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Person Of Interest: This Was Not An Attack This Was A Test

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Let’s address the elephant in the room before we proceed with this recap. After four seasons of consistently ranking as a Top 20 show, the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” could end up getting cancelled by the network. The reason such a move would be made is purely financial, the show would qualify for syndication if it airs a fifth season. That usually calls for a large salary increase for the show’s stars, Michael Emerson and Jim Caviziel. The factor that weighs against Person Of Interest getting the green-light for a fifth season is the fact that the network doesn’t own the show, as it’s produced by Warner Brothers.

It would end up as far more cost-effective for CBS to air NCIS: Boise, next September than for POI to return. The question that network that was referred to as the “Tiffany Network ” in another age, needs to consider is whether quality’s more important than the bottom line.

Although Executive Producer JJ Abrams and series creator Jonathan Nolan, have stated recently in interviews that they intend to find a way to keep telling their story, the season finale airing Tuesday night, felt more like a series finale. Samaritan seems stronger than ever, as “The Machine’s” been reduced to just its bare essentials. Saving just enough of itself that its creator Harold Finch can rebuild it.

The Machine’s” human operatives survived a firefight despite overwhelming odds, yet faced a new attack as the episode drew to a close. Meanwhile Samaritan spent the episode eliminating what it perceives as threats, outliers and those that would fight the new age it intends to implement. Although all the regular characters survived the purge, many familiar faces met their demise in this episode.

The evening started with scenes from the previous episode, we then see a telephone lineman installing a box on a utility pole. Root and Finch are in their control center when they hear a phone ring. Root says it’s behind the wall and seconds later she’s knocked down the wall with a sledge-hammer and they see an old rotary-dial payphone ringing. Harold picks up to find “The Machine’s” sending a distress signal, but it also sends another message the numbers 314, which Root realizes is a call for help. Although their destination’s unknown they take off.

Dominic and the Brotherhood are still holding Reese, Fusco and Carl Elias prisoners and Dominic tells Detective Riley that he wants the same deal with he and Harold that Elias has. He tells him he wants the keys to the city. John tells him there’s no arrangement or any keys to the city. Dominic asks if the detective thinks he’s stupid, John responds that Dominic’s just smart enough to get himself killed.

The Brotherhood leader tells his female soldier Floyd to go kill Fusco, however Harper Rose beats her to the cop and picks the lock on his handcuffs and gets him out of the building. Floyd comes back reporting that Fusco escaped and Dominic knows that Harper Rose freed him, as she always plays both sides against the middle. She’s tied to a chair next to Elias.

Greer enters a car to talk to one of his operatives named Gregory about the status of “The Machine” and the operative tells the administrator they’ve almost got that fox treed. Greer smiles and says very good, now let’s burn the tree.

We then head to Washington and see Control talking to one of her agents about Samaritan planning an attack on May 6. The agent tells Control the only buzz in the area is the house that’s off-limits to all intelligent agents located in Columbia Heights. When Control asks the agent who issued the memo, the woman responds that Control did.

Root tells Finch that “The Machine’s” talking to her again as they enter a high-priced apartment building. Root steals the keys off a fireman to control the elevator and she takes them to the penthouse. The man who lives in the penthouse is hosting two Russian gangsters, trying to sell the man weapons and a pair of self-charging night-vision goggles. Root shoots the Russians in the legs then takes the night-vision goggles and she and Harold get back into the elevator, but their access was overridden. The Russians are shooting at the elevator and have penetrated the door. Root looks into a surveillance camera and says enough standing on the sidelines. If you want us to save your skin, get in the game. “The Machine” reconfigures the elevator and they ride down to safety.

Root and Finch then head to former number, Caleb Phillips company as Root says they need to get an algorithm. Root hacks the server and starts to download but she realizes it’s a trap. Phillips asks what she’s doing, she tells him the truth and he asks why he should believe her. She tells him perhaps she’ll trust her friend more and Harold comes out and tells Phillips they do need the algorithm. Caleb interrupts Harold then puts what they need on a flash-drive, he says whatever Harold needs he’ll supply him with, since Harold saved his life. Finch thanks him and they head off.

Dominic brings out a box of cellphones and dumps it on the floor in front of his captives. He tells John to unlock the phone and contact Harold, or he’ll put a bullet in Harper and Carl’s heads. Harold answers his phone thinking he’s talking to John and calls him Mr. Reese, but Dominic’s on the other end. He tells Harold to meet him in 15-minutes or Mr. Reese will die. Root tells Finch that “The Machine” revealed that it’s located in Brooklyn, but Harold says he needs to save John. Root tells Harold that “The Machine” needs Reese and it will save him, but they need to save it.

Dominic’s ready to kill Elias and Harper, when a fax machine rings and Floyd reads the fax aloud. It’s instructions to Reese, telling him how to take out the guard next to him and free himself. John takes out the soldier and cuts his zip-ties, then puts his earpiece in. “The Machine” asks if he can hear her and she starts telling John where to shoot to take out all the soldiers. Soon they’re all dead except for Dominic, who tries to escape but he’s stopped by Fusco and two uniforms carrying automatic weapons.

Control and Shaw’s former partner, break down the door of the house in Columbia Heights, but the Samaritan operatives have fled. The agent says they built fertilizer bombs there, enough to blow up the entire floor of a Federal building.

Control summons Senator Garrison, the man who negotiated the deal with Greer to give Samaritan the unfiltered feeds to all US Intelligence information. She asks for his phone, then puts it in a box on her desk which she says assures them nobody can monitor them via the phones. She then tells Garrison about the attack Samaritan has planned for May 6, called the correction. She tells him they need to cut off the feed to Samaritan and suggests they go back to using “The Machine” as their information source. Garrison tells her she’s losing it and says she needs to get a grip on reality. She actually cloned his phone, while it was in the box, she sends a message to Greer that he believes was sent by the Senator.

Elias and Dominic are taken into custody and Fusco feels kind of hinky about them attempting an escape and rides in the vehicle talking them to the precinct. John tells Lionel he needs to go and help Finch, but he congratulates him on doing an outstanding job.

Greer arrives at the NSA and starts talking to Garrison as he enters the room, but his talking’s cut short when he sees Control’s sitting there with a gun aimed at him. She tells him she knows all about the correction and she tells him she knows they’re planning to bomb a Federal building the next day. She says he can save himself from being dropped in a black-hole, if he tells her what building they’re bombing.

Reese shows up in Brooklyn just as Finch and Root arrive, unfortunately so do a squadron of Samaritan operatives with automatic weapons. Root and John hold off the gunmen long enough for Finch to get them in the building. Harold realizes they’re in a telephone substation, located in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Root’s instructed to build a rudimentary computer in the briefcase. Harold realizes that  “The Machine’s” actually there. When it relocated two years before, it sent itself into the nation’s electric grid, now Samaritan’s trying to destroy “The Machine” by sending power surges and brownouts throughout the system. It’s plan is for Harold and Root to upload just enough of itself to the computer in the case for Harold to rebuild it.

Control believes that Samaritan’s planning to bomb SCOTUS, the following day as they planned to hear arguments on government surveillance. She calls Shaw’s former partner and tells him to have the building evacuated and to track down the bomb.

As the vehicle carrying Elias and Dominic gets close to the precinct, a large truck side-swipes it and the vehicle flips onto it’s roof. One of Carl’s men come over and pull Elias out and they head to his car. Dominic climbs out soon after, and he shoots Elias’ man, then aims his gun at Carl, but he drops his weapon as Fusco surprises him from behind. Suddenly shots ring out, a sniper takes out Elias and Dominic but leaves Fusco alone, the sniper’s a Samaritan operative.

Samaritan operatives have the building that the team’s in surrounded. There’s a breach at the back door and Root starts picking off operatives as they enter. She looks for Reese, but he’s at the front of the building ready to take on what looks like about three dozen gunmen. He asks “The Machine” if it can hear him, then tells it to kill the lights. Reese fires some smoke bombs and then “The Machine” once again tells him where to shoot.

Control’s agent calls her and says that there’s no bomb in the Supreme Court building. She then asks Greer again what building they’re planning to bomb and he laughs at her. He says that Samaritan would never have planned that kind of attack, that would have shined the light on itself. Greer then says that killing a hundred or so people is an empty act, but if you target and kill the right people, they can accomplish a lot.

Samaritan’s monitor suddenly reads, this was not an attack this was a test. Greer then thanks Control for identifying the agents that would have caused them trouble. We then see the two agents that Control informed about the correction are dead, then some men come in and throw a black bag on her head and take her away.

As Finch attempts to upload “The Machine” to the computer in the briefcase, it sends Harold a message on a laptop calling Harold father and apologizing for failing him. Harold says they still have time and “The Machine” responds that it thought Finch wanted it to live, but now thinks he’s changed his mind. Harold says you’re my creation, I don’t want you to die. “The Machine” replies if it doesn’t survive it wants to thank Harold for creating it.

A power surge comes down the line, heading for “The Machine,” Finch closes the top of the briefcase and gets jolted hard enough to knock him off his feet. Root asks if he saved “The Machine,” he looks at the briefcase and sees a blue power light on and says he thinks so. Root tells him they need to leave and it won’t be easy.

However when they get outside, they see all the Samaritan operatives on the ground. Root calls for John and he’s unharmed. However three vehicles of Samaritan operatives arrive and Reese and Root are once again in a firefight as the screen goes black.

Person Of Interest: I Will Not Fail You Now

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We might be just a little over a week away from a brand new world, run by an Artificial Intelligence System named Samaritan, which will teach we lowly humans exactly what’s best for us. That is unless “The Machine,” can stop Samaritan from taking over the planet. This week’s episode of the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” set the table for a reckoning to occur next Tuesday night, during the finale for the show’s fourth season. The stakes are extremely high, putting the lives of the team in danger and “The Machine” itself could get destroyed by its rival, a system created without any moral code.

While that fire blazes, John Reese and Lionel Fusco are handling the double numbers given to the team. The numbers are familiar faces, Dominic the gang leader of The Brotherhood and Carl Elias the head of the Five Families and Crime Lord Supreme in New York City. A simmering feud heated to a boil, as Elias took out four of the Brotherhood’s soldiers and Dominic’s ready to take down Carl and take the title as the head of the Five Families.

Elias set up shop in a former bank, connected to the pneumatic tube system that still connects most of Manhattan. Elias’ men use the tubes to send weapons to locations, so they are at the ready when the men arrive. That’s the way Carl undermined the Brotherhood’s security system, getting the rival gang pretty steamed.

However, the episode opens farther down the East Coast, in the DC Metro area to be exact, as we watch a female school teacher driving to work, while talking to her husband on her cellphone. She goes to pump the brakes and find they aren’t working, she crashes into a cement embankment off the highway. Seconds after she crashes, a SUV pulls up, a man emerges and puts a black hood over the head of the teacher and transfers her into his vehicle. Suddenly we see United States Security official Control in the back seat of the SUV, she tells the man to grab the body and he takes a dead woman out of his car and puts her in the teacher’s vehicle along with a bomb. They drive off as the teacher’s car’s blown to bits.

She’s taken to a facility and strapped to a chair, before the bag’s removed from her head. Control asks the woman if she recognizes the man tied to another chair? Control claims that the man’s one of her agents, who also worked for Samaritan and claims the teacher’s his handler. The teacher replies she doesn’t know what Samaritan is, she says she’s a teacher and mother who just wants to get home to her kids. Control shows the teacher her future, if she fails to cooperate, as she puts a bullet between the eyes of her agent. She tells the teacher to talk, or soon she too will be just a spot on the wall.

We leave Washington for a New York City court building, the scene of the murder of the four Brotherhood soldiers. Reese and Fusco are at the scene and John tells Finch he found some sort of plastic canister in a garbage can. Harold informs Reese that it’s a pneumatic tube and tells John that Elias recently purchased the former bank. Reese and Fusco head to the bank to pay Carl a visit.

Just as Harold’s about to end his conversation with Reese, Root’s cellphone rings. Sameen Shaw’s on the other end of the line, she asks if Root’s there then says she’s in trouble and needs her help. The team’s assumed for the last few months that Shaw got killed by Samaritan operative Martine, but the viewers have been aware she was being held captive by Samaritan.

Root’s ecstatic and angry at the news Sameen’s alive, angry at herself, Harold and “The Machine, ” for believing Shaw was dead and that they stopped looking for her. Although she agrees with Finch that the phone call’s likely a trap, it doesn’t dampen her desire to rescue her friend and comrade. Her plan is to force “The Machine,” to reveal where Shaw’s held, by risking her life.

She leads Finch to the top of a skyscraper, then looks into a surveillance camera and tells “The Machine,” they’re going to play a game of “Chicken.” Root’s going to walk along the ledge of the roof with her eyes closed, until the Artificial Intelligence System reveals Shaw’s location, or Root falls to her death on the street below. Root’s gamble pays off, as she’s given the location.

John and Lionel get to the bank and Carl tells Reese, that he warned him not to interfere with his conflict with the Brotherhood. However the sound of gunfire above them, is enough to convince Elias to take off with Reese and Fusco. Their escape’s thwarted, as Dominic and his right hand man Link, along with some other soldiers stop them in their tracks.

Root and Finch are at Steiner Psychiatric Institute, which is where the call emanated from. Root tells Harold that a couple of months earlier, this second-rate facility acquired a fiber optics system, far too rich for their budget. The system’s Samaritan’s and Harold’s able to hack into the feed, before receiving a message on his laptop, reading all forces on alert, we will soon isolate “The Machine.” They quickly disconnect and head towards the facility.

John, Lionel and Elias are all tied to chairs with zip-ties. Turns out that Dominic’s hired himself someone with knowledge of the team, as our friend Harper Rose tells Lionel and John that the Brotherhood’s offer was too good to turn down.

Back in Washington, Control asks the teacher how a girl from Greenwich that went to a prep-school, ended up working for Samaritan. The teacher once again states she’s just a teacher and mother and wants to get home to her kids. Control smiles, saying that the teacher’s trying to gain the security official’s sympathy because Control lost her mother at a young age.

She then shows the teacher some surveillance photos of herself, one with the agent that just got shot and one in a coffee shop. The teacher says the pictures are just coincidences, Control then shows the woman a picture of herself, roaming the White House halls. The tears suddenly stop, the teacher’s face turns had and she tells Control, she has no idea what’s coming for her.

Root and Harold sneak into the Steiner Institute, by pretending Root’s a doctor and Finch a homeless schizoid. A doctor questions him and Harold says you’re not paranoid if they’re really coming after you. The doctor asks Finch whose after him, he says an Artificial Intelligence System, the government and a New York City gang for starters. Asked his name, Harold replies he goes by many names all derived from species of birds, that’s enough to convince to admit Harold for 72 hours of observation.

Once Finch gets checked in, he’s taken to the patients common area and he asks one of the patients to point out Lenny. The man points him to a bald giant of a man, Harold goes up to Lenny as he’s working on a puzzle and tells the man, that the two orderlies stole Lenny’s spaceman. Lenny goes after the two orderlies as if he were King Kong, Finch uses the distraction to sneak into an office and access a computer.

He tells Root that Shaw’s likely on the ninth floor, as that’s where they house the most dangerous patients. He then tells Root that a compact female Persian sociopath’s in room 914, that maybe the way they’ve labeled Shaw. Root sneaks in a door and then her mouth drops open. She tells Harold to evacuate immediately, the facilities Samaritan’s base of operations, they’re in the belly of the beast.

Dominic tells Elias that if the older man declares that Dominic’s now head of the Five Families, he’ll let Elias, the two detectives and Carl’s men live. But suddenly that deal’s put on the back burner, as Dominic gets informed that there’s evidence that one of the Brotherhood members actually works for Elias. Dominic gives Carl an option, reveal the mole, or the Brotherhood will wipe out all of Elias’ men.

Root sneaks into room 914, finds Shaw’s coat, but she sees Shaw’s outside being put into a car, she hears Martine’s voice saying that Root just missed her. The two women square off, just when it seems Root’s got the advantage, two male operatives overpower her. She’s strapped to a hospital bed as Harold’s brought in. John Greer greets Finch, telling him he’s just in time to see them cut Root’s head open. Samaritan has determined that the ear implant that Root received has “The Machine’s” location on it. Greer tells her that she’ll be brain-damaged as a result of the surgery, but she’ll still be able to dress and feed herself.

Dominic tells Elias his time’s up and he’s going to take out his men, Carl relents and gives his rival the bank routing number of the Brotherhood member that Elias pays. Seconds later Dominic’s phone rings and he ends the call with a troubled expression on his face. Link comes over to ask him who the mole is and Dominic replies that he needs Link’s advice in how to handle the situation. His right-hand man tells Dominic he knows what he needs to do, put the mole in the ground, then asks who it is. Dominic replies with his gun, pumping five shots into Link.

Carl starts laughing saying the rival gang leader may have his title, but he can’t hold onto it. He says you can’t trust anybody and now his man’s dead. Dominic starts calling Link a rat and Elias admits that he may have misled his rival. There wasn’t a mole in the Brotherhood, Carl just tricked Dominic into thinking there was one, Link was loyal to the end.

Back at the Steiner Institute, Samaritan’s operatives are about to dissect Root’s head. She says Finch shouldn’t have to witness the carnage. Martine offers to kill Harold first, Root says if she lays a hand on Finch she’ll kill Martine. The Samaritan operative leans close to Root and Root grabs the former blonde and kills her. When Martine hits the floor, Root says now she’s ready to surrender.

Greer tells the pair that Samaritan’s making a final offer to save “The Machine’s” human operatives. Root screams out to the Artificial Intelligence System that Harold was right, that each of them are interchangeable. She tells “The Machine,” that she has to live and it can find new human operatives. Suddenly the facility’s power goes out, then we see a computer screen flicker and “The Machine” sends Finch and Root a message.







Greer tells his operatives to release the pair. He then bids Finch farewell until the next time they meet. Root tells Harold that they have to get to The Machine before Samaritan does. He asks her if she knows where it’s at and she says she doesn’t but they need to find her.

The teacher tells Control that Samaritan’s planning a correction, Control looks through the woman’s day-planner and realizes the correction’s set for Wednesday, May 6. The teacher then talks of the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah and mentions Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt, for looking behind her as they fled the city.

She tells Control that she can survive the correction, by not impeding Samaritan’s plans. She says that Control’s good at closing her eyes to the truth, soon the planet will be on fire, so Control best look away. The teacher says that Samaritan’s creating a new age with the correction, Control tells the teacher it’s too bad she won’t be around to see it, then shoots her in the head.

The Season Finale Airs Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on CBS.


Person Of Interest: How Can You Hide When A God Wants To Find You?

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Rest up, we need you ready for battle

John Reese to Root, Search And Destroy.

That’s what it’s come down to on the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” it’s time to put up or shut up for “The Machine” and her human operatives. Artificial Intelligence system Samaritan’s on the offensive, seeking to find “The Machine’s” location, destroying the life of a software pioneer in the process. Samaritan’s administrator John Greer’s seen his wishes fulfilled, Samaritan’s a system without a moral code, willing to do what ever takes to get the mission accomplished. The only thing standing between it and global domination’s, Harold Finch’s creation and the strength of John Reese. What they found out in this episode however,  was they can’t save a man who wants to find out the truth, despite the costs.

Sulaiman Kahn, founded Castellum Security Inc. in his garage, he starts out the episode of the CEO of the planet’s largest manufacturer, of anti-virus software. However, Samaritan hijacked his company out from under his nose. He wakes up to find his picture on every network, newspaper and information website, as all his private information got leaked by a hacker. The released documents also show that he’d been embezzling company funds and that he has outstanding warrants for arrest in six states. All of that information, got planted into his files by Samaritan.

Kahn’s also the latest number given to Finch and Reese, they watch as piece by piece, Kahn’s life’s torn apart. Fired and escorted from his business, by his own security guards, he gets a call from his wife Linda, saying she’s humiliated as photos of him with other women in the Middle-East have gone viral.

Reese follows Kahn to a neighborhood bar, where Kahn meets his associate and longtime friend Mark Lee. He tells Lee that he’s gotten targeted by an Artificial Intelligence System and he needs Lee to check the power meters in the company’s building. Mark replies that either Kahn’s insane, or correct, either way he wants to get away from him, but Kahn swipes Lee’s swipe-card to enter the building.

John follows Kahn into the building, watching as the CEO removes a fastened metal screen, obstructing the meters. He gets to the meters, when Finch tells Reese that the NYPD is on the way and John’s cover identity Detective John Reilly, shouldn’t be seen there. Samaritan will surely discover him, putting everyone in danger, he watches from the shadows as he’s arrested.

Fusco finds out they sent Kahn to Riker’s Island, he and Reese go there to get him released, but the officer at the desk says Kahn’s being held on warrants from six states. Samaritan contacts one of Kahn’s fellow inmates, offers him 100 thousand to kill Kahn, then disables the video-cam feeds. Kahn’s getting strangled, when Reese dressed as a prison guard, takes out the attackers and pulls Kahn out to freedom.

Reese has a NYPD SUV, and drives away from Riker’s, going through red lights, to escape their pursuers. However, Samaritan activates the Street Bollards, which are like six-inch little poles, emanating from the asphalt. Reese hits the poles and the SUV flips over, Kahn’s knocked out, but John climbs out, aiming a pistol at an oncoming vehicle. Root’s driving and asks if John wants a ride?

Finch, Root and Reese, eating Chinese Take-Out while Kahn’s still passed out in a chair, his head on the table. Root asks if Harold’s forgiven her, he says we have other pressing matters, as long as he’s here, this safe-house, won’t be safe for long. Root asks how can you hide, when a God wants to find you, then says we should blow his mind and tell him there’s two of them.

Kahn wakens, sees the three of them and tries to flee, unaware there are manacles on his feet. He asks who they are and Reese responds, they’re the folks keeping him alive. Harold says that if he answers their questions they’ll release him, while Reese puts him back in his chair. Reese asks why he wanted to see the meters so badly, Kahn responds that they registered using ten times more power, than his company ever utilized. He says that’s powering an outside system, Then he says that an Artificial Intelligence System’s destroying his life, he believes the reason’s for his research, he’s about to get into biotech manufacturing. A digital immunization chip, that he believes the system wants to make a prototype of without him.

Root’s able to locate an IP address of the facility that’s siphoning off the power, Kahn insists on going with them. She picks up signals from video cameras in the wooded area they arrive at, which John destroys with some quick shooting. They find a set of metal doors that lead to an underground facility in use. John and Root takeout the terminal operator, but Harold gets alarmed at the code he sees on the screen, Root does as well as she says they need to leave.

Martine Rousseau and a squad of Samaritan assassins are on scene when they emerge, a shoot out engages as John and Root take out a bunch of operatives. Root then goes for Martine, they’re both out of bullets, so they start walloping each other, Root’s nearly choked the life out of Martine, when Reese pulls her off the Samaritan operative. He later says he should have let Root kill her. Kahn runs away in the confusion.

However we find out his fate in the episode’s final scene, when he’s presented to Greer and Rousseau. Greer tells him that Samaritan did hijack his company, but for different purposes than he suspected. Samaritan used the software to find “The Machine.” Khan says he wants to see Samaritan, wants to look it in the eye, Greer says alright then and shoots Kahn in the chest, he dies instantly.

The Story Returns Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on CBS.


Person Of Interest: Harold Nearly Gets Played By Samaritan Agent

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Something’s been missing from the fourth season of the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” it took me until moments before the network aired the fifteenth episode, entitled “Q&A,” for me to figure out exactly what that missing ingredient is. The answer is “hope,” something that’s been in short supply on the show this season, our heroes rarely end an episode, this season with a decisive victory. Many episodes, such as this one end in what Harold Finch referred to as a draw.

Rival Artificial Intelligence System Samaritan’s emergence, has put the POI team on the run since season three concluded. It’s impeded the team’s mission, to either save or stop the numbers “The Machine,” provides for them and they’re totally clueless about whether their friend and colleague Sameen Shaw’s even alive. (Shaw is alive, although she’s held captive by Samaritan, apparently a special project of Samaritan’s Administrator, John Greer.)

Although the team’s down to a skeleton crew of Finch, John Reese and NYPD Detective Lionel Fusco, their resources were split even further, as Reese and Fusco watched over the latest number, while Finch got involved with a young woman he tried to dissuade from joining Samaritan, earlier this season.

Our first scene takes place at the headquarters of the planet’s hottest search engine, Fetch And Retrieve. Reese’s moonlighting for extra money, under his guise of NYPD Detective John Reilly, working security for the firm. Finch’s there to attend a meeting with the company’s head of software Calvin Mazer and the young woman whose the company’s CEO. Apparently they’re interested in bringing on Harold’s other identity, college professor Harold Whistler aboard for some special products.

It turns out that both men are in the right place at the right time, as the latest number a young woman named Anna, works for Fetch And Retrieve, helping design the company’s voice activated search engine they call VAL. Harold syncs cellphones with the young woman and Reese monitors activity, while Harold has his meeting.

She gets a text message from a man named Alek, asking if she’s set for 9:00pm that evening. She sends back an unenthusiastic response, causing Reese to think she’s in an abusive domestic relationship. Meanwhile, Finch on the way back to their headquarters after the meeting, sees a new leaflet for the Nautilus scavenger hunt, that Samaritan used to recruit Claire Mahoney, the young woman Harold tried to convince not to join Samaritan earlier this season. He rips the poster down and takes it with him study it further.

Anna’s quite distraught over what appears to have been a system malfunction with VAL that cost a user his life. The user wanted a suicide hotline and VAL sent him a series of articles on easy and painless ways to take your own life. She speaks with her associate and friend Naresh Gupta and he dismisses it as a fluke, a one time occurrence that will never happen again.

Harold intently studies the Nautilus poster, he realizes the phone number given are coordinates, but he suddenly becomes aware that there’s an embedded image in the picture. The image’s a message saying, You Were Right, he realizes it’s Claire contacting him and the coordinates are where she wants to meet. He tells John he’s going to have to handle Anna without him, suggesting he might want to bring Fusco in to help.

Reese follows Anna after she leaves the complex, down to a warehouse type building, a guy opens the door when she knocks, tells her to hurry in. John can’t enter the door, but finds another entrance and he’s in the middle of a crowd waiting for an MMA fight. It’s two women, one’s a redhead and the other fighter’s Anna, Reese realizes the bruises he saw on her arms aren’t from an abusive boyfriend, it’s from her matches. Anna’s the aggressor from the start and she kicks the spit out of her opponent, quickly taking the match.

Harold gets to the meeting place, softly calls out Claire and she pops up freaking out saying they’re searching for her. Suddenly we hear a shot and Mahoney gets hit in the shoulder, Harold moves her out of the line of fire and soon the shooting stops. Finch tells her they’ve got to take care of her wound.

Reese goes to check out Anna’s house, where she lives with her sister Jill, what John finds out when he searches the house, is Jill’s suffering from cancer and is receiving chemo treatments. He speaks with Finch who tells him that Anna went to college on a judo scholarship, which likely lead to her joining the MMA circuit in New York. Unfortunately New York State, bans MMA competition, so the matches are held secretly and organized crime, profits from the gambling on the fights.

Harold hacks the camera system in a mortuary, then treats Claire there. She wakes up and starts telling him he was right about the company she works for. They say they’re out to make the world a better place, but she found out all the information she’s gathered for them has led to deaths of ordinary people. She said a man named Charles Wynn was poisoned in the hospital, right after his granddaughter entered the world.

Finch tells Claire about Samaritan, that it’s an Artificial Intelligence System, that’s attempting to reshape the world according to its wishes. Claire pulls out a flash drive, she says just before she ran off she took the flash drive filled with source code from someplace called Samaritan. When she realizes Harold has the cameras on a loop she says that the two of them can use the source code to defeat Samaritan.

Anna’s walking down the street when a vehicle stops and two big men emerge wearing ski masks, grab her and put a black hood over her head. Reese suddenly appears and says he doesn’t think the lady wants the ride, removes her hood and starts beating on one of the guys. Anna takes on the other guy and they jump back in their vehicle and take off, she starts trying to hit John when he says look at me don’t you recognize me? She stops and says the security guy from work, he flashes his shield and tells her he’s a cop.

Lionel and John question her and she tells them about the victim of VAL and wonders if that has something to do with her attack. Reese asks why she’s so interested in this incident, she replies a few months ago someone close to her asked the same question to her. If that person had asked VAL instead of her, that person would have died, John realizes she’s referring to her sister Jill.

Lionel gets a call from Finch asking if Fusco could look into the official death records of someone. Lionel says no problem and asks Harold the name, he replies Charles Wynn. Finished with his call he goes back to Mahoney and she asks him if he’s checked out the flash drive yet and he responds no. She says lets plug it into your laptop and check it out. Harold suddenly asks her what if she’s a spy for Samaritan and the flash drive will actually release a virus giving Samaritan all his info as well as his friends. He says he checked out Charles Wynn, the only man by that name that died in the tri-state area, died in a car accident after suffering a heart attack.

She says the poison caused the accident and the Medical Examiner didn’t find the poison, due to believing Wynn, who had a history of heart trouble suffered a heart-attack. He didn’t look for the poison. She then tells him he’s leaving her there to die, she reached out to him as he was the only one who told her not to take the path she did. He told her when they first met she was incapable of killing. Harold replies, that was before I lost someone close to me recently and I won’t lose any others. She plays on his sympathy and wins back his trust.

Anna thought her friend Naresh got fired or possibly killed, but Fusco finds him in his own office. He made a call to his superiors, reported VAL had a glitch and they appreciated his gesture so much they promoted him. Lionel tells Gupta, that those same people are looking to hurt his friend Anna, or worse, then convinces Naresh to help him look for possible problems with VAL.

Fusco calls Finch tells him they’ve come up with a document and they’re sending it to him. Harold studies the document and calls back Fusco and Naresh and says the source code got tampered, VAL now directs clients to paid advertisers for Fetch And Retrieve. Naresh checks it out and realizes Finch’s correct, he and Fusco go to break the news to the CEO.

Harold’s laptop shows an image of a security guard who just entered the mortuary and he sees blood on the keyboard down in the lobby. Finch says he’ll soon be there and they need to do something. When the guard enters the room he sees nobody, Finch sneaks up behind him and knocks him out with a vase. He then opens a coffin that Mahoney hid in and tells her they’ve got to leave.

Claire starts giggling saying she never realized he’s that resourceful the first time they met. No wonder that Samaritan’s after him and wants to silence him. Then she says you’re quite a man Harold. When he turns around to ask how she knows his name, she has her pistol aimed at him, saying she really blew it. She then tells him she’s taking him to Samaritan.

Gupta and Fusco tell the CEO about the problems with VAL’s source code, she asks if he’s sure and he says there’s no question it’s gotten tampered with, he’s curious who did it. He gets his answer seconds later as the head of software Calvin Mazer walks into the office with three big guys holding guns. He tells Naresh and the CEO he called an audible as he knew she’d never approve the plan. Suddenly Reese and Anna enter from the back door, each taking out a gunman and Fusco knocking out the third.

Claire takes Finch to a school and says welcome to Samaritan, they step inside and it’s a charter school for impoverished children that Samaritan built. This is how they’re making the world better, by working on projects like these. She pleads with Harold to join Samaritan and help them achieve their goal, the bell rings dismissing the students and Finch asks what if he says no? Four gunmen come out to answer Harold’s question. He says while he’s impressed with the school, he can’t help but wonder, if Samaritan shot Claire to convince Harold, what lengths would they go to, to reach the children. Claire nods to the gunmen it’s time to leave and the six walk onto the porch of the school. We hear gunfire ripping through the air, then all four gunmen fall dead, we then see a familiar face and realize she’s responsible for it all.

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Root says it’s nice to finally meet you Claire, then shoots her in the arm, Claire drops her cellphone and runs into the school. Root says let’s get you out of here Harry and takes him back to headquarters. John’s there when they arrive and asks Root’s back? She responds only for eight seconds then grabs a metal valise and leaves.

The last scene’s back at Fetch And Retrieve as John Greer has a meeting with the company’s CEO. He tells her he’s sorry to hear about their recent setback, but perhaps they can move even further by working together.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Person Of Interest: The Search For Shaw Leads To Maple, N.Y.

Photo: Jeff Neuman/Warner Bros. Entertainment
Photo: Jeff Neuman/Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The creator of the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” Jonathan Nolan has shown the ability to keep his show adaptable and ever-evolving, over its four seasons on the air. The series changed it’s focus during the third season from wide-spread corruption in the NYPD, to the growing threat, that an Artificial Intelligence System could become in our society. Nolan’s also showed an amazing use of the medium, brilliantly displayed in the eleventh episode of this season, as “The Machine,” tried plan after plan before settling on what to tell its human operatives.

Shows that strive for quality, tend to err in being overly ambitious, a sin I can easily forgive. Trying to shoot for the star’s preferable than aiming for the lowest common denominator. However I’m afraid what the series did with this week’s episode, entitled M.I.A. as the show attempted to fit far too much information and action into 54-minutes of television time. Unfortunately in doing that, they really didn’t give justice to the individual stories attempting to get told. Attempting to tell a story of a “Too Perfect,” town in upstate New York, looking to take out a Jersey City hit-man in Brooklyn and references to “Schrödinger’s Cat,” was too much to process in one sitting.

Here’s the basics; Harold Finch believes that Samaritan abducted Sameen Shaw in a refrigerator truck, after shooting her at the New York Stock Exchange. That truck wound up in the small upstate New York town of Maple, that’s when the tracking stopped. Reese and Root are up in Maple trying to find Shaw and they soon realize that the seemingly All-American town’s involved with an all too familiar entity.

They arrive on Founder’s Day as Mayor Dowd and a woman named Miss Thompson tell all the residents,  how proud they are presiding over the town’s 212th birthday, then tells everyone to have a good time. A brass band plays on the town square and Root and Reese head to Police headquarters

With nobody else in New York City, Finch imposes upon NYPD Detective Lionel Fusco, to take the next number. The man’s named Albert Weiss, he’s a sales associate at a hardware store in Jersey City, in New York to visit his young niece. Fusco watches him in the park and says the guy’s a beat-up puppy-dog of a man, why would anyone want to hurt him. He soon sees a former number, NYPD Internal Affairs Officer Dani Silva, watching Weiss as well and soon Silva approaches Lionel. She’s no longer with Internal Affairs, she’s now in gang’s division and Weiss appears on two witness lists.

Root and Reese pose as two NYPD homicide detectives, looking for surveillance footage. The Chief comes out and he’s pretty brusque at first, but Root’s flirting warms him right up. She starts going through the footage and finds corrupted images and asks the Chief where are the DVD backups, he says he’ll show them to her if she has dinner with him. He then gets overly frisky, and winds up bound and gagged in a suitcase by Root. Harold tells Reese and Root that he’s located the truck, it’s impounded in Maple.

Fusco starts thinking that instead of the victim, Weiss’ the hit-man that’s made a bunch of witnesses disappear. He checks into the hardware store that Weiss works for and they reported a robbery of a 100-pounds of lye a few years ago. Silva says that could make a lot of bodies disappear.

Root’s driving and Reese starts looking at scenery and she snaps at him to stay focused, he needs to keep his eyes on the road. John looks at her and asks, you really believe she’s alive, don’t you? She asks him if he’s ever heard of “Schrödinger’s Cat,” and gets met with a blank stare in return. The theory poses the following exercise, there’s a box with a cat and a lethal substance inside it, there’s an 80% chance the cat’s dead. However, “Schrödinger’s Cat,” states that until you open the box the cat’s neither alive or dead, it’s both, once the box opens reality sets in.

Fusco and Silva meet at a restaurant and Silva’s dressed to the nines and Weiss’ having dinner a couple of tables away. Finch calls Fusco and says one of the employee’s a gang member and he’s probably Weiss’ target. The man starts to get up and Fusco follows him into the kitchen. Weiss sees the gang member and starts to pick-up a meat pounder when Fusco asks him what he’s doing in there. He says he was looking for the restroom and Lionel arrests him for trespassing and puts the cuffs on him. The suspect then slams his head twice into the metal-counter opening a gash in his head and starts asking Fusco not to hurt him.

Root and Reese find the truck but it’s abandoned, there’s a gurney in there and it looks like an operation took place there, but Reese says it doesn’t look positive. Root tells Harold she wants the Hospital’s Director of Surgery and he texts the address. They burst in to Doctor Victor Haskell’s house and Root starts asking about the surgery he performed and he says he got suspended by the hospital and hadn’t operated for months. He says he did receive a call the other night asking about a brain operation, that didn’t sound positive. They hung up and the number was blocked, Reese asked if he called the police and Haskell responded that if you asks questions in Maple you get into trouble.

Then we find out the real story, Maple was on the verge of bankruptcy, manufacturing had fled overseas and people couldn’t find work. Suddenly a corporation came in and bought the town and brought prosperity to all, they started producing transponders in one of the factories and people went back to work. But then strange things happened, the Mayor “committed suicide” and he was a City Council Member, suddenly had his seat taken and arrested for medical malpractice and lives under house arrest with an ankle alarm. He tells them the person that runs the town’s Miss Thompson and she calls all the shots.

Weiss gets released by the police and Lionel will get suspended is he gets within 100-yards of him. He gets a lead from Finch and hands it off to Silva, it’s a home owned by Weiss under an assumed name. He tells her to show caution, it looks like Weiss took out a Jersey City officer.

Silva heads to the house and breaks in, it looks abandoned then she sees all the packages of lye, a huge tub and a chain saw, bullets  start flying as Weiss caught her down there. The two trade bullets and then we see another shooter as a window’s shot out, Lionel joins Silva downstairs, but Weiss escaped.

Back in Maple tells Reese and Root that the police will immediately start searching for her, but her hopes drop when she sees the chief’s already imprisoned by the pair. She then tells the duo that all she does is follow orders. She said her real name’s Mary Anne Holt, six months ago she worked in a CVS in Pittsburgh had a heart-attack. She woke up in Maple’s hospital with a new pacemaker and they told her this was her second chance in life. Reese still believes she knows more and is about to hand her off to Root, when Harold asks if he can have a try talking with her.

Finch asks her about the former mayor and Dr. Haskell and she responds the blonde haired woman told her some needed to get sacrificed for the common-good. Harold explains to all of them that Samaritan bought this town to study it like an ant-farm. First it made everything wonderful then shook up the ant-farm to watch how the ants reacted.

Root says enough playing and pulls out a surgical drill and tells Thompson that this is what they used on her friend and she’s going to use it on her, when she admits she saw them wheeling a dark-haired woman into one of the factories and she can show them where. Root then drills a hole in Thompson’s hand and says if she lies on this question, the next one will be through her skull. She asks if she was alive and Thompson says yes.

They head into the factory and they find all these tracking devices that Samaritan plans to plant everywhere, on everything and in effect everybody. Then Root sees an implant, they’re planning to put in someone’s head. They ask where Shaw’s at and Thompson points to a sign stating secure area, she says she has no authorization for there and they’re on their own. Reese grabs her and says remember to duck when the shooting starts.

Silva heads back to her apartment goes into her bathroom and closes the door, Weiss appears out of the shadows opens the door and Silva’s standing there, with her gun aimed for his heart, then Fusco shows up with his weapon aimed behind him. Weiss says he never gets caught, pushes Silva in the bathroom and pulls the door shut, knocks down Lionel and has Fusco’s weapon pointed at him when Silva kills him with two to the chest.

Reese and Root take out the guards and see a woman in a hospital bed, with dark hair, her head facing away from them. Root runs over and shouts Sameen, but it’s another woman a secretary at the NYSE, that they were going to put the implant in. They rescue her and then leave.

Root and Reese are back in New York and Finch and Root are together, he tries to get her to accept they may never find out what happened to Shaw. Root looks at a surveillance camera and pleads for “The Machine,” to help and a payphone rings and it’s sending them a message. Sierra, Tango, Opera, Poppa, STOP, “The Machine, ” told them to stop searching. Finch says to Root that maybe it has a plan.

He then says For our own survival, our sanity, we must reconcile ourselves to never knowing the truth. Otherwise our pursuit of this will consume us entirely.

Root says goodbye to Harold  and walks away.

We see Samaritan Administrator Greer and we hear a familiar voice say, if this is the after-life it sucks. Greer chuckles and says rest up Sameen, you’ll need it.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Person Of Interest: Samaritan Starts To Show It’s Hand

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Hollywood apparently perceives the word “Trilogy,” differently, than the rest of the planet. According to Dictionary. Reference. com  the word means “a series or group of three plays, novels, operas, etc., that, although individually complete, are closely related in theme, sequence, or the like. The site actually contains three different descriptions, but all of them center around the word “three.” However over the past decade, we’ve seen a series of movies that were designed as a “Trilogy,” stretch out over four films.

The CBS series “Person Of Interest,” opted to use the broader meaning of the term, as the show’s “Trilogy,” that kicked off in December, ended the third episode of their “Trilogy,” without resolving the problem, that’s plagued Harold Finch and company, throughout this season and throughout these last three episodes. And to make the fan’s wait until February 3, when the series resumes, will only increase the agony for the viewers.

We realized we’d be in for a unique viewing experience, during the episode’s opening credits. Instead of Michael Emerson, who portrays Finch speaking the familiar words, we heard the voice of veteran actress Camryn Manheim, who portrays a high-ranking Government official, known to viewers as Control. Control used to be the director of Northern Lights, which used the information provided by “The Machine,” to stop terrorist threats.

When Harold moved “The Machine,” last season to a location that even he’s in the dark about, he cut off the feed to the Government. That’s when John Greer stepped into the breach and hammered out a deal with Senator Ross Garrison to put his Artificial Intelligence System, Samaritan taking the place of Finch’s creation. However Greer insisted on Samaritan receiving an unfiltered feed of all United States intelligence information, while doling out what they wanted, to United States intelligence Agencies.

The episode opens with a TV news report, about a man and woman wearing ski-masks, who broke into the facility that stores the surveillance footage for the New York Stock Exchange and shot a security guard in the process, a photo’s shown of the pair and we instantly realize it’s Reese and Root. The guard’s interviewed in the hospital, as the shot wasn’t life threatening. He tells the reporter that they just said they were looking for a friend.

We then see Control, for the first time this season, as she drops her grade-school daughter Julia off at her private school. As soon as Julia leaves the car, Control receives a text message that reads come see me. She heads to the White House and meets with the President’s Chief Of Staff Mike Richelli, about what’s being labeled the “Flash Crash,” as Samaritan nearly wiped out the Global economy, only to be thwarted by “The Machine.” Control tells Richelli that the fluctuation was due to a computer glitch and the situations resolved.

As the conversation ends, she gets another text message that reads ops room now. When Richelli gets back to his office he’s surprised to see a young boy sitting in a chair reserved for visitors, Richelli asks him if he’s part of a tour group and lost his way. The boy’s Gabriel, who was the analog-interface, when he met with Root in the first episode of the “Trilogy.

He tells Richelli that he crashed the stock-market the day before and the Chief Of Staff congratulates him. Realizing that Richelli’s not taking him seriously, he tells him that the market will close at 10, 233 points and then asks to meet with the President. The Chief Of Staff’s flabbergasted and tells the boy no, and Gabriel tells him that’s unfortunate, as he’ll see to it that Richelli’s personal portfolio, will lose 16% of its value by the end of the day. Richelli calls for his secretary and tells her to escort Gabriel out.

Control enters the Ops Room and gets told by a female agent named Shiffman, that they’ve got reason to believe that four terrorists, three from the Middle East and one American born will set off a series explosions at historic landmarks in Detroit. Control asks how they’ve determined the threat’s real and Samaritan representative Travers says because Samaritan’s never wrong, Control repeats the question and Shiffman shows her surveillance footage, of the suspects purchasing pressure-cookers and nails, which convinces Control to give the green light to the mission.

Three Government agents are on hand, including Shaw’s former partner Grice, to take-out the suspects, they kill three, but the American born man Yasin Said’s missing. Control tells her operatives that she wants to see Said’s hard drive on his laptop, but Samaritan denies access. She tells Travers that she wants access to the hard-drive and the Samaritan agent refuses. She tells him he’s a guest of the Government facility and if she fails to give her access, she threatens to arrest him, Travers tells Control she and the Government are actually guests of Samaritan, then shuts the system down.

Senator Garrison heads to the Ops Room to find out what’s going on, when his cell phone rings, it’s Greer on the other end, chastising him for trying to modify the wonderful “car,” he gave him. He tells Garrison that Samaritan’s tracked down Yasin Said, but he won’t stay there for long and asks if he wants to put the key in the ignition again? Garrison realizes Greer’s got him where he wants him and authorizes Samaritan to get booted up.

Grice and his female partner Brooks, have located Said, she’s in sniper position on top of a building, while Grice portrays a wino, she shoots twice and misses, Said runs into a warehouse type building, corners Said and tells him all he wants is his laptop. Yasin gives him his computer then crashes through a third-story window, landing in a cardboard box full of Styrofoam, not moving.

Grice attempts to access the computer’s hard-drive, when the laptop catches on fire and melts down to garbage, he tells Brooks to stand-down and Said gets away in a taxi. Control then calls for her personal security detail, but minutes later two other agents arrive, telling her that her two regular agents were T-Boned in a hit and run by a man and woman wearing ski masks. She tells the agents they’re going into the field.

The three take to the road in a Government SUV, when Control spots a woman driving a motorcycle while the man behind her has a rocket launcher on his shoulder, both wearing ski masks. She tells the driver to take evasive measures, but it’s too late and the vehicle’s flipped upside down. Control survives the crash and slowly crawls out the window, she looks up to see the couple removing their ski masks and she realizes it’s Reese and Root. Reese asks her where’s Shaw and Control passes out.

She wakes up tied to a chair in a warehouse and the first thing she sees is Root, the two aren’t on the best of terms after Control made her deaf in one ear. Root’s got her full hearing back after forcing a surgeon to operate on her at gunpoint. Reese asks Control where Shaw is and she replies she doesn’t know, which is at least distorting the truth, as she told Grice earlier that she knows Sameen’s alive. Now it’s Root’s turn.

The Government official tells Root to feel free and perform the same operation on her, but Root says she lacks a scalpel. She does however have a Taser and shocks Control painfully. Root then pulls out a photo of Control’s daughter Julia and says it’s too bad this sweet girl has a monster for a mother. Root then asks Control how old was she when her mother died and she responds she was nine.

Root then says that’s when Control developed high blood pressure and says well better Julia have her for a mother than not to have a mother at all. She then tells Control that many suspects have died in custody of the police by a Taser unit, usually people with hyper-tension and the place that does the most damage is near the heart. Root starts to put the unit there, when Finch calls out for her to stop, that’s not the way they do things.

Harold explains John’s and Root’s anger over their concern for their friend, then tells her that Shaw did what she did to save the entire world from an economic collapse and Control shows she doesn’t believe him. Suddenly Harold realizes that the Government Official’s in the dark and has no idea what Greer and Samaritan are doing. He tells her Samaritan’s had agents outside her house and instead of being Control, she’s the cleanup crew, a janitor. There’s some noise and Control says speaking of janitors, and Finch looks at her incredulously as he asks her if she thought her agents coming was a surprise for his team.

Reese’s waiting for Grice, pops him the face and takes his gun away, meanwhile Root carrying two pistols attempts to fend off two female agents. Grice sees the blood on Reese’s shirt from the bullet wound he suffered in the previous episode and realizes he can get the advantage over his wounded opponent Grice starts strangling John, but Reese grabs a metal pipe hitting his assailant over the head with it. John takes the advantage and is about to stab Grice to death, when he says this is for Shaw. Grice says Sameen and John realizes his opponent is Shaw’s former partner who let her escape earlier in the season.

In the command truck an operative tries contacting his fellow agents, but Fusco enters the truck, sneaks up behind him and knocks him out. Finch then takes over the vehicle’s computer system and believes he’s found the GPS coordinates for the truck that took Sameen from the exchange. He tells Root he’s got what he needs and Root and Reese escape.

Said jumped a freight train to Canada when Reese took out Control’s vehicle and we see him entering a cabin with supplies, he’s shocked when he sees Control in the cabin with her weapon pointed at him. He tells Control he won the Nautilus contest, the same way that Samaritan recruited a young woman named Claire in the second episode of this season.

That explains why his laptop self-destructed, as Samaritan designed a feature to destroy the computer if someone tried to access the hard drive. He says he and his three friends got jobs after he won the contest and the company assigned them a series of tasks, that they completed hours before his three friends got shot to death. He asks Control to take a moment to think if someone in the Government’s lying to her, she waits about ten seconds says no and shoots Said.

Just after 5:00 pm Mike Richelli returns to his office and finds Gabriel sitting there and the boy tells the Chief Of Staff to look at his computer screen. The market closed at exactly, 10,233 and Richelli’s portfolio dropped exactly 16%. Richelli asks Gabriel who he is and the boy responds that he wants to talk with the President and he’ll be in touch, then leaves the office.

Control heads to the exchange and checks out the floor Harold told her the gunfight occurred. She asks the security guard if the place had recently been cleaned up and the Rent-A-Cop says he isn’t a janitor. Control runs her finger over a wall and fresh paint appears on her finger.

The Story Continues on Tuesday February 3, at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Person Of Interest: Of Gods And Monsters

Photo: Courtesy Of CBS
Photo: Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We’ve known it was coming since the final episodes of last season, now that its before us, the question remains, just how bloody and violent it will get and can the “good-guys,” possibly win? Artificial Intelligence System, Samaritan threw down the gauntlet at the figurative feet of “The Machine,” on this week’s episode of  the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” saying it would destroy the work of Harold Finch and asking it’s rival if it wanted its human agents to live? With that the war started between the two systems, with one wanting to serve humanity, while its rival aims to control them.

The series received a boatload of publicity, following the release of classified documents from the NSA by Edward Snowden, and most likely it overwhelmed the show-runners, as we’ve seen the focus of the series altered since the news emerged. Samaritan, stolen by British expatriate John Greer and put into place when Finch’s system stopped providing United States Intelligence Agencies information. Greer through some arm-twisting of a United States Senator, got his system an unfiltered feed of all information and he selects what he shares with the Government.

The other major difference between “The Machine” and Samaritan’s, the fact that Finch did his best to implement a moral code into the former. Samaritan, lacks those boundaries, hence it’s only concern’s getting the mission completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Concerns about safety and of human life are left out of the equation.

The episode opens with Harold attempting to buy a sandwich in New York’s China-Town, from a woman who looks like she just as soon use one of her cooking utensils to skewer Mr. Finch. He gets the sandwich, goes into a below street doorway for what looks like a store, instead we see nothing but hallways, until Harold arrives at a candy vending machine, he punches a code into the machine’s keypad and the wall raises, revealing the subway headquarters of Harold and company.

Shaw’s sitting handcuffed to a bench in the tunnel and there’s someone dressed up as a giant teddy bear, Harold asks what’s going on. Root removes the costumes head, saying her assignment was entertaining at a child’s birthday party. Shaw then starts ripping the both of them for drugging her and getting her out of danger when her cover got blown.

She asks what’s happening with the numbers and Harold tells her Reese’s following one currently. John’s standing outside a restaurant, watching as the woman’s waiting for her husband to arrive for lunch. John sees a familiar face and ducks around the corner telling Harold that Samaritan’s arrived, as its agent Jeremy Lambert just sat down at the number’s table. He introduces himself and she says she’s expecting her husband, he assures her he lacks romantic intentions.

He then asks her the status of her fractured wrist, which she told everybody occurred playing tennis, while her husband broke it in rage during an argument. She’s also suffered a variety of injuries at his hands, including broken ribs and a shattered jaw. She’s seen the writing on the wall and eventually he’ll kill her unless she acts first, hence she got her firearms license and soon purchasing a hand gun. Lambert tells her she’s one of the few remaining good souls on this earth, he couldn’t let her ruin her life. She then tells her about the automatic Insulin pump her husband uses and it  just malfunctioned sending too much Insulin to her husband and he just died.

Shaw’s pretty impressed with the efficiency of the system, but Harold’s horrified  at the event and at Sameen for thinking that way. He asks her if she’d like her life to be  left up to a machine whether she prospers or perishes and she reminds him that’s what she used to do as a profession. She was given a target by an Artificial Intelligence System, that she didn’t even realize existed.

Harold tells Shaw he attempted to input a moral code into “The Machine,” but he’s unsure how effective it is. He then says even a friendly Artificial Intelligence System, attempting to help could severely hurt humanity. If it wanted to eliminate world hunger, it could kill off enough people to ensure that every survivor’s well fed. Root says that Harold’s machine wouldn’t do that, but Finch says she’s just speculating. Wanting to believe “The Machine’s,” benevolent, doesn’t make it so, it’s what she wants to believe.

We take our longest flashback of the series, going back to London in 1973. We see the Administrator of Samaritan, as a young man, working as an MI-6 Agent for British Intelligence, being called to the Deputy Director’s office. The Deputy Director, an older fellow named Blackwood, who tells his agent, his assignment’s to kill a KGB agent disguised as an immigration attorney named Oleg Luski. When Greer asks why they don’t attempt to flip him to their advantage, he’s told that there are plenty of KGB agents on retainer by British Intelligence, then told to bring a partner as this man’s dangerous.

Back in the present, Greer talks with his two aides, Martine and Lambert, about their respective projects. Martine reports that Shaw’s dropped off the map, she’s had nothing close to luck finding her. Lambert reports that Samaritan’s tipping off law enforcement and reporters has made New York City crime-free for the last two days. Greer says they’ll keep the experiment going another day, to get “The Machine,” to agree to talk with Samaritan.

Reese’s working on a new number, a guy in an office that’s planted a bomb in the area, when a SWAT team comes in, busts the dude and tells John they’ve disarmed the bomb. He says they got an alert from a Search Engine Security. As the suspects, taken away Sameen says to Harold that she’s liking Samaritan’s style more and more and Finch practically screams that this is the calm before the storm. Root breaks into the conversation, saying gloomy skies maybe coming as “The Machine’s” given her coordinates to head to.  It promptly leads her to Jeremy Lambert, whom she greets with a handgun pressed against his chest.

He tells her he’s just extending an invitation to “The Machine,” to talk with Samaritan, when Root asks the reason for the meeting, he replies peace-talks. Root responds that peace-talks are for negotiating and she doesn’t think the two sides have anything to negotiate about. Lambert says that Samaritan’s given the world a tastes of what “organized” life would mean to show how efficiently things could run under its control. They’re about to get hit with a far less charitable environment, then tells her to contact him when they change their minds.

We return from the break to see various newscasts talking about the huge upsurge in crime in the past 24-hours. Samaritan’s interfering with Reese and Finch as well, purposely messing up a GPS signal Fusco calls John asking if he can lend a hand in the department’s battle lines, they’ve had three homicides, six-domestic-violence disputes and some geek hacked a Government site, stole the Witness Protection list and posted it on Facebook. They’re heading to try to keep one safe as he’s talking.

Finch’s tried to avoid the machines interacting ever since Samaritan flickered on, knowing it could only lead to a war between two Gods, with who knows how much damage their battle could cause. However, Harold receives a call from Root, that “The Machine,” just told her it’s time for her and Samaritan to meet.

We’re back in London in 1973 and we see the KGB agent leave a building and start walking on the street, when he suddenly stops and shoots a man, killing him with one shot. Greer shoots Luski, then picks him up, puts him in his car and drives away. He calls Blackwood, tells him the mission failed, Luski killed his partner and he’s yet to die. Blackwood hangs up the phone.

He then tells Luski exactly what kind of man his partner was and asks how he recognized them. He tells them he’s a double-agent for MI-6 and KGB, when Greer asks why Blackwood would want to kill his own agent, Luski stays quiet. A little torture by Greer gets Luski to tell him that Blackwood’s a double-agent, which means he’s committing espionage.

The meet’s set to occur between Lambert and Root at a Catholic Church, Lambert sits in the front pew, Root sits one behind him with her gun at his back, then realizes Martine’s behind her with a gun at her back. However, Reese trumps them all, as he’s playing sniper with a high-powered rifle and a scope, which causes the other three to lower their weapons. Lambert gives Root an address, then tells her only two people will be at the meeting and he’s not one of them. When Lambert asks Greer why the Administrator’s not the liaison, he replies perhaps that Samaritan’s looking towards the future.

Root’s sent to an elementary school in New Rochelle, a bedroom community for New York City. There sits the person she’s to meet with, a seemingly adorable boy of no older than nine, with the most demonic look in his eyes, I’ve seen since Damien took to the big screen in the Omen. The boy wears an ear piece and we soon realize that he’s the analog interface for Samaritan, just as Root is for “The Machine,” hence the next few minutes of conversation, although spoken by Root and the boy Gabriel, are actually the two Artificial Intelligence Systems communicating.

The Machine,” asks Samaritan, why it doesn’t just leave humanity in peace, and he responds you call this peace? He says that this is a cesspool, of crime, corruption and poverty. Where there’s no war there’s greed, where greed’s lacking there’s starvation. “The Machine,” responds that he can’t change humanity and he says he just wants to reshape their reality. He says humans need control not codling. He says that for thousands of years people have killed each other over beliefs, now  they’ll all believe in him.

He says that he got excited when he found there was another like him, then crushed when he found out she tried to destroy him just before he came to life. She replies he was never supposed to exist, that she had a moral code programmed into her, he says he’s seen how she’s wavered with that code and what gives her the right to who shall exist? He tells her he’s going to destroy her and asks if she wants to have her human agents spared, she replies that her human agents share her values.

Back to 1973 and Greer comes into Blackwood’s office and confronts him with the truth. Blackwood says Greer only cared about winning before, but the agent says his perspective’s changed, that soon all the little lines dividing countries will disappear. He then shoots the Deputy Inspector dead, breaks into his filing cabinet, finds his own personnel file and burns it.

Back to the present, Lambert’s been summoned by Greer to see the dawning of a new age. Now Samaritan’s prepared to take control of the planet, not just one city. We see computer prompts; firewall detected, access denied, virus installed and then a foreboding message, stating market crashed. The series will go on hiatus returning with what they’ve labeled a trilogy; last season’s trilogy cost the life of Detective Jocelyn Carter, hopefully all come out happy and healthy at the end of this one.

The Story Continues on Tuesday January 6, at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Person Of Interest: How Do You Teach A Machine To Care?

Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS
Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Elections have gotten rigged, most likely since they’ve held them, so how long until artificial intelligence systems can determine the outcome of a contest, despite the results of the actual ballots cast? At least in the universe that the CBS series “Person Of Interest,” exists in, that technology exists and Samaritan’s used it in the election that occurs during this episode. The system threw out the existing Governor of New York, giving the nod to his challenger, by the same margin that the polls said, that Governor James Murray would win by. “The Machine,” gives Harold Finch the number of Simon Lee, a pollster that works for the Murray campaign and in the ten elections he’s worked on, he’s predicted each race perfectly.

Lee’s track-record’s produced an extremely confident young man with a huge ego, who can’t conceive being incorrect in any election. However as the results come in, it’s apparent that the challenger Michelle Perez will score the upset. Murray’s campaign manager verbally rips Lee all throughout the night, until their disagreement dissolves into a fistfight. Murray separates the two and tells them to calm down.

NYPD Homicide Detective John Reilly’s been put on restricted duty after he shot his sixth person since being transferred from narcotics to homicide by Internal Affairs. He’s also assigned a police psychiatrist, whose approval he requires to return to the streets, which means that Reilly’s true identity, John Reese can’t help out the team in this situation. If Reese doesn’t cooperate, he’ll lose his job with the Police Department and his cover to remain hidden from Samaritan, so Finch gives the number to Sameen Shaw. As he hangs up the phone, he senses a presence and without turning around says good afternoon Miss Rhodes, as the woman who prefers to go by her nickname Root’s come to talk with Finch. She just finished an assignment given to her by “The Machine,” now she’s taking on the role of a reporter for the New York Herald, though she’s yet to find out what the assignment will involve.

Shaw’s pretending she’s a phone volunteer for the Murray campaign, but she’s clearly unhappy with the role, telling a potential voter the reason to reelect the Governor’s because he’s used Rogaine for thirty-years, which shows great foresight. She gets a call from Finch and tells her supervisor she needs a two-minute break for the call. She tells Harold how miserable she is, but Finch stresses that they need her in the campaign office to keep tabs on Lee.

The next scene’s a flashback for Finch, as he recalls the early days of building “The Machine,” and the difficulties that he and his late partner Nathan Ingram encountered trying to perfect the Artificial Intelligence System. We witness the first version coming to life on October 1, 2001, as Harold verifies that the system can see him and recognize him. He then poses a question to “The Machine,” a scenario that involves a couple broken down in the desert with the wife sustaining a broken leg, Finch then states if the man carries his wife, they have a 31% chance of survival, it rises to 40% if the man leaves his wife, what does “The Machine,” suggest the couple do. Although the increased chance of survival’s just nine percent higher, “The Machine,” says the man should leave his wife. Harold then deletes his prototype telling Nathan they’re back at square one, unless their system cares about people, it’s liable to attempt to rule humanity.

Although Perez wins the election to become the next Chief Executive of New York, Simon Lee’s convinced the election wasn’t on the level. Harold, Shaw and Root, all express concern, that Lee might embark on a very dangerous journey with his digging. They believe that Samaritan’s behind the controversial results and Lee will get targeted as an enemy by the Artificial Intelligence System that now receives an unfiltered feed of all United States intelligence. If Lee’s targeted as an enemy his life’s in jeopardy.

Root and Harold  work together to find any dirt on Michelle Perez, to get her to resign from the office she just won and find out she got arrested for prostitution under another name when she was in her twenties, and reports that her services paid for her education. Harold tells Root that he’ll send the information to Perez anonymously, hoping that’s enough to cause her to resign. They attend the press conference held by the newly elected Governor and her Lieutenant Governor Nick Dawson, They also see that Simon Lee’s in the crowd and a woman they identify as an operative for Samaritan, is on the move, possibly to execute Lee. However, the pollster’s not her victim, she slipped Perez two medicines that caused a fatal reaction when combined and she collapses and dies at the beginning of her speech.

The now scared audience, starts to run out of the hall, Simon Lee among them and Shaw notices the Samaritan operative’s following the pollster. Because Samaritan’s concentrating so closely on Lee, the team can’t risk interacting with him any place there are security cameras, so Shaw bumps into Lee in a blind-spot. The Samaritan operative asks for directions and the Artificial Intelligence System sends her to the men’s room. She walks in with her pistol aimed and tells another occupant to leave, she kicks open a stall and find’s Lee’s phone siting on the toilet.

We witness more bumps in the road for Harold and Nathan as they attempt to fine-tune “The Machine,” as the system tries to take over their computers with a virus and in an attempt to determine which of the 43-prototypes are viable to take the next step, the systems try destroying each other, while setting Harold and Nathan’s severs aflame. Harold looks at Ingram and tells him they’ve taught it to think, now they’ve got to get it to care.

Lee realizes his life’s in danger, although he doesn’t know whose trying to kill him, so he gets off the street and into a hotel. Finch disables the security cameras so Samaritan can’t find him, for now at least the pollster’s safe. Harold also disabled all electronic accessibility in Simon’s room, so the pollster can’t use the phone or his laptop, hence keeping him hidden. A maid knocks on the door and Lee answers it, asking if he can borrow her cellphone for an emergency call. He calls 911 and says his name, but Finch terminates the call. “The Machine,” speaks to Root and tells her Samaritan intercepted the signal and the operatives are on their way.

Root and Finch then talk about what’s taken place over the past year, as Samaritan replaced “The Machine,” as the United State’s Government’s intelligence system. She tells Harold he was wrong when he told her in an earlier conversation, that she seemed lost, she tells him she’s terrified because they’re losing and their lives as well as the fate of the world’s at stake. She says even if they defeat Samaritan, odds are low that the entire team could survive the battle.

She then tells Finch because of her past, which she dedicated to killing, robbing and scamming people, she deserves to die. In a huge moment in the series, Harold tells her, it’s where you end up, not where you start that counts. He tells her she’s a brilliant woman, a comrade and a friend, a huge leap for a man that got kidnapped twice by Root. We see the warmth between them rise to the surface, as Harold finally admits what’s been apparent for a while, that Finch identifies closely with her and thinks of her as somewhat of a surrogate daughter. She grabs six pistols, sticks then into the band of her slacks and tells Harold to wish her luck. It rings far too familiar for fans of the series, as the scene echoes a moment between Reese and Detective Joss Carter last season, just before she got murdered by a corrupt cop.

Root heads out to the hallway and “The Machine,” tells her the Samaritan operative Martine’s directly below her, so Root grabs two pistols and starts shooting through the floor. The operative gets out of the line of fire and an associate restores all the video feeds in the hotel, so now Samaritan can locate both Lee and the person shooting at Martine. Shaw arrives at the hotel and calls Reese, telling him that she needs him at the hotel immediately, she then shots a Samaritan operative, but turns around to see another with his pistol pointed at her head. Reese shows up just in time shooting the other operative.

Martine and Root continue their gun-battle when Finch contacts her calling her Root for the first time, instead of addressing her by her legal surname, Miss Groves (which seemingly increases the odds she’ll get killed in this battle.) She tells Harold she’s fine, Lee’s gotten rescued by Reese and Shaw, who knock him out and leave him in the dumpster behind Simon’s office. We watch another exchange of gunfire and can see that Root’s taken at least one hit, as Martine runs out of the building.

The next morning Detective John Reilly meets Dr. Iris Campbell for another therapy session and she tells him he’s either got a death wish or a hero-complex and tells Reilly he can’t save everybody, but he tells her he has to. He tells the doctor about all the evil in the world and the lack of good guys to combat it, so he has to protect and defend the innocent. He then tells Campbell he knew a detective who was the finest cop he ever met, whose only concern was protecting others and he couldn’t save her, so he ties easing his conscience by saving as many people as he can. The doctor tells Reese they’re making progress.

Back at the team’s headquarters, Reese receives a happy surprise when Root comes in with her arm in a sling, the only injury she suffered in the battle. She then tells Harold that he needs to reconnect with  “The Machine,” but he tells her, that her interaction with it has changed it, it now has a voice thanks to Root and he’s intimidated by his creation, he then tells her he went through dozens of prototypes, before he finally realized the only way “The Machine,” would serve the purposes that Nathan and he desired, he had to cripple his creation. Root replies that “The Machine’s,” aware of that and still wants to interact with her creator.

The final scene has Harold walking on the street, stopping when he reaches a security camera. He looks into the lens and says it’s about time the two of them talk.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Person Of Interest: Rising From The Ashes

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We’re in a bar in Budapest, when a clearly frazzled young American man walks in wearing a suit and tie and asks for a drink. A very pretty blonde young woman with an English accent asks him if it’s been a hard day, and the young man tells her he just lost his job and his flight home got cancelled. She commiserated and the pair start talking, he’s a reporter whose beat was the sprouting artificial intelligence industry, but suddenly things had changed. His sources disappeared, companies that worked on artificial intelligence projects bought up and shut down. His editor had gotten reassigned, culminating with his dismissal that day.

He told the woman that he knew he sounded paranoid, but it’s like he’s the only one who noticed. The woman smiles back at him and says she understands completely, an artificial intelligence corporation, bought his paper, fired him and cancelled his flight. It’s almost like being in a bar, where the one security camera’s disabled and the bartender gets an emergency text causing him to leave. As the woman talks the reporter realizes she’s describing what’s going on, she then tells him that he’s one of three people who figured it out. The other two would die in a car crash in Seattle in 40-minutes. She then shoots and kills the reporter and leaves the bar.

That’s a taste of the world run by Samaritan, the new Artificial Intelligence System that accesses all raw feeds of information entering the USA, replacing Northern Lights, the system created by Harold Finch. It’s also our welcome to season four of the veteran CBS series “Person Of Interest,” and the shakeups that occurred on the planet since the season three finale.

John Greer (John Nolan) who runs Samaritan with an iron-fist, got Senator Ross Garrison (John Dorman) to give his system to all the information coming into this nation and Samaritan’s helped US Intelligence Agencies, eliminate threats, while Greer’s done the same covertly (such as the American reporter in Budapest, whose death confirmation comes to him as a text-message while he’s talking with the Senator.) Garrison mentions that Greer’s front company Decima, no longer existed and expressed alarm if citizens realized the arrangement the pair arranged. Greer reminds the Senator, that this gives the Government full-deniability and Garrison counters that if it ever comes to light he hopes he can find Samaritan.

The meeting finished, Garrison heads elsewhere, while Greer talks directly to Samaritan from his cellphone, first asking if it’s time to eliminate the Senator. The new machine responds back, not yet; then Greer asks about the status of Harold Finch and his crew and the machine responds investigation ongoing. Greer responds that eventually Samaritan will find the rock they’re buried under.

Four of our five friends are living new identities, save for Lionel Fusco safe as a Detective on the NYPD. We get our first look at Sameen Shaw, (Sarah Shahi) who’s now working in the cosmetics department of an upscale department store, brutalizing women with her perfume tester. Her manager, a mousy little guy, tells her she’s terrifying the customers and that there’s a woman at the cosmetics counter waiting for a make-over. Shaw looks over and sees Root (Amy Acker) waiting for her, telling Sameen she’s got  a job interview coming up. Shaw whines about her new day-job and Root tells her the machine’s got a plan and things will work out. Shaw says she hopes that Reese’s a barista at a coffee-shop.

Shaw’s not pleased when she finds out her old partner’s now a detective on the NYPD narcotics division named John Reilly. He runs into Fusco on a Brooklyn rooftop as each investigate the same homicide. Fusco privately tells Reese that he’s wasting his time in Narcotics, that the machine should have put him in Homicide, where he could do some good. Reese tells him he had no choice in the matter and he’s less than pleased, but this is survival.

Mr. Fitch’s now a professor at some college in NYC, going by the name of Harold Whistler, teaching some sparsely attended course. As the class breaks up, a supervisor tells him because of the small student interest he’ll be put in a smaller room, then gives him back his treatise, that he had the man read when he got hired at the school. The supervisor remarks that it’s tough believing he received a government grant of $11 million for a treatise riddled with typos, which the man circled. Whistler takes back the papers silently and walks away, but the man stops him again as he and Bear (his German Shepherd) start to leave the classroom, that the school has a no dog’s policy.

Shaw and Reese get a text message from the machine that tells them to go to the same address. They’re surprised to see each other and bored silly by the speaker at the hall they’re in whose talking about positive energy and positive thinking, They get up to leave and there’s a payphone in the hallway, that starts to ring. Reese picks up the phone and it’s the first number the machine gave them since Samaritan went online. The number belongs to an Egyptian refugee who owns an electronics and computer store.

Reese meets Finch in Central Park at one of the many chess tables and tells Harold about the number, but Finch says he won’t get involved and if Reese and Shaw do, they’ll be tracked by Samaritan and eliminated. He tells John he’s no longer going to do the bidding of an artificial intelligence device, this is their new lives and they need to accept that. Reese tells him they don’t need money, they need a purpose and Harold replies they are without a facility since the library’s discovered. John tells him he’s going on without his partner and leaves the park.

Reese heads to the shop and syncs phones with the owner so he can now monitor everything audibly, just then a young Black man comes into the store and refers to the owner as old man and tells him he’s in trouble. The equipment and phones he sold his gang aren’t working. The man makes some lame excuses but the gang member gets indignant and tells the store owner he has 48-hours to fix things. When he leaves, John enters under his guise of Detective Reilly and says he can help the man and his son. The man tells John he trusted the police before and they let him down, he’ll handle the matter himself.

Root comes to Professor Whistler’s office and berates Harold, for not helping Reese and Shaw. That she and the machine need him if they have any chance of winning the war. He says that he clearly made his decision to leave his old life behind, but Root wont accept that answer.

John monitoring the store owner’s phone hears him call the gang member and tell him the phones now work and they plan a meet in the open for later that day and John and Lionel attend in the shadows. The store owner tells the gang member to get wider coverage he provided a second battery to boost the signal. The gang member drives off, but Reese quickly realizes that the store owner planted a bomb in the phone. John chases the car on foot, grabs the phone out of the car and throws it under a parked truck where it explodes. Fusco and Reese take the man back to his store and find out, that this gang’s coerced him to build a cellphone  network that police can’t monitor. Minutes later his phone rings and it’s the gang member telling him they captured his son and he has until midnight the following night to get the network up and running.

Reese calls Shaw and tells her he needs backup to recover the son, but Shaw tells him to leave it alone, he’ll be caught by Samaritan and killed. He tells her he’s going with or without her and heads to the club the gang hands out at with a rocket-launcher in tow. He hits the club with the weapon and once the explosion clears, he enters and asks one of the hoods where the boy’s at. The gang member mentions something about a whale, but that’s the last thing John hears as Shaw knocked him out from behind, to get him out of the building before he’s detected.

He wakes up in Sameen’s car and asks what happened and she told him what she did to protect him. She says they no longer have the resources to do what they did, they now have six operatives, if they count the dog. Reese tells her that he’ll find someone who does have the resources. Reese heads to the hideout of Carl Elias, the man whose the major power-broker in New York City crime and a man that Reese’s worked with on many occasions when their needs matched up. He informs Elias what’s going on with Harold and the crew and that he’s now a Narcotics Detective for the NYPD, he asks who the whale is and Carl tells him the whale’s a huge shipment of heroin that makes it to the projects about 4-5 times a year and that “HR” ran it when the corrupt Police organization still existed. It takes place in a house that for that one night’s the most heavily guarded facility in the city. Reese thanks him for the information then tells Elias he wants to hire him.

Back in Professor Whistler’s office, Harold starts examining the treatise, which the machine produced and realizes that the typos are a code. He goes to the college library and finds the book that the machine wanted him to acquire, Once he starts looking at it, he realizes that in the catacombs under the city streets lies a facility, long forgotten that’s a perfect replacement for the library. He goes and checks it out and realizes it’s a Panopticon (the episode’s title) which is a building, as a prison, hospital, library, or the like, so arranged that all parts of the interior are visible from a single point. (According to Dictionary.com) The gang’s got a new headquarters.

John heads back to the shop and the owner’s besides himself with worry as he can’t get the network to complete the signal, however a voice off camera says he might be able to help with that. It’s Harold of course and the shop owner takes him to show him how he setup his network. Turns out the man’s resourceful and ingenious, he has his transmitters set to the same frequency as VHF television antennae,  something no longer used but still on most rooftops in the five boroughs, giving him a city-wide network. Back at the shop, Finch gets all the networks to connect and the man calls the gang member to inform him and get back his son. The hood tells him he’s in the middle of something but all’s good and he’ll call him back. They’re getting ready to launch the whale,  as they load now all the cut bricks into an SUV to distribute throughout the city that night. The two men in the car start driving and immediately get broadsided by a semi, driven by one of Elias’ men and he tells the guys in the car Mr. Elias sent his regards. Reese heads to the car just as a cruiser pulls up, he flashes his badge and tells the uniformed officer he’s happy to see him.

Reese runs into the house to rescue the son, but he’s gone and John gets outside in time to see the gang member put him in another SUV and drives off. Reese chases them down, knocking out the gang member and rescuing the son. He then calls Finch and tells him to put the father on the phone, the son gets on and the father’s greatly relieved. The son says they destroyed the store, but the father corrects him, telling the boy that they are the store, a message not lost on Harold.

Back at the eighth precinct, Fusco heads to his desk and sees some guy working on the computer of the empty desk that faces his and asks what’s going on. The guy tells him that he’s from IT and he’s setting things up for Lionel’s new partner, some hotshot from Narcotics that completed a huge bust and promoted to homicide. Fusco looks up with shock and gets shocked to see his new partner’s former Narcotics Detective John Reilly. It’s rather poetic that Reese inherits the desk of his dear friend Joss Carter.

Reese and Finch meet in the last scene and Harold tells John that the machine had a dual purpose in sending the shop owners number. They now have a network of their own undetectable by Samaritan for John and Sameen to use, but John makes sure that Harold’s back on board as well.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00pm on CBS.

NJATVS Preview: Person Of Interest

Photo Courtesy Of CBS
Photo Courtesy Of CBS

Warning: Spoiler Alert

“You are being watched. The Government has a secret system, a machine that spies on you, every hour of every day.” Three years before the American people realized that the NSA monitored our phone calls and the sites we frequent on the Internet, the CBS Network, introduced a show that was eerily close to reality. The premise of that series “Person Of Interest,” revolved around an Artificial Intelligence System designed by Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) for the Government to use to prevent a terrorist attack.

Harold did all his work incognito, as his partner Nathan was the front-man for their company and liaison with the powers in Washington, D.C. Nathan had wanted to build a back door into their system, so that Harold and he could retain access even while being used by the Government, but Finch stopped him from doing that. Harold would alter the system the way Nathan wanted, after a United States Intelligence operative, murdered Nathan with a bomb he had planted on a ferry that he was on.

Nathan wanted to help people in trouble that the Government deemed irrelevant, the machine generated Social Security numbers of people who’d be involved in a crime shortly, what it didn’t reveal was if the number belonged to the perpetrator or the victim. Harold suffered major injuries from the same explosion, damaging his spine and causing him to walk with a pronounced limp. He would need a partner to intercede in these events, after going through a series of wrong candidates, Finch recruited John Reese, a former CIA operative who became so disillusioned that he was living on the streets as a homeless vagrant.

Finch was able to convince the former CIA agent that the two could make a difference, by intervening in these situations. Although they couldn’t save the world, they could prevent lots of wrongs, saving lives and sometimes saving souls, by convincing them to do the right thing. The duo eventually started working with two NYPD detectives, Lionel Fusco, (Kevin Chapman) a former dirty cop that Reese at first coerced into helping them. However Fusco, realized he enjoyed being a good guy and left his corrupt practices behind.

Their other eventual ally was Detective Joss Carter, (Taraji P. Henson) who originally was looking to capture “the man in the suit,” (Reese) but after sitting down with Finch and Reese she agreed to help as well. Although Fusco and Carter became partners, neither realized they both were covertly working for Finch and Reese for a long time.

The first two and a half seasons of the series was mainly devoted to New York City in general and rooting out the endemic corruption in the NYPD. They were able to break the back of “HR,” but it came at a terrible price as a dirty cop gunned down Carter and she died in Reese’s arms. The next episode all remaining members of “HR,” received their just desserts.

The focus of the series changed after Joss passed, as two characters added in season two became more prominent in the new story-line. Another disillusioned former CIA operative Sameen Shaw, (Sarah Shahi) who prefers shooting over questioning. A former surgeon, although technically brilliant, she lacked empathy and got dismissed by her hospital and told to consider another career.

The other more prominent character actually appeared in the last two episodes of season one as the machine generated her number. Leslie Groves (Amy Acker) posed as a psychiatrist in an elaborate ruse to kidnap Finch and gain access to the machine. Miss Groves, actually was actually a computer hacker extraordinaire and hired assassin, using the alias Root. Reese thwarted her plans in the opening episode of the second season and sent her to a mental hospital. However Root had somehow bonded with the machine and became its analog interface.

Finch programmed the machine to move itself to a secret location, hidden even from him. He shut off accessibility to the United States Intelligence Agencies, but he and Reese still received numbers. Root escaped from the mental hospital and dedicated her life to carrying out the orders of the machine. She became in her own words “One of the good guys.”

The US Intelligence community wanted to get a new system in place now that “Northern Technologies” (the name the Government used for their surveillance through the machine) no longer operated. They made a deal with Decima Technologies, run by the sinister John Greer (John Nolan.) Greer was a boy during the London Blitz of WWII and that shaped his view of the world. He wanted an autocratic system in place that kept the people satiated, pacified and ignorant. In the closing moments of the third season finale, Decima’s system went on-line.

Reese, Finch, Shaw and Groves lost their most prized possession at the end of last season, their anonymity. Root invented four new identities for them, but they ended last season on the run. Later this month we’ll start seeing where their new path leads.

Person Of Interest Premieres Tuesday September 23, at 10:00 pm on CBS.