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The Blacklist: An Explosive Fall Finale

Photo Courtesy Of NBC
Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The NBC series “The Blacklist,” concluded it’s Fall Season with one of the best episodes in the history of the show, filled with intrigue, espionage, strange alliances and multiple deaths. It answered lots of questions fans had throughout the series, while leaving them pondering new ones that arose in this hour, chief among them, what’s The Fulcrum? (More on that later.) The series goes on hiatus, replaced by “Katherine Heigl Saves The World,” then returns on February 1, following the biggest annual television event in this country, as NBC hosts the Super Bowl. That should lead to a lot of exposure for one of the finest shows on Broadcast TV.

The first thing on our screens, was a graphic stating four months earlier, then we watch FBI Agent Liz Keen, shoot her make-believe husband Tom, actually a spy for Red’s adversary Berlin. Reddington wanted to finish him off, but Keen said she needed to do it and told Raymond to leave. We ended the first season believing Tom had died, but in the opening montage, we find out what really occurred. Liz saved Tom instead of killing him, with a little help from her friends, a doctor who patched Tom up, a man who owned a boat sitting in a harbor unused and a heavyset man with an earing who babysat him. Liz kept him imprisoned on the boat for four months, his ankles manacled to the floor.

Using his knowledge to help track Berlin and his adversaries, Keen utilized the information for her own agenda, including setting up the meeting with Berlin in the previous episode. Tom supplied the name of an arms dealer for the Russian and Lizzie forced him to arrange a meeting, that Red showed up at, along with Berlin’s daughter, that he thought Reddington had killed.

That meeting was the first new scene in this episode as Berlin, attempted to overcome the shock that his daughter was standing next to him. Red then asked his adversary to explain why he believed Reddington had killed his daughter, nearly a quarter century before. Berlin then told Raymond that it began in 1991, as the Soviet Union started to collapse. He was a member of the KGB and attending a meeting of the senior brass, to come up with a plan to stem the revolt. While discussing their options, the building got hit by a bomb, killing 12 officials as well as any hopes of keeping the Soviet Union intact. They believed the bombing, was the work of an American and they thought Reddington masterminded the plan. His daughter went to jail as a dissident, he got shipped to a labor camp as her arrest tarnished his reputation. Then she got released from the prison and disappeared, Berlin started receiving body-parts, thinking they were his daughter’s.

Red asked Zoe what happened to her and she explained she got contacted by a man promising to give her a new life in the States and most importantly, keep her father from finding her. Red asked the man’s name and she told him she never met him, they just spoke on the phone, but his people referred to him as “The Decembrist.” Red tells Berlin, he may contact him soon about “The Decembrist,” and they all part company. Red contacts Lizzie and asks her to obtain any information on the mystery man.

The Task-Force techie, Aram Mojtabai’s an amazing man in my eyes, as each episode he finds a major clue that helps the Task-Force solve their Crime Of The Week. Mojtabai, impressed again in this episode as he found reports that “The Decembrist’s,” DNA was found on the recovered edges of the bomb that killed the KGB officials, but at the time the DNA database of this era didn’t exist. Aram ran the DNA against the database and found out that he’s an official for the Russian Government. Liz calls Red to give him the name of  “The Decembrist,” but puts him on hold when a call comes through from Tom’s babysitter, telling her to get to the harbor pronto. She tells Red, she needs to go, repeats the name twice and hangs up the phone. Reddington realizes something’s amiss.

Keen arrives at the boat and gets sick to her stomach, an elderly security guard for the harbor, who came checking on the boat earlier in the episode, but got intercepted by Liz, came back and discovered Tom, while the big guy went to have a smoke. He’s now tied up and the babysitter asks Liz what to do. The elderly man says this is FBI official business and he’ll keep his mouth shut, but Tom keeps insisting they need to kill him. Keen’s about to release the man, when Tom hoists himself up by some bars on the ceiling, wraps his legs around the old man’s neck and starts choking the life out of him. The big guy holds back Liz, until she grabs her weapon and shoots him in the foot. But the old man’s dead by the time she gets free.

Red meets with Berlin, who asks if “The Decembrist’s,” taken care of and Reddington replies not yet, then asks Berlin if he’d like to join him on a trip to Moscow? By the time they arrive, Berlin’s men ambushed the Russian official’s security team in an elevator and the pair meet the Russian as the elevator doors open. After some quick questions, Red realizes he’s not  “The Decembrist,” and asks who is? He reveals he’s United States Government official and Raymond’s partner in the cartel, Alan Fitch. Berlin then shoots and kills the Russian and even Red, thinks that’s too much. He then tells Berlin, it’s hands-off on Fitch and Berlin responds, yeah right! Raymond calls Dembe and tells him to call the florist.

Legendary actor Alan Alda, has portrayed Fitch for the show’s two-seasons a very shady and mysterious character, who viewers realize is an official with the U.S. Government, but the series never revealed what his position was, until this episode. Turns out the man involved in a secret global cartel’s the Assistant Director of National Security, as we find out during a meeting he’s part of. He then sees a delivery boy holding a large potted white flower, apparently a signal to meet with Red.

The two allies meet and Red asks Fitch if he let Berlin believe, that Raymond kidnapped and murdered his daughter and the explanation sounds like Alan got really ticked off when Red left the Intelligence Community. He also said that they had yet to hammer out an agreement, so this didn’t count as betrayal. Red offers Alan protection, but Fitch feels pretty secure with his Government security. He should’ve accepted Red’s offer.

Fitch and an aide, exit a building talking business, when a motorcade approaches, two men step out of the lead car, identify themselves as Secret Service Agents and ask the two men to enter the vehicle. They keep speaking when the “agent” in the passenger seat shoots the aide. The driver then says to his contact on the other end of the phone line, they have the package in Russian. Berlin’s men kidnapped Fitch.

They find where they’re hiding Fitch surprisingly easily, and quickly kill all the guards, then they see the bad news, Fitch has an incredibly complicated bomb, strapped around his head and neck. The bomb squad arrives and they’re stumped by the device, they transport Alan to the Task-Force headquarters, as they have a case that can contain the blast of a bomb. Fitch’s put inside with three men from the bomb squad and as time ticks away without progress, it’s down to one man. Alan’s aware the squad member can’t disarm the bomb and tells him to leave the container, then asks Harold Cooper to get him Red.

He tells Reddington, that with him dying, Red’s in tough shape with the cartel. Fitch then says many in the group doesn’t believe he has it, then he asks Raymond if he’s got the Fulcrum, Red remains silent, but Alan says they’ll want proof. He then gives him the combination to his safe, 8-30-44, his wife’s birthday. He says the safe’s in St. Petersburg in the wall of….. the bomb detonates. Red picks up Zoe in his car and asks if her father’s contacted her and by the glare she aims at him, we realize the answer’s yes.

So, what’s the Fulcrum? Well, Wikipedia’s first two references are a Marvel Comic Book Series and the English language paper for the University of Ottawa, both doubtful that’s what the cartel’s searching for. However, digging a bit deeper the Mikoyan MiG-29, a jet manufactured by the Soviets in the early eighties is also known as the Fulcrum. It’s described as an “Air superiority fighter, multirole fighter,” could this plane be the item the cartel covets? Most likely not, but it’s sure to prove an intriguing question when the show returns.

Liz heads back to the boat where it’s just Tom and the old man’s corpse. Tom starts playing with her mind saying her only choice’s freeing him. That could’ve been the moment when she realized she couldn’t kill him, so she makes a deal that if Tom gets an address for Berlin, she’ll set him free. She tells Ressler about what’s going on and he mildly flips out, telling Keen how wrong this all is. Tom calls his old contact number on a payphone but the operator tells him his codes obsolete, he tells the woman to tell Berlin to call Tom Keen. Seconds later the Russian’s on the phone telling Tom he thought he died, Tom replies he needs to get brought in, but Berlin’s hesitant until Tom starts inferring threats. Tom gives Liz the number, she removes his ankle bracelet and Ressler threatens to track him down.

At that same moment Berlin’s elated as Zoe’s joined him for lunch and he’s beaming like a school boy. He sees his daughter’s uncomfortable with his security guards, he sends them outside. She says she needs to leave, but he pleads for her to stay a while longer. Dembe and Red walk in, Red gives Zoe a passport and money and wishes her a happy life, as the pain registers on his face due to his daughter’s betrayal. Red pulls out a fifth of vodka and the two men drain it. As soon as Berlin puts his glass down Raymond unloads a round of shots into his chest killing him instantly.

Red enters the Task-Force headquarters and says Elizabeth we have to speak, a name he hasn’t used since the pilot. We see the anger in his eyes as he asks why she lied about Tom being  dead. She begins to make an excuse when he cuts her off and tells her if she told Red she’d need to admit, she still loved Tom. She breaks down and asks what’s wrong with her and Raymond responds nothing, then kisses her forehead.

The final scene we follow a cleaned up Tom into a bar, first we see Dembe, then Red sitting alone in a booth. Tom sits down and Red gives him an envelope and Tom explores the inside making sure he got what he wanted, then rises and starts to leave. Reddington says Tom’s never to see Liz again and Tom says gotcha. Raymond grabs his wrist and tells Tom to look at his face, then repeats himself. Tom says Lizzie held him prisoner for four-months and never talked about Tom and Red’s relationship. On that bombshell we now wait until February 1.

The Blacklist: The Blacklist Halloween Special

Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC
Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Although the actual title of the sixth episode of the second season of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” is actually “The Mombasa Cartel,” it’s doubtful that you’ll find a network show with a creepier episode, this week of Halloween. And the episode concluded in rather shocking fashion, which we’ll discuss later on. Realize however, that of all the strange things we’ve experienced in the world of Raymond “Red” Reddington, you weren’t prepared for what you encountered in this episode, including a family that most likely would unnerve Morticia and Gomez Adams.

The episode begins in a flashback, as the graphic on the screen informs us that we’re in Koidu, Sierra Leone, 29-years earlier. We see a family working their land including a cute little boy, of about six-years-old. An open Jeep filled with men brandishing weapons, arrives and the men exit the vehicle, they ask the father if his name’s Samuel, he responds it is and he’s told he’s got a big mouth. The men start shooting his livestock, then all the men, finally Samuel’s wife and the boy’s mother. The little boy’s terrified, as one of the men picks him up and puts him in the Jeep.

Back in the present, we travel to Paris, where an African businessman’s served his meal by his waiter in his hotel room. When asked if he needs anything else, the businessman replies no, but the waiter accosts the guest, knocking him out on his bed, then putting a yellow clip on tag on his ear. Once again we change locations, this time in a small Russian seaside town as a boy and his grandfather stroll along the beach. The boy calls for his grandfather, who comes over to see a corpse washed in from the sea that’s skinless.

We’re now at Red’s apartment as Raymond and FBI Agent Liz Keen, watch a TV show about endangered species, Reddington shuts it off angrily, grumbling that soon tigers and lions, will disappear and thought of as mythical creatures like the winged Griffith of the Unicorn. He then tries to pitch a new number to Keen, the Mombasa Cartel, traffickers in rare and endangered animals, when the agent says the Bureau, may not find the case worth pursuing, Red weaves a tail of villages and individuals wiped out, and all sorts of heinous actions take place for profit, he says the cartel deals in blood-money.

Don Resller’s at a local pharmacy trying to get his prescription for pain pills replaced, as he claims they got stolen from his car, the pharmacist clearly thinks he’s lying, he finally says he’ll call his doctor and come right back, instead heads for his office. He’s late as Keen’s already telling the task-force about the Mombasa Cartel, and the amount of harm Red claims they’re doing to the planet. She gets a text message and tells the other’s it’s from Red and she needs to call him. Instead, she leaves the office and heads to a door with a keypad and types in the code, then opens the door, we see a man that appears dead on the floor of the room, then we see Red’s sniper whose been the tail she can’t shake. He says to her, are you telling Red or am I?

Raymond’s sitting outside the “Roach-Coach” operated by Zoe D’Antonio, the young woman Red got “The Tracker,” to locate in the previous episode, eating and reading the paper. He takes off his hat and puts it on a stool next to the table, then gets up and starts to walk away, but the woman shouts and gives him his hat back. Reddington, expresses his gratitude offering her money, but she tells him it’s not needed. He asks again and she says she’s good and Red smiles and tells her he likes that, then asks her name. She replies its Zoe and he introduces himself as Kenneth, then tells her it’s his favorite hat, she tells him to model it and compliments him.

We’ve joined Red and Liz in the park and he informs her, he’s set her up for a meeting with Jeff Pearl to have drinks. Pearl’s not only the 33rd richest man on the planet, he’s played in the series latest bit of out of the box casting, by “Easy Rider‘s” Captain America, Peter Fonda. Keen’s going to go undercover as a animal-rights blogger and try to obtain information on the cartel from Pearl. She doesn’t grasp the information as quickly as she usually does and Reddington asks if everything’s alright, (she’s nervous about the sniper) and tries to cover by saying she’s blown away that Pearl’s Red’s buddy. He snaps back he doesn’t have buddies, they share some interests including protection of endangered species.

Keen arrives at the club she’s meeting the magnate at and he’s playing drums with the band onstage, then heads to her table when he’s finished playing and tells her he likes her blog. He then says that his friend told him she’s looking to take on the Mombasa Cartel and tells her to take caution, as they’re insidiously dangerous. He says his foundation’s targeted them from the start, without success, but he mentions one guy she could investigate.

The next day the Task-Force learns about the body that washed up in Russia as well as one caught in a fishing net off Japan. Tech wizard Aram’s done a series of tests to find out where the bodies emanated from and he’s discovered its Sitka, Alaska, the former location of a group of Radical Animal Rights Activists known as the “Sitka Seven.” They got busted back in 1971, with one member doing a federal stretch and the rest broke up and moved on. There’s a camp that they lived in but the land rights’ owned by a corporation.

We meet the residents of the camp, Skye Kincaid and her two grown sons, Peter and Matthew. Turns out Peter’s the guy who knocked out the African businessman, whose body got dumped off the shore, after his brother Matthew skinned it. Matthew, then stuffed the body like any taxidermist would an animal, when he puts in the eyes his mother says that’s his best job yet. We find out the bodies are from poachers, that the boy’s father tells them to capture, kill and stuff and Skye tells Peter, that their work’s important.

Matthew’s played by Carel Struyken, Lurch from “The Adams Family,” movies and he’s what they used to refer to in the movies as “a bit touched in the head,” we’re not even sure he can talk until the last few minutes of the show. However, he’s gifted as a taxidermist, setting his victims up at a campfire scene not far from their camp.

The FBI bring in Lee Chung, the lead Pearl gave Liz for questioning then let him go, but he’s reported missing a short time later. Meanwhile, Ressler’s in Sitka, but out of his painkillers and going through withdrawal, so he purposely slams his thumb into his car doors hinge, breaking the bone and getting him a refill. Liz contacts him and tells him to check out the camp.

Donald drives to the camp and knocks on the door, but gets no reply, then gets startled by Skye Kincaid telling him it’s private property and he responds he’s an FBI agent and shows his badge. He asks if she knew the “Sitka Seven,” she replies they moved over forty years before. He asks whom she lives with and she said her son Peter, who soon shows up in his truck with a cage attached under a tarp. The two men introduce themselves and Skye tells her son that Ressler’s with the FBI. Don asks what’s in the cage and Peter says goats, Ressler says the “Sitka Seven,” kept goats and Peter laughs lots of people keep goats. The agent asks to have a look and Lee Chung’s in the cage, Peter whacks Donald over the head knocking him out.

Skye’s on the phone with the boy’s father, Jeff Pearl and tells him they’ve got trouble as an FBI agent’s there. Pearl tells Skye to make sure that Ressler’s not skinned and left in the forest. He then grumbles he should have stopped Matthew years before and Skye says he wouldn’t have lasted a day in an institution as Pearl hangs up.

Aram does more digging and realizes that the plane’s that transported both victims to Sitka’s owned by the same corporation that owns the camp, so Liz calls Reddington to find out if he knows anything about the corporation. She tells him she’s heading to Sitka and meeting Alaskan agents from Anchorage to try to locate Ressler who’s out of contact. Red tells Liz to take caution.

Ressler wakes up in a field in a cage next to Chung, trapped in another cage, both having the yellow tag on their ears. Peter takes Matthew out and tells him to have fun hunting, but only kill the animals that got tags on them. They’re both released from their cages and Chung starts to run, when Don asks him where he’s running to. Ressler looks for his pills and Chung tells him the Kincaid’s took them, then asks if Ressler’s a junkie, and Donald responds no, Chung says that’s what all junkies say. Those are the last words he says as Matthew put an arrow through his heart. Don rips off the arrowhead and takes off.

Pearl arrives home and gets surprised to find Red standing in his foyer, Raymond figured out that Pearl’s behind the killing of the poachers and the Mombasa Cartel, as he owns the corporation that Liz asked him about. He then asks how Pearl had morphed from an idealist to a murderer and now stands for everything he once deplored. Pearl offers his explanation of controlling the monopoly saves the animals and the planet and Red tells him he’s full of guano.

Red then tells Pearl about the first scene we saw of the episode and the fate of the young boy taken away. At the age of 14, they left him to die tied to a pole, after serving them for eight-years, but Red found the teen and rescued him. After the boy got well Red educated the teen and the young man graduated college, speaks six languages fluently and has a working knowledge of a dozen more. The boy of course’s Dembe, who tells Red to let Pearl live, he’s past the pain, but Red’s not and shoots the billionaire dead.

Matthew takes a break from tracking Ressler and sits down with his stuffed “Friends” around the campfire and he listens to the music being played. Ressler’s disguised as a corpse but he’s holding a metal coffee cup, which starts shaking, so Ressler tries running. Matthew picks him up in the air, but Ressler slices open his chest with the arrowhead.

The agents arrive and stand outside the camp ready to burst in, when Matthew comes in with his chest a mass of blood and Skye screams. They burst in, take out Peter by gunfire then head to the bathroom where Matthew and Skye sit in a tub filled with water, turning red from the blood. Rather than surrendering, Skye throws the phonograph into the tub with them, electrocuting them both.

Loose ends; Liz shows Ressler his painkiller bottle showing she knows he’s got a problem and he breaks down. Liz gets Red’s sniper arrested so he can’t tell Red what he knows and Red realizes she’s hiding something.

Keen enters the door in the final scene and tells the occupant, she almost told Reddington, but changed her mind. If you have any doubts, the Halloween Episode concluded with a man back from the dead; Tom Keen, whose been her prisoner since she nearly killed him in last season’s finale, now with overgrown hair and an unruly beard. He tells her he’s answered all her questions and she starts to leave, but he says she can’t keep him imprisoned forever.

The Story Continues Next Monday at 10:00 pm on NBC.

The Blacklist: Saving Earth By Killing Humanity

Photo Courtesy Of NBC
Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

One of the great debates that divides our nation, centers around the argument whether or not “Global Warming’s” taking place on our planet. If it’s occurring because of toxins that we let into our air, than humanity’s destroying our home. The most radical, but most effective way of solving that problem’s eradicating every vestige of humanity, but nobody insane enough to dream up that concept, could possess the intelligence to actually accomplish that, could they? In the circles that Raymond Reddington travels in, people with mindset do exist as we witnessed in the latest episode of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” as an eco-terrorist group plans to wipe out humans across the planet, by releasing the plague that wiped out millions on this planet 700-years-ago.

The episode begins without the usual previous episodes  catch-up clips for the audience, going straight into this story. We see a woman in her late thirties, walking down a city street in Washington, DC, frantically talking to someone on her cellphone. The woman says to the person on the other end, that she needs to stop him and she’s going to the police. We see the caller on the other end’s a woman about ten-years younger, who tells her friend that she’ll come and meet her and go with her to the police, right then we notice the woman walking, has blood dripping down he side of her face. She asks the other woman to please come alone and hangs up.

Moments later the woman, now cleaned up waits for her friend who pulls her car to the curb. She gets out of her car, but we quickly see a man jump out of the passenger side and quickly we figure out this is the man she talked about on the phone. She’s got something he wants and he struggles to get it, she tries running and gets hit by a cab, throwing her up in the air, then slamming her to the asphalt. The man searches her handbag, finds what he needed and tells the crowd to call an ambulance, then he and the other woman run off.

Red and FBI Agent Liz Keen, talk on the phone and Keen’s rather upset that Red still has his sniper keeping her under surveillance, she tells him to get rid of him or she will. Reddington changes the subject to the reason of his phone call, an incident that took place in the city that morning, as a woman died after being struck by a taxi. What intrigues Raymond’s the woman’s identity, Carrie-Ann Beck, wife of Maddox Beck, part of a radical environment cult, who allegedly died in a blast a few years before. Red believe that Beck’s responsible for his wife’s murder and most likely planning something to shake people up. Raymond doesn’t realize how much he’s understating the situation.

Back at the FBI Task Headquarters, Keen informs all the agents about what she learned from Red, Task Force Chief Harold Cooper tells his agents, he wants them down at the morgue investigating cause of death. The group’s IT expert Aram Mojtabai, informs Cooper that Beck’s not in the morgue, she’s being kept on life support as she’s carrying a 30-week old baby, the hospital’s hoping to save. Beck’s brain-dead, she’s just kept alive for the sake of her child.

Aram also reveals that the hospital found ancient clay under her fingernails and he believes he knows the cause.  A museum held an exposition featuring 13-ancient paintings and one got stolen, ironically it was the least valued painting in the collection, a painting on loan from a church in Italy. But Aram’s got some clues as the museum scanned the painting with lasers and found a map hidden within the work. Cooper tells Aram to ask the woman whose the Bureau’s cartography expert to come take a look.

The woman arrives and tells Cooper, Agent Donald Ressler and Aram the lore of the painting. According to legend, the map contains how the plague got contained 700-years earlier, as Priests traveled to the ends of the earth to bury it. When Cooper starts pressing for information about where it could be buried, she informs Harold the whole thing’s a fake and the work’s worthless.

Lizzie heads to Red’s office and the same cartography expert’s there and he introduces her to Keen. The woman tells Raymond that the paintings worth a fortune and that it does show where the plague’s buried, turns out the ends of the world seven centuries ago, now’s known as the United States. Beck arrives at the spot before Keen and Ressler, but walked away empty-handed as the infected priest’s grave moved. There’s a stone plaque giving the new location in ancient Aramaic, which Aram translates. The body’s interred in an ancient church about 30-miles away.

The agents arrive and a priest takes them to the chamber containing the remains but they see that the lock and chain securing the door’s cut, Ressler has the priest take him to the other entrance while Liz goes through the door into the chamber. She encounters Beck in a haz-mat suit, with a bag carrying the infected remains, Keen has her weapon drawn and tells Maddox he’s not leaving the room alive. He counters that she has a choice, let him leave or he’ll expose them both and they’ll both soon be dead. Liz contemplates her choices, when Beck’s accomplice sneaks up behind her and hits her on the top of her head knocking her to the ground and the two escape.

Red’s still working on his own private projects, having little to do with the cases he gives to the Task Force. Through the previous episode, Raymond became consumed with insuring the safety of his former wife, now with that resolved he’s moved on to search for a mysterious girl that he gives little information about. He deals with a man we’ll refer to as “The Tracker,” a tiny misshapen bald little man with coke-bottle glasses. (For fans of “Fringe,” he played the guy who owned the store that Peter Bishop got rare books from.)  The waiting room for “The Tracker’s” clients resemble a huge DMV, with a woman calling out numbers as if she worked in a bakery.

“The Tracker,” tells Red he’s got no new information on MS. Mysterious, mainly because Raymond’s provided him with little information. Reddington starts blasting the little man, but then notices something seems wrong with his old associate and asks what it is. The man responds its his mother, she’s got cancer and they’re running out of options. He mentions a few different procedures they’ve tried, then says the Flack seed diet and Red stops believing him. “The Tracker’s, ” invented fake illnesses for relatives for years and Red knows he’s pulling the same routine and he leaves the office.

Aram and Agent Samar Navabi are alone at the Task Force building when Reddington and Dembe enter the building and Aram tells Red that Liz isn’t there. Raymond tells Aram he came to speak to him, and the two of them and Dembe find a secluded place to talk. Red wants to see if Aram can track the girl and Mojtabai freaks, asking what Raymond did to the guys who couldn’t find her. Reddington gives Aram a sad smile and tells him finding this girl’s an important piece of his war with Berlin.

Keen and Ressler arrive back to headquarters and tell Cooper, Aram and Samar what happened. Navabi light’s into Liz for letting Beck get away with the remains and Lizzie defensively says, he was going to expose both of them. Samar shakes her head and talks about all the deaths that will occur because Keen allowed him to escape. As she stalks off, Aram pulls Keen aside and tells her he’s sure she made the correct decision, as he’s seen her under pressure and she always comes out on top. He then says Red asked him to do one thing and he froze, he soon realizes he should have kept his mouth shut as Liz badgers him for what Red wanted.

Beck and his associate ground up all the remains, turning it into a mist that will spread the plague through the air, he heads to his flock and tells them it’s time for their sacrifice, then picks one girl as patient zero. They infect her with the plague, then set her loose in the middle of the city, coming in contact with 2300 people before she passed. Those people get quarantined but only have hours remaining without an antidote.

Keen shows up at Red’s very upset, as she tells Red the FBI’s not looking for his daughter, who Liz believes is the mysterious girl. Red tells her that jealousy usually leaves him cold, but he finds it endearing in Keen’s case. She laughs at the accusation but Red says she’s just not ready to admit it to herself. Lizzie walks out in a huff.

Beck’s ready to introduce the next phase of his plan, having his entire group infect themselves, then take planes to every corner of the earth, insuring humanity’s destruction. Each of them get a mister with a mask attached and take the deadly disease deep into their lungs. Then go their separate ways to complete their mission.

The teams back together at headquarters, when Aram announces he’s figured out the plan and then describes how Beck’s group plan to take flights to 24 cities around the globe. All of the infected have boarded their planes except for one guy at Dulles. Keen and Navabi run off in tandem to stop the man from boarding his plane. The two agents arrive but can’t locate the suspect, but Amar spots him on the airports security cameras and direct the agents to where he’s standing. Samar locks eyes with the suspect and he breaks into a full run trying to elude her, he trips over some equipment and she tackles him, then the two roll on the ground into a small glass room. They struggle then the guy pulls out a mister and sprays it into Navabi’s mouth, realizing she’s infected she shuts the door, she’s also wounded as the guy shot her in the side. Liz sees her in the room but Samar tells her not to come in, she’s infected. Keen weighs her choices for a moment then enters the room, attempting to staunch Navabi’s bleeding with her jacket.

“The Tracker,” calls Raymond and tells him to get to his office. When Red gets into see him he tells the little man that his vending machine’s still broken. “The Tracker,” tells Reddington he found the girl, he used an application to make the picture resemble what she’d look like today and he found a 97% match. Red looks at the dossier and smiles saying her name, Zoe D’Antonio, then smiles at  “The Tracker.”  The little man looks through the window in his door and asks Red what’s going on, Raymond tells him he got him a new vending machine.

As Red and Dembe climb back into the car, Reddington receives a call from Aram and Raymond tells him the girls been located. Mojtabai congratulates Reddington, but tells him that’s not the reason he called, Liz and Samar got infected and Aram’s coming up short trying to locate where his compound is. He tells Red that Beck’s fallen off the grid and Red tells him that’s where Aram should start and hangs up the phone.

Later Mojtabai, comes into Cooper’s office and tells the chief he’s located Beck’s compound after receiving a tip from Red. He says the group would want a solar-energy powered location, not on the grid and only one property in the area meets those requirements. He gives Cooper the address but tells him not to get surprised if Reddington gets there first.

There are just two people at the compound, Beck and the woman who lied to Carrie-Ann, when Red strolls onto the property saying hello. Beck pulls out a knife and asks Reddington who he is and Raymond pulls out a pistol and tells him he’s the snake in the grass. He then tells Beck how he used to admire him for taking on polluters, but his message got distorted. Just then Dembe shows up with a tray containing vials of the vaccine. Red tells Beck that only two kinds of people would pull the stunt Beck did, saints or megalomaniacs and tells Maddox he’s far from a saint. He knew Beck wouldn’t sacrifice his life so he made a vaccine for himself and the woman. Red and Dembe take all the vaccine and leaves as sirens approach. By the time the authorities arrive the pair died from the plague.

The Blacklist’s a show that uses music quite effectively in all their episodes and the closing montage featured a very touching tune, serenading the scenes we watch as the episode draws to a close, Lizzie and Samar are both in hospital rooms passed out while receiving the antidote. Red sits with Liz, while Aram’s in Samar’s room when she wakes up and grabs his hand. The final shot’s Red on the street outside of a food-truck, selling food to customers on the corner. The young woman known as Zoe D’Antonio walks out of the truck, dumps some garbage and then heads back inside. Red approaches the “Roach-Coach,” as the episode concludes.

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