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The Blacklist: Who Do You Trust?

Photo by: Will Hart/NBC
Photo by: Will Hart/NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

With two episodes remaining in the Fall Season for the NBC series “The Blacklist,” the show’s close to wrapping up the Alexander Kirk/Constantin Rostov, story-arc. However, plenty of questions remain unanswered, concerning Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington’s past and Lizzie’s relationship to Rostov, and the future of our characters and the Task-Force. Although the episode concluded with Agnes back with her parents and Constantin imprisoned in the glass cell in the Post Office, we’re really not more informed about our characters’ history, then we were before the former FBI Agent faked her death last spring.

This episode did remove some layers and showed us the dynamic will change once again, as new loyalties get formed and some established ones look tenuous presently. Whether next week’s episode provides more information for the characters and the fans remain to be seen. We’ll also find out if the show gives us a preview of the next upcoming adventure, or simply decides to let our cast catch its collective breath and enjoy the moment?

For the second straight week, the characters in the opening scene are all strangers to us. We’ve landed in a rather posh conference room in Minsk, Belarus, as the host tries to entice his four guests into a business proposition. The man’s named Rene LeBron and the four men are criminal bosses that had their assets seized by the United States government.

LeBron tells the four criminals that the President of the United States, isn’t God and his decisions aren’t final. He says that although the government perceives these men as drug-traffickers, violators of human rights and impediments to democracy, he’s got a different point of view. LeBron says he sees the men as businessmen, who got their money seized and he’s willing to help them out. The four men collectively are out $760 million, LeBron offers to give them $600 million in cash immediately, in return for the $160 million balance and market rate interest on the loan. Although the senior member of the guests voices objections to the deal, his companions are hot to make the deal.

LeBron gets into the elevator after completing the agreement, with two other men and a woman alongside him. Two floors later, three Asian women and one Asian man enter the car, looking like nondescript tourists. We find out they’re assassins shortly after the doors close, as they eliminate LeBron’s companions and hold him at gunpoint. The loan-shark tells the man that he’s got close to three-quarters of a billion dollars nearby and the man responds that he’s already taken possession of the cash.

The man makes a call from his cellphone and it turns out that Oscar and his crew are contractors for Raymond. He’s told to take his fee from the cash he recovered and to donate some cash to a Belarus charity. He also tells Oscar that he wants the plane.

Raymond meets with the Task-Force at the Post Office and tells the team of his capturing Rene LeBron and Baz and some of Reddington’s men will hand off LeBron to Ressler and Navabi. Liz’s far from happy, especially with Red and she lets it be known without a hint of subtlety. She’s angry with the fact that this case won’t help them recover Agnes and Raymond informs her that Rostov’s a client of LeBron’s. He’s willing to give up Constantin, in exchange for a promise that he won’t get prosecuted. Cooper says he’ll need to get clearance from Cynthia Panabaker. Harold dismisses his team but asks Keen to stay with him.

Cooper says to Keen he can only imagine the pain and the pressure she’s feeling, but he says he believes Reddington’s doing his best to recover Agnes. Lizzie starts breaking down and tell Harold that she got a hold of a DNA report and Rostov’s her father and Red wants to kill him. However she states that she’s enough of a professional to work with Reddington.

After a week of being M.I.A., we rejoin Mr. Kaplan and her captor the Hunter. He comes inside with his dog and he says to Kate we’ve got a problem. He says the guy who shot her will kill somebody else and dump the body where he shot Kate. When he realizes she’s not there, he’ll come sniffing around. Or somebody will report her missing and the cops will search for her and they’ll come looking for her. He says he could let her go, but she’d tell somebody about him. He says he doesn’t like company, so he’s not sure what to do with her.

Kate tells the Hunter she tried to commit suicide and he asks her where’s her gun? She says she dropped it but she’s not sure where. The Hunter says she left a trail and he’s a tracker, so he’ll go out looking for the gun.

Harold calls Panabaker and tells her about the situation. Although she’s not happy about granting LeBron immunity, she tells Cooper to pick up the loan-shark and bring him in.

What Harold fails to realize is his phone’s tapped by some of Kirk’s contractors and the man monitoring the call contacts Rostov’s number one, Olga and passes on the information. She calls Rostov and tells him that Reddington’s the one that captured LeBron and asks Constantin if she should take him out? Rostov tells her to go ahead and Olga says to him that the seeds of doubt he planted with Masha have taken root. Constantin says he should reach out to her but they should take adequate precautions. Olga calls him a fool and says she doesn’t trust Masha. Rostov smiles and says Olga doesn’t trust anybody, but he’s asking her to trust him on this.

Baz releases LeBron from his bonds and then puts a white-hood over his head as he prepares to pass the loan-shark over to Donald and Samar. As we watch the exchange take place, we see a sniper putting together his rifle and he takes out LeBron. Raymond looks at Dembe and says the loan-shark died right on schedule and now it’s time to send out the invitations.

Welcome To The Past: The next morning, Aram, Samar, Ressler and Cooper receive pizza deliveries from Nick’s Pizza. Inside the box is a formal invitation stating their cars will arrive at 7:30 am and their discretion’s appreciated. The four get greeted by Reddington’s newest employees, Sweater-Vest-Man, whose name’s Chester. He maybe Mr. Kaplan’s replacement as he has the four agents deposit their cellular devices and then puts them through an airport type body-scanner.

Once they’ve passed the inspection, they’re sent deeper into the building and Raymond greets them saying welcome to the past. The building they’re standing in can’t be penetrated by any digital signal and all the equipment in the facility’s analog. Cooper asks why they’re in a museum and Lizzie enters and says because they’ve been breached. Aram can’t believe it, saying their system’s unhackable. Raymond smiles and says exactly and that’s why Rostov hired the Thrushes.

The Thrushes were formed in 1982 by a man named Plemen Radkov. Radkov got arrested in 1986 and died in a Soviet gulag a few years later. That’s when the Thrushes went underground and they’ve taken on jobs based on degree of difficulty and the money offered. They’ve been involved in some high scale operations over the years and many lives were lost due to their activities. Cooper tells Navabi and Ressler to find out what they can about the other incidents and tells Aram to contact the NSA.

Who’s The Mole?: Navabi finds out first as she meets with another intelligence operative about the incident they were involved in, in Jaipur. The operative brings a book with pictures of all the Thrushes operative and says all 38 were engineers and perished in the incident. Samar going through the pictures realizes that the agent’s incorrect, one of the people’s not an engineer and is still alive. Although she’s identified as Kate Bond, she’s in reality Aram’s new girlfriend Elise.

Navabi tells Cooper and Donald and both men tell her they’ve got to keep this from Mojtabai, that he’ll be heartbroken and will blow their cover. Just then Aram walks into the Post Office looking desolate, he’s been working on the problem for the last 18-hours and he realized that Elise’s the mole. He’s hurt and angry, but he wants to get involved in her capture. They’ve got a date that evening at his apartment and he’s going to download a virus on her laptop.

Samar sets up Aram for the sting in a van that’s right below his apartment, she gives him a pen that’s also a wire and then hands Mojtabai a pistol. He asks if she wants her to shoot his girlfriend and she adamantly says she’s not his girlfriend. She also tells Aram that if he gets into trouble, to say the word banana and the cavalry will burst in.

Elise realizes something’s up with Aram but he keeps saying he’s fine and then he goes to the refrigerator and pulls out a bottle of wine he bought for her. As he pulls the cork out, he spills wine all over the front of his shirt and says he’s got to change. He goes into his bedroom and takes her laptop out of her bag and inserts the thumb drive into it, but she enters the room before he can put it back in the bag. She enters the room and she tries to seduce him as he’s shirtless, but he rebuffs her advances, saying they’ll have a fire on the stove.

Now Elise knows something’s wrong with Aram and demands to know what it is. Ressler’s ready to charge into the apartment, but Mojtabai says that he’s actually in love with somebody else. Elise says that it’s Samar but Aram denies it, just then her cellphone rings and Olga’s on the other end. She tells Aram she’s got to take this work call and walks into his bedroom.

Olga asks her operative if her laptop’s secure and Elise responds it is. Olga replies she best make sure of it as her life could depend on it. She gets off the phone and goes into her bag for her laptop, but sees it’s missing. She lifts up Aram’s shirt and sees it and the thumb-drive Mojtabai installed, he walks in with the pistol drawn, but she knocks it out of hand.

The two start fighting and Aram says banana, about six times before the SWAT-Team and Donald and Samar burst in. Elise is about to hit Aram with a piece of wood, when Ressler tells her to drop it. At gunpoint, Elise calls back Olga and tells her all’s well.

Mr. Kaplan And The Hunter: The Hunter goes to the area where he first found Kate and checks out some old camera’s he’s got set up monitoring the area. He opens the third camera and shakes his head. He heads back to the camera and tells Mr. Kaplan she lied to him. She denies it, but then he shows her the camera and says three went in but only two came out.

Perhaps seeing the pictures gave the Hunter sympathy for Kate, as the last time we see them, they’re sitting at a table and the Hunter’s feeding Mr. Kaplan with a spoon.

The Capture Of Constantin Rostov: Liz receives a phone-call from a shoe-repair shop that she’s never visited and the owner says she left her cell phone there. She realizes that Rostov’s attempting to contact her and she picks up the phone. When she brings it back, she sees just one number on the burner-phone and calls it. She immediately asks about Agnes and Constantin replies she’s in good health but wants her mother.

Lizzie tells Rostov that she got ahold of his records and she saw a DNA report confirming that Constantin’s her father. He asks if she, Agnes and he can meet, she says she’d agree to that and Rostov says he’ll call her back with arrangements. When she gets off the phone Raymond asks her why she believes the lies Constantin’s told her, she says when she went to the Summer Palace, she recognized things and had memories of her childhood. Reddington replies just because he was married to Lizzie’s mother, it doesn’t make Rostov her father.

Keen gets a call from Constantin and sets up the meeting at an abandoned station on the Bowery Line. Reddington tells Cooper that his men will handle capturing Rostov. However Liz calls back Constantin and tells him it’s a trap, Rostov asks if she’d still be willing to meet him and gives her a new location.

Reddington sets up his plan of attack, but it appears he and his crew are heading into a trap. When Liz arrives at the new location, Rostov and some of his soldiers meet her but Agnes’ isn’t there. Constantin says that she’ll join them soon, but first he needs to kill Reddington. Lizzie reacts horrified, that Rostov’s set a trap for Raymond, but in reality Reddington and his team are right downstairs. As Raymond’s soldiers arrive, Rostov summons the woman who traveled with Matos and she’s cradling Agnes in her arms.

Rostov grabs the infant and stands on the ledge of the roof, he says if he can’t have his granddaughter, he’ll take her with him. Raymond tells him that’s insane and Masha says please father give her back to me. Constantin puts down his pistol and gives Agnes to Liz. Rostov’s taken into custody.

For the first time this season we get a pleasant montage ending the episode as Harry Nilsson’s version of One plays in the background. Raymond goes to visit Tom and Liz and he asks to see Agnes and Lizzie invites him in. She says to Raymond now that Rostov’s been captured the three of them will find a new place, Reddington nods and says he realized that.

The final image of the evening’s Constantin Rostov locked away in the glass cage inside the Post Office, a broken and defeated man.

Don’t Mess With The Snow Queen’s Family. Or Rumpelstiltskin.

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Remember how I said that I wasn’t surprised that Rumpelstiltskin and Belle hadn’t had much use in the plot so far, because they’d have little to do with the Frozen storyline?

I love it when I’m wrong.

The events in the Enchanted Forest take precedent tonight. We open to a woman frantically packing books in a castle. The castle is under attack, but whatever she’s trying to save is too important to leave to “those monsters.” Soldiers warn the woman to find her daughter and disembark immediately. Then, Belle bursts into the room, shouting for her mother.


It’s not a happy scene, though—an ogre crashes through the door of the library, and the two women cower beneath a table. The ogre flips the table over and roars, and the next scene is Belle startling out of a nightmare. She rushes from her bedroom in the castle in search of her mother, but instead she finds herself in the midst of her mother’s funeral. Her father reaches out to comfort her as she sobs and proclaims that she can’t remember anything.

She’s disturbed that she can’t remember her mother’s death. She begins to study nonstop, piling books around her as she goes, looking for a solution to her plight. Her father approaches her, concerned for her well-being. She isn’t healthy, according to the doctors. She informs him that she’s found information about magic creatures that can restore memories, and that she plans to seek them out so that she can recover what happened to her mother. Her father is irate that she is exerting herself in such a way, and doubly so that she wants to use magic to restore her mind. The price of magic, he cautions, is steep. He forbids her to journey to these creatures and insists she stay in the tower until the doctors say she has recovered. He then storms out of the room, and Belle, like many other willful teenage daughters, begins to plan her voyage. She looks at the parchment before her, vowing to find a way to retrieve her memories, even if it means disobeying her father and traveling to “this place”—Arendelle.

In Arendelle, Elsa and are Anna reunited. Anna claims that her mission to the Enchanted Forest was fruitless and she found nothing why here parents had gone there. Not true, of course, but I have a feeling Rumpelstiltskin didn’t tell her the whole truth about her parents anyway, so I’m not as concerned as I normally might be about this lie. Elsa excitedly tells Anna that she has met their aunt Ingrid, and that she is helping her control her powers. Anna is astounded—why didn’t their mother ever mention a sister?

Ingrid enters, explaining that a long time ago she got locked in an urn by people who didn’t understand magic. And that’s nice, but that doesn’t quite answer what Anna asked, nor does she offer any real answers to Anna’s other mile-a-minute questions. Elsa is dazedly happy to have not only more family in her life, but someone with powers like hers. She dismisses Anna’s concerns, but Anna smells a rat.

She goes to Kristoff and tells him of her reservations. She convinces him to cover for her in the castle while she travels to the rock trolls to see if they can help her uncover the truth about Ingrid. On her way to see Kristoff’s family, she runs in to Belle, who is searching for the rock trolls with a not-so-helpful map. Anna brightens when she hears Belle’s destination and insists that they journey together.

The two share a girl-time-intense trek to Anna’s future in-laws. They bond over one of the oldest fairytale-princess-traits in the book, their dead mothers. I don’t mean to seep flip–it’s quite a touching conversation. Anna also tells Belle about the hat she kind of stole from Rumpelstiltskin and the powers it has. This show just can’t resist scenes like Anna giving Belle a stern look and saying, in regards to The Dark One, “I hope you never cross paths with him.” That’s good, because I am a total sucker for exactly that kind of fluff.

Belle explains her dilemma to Grand Pabbie (who agrees to help the girls, but only after ribbing Anna about the postponed wedding), who is basically all “Yeah I got this” and, with a quick spell, her blocked memories transform into a crystal. The crystal, he explains, will unlock the memories if she takes it to the place where her mother died. Anna then asks to speak to Grand Pabbie in private, so she ask him about Ingrid and explain her misgivings.

And misgivings she should have. Grand Pabbie admits that he knew of Anna’s mother Gerta, and of Ingrid, and that there was a third sister, Helga. Thick as thieves, that bunch, until one day Ingrid and Helga disappeared. What happened was quite traumatic, he explains, and so at the behest of the king and queen, he removed the memory of the girls from everyone in Arendelle, and the royal family had their records eliminated. Anna’s stunned, and outraged that he would keep this secret from her. Sworn to secrecy, he explains, but he is gravely troubled over Ingrid’s intentions, so he chose to confide in Anna.

Anna is certain that Ingrid is up to no good at this point. She plans to tell Elsa everything. She and Belle decide to journey back to the city together, but unfortunately this trip is not as easy as the first. A fierce storm begins to blow as the two pick their way down a narrow mountain path. Anna’s convinced that it is the work of her aunt, trying to stop her from telling Elsa what she’s found out. A gust of wind knocks the girls apart, flinging Anna down a cliff and Belle’s crystal-of-memories on a ledge just out of her reach. Anna cries for help, and Belle shouts that she’s coming for her, but she doesn’t stop trying to reach her stone. The wind continues to wail, and the stone’s blown off the ledge and shatters. Belle is stricken, but rushes to help Anna, who slips from her grasp as soon as Belle reaches for her. Anna lays at the foot of the cliff. Aunt Ingrid descends on her. She overheard Anna confide her suspicions to Kristoff, so she’s been following Anna. Indeed, she did send the storm to stop Anna from telling Elsa of Grand Pabbie’s revelations. Ingrid opens Anna’s bag and finds the hat-box that contains The Sorcerer’s Amazing Magic Stealing Dream hat. Belle shouts from above for Ingrid to leave Anna alone, but Ingrid magicks the two of them away.

But to where? There will be time for that later. Now, back to the future! Storybrooke’s heavy hitters (Regina, Elsa, Emma, Hook, Henry, Mary Margaret, David, Rumpelstiltskin, and Belle) assemble at the sheriff station to examine the tape that Emma found at the end of the last episode. Their vigor to find

The Snow Queen got renewed, but they’ve been unsuccessful in finding her current digs. Her ice cream shop and Storybrooke house got stripped, of any useful evidence. But what kind of quaint New England ice cream parlor doesn’t have a truck? Henry, moody teenager but kid at heart, remembers that she had one. The group splits into search parties to find it. Belle, looking quite troubled, volunteers to go to the library instead, saying that there it may contain research that could help them. Elsa wants to check the library’s holdings on Arendelle, as well.

However, Storybrooke’s Arendelle section leaves much to be desired. Elsa again begins to despair—there’s no one in town who knows anything about her home, and no research she can find either. Perhaps, she thinks, it’s because Anna doesn’t want to be found. Belle reassures her that Anna must have loved her very much and would never want to hide from her. Elsa, as usual, seems unconvinced. Belle points her to another stack of books, and excuses herself. She left the kettle on at home, or something.

Ingrid may have erased Elsa and Emma’s memories, but Belle, it seems, wasn’t affected. She’s known of Anna all this time, and she’s convinced that her kidnapping by The Snow Queen was her fault. She’s overwhelmed with guilt, but she has a plan.

She’s rummaging through the pawn shop, gathering supplies to take on The Snow Queen. Gold finds her there, worried that she wasn’t at the library when he looked for here there. She begins a bit of a breathless explanation, but eventually she insists that she must find Anna. First, though, she has to find The Snow Queen. Gold presses her as to why, but she only replies that “heroes always help strangers.” Not exactly the truth there, Belle. She asks for her husband’s help, but he won’t hear of it (maybe because he and Queenie had a meeting in the woods earlier, while everyone was looking for the ice cream truck? Maybe. But there’s probably more to it than that.) For better or worse it’s in Rumpelstiltskin’s nature to want to protect the people he loves, and he refuses to be a part of Belle doing something so dangerous.

But Belle is desperate. She reaches into her bag and pulls out the dagger. The Dark One looks stricken, but is it because he’s shocked that she would use the dagger to do something against his will? Or is it because she’s holding a fake dagger and he’s going to have to fake being compelled by it?

The Golds arrive outside Ingrid’s ice-cave-lair. He can’t sense her magic, he explains, so she’s not home. He hopes this will persuade Belle to leave, but she bids him to keep watch while she goes inside to retrieve something. He’s quite agitated and demands to know what Belle thinks The Snow Queen could have that could find Anna? Belle tells him of the hat she knows that Ingrid took from Anna, and that she intends to find it so that she can force her to reveal Anna’s whereabouts.

Inside the cave, Belle hears Anna’s voice echoing through the ice. She tracks it across the room to the mirror, no longer cracked, covered in a white sheet. She pulls the sheet away, but she’s not met with her reflection. Not exactly. Instead, she faces a very not-nice part of herself. The reflection forces Belle to relieve the last time she saw Anna, making sure to drive home that Belle chose fumbling for a rock over saving her friend. This mirror is crueler than the one you face when trying on bathing suits. She taunts Belle about her marriage—The Dark One married her because she’s weak, and everyone knows it. And

Belle is so stupid, she continues, that she believes that her husband gave her the real dagger and not a fake.

She’s overwhelmed by the reflection’s abuse, so much that she barely notices when Gold comes in to tell her that he’s sensed The Snow Queen approaching. Belle is hysterical and lashes out with the dagger, cutting his cheek. He wrestles his arms around her and magicks them back to the shop.

There, Belle sees the blood running down her husband’s cheek and collapses in sobs. She tells him the mirror said that he didn’t love her, and that the dagger was fake. He reassures her that nothing the mirror said was true, that it is an object imbued with dark magic. (THIS IS NOT EXACTLY CLOSURE ON THE DAGGER SITUATION, ONCE UPON A TIME. YOU ARE KILLING ME.) She confesses to Rumpelstiltskin that she’s the reason why Anna is missing, and that she’s been keeping it from everyone until she can find a way to bring her back. She’s beside herself that she used the dagger against him and betrayed his trust. Rumpel holds her and whispers that he knew that she was only doing what she thought was right. Still crying, she asks for his forgiveness, which he immediately gives. I think he did, anyway. I couldn’t exactly hear because I was crying too hard.

Earlier in the day, Emma, Hook, Regina, and Robin came across the ice cream truck, which was shockingly easy to find. Maybe because Ingrid was hiding behind a tree as they approached it, making sure they’d find it? Inside, they files and files of Emma’s childhood. There’s newspaper clippings and foster care records, but there’s also art projects and report cards—things that a parent would keep as their child grows up. Emma and Hook begin to thoroughly examine the records. Regina begins to back away, but Robin follows her. “Sorry I told you I was in love with you after I asked you to save my wife’s life!” he blurts out. Yeah, smooth, Robin.

It might not matter what he says, though. Regina’s been through her entire vault, she tells him, and even sought The Snow Queen to save Marian, but she hasn’t been able to. The only way she can think of to save Marian is for Robin to fall in love with her again. Ouch.

With the truck found and files packed up, the group heads back to the sheriff station to further explore the records. Regina takes her leave, of course. She had enough of “Emma and Captain Guyliner making eyes at each other” earlier in the day. When you’ve just told your boyfriend that he needs to find a way to love his wife again, you really don’t want to witness a lot dashing romance and PDA.

Later, Elsa rushes in to join Emma and Hook. She found a book of Arendelle heraldry in the library (convenient!). She’s discovered that The Snow Queen is her Aunt Ingrid, and that there was another sister, Helga, as well. And, since she’s handy with runes, she can translate the runic scroll that happened to be stashed in with Emma’s old fingerpaintings. It’s a prophecy that states that Emma, the savior, will become The Snow Queen’s sister, and that the family will  reunite again. Elsa is the spitting image of her mother, and, from the tiny painting in the heraldry book, it appears that Emma looks just like Helga. Safe to say that Ingrid’s intentions for Elsa and Emma just got clearer.

But we’re not done yet! Belle walks in, apparently recovered from her earlier tango with dark magic, but unable to keep her secret any longer. She tells Elsa that she met Anna in Arendelle, and that she’s the

reason that Anna is missing (which isn’t really true, because The Snow Queen still kidnapped her, but princess guilt is hard to assuage, I suppose.) The group shares what they’ve recently learned about Ingrid and the prophecy. Belle conveys what Rumpelstiltskin told her about the dark magic of the mirror, and moreover reveals that the mirror is part of a curse that, if cast, will cause Storybrooke to tear itself apart, leaving only Ingrid, Elsa, and Emma. Forever.

But Rumpelstiltskin takes matters into his own hands. He marches into Ingrid’s lair, offering her a deal. She has no use for anything he has, she scoffs. He won’t let her hurt anyone that he loves, he warns. She’s less than impressed—his newly found sentiment isn’t enough to stop her from getting what she’s always wanted. But The Dark One has the hat that she tried to steal from Anna so many years ago, and he’s not afraid to use it. Ingrid appears genuinely surprised and intimidated. He urges her to reconsider.

In the Enchanted Forest, Belle returns to her castle. Her father is waiting for her, angry that she left but seemingly happy that she’s home safe. Belle admits that she failed to recover her memories, and Maurice confesses that he’s known all along that her mother died to save her from the ogre attack. Belle’s devastated by her mother’s sacrifice, but also determined that she should not die in vain. She became intrigued by Anna’s explanation of the powerful wizard she met and wants to use him to stop the war. Again, Maurice protests, but Belle’s inspired by her mother’s bravery and wracked with guilt that she let Anna down. She’ll do anything to save her people from the war. Anything.

Once more, in Arendelle, Ingrid has Anna locked in a cell, and it’s clear that the woman has zero marbles left. She wants a family who loves her for what she is, she explains, but she’s certain that Anna meant to use the hat against Elsa to “cure” her of her powers. Ingrid wants the family she knew—herself, and her two sisters. She wanted Anna and Elsa to become like sisters, but since Anna doesn’t have magic, that will never work. Anna’s the odd one out. She’s got to go.

But go where?

We’ve had our RumBelle episode, except it was more about the two characters separately than their relationship or marriage, and all the answers we got tonight only managed to open up more questions.

I’d feel like the show’s teasing me, if I didn’t love it so much.

The Story Continues Next Sunday at 8:00 pm on ABC

Homeland: Back To Square One As Mission Blows Up

Photo Courtesy Of Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The Showtime Original Series “Homeland,” presented, a lean, tight, a fast-paced episode in their sixth episode of the season, it also radically changed the season’s dynamic in the process, besides giving us a further look into the competence or the inability to think clearly in times of crisis. We got a glimpse of just how evil, a traitorous character could get and further proof that Carrie Mathison, while an exemplary agent, lacks the skill-set of a CIA Station Chief. While watching her seemingly perfect plan fall apart, Mathison fell apart as well, almost sacrificing her mentor and former Director of the Agency Saul Berenson, until Peter Quinn brought her to her senses.

One could accurately describe CIA Agent Carrie Mathison, as an agent that does whatever it takes to complete the mission she’s assigned to. However to achieve that, Carrie’s made some questionable moral choices, some of which have hurt her, or her cause rather than help it. In the show’s first season she engaged in an affair with a married man, that she believed was a traitor to our country. Her assessment was accurate, however she arranged a way to clear the slate for him and planned to run away with him and start a new life. That fell apart as the second season concluded, when Intelligence officials named Nick Brody as the prime suspect in the bombing of the CIA headquarters and he began a life on the run.

This season Mathison manipulated a naïve medical student, Aayan Ibrahim, the nephew of Pakistani terrorist Haissam Haqqani by seducing him and the young man revealed that his Uncle’s alive, after the CIA believed he got killed in an airstrike on a family wedding.  Ibrahim, felt nothing but shame after their first twist, but then got addicted to the forbidden fruit and Mathison played him like a violin. This episode began with the couple in bed as Carrie quizzes Aayan about his new identity, that he’ll use once he gets to London. As the test concluded, she game him a new passport and money and said they’d leave that night.

The next few seconds prove critical to the episode, but in reality doesn’t make much sense. The move that triggers the rest of the plan into action’s a decision the med student makes, that Carrie could only hope would occur, Ibrahim tells her that he needs to go back to his University to collect his belongings. If Aayan stayed in the safe-house, Mathison couldn’t implement the rest of her plan, a move that struck me as little more than wishing on a wing and a prayer.

Although she had luck on her side in that instance, she’s unaware of a  high-placed mole, attempting to get himself off the hook with the ISI, as United States’ Ambassador Martha Boyd’s husband Dennis, starts watching the Station Chief and her associates around the clock. In the last episode breaking into her apartment, he discovered her stash of meds that keep her Bi-Polar condition in check, he uncovers far more important information in this installment.

Carrie’s alienated two of the people she counts on the most over the last few episodes, Peter Quinn and Fara Sherazi. She tries to enlist Quinn’s help in the day’s operation, but his anger and resentment, convince her he’s not the right man for the job, so she gives the assignment to her assistant John Redmond. Her encounter with Fara, begins just as rocky and Mathison reacts by spewing out all her frustration with the mission on the young woman whose completed each task assigned to her. Calmly, but firmly, Fara tells Carrie not to treat her like the enemy, because this mission’s on because of the footwork Sherazi did and her discovery that Haqqani’s alive. Chastened, Carrie asks her to head to the safe-house and get rid of every scrap of evidence that Mathison and Aayan were there. Dennis Boyd, eavesdrops on the conversation and follows Fara out of the building.

Quinn gets reports that Farad Ghazi, wasn’t on the plane to South Africa, that Berenson alerted him to in the previous episode. Ghazi’s the man the ISI hired to manipulate and manage the supposedly spontaneous riot and subsequent pummeling to death of Sandy Bachman and didn’t board the flight to South Africa. Instead he set up the kidnapping of Berenson for the ISI, as the former CIA Director got assaulted in the airport’s men’s room and injected with a drug that knocked him out. Quinn, unaware of the danger Saul’s in tells the analyst to attempt to contact Saul and find out what he knows.

Aayan’s in his dorm room packing his stuff, when his girlfriend Kiran walks in and asks where he’s going and he tells her to London. She asks why he didn’t tell her and blames Kiran’s father, who got him kicked out of the University, when he reported Ibrahim stole drugs. She asks him to take her with him twice, the second time we can see he no longer cares for her and she see’s it as well. When she finds out the “journalist’s” a woman, she asks if he’s in love with her and he responds she doesn’t know.

As Aayan’s about to leave his dorm, he sees a big imposing guy who appears to be an ISI operative waiting for him. He sneaks out the back-way and gets a jump on the other man, he then hides in a building and the guy runs past it, thinking Ibrahim’s still in the crowd. He makes it back to the safe-house and tells Carrie the story and she says that the development’s very bad and they’ll have to push back the departure. But the medical student has another idea.

He says his Uncle Haissam can provide him safe passage to Afghanistan and he can fly to London from there. Carrie tells him it’s too dangerous, but suddenly the man who followed Aayan and several others, break into the safe-house and attack the pair. Mathison gives the medical student his passport and money and screams run, he eludes his attackers, by climbing onto the roof, then jumping down to the street behind the house, he watches from the shadows as the men carry a struggling Mathison and put her in a van and drive off. That’s when we find out the attackers were CIA operatives and the whole attack was nothing more than a ruse to scare Ibrahim into running to his Uncle. But how could Carrie be certain, that Aayan would want to leave the safe house before heading to London.

Fara heads to the safe-house and gathers three Hefty-bags worth of belongings and puts them near the front door, she then covers a broken window pane with cardboard and masking tape. When she does we see Dennis Boyd outside the house. When Fara gets ready to leave, she fails to notice Aayan’s family photographs scattered on the floor, with the bag containing them on its side. She doesn’t get suspicious that the cardboard, covering the window pane’s been pushed inward, but it’s obvious Boyd came in and rifled through the bags.

Dennis then sets up a meeting with Nasneem, his ISI contact at an al fresco café across from the safe-house then informs her about the former operation and gives her some pictures of Ibrahim, which makes her smile broadly. After telling Boyd he has a gift, she excuses her quick exit as she needs to relay the information immediately.

Tech genius Max, loaded a tracking chip into Aayan’s passport, so they’re able to follow him on his journey, they watch him board a bus that will take him to a town near one of his Uncle’s training camps. He encounters trouble with a soldier questioning his passport at a check-point, but bribes the soldier to allow him to proceed. He then gets back on the bus and for the first time in weeks the young man smiles broadly as he recognizes the spot he and his Uncle spent many hours at when he was a child.

Quinn gets a message from the analyst that Saul never boarded his plane and Peter realizes something terribly wrong’s in play. He heads down to where Carrie and the others are monitoring the situation and tells her Berenson’s missing. Seconds later, Haissam Haqqani  arrives at the spot his nephew’s at, telling the young man he should never have come there. He then asks if his American girlfriend’s aware that he’s there and Ibrahim attempts to play dumb. Right then Haqqani signals to an aide and they drag a bound man out of the car, we immediately realize it’s Saul. The Uncle asks Aayan if he knows this man and the young man truthfully says he doesn’t. Haqqani tells his nephew there’s an American drone over their heads ready to take them out, because of Ibrahim’s actions. He kisses him on the lips, thanks him for the meds and shoots him between the eyes. Carrie screams to her operatives to take the shot, but Quinn screams Saul’s there, she repeats the orders screaming again, but Peter tells them they have the former CIA Director with them and they can’t fire. Mathison looks Quinn in the eyes, realizing he’s right but she’s filled with contempt. She heads to her office, pacing back and forth like a caged tiger, then in a fit of fury knocks everything off her desk with one sweeping motion.

The Story Continues Next Sunday at 9:00 pm on Showtime. 

Person Of Interest: Big Guns, False Names And Corporate Spying

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

There’s a reason they put up graphics, saying “Don’t Try This At Home!” John Reese can pull off pretending he’s an NYPD Homicide Detective, named John Reilly, but your average businessman’s not up to the task, as an insurance worker named Walter, learned in the latest episode of the CBS series, “Person Of Interest.” Walter, a nondescript, quiet man, who basically keeps to himself, got inspired listening to the police scanner about the so-called vigilante, known as “The Man In The Suit,” who seemed to disappear a few months earlier. So when a woman in his office Elena, whom he’s got a crush on, lost her brother earlier in the week in a suspicious looking suicide, Walter decided to investigate the case.

That lead to Walter coming up as the latest number “The Machine,” supplied to Harold Finch and Finch got Sameen Shaw a job in Walter’s office and Reese to follow him when he hits the streets. When Walter sees Elena weeping, he offers his condolences and some tissues. She thanks her office-mate and says the thing that bothers her the most, is that her brother Abel, neglected to leave a suicide note. Walter says he’s working on that and in tandem, Elena, Shaw and Finch all say what? Walter then mumbles something and heads to his desk, Shaw realizes that Walter’s got the phone data card from Abel’s cell phone and put it in a burner phone, which Sameen quickly copies.

He puts on an ill-fitting fedora and leaves the office, John takes up the chase and Harold tells Shaw he needs her back at headquarters. When she arrives he tells her via speaker-phone that he needs to attend a conference in his guise as Professor Whistler and asks Sameen to take over monitoring the computers until he returns. She begrudgingly agrees and asks if the conference’s in Boston and Harold tells her its Hong Kong.

John  follows Walter to Abel’s apartment as he inspects the room and then the fire escape, Reese and Shaw start to think that Abel’s death wasn’t a suicide and it appears Walter knows that too. He heads to the office of the truck driver’s boss, dispatcher Banks Van Hess. He tries to gain access into the building, but it’s locked tight, suddenly a security guard appears and asks if he can help. Walter tells him he’s trying to see Van Hess and the guard replies, he’ll just radio to the dispatcher, but Walter pulls out a badge, identifying himself as Detective Hodges of the task-force. He tells the guard if he alerts Van Hess, he could blow his case, so the guard lets him in the building.

Walter walks around looking for the dispatcher and luckily sees Van Hess first, as he’s tied to a chair and being doused with gasoline by two thugs. The dispatcher swears he doesn’t know where it is, the thug says he finally believes him, then shoots him between the eyes. He then sets the room on fire and the pair take off, leaving Walter alone and stunned, until he hears a voice, he turns around and gets knocked out by Reese.

Harold arrives at the conference and gets greeted by an attractive woman his age, who identifies herself as Beth Bridges and tells Professor Whistler, his topic, which centers on operators maintaining control of the machines they create is  the antithesis of everything she believes in. She’s not nasty in the least, in fact she seems delighted to debate him and the pair hit it off, although their philosophies differ. Harold believes Beth’s another professor, then realizes she’s the head of a new tech firm that’s sponsoring the conference.

Reese/Reilly, wakes up Walter with a vial of ammonia under his nose, then plays along that Walter’s really Detective Hodges and asks him to compare notes, then brings him to the station. Reilly tells Walter that he believes the homicide he’s investigating’s connected to the case Reilly and his partner are working. Fusco walks in and Reilly introduces Walter as Detective Hodges, but Lionel quickly realizes something’s off and Reilly asks to talk to him privately. John tells Fusco that Walter’s not a cop, but he’s the latest number and could help them. When they finish their discussion, Walter’s vanished.

Walter’s back at his office and his cell phone rings and a hardened voice greets him as Detective Hodges. He nervously disconnects and he picks up his office phone and the same voice addresses him as Walter. He runs out of the office and a group of thugs attempt to kidnap him, but Reilly and Fusco, save Walter, overcome the bad guys and pick up a huge gun in the bargain.

When they meet up with Shaw, Walter smiles at Reilly and asks if he’s a super-hero and John says no. Fusco and Shaw arrive, Lionel sporting shades and Sameen wearing a little black dress and Walter says, to John he is a super-hero, then tells Fusco he’s a lucky guy. Shaw identifies the weapon as being a next-generation prototype, that can shred armor vests and easily pierce armor-coated limos. John grabs Walter and puts him in a locked room at the precinct for his own protection.

Professor Whistler and Beth Bridges, finish lunch and about to return to the conference, when they’re mugged and a thief on a motorcycle takes all their possessions. When they return to the conference, Bridges tells Harold she’s calling the police, but he begs her not to, as the thief got his passport and he’s got visa troubles. He’s also able to draw out the characters on the back of the motorcycle, the name of the restaurant he delivers for, they decide to get back their property on their own and Harold grabs an umbrella.

Walter’s room gets opened with a key by a man wearing an FBI windbreaker, identifying himself as an agent and saying Detective Reilly, said that Walter might help with a gun running case they’re working. However, the guys a thug trying to kidnap Walter and he and Reilly get into a standoff, until he pushes Walter  away and escapes.

We hear John’s voice ask where New York Gang Lord Carl Elias’ at and we see an address that the other man in the conversation identifies as a communal address. Reese draws his weapon when he enters the building, but a well dressed, attractive , young woman, assures him that’s not needed. He enters a vault that’s labeled Fort Knox and filled with racks of high-tech state of the art automatic weapons. Elias walks in and Reese talks about the cascade of weapons and what it took to acquire them, then threatens to take Carl out, but Elias says that three snipers placed directly above them would stop that. He then tells Reese that they should take a walk.

Elias and Reese had problems early in their relationship, when Reese saved the Crime Bosses life, thinking he was a New York City School teacher. But after two or three run-ins, they established an understanding between them, Finch even visited Carl regularly in prison to play chess with him. Reese told Elias, that he wanted the Gang Leader to work for him earlier this season. However bad feelings exist on both sides in this situation, as Reese believes Elias’ gang’s responsible for bringing one hundred of those next-gen weapons to NYC and trying to kidnap Walter.

Elias tells Reese that he indeed sent the phony FBI agent into the station but the Armorer, a guy from Chicago’s responsible for the weapons and the other kidnaping and he tells Reese, that Walter knows where the truck’s at that Abel abandoned, holding the weapons. The reason he knows is he’s got Abel’s cell-phone.

The Professor and Miss Bridges wait outside the restaurant the thief works at and finally he gets on his bike and starts to ride off, but Harold smacks him in the front of his helmet with the umbrella and the thief falls from his motorcycle. Beth and Harold recover their stuff and run away.

Walter gets kidnapped again while John’s away and the Armorer’s gang follow the route on the phone to the truck. Shaw locates the truck from the copy and texts it to Reilly and Fusco. They arrive just as the armorer’s about to kill Walter and they get into a shootout with Walter in the middle. Things look tough for Reilly and Fusco, but Elias’ man shows up with the prototype and the three take everyone out, but Walter sees John’s in the sights of a shooter, knocks down Reilly and takes the bullet.

Elias then appears as the Armorer’s the only member of his gang breathing. At first Carl congratulates the Armorer, for his plan, but soon realizes that he’s not pulling the strings. He offers to trade the Armorer’s life for who his boss is, but the gangster tries to shoot Elias and gets shot by Carl’s aide.

In Hong Kong, Beth Bridges and Professor Whistler exchange goodbyes and she tells him she’ll be in New York soon and would love to meet him for coffee. Harold smiles and says he’d love that, she gives him her card and kisses him on the cheek, but when she leaves Harold’s smile disappears. He walks down an alleyway and we realize he hired the mugger to put a tracking device on her laptop, as she’s soon going to be doing business with Samaritan.

The final scene’s a meeting with Elias and his aide and Dominic of the “Brotherhood,” and his aide. Mini asks Carl, where the guns are, and Elias informs him the NYPD destroyed all one hundred of them. Dominic then tells Elias, that’s the second time he’s interfered with his affairs and Elias isn’t a king. We know this war’s only going to get more heated this season.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on CBS.