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The Flash: Wells Makes His Choice

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW
Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Secrets get revealed, partnerships form and a deal’s made with a demon, must be Christmas in Central City! All this and more took place in the final episode in 2015 of The CW hit series “The Flash,” as the show reshuffled the deck before heading on hiatus. Something to keep in mind though as the Scarlet Speedster and Team-Flash take a break for the holidays, it’s a lot easier to break a bond with a man who has no honor. Sometimes deals get made for no other reason than to buy time, as the party that’s coerced into the agreement attempts to think of a way of defeating their new-found ally.

The first image we see is Harrison Wells running from someone down some hallways. He grabs a weapon and attempts to fire it, however he finds himself with his feet dangling in the air as Zoom holds him by the throat. Wells tells the speedster to take his life but allow his daughter Jessie to go free and live. He says she’s innocent and he’ll gladly sacrifice his life to save hers. Zoom stays silent and doesn’t loosen his grip on Harrison’s throat, Wells tells the monster to kill him and finally Zoom speaks and says Merry Christmas.

Joe West and his daughter Iris are getting their final Christmas shopping done and sit down to get a bite to eat. Joe asks Iris what he should get Barry for Christmas and Iris suggests a really nice watch like Joe’s father gave him. Joe smiles and says his father had a message for his son when he gave him the watch, start arriving places on time. West says that when he was a kid he pledged if he ever had a son he’d give him fun gifts. Iris knowing that Joe does have a son that she hasn’t told him about gets a bit emotional.

Barry and Patty are making out at the station and she says they really should be acting more professional in case anyone comes in. Right then Iris comes in and Patty slaps Barry on the shoulder and says she’s got a 4:00 pm to midnight shift and she’ll see him around.

Iris then tells Barry about her brother that she’s kept hidden from Joe since she had contact with her mother earlier in the season. She says that she feels terrible about not telling him sooner and the news will kill him. Barry tells her he’ll handle it well and he’ll help break the news to Joe. Iris hugs him and thanks him then takes off.

Back at STAR Labs Jay Garrick and Caitlin are trying to come up with a way to close all the breaches to Earth-Two except for the one at STAR Labs. Snow tells Jay she truly appreciates him watching out for Barry and Garrick replies he’s not the only one whose welfare he’s concerned with. Cisco trying to rebound from a broken-heart plays the wise-guy and tells Jay to kiss her already then asks Caitlin how’s Wells doing? She says she believes he’s still asleep but as Ramon turns to go find him Harrison’s standing right behind him.

Barry and Iris noticed it started to snow as they finished their conversation earlier, turns out the white-stuff didn’t come from Mother Nature. The Weather Wizard shows up at Iron Heights Prison and breaks out Captain Cold and The Trickster. Leonard Snart, Captain Cold’s real name isn’t a fan of James Jesse/The Trickster and asks Mark Mardon/Weather Wizard why he broke them out. Mardon tells Leonard that they’re going to team-up to kill the Flash and with Weather Wizard’s powers, Captain Cold’s smarts and The Trickster’s flair for the dramatic they’ll be successful.

Joe and Barry meet up at Iron Heights and discuss the escape and West tells Barry this might set Patty off as Mardon killed her father. Patty arrives looking grim-faced and Barry tries to talk to her, but she blows him off saying he has no understanding of the situation. She tells him she cares for him but he’s over his head in this type of situation. Which leads me to my question of the goings on in Central City. In the last few weeks Barry’s told Linda Park and Kendra Saunders he’s the Flash, why hasn’t he told the woman he cares about Patty Spivot about his secret identity?

I’m not much of a “shipper” when it comes to shows and characters that I follow, however Patty Spivot’s pretty much a perfect match for Barry Allen. She’s truly adorable, they share he same interests and she’s crazy about him and her admiration would only increase for him if he told her he’s the Flash. I don’t want to see this relationship get dashed on the rocks because she finds out accidentally. He’s a lot closer with Patty than he was with Joe’s former partner Eddie Thawne and he knew Barry’s the Scarlet Speedster. Let’s get Patty in the loop as soon as possible when the show returns.

West comes home to find Iris and Barry sitting there waiting to talk to him and he knows something big is going down. Barry starts to take the lead but Iris cuts him off feeling it’s her responsibility to inform her father and tells Joe that he has a son and she has a brother named Wally West. Joe smiles saying that’s short for Wallace, which is what they planned to call Iris if she’d been a boy.

Joe’s obviously unsettled by the revelation and tells his daughter he needs time to process things and tells her to give him time to let things set. He then says he needs to get back to the station. Iris asks Barry if she thinks Joe’s going to be alright and Barry says that he’ll be fine. However Barry’s not fine when he discovers Captain Cold sitting in the easy-chair in the living room.

Barry pins Leonard against a wall and asks him if he’s insane coming to Allen’s house? Snart says this is a fine way to treat him when he shows up to give him his Christmas present. He then tells Barry that Weather Wizard and The Trickster are teaming up to defeat him, they asked him to join them but he’s decided against it. However he turns down Barry’s request to team up with him and help the Flash defeat the duo.

We find out Wells confrontation with Zoom actually took place in the opening scene and wasn’t a nightmare or a hallucination. The monster enters STAR Labs through the breach and asks Harrison if he’s made his decision and Wells says he needs more time. Zoom says he needs his decision immediately but Wells stays resolute that he needs more time before he gives the villain an answer. Zoom tells him he has one day then says he’ll say hello to his daughter for him and goes back through the breach.

The Trickster’s commandeered the airwaves and he’s on every TV station in Central City saying it’s going to be a very bloody Christmas. He says his stocking’s going to be filled with Flash parts and then laughs hysterically. As he finishes his address to the city, Caitlin notices an image reflected in Jesse’s iris. Wells recognizes it as a children’s toy he bought his daughter when she was in grade school. Cisco soon finds the distribution warehouse that the toys shipped from and the Flash heads there to try to catch The Trickster.

He arrives and he’s soon joined by Patty Spivot whose obsessed with finding Mardon and making him pay for her father’s death. They both soon realize that it’s a trap and neither of the criminals are there. However a videotape starts playing and an image of Jesse tells them that the dreidels that are heading for them from all sides are made from C-4 explosives. The Flash tells Spivot to wrap her arms around him and he rotates his hands fast enough to create an up-draft that takes them to safety.

Flash tells Spivot to let him handle this situation and for her to back off, he understands that Mardon murdered her father but says she’ll just get hurt. She confesses to Flash that she worked for her father before he got killed, but ditched work that day to hang with her friends. So her father got robbed by Mardon and killed for a few hundred bucks. She said it’s her fault her father died and she’s going to make Mardon pay.

Cisco creates a wand that will draw all the electricity out of the air where Mardon’s at making it impossible for him to access his powers. Cisco tracks down Weather Wizard and The Trickster to Central City Square where the city’s holding the tree lighting ceremony. Flash grabs the wand and speeds down there. Turns out Weather Wizard’s acquired the power of flight but Flash chases him down and zaps him with the wand causing Mardon to fall onto a rooftop.

Flash asks Weather Wizard if he truly thought he could beat him like that and Mardon says of course not, but Central City’s hero will allow Mardon to beat him now. He reveals that The Trickster posed as a department store Santa Claus and handed out 100 bombs to random children from all over the city. Unless Flash submits to Mardon’s beating 100 families will get blown up instantly, Flash agrees not to fight back.

Team-Flash monitoring Barry from STAR Labs hears what’s going on and Wells says if they can find one of the bombs reverse the polarity and send it into the breach all the other bombs will get sucked up with it. Garrick, Ramon and Wells get into a vehicle and find one of the homes with the bombs. Wells straps it to a drone and guides it through the breach and all the other bombs get sucked into the breach as well. Barry’s hanging on when Cisco tells him the bombs are gone he then quickly takes out Mardon and The Trickster.

Spivot shows up and uses Cisco’s invention to stop Meta-Humans the boot to keep Flash on the sidelines, then she grabs her service revolver and stands over Mardon and says this is for her father. Flash tells her if she does this her life’s over and she’ll lose everybody she cares about and she’ll be all alone once again. She decides to cuff Mardon instead and releases Flash and apologizes.

Everybody’s at Joe’s house for a Christmas Eve celebration. Patty arrives and tells Barry she wants to tell him what’s been going on and he says it’s the best Christmas present he could receive. Suddenly the door bell rings and a young man’s standing in the doorway he introduces himself as Wally West, Francine’s son. He says he sees Joe’s got company and says he’ll come back some other time, but Joe insists he come in and join the party.

Wells gets another visit from Zoom in the final scene and the speedster asks Harrison what’s his decision. Wells says he needs to see his daughter first and Zoom quickly gets her and puts her in front of Wells. The two embrace and she begs her father to save him. Zoom then snatches her back and leaves her back in her cage and asks Wells his decision. Wells tells Zoom that he’ll help him steal The Flash’s speed and the screen goes black.

The Story Returns Tuesday January 19, at 8:00 pm on The CW.

The Flash: A 25 Year Old Foe Returns

Courtesy of The CW
Courtesy of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Starting out tonight, we get a closer look at what happened that night 15 years ago. This time in relative slow motion as the details revealed what we already knew. Adult Barry Allen was in fact the one fighting the Reverse Flash. Back from the flashback, Joe and Barry look over what they know about Wells. Which, is not a lot. One thing is clear. If Wells does have a plan, he’s been patient. Barry will have to be just a freakishly patient.

Above a city park, onlookers see packages carried by individual parachutes slowly fall to the ground. Once they do, they explode. Then we see a cam video of complete winner who calls himself the Trickster. Only problem is the real Trickster is currently serving multiple life sentences in Iron Heights.

Flashback. After the fight in Barry’s house seems to end with young Barry safely outside, the camera follows the Reverse Flash. Many blocks away, he begins to lose speed and crashes to the ground. The fight with The Flash completely depleted his speed ability. Wells was then stuck there 15 years ago, forced to get back to present day the old-fashioned way. One day at a time. The Reverse Flash yells out from his knelt position, then removes his mask to reveal a face that looks nothing like Harrison Wells.

Barry and Joe travel to Iron Heights to visit the original Trickster. He’s given the Hannibal Lecter treatment. Isolated, nowhere near genpop. They explain the situation and show him photographs. When asked if he knew the identity of this Trickster copycat, he looks up and says:

Trickster: If I did, I would tell you. So you could find him, cut off his head and throw it right in his face!

The Trickster believes this copycat must have found his ‘lair’, so that’s where Barry and Joe go. Inside they find what looks like a costume shop that has been closed for 20 years. Barry finds a large set of metal double doors. He jars them loose. They’ve been boobie trapped. After Barry removes himself and Joe from the blast radius of the explosion behind the doors, they realize the copycat has taken everything. The room is completely cleaned out.

The primary stolen item is a bomb big enough to completely wipe out Central City. They take this news back to Star Labs. For the second time now, Barry sends a vague cheap shot meant for Wells. Considering Barry’s new suspicion that Wells is up to something. Wells asks for a word in private. Wells tries to suggest that Barry’s new-found attitude must be from seeing his Father in prison, again. Barry plays along until he gets a message to meet Iris, and graciously leaves.

Flashback. An only slightly younger Harrison Wells sits on the beach with Tess Morgan, outlining what he wants to do with his lab designs. She ultimately names is Star Labs. In the far off distance a man watches them. The same man who pulled off the Reverse Flash’ mask after the fight in the Allen residence 15 years ago.

While Iris bothers Barry about the Mason Bridge disappearance, he gets a call from Cisco. The Trickster is broadcasting again. The bomb is between two streets somewhere in Central City. Barry scours that area and finds nothing. Wells believes the threat of the bomb is a decoy to keep he and the authorities busy. Barry ignores Wells and eventually finds the box. Inside, there is nothing.

Your first instinct is usually the correct one. I had a feeling in the first few minutes that the original Trickster may have been in league with this new copycat. Barry calls Joe to give him the head’s up, but it’s too late. They’re watching surveillance footage. The two Tricksters escaped. And it gets worse. They took a hostage. Henry Allen.

At their new lair, we find Henry Allen tied to a chair and the young Trickster just smitten with the presence of the original Trickster. Questions about what happens next leads to the big question of “why choose me” comes up. I’m telegraphing this one on purpose. The old Trickster tells the young one that he had the strength to carry out his legacy. It was in his blood. Then the older Trickster leans in and says exactly what you are praying he won’t.

Mark Hamill’s Trickster: The real reason I tracked you down and groomed you to be the best you could possibly be Axle, I-AM-YOUR-FATHER.

Flashback. Wells and Tess drive home. The strange man lurks behind the trees. Wells drives over a nail strip intended to cause an accident. The vehicle flips repeatedly. Tess is unresponsive. The man walks up slowly. Despite Wells’ cries for help, the man does nothing, except to say, “The woman has been dead for centuries”.

Joe ventures down to the prison portion of Star Labs where Barry sits alone with nothing but his thoughts. Barry can’t fathom leaving the fate of his father in the hands of a man who potentially had something to do with the death of his mother. Joe tries to talk him off the ledge, so to speak.
Iris attends a political event and takes a glass of champagne from one of the waiters. That particular waiter and his colleague are in fact the original Trickster and son Trickster respectively. The ‘trick’ here is that they’ve all ingested a specific poison. Transfer of funds from their bank accounts into the account printed on the underside of the champagne glass and they get the antidote. If they don’t, they will die within the hour. Iris is able to call Joe so that he can hear the Trickster. Cisco triangulates her phone and Barry takes off.

Barry removes the elder Trickster from City Hall and demands to know where Henry Allen is. Not so coincidentally, Iris is within earshot. That might come back later. They attach a bomb like device to Barry’s left wrist. He must maintain 600 mph or like in the movie Speed, the bomb will go off. While running, Wells tells Barry of theory. If we operate under the premise that Wells is the Reverse Flash, this would be speaking from first hand knowledge. If Barry runs fast enough into a wall, he will move through the wall leaving the bomb behind. Which works like a charm. His cells became one with the air, allowing him to not only run through the wall but through an entire gas truck.

Barry races back to City Hall and administers the antidote. Then again, demands to know where Henry Allen is. He runs there, pulls his Dad out bypassing all the little boobie traps. The Flash stands before Henry Allen. A smile creeps in over Henry’s face as Barry removes his mask. Eventually, Henry stands in the control center of Star Labs and is blown away by the science of today.

As Henry leaves with Joe (sans handcuffs), Wells tells Barry that he’s lucky to have such a wonderful man as his father. Barry does a good job selling his response. “I’m lucky to have you too”. Barry turns to walk away and the fury is visible in his face.

Flashback. Wells pulls himself out of the wrecked car. The strange man identifies himself as Eobard Thawne (which makes a little more sense as this guy looks a lot more like Eddie Thawne than Harrison Wells ever could). As it turns out, Harrison Wells was a good guy. Thawne stuck a device in Wells’ chest and the other end into his own. Then transferred Wells’ likeness and dare I say essence into his own body as it destroyed Wells. Wells is Thawne, but not in the way we may have thought. In a much more direct and permanent way.

Joe calls Eddie in late that night. He sits Eddie down and tells him Iris cannot look into the Mason Bridge disappearance. Then The Flash arrives. Then takes off his mask. I know this sounds like a nice moment. The comic book story moment went the hero reveals himself to the right people in order to create his network of good. One major problem. Back before Barry screwed with the space/time continuum, Wells revealed his name (Eobart Thawne) to Cisco. Then suggested that Eddie is a ‘distant relative’. This may have short-term benefits, but long-term chaos.

Eddie informs Iris that Mason ‘moved to Brazil’. When she left for the kitchen, the three men (Joe, Eddie and Barry) speak about what’s next. Then Barry recalls the manner in which Wells spoke about how to run, not fast but the actual nuances of what it would feel like when he becomes one with the air molecules was as if he was speaking from experience.

Barry: I don’t know how, but I think he’s the man in yellow. Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash.