all the programmers she could ask for, but lacks an employee with any hardware knowledge, but she thinks she knows the perfect candidate. The doorbell of the Clark’s home rings and Donna answers it to find Cameron on their doorstep. She has come to try to recruit Donna to sign on with Mutiny and become the hardware guru she’ll need by her side to make the project a success.

Howe explains that Mutiny’s main purpose’s connecting people across the planet, they’ll play real games against other customers over phone lines, the customer will buy a subscription and receive  a modem and software in return. Donna tells Cameron, that phone lines would lack the speed to do the job, and Howe reveals that she has created an application that will resolve that problem. Although clearly tempted to join Cameron, she’s conflicted believing Howe may want her as revenge on Gordon and thanks her, but passes on the offer.

Joe MacMillan’s a beaten and submissive creature as he walks into Gordon’s office, wearing a long face and his tail’s tucked between his legs. He admits that with the loss of their programmers, the “Giant,’ will go to market as is, when he finds out that Debbie’s unit was the only one found defective, he tells Clark they should ship immediately.

The night that Cameron, Gordon and Joe dreamed of when they started preliminary discussions about Cardiff building their own personal computer, has arrived, but it’s a far different scenario than the one they envisioned months before. John Bosworth and Cameron have departed the company and MacMillan seems less than enthused, forcing former mousey-wallflower Gordon Clark to inherit the role of fearless leader and cheerleader for the project. Gordon and Donna get dressed for the gala-event held that evening at the Cardiff offices, as they will christen the first truck filled with “Giants,” that will soon sit on retail store’s shelves. Gordon’s wearing a new suit for the occasion and complains about the cut, but his wife tells him he looks extremely handsome. He brushes his beard looking into the mirror, then pulls off his suit jacket and tells Donna he’ll need another ten minutes.

As we enter the party at the offices we join a man and woman in conversation and it slowly dawned on this viewer that the man was Gordon Clark, now clean-shaven and without his trademark aviator glasses. A few minutes later Gordon takes Donna into his office and presents her with the engagement ring he promised her nine-years earlier as soon as they sold their first computer.

Although nobody in attendance seems to notice, Joe MacMillan’s hovering over this affair like a wraith, sadness clearly showing in his eyes and a plastered-on phony grin on his face, he looks at the computer that they have spinning slowly around to showcase it at the party and we can plainly see he’s unhappy with where they are.

Clark directs all the employees out to the parking lot and he stands behind the delivery-truck filled the Cardiff computers, as the crowd stands in front of him in a semi-circle. Gordon proposes two toasts; the first to the man he states that’s the reason they have reached this moment and thanks Joe for his vision and determination and tells his partner that the “Giant’s” a testament to Joe, for realizing the seemingly impossible could become reality. His second toast of course is to Donna, then he christens the truck smacking a champagne bottle against its side.

If the evening ended at that moment, there would have been blue skies and smooth sailing for Cardiff Electric, but any viewer who has watched every episode of the first season, realized that “Halt And Catch Fire,” would not wrap up the season that smoothly and neatly. After Gordon gets his loaded wife into their new car, he walks over to Joe in the parking lot and sincerely thanks him for getting them to where they are, but fails to notice MacMillan’s demeanor. They say goodnight and each head their separate ways.

Gordon and Donna are incredibly happy as they drive home, until they stop at a red-light and get rear-ended. Clark’s saying that the other driver best have good insurance, steps out of the car and gets knocked to the ground as one of the two men in the car cracks him in the head with a blunt instrument. The duo is out to car-jack the Porsche and when the thief gets behind the wheel, it takes a bit for Donna to realize Gordon’s not the driver, he tears off and about a thousand yards later, stops and shoves Donna’s body out of the car.

Simultaneously MacMillan’s standing outside the truck, which we can see as the camera pans back is now out in the desert courtesy o Joe. His next move’s obvious, as he grabs a container of gasoline, douses the truck and it’s contents with the liquid, then sets it aflame, throwing his suit jacket into the inferno for good measure and walks away, from the truck and his career at Cardiff Electric.

A few weeks have passed and thankfully Donna only suffered a broken arm in the car-jacking incident and Gordon’s getting his daughters prepared for school. After loading them into the mini-van, he goes back into the house and tells his wife that he supports what ever career goals she has and offers her a prestigious position with Cardiff. Although Donna’s truly touched by Gordon’s offer, she tells him she got another offer a while back and she’s going to accept it. Clark embraces his wife and congratulates her, then heads off to drive the girls to school.

Mutiny’s buzzing with conversations and laughter, when Donna shows up for her first day with the startup. Cameron announces, that the company has dispensed with titles and the project’s theirs not hers. She then repeats to the staff what Bosworth told her earlier in the season, that people will fear them, because people fear the future.

Back at Cardiff, the software engineers, seated at a conference table with Gordon at the head of the table, as the older engineer reads the review of the “Giant,” by a trade journal and the evaluation’s positive and they start congratulating each other, save Clark who asks the group what’s next and gets met by silence. One of the group says that if MacMillan were still there he’d have them building a space-ship, but the haunting look in Gordon’s eyes show that he realizes he needs Joe back at his side.

MacMillan’s in Colorado stopped at a filling station out in the middle of nowhere, asking the proprietor  directions to the Fiske Observatory and the man responds that the only way to reach it from there would involve a very lengthy hike up mountain roads. Joe tells the man he’s up for the hike and then asks the man about the woman who runs the observatory and the man replies, she seems nice enough but mainly keeps to herself. Joe asks him to watch his truck and when the man agrees hands the filling-station owner his keys. As he walks off, the man asks Joe if he’s a star-gazer, a question that remains unanswered as Joe starts his hike.