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Wayward Pines: Eve Of Destruction?

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The FOX Network mini-series “Wayward Pines,” has set the table for a truly spectacular finale, with a taut and exciting  penultimate episode entitled “A Reckoning.” Finally, the entire population of the small town in Iowa, are discovering the truth about their situation, however an ominous final montage leaves one wondering if the truth and  the residents of Wayward Pines, will survive the final episode? The town’s sheriff Ethan Burke, averted a crisis early in the episode, but that threat was back in play at the end.

Our first image’s a wide-shot of a neighborhood at night, suddenly phones start ringing all over town and we see the lights getting turned on in the houses. We move to the town square, the spotlights on the platform where they perform reckonings, come on. Then we watch Ethan walking onto the platform holding a knife to Kate Balinger’s neck and asking the crowd if that’s what they want to see. The crowd cheers lustily, but there are 14 residents who are allies of Kate and although undetected, they’re holding weapons.

We then go back several hours, to see the events that lead up to the reckoning, starting minutes after one of Kate’s crew drove through the electric fence with a 30-foot dump-truck. The driver left the cab with the body of a comrade who died on his way to the fence. Seconds later they got devoured by three Abbies, one eating the corpse the other two killing then eating the driver.

As they finish their meal, one of the Abbies realize that the fence’s disabled. He crawls underneath the truck to the other side of the fence, then crawls back to signal his mates. However he’s killed by Ethan slamming into him with his jeep. The other two Abbies attempt to escape by crawling under the truck, but Burke shoots out all the tires and the truck falls on them and crushes them to death.

Back at Burke’s office, Kate’s in one cell while Franklin and two other members of their team are in another. Franklin’s not the guy I’d want to be spending my final moments with, as he’s the voice of doom and gloom. He keeps repeating their dead, that Burke’s going to come back and then have a reckoning for each of them. Kate says that Ethan’s not Pope and they’ll all be fine. She says she knows Ethan and he’s not going to kill them. Franklin counters with she used to know him before they got to him.

Ethan’s secretary Arlene’s sitting at her desk playing solitary, when three teenaged boys walk into the station and demand to see Sheriff Burke. She tells them he’s not at the station, then asks them what gives them the right to demand anything? The loudmouth of the trio, flashes his school ring and says he’s a member of the first graduating class of Wayward Pines Academy.

He then says that Wayward Pines has rules and punishment for breaking those rules and he wants to know when the sheriff will hold reckonings for the guilty. Arlene says that’s none of his business and tells them to leave, one of his buddies tells the loudmouth Jason that they should leave. Jason says tell the sheriff if he doesn’t want to do the reckoning he knows people who will gladly take care of it. Then they leave.

Ethan’s got a construction team repairing the fence when David Pilcher arrives. Burke says he’s got the situation under control and Pilcher responds that the rebels won’t stop. Ethan says the reason that they drove through the fence was Pilcher’s fault for not leveling with the residents. The creator of Wayward Pines blames his sheriff’s leniency as the problem, telling him he must kill Kate Balinger.

The doctor says that the rebels will fall apart without her leadership. He then asks Burke if he could have killed the Easter bomber, before he killed so many, would he have done it? He says to Ethan it’s one life for the safety of the whole town.

Burke drags Harold Balinger into an interrogation room and shows him pictures of the remains of the two guys who crashed through the fence. It’s clear that they’ve been eaten by some monster, but Harold asks Ethan what he did to them? Burke looks him in the eye and says if he killed them, he’d have shot them instead of eating them. He then tells Balinger that he needs the names of the other members of their team, or this will happen to all of them.

Pamela’s sitting in her office and going through some books, when she finds a picture of David and her when they were children.  She smiles at the memory at first, but then she gets up from her desk and leaves her office. Pamela believes her brother’s lost his way, a rift formed between them over Reggie Hudson and her days of unquestioning loyalty ended.

Theresa Burke steps out of Ben’s room at the hospital and Pam asks her how Ben’s doing. Theresa says that Ben slept through the night and Pam says that’s great. She then quietly asks her if Ethan told her the truth about Wayward Pines and Theresa uncomfortably nods yes. Pilcher asks if she believes him and Burke responds she doesn’t know what to believe. Pamela says that’s a good attitude, to question everything.

She then tells Theresa to go home and get some rest, that they’ll take good care of Ben. However, she tells Theresa not to take Main Street, instead to take the route that passes Lot 33 and see what you find. Theresa smiles weakly and leaves the hospital she looks at the pass that Pilcher slipped into her hand, granting her total access to the town.

Ethan goes to the surveillance center of the complex and tells Pilcher that he’s got 14 names, they are the rest of Kate and Harold’s team. The surveillance operator says that they’re all together at the Bier Garten, but when they pull up the video feed the bar’s empty. A call by Pilcher to the bartender, reveals that all 14 tracking-chips are in a beer-mug.

Ben’s in his hospital bed when he starts hearing these codes alerting doctors to  a crisis in Amy’s room. Ben unhooks  himself from the monitors and walks into the hall and sees Amy’s mom and dad leaving her room crying. He tries to go into the room when Pam stops him, she tells him Amy’s developed a swelling of the brain and she needs surgery. Ben breaks down crying and Pam hugs him.

Theresa heads to Lot 33 and knocks out the surveillance camera with a steel pipe. She then heads into the shack on the lot and quickly realizes that the rickety wooden floor boards, hide a metal trap door. She opens it and sees a ladder heading down to the basement. She takes the ladder down and uses a flashlight at first but the lighting system senses her presence and starts lighting the hallway. She comes to a door that reads passes and it says total access granted and the door opens.

Megan Fisher comes to Ben’s room at the hospital and asks about Amy’s condition, he tells her the surgery’s completed and it will be a couple of hours before the doctors know anything. She then asks if he thought any more about their conversation the previous day, when she said that Ben needs to share his thoughts publicly. She then tells him about the crashing of the fence.

She says the town’s coming apart and he needs to be a leader and talk to the people, telling them he doesn’t approve of the leniency the rebels are getting. She says you’re not alone and suddenly there’s a sound outside Ben’s window that  sounds like marching. However it’s all the students from his class standing outside his window, slamming their fists into the palms of their other hands, a gesture that looked like they wanted revenge.

The surveillance operator sees the commotion outside the hospital and pulls it up on the giant monitor and calls for Burke and Pilcher to check it out. Just as they walk over, they see Megan and Ben come outside and Ethan asks the operator for audio. Fisher tells the students to let Ben talk and he thanks them for coming and tells them about Amy.

He then says that Amy’s a really good person and whom ever was behind hurting her deserves to be punished. He then apologizes for his father letting the town down. Jason and his two buddies are in the crowd and Jason asks Ben when his father’s going to have a reckoning, Ben replies he’s not having one. Jason and his buddies turn around and storm off, then the rest of the students leave soon after.

Jason and his pals head back to the sheriff’s station, Arlene tries to lock the plate-glass door, but Jason bashes through it. He then tells Arlene to give him the keys and she spits in his face, he picks her up and throws her against a wall. Then he handcuffs her to a filing cabinet and takes the keys, he opens the rifle rack and starts loading three with ammunition.

Kate recognizes him, he was in their toy-store when he was just eight-years-old and he bought a wooden soldier that Harold had carved. She says she remembers it like it was yesterday and says he was a really good kid. She says it doesn’t have to end like this and one of Jason’s buddy’s says she’s right, we’ve made our point. Jason screams at him this isn’t about making a point, then asks if his pal was deaf throughout their school-years.

First he opens the cell with Franklin and the other two men, he tells them to come out and get on their knees. He then opens the cell with Kate and Harold and she tries to grab him to ask for sympathy and he responds with the butt of his rifle to her head. While she’s on the floor he tells Harold to get out and join the other men on their knees.

He then makes all four men repeat, “Work Hard, Be Happy And Enjoy Your Life In Wayward Pines.” He then takes his rifle and puts it to the back of Harold’s head. Harold mouths I Love You to Kate then we hear the rifle fire and we see Harold’s blood and tissue all over Kate’s face. He then shoots the other three dead and heads into the cell and points the rifle at Kate’s head. However Ethan comes in right then and kills Jason with one shot, then tells the other two teens to drop their weapons.

Ethan brings Kate into an interrogation room and says that the only way the other 14 people will be safe, is if she tells him where they are, so he can protect him. She responds like you protected Harold? Then she says the only way he can protect them, is by stop protecting her. He says he won’t do that and she says if he doesn’t kill her, another Jason will.

Arlene runs into the room and says she thinks more vigilantes are there, she just heard something. However when he goes out front, it’s Theresa and she says she needs to show him and Kate something. They head to Lot 33 and Theresa sits down in front of a computer containing video archives and pulls one up and starts playing it. They soon see Adam Hassler who says the date’s September 15, 4020 and they’ve finally reached the city, but have found no survivors.

He then says a band of Abbies are following them and he believes it’s the same group they saw earlier in the trip. He then turns the camera to the Golden Gate Bridge and its either in pieces or partially submerged. The video then cuts out. Theresa says there are hundreds of video journals from cities all over the country, nothing’s left.

Ethan looks over at Kate and asks if she believes him now and she asks why Pilcher hid this from them. Burke says Pilcher’s a control freak but they have to tell everybody. Theresa asks how they’re going to tell people without Pilcher finding out? Ethan says just show this to as many people before midnight as possible, he’ll take care of Pilcher. She asks why midnight and Kate and Ethan say in unison there’s going to be a reckoning.

Burke heads over to Pilcher’s office and the surveillance operator tells David that the sheriff’s in his office waiting to talk to him. When the doctor enters his office, he sees Ethan sitting there drinking liquor, Burke says he decided that reckoning Kate Balinger’s the only solution. However he needs all the residents at the reckoning, Pilcher gives him a remote control which controls all the phones.

Which brings us back full circle to the opening scene as Ethan and Kate walk across the platform, while Burke asks the crowd if they want Kate dead. He then lets her go and puts down the knife and tells the crowd he’s not going to kill her, instead he’s going to tell them the truth. The world they know is long gone, Wayward Pines is it. He then says they’ve been ruled by the man they know as Dr. Jenkins, who in reality’s David Pilcher. He says he’s ruled through fear and violence for too long.

Somebody screams from the crowd that Burke’s lying and then Kate says he’s telling the truth, that she saw it for herself. She says all these years she’s just wanted to know the truth, but she never expected that they were the last surviving people. Then Theresa says she saw it as well, then Arlene says she also saw it, followed by some other residents.

Kate says that Pilcher thinks they can’t handle the truth and will turn on each other, but she says they can show him he’s wrong. Suddenly Megan Fisher steps forward and shouts Kate down, asking how she dare talk about Dr. Pilcher. She calls Kate a terrorist and Theresa steps up and slaps Fisher across the face. Megan’s shocked and then she asks if they’re all going to just stand there and everyone remains silent. Then the lights go out, first in the square then all throughout Wayward Pines. We see its Pilcher turning off the power via a keyboard and then we see the electric-fence power down. Our last image’s the hand of one of the Abbie’s starting to scale the fence.

The Season Finale Airs Next Thursday Night at 9:00 pm on FOX.

Gracepoint: With One Week Left, Who Killed Danny?

Photo Courtesy Of Fox
Photo Courtesy Of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Clear your calendars for next Thursday night at 9:00 pm EST, as the answer to perhaps the greatest television mystery since who shot J.R. Ewing, gets revealed, as the Fox miniseries “Gracepoint,” concludes and tells the shows viewers, whose responsible for the death of 12-year-old Danny Solano. This episode answered a bunch of long-standing questions and concluded with a seemingly guilty suspect in custody, for the murder of the boy, the only question remaining, did they capture the right guy?

The story opens at Fairport Hospital, as Detective Emmett Carver recovers from the angina attack he had, when he and Detective Ellie Miller attempted chasing down a suspect, hiding in the Harvey Ridge Hut. Carver fell to the ground clutching his chest, telling Miller he thinks he’s dying, so Ellie gives up the chase to save Emmett’s life. When he regains consciousness, the first thing that confronts him is Miller’s voice telling him he almost died on her last night and he needs an operation.

Carver tells her it’s nothing and won’t affect the case, but she replies it had, as they lost the suspect in the chase. The taciturn detective told Ellie, she should have pursued the suspect rather than attending to him. She tells him she’s heading to the station to update all police personnel, he says he’s getting dressed and joining her and she just smirks at him and says right. Carver tells her not to leave, then loses consciousness once again.

CSI inspects the Harvey Ridge Hut, while Ellie briefs her staff on what took place, giving the best description she could of the man who knocked her down and ran into the dark woods. She then informs her people about Carver and that she doesn’t know when he’ll be fit for duty, as he’s in the hospital, unhooking himself from all the machines, gets dressed then tells hospital staff he’s heading home. Instead he heads straight to the station.

Miller’s shocked to see her boss back at the station and tells him he’s certifiably insane, trying to get back on the case. He says he’ll take care of his health once they solve the case and she replies he’ll drop dead in the field. He responds, that’s the case then she can get his job which she’s always wanted and she truly looks shocked, tells him that’s horrible and she doesn’t want his job. He says that’s good as she’s underqualified, when the Chief calls them both into his office.

The Chief tells Carver he needs to step down from the case, but the detective refuses, the Chief says he’s sending his medical records to County and he’ll be placed on restricted duty the next day. Emmett responds, then he needs to catch the killer in the next 24-hours, but he gets another piece of bad news when the Chief tells him he needs to surrender his firearm, since he’s passed out on the job. Carver begrudgingly hands it over.

Beth Solano heads to Reverend Paul Coates apartment, as she’s having second thoughts on keeping her baby, she wants to have it, but she’s terrified she can’t protect her new child, after losing Danny. She says the world’s a sick and nasty place filled with people who let you down, especially the ones you trust the most. She then tells Paul that Mark slept with Gemma, which Coates had determined on his own. She starts to cry and he hugs her, but gets perhaps a bit too touchy-feely with her.

Ellie brings Susan Wright back into the interrogation room, as she’s still in custody. She produces two cigarette butts, they found in the sand next to Danny’s body. Susan says she’s not talking until the police recover her German Shepherd Archie, but Ellie counters unless Susan talks, she’s putting her dog at risk, he could be recovered by canine patrol in a nearby town and get put down. Susan then says she and Archie took a walk between two and three am and she saw Danny’s body on the beach from the cliff they were on. She says she went down to see the body and smoked two cigarettes, then tells Miller that he was beautiful.

In the town newspaper’s office, Owen’s attempting to fix the copier when he hears a female voice saying hello, he looks up and sees San Francisco Globe reporter Renee Clemons, whose leaving town as the papers stopping coverage of the story. She tells Owen that she’s got some info that he can take or leave and the paper’s editor Kathy Eaton, says that Owen will leave it. He however says with Clemons leaving they should hear her out, she then tells the pair that Carver’s got a heart condition.

Mark Solano and Vince Novik are on the way to a service  call, when Mark tells Novik to slow down. He sees Beth leaving Coates apartment, he looks like he wants to confront her, but tells his assistant to keep driving.

Miller briefly speaks with Carver and she tells him she doesn’t think Wright killed Danny, but she knows far more than she admits to. Carver tells her to get back in there and keep on digging. Ellie tells Susan that she’s lived in Gracepoint her entire life and that Susan couldn’t have scene Danny’s body from the cliffs, so it’s time she tells the truth. Over the next few minutes, Wright reveals a tragic tale of how her family fell apart. She starts off with the phrase, You people destroyed my family.

She tells Ellie her husband was a plumber and they had two girls and her husband had sex with the older one. (Notice, she uses the phrase had sex rather than molesting, could that mean anything?) Then her husband decided it was time to have his way with their younger daughter, but the older sister tried protecting her and her husband killed her. He told Susan she’d run away with her boyfriend, but soon after “Ellie’s people,” in other words, police officers and soon they found her daughter’s body and charged Wright’s husband with murder. She says he tried to implicate Susan as well, saying that his wife was in on the whole sordid affair, though Wright claims ignorance. They put her younger daughter in a foster-home and took the baby she was carrying, as soon as she gave birth.

Beth comes home, surprised to see Mark working out on his punching bag in the middle of the day and asks him why he’s not at work, but he ignores her and keeps slamming the heavy bag. She asks if they can talk, he takes off his gloves and says if she wants to talk, perhaps they should start why she’d been at Paul Coates apartment that morning. She says she got scared and needed advice, the ultra-sound she’s having later that day freaked her out. She wants to keep the baby, but wants it to grow up happy and that she and Mark, aren’t happy currently. She suggests counseling and he assumes it’s with Coates and says no way. However she gives him a card from a psychiatrist, which doesn’t make him any more amenable to counseling. She tells him she loves him, she doesn’t care she just wants them happy again and they hug as she tears up.

Speaking of the Reverend, Paul’s watering flowers on the church grounds when Tom Miller comes around and asks Coates for his computer back. Coates caught the boy destroying the laptop on the Miller’s driveway and confiscated it, telling Tom to tell his mother, or he would. Paul asks Tommy if he told his mother and the boy asks why won’t Coates give it back to him. Paul tells the boy if he reveals to him what he tried to destroy he’d give him back the laptop, if he doesn’t he’ll go to Ellie or Carver. Tom says if he does that he’ll tell them he hit Danny on their overnight trip, the Reverend tells the boy to think about what he just said. With a hard edge to his voice the boy replies, No, You think about it.

Ellie’s at her desk and goes through newspaper archives verifying Susan’s story. She then heads back into the room and says she needs to know what else Susan saw the night of Danny’s murder. She tells Miller, she was down on the beach, not on the cliffs and saw a boat pull into shore and a guy got out, laid Danny’s body on the beach, got back in her boat and took off. She told Ellie she recognized the person in the boat, Vince Novik. She then said she stayed with Danny’s body so long, because he looked so peaceful and she wondered if her oldest daughter looked that peaceful when the police discovered her corpse.

Carver, Miller and a group of uniformed officers raid the Novik home and arrest Vince, who yells to his mother that he’s find and he’ll return home soon. Vince’s mother’s talking with Ellie and Emmett hears a dog barking, he gets a pair of bolt-cutters snapping the padlock on the workshop and sees Archie sitting there, chained to a stake in the ground. As Carver and Miller enter the station she tells her boss, that Novik’s mother said something strange, she said Vince loves Danny and he has him on his arm. Ellie tried to ask her if her son used to pick Danny up, or hug him, but she kept repeating the one phrase. Miller said her Alzheimer’s disease’s progressing quickly.

Ellie goes back to interrogate Susan, while Carver heads into the room Vince’s held in, he pushes a picture of Susan Wright at him and asks Novik if he knows that woman and Vince responds he doesn’t. Carver then asks him if he’s got a dog and Novik says not really, then Emmett says they found a dog in his work shop chained up that belongs to the woman he claims is a stranger. Ellie starts asking Wright about Vince and shortly there after, she tells her that Novik’s the infant that Social Services took away from her. She says that for most of Vince’s life she had no clue where he was, but then they changed the laws so that parents and children could establish contact. She tells Ellie it took her 18-months but she finally tracked him down.

Vince finally realizes his deny-defense won’t fly, so he tells Carver that Wright approached him a few months back saying she’s his mother, he says she lies about everything. Then he says he hadn’t a clue he’d been adopted until Wright arrived. However, he still emphasizes to Carver that the woman’s a pathological liar.

Back with Ellie and Susan, Wright tells the detective she wrote Vince for months before she came to Gracepoint, but his mother hid all the letters from him and in her current state, believes she gave birth to Vince. Back with Carver and Novik, Emmett asks to see Vince’s arms, wants to check out his tattoos and Novik shows the detective one arm, Carver says he wants to see the other one and there’s a tattoo of Danny’s name on his arm, he says he got it after Danny got killed. Carver says you have a tattoo of your boss’ son name on your arm and Vince asks him what’s wrong with that.

Back at the Solano, Mark and Beth are sitting around the dinner table with their daughter and her boyfriend Dean and Beth asks if there’s an update on Vince. Chloe says, to her father that he knows Novik didn’t kill Danny and Dean, says they’d been very close. He went out hunting with the two of them and Vince and Danny acted like brothers. Beth then says what camping trip and looks to her husband whose as clueless as she is. Mark asks when this happened and Dean said a long while back like October or November, they’d said that Mark knew about it and they told them they did it a lot. Solano calls the station to inform the detectives.

Carver’s about to finish his session with Novik when he asks him how come he didn’t ask Mark’s permission to take his son hunting and Vince remains silent. He leaves the room and talks with Miller and they decide to release Susan, he also tells her they traced the call that reported the light on at Harvey Ridge Hut and it emanated from Danny’s missing cellphone, the killer’s toying with them. Carver’s cellphone rings and he leaves the station, driving to Paul Coates church, the Reverend hand over Tom Millers laptop, he tells the detective he walked by the Miller house on his way home and saw Tom destroying it. He believes there’s information about Danny on there that Tom was trying to get rid of.

He then says that Tom and Danny had been best-friends, but drifted apart, they started having arguments and Tom made fun of the Solano boy after Danny quit Mark’s soccer-team. He then tells Carver that Tom threatened to tell him he hit Danny, then says to the detective he never struck the boy. Carver leaves making a call to an associate about recovering hard drives.

Miller tells Susan they’re releasing her and she asks if she can visit Vince before she leaves. When they arrive, he tells Ellie to get her out of his sight, but Susan tells him how lonely she is and just wants to get to know him. He tells her  to tell Ellie she’s lying, but she says she didn’t and puts her face up against the cell door. He puts his hands on her cheeks and says if she doesn’t say she’s lying and then leave town he’ll slit Archie’s throat then take care of her. She tells him he’s his father’s son, he’s got his father’s sickness and the two women leave.

Carver heads down to the newspaper office and goes through an interview with Owen and Kathy Eaton, as he finishes giving background on the Solano case. Owen then asks him about Rosemont and how he blew the case; they had the suspect dead to rights when they recovered the little girls pendant among his possessions. The female detective who was to bring it to the evidence room at the station, stopped at a hotel for a celebratory drink with another detective on the case, her car got broken into and they stole all her possessions including the pendant. The female detective was Carver’s wife who was having an affair with the other detective and so his daughter wouldn’t find out he took the blame. He said they can print the story as long as they leave out his ex-wife’s name.

Back at the station Carver and Miller are about to call it a day, when he asks if she noticed Tom and Danny drifting apart the last year or so and she said she hadn’t. He then asks if they can borrow Tom’s laptop the next day and she says, sure thing. She heads home goes into her son’s room and starts panicking when she can’t find her laptop. Her cellphone rings and it’s her deadbeat sister needing a check in order to avoid getting evicted.

Ellie heads to the apartment, gives her sister the check and her sister finally reveals what she saw the night of Danny’s murder. She saw a man carrying something heavy wrapped in a rug and put it into the Solano plumbing van, she didn’t see his face but it must’ve been Mark. Miller shakes her head and tells her sister it wasn’t Solano, it was Novik.

The Story Concludes Next Thursday Night at 9:00 pm on FOX.  

Forever: Sax Player’s Song Costs Son His Life

Photo Credit: K.C. Bailey/ABC
Photo Credit: K.C. Bailey/ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The life of a musician’s far from easy, odds are overwhelming, they’ll never make it out of their basement, or some dingy bar, even those signed to a record label fade into oblivion after one album. Then there’s the scam-artists that some deal with, offering them a pittance for work that’s worth a fortune, leaving the artist out in the cold, while the schemers cash in. There are tales of Blues and Rock musicians, being taken advantage of and the world of Jazz’s filled with stories about bandleaders who stole their musicians compositions, claiming them as their own.

The plot of the latest episode of the ABC series “Forever,” revolved around the world of Jazz, starting off in a club called Ruby’s, as the Bud Gray Quintet entertained the audience. A well-dressed young man comes up to the bar and asks for the usual and something for the two lovely ladies, he’s eyeing next to him. Rudy the bartender tells him his tabs to large to add to and the young man, tells him his ship came in and the next time he’s there he’ll pay off the tab and buy a round for the house.

An older man also well-dressed, stands behind him and laughs, saying what kind of foolish scheme does he have this time. The young man says he’ll take a rain-check on those drinks and the other guy, says good luck cashing it. Though the young man turned to leave, he turned back to his critic and said actually it involved him, he’s about to prove just what kind of businessman Al Rainey is. (The older man’s name.) He walks to his car climbs into the seat and pushes in the car lighter, then takes a swig out of a bottle of whiskey. The lighter pops out and someone in the back seat pops up and strangles the young man from behind.

The next morning Henry Morgan’s standing in Abe’s shop looking out the front window and listening to a Classical LP. Abe comes downstairs, and changes the record to bebop, which Morgan abhors. Henry goes on a rant about young people’s music and Abe turns the volume up. The phone rings and thankfully for Morgan it’s Jo Martinez, they’ve got a new death to investigate.

Detectives Martinez and Hanson meet Henry at the crime scene, it’s the young man’s car completely torched with the young man still in the driver’s seat, totally charred. Morgan examines the body and within 15-seconds says the victim was murdered and before he and the car got burned, as there’s no soot in his mouth or nostrils. That proves the victim didn’t inhale any of the smoke.

The body back in Henry’s lab he and his assistant Lucas, conduct an autopsy on the body, Henry removes a saxophone reed from the victim’s mouth. Jo arrives telling the pair, the victim’s Isiah Williams, just 29-years-old, Lucas finds a piece of acetate inside the body and Henry determines the killer used film stock as the accelerant. They’ve contacted William’s next-of-kin and a department employee enters to tell Martinez that William’s sister’s arrived.

The woman’s named Ella and she’s Isiah’s older sister. She spoke to him the night before from a jazz club and told her their father gave him something that would change their lives. She then explains that her and her father don’t talk, he’s the Jazz sax played Pepper Evans, one of the greats of Jazz, reduced to busking at a subway station. They find Evans playing and they identify themselves, they ask about Isiah and the old man asks what happened to his son, Jo gently tells him he was murdered and they take Pepper to a coffee shop for questioning.

Martinez asks Evans if somebody would want to harm his son and he replies Isiah wasn’t a boy-scout, he had just scene his son the day before and gave him sold old audio tapes. Henry realizes that’s the accelerant that kept the blaze stoked. Jo tells him they’ll contact him if he has any questions, he replies that they know where to find him.

Morgan flashes back to 1956, and eleven-year-old Abraham’s playing Chopin on the piano, but messes up and gets frustrated. Henry walks in and shows him the right notes, then says that Classical music’s the foundation of civilized society. A couple in the next apartment are arguing and we hear screams and breaking glass, then a knock on the Morgan’s door. Henry answers it and a man with a bloody rag on his hand reminds him he’s the neighbor from next door, Red and he remembers Henry’s a doctor, he has a gig that night and can Morgan fix his hand. Henry says sure and sits him down and looks at the musician’s hand and tells him he’ll need stitches and he’ll be right back.

Red sees the sheet music on the piano and he asks Abe if he plays Chopin and the boy’s surprised Red’s heard of him. The musician says that Chopin’s one of the greats of Classical music, though he gets bored by it and they both chuckle. Red asks him if he ever played Jazz and the boy says he doesn’t have any sheet music. The musician replies, that with Jazz you don’t need sheet music, you just feel it. He says you take this musty old stuff and jazz it up, then he plays a bunch of Jazz riffs on Chopin’s composition, Henry watches from behind and smiles.

Abe freaks when he hears Henry’s met Pepper Evans, tells him he was a child prodigy and played with Lionel Hubbard on 6AM, a seminal jazz-song, then goes to get the record. When Abe starts playing the LP, Henry says extraordinary and Abe thinks he’s enjoying the music, instead Morgan’s talking about the resemblance between young Pepper and Isiah. He then asks Abe about a Jazz club named Dutch’s and Abe told him it closed years ago. It’s now called Rudy’s and it’s a great club, at 140th and Lennox, Henry smiles and grabs his coat.

Martinez and Morgan head to Rudy’s and Rudy says that Isiah doesn’t look familiar and Henry says he finds that hard to believe. Rudy asks why and Morgan says that there’s a picture behind the bar of Pepper Evans who looked exactly like Isiah. Rudy admits talking to Williams that night and he explains why he and the dead man shared words.

He then says he’s got to go when Henry asks him for a glass of liquor, not behind the bar. When Rudy goes to get it, Henry reaches behind the bar and grabs a case, it’s Pepper Evans’ the case he gave to his son the day he was murdered. He admits he took the case as collateral, until he paid off his bar tab. Morgan, whose got perfect pitch walks over the standup bass and plucks a string, saying it sounds sharp, Rudy tells him to tune it. Henry notices it’s a brand new string and the old one was the murder weapon.

Rudy’s brought in for questioning and Martinez tells the club owner thing’s don’t look good for him. Rudy tells Jo that Williams’ always bragged that Pepper wrote 6AM even though Lionel Hubbard’s acknowledged as the composer. Rudy believed that Williams at least thought he had the reel-to-reel of the first session, the night he got killed. Henry and Lt. Joanna Reece, watch from the other side of the one-way-window and he asks why would someone kill somebody over a song and she schools Henry. 6AM changed Jazz forever, the rhythms, the chord progressions, the absolute joy of the song. Henry’s amused she’s such a Jazz fan, but right then Lucas comes out with the evidence to determine the time of Isiah’s death. He got strangled at 11:58 pm, ruling Rudy out as a suspect as he was behind the bar until 3:00 am. Morgan says now they need to find out who owns the rights to the song and Reece says it’s Al Rainey, owner of Dove Bird Records.

When Jo and Henry arrive at Rainey’s office, he laughs off the suggestion that Pepper Evans wrote 6AM, he ran the board on that session and the only sober guy in the studio. He offers to let Martinez hear the digitized master tapes, Henry watches as the Bud Gray Quintet, the band at Rudy’s the night Isiah was murdered, set up for a recording session. As they start to play, Morgan flashes back to 1956. Abe and Red are now playing Jazz on the piano together, and Abe shows lots of potential, Henry stands in the door for a while and smiles before he interrupts.

Without any evidence, they leave Rainey’s and Henry suggests they reenact the crime in the burnt car. He, Jo and Lucas head to where the car’s stored and Lucas plays the victim as Morgan portrays the killer. Lucas grabs for Henry’s hands to attempt to stop him and knocks Morgan’s ID badge off his lab jacket and Henry determines, that’s where any item that might have fallen off the murderer. Henry slices open the seat and finds a cufflink with the monogram DB, Morgan believes it’s for Dove Bird Records.

They arrest Rainey and show him the cufflink, he then says he wants his lawyer. Reece believes he killed the young man and when the lawyer arrives he says charge Rainey or release him. The Lieutenant says she can hold him for 72-hours and she’ll enjoy everyone.

Henry once again flashes back to 1956, he’s alone in the apartment when there’s a knock at the door and it’s Red, Morgan says he didn’t realize Abraham had a lesson today, he’s out playing. The musician says he just came to say goodbye, he got a six month gig in Paris. While Henry’s happy for Red he and Abe will miss him and Red tells Morgan to keep fanning the flame in Abe that he lit, he’s got a good feel for Jazz. He then says he travels light, he’s like a Bedouin, carries everything in one case.

Morgan runs to Evans’ case and finds a reel in a canister hidden beneath the lining and he’s certain the tape’s the original master. He plays it for the police, Rainey and his lawyer and there’s just hiss and static. Lucas looks at it and says the layers separated and now it’s useless, an antique, which gives Henry an idea. Who better to deal with an antique but his son the antique dealer?

Abe’s a true audiophile and knows the secret to restoring tapes with separated layers, you put them in the oven and bake them. He learned it trading Grateful Dead bootlegs in the Sixties and Seventies, the trick works the tape’s like new. Morgan heads back to the station and tells Martinez and Hanson the tape’s restored via the baking technique and Hanson calls him Betty Crocker and tells him to play it. We hear the entire session including Hubbard  saying to Evans they should start with Pepper’s new song and why does he call it 6AM. Evans says that’s the time his baby girl Ella was born, the happiest moment in his life. Hubbard replies because Ella looks like Pepper’s wife and Evans laughs and says at least they don’t call me Dough Boy.

Evans heads to the station asking if they made any progress on who killed his son and Jo says no, but they’re close. He sees the cufflink and asks where Martinez  found it and she tells him it was found in Isiah’s car, does he recognize it? The old man’s face tells us that he does but he tells the detective, no and to have a nice rest of the day and leaves. Martinez realizes he’s lying.

Henry realizes the cufflinks don’t stand for Dove Bird, instead they stand for Dough Boy. So who inherited the cufflinks and the rights to 6AM? Bud Gray, the bass-player and leader of the Bud Gray Quintet and Lionel Hubbard’s son, who play at Rudy’s that evening. Henry, Martinez, Hanson and a bunch of uniforms head to Rudy’s, we then switch to the club where Pepper Evans’ drinking and pulls a revolver out of his pocket.

When they all arrive, Henry sees Evans and talks him out of shooting Gray, so he can be a father to Ella, he knows that Pepper wrote 6AM to celebrate her birth. Evans says she wants nothing to do with him, but Morgan says let her hear the tape. The old man puts down his gun and Morgan pockets it. Gray gets arrested on stage without a struggle, Rainey’s charged as an accessory to murder.

Henry gets back to the shop and Abe’s playing a Chopin LP, telling Henry that some of his tastes rubbed off on him. Henry then asks Abe to teach him how to play Jazz on the piano and the two play off into the night.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on ABC. 

Gotham: New Alliances, Which Will Succeed And Which Will Fail?

Photo: Courtesy Of FOX.
Photo: Courtesy Of FOX.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Although Gotham City’s the most corrupt metropolis on the planet, it’s run quite efficiently due to alliances, the key to keeping the machine running smoothly. The city’s most powerful crime boss, Carmine Falcone, owns Mayor Aubrey James, a man with the spine of a jellyfish. Almost every police officer in the GCPD, have criminal informants, a relationship that involves the officer to look the other way, when their source does something wrong, as the information they provide is too valuable to have the criminal rotting in a cell. New alliances formed, in the latest episode of the FOX series “Gotham,” with characters quite familiar to longtime fans of the Caped Crusader.

The episode picks up shortly after the previous episode’s conclusion, as Selina Kyle’s sprung from jail by Detective Jim Gordon, who plans to leave her under the care of his fiancée Barbara Kean. However Kean, who nearly left Gordon earlier in the season for not sharing his troubles at the GCPD with her, got overwhelmed by her experience as a prisoner of Falcone and left a note telling Jim she’s left. As he finishes the note his cellphone rings, and the police sketch-artist’s downstairs in the lobby, so Selina can describe the man she saw shoot Martha and Thomas Wayne.

Gordon takes Kyle and the sketch to Wayne Manor and shows the sketch to Bruce, asking if the man looks familiar and Bruce shakes his head. Jim then tells Alfred, that Selina’s the only witness to the crime and needs to be kept safe and asks if she can stay there. Pennyworth, gives him a definitive no, however Bruce vetoes his objection and says that Kyle can stay.

Since the Arkham Asylum closed down, all criminally insane convicts are held in the regular prison and take periodic trips to a mental facility. The GCPD, are on their toes as they’re transferring Ian Hargrove, to the facility, Hargrove’s imprisoned for destroying nine munitions plants, the last one with people inside the facility, that died in the bombing. As Hargrove’s brought outside, he takes a package of matches out of his mouth and palms it, while the guards slip gloves with padlocks over his hands. He’s then put into the truck with three guards, two in the cab and one with the prisoner.

As they’re driving a long, the guard notices Ian’s doing something with his left hand and takes off the glove and it appears that Hargrove made an origami swan out of the matchbook. We never find out however, as a truck on the other side of the road veers into the police vehicles path, causing the vehicle to crash. The three guards are quickly overpowered by four men with automatic weapons, when they’ve killed the last guard, a man with a thick Russian accent, calls for Hargrove. They kidnap him to make bombs for their purposes.re

Detectives Allen and Montoya, take Gordon to meet their ally, ADA Harvey Dent, whose talking with a teen boy when they arrive. If you’ve read the comics or seen the movies, you’re aware of Dent’s long-term fate, however this is decades before he goes to the dark-side. Dent tells the juvenile delinquent, that he’s young and deserves a second chance, so Harvey will bet with him, by flipping a coin. If the boy loses, he goes to jail, if he wins, Dent lets him go and the kid can’t wait to spit out the word deal, but Dent tells him there’s a catch. If he goes free, he has to promise there and now to God, that he’ll go back to school and turn his life around and asks the teen if he’s willing to make the promise and he responds yes sir. The boy calls heads and he wins Dent, tells him to remember his promise and keep it.

Gordon and the two detectives approach Dent and Jim tells the ADA, he likes how he handled the situation, but what if the boy lost? Harvey says most teenage boys always pick heads, so he’s got a two-headed coin. (Shades of things to come.) They head back to Dent’s office and he looks at the picture. Dent tells the three detectives, that he’s convinced Gotham City wealthy businessman Dick Lovecraft’s behind the Wayne’s murder and he’s going to use Jim’s source to shake Lovecraft and some other suspects up. Gordon gets hinky and tells Dent that his and Kyle’s name are never mentioned and the ADA guarantees it.

Alfred’s giving Bruce his first boxing lesson and Selina stands and watches, then asks Bruce why he’s doing this and Wayne replies to protect himself. Kyle laughs and says, this is a dangerous neighborhood, Bruce responds he’s getting ready for Gotham City and the girl says they don’t wear gloves when they fight in Gotham. As she leaves, Alfred realizes that Bruce’s got at least the start of a crush on the girl and teases him about it, but says, this one could prove troublesome.

Penguin breaks into Falcone’s house and heads to Fish Mooney’s mole, Liza’s room, he takes her nightgown from her bed and a bottle of lilac scented perfume and leaves, just before Liza returns home so he scampers up the stairs. She walks into the apartment and she can see from the doorway, her nightgown’s gone, she looks out the door but just misses the snitch.

Harvey’s already working on the Hargrove case when Gordon arrives at the station. Bullock asks if it’s woman problems and Jim tells his partner, that Barbara left him. They get back to the case and interview Ian’s older brother John. The brother says that Ian’s not bad, he’s mentally ill, he accidentally killed those people and he felt so guilty he practically turned himself in. His brother tried destroying munitions factories in order to stop wars.

Meanwhile, Hargrove’s completed a bomb for the Russians and the leader puts it in a gift basket filled with straw and puts all sorts of goodies and delicacies in the basket. He takes it to another munitions factory and four security guards chow down, the Russian and Ian sit in a van a block away and watch the building explode.

Next morning while Bruce reads the paper with the headline being the munitions building explosion, when Kyle walks into the library, acting sullen. She says the house makes noises and the boy explains it’s very old, he then says she’s wearing the only clothes she brought with her, he’ll gladly get Alfred to get her more clothes and she says she’ll pass. He then says he’s heard she lives on the street and she smiles and says yeah, he asks if her parents are still living and she freaks, saying of course they are she’s not an orphan and stomps off.

Jim and Harvey talk to their Captain Sarah Essen about the bombing and they inform her, they stole a compound called HMS, after killed the guards, which Gordon says is ten times more powerful than C-4. At that point Mayor James walks into her office and starts ripping the GCPD, Gordon cuts him off and says, the fault doesn’t lie with them, inferring James’ dropped the ball. When the Mayor asks why he’s at fault, Gordon says because the prison system’s so antiquated they need to conduct these transfers. James says they better catch the guy by that night and storms out.

The two detectives are ready to hit the streets, when Alfred calls Gordon, saying things aren’t working out with Selina. Jim plays on Alfred’s sympathy and sense of right and wrong, says he’s up to his neck in alligators, but he’ll get there as soon as he can. Pennyworth, replies they’ll patiently await his arrival.

Fish Mooney and her number one aide Butch are talking about an upcoming job and Butch asks her if she’s sure about things? Mooney says she hopes Mooney’s not losing his nerve and he assures her all’s fine. Right then the Penguin enters and Fish says she thinks that Oswald enjoys getting hurt, which is the reason he keeps returning. No, he responds he just wanted to say hello in an effort to repair their friendship, he then leans towards her and sniffs and says she smells of lilacs and she smells great. She replies he doesn’t and he says he’s off, it’s a pleasure to see her. Butch says Cobblepot’s creepy and Mooney says he’s a nothing and ignore him.

Back at the station, Gordon and Bullock are digging through Hargrove’s file, trying to find  any evidence he’s worked with others in the past, but he’s always been a loner. Old friend GCPD forensic scientist Ed Nygma, sneaks up on Harvey and nearly gives the detective a coronary, as usual his opening topic’s got nothing to do with the reason he sought them out, this week its video games. However when Ed went through the shrapnel he found a plate of another abandoned munitions plant and the two detectives thank Nygma for his good work then head to the building.

When they arrive Hargrove’s the only one there and says you  found the plate, he then tells him that four Russians, broke him out of jail and kidnapped him. They threatened to kill his brother John and his family, so he did what they asked. Right then the four Russians show up, engage in a firefight and recapture Hargrove, then drive off.

Back at the Wayne mansion, Kyle tries to escape the house by going out one of the library windows, but Bruce walks in and says if she wants to leave they’ll get her a taxi. She sheepishly closes the window and walks over and picks up a picture of Martha and says that’s your mother. The boy responds that Selina watched her get shot and Kyle sadly nods her head, then he says you saw what I did or didn’t do. She asks him what he could have accomplished and he just blurts out he should have done something. She tells him he’s dreaming, a gun’s a gun.

She then makes up an obviously fantasy story about her mother, that she’s in show business, sings and dances and makes millions. However, that’s only a cover as her mother’s in reality a secret agent on a mission for the President, and as soon as she’s done her duty, they’ll be reunited. Bruce smiles, but he realizes it’s a fantasy. She then asks him if he’s ever kissed a girl and he shyly says no and she asks him if he wants to, at that point Alfred walks in and tells Bruce it’s time for his studies.

Dent brings in Dick Lovecraft and the businessman, tells the ADA he’s been trying to bust him on fraud for years and he’s wasting his time, but Harvey says he’s there for a different reason, that a witness identified him as setting up the murders of Martha and Thomas Wayne, and this time Lovecraft won’t escape justice. The businessman stares the ADA in the eyes and says he doesn’t know who or what he’s dealing with. We then see a trace of the monster he eventually becomes, as his face almost erupts and he screams he’ll rip Lovecraft apart, then regains his composure and says it’s always good to see him.

Bullock identifies the leader of the Russians as Gregory Kasyanov, who had worked for Nikolai until the Penguin killed him. Now they work for Fish Mooney and she’s got them stealing Falcone’s money as revenge for Nikolai.

Nygma runs some tests on the explosive material they recovered and he finds that it’s indeed very powerful, but can only blast through iron and everything’s been made from steel for 100-years. But Gordon realizes the old Gotham Armory’s vaults are iron and he believes Falcone owns the property. They get there just after they have burst the door of the vault open and start loading packages of sheets of money into their truck, and the Russians see they’re surrounded, as cruisers are also there. Gordon tells Ian, that his brother and the family are in protective custody and he starts walking towards Jim and Harvey. Kasyanov yells at him to stop, but suddenly they here a cellphone ring  and Gordon realizes a bombs triggered and yells for all to get down. All four Russians died, Fish’s aide Butch triggered the bomb then drove away.

When he gets back to the club, Fish tells him that’s exactly what she wanted to happen, she didn’t want the money, just to hurt Falcone. And she had the Russians killed to tie up any unfinished business. Meanwhile Penguin’s waiting for Liza when she arrives at Falcone’s and he threatens to call the Don and tell him she’s working for Fish and she dares him to do it. He dials the number, but she begs him to hang up. He said her secrets safe with him.

The next morning Selina and Bruce are in the library having breakfast, when she throws a bagel at him and strikes him in the forehead, he asks her why she did it and she says she bets he can’t hit  her. He says he could if he wanted to, she says if he hits her, she’ll let him kiss her and an all-out food fight begins. Bruce’s laughing and having fun and Alfred doesn’t even mind the sound of broken glass. Just then Jim calls and apologizes for not getting there. Alfred says, no hurry, she’s a breath of fresh air.

The last scene’s Gordon leaving a message for Barbara, telling her he loves her and needs her back, they keep cutting to her lying in bed on her side looking sad as Jim leaves the message. When, it’s over, we see an arm from the other side of the bed, it’s Renee Montoya.

The Story Continues Next Week on Monday Night at 8:00pm on FOX.

Tyrant: Gaslight

Photo Courtesy Of Vered Adir/FX Network
Photo Courtesy Of Vered Adir/FX Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The ninth episode of the FX Original Series “Tyrant,” “Gaslight,” shared many similarities with the 1944 movie starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman, with the same title. That film was about a man who married a wealthy young woman, then tried to make her believe she lost her grip on reality, so that he could control her wealth. Barry/Bassam Al Fayeed, tricked his brother Jamal into believing that their uncle General Tariq Al Fayeed, planned a coup to remove Jamal from the Presidency, in order for Barry and his associates to orchestrate the real take-over.

Our first view of Barry’s watching him prepare for an anniversary dinner that Jamal and his wife Leila are holding for Barry and his wife Molly. After getting into his suit, he realizes that Molly’s still in her robe and doesn’t look like she’s planning on dressing soon. When her husband asks her if she’s getting dressed, she attempts to beg off from the dinner as she’ll feel uncomfortable with her in-laws as Barry’s attempting to overthrow his brother. Al Fayeed, tells Molly that it’s important for their family’s safety that she join him for dinner.

A title card flashes on the screen informing us the following events took place 24-hours earlier, as we are present at a gathering of the architects of the take-over attempt; American Ambassador to Abbudin John Tucker, US operative Lea Exley, Ziad, who’s Tariq’s right-hand man, Yussef, Barry and Jamal’s daughter-in-law’s father Hakim. They inform Barry of their plan’s to implicate his uncle, by saying he’s spreading rumors to his elite guard that Jamal’s unfit to run the nation. Then Ziad plays an audio recording of the conversation between Jamal and his former mistress Katerina, about running away from Abbudin and living on the Maldives. They’ll tell the President that Tariq’s telling this story to his elite guard in an effort to undermine him. The General and his elite guard will be heading on a three-day training mission and the plan’s to get them locked-down during the exercise.

After the dinner, the two brothers head outside to smoke cigars and Barry asks Jamal if he’s planning on joining Tariq and his soldiers for their maneuvers and the President laughs the question off, as too boring to contemplate. Barry asks his brother if maybe he should go, to have eyes and ears with the soldiers and Jamal asks him what he’s talking about. The younger brother then says he heard rumors some of Tariq’s soldiers were spreading rumors about the President and when Jamal asks where he heard such rumors, Barry tells him they came from Tucker.

Jamal summons Tucker to the palace in the middle of the night and asks him what he told his brother. Tucker’s a pretty good actor and plays it off that Barry told Jamal something the Ambassador slipped out after a bit too much to drink and that the younger Al Fayeed betrayed his confidence. However he tells the President that Tariq’s saying that Jamal and some hooker were talking about running away to the Maldives during the time the Sheik was a patient in the hospital. Knowing the story about him and Katerina’s true, he grabs hold of the bait and gets ready to get reeled in. He dismisses Tucker, but then tells Barry he believes Tariq’s out to do him in.

When Barry heads back to Molly and his bedroom, his wife tells him she can’t believe with what her husband’s planning, that he could be so at ease and comfortable with Jamal and Leila. She then tells him the thing that really freaks her out’s the fact that Barry’s so good at what he’s attempting to do; it’s as if she had no idea who her husband truly was until this defining moment.

The next morning in a private meeting between the two brothers and Yussef, part-two of the plan’s put into effect, as their father’s closest adviser tells them that the head of one of the tribes contacted him, saying that Tariq has told all the tribal leaders to meet with him. Yussef, asks if that means the tribes are no longer his responsibility and Jamal quickly reassures him that he still has his duties, but Tariq’s meeting with them for a special purpose at his request and the reason for the meeting must remain secret. Yussef thanks the President, leaving the two brothers alone and the information solidifies Jamal’s belief, his uncle’s trying to overthrow him. Barry tells Jamal, he’ll try to press Tucker for his source and the older brother grabs him in a hug, telling him he’s the only person he trusts.

Part three and the clincher took place the following day, when the brothers drove a Jeep down to part of the capital in need of severe repair. Jamal’s having a hard time coming to grips that Ziad would ever defy Tariq, but Barry responds if he doesn’t trust the Colonel, then trust his own brother. The President pulls a revolver out from his jacket pocket and tells his brother, he’s putting all his trust in his weapon.

Jamal climbs out of the Jeep brandishing his weapon and tells Barry to stay back at the car. Either Jamal’s easily fooled or the crew around him should qualify as Oscar winners, as Ziad tells the President that Tariq’s meeting with the tribal leaders are to gain him support to overthrow his nephew. When the President asks him why he supports Jamal over Tariq, he points at all the burned out buildings caused by Tariq, Ziad tells him he believes that Jamal has a plan for the future. Buying it hook-line and sinker, he ordered  Ziad to lock-down Tariq and his supporters and that Ziad was now head of the military.

Barry’s in his office at the palace, when he hears a knock and seconds later, Leila’s standing there wanting to talk about what’s going on the family and the regime. He reiterates the story and she tells her brother-in-law, that Jamal had asked her to runaway to the Maldives with him and laughed it off. She falls apart and tells Barry they are the only ones who can help Jamal, and  keep him safe.

Molly heads over to the American consulate and if she had any remaining doubts about the magnitude of what her husband’s planning, they vanished during her meeting with Tucker and Lea Exley. Exley informs the doctor that they have secured a safe-house for her in Oregon, but Molly protests, telling the operative they own a home in Southern California. The operative responds that whether Barry succeeds or fails in his overthrow attempt, there maybe reprisals against the family and they wouldn’t be safe in their home.

Jamal and Ziad are at the airport and they meet a very surprised and angry Tariq, who questions the order to deplane from the craft he had boarded. As the plane takes off without him, he watches with horror as the jet with all his elite guard onboard, explodes seconds after takeoff, bursting into a ball of flame. Ziad handcuffs his former commander and tells him he’s under arrest for plotting against the government and the General screams to his nephew that he’s innocent as he’s dragged away.

The President, Leila and Ziad sit side-by-side at a table, as Jamal addresses the nation on television, about the plane explosion. He calls the soldiers onboard heroes, then says he’s gotten information that points to the explosion being an act of sabotage. Without naming anyone, he tells his citizens that the government has arrested subjects and vows to find out exactly what purposes the saboteurs had for blowing up the aircraft. He closes out the speech, telling his nation his regime’s strong and any enemies will suffer a similar fate.

Barry’s daughter gets the report about the plane on her cellphone, as Al Fayeed and his two children head back to the capital from the Bedouin village his father grew up in. After dropping off his teens, he rushes to the room where the President’s broadcasting from just as Jamal’s completing his address. Barry grabs Tucker and tells him he didn’t sign up for what just occurred and the US Ambassador informs him that Leila convinced Jamal to blow-up the plane. He then tells Al Fayeed that what they’re doing isn’t surgery, it’s a coup.

The President clears the room, until just he and his brother remain and Barry says that Jamal called a new play in the huddle without informing him. The older brother responds, that his way’s better as it sends a message to his enemies not to mess with him, but his sibling asks how he could kill their uncle? Jamal smiles and tells his younger brother to follow him and leads him to the cell, where a beaten and bloody Tariq’s locked up.

The President asks his uncle how it feels in the cells, that he sent thousands to over the years and the General tells him that the accusations are madness. When Jamal asks him why he setup a meeting with all the Tribal leaders, Tariq told him the truth that he was trying to buy their support to ensure Jamal won the upcoming election. He told his nephew, that Barry had poisoned his mind and was manipulating him like a child and that his younger brother wanted Tariq out since the day he arrived in Abbudin. He then asked his nephew, who stood to gain if Tariq gets taken out of the equation.

 Ashraf Barhom, the actor that portrays Jamal’s an extraordinary actor, with the ability to express incredible emotion with his facial expressions and he utilized that talent magnificently in the next 30-seconds, as he silently split his gaze between his uncle and brother. Had Tariq convinced his nephew, that he told the truth, or did Jamal still have complete trust in his brother? The General however, struck a nerve when he told his nephew that Barry manipulated him like a child, the remark played on the President’s insecurities and everything else Tariq said meant nothing.

Removing his tunic, he walked into the cell spread out his hand and examined it, before asking his uncle if he had the hands of a child, then slapped him violently across the face. He then asked the same questions about his fists, before slugging the old man in the gut and in the face, then threw him to the floor of his cell. He glared at Tariq and told him if he ever slandered Barry again, those would be the last words out of his mouth and stormed away.

Barry remained behind as the old man struggled to his feet and hobbled over to the front bars of his cell, complimenting his adversary with the phrase “well-played.” He then tells Barry he was a killer at the age of nine and he remains a killer. The nephew tells Tariq that he betrayed his father and he would see him tried as a war criminal if it was the last thing he did, then turned and walks away. Tariq however gets the last word, screaming “I know your soul, Bassam. Killer! I know who you are!”

The story will pick up again next Tuesday on FX.

Halt And Catch Fire: Hello Comdex, Good-Bye Uniqueness

Photo by Tina Rowden/AMC
Photo by Tina Rowden/AMC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Cardiff Electric’s team to sell their new personal computer have arrived in Las Vegas in episode nine of the AMC Original Series “Halt And Catch Fire,” as Gordon and Donna Clark, Cameron Howe and Joe MacMillan, have brought the prototype of the Giant to the Comdex Trade show hoping to return to Dallas, with lots of orders for the new product in hand. The crew have to overcome adversities from the time they arrived and just when it looked that they were sailing into clear skies, an unseen storm came into almost capsize their boat.

As MacMillan went to the hotel’s front desk to get the keys to the three bedroom suite reserved by Cardiff, the hotel manager tells Joe that the card the company had used for the room got declined and the hotel received information that funds were frozen due to the investigation into Cardiff by the FBI, that began in the previous episode. MacMillan being a pathological liar, told the manager his name’s John Bosworth, but when he attempts to put the charge on his private credit card, the manager immediately notices the different name on the card and sends Joe on his way.

As the four sit in the lobby attempting to come up with a plan, Gordon looks through the brochure of who will feature booths at the show and recognizes two losers he had met when he and Donna attended the show two-years earlier. Clark tells Joe to head into the rest-room and put on his best blue-suit. They head to the presentation hosted by a duo with the joint personality of a slab of granite, reading notes woodenly and showing the uneasiness they feel. Gordon starts throwing out questions that emphasize the product’s problems and then asks how they expect to compete when IBM releases the same product at a cheaper price? When they ask Gordon where that information came from, he nods his head toward MacMillan standing at the back of the room and they assume he’s with IBM.

Joe plays the part perfectly as he buys the pair drinks down at the bar and the men are besides themselves as they sunk every penny they had into the suite at the hotel and the spread they were going to have for their party that night. MacMillan tells them that IBM needs more rooms and that “Big Blue” would compensate them for the suite and the food and liquor for the party, leaving the men with their funds restored.

Cardiff also lost the booth they had reserved, so Donna and Cameron purchase a new one, far from their original location in prime real estate and far too small for their planned presentation. Cameron grabs some money and tells Donna to go to the suite and get ready for the party. She soon returns with some blocks of Styrofoam, a can of red spray-paint, a briefcase, a large metal chain and a saw. She goes with a simplistic but intriguing presentation, making a wall and a podium out of Styrofoam, spray painting the message on the wall that there’s a Giant in the briefcase that’s wrapped with the chain and puts the Cardiff Suite number as well. It soon attracts a large curious crowd.

With those problems resolved Gordon and Donna encounter yet another as they try to turn on the Giant and the computer won’t boot up. They move the prototype into their bedroom to solve the hardware glitch seconds before the first guests arrive for the party. Two-hours later Joe walks into the room and asks Gordon what’s the status and the engineer responds he’s almost ready. As the main room starts to reverberate with the crowd cheering Giant. MacMillan takes the machine away from Gordon and heads out to the cheering crowd.

Joe MacMillan’s far more than a master-salesman; he’s a showman, a manipulator, along the lines of the famous circus impresario P.T. Barnum, who posted signs throughout his circus, which read “This Way To The Egress.” What the attendees didn’t realize until they found the destination that the signs guided them to was the exit, which is what the fancier word means.

Joe came out teasing the crowd with the Giant and the audience demonstrated their excitement to see the computer in action. MacMillan takes his time working his way to the front of the room, then asks the crowd if they want him to turn it on and the audience erupts. Joe, tells them he could do that, but they’re in Vegas and happen to have the porn convention at the hotel next door. He tells the engineers that Cardiff has hired four big name actresses to entertain at the party and the room explodes in cheers. He then tries the old bait-and-switch, asking if the crowd wants him to pull up some spread sheets before introducing the ladies and the boos drown him out. He announces he’ll wait, if they promise to attend their demonstration at their booth the next day and they cheer in agreement. The four women enter in hot-pants and halter-tops and the booze starts flowing while the music cranks up and dancing begins. Gordon takes the Giant back into the bedroom so he and Donna can finish repairing it.

Later that evening, MacMillan notices Cameron talking with a young engineer from Silicon Valley and trying to talk her into moving there. They debate the pros and cons and then the engineer invites her and his fellow engineers out for pancakes. Joe seems sad she’s left with the group, but quickly becomes engaged with a man named Dennis who owns and operates Computer-Land, the chain that started retail sales of personal computers and tells MacMillan that he thinks the Giant could become a big product for his stores. Joe asks him why he’d be interested in a specialty product from a first time computer manufacturer and Dennis replies to his question by asking MacMillan if he ever sold cars? Joe responds he never had and the older man replies that’s how he started in sales and that taught him to sell station-wagons a dealership needed a sports-car in the window.

The four head down the next morning to present the Giant, when they notice a large crowd gathering around one booth and the buzz of excitement can be felt throughout the hall. As they get closer, we hear a familiar voice and see a look of shock on Donna’s face as she sees her former boss at Texas Instruments Hunt, talking about his new personal computer; a stripped down basic version of the Giant. It’s far more simplistic, has a plastic case, but it’s faster and cheaper than the Giant. As he unveils drawings of the “Slingshot,” a complete rip-off of the Cardiff machine, we see that former engineer of Gordon’s and the Clark’s next-door neighbor Gary’s Hunt’s lead engineer. When Hunt asks the crowd if they have questions, Donna pounces on him and starts to attack him, until Joe and other men pull her off him.

When the four get upstairs to their suite, Gordon tells MacMillan and Howe to wait outside and after Donna enters he slams the door behind them. He then repeatedly asked his wife if she slept with Hunt and she tells him no, but she kissed him and she wanted to sleep with him, because he treated her well while Gordon took her for granted. Clark then berates his wife for allowing him to pump her for information and tells her for all his shortcomings he never even thought of breaking their vows.

We move to the bar and see Hunt apologizing to what at first seems like Donna, but it’s actually Joe he’s talking with. MacMillan threatens him with a lawsuit and Hunt counters that by the time the case hit the courts, the “Slingshot,” would be in its third generation. Joe may have finally met somebody with even fewer moral convictions than he possesses the revulsion he shows is for both of them as he walks away. He gets into the elevator, Cameron rushes in at the last second and Joe takes her hand as the doors close.

They arrive at the suite to find a tipsy Gordon has reconfigured the Giant, so that the machine’s now faster and cheaper than Hunt and Gary’s machine, however he had to remove Cameron’s interactive operating system to accomplish it. Howe breaks into tears and tells MacMillan to make him put it back the way it was, but Joe’s first a survivor and realizes that Gordon’s changes will make the computer salable. Cameron leaves the suite in tears, despite Joe’s pleas to come with him to demonstrate the Giant.

Joe and Gordon present the computer to a large but underwhelmed crowd, who expected a game-changing machine and once again MacMillan makes lemonade out of lemons. He tells his audience that the bottom line, speed and reliability make the Cardiff computer great. He tells his audience that if they want a friend get a dog, play with their kids head to the park. The purpose of the Giant is to get the job done right and quickly and for its cost it blows away the competition. The crowd slowly and then loudly applaud the speech. Dennis tells Joe that he’s thinking of ordering 60 thousand units at nine hundred dollars a machine and MacMillan responds that the order is a start; the retailer then ups the offer to 70 thousand units and Joe responds they’ll talk as the episode comes to an end.

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