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The Blacklist: A Lifetime Hiding For No Reason
Photo Courtesy of Eric Liebowicz/NBC WARNING SPOILER ALERT: So, have we actually seen the last of Ian Garvey? Although it appeared that the dirty cop’s
the-blacklist-perhaps-you-ve-heard-of-him Njatvs speculation
The Blacklist: Perhaps You’ve Heard Of Him?
Photo Courtesy Of Virginia Sherwood/NBC WARNING SPOILER ALERT: Please consider this your FINAL WARNING: If you have yet to watch Season Five Episode Eighteen
the-blacklist-running-away-is-easy-2 Episode recaps
The Blacklist: Running Away Is Easy
Photo Courtesy Of Virginia Sherwood/NBC WARNING: SPOILER ALERT White supremacists, child brides, a BOLO Alert, Aram and Samar taking a new step in their
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11.22.63: A Man Out Of Time
Photo Courtesy Of Hulu Warning: Spoiler Alert Many pundits have stated over the years that America lost its innocence the day that President John F.
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Gotham: Trusted Friend Turned Deadly Enemy
Photo Courtesy Of Fox Warning: Spoiler Alert Once again the Fox series “Gotham’s” proved that it’s aptly capable of juggling several stories at once during