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The Blacklist: The Other Shoe Drops

Photo Courtesy Of Will Hart NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Our most dangerous enemies always come from within our circles, former friends and confidants, turned foes. Battling strangers or those we’ve kept at a distance, quickly becomes a game of whack-a-mole, smacking indiscriminately and hoping to cause damage. Former allies know our strengths and weaknesses, exploiting our fears and zeroing in on our soft underbelly. The battle that could rightfully claim the title of “Mother Of All Wars,” escalated greatly on the latest chapter of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” opening with a sneak attack that left “Team-Red,” reeling.

Our evening begins in a bustling night spot, an attractive young woman sits alone at a table looking gloomy, when a waitress approaches with a drink. A young man sitting at the bar, tells the waitress to put the drink on his tab. He tells the young woman there are no strings attached, it appears she’s having a tough night. He joins her at her table, and he breaks the ice telling her that he knows the best bridges in the city to jump from. He introduces himself as Joe, and she tells him her name’s Philomena.

We soon join the couple in the midst of a make-out session in his car, and we hear some awkward giggling as the young woman says she’s stuck. The laughter ends quickly, when she puts a Taser against his throat and knocks him out. He awakens to find himself bound to a chair, with a bag over his head. The bag’s removed and Joe sees Mr. Kaplan standing before him. He gasps and says he thought she was dead, she replies that the reports were greatly exaggerated.

Raymond and Baz explore the woods near the spot where The Tracker’s cabin once stood, and Reddington discovers the hunter’s surveillance equipment. Scrolling through the images on the cameras, Red finds a photo of the pickup truck that picked Kate up on November 10, the night she left The Tracker’s cabin.

We head to the Post Office and check in with the Task-Force, as Lizzie congratulates Samar on being nominated for the prestigious Katai Fellowship. The mood quickly turns somber as Aram informs them that Cynthia Pannabaker, just arrived and she doesn’t look happy.

There’s not a trace of sweetness in Pannabaker’s Southern drawl, as she informs the Task-Force that an anonymous tip lead law enforcement officials to an ice-rink in Reston. They discovered 86 bodies on the ice, that according to the tipster are the remains of Raymond Reddington’s associates and opponents. Harold Cooper replies that none of the members of the Task-Force are responsible, as the group came together at the request of Dianne Fowler at Main Justice.

Pannabaker responds that the investigation’s already begun and the agent in charge is someone she describes as a “peach-orchard hog.” She tells the agents that if he’s able to find evidence that links the Task-Force to Reddington, Justice will disavow any knowledge of the operation, and the agents will find themselves behind bars.

We get our first glimpse of the investigation, and we hear a uniform complain to one of his peers about the stench in the air. A plain-clothes agent, tells the uniform that what he smells is injustice and the uniformed officer scoffs at the remark. He says that the corpses aren’t victims, they’re criminals who used to work for or against Reddington.

The plain clothes agent asks the uniform if that means that their wives don’t miss them, and their children are better off without their fathers? He then introduces himself as Special Agent Julian Gale, and tells the rest of the officers in the facility to get out. He then walks alone among the corpses, and apologizes saying this is all his fault.

Raymond and Baz have tracked down the owner of the truck, a mechanic named Carl. Raymond says that a witness informed the sheriff’s department, that they saw Raymond’s Aunt Kate, in the mechanic’s truck and he shows him a picture of Mr. Kaplan. Carl replies that she said her name was Sheila, and Reddington responds that she must be off her medication. He says that her car was found in a ravine, with her medication inside. Raymond tells the mechanic that she suffers from senility, and she quickly loses touch with reality when deprived of her medication.

Carl informs Reddington that he dropped Kate off at a motel, and we watch Raymond the motel office to speak with the manager. Realizing the manager’s visually impaired, Reddington identifies himself as a State Police Officer and tells the manager that he needs to inspect the room that Kate stayed in back in November.

Kate’s captured Joe Peracchio, the man who handles all of Raymond’s financial affairs. She tells Peracchio, that his life he knew is over, but she’s giving him the chance she never got. He can turn on Raymond and cut a deal with law enforcement to implicate Raymond and insure his freedom, or spend a long stretch behind bars. Peracchio tells Kate that he’ll never turn on Reddington.

Lizzie explains to the Task-Force that Raymond’s “Cleaner,” Mr. Kaplan, unearthed all the bodies and Cooper asks why she suddenly turned against him? Donald Ressler’s cellphone rings and he leaves the meeting to take the call, he’s taken aback to hear a familiar voice from his past on the other end of the line. Turns out that Julian Gale and Donald worked side-by-side, on the Task-Force formed to capture Reddington, and after some time away from the Bureau, he’s heading the investigation at the ice-rink. He tells Ressler to get his tail down to the facility, and help him finally put Reddington behind bars. Ressler tells him he’ll have to think about it and will get back to him.

Cooper realizes that Ressler appears shaken and asks if all’s well. Donald informs him that unfortunately, that’s not the case, as he just got off the phone with the “peach-orchard hog.” He tells Harold that Gale wants him to join his investigation, and Cooper thinks it’s a good idea, so Ressler can keep one step ahead. Donald says that Gale will eventually find the truth, and Harold replies that it’s better to find out things sooner, rather than later.

Raymond’s going over the motel room with a fine toothed comb, when his cell phone rings. It’s Marvin Gerard, who informs Reddington that Joe Peracchio wound up hog-tied in front of the ninth precinct, with a detailed financial statement pinned to his chest, connecting him to Red. Raymond says that Kate’s begun her war, and tells Marvin to spread the word to the troops for all to lay low and seek cover. He also tells Gerard to move to another location, but Marvin says he’s been on the lam for two-years and he’ll be fine.

Raymond checks the air vent in the room and finds a microphone. He heads back to the manager, puts the microphone in his hand and tells the manager he needs to listen to the tapes from Kate’s stay in the room. The manager’s clearly embarrassed and says he’s not a sicko, that he’s just fascinated with people. Raymond replies that he’s not there to judge, just to listen to the audio recordings.

The first few minutes of the recording’s mundane conversation, but Raymond hears a snippet of conversation that intrigues him, as he listens to Kate’s first meeting with a woman who calls herself Philomena.

Reddington informs the Task-Force that Philomena’s turned bounty-hunting into performance art. She captures her unwilling prey by befriending them and becoming part of her target’s life. Then when she earns their confidence, she swoops in for the capture.

As Raymond’s explaining this, we see Philomena in action as she’s working in her cover job as a waitress at a coffee shop. Her intended prey’s a woman named Alexa Feist, a rather average woman who among other things is a member of the PTA. However the reason that Philomena’s targeted her, is to get access to Feist’s brother, Marvin Gerard. She engineers a traffic accident, as she starts riding her bicycle as Feist starts to leave the parking lot, causing a collision.

Although the “accident,” was clearly the bicyclist’s fault, Feist immediately feels guilty and offers to pay for any damages to the bike and any medical bills the young woman may encounter. Philomena, tells her that she’ll be fine, but Alexa insists on exchanging information.

Raymond and Elizabeth go off to speak with somebody that Reddington says used Philomena’s services. The pair enter a synagogue, and hear a boy practicing his Bar Mitzvah prayers. Raymond startles the boy, his father and another man by chuckling and clapping. He then congratulates the father Congressman Edelstein, saying that his son will make his parents very proud. Edelstein asks Reddington if they’ve met, and Raymond comes up with an alias and says they met at another family event. He says that families need to uphold traditions, even if they have to hire outside help, such as Philomena. The member of Congress, then asks his son and the other man for some privacy, so he can talk with Reddington.

Edelstein hired the bounty hunter to break up a torrid affair between the Congressman’s wife and her tennis instructor. She did so by unearthing information that put the tennis instructor in a compromising position, forcing him to end the affair. Raymond tells the member of Congress that he just wants to find out how to contact Philomena, and Edelstein tells him to head to Randy’s Boot Emporium on 29th street. Go to the repair counter and ask for ticket 652. After he’s vetted, if he passes Philomena will contact him.

Aram walks into Cooper’s office and tells his boss that twenty seconds after Reddington left the boot shop, the man at the repair counter made a call. Mojtabai tells him he’s tried to trace the call but it’s too heavily encrypted. Samar then walks in and says they’ve recovered Peracchio’s car, and they found traces of cement mixed with copper on the floor boards, which likely emanated from an active construction site. Cooper tells Navabi to come up with a list of sites near the bar where he was captured, but Aram reminds Harold that Samar’s got her interview for the Katai Fellowship, and says he’ll generate the list.

Julian Gale’s clearly pumped to see his old associate Ressler, and greets him with a hug. He then tells Donald he should thank him, as they’ll finally get closure and put Reddington behind bars. He identifies a few of the corpses, Tiger Branson, Lou Capote, and Junior Wallace. Ressler gasps and says these were guys, that they tried to turn, Gale replies that instead they got them killed. Donald says that the Lou Capote’s of the world, won’t put Red behind bars. Gale then directs Ressler to his prize catch.

Julian informs Donald that they are looking at the corpse of Dianne Fowler, yes that Dianne Fowler! He tells Ressler that somebody actually hates Reddington more than they do, and they’re the beneficiaries of what he describes as a wet sloppy kiss. All their efforts over the years will soon be rewarded.

Baz drives up to Lizzie’s apartment, and Raymond asks about Agnes, she responds that her daughter’s doing fantastic. He asks if he can see her, and she replies if she does her a favor, and he says name it. She says that when she thought Kate died, she felt complicit. She says she’ll help Raymond stop her, but not harm her. She then asks Reddington to promise he won’t kill Mr. Kaplan, and he says he can’t make that promise. She replies then he can’t come upstairs and leaves the car.

Raymond’s refusal to adhere to Lizzie’s wishes, prevented what at best would have been a tense encounter, and likely would have been far worse. Keen opens her apartment door to find Kate sitting there with Agnes in her lap, and remarking how big she’s grown. (Who the Hell was babysitting Agnes? Are viewers supposed to accept that an infant would be fine left to her own resources, while Mommy goes off to work?)

Liz tells Kate that she wants to protect her, but the only way she can do that is if she can put Mr. Kaplan into protective custody. Kate puts Agnes in her crib, kisses the baby on the head and says “You are safe, you are loved, and you are wise” Elizabeth mouths the last words with her, and tells Kate she know that phrase, Mr. Kaplan responds that she used to say that to her many times every day, when Lizzie was a baby. She tells Keen, that she’s her nanny and Liz used to call her Katya, Katarina hired her and Kate vowed to protect Elizabeth with her life.

Mr. Kaplan says that she’s provided enough evidence to put Reddington away for life, but the Task-Force needs to disavow any relationship with him. Liz asks if Kate did all that to protect her, and she responds that she already failed Lizzie, now she’s trying to protect Agnes. Keen says she can protect her own daughter, and Mr. Kaplan points out that wasn’t the case this time. She begs Keen to walk away, and don’t make the same mistake that Katarina did, by waiting until it’s too late.

Alexa Feist starts to fly too close to the flame, as she calls Philomena to find out how she’s doing. The bounty hunter invents a story about an ex-husband and a non-existent daughter. She says that if his lawyer’s found out she’d been in an accident, they’ll try to keep her daughter away from her. She asks Feist, to please forget about her and the accident, knowing full well she just ensnared Feist in her web.

Deep inside of the “Concierge Of The Criminal World,” lies the remains of the once proud Naval Intelligence Officer, Raymond Reddington. We’ve seen him emerge every so often, throughout the series. We last saw him when he first heard the name Kathryn Nemec, causing him to tell Lizzie that he received absolution through admitting all his most heinous sins to Mr. Kaplan. He returned in this episode, as he paid Dembe a visit to check up on him.

Raymond gives Zuma a wrapped package, and tells him it’s a parting gift. He then says that most of the people that work for him, are under the misimpression that they must always stay with Reddington. He says that’s not the case at all, he says he attempts to induce his employees to stay with him, by rewarding them handsomely. He tells Dembe, that he’s only got one friend and that’s him. He then says he can never attempt to apologize for misjudging him, and that his instincts should have kicked in and woken him up. He then says that when Dembe leaves him, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or ten-years in the future, that will be the time to open the package.

Liz and Samar have discovered Philomena’s hideout, but she’s not on the premises. Liz wonders how long she’s lived there and Navabi finds a scrap of paper on the counter, with the name Alexa Feist written on it. Finding no other clues, they send the name to Aram and wait for his response.

The Justice Department, put all of Dianne Fowler’s living room furniture in storage. Gale’s got it all assembled on the ice-rink, recreating the crime scene, save for the chair that Fowler sat in when she got shot. He even plays the record on the turntable, Gordon Lightfoot’s “Sundown.” We then get a glimpse at what might have caused Julian to leave the Bureau. He literally envisions himself as Raymond, shooting at Dianne Fowler, in reality he’s taking aim at Ressler. His ability to actually see the crime scene play out in front of him, makes him a superb agent, but he maybe straddling the line between genius and madness.

Every inch of the crime scene’s devoid of fingerprints, except for one, the brush Fowler used for cleaning her albums. Mr. Kaplan missed it, and the brush contains fingerprints. Donald takes the print back to the Post Office, but he fears running it through the system, as it could lead to all of “Team-Red,” spending the next few years behind bars.

No Good Deeds Go Unpunished.” Alexa Feist’s about to learn that lesson the hard way, as she pays Philomena a visit at the coffee shop she works at. The two women sit down together, and Feist tells the younger woman that her brother’s a brilliant attorney, and he’s agreed to meet with her. Philomena asks if they can drive to his place right now, and Alexa says let’s go.

Just as Feist and Philomena enter Marvin’s apartment, Liz and Samar get the report from Aram containing the information about Feist. Keen realizes that Alexa’s Gerard’s sister and immediately calls Raymond, and head to Marvin’s apartment. Reddington calls Gerard, but it’s too late as Philomena’s already pulled out her pistol and she’s pointing it at Alexa. Marvin says he’ll do what ever she wants, as long as she doesn’t hurt his sister. She tells Gerard to put the Taser against his forehead and pull the trigger, he does and slumps to the ground.

Samar and Liz arrive at Marvin’s ten minutes after Philomena’s made her getaway. She remembers that the woman was driving a green SUV with a sticker on the window. Aram identifies the vehicle as a rental and through the GPS unit, Keen and Navabi are able to find the vehicle and force it off the road. They pull their weapons and order the woman from the car, but she’s alone.

Marvin’s strapped to a chair with a bag over his head and when it’s removed, he sees Kate standing in front of him. She tells him she wishes she could say it was good to see him. She then offers Gerard the same deal, that she offered Peracchio, and Marvin also refuses it. She says she’s sorry to hear that and puts the bag back over his head.

Keen talks to Philomena, now in custody. She pleads with her to tell her Kate’s location, as she wants to help her. She also says that if Reddington finds her first, Mr. Kaplan’s a dead woman. The bounty hunter asks Lizzie why she should believe that Keen wants to help her. Liz replies, because she just found out that Kate helped her when she was a baby.

Samar sits down with Scott Middleton, who heads the board that grants the Katai Fellowship. He asks her about her extensive writing, about what he refers to as the perceived bias that law enforcement officials have against Muslims. She replies, that she believes it’s not perceived, it’s fact. She then points out that America’s leaders instill fear in their citizens, while statistics show that there have been less than 100 deaths in the United States, since 9/11, that came at the hands of Muslim terrorists. She apologizes for her passion, and Middleton says no apology’s needed, and asks her about growing up in Iran.

Donald heads back to the ice-rink and tells Julian that the print didn’t match any print in the system. Gale replies that the system’s fixed and Reddington’s the guy who fixed it. He then says Red must have somebody inside, that’s helping him out, and then asks about Lizzie. He says that’s going to be their next target, they’re going to find out what Liz knows.

Philomena tells Liz that Kate’s en route to Vienna, she lets Harold and Raymond know. Cooper says he’s going to get the Department of Homeland Security involved.

Donald and Samar talk about Ressler doing the right thing and running the print. He tells Navabi, that Gale’s an inspiration in his doggedness, and that he’s going to prove that Laurel Hitchin murdered Reven Wright. He tells Samar that he knows in his bones that she’s guilty.

A cruiser finds Marvin Gerard shrink-wrapped to a lamp-post. They cut him free and then take him into custody. A Federal Agent tells Joe Peracchio, that as he’s explained to Peracchio’s lawyer if he testifies against Reddington, he’ll get full protection, and then starts asking about their relationship.

A chauffeur greets Kate and welcomes her to Milan. She asks how long it will take them to reach Vienna, and he replies eight hours. She tells him to wake her when they are a half hour out.

Our final scene shows us Dembe arriving at the Post Office, and Raymond asking him why he’s there? Zuma responds he’s looking for Raymond, and Reddington says he should be resting. Dembe says he’s had his share of rest and now it’s time for them to find Kate. Raymond agrees, but suggests that they have dinner first.

The Story Returns, Next Thursday Night at 10:00pm on NBC.

Forever: Trying To Out Run The Past

Photo Courtesy of ABC/Patrick Harbron
Photo Courtesy of ABC/Patrick Harbron

Warning: Spoiler Alert

One can try escaping to the opposite side of the Earth, but there are two things a person can never run away from; who they are and the acts they’ve committed. Although NYPD Medical Examiner Dr. Henry Morgan’s restarted his life countless times, during his 200-years on this planet, he still carries the internal scars he got in the early 19th Century. This week’s episode of the ABC series “Forever,” revolved around character’s with deep secrets, including Henry himself. Morgan’s secrets got jeopardized in the present and he flashbacked to a time when his secret became endangered in the distant past.

We’re in one of the busiest spots on the globe as the episode begins, Times Square at night and we watch locals and tourists heading to their destinations. Suddenly our focus shifts to the Jumbotron, telecasting an interview show called Hot Seat, the host’s interviewing Lawrence Creff, CEO of Hallaway Industries and a nominee, for the Assistant Secretary of Defense position. Creff tells the host and their audience that the critics are wrong, as CEO of Hallaway, serving American’s was his job, and he’d do the same in the Government slot. He says in no way would him getting the post be a conflict of interests.

Suddenly the large monitor on the set behind the two men, shows the image of a porcelain mask, then we see writing on the monitor, while an electronically distorted voice reads the text.  “SO MANY LIES, MR. CREFF. WHERE TO START? HOW ABOUT THE DINNER CONVERSATION?”

The monitor switches to a recording of Creff addressing a restaurant filled with prosperous-looking businessmen and Creff tells the group to invest in umbrellas, as it will be raining money next year. We suddenly switch to the studio’s control room, as the show’s producer finally says, he thinks they got hacked. We watch a young guy watching the show in a bar and smiling at the results, it’s obvious he’s involved in the events that just took place. He leaves the bar grinning from ear to ear and heads home.

The next morning Henry joins Abe for breakfast, Abe’s quite animated about the hack-job on the talk-show, says it’s the work of “Faceless,” a secret Hacktivist group, looking to out all the corruption in the country. Henry says he finds it quite odd, that people out to save the world, wear masks to do their work, Abe says he and his cohorts never wore masks in the late sixties protesting the Viet Nam war.

Our corpse of the week, of course is the guy we saw in the bar the night before, found dead in his bed. Lucas at first assumes that the victim Eric Shaw, died of cardiac failure, but Morgan corrects him and tells him the cause of death was asphyxiation. Suddenly the apartment becomes alive, all the lights go on, the heater, the stereo, Shaw had all his electronic equipment connected to an app on his cell phone. Henry believes that Shaw died from inhaling gas while sleeping from the heater.

Back at the station Detectives Jo Martinez and Mike Hanson, are about to check some leads, when a young man and women, both in their mid-twenties, tell them their usual tactics won’t work in this case. Meet the Cyber-Cops, partners who normally deal in Internet crimes such as stealing and hacking, are on this case as it’s believed the murderer killed Shaw by remote control, hacking into his phone app to turn on his heater, after they snuffed out the pilot light. The female Cyber-Cop, Irene tells Hanson and Martinez they can just relax, they’ll locate the hacker by the end of the day.

Jo’s feeling kind of outdated and useless, so she visits Henry in the morgue, as he’s in the midst of conducting Shaw’s autopsy. He says something just doesn’t feel quite right, then he asks Martinez if she’d like to go and get gassed, Jo replies, now you’re talking.

The two of them are lying on Eric Shaw’s bed, both wearing gas masks, while Henry holds a device measuring gas content in the room. The two start talking about different ways to perish and then Martinez asks Morgan, why he chose to head into pathology, why’s he so interested in death? Morgan says perhaps because it feels like he’s solving a puzzle each time he comes up with a cause of a victim’s demise. The indicator goes off, but Henry says due to the gap in the window, the gas concentration wasn’t enough to kill Shaw, although it would have knocked him out.

They head back to the morgue and Henry shaves off Shaw’s beard, revealing an abrasion on his mouth. Someone actually held their hand over his mouth to suffocate him. The pair go to find the Cyber-Cops to tell them Henry’s discovery, when Irene tells them they just arrested Lawrence Creff, as the hack got traced to his house where he was all night. Jo says, that would make him innocent as Henry just discovered the murderer was in the room with Shaw when he died.

Creff’s brought back to the station and interrogated and he tells the cops the idea of him killing Shaw’s ludicrous. He was with his wife and attorney all night long. Jo then asks how that tape appeared on Hot Seat and he theorizes it’s security footage, but Martinez says security footage has no sound, perhaps a guest or a member of the wait staff taped it on a cell-phone. Creff says his guests were thoroughly vetted and wouldn’t pay ten grand to eat Pastanero, if they were looking to get him. Henry in the other room winces, as Pastanero was the last meal that Shaw ate.

Henry and Jo head to the restaurant that catered the dinner, but the manager doesn’t recognize Shaw’s picture and says all his employee’s are trustworthy. Henry see’s a female member of the kitchen staff, with a mathematical equation tattooed on her shoulder, that’s our girl he tells Jo. Her name’s Liz Chamberlain and she denies knowing Eric Shaw, but Henry says she not only knew him, they were lovers, her eyebrow piercing left a scratch on Shaw’s forehead. Chamberlain knocks down some dish racks and runs away. She jumps on a cycle, but Jo and Henry are right on her tail, but somehow she gets all the lights her way and escapes.

We have our first flashback of the evening and the graphic informs us we’re in London in the year 1865, Henry’s a doctor in a hospital and a pretty young nurse, points to a newspaper article posted on a column. The headline reads Hero Doctor Saves Child From Towering Inferno, along with an illustration of the savior, our Henry. Morgan fumes about making so much of a fuss and the nurse says the hospital administration considers it great publicity. Then she says she’d like to get rescued by Henry herself and they share a kiss, we realize they’re romantically involved.

The nurse then asks Henry if he’s kept anything from her, any hidden secrets? He responds of course not and she says there’s a woman downstairs claiming she’s Henry’s wife. Morgan enters the room the woman’s in and as she gets up, he quickly sees, she’s quite elderly, possibly in her seventies. She says when she read it in the paper she couldn’t believe it, but now seeing him in the flesh she knows it’s true. He is Henry Morgan her husband, suddenly Henry’s mind starts racing and he realizes it’s Nora, fifty-years after she put him in the asylum. The nurse walks into the room he whispers Nora, and the old woman faints.

Back in the present Cyber-Cop Irene, tells the pair that a hacker known as the Warlock, an infamous cyber-criminal aided Liz’s escape by remotely controlling all the traffic lights. The pair soon sit down and question the Warlock, who is reality’s named Bernard Belcic and looks like a dumpy slacker in his late twenties. He admits to triggering the traffic lights, as he’s got the “city code,” the key to unlocking and utilizing any electrical equipment the city uses. He also says he met with Shaw and Liz Chamberlain the night Shaw died, she was still there when he left. He then tells them if Liz’s hiding, she won’t be found unless she wants to be.

Henry’s in his lab when he sees a message on his computer monitor, “Lose Something Dr. Morgan, Or Whoever You Are?” Henry types back who is this and the Liz Chamberlain flashes on the screen, telling Morgan he’s the slowest typist on earth. She then tells Henry, she didn’t kill Shaw, that she truly loved him but now she needs to disappear and she wants Henry to fill out a death certificate for her. Morgan says she’s insane, but then she tells Henry she did some digging and he’s as phony as a three-dollar-bill. His Social Security Number and his records popped up out of nowhere six years earlier and she knows he’s hiding something. So his choice is he helps her, or she tells the NYPD about his forged records.

Henry talks about things with Abe and the antique dealer reminds him of the fallout, the last time someone tried revealing his secret. Then he says the situation involving Nora, ended in tragedy. Abe says you have to decide how far do you go to protect your secret?

Back in 1865, Nora’s now a patient at Henry’s hospital and he’s her attending physician, but he tries to act like she’s a stranger. When he asks her name she says Mrs. Henry Morgan and you’re my husband, why would you deny me this pleasure at my advanced age. Henry’s temper comes to the surface and he speaks through clenched teeth, because you denied me Nora, you destroyed my life. She says she’s sorry, she now sees she was wrong, but they’re back together to reveal his secret and marvel mankind. Morgan tells her, that she’s never to mention, he’s his secret for fifty years and he’s keeping it secret.

Back in the present. Henry heads from the living quarters into Abe’s shop, when he hears a woman’s voice. It’s Chamberlain who wants her death certificate, Morgan pulls one from his pocket and holds it out to her. He says this won’t give her a new life. She’ll be constantly looking over her shoulder waiting to get discovered. She’ll never know peace or freedom.

Liz says she’ll take that chance and holds her hand out for the certificate, Morgan says so will he and rips it to shreds. She gets up says okay you got warned and walks out of the shop. The Cyber-Cops locate her as soon as she starts walking, she gets a few blocks away, starts crossing the street on a cross walk, just about to text the message to Jo when she’s hit by a car, exactly when Mike and Jo arrive. When Henry arrives at the hospital Martinez says she’s on life support, she has a 50/50 chance of surviving.

Martinez and Hanson bring in Bernard Belcic, certain that he timed the lights to get Chamberlain killed. However the Warlock tells them he couldn’t access the lights even if he wanted to, the “city-code” got changed by a member of the NYPD.

Back in 1865, the pretty young nurse goes up to Henry and asks if he’s heard the news? The old woman claiming to be his wife came back to the hospital, talking about all sorts of crazy things and they’re going to put her in the asylum. Henry says no, she’s just mildly confused from the fall she had, suddenly the door opens and in walks Nora, holding a pistol. She says she’ll prove Morgan’s immortal and fires the gun, but the nurse steps in front of Henry, takes the bullet and dies instantly.

We head to Chamberlain’s room and the only two in the room other than Liz are Henry and Irene the Cyber-Cop, when the light-bulb clicks over Morgan’s head. Irene was the woman Eric Shaw seduced and stole the codes from, she killed him and now she’s trying to kill Liz. Liz starts going into shock, but Irene’s disconnected the room from the rest of the hospital grid, she tells Henry she knows his secret, if he lets Liz die all their secrets die with them.

Henry hits an alarm and starts performing heart massage on Chamberlain, other doctors and nurses enter the room and Morgan saves her life. Irene runs out of the hospital and her partner asks what she’s doing, she says all her secrets are going to come out, then steps into the path of an ambulance, dying instantly.

Later Martinez comes up to Henry saying she got an e-mail to some digging on his background and he’s deceived her. How come he doesn’t have on his resume he graduated Oxford at the top of his class, Morgan says he didn’t want to seem like he was showing off.

Henry gets another video visit from Liz, she tells him that she closed all the gaps in his resume, his secrets safe from now on. As for her, she’ll stick to being Liz Chamberlain, she decided starting life over wasn’t for her.

The Story Continues Tuesday, March 24, at 10:00 pm on ABC.