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Wayward Pines: The First Generation Of Wayward Pines

Photo Courtesy Of FOX
Photo Courtesy Of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While many viewers of the FOX Network’s miniseries “Wayward Pines,” might be less than satisfied with the way they wrapped things up, it might have been the appropriate way to end the season. The last few minutes of the series, harkened back, to many episodes of the classic science-fiction anthology series The Twilight Zone, a show that very few episodes concluded with conventional happy endings. Good intentions, nobility and bravery, aren’t always rewarded in life. Sometimes we discover the correct path but still fail to follow it, we overlook the bad and give the title of Savior, to those whose names shouldn’t even get mentioned in the same paragraph the word appears in.

Chapter ten of the story, jumped into action in the opening sequence and kept the viewers on the edge of their chairs, until the screen went black. David Pilcher got pretty ticked off when Sheriff Ethan Burke revealed the truth about Wayward Pines, to all the residents and decided to display his anger by cutting off all the town’s electrical power. Including the power source for the electric fence, keeping the Abbies at bay for the previous 14-years.

We see that the Abbies have breached the perimeter in the opening sequence and they’re heading straight for Main Street. Ethan contacts the complex and speaks with Pam, who confirms what Burke’s already figured out, that her brother cut off all the power to the town. Six Abbies have been found inside the perimeter, the residents gathered on Main Street need to be moved to a secure shelter immediately. Ethan tells everybody gathered to head to Lot 33, where there’s an underground bunker, which should provide them safety from the Abbies.

Ethan, Kate and some of the men head over to the sheriff’s station and Burke starts passing out weapons to them. The two grads of Wayward Pines Academy, locked in a cell ask what’s going on, but their questions are ignored. We move to an interrogation room locked from the outside, where Jason’s body’s being stored and the teen that shot Harold Balinger and three other men to death last week isn’t dead. He comes to but doesn’t say anything.

Ethan tells Kate to finish  passing out the weapons and he’ll meet her at the bunker. They’re just about to leave the station when Jason shows himself through the glass section of the door he’s locked behind. He says that Pilcher’s predicted that this day was coming for a long time. The First Generation of Wayward Pines, would survive the storm in an ark. However  those too weak to swim like her and Harold would die. Kate contemplates shooting Jason dead, but decides it’s not worth the time and they leave.

Ben’s sitting by Amy’s side on her hospital bed when she regains consciousness. He hugs her and tells her how scared he was that he was going to lose her. Just then Theresa enters the room, she says they need to leave immediately, Ben says he won’t leave Amy. Theresa tells her son to find Dr. Carroll the surgeon who operated on Amy.

Pam walks into David’s office and he hugs her and tells her he’s so glad she arrived. He says they have to discuss preparations for reviving Group C and her face registers horror, upon hearing her brother’s words. She tells him that those are their people down on the ground and he has to save them, but he says he wishes he could but it’s too late.

He says the town’s sick and he failed them, but says he won’t make the same mistakes with this new group. He says  the Abbies will leave in the winter and then they can repair the town and start fresh. He says this time he and Pam have to be more hands-on, like in the old days.

Pamela says they’re not having a theoretical discussion, these are real human beings whose lives are in danger. She says Pilcher must turn back on the power and then send his guards down to Main Street to destroy the Abbies. David’s eyes light up when she mentions the guards, he summons two into his office and orders them to put Pam into suspension. He then has the guards round-up all the volunteers and he orders them all to be re-frozen.

Doctor Carroll tells Theresa that it’s too early to move Amy, but Theresa says they have no choice in the matter. Suddenly all the power goes out again in the hospital. Carroll says the generator’s acting up and he’s got to fix it and he’ll be right back.

Main Street’s filled with corpses, some Abbies but mostly humans, we see “Big” Bill, Theresa’s boss at the real estate office become a happy-meal for one of the Abbies. Pilcher watches all the carnage on the monitors in his office, while listening to an opera LP.

Pam and the volunteers are brought to Christina, who heads up the cryogenics process. Pam tries reasoning with her, the head-guard and a younger guard, but Christina cuts her off and says Pilcher’s their savior. Pam smiles and says he’s not a savior or a God, he’s just a man and he’s made a terrible mistake. The community’s thriving, we had a lot of birth’s in the last year. At that point the head guard knocks out Pamela with a Taser unit, the young guard starts to say something and his supervisor says he might want to stay quiet.

Some of the graduates from Wayward Pines Academy come into the sheriff’s office and release the two guys from the cell and Jason. One of them suggests they stay where they are, but Jason convinces them they have to go to the ark. He says that’s the only way they can survive the attack.

Dr. Carroll starts to reboot the generator, but he’s stopped pretty quickly by the Abbie right behind him. Theresa realizes Carroll’s likely not coming back and starts leading Ben and Amy out of the hospital. She reaches around a corner to make sure all’s clear but an Abbie grabs her arm, slicing her arm in the process. Ethan shows up and kills the Abbie with one shot and then he helps them leave the hospital and head to Lot 33.

Kate’s trying to keep one step ahead of the Abbies and goes into her toy store and bolts the door to the back-room. She’s just about to catch her breath, when she hears sounds on the roof. An Abbie falls through the roof and Kate kills it by repeatedly hitting it with a large steel instrument.

She gets out to the street and an Abbie’s munching on Tim the hotel manager. Tim’s still alive and he points to a bag about two-feet in front of Kate that contains the remainder of the bombs that Franklin built. Realizing it’s too late to save Tim, she grabs the bag and runs to Lot 33.

Pamela’s put back into a cryogenic-state. Pilcher watches and we can see the mixed emotions registering on his face as the tube’s she’s encased in get’s filled with the material that will put her back into a state of suspended animation. The rest of the volunteers watch in horror and disbelief.

Most of the town’s residents are in the bunker and Ethan goes over to Megan Fisher and asks her where the tunnels that also occupy the space where they’re at lead to and she says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Burke says he knows that Megan was with Pilcher from the beginning and she says she doesn’t know where they lead to. Kate asks Fisher if she wants everybody to die and Megan says David will save them all.

Burke tells her that Pilcher’s the one trying to kill them, he shut off the power and let the Abbies into Wayward Pines. Fisher says Ethan’s a liar, but Ben yells out that he’s not. He walks up to Megan and says you told us Pilcher watches over all of us, so how could he not realize the power’s off? Ben says you told us this is an ark and one crack can destroy us all, Pilcher’s the crack and we’re all going to drown.

Ben’s words resonate with Fisher and she tells Ethan that the Western tunnel leads to an elevator that she has the code for. She says the elevator will take them to the complex. Burke tells Theresa that he’ll be back soon and he and Kate head to find the elevator.

Jason and his buddies arrive at Wayward Pines Academy and there are a few dozen students waiting there. Jason opens the door to a supply room, stocked to the hilt with everything they can possibly need. Jason says this is the place that the First Generation Of Wayward Pines rides out the storm.

Kate and Ethan take the elevator up and we watch them shoot four guards. The guards with the volunteers hear the gunfire and the head guard runs to help, but the younger one stays behind. As soon as the other guard’s out of sight, the young guard points his weapon at Christina and tells her to wake up Pam.

After taking  out all the guards, Kate and Ethan return to the bunker and tell all the residents they’ll need to take several trips on the elevator, but they’re all heading to the Complex where they’ll be safe. Everybody starts to head to the elevator except for Megan, her husband Brad tells her it’s time to go, but she says she’s staying behind. She says that she saw some students on Main Street and if any show up she wants to let them in. Brad kisses her on the forehead and tells her to stay safe. A few minutes later, there’s a banging on the door and then the doors knocked off it’s hinges and thrown to the floor below. We don’t see Megan get killed but it likely happened quickly.

Most of the residents have made it to the complex, but Ethan asks where Ben and Theresa are and Amy responds they haven’t made it up yet. He takes the elevator back down and gathers the last group including his wife and son, but the elevator screeches to a halt short of the floor. Ben shimmies up to the top of the car and he sees a ladder and the elevator door.

Ben helps everybody out of the car and then reaches down to help his father get out, but Ethan says he’ll catch up with him. He’s got to make sure none of the Abbies can make it to the complex, he tells Ben to go on ahead and he’ll see him soon.

Burke gets all four bombs out of the bag from Tim and connects them all to a detonator. Pilcher’s watching him on his monitor and suddenly his voice is ringing in the elevator. The Abbies are climbing up the walls of the elevator shaft and Pilcher tells Burke he warned him the truth would lead to Wayward Pines destruction, but Ethan wouldn’t listen.

Kate enters Pilcher’s office with her weapon pointed at him and tells him to turn on the fence and nobody else needs to die. He glares at her and says he’s dedicated his entire life to these people and she comes in and tells him what to do? He says she’s only there because he chose to bring her, but she and Burke have to learn it’s not just about one person, it’s for the greater good.

He looks at Kate and chuckles and says she should go ahead and kill him, that she can destroy him but his ideas and legacy will live on, long after he’s gone. Kate says your ideas end today and suddenly we hear a shot, Pam and the surveillance operator entered the office and Pilcher’s sister killed him. The surveillance officer starts restoring power to Wayward Pines.

Ethan’s assembling the bombs and we become aware that the only way he can detonate the bombs is if he remains in the car. He flashes back briefly to Theresa and he giving Ben a birthday cake and he smiles. The Abbies start attacking the elevator, shoving their fists through the floor boards. Ethan hits the button and the car explodes, bursts into flame and falls to the bottom of the shaft. Ben hears the explosion and sticks his head in the shaft and calls for his father. A piece of debris hits Ben on the head and knocks him out.

A few hours have passed, everyone’s safe and starting to calm down. Pam approaches Kate and asks how Ben’s doing and Kate says he’s still unconscious. Kate asks if they have any beds, most of the survivors are exhausted and would love to get some sleep. Pam smiles and says they have beds in the East Wing. Kate says she’d really like to help, but the more information she has, the more help she can offer. The two women take a walk.

Pam shows Kate the suspension tubes and she tells her that in each tube, there’s a person inside, whose yet to be revived and Kate says she almost believes her. Pam says that’s the truth and Kate laughs and says they’ve never said a true word to each other in 12-years. Pam says well now’s a good time to start.

She says that they’ll run things the right way, no more secrets or surveillance. Pam says we are the future of humanity, we’re all that remains. Then the screen goes black for a few seconds. When the picture returns we hear a female voice asking how are you feeling Mr. Burke? Ben’s in a hospital bed and Amy’s wearing a nurse’s uniform, he asks what’s going on and Amy says his doctor will be there shortly and explain everything. Ben asks her why she’s dressed like that and she replies she’s a nurse and graduated two weeks ago.

Ben says you graduated, how long have I been unconscious? She says your doctor will explain everything Mr. Burke. Ben says tell me how long I was out for and what’s with this Mr. Burke routine. Amy lowers her voice and says they’re listening. He asks quietly how long he’s been unconscious and she says three years and four months. She says she tried to talk them out of putting him in suspension with the adults, but they say your father killed the savior.

She says I told them, then corrects herself and says I convinced them that you’re nothing like your father, that’s why they revived you. Ben asks where are his clothes and she says they’ll put him in suspension again and he repeats the question. She gives him a plastic bag with his clothes in it, but begs him to stay. He gets dressed and leaves the hospital.

He goes down to Main Street and there aren’t many people around, he sees a young woman on the other side of the street and one of the guards looks at Ben with a leering smile. Ben sees the merry-go-round is working and sees a young couple and their toddler sitting next to it. Then he looks to his right and gets startled. There’s a statue of Pilcher that’s been erected, he’s holding a book and standing up. The inscription reads,

David Pilcher

Wayward Pines


Jason and the rest of the First Generation Of Wayward Pines, did survive the storm and then they put all the adults in suspension and installed themselves in what they considered their rightful place. In charge of Wayward Pines and in turn, the future of humanity.

The Musketeers: The End For Rochefort As War With Spain Approaches

Photo Courtesy Of BBCA
Photo Courtesy Of BBCA

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Regular readers of these pages realize how much this writer respects The BBC and their mastery of what’s now referred to as “The Limited Run Series.” Our cousins across the pond, have proven that oftentimes “Less Is More,” giving it’s viewers, a taut, exciting, fully fleshed out story in just ten episodes. The BBCA Original Series “The Musketeers,” did anything but slump, during it’s sophomore season, finishing the campaign that exceeded the exciting finale of season one, with an episode jam-packed, with intrigue, espionage, betrayal, ending with a wedding and the talk of war in season three.

This despite the loss of a major part of the cast in the first season, as Peter Capaldi, left 17th Century France, for the TARDIS, taking his character Cardinal Richelieu with him, as the season begins with the Cardinal’s funeral. Taking the part of “The Big Bad,” in season two, Marc Warren as Count Rochefort, former adviser to Richelieu, a prisoner of Spain for the last few years, who in reality got sent back to Paris, as a spy for the Spanish Crown. French King Louis XIII, looking for guidance got easily fooled by the wily Rochefort, as the man he’d eventually name First Minister of France, had his own agenda.

We found out early in the season that Rochefort tutored Queen Ann in Spain as a 14-year-old girl in Spain, when France and the Spanish arranged marrying the King of Spain’s sister, to at that point the next King of France. He fell in love with the girl, became obsessed with her over the years, believed she indeed love him as well and planned to knock off Louis, marry Ann and run the country as it’s Regent. However he deduced that Ann and the King’s Musketeer Aramis, had an intimate moment and Aramis fathered the Dauphin. In this episode he revealed that to the King, nearly costing the Queen and the soldier their lives, before he became discredited in Louis’ eyes.

The Queen’s consult and confidante, Constance Bonacieux’s about to get executed, early the morning after the day portrayed in the previous episode. Treville and Rochefort stand side-by-side witnessing the event, Treville says it’s cold-blooded murder, the Minister counters with it’s justice and the Captain says Rochefort doesn’t know the meaning of the word. She’s offered a blindfold, but refuses it saying she wants to see as much of the world as she can in her time remaining, the executioner starts to swing his blade at her neck, when he’s shot and killed from under the platform they’re standing on.

It’s D’Artagnan, who quickly rescues Constance, joined by Aramis they fight off the Red Guard soldiers, Rochefort starts shooting at them, but Treville relieves him of his pistol with a blade to Rochefort’s chin, he jumps on the back of Athos’ horse and the four ride off to a safe-house. They talk about killing Rochefort, but decide without Louis finding out that Rochefort’s a Spanish spy, then Aramis, the Queen and the Dauphin might still get killed. They’re relying on the fourth Musketeer, Porthos to get that done.

Porthos on horseback’s in the countryside as he looks at a lake from the top of a ravine, he then rides down to the lake and starts crying out a name Vargas, repeatedly, until a prosperous looking middle-aged man rides out to meet him. Porthos tells Vargas, the letter he received wasn’t from Rochefort, he forged it, he knew the best way to smoke-out the Spanish Spymaster’s through his operative at the Royal Court. Vargas smiles and says lets discuss this, when a shot from the woods misses Porthos and the Musketeer runs to higher ground and escapes.

Rochefort’s in Louis’ chambers in his attempt to poison the King’s mind against his wife, when Ann bursts into his chambers, begging her husband listen to her, she’s a good Queen and a loving wife and Rochefort’s making wild accusations. Louis says we must let the evidence get presented and she’s taken back to her quarters. The King says he should’ve let her speak, when his Minister says that Richelieu had evidence that Ann consorted with his Musketeer Aramis and the Dauphin’s the Musketeer’s son. Louis holds his head in anguish as he hears the news then tells Rochefort he wants the truth now.

Rochefort then heads for Aramis’ cell and tells the Musketeer, although he’s as good as dead, he can still save Ann and the Dauphin by making a full confession. The King will divorce the Queen, disown the Dauphin and let them live in exile. He sees the Musketeer doesn’t buy a word he says, so he says one more time you can save them both, then stomps out of the cell.

Vargas and his men search for Porthos, when his Captain says they’re venturing too far out, if the French catch them any further they’re dead. Vargas says they can’t risk the Musketeers survival and tells his men to fan out and find him. Porthos’, ready and waiting with his pistols all loaded and in position, quickly kills the first man that discovers his location, then quickly kills two more. Vargas’ party now down to five men, including himself.

Rochefort convenes a hearing on Aramis’ guilt or innocence, having the Musketeer swear on the Bible, that he’s about to tell the truth. When Rochefort asks if he slept with the Queen and fathered the Dauphin, Aramis says those are lies and that he knows he won’t let Ann live as she knows that he’s a spy for Spain and has filled the King’s head with lies. Louis is watching the proceedings through gaps in his ceiling boards and wonders if Aramis accusations have any validity.

The First Minister brings in the Dauphin’s Governess Marguerite, who admits to sleeping with Aramis, but says he’s the Dauphin’s father and he and the Queen were intimate. She then breaks down crying trying to extend her hand to Aramis, when the guards take her from the room. Rochefort sentences the Musketeer to death in a manner fitting to his crime, he walks ahead of the guards as he goes back to his cell.

Rochefort, then visits the King, saying Aramis will get put to death immediately, however how does Louis want to handle the situation with the Queen and Dauphin and Louis says, not now Rochefort. The Captain of the Red Guard tries to press the matter, when the King tells him not only did he just lose a Queen, he lost his son, the only one he ever had.

Back in the woods, Porthos quickly kills his next attacker, but then struggles viciously with the next man, until he recovers his blade and jams it between his opponents shoulders. He’s unarmed and surprised when an attacker is upon him brandishing a pistol, but the man’s killed by a shot coming from the woods, a second shot rings out, killing the Captain, leaving Vargas alone. Treville, Constance, Athos and D’Artagnan come out of the woods, Constance puts a blade to Vargas neck and tells him to surrender. Vargas asks Treville if they always bring women to fight their battles, Constance asks how he knows she didn’t bring men to fight her battle, while Treville takes his pistol.

Vargas at first refuses to speak, but when he finds out the Spanish King’s sister’s in danger of getting executed, he admits that Rochefort’s a spy for Spain. He says that Rochefort had the most remarkable tolerance for pain, he ever encountered, he thought if he could turn him, he’d serve Spain well. However, even he had no idea, what Rochefort was up to.

Aramis, tries in vain to break his chains, then prays that if Ann and his son are spared, as well as himself, he’ll renounce everything and join a monastery. He then hears his cell door start to open and says he’s not worthy of God’s grace, but he’s shocked to see it’s Milady de Winter, who killed the guard and came to free him. She tells him to high-tail it out of Paris and Aramis says he’ll be a wanted man if he escapes, Milady corrects him, telling him she rescued him.

Rochefort hears the Dauphin crying endlessly, he walks into the nursery to find Marguerite dead on the floor next to the crib, a bottle of poison in one hand, a suicide note/confession lying beside her. Of course Rochefort immediately rips up the note, then leaves the nursery, for someone else to find the dead Governess.

Milady brings Aramis to the house and they greet their lost mate with hugs. Everybody ignores de Winter, except Athos who comes to her with a cup of wine, which she refuses. He thanks her, then asks her plans and she says she’s starting a new life in England, Athos scoffs, says it constantly rains and the food’s terrible. However she wants him to join her and start a new life with her, she tells him she’s leaving in two days and will wait for him until dusk at the crossroads to join her, otherwise he’ll never see her again. D’Artagnan, interrupts the conversation, saying we have to get Vargas to the Palace.

Rochefort gives Louis a document to sign, authorizing executing the Queen, he tells him that the Musketeer escaped and likely confederates are coming to rescue her, which will set-up conflict and civil-strife. Louis stares at the document then starts crying saying he can’t condemn his wife to death. Rochefort says then he wants the unfaithful wife to remain by his side and a boy not his son to inherit the throne? Louis gets angry, then signs the order telling Rochefort to do it quietly and quickly, he promises he will. He then tells his Red Guard leader Villefort, to clear the palace of everyone but the Red Guard.

The Musketeers, Vargas and Constance, make their way into the Palace and exclaim their surprise at the emptiness, they’re soon joined by the Red Guard and the fight’s on. Constance and Aramis head to save Ann while the other four escort Vargas to Louis’ chambers, Louis hears the fighting outside his room and the group enters, with Porthos clutching the sword he killed Villefort with. The King says if he’s going to die, he’d rather get shot then stabbed, Porthos laughs and introduces Vargas.

Rochefort walks into Ann’s quarters and starts stroking her neck, she tells him he’ll never touch her again, then he produces the chain he’s going to choke her to death with and puts it around her neck. He starts to tighten it, when he’s shot in the shoulder from behind by Constance, he turns around to see her and Aramis with his sword drawn. He then starts dueling with Aramis, who knocks him down twice, before taking his sword and stabs Rochefort in the back of his shoulders, the blade going deep into the First Minister’s back.

They say that the Russian Mad Monk Rasputin, survived getting shot, hung, drowned, electrocuted and a host of other tortures before succumbing to death. Rochefort may’ve been modeled after Rasputin, as he pulled the blade out of his back and then went into the hallway, to see the Musketeers and Vargas. The Spaniard tells him it’s all over, he told the French King everything, Rochefort spits out, you betrayed me and Vargas responds you left me no choice.

Athos tells Rochefort to surrender, but instead he tries dueling all four Musketeers, but it’s D’Artagnan that starts truly fighting him, finally running his sword though Rochefort, as he stabs him in the gut and the sword rams through his back, then pulls it out. Rochefort sits down, looks at Ann and says he’s all alone, then takes one last raspy breath and dies. Aramis prepares to close his eyes, but Ann stops him from doing it.

Outside the Palace, Louis meets with the Musketeers and Treville, he apologizes to Aramis for believing Rochefort’s lies. Aramis says no apology’s needed, all part of service of the King and Louis says spoken like a great French soldier. He then apologizes to Ann, saying she’s a wonderful wife and Queen, then picks up the Dauphin and says the boy looks just like the King, he then tells Treville he needs to talk to him.

Ann thanks Aramis and his friends for saving her life, then Louis summons her as well to be in on the meeting with Treville. The King tells him that he’s declaring war on Spain and Treville’s to become his War Minister, he then says Treville best not turn him down a second time. Treville graciously accepts the promotion and all are happy.

The four Musketeers leave the Palace grounds and Aramis informs his mates, that he’s leaving to join a monastery. D’Artagnan and Porthos try talking him out of it, but Athos asks if that’s what Aramis truly wants and he replies with all his heart. Athos then hugs him and Porthos asks if he’s letting Aramis go, Athos responds that Aramis’ letting them go. They all hug and Aramis walks down a road without looking back.

D’Artagnan and Constance get married, as Athos gives away the bride while Porthos plays best man. The Priest pronounces them man and wife, but Athos’ lost in thought as he thinks of Milady waiting in the carriage for him. He starts to leave to mount his horse when Treville stops him saying there’s war with Spain approaching all leaves cancelled. Athos says he’ll return to the barracks as soon as he’s finished, Treville says he’s riding to the barracks immediately, as Louis named him War Minister and he’s promoted Athos to Captain. Athos says he’s unfit to lead anyone, but Treville says the men all love and respect him.

De Winter sits in her carriage and waits, just as she’s about to leave she hears a horse approaching, but alas not Athos. He however leaves the barracks to find her, but finds only her glove remaining.

Constance kisses her new husband goodbye, before the Musketeers head off to battle. Porthos says it seems weird just the three of them and Porthos says if Aramis knew of the impending war he’d return looking right at Treville. The War Minister tells his three Musketeers to return after they’ve set things up, but before they cross the border, the soldiers realize that means Treville will have their mate ready and waiting. The three take off racing each other giddy as schoolboys as they head off to War.

Season Three Has Already Been Given The Go-Ahead And We’ll Return To The Story Once The New Season Begins On BBCA.

Sleepy Hollow: Renewing A Partnership 233 Years Before It Began

Courtesy of FOX
Courtesy of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Last we spoke, Abbey Mills had been transported back to Sleepy Hollow, 1781. Where she was promptly arrested for being Black. She name dropped ‘Captain Ichabod Crane’. Meanwhile we find Ichabod in mid battle against the red coats where he looked like a 200 year prequel to the Jason Bourne films. A man approaches Ichabod in down time to report of this strange woman. Ichabod dismisses the news as he is not to leave the battle field. That was a specific she gave. Even referenced a soldier with something on his hand. A reference to the man we would come to know as the Headless Horseman.

The next scene goes just as you might expect. Abbey is a stranger to Ichabod and he dismisses her claims quickly. That is until he is passed a message and Abbey recites it verbatim. Later, Katrina comes into the infirmary tent looking for Ichabod. The time line has shifted. Abbey warned Ichabod. So Ichabod does not get wounded. And thus, she cannot complete her spell that sends them on this course they’ve been on for two years now. A wounded soldier does inform Katrina of the strange woman who calls herself Abigail Mills. Abbey and Katrina still have their memories. This is bad news.

On the field of battle our two eventual partners survey the situation. Ichabod does not yet possess the ability to process what Abbey is telling him. But, she’s been right so far. Later, Ichabod is reprimanded from what appears to be a superior officer. Ichabod asks about ‘this woman’ and the man before him tells him, “If you want her, buy her at auction”. He arranges to have Abbey turned over to him in transport for a camp for ‘runaway slaves’.

In the carriage ride, Ichabod is stern. Skeptical doesn’t quite cover it. He asks questions and Abbey answers them. Even to the extent of describing the events that lead to Ichabod and Katrina’s engagement, as said by the man who experienced it. Then she tells him that they, in 2015, work together to fight off the impossible. Ultimately coming to the revelation that most of the assistance they get come from books written by men who are (currently) still alive. With Washington and Jefferson in Virginia, that only leaves Benjamin Franklin.

Abraham appears looking for Ichabod. Katrina walks up behind him and lays it out. Well, enough to swindle Abraham. She knows he, the horseman, is Abraham. Ichabod has betrayed her as well. He has joined forces with another woman and they present a great threat to Katrina and Abraham. She extends the black book and says, “find them and kill them”.

When they meet with Benjamin Franklin, his reaction surprises Ichabod. He is welcoming and rather pleased to discover that all of his ideas are still around 200 years later. Ichabod is still skeptical and asks Abbey to tell Franklin of this woman sent to kill him. She beats around the bush by only saying she’s a witch. Franklin then sends Ichabod away. It’s important to remember that Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, all of them knew far more than Ichabod was aware of. He knew before she told him that the witch in question is Katrina Crane.

The next step is to attempt to undo the traveler spell. Thus negating everything that has happened since Abbey and Katrina traveled. The first stop is to meet Ms. Grace Dixon. Abbey’s great great great great Grandmother. Before they can begin this plan, the Horseman makes a forceful entrance. They fight the Horseman for a moment. Then Franklin stands holding a small grenade-bomb. The Horseman decapitates him. But the bomb thing still works.

After the death of Franklin, Ichabod locks Abbey up again. Refusing to believe anything she says, he asks the question Franklin specifically told her not to answer. What did she discuss with Franklin in private? When she tells him who the witch is, he cuts her off and leaves. She informs him that Katrina is pregnant. She yells at him to check her phone. The password is his birth date. In the pictures, he will find one of both of them.

Ichabod returns home to find Katrina has laid out a series of peculiar herbs alongside an open book with very odd writings. She is cryptic and insistent about the location of the mad woman. Ichabod is beginning to believe in small doses. Then a man barges in with the request of his presence by General Washington. Immediately. He sends the man on and leaves to retrieve Abigail Mills’ little black box with the pictures in it. This feels like a Zoolander “the files are IN the computer” moment.

Watching 1781 Ichabod Crane trying to access an iPhone is priceless. “Slide to unlock” and he slides the phone along the table. He navigates his way to the photos icon and watches a video of himself talking about waffles with Abbey in the background. Meanwhile the Colonel invites himself into Abbey’s cell. He aims to punish her. She is nice enough to explain that close quarters attacks have evolved. He tries to strike her and it ends badly for him. Ichabod arrives just as Abbey has put the Colonel to sleep.

Katrina was able to gain some information from the Colonel. Even take a some dried blood from his arm which she used to see where Abbey and Ichabod were going. Then killed the Colonel.

The reunion between Abbey and Grace Dixon is an emotional one. Not just on the surface, but because Ms. Dixon didn’t need to be told the specifics. She already knew that Abbey was one of the witnesses. Reversing the traveler spell can be done, but it will require using all of the power than protects the house. Moments later, the Horseman and Katrina arrive. Ichabod must face them to buy Grace time and Abbey cannot leave the house as part of the counter spell.

Ichabod is losing the fight while Grace prepares the counter spell. Abbey begins to read the incantation. The counter spell freezes time, the moment before Abraham’s blade slices Ichabod throat. Katrina knows what’s happening and shouts out, “you cannot stop this”. The imagery of this montage suggests otherwise.

Both women are taken back to the moment before the travel. Katrina is pissed. She goes into full blood magic rage. She wants Abbey dead for killing Henry. Ichabod reaches for a knife but Katrina summons it to her instead. Ichabod pursues, until Katrina’s miscalculation leads to her knife stabbed into her body. Ichabod holds her as she dies with Abbey watching on. I have said, yelled or shouted at my television to kill her off at least twenty times. While I am satisfied momentarily, it was a very well done scene.

Jenny and Irving race into the church. Not knowing what happened with Jenny and Irving upon Henry’s death, she greets them with her gun drawn. She is convinced all is clear. Then informs the group that Grace told her the biggest battles are yet to come. Thus, setting up a future series of events that are both not tied to the previous battles and has no definitive end in sight.

Homeland: Realizing You’re Fighting Your Own Side

Photo Courtesy Of Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The Seventies were a “learning decade” for the American people, as a President and Vice President resigned their posts, in a year’s time. We also found out about clandestine missions undertaken by the FBI and the CIA and that these missions occurred with very little oversight. New laws and bills got passed, making United States Intelligence Agencies, more accountable, limiting their abilities to do things our citizens would disapprove of. However after 9/11, many of the restraints got lifted and some say the Agency operates as it did in the Sixties.

How must it feel, for an idealistic CIA Agent in the field, risking their lives fighting corrupt governments around the globe, to find out that your Agency’s run through back-door deals, that undo all the good that you accomplished? In the fourth season finale of the Showtime Original Series “Homeland,” former Islamabad CIA Station Chief Carrie Mathison, dealt with that realization in the episode’s closing minutes. Even the one man she trusted, now seems to have feet of clay.

There was very little action or excitement in the season finale, but this season’s had plenty of both in previous episodes. This was an episode, that gave it’s audience some deep background information about the characters, revealing things about the Mathison family, that had never even been hinted at. We also watched as Carrie blew what might have turned out as her “Happy Ending,” by her indecision and fear of commitment.

Carrie’s back in the States and in the first scene we see her looking at a man’s belongings, his shoes, his ties, an extensive matchbook collection, souvenirs of trips throughout his lifetime. Suddenly Carrie’s sister Maggie walks into the room holding an old razor, their dad’s who just passed away and we realize they’re sorting through his belongings. Suddenly the doorbell rings, she looks out the window and sees a Government staff car and a chauffeur in her driveway, she tells Maggie she’ll handle it.

She answers the front door, to find Agency official Dar Adal waiting for her, he tells her he’s sorry about her dad and asks if she’s going to invite him into her home. She tells him that Frannie’s asleep, and they sit down on some furniture on her front porch. Adal, dispenses with social graces and gets right to the point of his visit, he asks Mathison where Peter Quinn’s at. Carrie tells him she’s not sure if he’s returned from Islamabad, he’s on a mission to kill Taliban leader Haissam Haqqani, Dar tells her Haqqani’s back in the tribal areas and out of Quinn’s reach. He leaves, but asks her to contact him if she hears from Peter.

Saul Berenson’s sitting on his bed watching ISI leader and ally of Haqqani, Nasneem speaking to the press about the United States cutting off diplomatic relations with Pakistan. She insults the USA, says that her country’s been under the United States thumb for too long and says if they want to leave, let them. Saul’s wife Mira shuts off the set with the remote control and tells her husband he’s got to get his mind off Pakistan. He got terminated by the contractor he worked for, he wants to return to the Agency, but she tells him he realizes that’s not possible. He says he has to get dressed for his meeting.

Carrie takes Frannie to the park in her stroller and an older gentleman walks up to them and asks if that’s Frannie, he’s a friend of Carries father and has yet to hear of his passing. He tells her that Frank loved her daughter so much, then asks if she’s Carrie. Mathison’s taken aback, but the man tells her that Frank bragged about her all the time, that she had problems adjusting to motherhood, but she’d be back to raise the baby. He said Carrie’s made of tough stuff. She thanks the man for telling her that and heads home.

Carrie and daughter return from the park and she notices a strange car in the driveway with Missouri plates. After she hands off Frannie to the nanny, she walks into the kitchen, shocked at whose with Maggie. It’s the girl’s mother Ellen, a character never mentioned during the series until this point. Turns out Ellen went out to get some milk 15-years earlier and never came home. Carrie’s enraged to see her, asking if she thinks she can pull off the grieving wife routine after all this time?

Carrie tells her to leave the house, when Maggie reminds her that the house belongs to her and she wants Ellen to stay. Mathison says then she and the baby will go elsewhere, which prompts Ellen to leave the house, Maggie hesitates a minute than runs after her but Ellen’s driven away.

Saul meets with a top Government official Joe Crocker, about the possibilities of regaining his position as CIA Chief, with Lockhart’s resignation pending. Crocker tells him there’s nobody he’d rather run the Agency, but once Haqqani releases the tape of Saul as a prisoner, his nomination would go down in flames. Saul then asked about getting a bureau or even become Chief of Station, but Crocker tells Saul it’s not in the cards.

Carrie and Maggie are sitting on the front door step, as Carrie somewhat apologizes for the way she treated their mother. She says to Maggie that she thought she hated Ellen and Maggie responded, she thought so too until she showed up. She says that now she’ll be out of contact for another 15-years, but Carrie tells her she got the tag numbers and can find out where she lives in an hour.

The funeral’s the following morning and Carrie gives the eulogy for her dad. She mentions the things he cherished, like the Baltimore Orioles and he’d yell at the TV for his team to stop stinking up the diamond. She then says he had his demons, but he learned how to control them, then he taught her how to control hers when she developed the same illness. She thanks him for taking care of Frannie, but tells him she’s ready to take over now.

Outside the church mourners come to embrace her and wish her condolences, when she sees Quinn standing 50-yards away, she excuses herself, runs over and embraces him telling him she’d been worried sick. He drives her back to the house in his truck and he got out of Pakistan due to his friends in German Intelligence. Carrie then tells her she had Haqqani in her sights, ready to shoot, when Aasar Khan stopped her, she omitted that Dar Adal was in the vehicle with Haqqani.

Maggie asks Carrie who Peter is and she tells her he’s a friend from work, Maggie says that he’s getting along famously with Frannie. Mathison seeks out Saul and asks Mira if she can steal him for a bit and she smiles and says of course. She asks what he learned in his meeting with Crocker and Saul says not a whole lot. Carrie asks what his explanation of Adal being with Haqqani and Berenson says he left names out of the conversation. He says that right now that information stays with them and don’t share it with Quinn and she wholeheartedly agrees.

Peter comes over right at that moment and asks if he’s interrupting  and they tell him not in the least. the three sit down at a table that looks like it’s in a screened in porch. Peter asks if Carrie’s dad liked Irish Whiskey and she says sure, as Quinn pulls three glasses. After they’ve talked for a while Lockhart, arrives to pay his respects and apologizes for being so late but he got tied up with his lawyers. Peter pours him a glass and they toast.

Quinn stays to help clean up and then Carrie walks him to his truck, Maggie smiles when they leave, showing that she thinks he and Carrie belong together. The couple make small-talk ass they walk back to the truck and Peter has that look on his face like he wants to kiss her but he’s afraid, she looks back looking very frightened. But suddenly they pull together and fall into a deep and passionate kiss.

As soon as they stop, Mathison says she’s going to screw this up and Peter says she’s silly. He tells her he’s seen her at her worst and she says he should’ve run for the hills. Quinn then tells her he wants out of the Agency, but he can’t do it alone, he needs her by his side making the move with him. He asks her to consider it and drives home.

She can’t sleep, so she  gets out of bed and heads into her dad’s room, sits down at his desk and goes through the drawers. She finds a bunch of pictures of her parents when they first got married and sees how happy they looked. The first thing in the morning she’s loaded her suitcase and tells Maggie they’re going on a road-trip to see her mother. Maggie convinces Carrie to leave Frannie with her and Carrie drives to Missouri.

Later that day an old friend and fellow operative Dale shows up at Peter’s apartment and tells him they’re going on a mission to Syria, but Quinn says he’s not going and he’s quitting the Agency. Dale thinks he’s joking at first, but Peter makes it clear he’s serious. Dale pulls out all the stops, but fails to convince his friend, so he hands Quinn the possible last letters from the agents heading over.

Carrie drives straight through the night and arrives at Ellen’s home in the morning. She rings the bell and a teenage boy, answers it and asks if he can help her. She asks if Ellen’s home and he tells her she went to work, Carrie asks teaching and the boy confirms it and says Jefferson. He asks who she is and she replies just a friend and then just stands there. The boy tells her he’s going to school, Carrie apologizes and gets in her car. We watch the boy ride off on his bike and Mathison drives to Ellen’s school.

Ellen’s surprised to see her and Carrie tells her she drove all night. Carrie asks whom the boy is and Ellen tells her it’s her brother, Tim. Carrie blurts out that’s why you left to have more children and apologizes, but Ellen says she deserves it. She can’t talk now, but asks her daughter to come to her home at 3:30 that afternoon.

Berenson and Adal meet in a restaurant booth for a breakfast meeting. Dar asks Saul how his meeting went with Crocker and Berenson says he’s out of the running for CIA Director. Adal asks him, what he’d say if Dar could guarantee to get him back on the very short list to become Director and Berenson, replies he’d tell Adal he’s having a major senior moment.

Adal puts a tiny plastic container on the table and Saul asks what’s that, Dar replies it’s the tape from Haqqani, it’s supposedly the only copy, but Haqqani promised he’d never release it publicly. Saul asks what Dar gave in return and the longtime Agency employee, told Saul he took him off the kill list and gave him free rein in Pakistan in return for keeping terrorists out of Afghanistan. Saul replies Haqqani’s the terrorist and though Adal agrees, he says Haqqani will take over Kabul in the next few months.

Adal then explains the world according to him, which brought no great revelations for viewers. We met Dar Adal in season two of the series and we’ve witnessed him conveniently switch sides, according to the situation. Adal originally pushed for Berenson to become the permanent Director of the Agency last season, but quickly sidled up to former Senator Andrew Lockhart, when he got the position.

Saul tells Adal that he’s uncomfortable with the situation and making deals with enemies, Dar reminds Berenson, that there’s plenty of precedent in the global community. Then he says to Saul to come back to his home and lead them, the Agency awaits him with open arms.

Carrie’s in her hotel room, when Peter calls and says there’s a rumor she’s in Missouri and she tells him she drove there to talk to her mother. Peter asks if she’s given any thought to his proposal and she basically tells him she’s too wrapped up with her mother, to give it any thought. Quinn says that if the answers, a no, that’s okay.

Carrie assures him she’s not saying no, but she just found out she’s got a teenage brother. Then she says, she’s off making crazy trips, just like her dad did, how will things work out between them and Quinn says, so this is the no. She once again assures him, that it’s just the opposite, she just can’t handle pressure right now. She says she’ll call him when she gets home, he says sure, then throws his phone to the floor.

Mathison heads to Ellen’s house and she asks her mother if there’s any chance she’ll confront Tim’s father and her mother tells her the father took off before she gave birth. Carrie asks her why didn’t she just say she got pregnant and come home. Ellen replies she couldn’t bring herself to admit it, she had hurt too many people. She then admits to Carrie she had numerous affairs and Frank always forgave her and took her back, but she crossed the line in her own mind this time.

Carrie says that Frank always said she just couldn’t live with him being bi-polar, but she said her father was loyal. Carrie says she always thought she couldn’t have a long-term relationship because of her condition. Ellen says that’s not the case and Carrie leaves. Mathison heads back to her motel room and packs her bags, then calls Quinn, but his number’s disconnected as is his e-mail account. She gets Adal’s voice mail and asks where’s Quinn then drives home.

The four-man unit that’s heading for Syria makes it’s final preparations, when Quinn arrives asking who’s the new guy, he steps up and Peter says he’s taking his spot. The rookie’s unhappy, but Dale’s extremely pleased that Peter decided to join the mission.

Mathison drives to Adal’s house and rings the bell until he gets to the door, she thanks him for returning her message and he replies she’d supposed to contact him when she saw Peter. She asks where he is and he tells her to get in the house. He tells her that he’s most likely in Syria at this moment, she says she needs to speak to him and he replies they went dark an hour before. He says it’s an open-ended mission, and they’ll most likely head home from Iraq. She says she needs to talk to him and Adal says she can’t.

She then looks him dead in the eye and tells him she saw him with Haqqani in Islamabad. He asks her what game she’s playing and she says getting what I want. She says if she doesn’t get her to speak to Peter, she’s heading to the Washington Post and telling them what she saw. He says she’s crazy and perhaps she’d like to talk to Saul first, she replies she knows what Berenson will say. Adal says, well ask him yourself, opens the door to his patio and she sees Saul sitting there. Her face shows her shock and disillusionment, she silently leaves, gets into her car and drives away, ending the season.

Ray Donovan: Victory, But At What Cost?

Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

As the season finale of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan” concluded, the network announced that the show’s renewed for a third season and that wasn’t much of a surprise, given the way the episode and the season turned out. The “Fixer For The Stars” still stands, while those attempting to cross him either got mortified publicly or killed. The episode ended with Donovan sitting in his house, after pouring himself a drink, attempting to process all the information that took place over the last few months.

Donovan and Boston Globe reporter Kate McPherson got locked into an incredibly strange relationship, adversaries with a very deep emotional connection, which caused Ray to threaten anybody attempting to silence her, despite the fact she could send him to prison for a very long time. The book she plans to write’s an expose on  former Public Enemy Number One Patrick “Sully” Sullivan, that includes bad deeds done by Ray, his father Micky and a cover-up by the nominee as Federal Bureau Chief of the FBI James Cochrane. Her stories could also inflict damage and possibly criminal charges on the two attorneys’ that employ Donovan Ezra Goodman and Lee Drexler.

Near the end of the previous episode, Ezra sat down with Donovan’s right-hand man Avi and discussed the dangers that McPherson posed to Ray, his family and all his associates and put the matter in Avi’s hands to resolve. The resolution came quickly in the season finale, as Avi waited for the reporter to return to her apartment then put a bullet through her heart and one into her head, made sure he left no evidence and left the apartment.

Ray spent the previous evening as guests of the LAPD, after getting busted last week when he attacked Micky twice in front of a pack of uniformed officers. Lena posted bail and got her boss out, however she told Donovan that his brother Terry refused the bail and remains in jail after getting caught during Micky’s botched attempt at a big score, robbing the local Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Ray heads to the jail to talk with Terry and the older brother says that bail’s a promise that the person won’t flee, but he’s a flight risk so he’ll remain in custody. Ray tells his brother he’s just punishing himself for listening to their father and getting involved in the scheme. He infers that he can likely get a deal for Terry in which he wouldn’t serve time in jail.

He then tells his older brother that he may head to Leavenworth, due to McPherson’s book and if so he wants Terry to take charge of the family. Terry says he doesn’t want the responsibility, but his younger brother tells him that if Terry steps aside, Micky will step in to fill the void. He then tells his brother, when he gets sick of jail to call Lena and she’ll get him out.

Ray gets on the phone with Cookie Brown, who left ten voicemail messages on Donovan’s phone while he slept in the Graybar Hotel, Brown tells him he’s seen the tape of the shooting of Marvin and Rekon and the two have to sit down and talk. Ray tells him he’ll stop by Cookie’s house a bit later.

The two remaining members of the “Over The Hill Gang,” that messed up the robbery of the dispensary, Micky and his son Daryl, finally split open the safe and find there’s just $20 thousand, when they were expecting close to a million. Daryl’s finally had it with his father and says he wants nothing to do with him. But Micky sweet-talks his son, telling him he can have the entire twenty grand. He then tells Daryl that they should head to Palm Springs to talk to Daryl’s stepfather Alan, as he wants to apologize for the trouble they had the last time they got together.

Per usual Micky lied to his son about the reason to visit the man who married the mother of his son. The agent told Donovan when he first arrived in Southern California, that he’d pay Micky half a million dollars for him to go away. Donovan says he wants his money and Allen tells him to get lost, then insults his step-son.

Micky starts talking tougher and Alan tells him to come into the house and he’d write Donovan a check, then in an attempt at misguided machismo, attacks Micky with a tennis-racket. Micky soon gets the better of the matchup and flings the agent through his plate-glass doors and into his swimming pool. Daryl’s mother Claudette hears the commotion and finds Alan sputtering in the pool, telling his wife to call the cops. Micky tells her that if she does that Alan will get arrested as well. She tells Micky to leave and she never wants to see him again.

Ray shows up at Cookie’s house in the midst of a birthday party for Brown’s son. After getting frisked, he’s ushered in to see Brown and we soon realize that Cookie’s indeed seen the tape, as he mentions that Bridget’s on it and asks what she said to the police. Ray told Brown his daughter told the police the truth, Rekon was getting high and she didn’t like his driving, so she asked to get let out a couple of blocks before the incident occurred. Cookie says to Donovan that he’s glad that both of their children will grow up with their fathers alive. Ray tells Cookie he’ll be back later with the million dollars that the Gang Lord gave him.

Back at the office, Ashley’s waiting for him and she’s quite distraught. She says that she thinks he might be following her and suddenly her fiancée Steve Knight walks into the office. Knight starts talking about Ashley’s stalker Bob’s been lurking about and this time he struck Ashley. Ray asks her who actually assaulted her Knight or Bob, when Lena walks into his office and says she needs to talk to him immediately.

They head into her office and Lena shuts the door and tells Ray he should sit down, but Donovan blows her off and just tells her to spit it out. She takes a deep breath before telling Ray that somebody murdered  Kate McPherson earlier that day, shot down in her apartment. Donovan gets the wind knocked out of him and has to sit down, then tells Lena to get rid of Ashley and Knight which she does. Ray goes into his safe gives a video to Lena and tells her to bring it to Stalkerrazzi, a sleazy celebrity gossip site, immediately.

Ray drives to Tom Cochrane’s office, barges through the door and starts assaulting the Los Angeles FBI Bureau Chief with a hammer, two agents enter the office immediately with guns drawn. Cochrane tells the agents he’s fine and to allow the two of them some privacy. As soon as they leave, Donovan accuses Cochrane of setting up Kate’s murder and the director replied he wasn’t involved, he’s too busy heading for Washington. Donovan spits out that Cochrane’s not going to Washington and storms from the office. Cochrane yells after him asking if Donovan’s threatening him.

Abby gets a call from her boyfriend LAPD Detective Jim Halloran, asking her to drop by his house. He apologizes for not being able to set-up Cookie, but he tells her he can offer her and her children protection if they’d move in with him. Although the dwelling’s half the size of the house she lives in, she’s overcome with gratitude at the offer.

Daryl and Micky are driving south down the highway when Micky’s cellphone rings and it’s his parole officer Ronald Keith on the other end. Keith was part of the gang for the heist, but bailed and turned them in when he got informed by the facility’s security guard that the safe held very little money. Keith and Donovan swear at each other over the phone, but before Keith hangs up Micky hears the trumpet from a racetrack. He and Daryl turn around to give Keith some payback.

If Cochrane didn’t arrange Kate’s murder, Ray realizes that Ezra sent Avi to Boston to kill her, one of the reasons he and Lena have gotten his voice-mail all day. Donovan walks into Goodman’s office and Ezra, admits immediately that he sent Avi to kill McPherson. He tells Donovan, that he’s lost himself, forgotten who he is and Ezra had to step up for everybody’s good and clean up the mess. Ray then picks up the phone and calls the police, alerting them that a body’s buried in the building’s foundation. The body belonged to the Catholic Priest that raped Bunchy and Ray when they were children and Donovan killed in a fit of anger last season. The adverse publicity that finding the body will cause will the death of Goodman’s dream, a cancer center dedicated to his late wife.

Daryl and Micky show up at the track and see Keith shortly thereafter, chase him down to the men’s room and take turns pummeling the stuffing out of him. Keith, says he can make it up to them, he has a sure thing in the next race with 7-1 odds, they put the twenty grand on that and they can walk away with a nice jackpot. Daryl wants no part of it, but ever the con-man, Micky wants to go down and look at the horses.

Keith’s horse’s number one, but as number seven walks past Micky, he hears the voice of Linda, the woman Sully murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time last year. In the season opener, the voice came from a dolphin in the ocean with him in Mexico, telling him he’s not a sailor but a Captain. In the middle of the season, the dolphin on Shorty’s Miami Dolphin’s cap told Micky, that she was wrong he’s just a sailor after all. However when he heard the voice from the horse she said she’s in a better place now, that she forgave him and he’s indeed a Captain. Micky asks Daryl what’s the name of the seven horse and of course it’s Captain. The pair put the wad on the horse and Keith puts all his money on it as well.

Although, I truly expected the opposite Lady Luck rode with the trio and Micky ended up with a million dollars. He heads to Terry’s gym just as Terry’s getting back after having a change of heart of staying in jail. Mickey goes into his office and tells Terry that he won a million bucks and starts to give Terry his share, but Terry glares at him when he tries to short him, because he wasn’t at the track. Terry responded that he was in jail instead then tells Micky to leave the gym and never return.

Ray heads back to Cookie’s with the gym bag carrying the million in cash, the two bodyguards pat Donovan down, but don’t check the bag. Ray enters the office and Cookie’s sitting at his desk and a pistol’s sitting in front of him. Ray asks if Cookie’s going to shoot him and Cookie tells him he’s not sure, he’d like to live without looking over his shoulder all the time. Ray, tells him he can relate and starts taking the money out of the bag and stacking it on the desk, Cookie tells him he trusts him but Ray keeps piling the money on the desk. Ray then asks Brown how he can be sure Bridget’s safe and Cookie responds, he can’t. Ray replies I thought so and grabs the pistol in the gym bag shooting Cookie first in the heart and then between the eyes.

The two bodyguards enter, but Ray gets the drop on both and they give up their weapons. Donovan puts the guns on the desk and tells the two guys there’s a million in cash on the desk, if they split it it’s 500 grand each, or one gets a million. Ray leaves the house and at the ten count, we hear one pistol fire.

Donovan gets a call from Ashley, pleading that he come to her and Steve’s apartment immediately. Steve’s sitting outside on the steps when Ray arrives then follows him up to the apartment. Ashley points to the ground below and we see the corpse of her stalker Bob in a heap on the beach. She tells Ray, that he tried to stop Steve from beating her and Steve killed him by throwing him off the balcony. Steve’s clearly insane and Donovan talks him into lying in the trunk of his car until the police arrive. Ray leaves and tells Ashley to tell the police everything.

Abby, Conor and Bridget are home watching TV, when a news bulletin interrupts the program to announce that Cooke Brown was found shot to death in his home. Abby looks so happy she’s about to burst.

As Tom Cochrane leaves his office to head home from the night he hears moaning coming from his secretary’s computer, she’s watching the now viral tape of the Cochranes and the Volchecks involved in wife-swapping.

Ray enters his house pours a drink and sits in the dark in his living room. Abby’s upstairs in her bed with both kids, she goes down to see her husband, but asks if he’s alright when she sees the expression on his face.

Ray Donovan will return next summer for Season Three on Showtime.


Graceland: The End Of Mike Warren?

Photo by: Jeff Daly/USA Network
Photo by: Jeff Daly/USA Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The USA Network has yet to decide if they will bring back their Original Series “Graceland,” for a third season, but if they do the dynamic of the house and the show would be dramatically different, due to the fact that one of the two lead characters seemingly died in the finale of the second season. Former FBI “Golden Boy” Mike Warren, (Aaron Tveit) whose reputation tarnished throughout the second season, had flat-lined  in his hospital bed after corrupt LAPD Detective Sid Markham cut off his oxygen tube long enough to suffocate the agent who had tried to take him down all season. Although Warren could be revived conceivably in the first episode of season three, Series Creator and Executive Producer Jeff Eastin, told “TV Guide,” “Let’s put it this way: He looks pretty dead to me. I’m not supposed to say officially yes or no, but I’ll just say he looks pretty dead to me.”

The move would be far from unprecedented in TV series, as Sean Bean, now stars on “Legends” on TNT, due to his character’s death in the first season of HBO series “Game Of Thrones.” However, it took a character that embodied the “All-American Boy,” in the show’s first season, to a man that got so driven to get a conviction, his former girlfriend and housemate Paige Arkin gave the agent up to Markham. The move however was not unexpected given the chain of events throughout the season and in the final episode.

We knew the housemates would be facing trouble in this episode due the ending of the previous installment. Charlie got kidnapped by Amber and some of her henchmen, Markham found out that the officer in his charge named Paul West, was actually working undercover trying to arrest the detective. Johnny met by Lucia at the motel they arranged to rendezvous at, but she stole a briefcase filled with marked bills meant for Markham. The money marked so that the FBI could prove he got the cash from Carlos Solano.

Lucia realizes by Johnny’s reaction that he’s with some branch of law enforcement and he tells her he’s with the FBI and is about to arrest her brother and her father, but he needs to get the money back to the Solanos. Lucia tells him he can’t enter her house with a briefcase of money, but she can so Johnny reluctantly takes her back to her father’s house.

Lucia goes inside the house and seconds later Carlito comes out to Johnny’s car and asks if he can get a lift into town. After refusing at first, Johnny agrees and the two head off to the nearby town. Carlito makes small talk, but ends it abruptly when he informs the driver he knows he’s an FBI Agent. Johnny swerves the car to the side of the road and attempts to grab his pistol out of his console, but Carlito’s packing and draws first. He tells Johnny he figured it out the previous night when he saw Jakes change the money from the briefcase to the marked bills.

Shortly, another car pulls up this one containing two of Carlito’s hoods and Lucia, after making them perform like puppets for him on their knees, he tells the agent that he realizes the FBI is orchestrating the drops of his family’s contraband across the border to the United States. He tells Johnny to tell his superiors that the operation has to continue to get enough evidence on the Solanos. He then says that if the shipments stop, so will Lucia’s life.

We see a beaten and bloodied Charlie being confronted by Amber and her British money-launderer, who believes that Charlie’s a cop. Charlie begs Amber to let her go, that she knows she’s not a police officer, but the stick-up artist walks away. Charlie screams out she’s pregnant and Amber tells the Brit, not to hit her in the stomach.

Briggs gets in the car with Markham and his crew to Mexico, unaware that Markham realizes he’s undercover. The conversation seems mundane on the surface, but realizing what Sid knows, it’s far more probing than Briggs realizes. They are 12-miles from the Mexican border and Warren sees them pass from where he and the crew of FBI Agents use as their look-out.

When the car pulls up to the Solanos, Briggs asks Sid if he can make one quick call about his baby on the way before joining Markham and the others inside and Sid tells him that’s fine. He actually calls Mike to check in and while the two are speaking, Warren asks Briggs if he’d heard from Charlie as she never met the backup team she was to engage with the previous evening. Briggs assumes that Charlie’s in imminent danger and he tells Warren he’s driving the vehicle the cops drove down in back to Los Angeles to find her, then hangs up the phone.

The FBI mission’s disbanded as the Bureau Chief got word that a package possibly containing a bomb arrived at their building and they’ve all been called back to Los Angeles. Warren tells his supervisor that Briggs just left the Solanos and he’s heading there to catch Markham, the superior tries to talk him out of it but to no avail.

Mike drives to the Solanos, but he realizes something’s wrong from the moment he arrives, as he enters the house he sees bloodied corpses strewn throughout the house including Carlos Solano. Some of Markham’s crew are dead, but there are still four gunmen patrolling the house. Warren takes out all four, but gets shot in the lung in his last encounter. He finds Markham on the ground, bloody but conscious, we never find out how he ended up in that position. Warren pulls out his pistol and aims the weapon at Markham, as he’s going to take advantage of the situation and kill him. However, police sirens start approaching and Warren takes off before the police arrive.

Briggs finds the warehouse where Charlie’s held captive and proceeds to take out all three gunmen up front, he calls for Charlie and she responds, but Amber knocks her out with the butt end of her pistol. She then fires twice at Briggs and misses, but Briggs hits her, she falls to the ground and he saves Charlie. After a trip to the hospital where she’s given some major pain medication, Paul brings her home and tucks her into bed.

Seconds later his cellphone rings and Mike’s on the other end. Briggs tells Warren that Markham blamed Mike for all the killings at the Solanos and the authorities are looking for him. Warren tells Paul, he’s been shot but if he checks into a hospital under his name he’ll be immediately arrested. Briggs tells him he’ll be over in the morning with a fake identity.

Mike’s woken the next morning by Paige, who’s arrived in lieu of Briggs with his new identity Mike Richards. She then apologizes to Mike for thinking that he had disposed of Lena’s body, as she knows Lena’s alive and somewhere in Arizona, as she wrote to her sister in the Ukraine and the postmark was from Scottsdale, Arizona. Warren’s delirious at this point and says to Paige that he’s glad that Lena’s family believes she’s alive, Arkin immediately realizes that Mike did incinerate Lena’s body.

Paige heads down to Markham’s station and tells the detective where to find Warren and gives the officer the name he’s checked in under. Paige heads back to the house and admits to Briggs that she gave Warren up to Markham. Briggs drives to the hospital as fast as he can.

Markham finds Warren and notices the agent’s suffering from lead poisoning and a collapsed lung. He then takes the heart monitor off Mike’s finger and puts it on his own, then bunches up the cord supplying Warren oxygen, cutting off his supply and suffocating him. He tells Warren during his final seconds that he knows all his roommates and will kill each one of them, so they’ll all reunite at the pearly gates. Warren’s eyes glaze over and Markham puts the heart monitor back on Mike’s finger and he’s flat-lined and the machine calls out code blue. Briggs heads into the room to see Mike lying there lifeless, Markham had already left. Medical personnel tell Paul he needs to leave the room and tears pour down Briggs face.