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Courtesy of FOX

Courtesy of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

A man and a woman catalog historical artifacts. The man leaves the room. After which, a dark man in dark clothing emerges. He takes one of the items from a glass case. Security demands he turn around and put his hands in the air. Instead he pulls out a knife and slits his own wrists while muttering something under his breath. He then gestures to the woman and security guy, choking them from a distance and causing them to bleed from their eye sockets and eventually die.

The book stolen is a very famous book chronicling the knowledge of the time pertaining to black magic. Both Ichabod and Katrina recognized it immediately.

We finally have a Henry sighting. A long-term motel guest who for some strange reason is captivated by infomercials and being left alone. He sees the report on the news about the auction house robbery. The details claim that the blood on the scene appear to have been boiled. The motel attendant (a non-threatening middle-aged woman) asks, “have you ever seen anything like it?” His answer seems more human than any others to this point. Maybe he is not currently plotting anything.

Woman: Every seen anything like it?
Henry: Yes I have. And if I could forget all about it, I would.

Ichabod explains to Abbie the source of basic magic. Katrina’s magic comes from nature. Others from fire or even blood. Sorcery from blood is a form of magic often referred to as “the Dark Arts”. Abbey calls in a favor through someone at Quantico. The result is damaged security footage, now becomes usable. The face comes into focus on our dark mystery man. Katrina gasps for air suddenly.

Ichabod: Do you recognize him?
Katrina: His name is Solomon Kent. The Warlock that all witches fear. Killing Moloch must have released him from Purgatory.

Katrina tells a story in flashback form of Kent’s history in a Puritan town that would become “Salem”. His love was not reciprocated, when he attempted to convey his feelings more directly, the woman in question was badly hurt. Instead of facing the music, he cut himself and used the blood to cast a spell making this woman appear evil (in her facial features). Then Kent, a warlock himself, proclaimed that “Witches are among us”.

Katrina attempts the sense the book’s “mystical signature” as a means to track the relic. In a vision, Kent turns a page of the book to discover that the middle section is missing. Katrina elaborates that the book’s powers, and by some extension Kent’s powers cannot surface until the book is whole.
Irving walks up on Abbey and is met by her gun. She is still skeptical of where his allegiance lies. Irving gives it to Abbey straight, considering his emotional state when she didn’t trust him. While that was difficult to take, he understood why. Then he explains how he went to Katrina and says that she verified that his soul is clean. One problem. Katrina said, “the horseman has no hold on your soul” be in that episode we also learned that the horseman has no hold on the soul because she found no soul at all.

Henry arrives back at his motel room to find a young man working on his faucet. The young man strikes up a conversation about Henry’s wood working. The young man is also a bit of a hobbyist in that realm. Henry asks about the kid’s mother (the lady from earlier, pertaining to her limp), he gladly answers. Henry comments that she must be very strong. The kid then jokingly said, “who needs a father anyway”. An idea that strikes a chord with Henry. A rare smile creeps in.

After hearing the news about Irving putting everything in the past behind him, Ichabod develops a theory about Solomon Kent. He believes Kent will attempt a resurrection spell to bring back the unrequited love (Sara Osborne) that he accidentally killed. Problem is that if Kent resurrects Sara Osborne, her soul will not be the only one to enter our plane.

Abbey knows of a shipment to the same auction house and they plan to intercept Kent when he arrives. As predicted Kent is there. Ichabod and Abbey flank him on either side. The second he notices them, he tosses them with his magic like rag dolls. Just then Katrina arrives to neutralize the situation. He recognizes her as her grandmother, Helena. Then a very wordy witches standoff takes place. While Kent spins his version of reality, he cuts himself and summons two blood demons. Abbey got one of them, which leaves a loose blood demon.

Kent did in fact find the missing pages and reunited them. The close book glowed yellow sporadically. Eventually the yellow glow transferred to Kent’s hands. Before Kent could finish whatever he was doing, Katrina blew a handful of some sort of dust his way. This stopped the yellow glow and create a small dust storm around him. He reached for the book and Katrina flexed out her arms, palms up. Creating a white glowing source of her own. The book’s power wins in this moment.

Ichabod (to Katrina): I will find Kent. And when I do, there will be no magic that can protect him.

After a little brainstorming, their minds click into gear and consider something they didn’t before. The basic idea that Kent had 400 years to rethink everything is still intact. Instead of a resurrection spell, Kent plans to go back in time. One major problem. And by major, I mean the huge elephant now in the room. If Kent goes back and changes anything we could have a Back to the Future 2/Butterfly Effect on our hands. Potentially rewriting history and altering the path from that moment on. Abbey, Ichabod, Jenny, Momma Mills, Irving, the whole thing could be flipped upside down or never existed in the first place.

Abbey and Ichabod head to the munitions hold under the precinct. Ichabod is skeptical that their mortal weapons will be enough. Then Irving arrives, to Ichabod’s surprise. Irving still has come pull with the surrounding police resources. They’ll need a chemist. Then Abbey suggests Irving and Ichabod head out so she can get ready to face Kent. Ichabod has a different idea.

Ichabod: No. I will face Kent. You asked me before about my commitment to the cause.
Abbey: You don’t have to prove anything to me.
Ichabod: No. I do not. I will prove it to Kent.

In the woods, Kent begins his incantation. A portal opens up revealing his desired time and place. He actually said her name out loud, then his gaze is interrupted by a flash bang. Before Kent can conjure anything, Ichabod shoots him with his crossbow. Then we begin a game of arrogant hide and seek. While he is focused on Ichabod, Irving shoots him in the neck with what looks like a poisoned dart. The plant that Kent ingests before using his blood magic is said to be like using steroids for magic. The dart may have been designed to neutralize that effect.

Ichabod: Atropine. Found in gypsum weed, which you use to boost your powers. I high doses, it results in hallucinations and seizures. Something we know from modern chemistry. (He steps recklessly into a puddle) Your magic is vulnerable to elemental energy such as lightning. In the twenty-first century, we make our own lightening. (Abbey flips a switch on a generator frying Kent)

Ichabod is not finished though. He pursues, hitting Kent’s limp body repeatedly while proclaiming the names of the Von Tassle’s including his wife. Abbey pulls him off. Then they both realize Frank is not around. They run away to find him. Three seconds later Frank walks up to the warlock’s body. Removes the book of black magic and breaks Kent’s neck with his foot. Abbey calls out for him, and Frank quickly tucks the book down the back of his pants. Breaking his neck made Kent disintegrate. Thus, no book is no issue. It seems that Abbey’s initial instincts might have been correct about Frank Irving.

Abbey shows up at the cabin to congratulate Crane and offer to take he and Katrina out for beers. Katrina wished to be undisturbed as she rested. The moment they left, she left the bedroom. She found the flower on the table and began to levitate it as she did in the cold open. In their first interaction, Kent told her she could master her true potential if she embraced the dark side. While her lovely red flower hovered, her eyes went completely white, the flower turned blue, then exploded. She’s beginning to like it. That is now two new problems on our collective plate.
The next morning Henry awakes eager to find the gang of three that threatened the motel lady and her son. Henry confronts these three thugs but not in the way you might think. He tells them that their display reminded him that there is a natural order to things. There are sheep and there are wolves. Henry is a wolf. Then he broke all of their necks without touching them.

Henry travels to the woods. Specifically the spot where the white trees once stood and he killed Moloch. Irving slowly joins him. Irving is calm. “The witnesses now trust me again”. And Irving hands Henry the book.

Henry: No longer am I the Horseman of War. No longer will I be defined by anyone else. From now on, destiny bends to my will. You were wrong Captain Irving, when you said this is where it all ended. This…is where it all begins.

Photo Courtesy of Fox, @SleepyHollowFOX

Photo Courtesy of Fox, @SleepyHollowFOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I am lost. Last time we experienced a Sleepy Hollow episode, if memory serves, Abbey Mills was stuck in purgatory, Ichabod Crane was buried alive by his son-also known now as War the second Horseman of the Apocalypse, Jenny Mills was in a car accident and Frank Irving turned himself in for murders he didn’t commit. So why does it seem like everything is fine? Abbey and Ichabod are just proceeding as if none of that were true.

They are called to investigate a crime scene, which is a welcoming change for Ichabod who is very much ‘over’ our contemporary birthday traditions. They are following leads that seem to point in the direction of Benjamin Franklin. As it turns out, Ichabod was Franklin’s apprentice. Surprise surprise. The key upon the kite that brought electricity to the masses was to be destroyed by way of lightning. The ‘experiment’ had nothing to do with creating electricity.

The key that Franklin tied to the kite to be flown amidst the storm to discover electricity is actually, wait for it, the key to lock or unlock Purgatory. Despite their best efforts, the key’s location still eludes them. So the next logical, albeit unpopular, move is to get the answer from Henry. Nothing like questioning your son for information, who is also a Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Keeping in mind that nothing is exactly what it seems, we have “IchAbbey” (the term that the Sleepy Hollow fandom has given to the two main characters, IchAbbey just like Br-Angelina) searching for this key. Abbey recalls a time when Corbin asked Jenny (Mills-allegedly dead at this point in the timeline) to go to Philadelphia to secure an object. Which proves to be a dead-end at this point. More importantly Ichabod nor Abbey can recall exactly how Henry was captured. Which is about the moment you should suspect that Henry/War will put an end to this rouse.

And just like that, all the tumblers fall into place. They are still in purgatory. All of this, all 15 minutes of the episode thus far is the shroud pulled over our main characters to blind them from the fact that they are not actually in reality. Or at least, Abbey is not. Abbey in purgatory and Ichabod in the pine box. Just like I was expecting it to pick up. Well played writing staff, well-played indeed.

And, Jenny isn’t dead either. Always remember that in fictional scripted television, especially anything with a fantasy or sci-fi element, no one is every really dead. Jenny is unable to suppress the memory that the sin eater part of Henry can easily find. It is however, written in a code that will need to be deciphered.

They attempt to retrace steps which has Ichabod remembering that Henry turned over Katrina to Abraham. The original suitor for Katrina and former friend to Ichabod. Consequently also known as the headless horseman. Not that far away from Ichabod’s location, Katrina tries to escape her tied up state.

In purgatory, Andy Brooks (John Cho of Harold and Kumar fame) snatches Abbey. There is resistance considering their history. Low and behold, the detail we all knew was coming. Moloch (the demon creature that put Abbey and Jenny in this predicament in the first place and soul in charge of purgatory) is building a demon army and plans to enter the human realm once the gates of purgatory are opened by Benjamin Franklin’s key.

With Ichabod Crane stuck in a pine box buried underground, his situation is looking difficult. Following a few attempts to use technology to aid him, he resorts to something more familiar considering when he’s from. He can taste the sulfur in the dirt and proceeds to concoct a rudimentary fuse. He literally blows the top off the pine box and the dirt on top of it. 18th century McGuyver type stuff.

Jenny’s phone receives a text message from Ichabod, which is enough to inspire her to whip some captures tail and flip the advantage. She texts Ichabod back giving a hint as to her location. As luck would have it, there is a possibility that Ichabod is not that far away. Ichabod jumps a treacherous fence while Jenny tries to shoot her way out. Then an Ambulance crashes through the loading bay door. Ichabod shrugs his shoulders as Jenny jumps in. The scene ends with a frazzled Ichabod frustrated when he can’t figure out how to put the van in reverse.

“I need to learn how to drive.” – Ichabod Crane

In another flashback sequence to Benjamin Franklin, Ichabod remembers that Franklin created his own alphabet. Which I’m guessing could be use as a cipher. The key apparently is with Benjamin Franklin, who is not buried in Sleepy Hollow.
Abbey makes her way in to Moloch’s lair to use the mirror that can transport (temporarily) a person from one plain to the next. IchAbbie share an embrace and spill the beans on what the other has been up to. As Ichabod lays out a plan, Abbie goes the other way. “What if that’s what they want us to do? Deliver the key to them?” Which quickly becomes the self-sacrificing act of Abbey staying behind.

Crane: Leave you here…? NO. Left Tenant, I do not accept good-bye.
Mills: I need you to protect the key. We’re fighting a war Crane, coming back for me is a risk I cannot let you take.
Crane: The bible foretells of two witnesses. You and I must stay together if there is any hope of victory. The only risk Left Tenant is in leaving you behind.

One of the fun little themes at play here is the Ben Franklin->Ichabod Crane then the current Ichabod and Jenny Mills going all “National Treasure” following clues on top of clues. Down to the last detail of pulling out an old brick from an old building. If it has triple lenses glasses, I might lose it. Nope, just the key they are looking for. As they arrive back at the portal to purgatory, Jenny hugs Ichabod tightly and says, “remember the rules. Don’t trust anyone. Don’t accept anything from anyone.” Which will inevitably come up later.

Here’s an interesting development, the headless horseman places a necklace on Katrina that allows her to see who he really is. And of course, Abraham still sees this as property returned to him. The entire headless horseman thing has been predicated on the idea that Ichabod stole Katrina from Abraham. Revisionist history being what it is, Katrina does not see it that way.

Ichabod returns to find Abbey frantically looking for the amulet Katrina gave her to protect her from Moloch. They hug and she holds on. Then Ichabod says, “you’re parched” as he pulls out a flask. Even if I didn’t remember the bit about the ‘rules’, the use of a flask is almost always treacherous. Ichabod fights Ichabod (one of them clearly is Moloch). The Ichabod standing in victory is holding a key. Abbey immediately gets up to run with that Ichabod, considering the key is what Moloch is after.

Aaannnd, I’ve been duped again. They run into the clearing amidst man rifles and swords stabbed into the ground. Abbey hunches over in discomfort. Ichabod asks if she’s alright then proceeds to say what they need to do to be reunited with her sister. Then he says the one thing. THE ONE THING, that would tip his hand as not being the real Ichabod. He calls Abbey “Lieutenant”. Never once in the history of this show has Ichabod Crane referred to Abbey professionally as anything other than “Left Tenant”. Abbey reaches for a sword and sliced the imposter Ichabod’s head clean off his shoulders. Which is followed by a fist bump. Comedy gold watching an 18th century British man fighting for the American revolution thrust into the 2010s and seeing him execute a proper ‘fist bump’.

They retreat towards the rendezvous point reciting the incantation as they approach. As per normal, the matter before the trees begins to shatter like glass. Once the glass is shattered they should be left with a clean exit point. Except in this particular instance, there is a gate behind the glass. Ichabod pulls out Franklin’s key and unlocks the gate. Moloch, in tune with every square inch of his prison known as purgatory, senses the key in the lock. IchAbbie escape. From their view from the ground they see Moloch atop a horse charging in their direction. As soon as Moloch gets dangerously close, the portal closes. Surprisingly quickly. The key dissolves in Ichabod’s hand. Then Abbey looks up and says, “Well, I hope we’ll never need that again.” Rest assured, you will. At some point.

The final scene in a Marvel Universe way, introduces the new chess piece. Henry walks through a dark room. He approaches a mirror on a wall. Moloch’s image lunges toward him. Henry apologizes for failing. Moloch says, “there is new work to be done” and through the brick wall manifests armor. The armor seems to walk and move as if it were worn by an invisible man. Henry can manipulate the armor with his thoughts.

Moloch: You are the second Horseman….WAR