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The Blacklist: A Collection Of Cells

Photo By: David Giesbrecht/NBC
Photo By: David Giesbrecht/NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

 “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

 Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

If you’ve never had the pleasure of reading the Tolstoy classic, I’d recommend it highly, for fans of the NBC series “The Blacklist.” A key component of the novel’s plot revolves around an aristocratic woman leaving her husband and children for a dashing soldier from the Russian Army, Count Vronsky. Don’t settle for a cinematic rendition, as none of them do the book justice. However as Tolstoy notes, each dysfunctional family has its own unique collection of baggage and the nuclear and extended family of Elizabeth Keen, certainly stands out from the rest.

We begin the episode however with a group of strangers, as we watch four paramilitary frogmen emerge from the water in the dead of night. The four operatives take out a power station that controls the electricity for Savannah, Georgia, they kill the three security guards on the premises and then set explosive charges. The blast destroys the facility and plunges the city into darkness.

Liz and Tom arrive at the Post Office with Ressler, and Liz asks why she can’t help in the investigation of her own daughter getting kidnapped. Donald, tells her that she’s lost her security clearance when she lost her shield, then out of frustration tells the Keens’ to check things out as he’s already broken laws by showing them what he’s already shared.

As Tom and Lizzie look through the documents, Aram and Samar walk into the Post Office and Mojtabai says you’re back and then walks over and gives Liz a hug and tells her he’s glad she’s okay. Keen says she’s sorry and she didn’t mean to hurt anybody, but Navabi responds she believes Liz failed to think whom she was hurting. Aram tries to make peace, but Keen owns up to it and says she was trying to save her daughter and hopes they can understand that. Liz receives a call from Reddington to set up a meeting.

Keen meets Dembe and Reddington in a cemetery, which strikes Liz as odd. Raymond muses who Mr. Kaplan has buried in a certain grave, when Liz asks where’s Mr. Kaplan. Red avoids the question and says that he’s doing his best to find Agnes and he hopes to return the infant to her mother. She asks Reddington if he has any leads, he confirms that he does, however he’s working this case alone. Keen says she understands that Reddington feels betrayed, but this involves her daughter and if Raymond has any information he has to share it with her, to which Red replies no he doesn’t.

However Reddington relents and tells Keen that he expected Kirk would go underground after the FBI raided his estate, but his sources tell him differently. Apparently Constantin Rostov contacted a young venture capitalist named Miles McGrath. McGrath’s what the tech world refers to as an “Incubator,” criminals pitch their schemes to him and if he believes there’s a profit to be made, he bankrolls the enterprise. He’ll be spending the night in London and Reddington intends on contacting him there.

Keen informs the Task Force what Reddington shared with her, and that he doesn’t want to work with the Bureau on this mission. Harold Cooper, decides he doesn’t like that strategy and he tells Aram to contact the London attaché office and to get eyes on McGrath. The decision doesn’t work out as Cooper expected.

We see glimpses of a London disco, then we join McGrath, his bodyguard and one of the frogmen, a guy named Dean Bradley. Bradley tells the tech genius that all went better than planned in their mission in Savannah, and Miles grins and says it appears they’re ready for stage two.

As Bradley leaves the hotel and gets into his car, two London detectives take photos of Bradley and start sending the images to the Bureau. However suddenly there’s a knock on the driver’s side window and the body-guard kills the two men plus another law enforcement official and destroys the laptop in the middle of the transmission.

We’re transported to the country and we start to hear the moans and groans of Mr. Kaplan. There’s blood on the ground and we see some on her face, but we really can’t see how much damage she suffered. Suddenly she stretches her arm out and grabs for her glasses, which has one of the lenses cracked.

Liz and Tom head to Bureau headquarters and try to get some information on Agnes and Rostov, the agent they deal with says that an Agent Sarvino’s working the case and that he’s tied up presently. Liz and Tom pull off a sting, palming the agent’s key card as Liz says she needs to get some air. She then calls Sarvino and pretends she’s the other agent’s assistant and asks for Sarvino to meet the Keens’ in a conference room. It’s a dodge to get Lizzie into Sarvino’s office, and she takes photographs of lots of files and absconded Katarina’s journal. She then gets Tom and thanks the agent for his time and they exit the building.

We watch Kate crawling on her hands and knees until she gets to a creek. She looks at her reflection in the water and gasps. I tried my best to get a visible screen capture of her image, but alas failed to do so, although there did appear to be damage on the right-side of her skull or face.

Aram’s able to get a partial photograph of Dean Bradley from the e-mail sent from London, unfortunately they’re unable to question the former Navy SEAL, as McGrath had one of his operatives take Bradley out while he was jogging. Miles tells Johan Halbeck, the paramilitary leader he couldn’t guarantee that Bradley would remain quiet about their mission. Halbeck asks where he’s going to pick up another guy on such short notice and McGrath says that’s Johan’s problem.

Ressler and Raymond start to put the pieces together during a phone call, once Bradley’s record as a SEAL becomes known. Donald tells Reddington about four frogmen attacking the power station in Savannah, and Red suddenly realizes the frogmen are likely operatives of his old associate Johan Halbeck. Reddington used Halbeck to recover a watch he lost during a romantic tryst.

Raymond and Dembe show up at Johan’s garage and Reddington attempts to convince Halbeck to dump his client for twice as much as he would collect from the client. Halbeck says that he really wishes he could, be he’s partners with this other guy on the deal and it’s turned into a nightmare. Raymond says it sounds like Martin and Lewis, and Johan has no idea Reddington’s referencing Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Halbeck then says that the partner killed one of his men and Raymond says that Johan should walk away from the deal. He says most times he’d try to find him a replacement, but he’s freaked out by this situation and tells Halbeck to contact him when he gets things straightened out. Johan then asks Raymond if he could possibly get a guy and Reddington replies it depends on what his cut would be. The new man joining Johan’s team’s Tom Keen, which Keen gets accepted to after winning a fight with one of the other crew members.

We rejoin Mr. Kaplan as she’s discovered by a dog and the animal’s owner, we never see the person we’re just aware of their presence.

Lizzie reads from Katarina’s journal and she finds out that Katarina’s mission was to seduce and betray Reddington, instead she fell in love with him. Suddenly sees a vision of Katarina writing in her journal at her dressing table and she walks towards the vision. When she gets off the bed, Tom wakes up and asks if she’s okay, she tells him of the irony of the situation, that Katarina had been assigned to Reddington and Tom was assigned to her. She then begs him to be careful, she says lost Agnes and couldn’t stand losing him as well. Tom says soon she’ll have Tom and Agnes back with her.

Halbeck tells his team there will be four security guards, guarding the payload they want to acquire, two in front and two in the back. Ressler and Navabi are tailing the paramilitary unit but then they lose them, the unit’s not going after a truck, it’s target’s a train. There are no trains scheduled to run in that time period, but this is an unscheduled event. The train’s filled with six vats containing samples of every Type A virus known to humanity, Ebola, HIV, Polio and at least 50 more strains of disease. That was why the frogmen took out the power in Savannah, knowing the government would ship it out of the city because they were only using generators for more than 72 hours.

Suddenly all communication they’re receiving from the train drops off and the train’s no longer visible, as if it just vanished into thin air. However Navabi and Ressler at the scene discover a split in the track and a warehouse set where the train’s unloading the deadly toxins. Halbeck give’s McGrath’s goon the sample he requested, the goon’s going to meet Miles at a drinking establishment called the Lodge. Johan then gives Reddington McGrath’s name and his location and tells him he should shoot the tech genius.

Raymond and Dembe surprise Miles and his enforcer at the bar and Raymond demands that McGrath hand over the sample. The arrogant nerd tells Reddington to screw himself and Raymond kills the enforcer with a bullet to the heart, then asks Miles, you were saying?

McGrath wisely chooses to give up Rostov and the sample to Raymond, telling the Concierge Of Crime, he deduced his best way of leaving the bar alive depended on giving Reddington what he wanted. Raymond tells Miles’ that his luck wasn’t as good as he hoped and handcuffs McGrath to the corpse and tells him the Bureau’s on its way.

Dembe and Reddington head to the location but nobody from Rostov’s group is waiting, they’re about to leave when a payphone in the parking lot rings. Raymond picks it up congratulating Kirk and he in turn congratulates Reddington. Raymond offers to trade Rostov the virus for Agnes, but Constantin says he’ll die before he allows his granddaughter to be back in Raymond’s arms.

While Liz awaits word from Reddington, she reads further into Katarina’s journal and discovers her mother’s entry confirming that her husband has the blood disorder that’s plagued the Rostov clan for generations. Katarina says the only saving grace is Masha won’t inherit the disease as it’s only passed from father’s to sons. She once again envisions Katarina in front of her and grabs for her mother’s hand, when a knock at the door brings her back to reality.

Raymond enters and tells Liz and Tom that Rostov was after a sample of the Ribowski virus which causes Leukemia. Apparently the one male member of the Rostov family that lived the longest had contracted the virus and the Leukemia basically counteracted his blood disorder and lived far longer than other family members.

Raymond then says to Liz that she kept asking why her father wanted physical contact with her and the only reason was for her to give him the bone marrow transplant to cure his disease and save his life. He says Kirk didn’t want Lizzie to keep him from Reddington, he just wanted her for his own purposes. He only thinks of her as a collection of cells. She says well Rostov doesn’t have her, but Tom reminds her he’s got Agnes.

Our last vision is seeing Kate being dragged on a makeshift stretcher as the dog and the dog’s owner appear to be trying to help Mr. Kaplan.

The Story Continues Next Thursday Night At 10:00 pm EDT, on NBC.

Homeland: Welcome To Islamabad

Photo:  Joe Alblas/SHOWTIME
Photo: Joe Alblas/SHOWTIME

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The Showtime Original Series “Homeland” started its fourth season, with two back-to-back episodes in which the action barely stopped, however in the third episode  “Shalwar Kameez,” the action while intriguing, slowed to a crawl. While the first two episodes setup the story-arc for the season, episode three set things into motion on many fronts, that should make for a more entertaining season than the final year of the “Brody Trilogy.”

The episode kicks off in Islamabad, as Carrie Mathison arrives to begin her assignment as the CIA Chief Of Station, expecting to address her staff at a meeting she scheduled with longtime Agency employee John Redmond, who expected the promotion to Chief Of Station. She meets with Redmond and United State Ambassador Martha Boyd and Redmond told her he decided not to schedule the meeting, that he could debrief her himself. Carrie’s unhappy with his actions and tells him to get everybody together in 15-minutes.

Mathison and Boyd, begin their relationship in antagonistic fashion, due to the Ambassador’s imposed a lockdown on the Embassy, including all CIA personnel. Carrie tries explaining that her people can’t do their jobs behind walls, they need the information they can only gather on the street. Martha counters with, relations with the Pakistani government and the people are in the worst shape since the American’s caught and killed Bin Laden. She refuses to risk lives, for intelligence information. Carrie leaves the office to attend her meeting.

Mathison starts talking to her staff and thanking them arriving at such short notice. She starts talking about her predecessor Sandy Bachman, beaten to death by an angry mob and asks if any of them believe Bachman had shared information with Pakistani operatives to receive the great tips he kept getting. Redmond thinking he can intimidate her, patronizingly calls her young lady and then tells her it’s time for to go have a private chat. Mathison glares at him and tells him to sit down.

She then asks the staff about their former co-worker Jordan Harris, who claims that Bachman shared information to acquire the targets he took down. One member of the staff insults Harris, but Carrie says that’s not the point, the question is, did Harris tell the truth? They go on to other subjects and one staff member says they’re basically useless with the lockdown in effect. She agrees with the man and tells him she hopes to have it lifted in 24-hours. She then tells Redmond they can conduct their conversation, as the meeting’s dismissed.

They head into her office and he asks her how she pulled off the appointment as Chief Of Station, as CIA Director Lockhart originally promoted him, only to call back a few days later to tell him Carrie was getting the gig. She told him that she asked very nicely for the position. Redmond starts becoming insulting and insubordinate and Mathison cuts him off at the knees, saying she’s got no qualms to have the Marines escort him from the Embassy and put him on the plane back to the states. Her phone rings and she gets a text saying We’ve landed, she ends her meeting with Redmond, telling him to sober up, she can smell the booze on him from the other side of her office.

Back at the Agency’s Headquarters, the third person in the car with Carrie and Sandy, when Bachman got pulled out of the vehicle, then got pummeled to death, Peter Quinn’s traumatized by the incident. In fact its effected him so badly he wants to resign from the CIA and sits down with the executive shrink. She reminds him he’s gone through this process before when he accidentally shot and killed a child, he tells her does but the two incidents are nothing alike. She asks what’s the difference and he said last time he got eaten up by the situation, now he just wants out.

They discuss the riot that led to Sandy’s death and the way he’s behaved since, alluding to his beat down of a jerk in a diner in the previous episode. Peter fractured the guys jaw and needed 63-stitches, Quinn nearly killed the dude, but says it’s one snap in a 12-year career. She says he blames himself for Bachman’s death, as he didn’t risk trying to help Sandy enough, because he’s got romantic feelings for Carrie and only worried about her safety.  Quinn glares at the psychiatrist, then at the camera that Dar Nadal’s watching the interview from and tells them to collectively shove it.

F. Murray Abraham captured the public’s interest, when he played the role of Antonio Salieri to Tom Hulce’s Mozart in the film “Amadeus.” Salieri’s a loathsome creature, starting out as a mentor to Mozart and when the prodigy surpassed his own talent, he became his adversary. Dar Nadal lacks the jealousy of Salieri, however they’re both opportunists and Nadal’s got a sixth sense that only a seasoned veteran can acquire, as to which direction the wind’s blowing, so he can be where opportunity knocks. He knows whom to align himself with and when to terminate a relationship, as we saw last season as he first supported former Director Saul Berenson, then read the writing on the wall and jumped to Andrew Lockhart’s side when he found out he was the President’s choice to direct the Agency.

After calling Quinn for days without a response, Nadal goes to his motel room, Peter tries to get rid of him but lets him in the room. He tells Peter that he’s only concerned with his well-being, but Quinn calls him on it, saying that Nadal just doesn’t want to lose an asset. Dar admits he’s correct, that they spent lots of time and money turning him into the strong operative he’s become. He then chastises Quinn for beating up the jerk at the diner, saying he didn’t deserve the beating he received. He then echoes what the psychiatrist stated, that his feelings for Carrie effected his judgment and he abandoned Bachman. Peter goes ballistic and chokes Nadal until he nearly passes out then releases him. Dar catches his breath and then tells Quinn he’s glad to see he hadn’t lost it.

Carrie’s got to break the lockdown rules, to meet the party that texted just landed and tries using a technicality to bend the rules. She gets her driver to drop her off at a hotel, which she goes into and then exits from the other side, climbing into a waiting taxi. The CIA operative who monitors all employee actions outside of the embassy, follows her on his motorcycle, then they get separated by traffic. She uses a distraction to exit the cab and waits in an alley to make sure the operative follows the taxi. She then moves on foot until reaching her destination, an office where two old allies from Langley, Fara and Max greet her. She’s brought them over to try to recruit college student Aayan Ibrahim, whose family got destroyed in the attack setup by Bachman’s info.

Fara’s going to take on the role of a London journalist and attempt to convince Ibrahim to share his story with her and her “paper.” Max took on the role of coaching the former analyst and will drive her to the meeting with the student. Carrie stresses that Fara should attempt to seduce him enough to build trust, to grab his hand or put her hand on his arm. She’s practiced her London accent and has it down pat. When she leaves the room to take a call from her father, Max tells Carrie he thinks she’ll nail it.

Things didn’t quite work out that way however, as Fara got introduced to Aayan from one of his professors. She thanks him for the meeting, but he explains he did it only because his professor insisted on it. She then tells him she’s a journalist from London and her paper wants to tell his story (Surprisingly, she never mentions the name of her paper and Ibrahim just lets it pass without questioning her. She could write for the London Times, or some unknown monthly, but apparently that doesn’t concern Aayan.) He tells her he can’t talk with her and breaks off the discussion as quickly as he can.

Carrie meets with Fara and Max and Fara’s distraught she didn’t accomplish their goals. Mathison asks if they’d have better luck in a second meeting, but the former analyst expresses doubt, saying Ibrahim seemed terrified and thinks he may have received threats. Carrie thanks them both and then heads back to the Embassy.

Entering the Embassy we hear a very familiar voice loudly telling old stories and as Carrie turns the corner we see our old friend Saul Berenson’s talking and laughing with Martha Boyd. Mathison shows her surprise when greeting her former boss and mentor and asks why he’s there, he explains he came along with the security team his company sent over. Carrie asks to talk with Saul, then apologizes to Boyd for interrupting their conversation, but the Ambassador says no worries and heads back to her office.

Visibly unnerved by his presence, Mathison tells Saul that this will look to others that she sent for him to receive aid, he responds as long as he’s there does she need any? She reflexively says no, then hems and haws and says yes, she asks if he could get Boyd to lift the lockdown and he say’s consider it done. She thanks him yet we can clearly see the relationship’s not as close as it was, there’s no hugs or the unspoken bond that existed for them for a long time.

Peter decides to check out all the video on YouTube emanating from the riot that claimed Sandy Bachman’s life, while he’s guzzling booze. We see the horror in his eyes as he watches the images and flashes back to being in the car and starts to wonder if he truly did sacrifice Sandy’s life for Carrie’s safety. The horror on his face increases as his belief that Nadal expressed the truth saying Quinn’s only concern was Carrie.

Carrie goes up on the Embassy roof to catch a smoke and seconds later, she’s joined by Martha Boyd also indulging her addiction. The Ambassador tells her Chief Of Station that they’re looking from the best vantage point in Islamabad. She then tells Mathison she’s aware that Carrie disobeyed the lockdown and Carrie asks who told but receives only silence. She then says that maybe they could start over and Martha says that’s exactly what Saul suggested.

Carrie tells her that he called Boyd one of the good ones, and Saul doesn’t speak highly of many people. Martha responds he should, they almost got married and Mathison’s jaw drops in shock. The Ambassador explains they were kids in Beirut and thankfully came to their senses, she then says that Berenson’s not the reason she’s rescinded the lockdown. When Carrie asks why, Martha tells her that Mathison made sense when she said her staff couldn’t do their jobs stuck in the Embassy. The relationship appears friendly at this point and that’s mutually beneficial.

After having a farewell breakfast with Saul before he heads back to New York, Mathison heads to a café on the other side of the city. We see Aayan Ibrahim, finishing his breakfast outside the café and his buddy, one of the waiters stops to talk with him. Suddenly a woman calls for a doctor and the waiter says Aayan’s a doctor, but Ibrahim corrects him saying almost. He asks what’s the problem and the woman says that a woman seems in agony in the restroom. The two men run to the ladies room and hear a woman moaning, after trying to get her to respond Aayan walks into the restroom.

In the least surprising moment of the episode, Carrie’s the woman on the floor moaning and quickly reveals her moans weren’t from pain. She then tells Aayan she’s Fara’s bureau chief and she wants the story. Ibrahim attempts to leave but Mathison keeps him trapped. She tells him she’ll keep him protected, get out of Pakistan if he wants. Get him into medical school in Britain or the United States, asks him if he’s interested in attending the Royal Medical Academy? He asks what he’d have to do in return and she replies share your story with us. She then says she’s going to put her business card in his pants pocket and it’s up to him if he wants to contact her.

Back at his motel, Peter’s been watching videos of the incident for days, when he notices something, a Pakistani Intelligence Operative orchestrated the riot and attack. He’s seen contacting agents via radio before and after the incident. Quinn sends the link and calls Carrie and she quickly realizes he’s correct. She tells him she truly needs him in Islamabad now and the first two times he refuses. On her third attempt he tells her she’s the toughest person on the planet to say no to, and Carrie realizes Peter’s on his way.

The Story Continues Next Sunday at 9:00 pm on Showtime. 

Ladies’ Man Lionel Keeps Wingman Flying

Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS
Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Several factors figure in making a truly great Television series, the premise, the writing and of course the acting. The CBS series “Person Of Interest,” features an incredibly strong and deep cast, starting with Jim Caviezel as John Reese and the great Michael Emerson as Harold Finch. One character whose gotten less screen time since the focus of the series changed from New York City to dealing with issues that effect the entire planet’s Homicide Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman.) With the team using so much energy hiding from and battling Artificial Intelligence System Samaritan, Fusco’s involvement with the team decreased from the role he played during the shows first two and a half years.

As a fan of the character and the actor, Fusco playing a prominent role in this episode pleased me quite a bit. The character’s evolved from a former dirty cop who always had his hand out, to an exemplary officer and a hero in the last few years and Lionel came through again in this episode, saving the life of the man whose number got chosen by “The Machine.”

We start off in midtown Manhattan, on a hot and humid summer day and a perp’s trying to escape from Fusco and Reese (in his cover identity of Lionel’s partner, Detective John Reilly. Reese stays close to the thief, while Fusco middle-aged and out of shape lags behind. The guy nearly gets hit running across the street by a cab and then Reese loses him, so he climbs onto a double-decker bus filled with tourists, trying to find him. Reese spots the guy about 100-yards away and has a clear shot and shoots him in the leg. The tourists on the bus let out a collective gasp at the shooting, but then Reese pulls out his badge and announces NYPD and the crowd erupts into applause.

Fusco reads Reese the riot act, telling him he needs to respect the badge and the powers that come with it. When the pair return to the station, they both get dressed down by the new Captain. She tells them the precincts doing a terrible job and she would fire herself at this point. She tells Reilly that she doesn’t approve of his methods, as this is the fourth perp he shot in the leg this month. She tells the two of them to get some solid arrests and they get up to leave, but the Captain stops Reilly. She tells him he’s on a team now and she won’t tolerate the cowboy antics they do in Narcotics, he tells her he understands.

When John returns to his desk, his cellphone rings and it’s Finch telling him “The Machine,” just gave them a new number, but Reese tells Harold that his Captain just came down on him and Lionel and he can’t leave now, but he’ll drop by the new headquarters later on. Finch hangs up and we hear Shaw’s voice encouraging Harold’s dog Bear to get it, but Finch tells her not to encourage him. He then tells her that “The Machine,” helped them greatly finding the new location to set up shop, but didn’t give them any funds. Harold can’t access his fortune without Samaritan being aware.

John arrives and asks Finch about the new number and Harold tells him that the man’s name’s Andre (Ryan O’Nan) and he’s a former longshoremen turned professional “Wingman.” He helps clients who’ve got trouble attracting women, change their appearance, attitude and technique. Reese says that he’s not up for playing the loser with the ladies, but Shaw smiles and says they’ve got someone else in mind. Finch contacts Andre and pays for two days of his services to turn Fusco into a ladies man.

Shaw’s at the bar where Lionel and the Wingman are meeting at to observe and she hands Fusco a new cellphone and tells him to keep it on so she can monitor the conversation. A moment later Andre walks into the place scans the room, frowns and walks over to Fusco. He tells him his friend Harold only paid for a two-day session and he looks like he could use a week of training. Fusco gets defensive but Andre’s just baiting him, he then tells him that if he dressed to impress it fell far short of his goal. He tells Fusco they’re going shopping and he hopes Lionel’s got money available on his credit cards.

Finch’s working at the new headquarters, when without looking up he says what do you want Miss Groves, which means our favorite psychotic Root’s arrived. She says the new digs look and she fails to find a word and Harold says Spartan. She agrees and then tells him “The Machine,” wants them to do an errand, but Finch immediately says no. She then tells him that “The Machine,” will reward Harold, Reese and Shaw if he cooperates so he asks her what the mission is. Root says she’s not sure but she’s got the first location they’re supposed to go to.

Reilly’s done some digging on a recent homicide of a local car dealer and he tells the Captain that after checking the recent financial records of two of the dealer’s salesmen, he’s sure they murdered him for some purloined cash. They work up a good cop/bad cop routine after he brings both guys in, she berates Reilly for his bad arrest record and says he best get cracking.

He then interrogates both salesmen and plays the same con on both of them, telling them each if they confess and give him half the money, he’ll make sure the other guy takes the fall. Both agree to it and the Captain witnessed it all and both guys will end up in the gray-bar hotel for a long time. She congratulates Reilly and asks where Fusco’s at and he says he’s out interviewing other suspects in the other murder case they’re working on.

Actually Andre and the “New Look” Fusco, are at a bar where Andre’s putting Lionel through his paces, his three key points; eye contact, act confident and have fun. Unfortunately things don’t go well for Fusco, as he strikes out again and again, finally spilling a drink on an interested lady’s dress. Andre tells him he’s trying to hard and loosen up and have fun. A guy walks up to Andre like a long-lost brother and after momentarily looking nervous, he hugs the guy and introduces him to Lionel as his friend Lee, whom he worked with when he still worked on the docks. Lee says he’s got to go but tells the Wingman he’d like to get together soon. Suddenly an attractive brunette starts making eye contact and flirting with Andre across the room and just as suddenly a wall with a face asks Andre if he’s trying to hit on his girl and he replies he didn’t realize she was somebody’s girl. The big guy throws a punch at the Wingman, but Fusco blocks it, slams the guy into the table, cuffs him and shows him his badge telling him he’s under arrest. The only problem being, that Andre thought Fusco sold insurance.

Root and Finch show up at a warehouse and this young military looking guy addresses Harold as Mr. Egret, it seems “The Machine,” made him a legendary arms-dealer. The guy asks whose the Hottie, referring to Root and Finch says that’s none of his concern and the young guy gets nervous. He then pulls out a case and says that Mr. Egret approves, inside the case’s a rocket-launcher which Root identifies, she then hands the guy 50 grand. The guy asks Mr. Egret if he’d mind telling him his plans for the weapon and Harold snarls he’d mind very much and he and Root walk off. Harold’s upset that they’ll still be selling black-market weapons, but we hear a police siren and all the guys at the warehouse get busted.

Back at the bar after Andre gives his statement to a uniform, he asks Fusco why he lied to him and Lionel responds that if the other cops knew he was using a professional Wingman to get dates they’d bust his chops. He asks Andre if they’re done for the night, but the Wingman tells him he’s a hero and they’re heading to another venue.

Root and Finch go to a street corner and this guy identifying himself as Eddie, who put the deal together. He takes them to a building where four Russian mobsters are waiting, they pay Eddie his finder’s fee and he takes off. The head mobster looks at the rocket launcher and gives them a briefcase with $150 thousand and tells them to count it, but Root says they trust him. Right then Harold’s morals and principles get the best of him and he tells the men he’s sorry he can’t sell a rocket launcher to mobsters. The other three men point their weapons at Finch and Root sighs, Oh Harold she knows you so well, then pulls out two pistols and with one in each hand she shoots all four of them in the kneecaps. Finch and Root walk away with the rocket launcher and the briefcase.

Andre and Lionel head to an art exhibition and Shaw’s there, keeping an eye on things. This time Fusco hits it off with a very attractive lady, but Shaw alerts him that a longshoremen just showed up and he’s got to get Andre out of there. Lionel abruptly says he has to leave then grabs the Wingman and they leave the gallery. The other guy goes after him, but Shaw renders him unconscious. Unfortunately Lee and three goons are waiting for them in the street, subdue the pair and then put them in an SUV and drive off.

Shaw meets with Reese and tell him they have to find Fusco and Andre, but Reese promised his Captain he’d follow-up on a lead. Shaw says fine but she’s taking Bear with her. Reese then meets with the suspect and tells him he’ll get enough money to go elsewhere and start a new life, but he needs to tell him what he knows.

Lee and his goons have taken the pair to the docks, then locked them in a storage container, which will get dumped into the sea later that day, but Lee tells them they’ll most likely die of heat stroke rather than drown. They then seal the container and lock it. Shaw’s on the docks but has no idea where Fusco and Andre are. Reese shows up and Shaw goes to look for goons while Reese tries to track down Lionel and the Wingman. Seconds later he hears them shouting and free them from the container, then Reese, Shaw and Fusco disable the bad guys and arrest them. Turns out Lee’s the one who committed the murder they tried to solve. The Captain’s very proud of both detectives and tells her the drinks are on here that night. Reese asks who four guys in cuffs are and she informs him they got an anonymous tip on them.

When Finch and Root return to the new digs, he asks what the ridiculous exercise they went through was for, and Root shows all the booty, including weapons and duffel bags of cash “The Machine,” sent while they were running their errand. She tells Finch that “The Machine,” still cares about his irrelevant numbers and is trying to help him.

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