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The Blacklist: The Conman’s Conman

Photo Courtesy Of NBC
Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We got to watch the long-con play out beautifully in the latest episode of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” the FBI Task-Force and their criminal informant Raymond Reddington reunited for the first time since last season. The deception was apparent from the moment the plan went into effect. However the reason behind the subterfuge remained a mystery for much of the night.

You can return home again however it’s rarely exactly as you left it, things change in your absence and those remaining likely have changed things since you left.  Elizabeth Keen returned to the FBI Task-Force after a public exoneration however she got somewhat flustered when she learned how her role got altered. Lizzie realized she’d lose her FBI shield and her service weapon, but she failed to realize that being a convicted felon her permit to carry a concealed weapon and her right to own a firearm no longer existed.

She’ll no longer serve in the field, her only contributions will be as a profiler and for her knowledge from her two years as a field agent. Although she told her boss Harold Cooper she’s fine with the restrictions we can tell by her facial expressions and body language she’s deeply disappointed. Keen also gives an unsolicited apology to all the others on the Task-Force, apologizing for putting them in the position she did and thanking them for their loyalty.

Reddington’s day was far from tranquil as some of his employees came under attack and the incident endangered one of his most valuable employees and closest friends. Our first image’s a house in which a hit just took place and Mr. Kaplan’s sizing up the situation. Three women arrive to help Kate clean the crime scene and get rid of evidence, she tells them there’s three victims in the living room and one in the master bedroom. She then tells them they’ve got 18-minutes to complete their task.

Mr. Kaplan’s got a Walkman with her and puts on her headphones and then cranks Maxine Nightingale’s “Right Back Where We Started From.” She’s so engrossed in her work and the music that she fails to notice two gunmen enter the room and execute the three women. One of the gunmen then grabs her from behind and takes off her headphones. He calls her Sugar and tells her she’s the lucky one as she’s going to live to deliver a message to Reddington, that they know.

Red meets with Kate and she says she thinks he’s overreacting and he says given the circumstances he’s not. He then asks about the women and Mr. Kaplan assures him that all three women’s families know they’ll be well compensated for their loss. She then thanks Raymond and leaves the apartment as Liz arrives, she warns Keen that Red’s in a bad mood.

Reddington dispenses with social niceties and asks Elizabeth what she knows about Shell Island and she says she’s never heard of it. He asks her to sit down and tells her that Shell Island dates back to the roaring twenties and it’s a custom and tradition. Shell Island’s the platform for Marcus Caligiuri next in line to Espen Van Der Merwe who controls the Pater Dai Group, the oldest and largest weapons dealer on the planet.

When the criminal elite feel threatened the Pater Dai Group convene a Skull Island meeting, lifelong enemies temporarily put aside their differences to band together to take out a common enemy. Skull Island isn’t a place it’s the euphemism for the conference. Raymond says that they’ve put out the word that a conference will soon take place but he never received a call. He tells Lizzie that one of his competitors Howard Jasnuch transported the mystery man that called for the conference. He says if the FBI can find the guy who called for Skull Island they can catch an entire squadron of major criminals.

Keen shares the info with the Task-Force and Aram gets a hit on Howard Jasnuch and Samar and Donald head to the address to arrest him. Liz starts to join them when Cooper reminds her she can’t and she sheepishly sits back down. Aram says it’s not that bad and then confides to her that he’s uploaded season four of Doctor Who on the mainframe and he raves about Tom Baker.

Liz decides to pay Tom a visit at the docks and finds him outside working on some equipment. They start kissing each other and can barely contain themselves and Liz says let’s get to your boat. However Tom smiles and says he needs to show her something, he then gets on one knee and pulls something out of the tool box, it’s a washer. He slips it on her finger as a place holder and asks her to marry him he says he realizes he wasn’t a good husband but he can be and will be this time. Lizzie smiles and says one thing she learned on the road is she’s got no idea what she wants in ten-years or even next year. She only knows what she wants now. The two run back to Tom’s boat and get busy.

Ressler captures Jasnuch and asks him the identity and the address of the person he picked up. Howard says he doesn’t have a name but he gives Donald the address. Samar and Ressler go to the address and they find a man in his forties and when they ask him his name he says it’s Raymond Reddington.

Navabi catches Liz up to speed when she returns to the Post Office and Keen’s pretty incredulous and says he doesn’t even look like Red when she sees him on the monitor. Ressler says that they only had one picture of Reddington prior to him turning himself in and he’s got a passing resemblance to that. Samar says that they don’t have any DNA of Raymond prior to 1990, so they can’t prove this guy’s lying.

The man’s being held in the glass cage and they bring him out so that he can meet and talk with Elizabeth. He starts smiling as soon as he sees her face and when he gets in front of her he says he recognizes her, she’s Keen and she’s the one he saw with the impostor. She asks him how he knows so much about the case-files and he says they were people and his friends. He kept wondering why all his friends were getting busted but when it came out that she was involved with a fake Reddington he realized what was going on.

He says that he’ll tell her all about the case-files and Skull Island if she gives him  ten minutes with the impostor face-to-face. She says the FBI doesn’t have a relationship with Raymond Reddington. The man smiles and says that’s correct but they think they do.

The man who claims to be Reddington starts reciting Raymond’s Naval record and even talks about an off the books mission that Harold’s aware of. Cooper looks shocked when he hears him and asks how could he possibly know that. Red enters and when he’s brought up to speed he says the guy’s a probe, he was sent in to determine how strong the relationship is between the Bureau and Raymond.

The man realizes he’s being monitored by the Task-Force and looks at the security cameras and asks if his friend’s arrived yet. Raymond picks up the microphone and asks him how are the accommodations? The man says that if they meet he’ll give the agents the name of an FBI executive whose scheduled to get kidnapped in 45 minutes. Red agrees to meet with the guy.

When Raymond arrives the guy sneers at him and asks who he really is? He then tells the agents that the executive’s Janet MacNamara. She’s in charge of FBI Human Intelligence Unit and that Marcus Caligiuri’s behind the kidnapping. Aram does a quick search on the net and says that she’s with her son at a piano lesson. Ressler and Samar head down their to intercede.

The man tells the agents that if they let him walk he’ll lead them to Skull Island and Cooper says he’d need to wear a wire. The man says they do extensive searching and screening and Aram tells him that they’ve got a new prototype that he’s going to use. The bug’s are cufflinks and won’t turn on until four minutes after he puts them on so security won’t detect them.

Ressler and Navabi get to the center where MacNamara and her son are but the gunmen are already in the building when they find her. Two guys come down the hall and the two agents shoot them both and MacNamara and her son run for the exit. However there’s a third gunman at the front door and he grabs the woman and puts her in the back of a moving truck. They take off but Ressler actually chases down the truck and jumps on the bumper. He gets into a shootout with the two gunmen, but they backup into another vehicle and Donald falls off.

Turns out Red knew all along where Skull Island was taking place and when he arrives Marcus Caligiuri says that as always Raymond’s fashionably late. He looks around and says it’s good to see so many friends and even more enemies and raises his glass to toast Skull Island.

Reddington then says he’s incredibly angry because somebody that’s in the room executed three women who worked as service contractors for him that morning. He then addresses the “rumors” that he’s been an informant for the FBI for the last couple of years. He says that one of his enemies sitting in front of him sent the bureau an impostor and that man has given the Bureau information leading to losses among their ranks.

Just then the fake Reddington walks into the room and says that Red’s an impostor. Marcus Caligiuri says they should kill them both, however Raymond says that they wouldn’t have sent the fake Red in without a wire. Some hoods hold him down and start searching him and Raymond says he never wears cufflinks. The transmitters are found and disabled.

Red then says okay we can make this quick or painful and asks who hired him, the guy says Caligiuri and Marcus says he’s a liar. Raymond then stabs Marcus in the abdomen and as he twists the knife taking his enemy’s last breath he whispers in his ear that Marcus’ instincts were correct he’s the informant. He then tells Caligiuri to say hello to all their friends in Hell and tell them he’ll be joining them soon enough.

The FBI SWAT Team see choppers heading towards the roof so they charge en masse. Raymond says they’re leaving through the garage the choppers are just a diversion. One of the hoods asks what about the fake Raymond and Red shoots the guy in the chest and he dies immediately.

The fake Red turned out to be an old friend of Raymond named Gregory Devry and he was one of he greatest grifters who ever lived. Red says other than the late actor George Sanders he couldn’t ask for somebody better to portray him. Liz asked how he could kill him and Raymond explains he had inoperable stomach-cancer and he considered this euthanasia and asked for Red’s help.

Later that evening Tom arrives at Raymond’s and Reddington tells him he’s not marrying Liz again. Tom laughs and asks if it’s because he didn’t get permission? Raymond says you married her over my objections once it won’t happen again.

Liz goes shopping and she’s in the parking lot when this good-sized guy in his early thirties asks her if she’s Elizabeth Keen then proceeds to beat the stuffing out of her. He keeps kicking her and calling her a traitor. Lizzie winds up in the emergency ward as she’s suffered three broken ribs. However the doctor says her baby survived the incident perfectly.

The Story Continues Next Thursday Night at 9:00 pm on NBC.

Tyrant: I Will Make This The Place You Dreamed Of

Photo Courtesy Of FX
Photo Courtesy Of FX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The First Lady of Abbudin Leila Al Fayeed, summed things up rather succinctly in the latest episode of the FX Network’s Original Series “Tyrant,” as she responded to a doctor encouraging the Al Fayeed’s to stay positive, during a medical crisis. As the doctor left the room, Leila exclaimed “Clearly she doesn’t know the family.”

Abbudin’s second largest city Ma’an, is under control of the Caliphate Army and their mindset’s quite simple, you can either join their fight, or lose your life. However there’s a small band of resistance in the city, that includes Bassam  Al Fayeed, although he’s still hiding his identity and calling himself Khalid.

However we start the episode at the palace of the President, as Sammy Al Fayeed exits a taxi and is lead into an office to speak with his aunt Leila. He tells her that he’s there to talk with his uncle, she responds his uncle is the President and doesn’t see visitors. He says he’s family and asks that she please tell him he’s there, she says she already has.

Ahmed’s putting on a military uniform as his half-brother Rami Said’s going to introduce the country’s new military forces in a public ceremony. His wife Nusrat asks if she can skip the ceremony as she’s feeling some discomfort from her pregnancy. Ahmed convinces her to come to lend him moral support.

Jamal enters the room his nephew’s in and wants to know what Sammy wants. He pleads with him to allow him to  get the $100 million inheritance that his grandfather left for him. Jamal says that’s for the court to decide and Sammy responds that everyone realizes Jamal determines the court’s decisions. The President warns his nephew to watch how he talks to him.

Sammy smiles at him and says he’s not afraid of him. He says he’s his Uncle Jamal, the guy who used to take him out on motorboats when he was a kid, the guy who tried to teach him to fish. The guy that took him to Disney-World, his crazy Uncle Jamal, his favorite.

Now Jamal smiles, he says that he’s going to get funds from a Swiss bank-account, he says he’s not getting the entire 100 million at once. Jamal will give him $10 million and Sammy will leave the country, never to return. During the next few months Sammy will get the balance in installments. Jamal then quietly says, you’re my favorite too.

The resistance group in Ma’an meets and Siddiq tells them that the Caliphate Army has the city locked down and every day they wait, it will be harder to try to fight them. They discuss that they need a lot more people to put up a fight and weapons as well. Suddenly Bassam’s cellphone rings, it’s Ahmos son Munir telling Bassam that he’s found where the Caliphate are keeping Daliyah.

Bassam meets with Munir, who tells him Bassam must strike that evening as all the men of the Caliphate will be involved in a meeting that will go through the next morning. He says the compound will have minimal coverage, just a couple of guards on duty.

Sammy goes to the man who owns the gay-bar that knows Sammy’s friend Abdul and tells him he has the money for the ransom for the nine gay men that are being held captive by the Caliphate. The man says that they’re all dead, that the Caliphate blindfolded the men, then tied them to chairs and dropped them from the roof of a building to the pavement below. Another man tells Sammy, they’re having a memorial for the nine men that evening and Sammy should attend in memory of Abdul.

Attorney James Timmons and Molly are at an Abbudin bar and Timmons’ proposes a toast to Sammy, for handling his Uncle so well and securing his inheritance. Both are a little bit tipsy and Timmons seems like he’s going to make a move on Molly.

Bassam sneaks into the compound and finds Daliyah and tells her they’ve got to leave immediately. However before they can escape we become aware that there’s a woman standing behind Bassam holding a weapon. She thinks Bassam’s one of the soldiers and she calls him by that soldier’s name and asks what he’s doing in Daliyah’s room? He puts on a Middle-Eastern accent and says that Abu Omar told him to fetch her, but the woman says she doesn’t believe him.

She tells him to turn around, then realizes he’s not the soldier, but she knows his eyes and tells him to uncover his  face. At that point we realize that the woman holding the weapon’s Samira Nadal, the daughter of his childhood friend. Samira’s shocked when she realizes that it’s Bassam and he’s still alive.

Rami introduces the new Abbudin military to the country of Abbudin and the President. Jamal gives a speech praising the unit as the best fighting force the nation’s ever had. Just then Nusrat gasps and tells Ahmed she’s bleeding, she gets up from her chair then collapses on the ground. Everyone on the dais rushes to her.

Bassam tries to convince Samira to let them go, but she asks Bassam if he saw Ihab Rashid the next morning, would he try to kill him. His silence is the only answer she needs and she tells them to both sit on the floor. Bassam says he’s not going to let her make him a hostage, but Samira tells him that if he doesn’t cooperate she’ll kill Daliyah.

Timmons and Molly return to the hotel with their buzz on and Molly wants to check on Sammy, but the attorney says let him be. He then kisses Molly and she pushes him off her saying it’s too soon. He then says something like you never recover, referring to the death of his wife a few years before. She then says that was the first time she kissed somebody else in about 20-years and they kiss again, this time she goes along with it.

The doctor tells the First Family, that the placenta ripped away from Nusrat’s uterus and she needs to operate and deliver the baby, even though he’s only at 24-weeks. His chances of survival are between 40-70% but Nusrat will likely die without the procedure.

Bassam’s trying to form a bond with Samira in hopes that she lets them go. He tells her that her father used to send him her class pictures starting in kindergarten. He tells Daliyah that Samira’s highly educated and Nadal says that she attended school for almost 20-years to become a lawyer.

Her face lights up as she tells them a story about when she was 12-years-old, she and seven of her classmates were chosen to form  a model-debate team. She says they defeated all their opponents and they traveled all over, even to Lebanon. She then says that was just ten years before, but  now she’s the only one left, the rest of the team either died in the gas attacks or are living in refugee camps in other nations.

Bassam asks Samira if she agrees with the Caliphate’s methods and she says she doesn’t. When asked why she’s there then, she says she’s stopped caring about everything but one goal. To make the Al Fayeed family pay for what they took from her, she then says Bassam’s her enemy, because if he wins then Jamal wins.

The doctor lets Ahmed know that Nusrat’s fine, but they lost the baby and they had to perform a hysterectomy to stop her from bleeding. So they can never have children. Ahmed asks if he can see his wife and the doctor says she’s still knocked out, but he can see her soon.

They have the memorial for the nine men and none of the local men knew Abdul very well, so Sammy gives a tribute to his friend. He says that Abdul was torn, because he wanted to become someone important, but he knew if he came out that would never happen in Abbudin.

Jamal and Leila are still sitting at the hospital, when Leila says they should go home and get some rest and return the following day. Jamal says the reason that he can’t sleep, is every time he closes his eyes he sees Bassam’s face with a sad smile. He says that all the bad started after he killed his brother, now he’s losing Abbudin and he lost his  grandson. Leila says it’s all coincidence and as President he has to make tough decisions.

Bassam’s cellphone rings and he tells Samira that it’s the other soldier whose helping him free Daliyah. He says if he doesn’t pick up the phone and call him, he’ll soon walk  through that door. She doesn’t believe Bassam, but the soldier walks through the door and Samira shoots him dead.

Sammy’s about to  leave the memorial when this guy named Marwan says that his cousin was one of the nine killed  by the Caliphate. He knows he was willing to pay the ransom for the men and asks him to contribute the money to the resistance group in Ma’an that are trying to stop the Caliphate. Sammy says if Marwan takes him to meet this resistance group, and they ask for money he’d help. The young man agrees and Sammy sends a text to Molly saying he’ll be back for brunch the next day. Molly’s asleep in bed with James Timmons.

Leila summons Rami and tells him to order an attack  on Ma’an and lets him know that’s not a request. Rami calls the head of his Air Force and tells him to bomb the outskirts  of Ma’an, he doesn’t care if they kill one Caliphate soldier as long as all civilians remain unharmed.

Bassam’s patience has finally run out and he tells Daliyah to stand up and then he places his body between her and Samira and tells Daliyah to leave. Samira warns Bassam that she’ll shoot him and he says you do what you have to do and once again tells Daliyah to keep walking. Samira shoots him in the thigh and Bassam picks the knife up off the floor and stabs Samira deeply in the abdomen. She’s mortally wounded and he doesn’t have time to save her.

He bends down next to her and says he can’t fix this. He says he won’t leave her like that and then tells her that her father loves her. He says he promises that he’ll turn Abbudin into the place she and her friends dreamed of when she was 12. However, that will be for other little girls and not for her. He then stabs her again with the knife this time killing her. He says no more pain and then she starts crying, Daliyah says they have to leave.

Ihab Rashid finds Samira’s body when he gets back from the meeting. He picks her limp body up in his arms and holds her to him then lets out a cry of pure anguish.

Bassam returns to where the resistance are living with Daliyah and she stitches up his bullet wound. He tells her that Ahmos was a very special man and that he loved her deeply. She says she didn’t love him when she married him, but grew to love him as he was such a good man.

Suddenly a blast from outside blows them across the room. The explosion’s part of the airstrike that Rami ordered. Bassam holds Daliyah underneath a table and promises to protect her.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on FX.

Tyrant: An Alliance To Defeat A Common Enemy

Photo Courtesy Of FX
Photo Courtesy Of FX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The balance of power’s shifted in Abbudin, the viper in the palace got exterminated and the Caliphate Army not only will take on Abbudin’s military, they’ll be dealing with resistance from citizens banding together to defeat them. While the nation’s President Jamal Al Fayeed, announced to his people a new power structure heading the government, his brother Bassam attempted to convince the numerous tribes that populate the nation, band together to defeat Ihab Rashid and his allies the Caliphate Army. However as Bassam tries to save his country, his son Sammy’s just miles away in an Abbudin court-room, renouncing his father to get his inheritance of $100 million.

We start the evening joining Jamal as he watches global news-reports, concerning the Caliphate Army taking over the village of Ma’an. His wife Leila enters his office and pleads with him to have something to eat or get some rest. He barks back at her, their country’s being overrun and he’s got a meeting with the Chinese. Food and sleep are the last things on his mind.

Abu Omar commander of the Caliphate Army’s torturing a prisoner in Ma’an, trying to attain information about others he considers enemy to the cause. He has one of his soldiers shock the prisoner with jumper-cables attached to a car battery and the man finally talks.

Ihab Rashid’s with a bunch of soldiers on the street, when Ahmos Al-Yazbek approaches him. He asks Rashid to convince Abu Omar to give him back his second wife Daliyah, saying her son Hani needs her. He offers a bag filled with money, saying this is all he has in the world. Ahmos two sons Kasim and Munir watch the conversation a few feet away.

Rashid tells the old man that Daliyah’s safe with them and tells him to keep his money, he’ll need it to help rebuild his village. Ahmos pleads with Rashid, saying he has his two oldest sons as soldiers, but his youngest son needs his mother. Kasim comes over and tells his father to leave, then keeps pushing him until Ahmos turns and walks away, Munir doesn’t look pleased.

A tall man wearing a black turban and his face covered with a black cloth, starts walking towards Ahmos brandishing a rifle. Ahmos thinks the man’s going to rob him, so he throws the bag of money on the ground and screams you want my money take it, it’s all I have. The man picks up the bag, hands it back to Ahmos and lowers the cloth on his face, revealing it’s Bassam. He tells the old man he’s been searching for him for three days, since he heard what happened to Daliyah.

Al-Yazbek tells Bassam he has relatives just a few blocks away and perhaps they can help them rescue Daliyah. Bassam tells the old man to return to his wife and his son, he’ll stay and do everything he can to free her. However Ahmos says he can’t go back to Hani without his mother. He says he’s staying until they rescue her.

The meeting between Jamal and the Chinese Ambassador doesn’t go as well as the leaders of Abbudin would have liked. Al Fayeed says to the Ambassador that this is just a temporary setback, the Ambassador sarcastically recalls the fact that he was assured that Ihab Rashid was dead and that the rebels would never get control of the oil fields.

The President tells the Ambassador with the weapons the Chinese will provide them, they’ll swiftly wipe out the Caliphate Army and Rashid. The Ambassador says his country’s not obligated to give Abbudin any weapons, but General Tariq Al Fayeed reads from the agreement the two countries ratified. The Ambassador says that’s to combat outside threats, China’s not getting involved in Abbudin’s civil-war, but Jamal says the Caliphate are outsiders.

The Ambassador almost broke off relations with Abbudin, when his wife got shot during an attempt on Jamal’s life, so he can barely contain his contempt. He says the deal for weapons was contingent on Jamal keeping his country together, perhaps if he hadn’t gassed his own people, he’d have a better handle on things.

Jamal glares at the Ambassador and spits out that the representative from China plays the human-rights card when China’s one of the worst violators of human-rights on the planet. He calls the Ambassador a puppet and the diplomat and his party leave the office.

Tariq tells his nephew to run after the Ambassador and beg his forgiveness. He says that without their weapons they won’t be able to defeat the Caliphate Army and force them to relinquish Ma’an. Jamal sneers at his uncle and says that he wants the Chinese to clean up the mess he created. Tariq tells Jamal that he got brainwashed by Bassam and he still hears his words in his head. He points to a picture of his brother and Jamal’s father and says remember his words. Your father knew what to do in a situation like this.

An evil smile takes over Jamal’s face and he says I know what to do as well. He then takes the solid gold oil-well that was a gift from the Chinese Ambassador and slams Tariq in the forehead with it. He then kept repeatedly striking him with it, until his son Ahmed pulled Jamal off him. Colonel Mahmoud felt for a pulse, but Tariq was gone.

After Amira hears about Tariq, she seeks out her daughter-in-law Leila for a serious conversation. Amira tells Leila that the only hope for the family and the regime is to get Jamal’s illegitimate son Rami Said to become the head of Abbudin’s military. Leila’s dead-set against the idea at first, but Amira convinces her that it’s their only option.

James Timmons pleads Sammy’s case in front of three Abbudin judges. The spokesman says that the reason the family’s contesting the will, is due to the fact that Barry was tried, convicted and executed for treason. Timmons argues that Sammy shouldn’t be punished for the actions of his father and the judge says he wants to question Sammy.

The judge asks the teenager if he disagrees with his father’s actions and Sammy responds, that he believes his father was delusional and selfish, thinking he could come back after 20-years and take over the country. The judge asks if Sammy renounces his father Bassam Al Fayeed and his actions, the teenager says he does. The judge says he’d like to hear Sammy say the words and the teen renounces his father. When they get outside the courtroom, Timmons tells Sammy he did a great job and hopefully the judges will now rule in his favor.

Ahmos and Bassam go to the neighborhood his relatives lived in and it’s nothing but rubble, he sees the corpse of his 14-year-old cousin and starts to weep, but suddenly some people emerge from the rubble pointing rifles at the pair. One of them asks what they want and Ahmos says he’s looking for relatives. He’s told none of his relatives are there  and he asks about his cousin, the girl holding the removes the mask around her face and he realizes it’s his cousin’s daughter.

The girl tells the pair that most of the men are being held prisoner by the Caliphate and Bassam comes up with a plan to rescue the prisoners with the help of Ahmos’ son Munir. He tells the old man to get him on the phone.

Leila goes to talk to Rami Said, saying that neither Jamal or her son Ahmed have what it takes to be a General. She asks Rami to stay and become head of the Abbudin military. Said’s shocked and flattered that Leila has approached him but he declines the offer, saying Abbudin’s not his home. She says that the places he’s saved in his position with the United Nations weren’t his home. Then she says it’s your grandmother’s home and your mother’s home, we can see by the look in Rami’s eyes that Leila convinced him to take the job.

Munir tells all the soldiers on  the street that he just got a call about some skirmish a few blocks away and they all take off, then he does the same thing to the soldiers guarding the prisoners and they head for the skirmish as well. Seconds later Bassam, Ahmos and the women and children open the cages and free the prisoners. However it doesn’t take long before Abu Omar realizes they were set-up.

The prisoners have all gotten out and Ahmos and Bassam are about to leave when they hear some women screaming, there’s a cage with about six women in it. One of them is Halima, the young woman who spray-painted Free Bassam Free Abbudin in the second season premiere. They free the women, but the Caliphate soldiers arrive firing their weapons. Ahmos gets shot but Bassam gets him back to the neighborhood.

Rami’s at the palace and he’s on a video-conference with the leader of a band of mercenaries. Said tells the man what he needs and the man says he’s got it covered. Jamal interrupts the conversation and asks the man how many soldiers he can provide. The man responds as many as you can pay for Mr. President. Ahmed comes into the office and Jamal introduces Ahmed to Rami as their new General and Ahmed’s brother.

Back in the neighborhood, Ahmos is taking his final breaths and he’s at peace, but he makes Bassam promise to get Daliyah back to Hani. Bassam says he will and the old man squeezes his hand and then takes his last breath. Bassam covers him with a sheet.

The entire first family and all the major government officials arrive for Jamal’s address to his people. The President talks about the foreign invaders that are trying to take over Abbudin and talks about the high death toll including General Tariq Al Fayeed. He then introduces the new military commander for the nation Rami Said and says even now General Said has plans in effect, we see the mercenaries flying to Abbudin.

The man who appears to be the leader of the escaped prisoners Siddiq, says that they must leave their village and head elsewhere. Bassam says if they do that then all these people that they’ve lost have died in vain. Siddiq asks who Bassam is and one of the women replies that he was a friend of Ahmos and it was his idea to rescue the prisoners. Siddiq now treats him far more politely. He says that their tribe isn’t strong enough to take on the Caliphate and Bassam agrees. He says however if we can get all the tribes to band together, we can force them from our country. He says their ancestors forced the Romans out of Abbudin, he believes they can defeat the Caliphate.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on FX.

Tyrant: These Men Are Here To Destroy My Country

Photo Courtesy Of FX
Photo Courtesy Of FX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The mythical Middle-Eastern nation of Abbudin’s on the verge of a civil-war and the outcome of such a battle’s pretty much in doubt. The country’s rebel leader Ihab Rashid, joined forces with the Caliphate Army led by his old mate Abu Omar and have “liberated” the Bedouin village where Ahmos Al-Yazbek and his family live, from the rule of the Al Fayeed family. Then they drafted every male in the village, between the ages of 15-50 to join them in the fight to free Abbudin.

Despite their rhetoric the rebel forces don’t seem to be the friends of the people. Friends don’t beat an elderly man bloody to extract information, or steal his wife from their village. What the rebels never realized was that the village they “liberated,” could have captured a major asset in their fight to rule Abbudin. Bassam Al-Fayeed was among the residents when the troops first pulled into the village.

The rebel forces arrived in the village in the opening minutes of  the episode, blaring a message from their vehicles telling the residents that they were liberated and for them to congregate in the square. The rebels led by Rashid, stood upon a platform with an Abbudin official, the woman from the United Nations that was to accompany Daliyah Al-Yazbek to Germany. They shoot the official and the woman from the UN, but Rashid says they’ll show mercy to Daliyah and let her return to her family.

Ashraf Barhom, the actor that portrays Jamal Al-Fayeed didn’t have a lot of screen-time in this episode, but he’s such a great actor that he makes every moment count when he’s on the screen. Watching him toy with an adversary, when he holds the upper hand is one of the high points of this series. His current target’s his uncle Tariq, the commander of the Abbudin military, who disobeyed his nephews orders and staged a chemical attack on the city that was the rebel’s stronghold.

Tariq has to inform Jamal that Ihab Rashid not only survived the chemical attack, he went to Syria and joined forces with the Caliphate Army and they now control the Bedouin village. After ridiculing his uncle for not reaching his objectives during the unauthorized attack, he tells Tariq to call a council meeting. He tells his uncle that he’ll present his plan to deal with the situation to the other advisers.

Ahmos pulls Bassam aside and asks him to watch out for his two sons, when they leave the village to join the Caliphate attack. Bassam tells his host that he can’t join the battle, as the rebels will kill him and anybody he’s with once they recognize him.

Ahmos gives him a look of disgust, then he says to his guest that his way is to run away from everything. He ran away from his family, the government, the army and now the rebels. Bassam replies he realizes that’s what it looks like, but Al-Yazbek responds that’s what it is. He tells Bassam the direction to head if he can elude the guards, then takes off a bracelet and gives it to his guest. He tells Bassam to show the bracelet to another Bedouin and he’ll get accompanied to the Lebanese border.

Back at the palace, Jamal meets with his advisers and Tariq lays out his attack plans to defeat the rebels. The General tells the group that there are just two roads that access the village, he plans to make them impassable and then conduct an air-strike and bomb the village. The President says the village’s filled with civilians and the General remains silent.

Jamal asks what Intelligence believes would be the rebels next move if not stopped at the village, Tariq says the city that he ordered the chemical attack on. He says we think they’ll be sympathetic to their cause and the President responds of course they will because you gassed their city.

We see the wife of one of the rebel leaders, crouched behind a car and she’s holding a pistol. The young woman’s American and clearly disillusioned with her life, since emigrating to the Middle East. It appears she’s going to end her misery by taking her own life, but then Bassam comes up to a soldier from behind and says he’s stealing the jeep. He tells the soldier he doesn’t want to hurt him, but the soldier whips around and knocks the blade from Bassam’s hand.

The two struggle in the dirt, but Al-Fayeed grabs a large rock and splits the guy’s head open, killing him instantly. He hides the soldier’s body in a pen and then jumps into the jeep. However the woman’s in the backseat with the pistol aimed at his head and tells him to drive.

They make it past a checkpoint and then drive for about an hour, before they reach a large metal fence. Al-Fayeed says they’re walking the rest of the way, but the woman slips and sprains her ankle, dropping the pistol. Bassam picks it up and puts it in his waist-band, telling him he’s not going to hurt her. He says he wants to wrap her ankle, but they’ll find a shady spot to do it at. The woman looks amazed as she says you’re not leaving me.

The rebels have discovered the missing jeep and the rebel’s wife’s gone and they start beating on Ahmos to find out where Bassam went. He stays silent, but his son Kasim tells them he’s heading to Lebanon. He says his father was just being a good man and gave this stranger a home. He then tells them the route that Al-Fayeed’s taking.

The rebels are ready to leave the village, with all their new recruits in tow, when two helicopters show up on the horizon. Abu Omar tells Ihab Rashid to take cover and let his men handle it, but the two choppers quickly kill about 20-soldiers. The rebels have rocket-launchers though and shoot the two helicopters out of the sky. Two more quickly appear, they take out one and the other one flies away. The soldiers gather together and let out a victorious cheer. Rashid stares at the dead soldiers, but Omar looks at him like it’s to be expected.

Tariq hands Jamal a leather-bound folder, containing contingency plans if the Chines are forced to abandon the city, due to a rebel attack. The General says he assures the President that the plans are unneeded, but Jamal says you assured me that we’d stop them in the Bedouin village. He says that his uncle’s assurances are meaningless and then walks away.

Turns out that the young woman was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, but always felt out of place being a Muslim girl in America. What she doesn’t say to Bassam, but is readily apparent, is that her expectations of the Middle-East were based on a romantic notion. He’s wrapped her ankle and tells her to stand up and put weight on it.

She’s fine but they don’t get far, as they’re attacked by the woman’s husband and another soldier. First the husband beats the stuffing out of Al-Fayeed and then he grabs his wife and asked if Bassam touched her, she quickly responds he didn’t. Then she tells her husband she forced him to take her with him, saying she’d rather die than stay with him.

The husband throws her down on the ground, then sits on her stomach and starts choking her. The other soldier has his gun aimed at Bassam, but he’s watching the struggle. Al-Fayeed takes the soldiers knife out of his boot, stabs him then shoots him with the pistol, then kills the woman’s husband with his next shot.

He asks the woman if she’s alright and she nods yes. He then gives her the bracelet and tells her to show it to the people in the village and they’ll take her to the Lebanese border. She’s shocked that he’s not joining her, but he says he has to stay. He says these men are here to destroy my country and I can’t run anymore. She asks what he’ll do and he responds, whatever God sees fit and bids her farewell.

Molly and Sammy Al-Fayeed, along with their attorney James Timmons touch down at the airport at Abbudin, just as Jamal’s addressing the nation about the rebel attack. He uses the occasion to denounce Ihab Rashid, saying that he joined forces with a terrorist group from outside of the country, but he assures his nation that his forces will defeat the rebels.

The Caliphate army leave the Bedouin village, with an unwilling guest as Abu Omar’s taken with Daliyah and his first wife encourages him to take Ahmos’ second wife as his. Daliyah and her son Hani start crying, but it does no good as she’s taken away from him.

Bassam grabs the rifles from the soldiers and starts traveling back to Abbudin. Perhaps he believes that he and Jamal can bond over this common enemy and repair their ruptured relationship.

The President finishes his address to his nation and his wife Leila praises his speech, once he’s off camera. She then says this should teach the people the difference between these dirty terrorists and protesters who want to make their nation a better place.

Jamal looks at her and says Bassam was right he predicted all of this was going to happen. That Tariq couldn’t be trusted and Ihab Rashid would keep fighting. He said that instead of listening to his advice, he killed his brother instead.

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Tyrant: Winds Of Change Sweep Through Abbudin

Photo Courtesy Of FX Network
Photo Courtesy Of FX Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The times are tumultuous for the Middle-Eastern nation of Abbudin and the country’s ruling family the Al Fayeed’s in the FX Original Series ‘Tyrant.” The rebel movement’s licking their collective wounds and regrouping with a new strategy. Change is also effecting the Bedouin community, that Bassam’s residing in as a guest of Ahmos Al-Yazbek, as Ahmos’ second wife  Daliyah is leaving for Germany. She’ll be staying there six-months to study how to become a solar-engineer, which will vastly improve life for the residents in her village.

Back in California, it turns out that the lawyers for the Al Fayeed estate are contesting the will and unless Barry and Molly’s son Sammy returns to Abbudin and appears in court, he can kiss his $100 million inheritance goodbye. Jamal’s starting to think that his son Ahmed may lack the skills to be the Minister Of Energy Development, when his mother Amira reveals some mind-blowing news to Abbudin’s President.

Let’s start things off with that revelation, as Amira informs her son that he’s got a 25-year-old son that he never knew existed. Turns out that when Jamal was a very young man, he fell in love with a girl and the two had made arrangements to leave the country and live the life they wanted. However Jamal’s father caught wind of the scheme, beat the stuffing out of his son and told him if they left Abbudin, they’d both get punished far more severely. The elder Al Fayeed forbade his son to ever contact the girl again, so he was unaware she was carrying his son. However Amira stayed in touch with her and helped her and her son financially.

The woman passes away and Amira went to the funeral and talked with her grandson Rami Said, a Task Force Commander for the United Nations. Rami’s upset that he didn’t make it back to Abbudin before his mother passed, Amira tells him he was a wonderful son and his mother adored him. She then tells him it’s time that his father knows about him and that the two meet.

Jamal and Amira haven’t spoken since he ordered his brother’s execution and he’s surprised to see her. However she quickly lets him know what this visit’s about. She then tells him that she never told him, because his father would have forbidden Jamal to contact his son. But the time is right for them to meet. Jamal doesn’t like the idea and tells his mother as much, then quickly ends their meeting.

Ahmed comes into his father’s office and asks him why he still hasn’t signed the paperwork finalizing the deal with the Chinese on their oil refinery. Ahmed responds that it’s 300 pages and he wants to make sure there aren’t any loopholes, Jamal tells him to get up earlier and go to bed later. Before Ahmed leaves the office, he gives his father a picture of the ultrasound exam that Nusrat had that morning. Jamal’s grandchild will be a boy, he props the picture up on his desk, then calls Amira to arrange a meeting with Rami.

Ihab Rashid and Samira Nadal are in hiding at a safe-house and eating stale pita-bread. He gives photographs of himself and Samira to a young man and tells him to bring the pictures to a friend of Rashid’s. He says the man’s a forger and he’ll produce documents for Ihab and Samira to travel to Europe. He tells the young man to return as soon as the documents are finished. The young man says he can handle the assignment and leaves.

Abbudin soldiers and the liaison for the program in Germany arrive in the Bedouin village and Daliyah goes and meets with them. As they meet, the village doctor comes over  and talks with Ahmos’ sons about Daliyah heading to Germany. Munir says he believes his mother’s jealous of Daliyah’s beauty and is forcing her to move to Germany, but Kasim tells him that’s stupid and to shutup. The doctor asks Bassam about his opinion and he says he thinks it’s a great idea and will help the village immensely. The doctor laughs at him and says Daliyah will never return to Abbudin once she experiences life in Europe.

The doctor’s words anger and scare Daliyah and Ahmos son Hani, whose been milking the family’s goat while listening to their conversation. He dumps over the bucket of milk and socks Kasim in the jaw when the older brother yells at him, then he runs out of the pen.

James Timmons, the attorney that’s helping Sammy get his inheritance drop’s by the Al Fayeed house unexpectedly. He tells them that the lawyers are contesting the will and Sammy needs to appear in court in Abbudin. Molly says she forbids Sammy from going back there, but her son tells her he wants his inheritance. The two yell at each other and Sammy leaves the house.

Rami Said arrives at the palace and after Amira introduces the men to each other, she suggests that Jamal give Rami a tour of the palace. We rejoin them mid-tour, as Al Fayeed’s pointing out all the tile in a certain room, he says it took a year for the builders to complete the job. He then says, you’d think it would be wonderful to grow up here, but it really wasn’t.

We then find out why Khaled Al Fayeed was so dead set against Jamal getting involved with Rami’s mother, she was a Rashid. Jamal explains to Rami that the relationship was doomed even before it started, a tale of two star-crossed lovers, whose families despised each other. He then tells Rami that he looks just like his mother, he says that he has her eyes, she had very kind eyes.

The men go target shooting and Jamal’s amazed that Rami has perfect aim. The two walk out to the courtyard and Leila approaches them. Jamal introduces them, telling his wife that Rami’s originally from Abbudin, but he’s been stationed all over the world with the United Nations. Leila asks how they met and Jamal says that he makes it his business to seek out Abbudin’s best.

Back in their bedroom, Jamal can’t stop singing the praises of Rami and Leila asks if he knows that Said’s a Rashid. Jamal says he’s just a distant cousin and he has no contact with Ihab or the rest of the rebels. He then says that he thinks that Rami could be a big help for his administration and Leila realizes there’s something her husband’s not telling her.

Jamal tells Leila that Rami’s his son and that Amira just informed him about him earlier that day. He then explains about the relationship which took place long before they met. Leila says that Jamal’s not bringing his illegitimate son into her house and make him part of the family. She tells her husband that he has just one son Ahmed.

There’s a knock on the door of the safe-house, it’s the young man and Ihab lets him in the door. He grabs the envelope and sees that it’s empty and asks the guy where are the papers? The young man said they threatened his family and with that the door bursts open and some burly guys grab Ihab and Samira, put black bags over their heads and takes them away.

The pair are transported to Syria and when the bags are removed from their heads, a young man tells Ihab that it’s good to see him again. Samira asks Rashid if he knows him and he does, it’s Abu Omar and they studied together in Egypt. Omar says they’re friends and Rashid questions that statement, but Omar responds he always considered him a friend. He sends Samira with his wife to get fed, while he talks to Ihab.

Rashid tells Abu that he’s changed and Omar responds that spending two-years in the prisons of Mubarak in Egypt will do that to a man. He says he wants to help Ihab overthrow the Al Fayeed regime and help Rashid become the leader of his nation. Rashid says he’s done fighting, Omar responds from where he’s sitting, Ihab has yet to start to fight.

Jamal meets Rami the next morning in a café in the capital, Rami’s a little taken-aback that Al Fayeed cleared the café of all of their customers, so the two could drink their coffee privately. Jamal smiles and tells Rami that he wants him in the government and offers him as the second in command in the Abbudin army. Rami says he didn’t want to meet Jamal to get a job and Al Fayeed says he realizes that, but he wants him on his team.

Rami says he’s flattered but he’s an Al Fayeed and a Rashid, something he’s lived with all his life and why he left Abbudin to advance his career. He says that Jamal’s asking him to choose sides and the President responds that now there are no sides. Said says that’s because you gassed the opposition and Jamal responds it’s complicated. Rami once again says he’s flattered but he’s staying with the United Nations. The two men tell each other they’re very glad they met, Rami tells his father you’re not the man I was expecting.

Daliyah’s beside herself with worry as Hani has been missing since the incident in the goat pen, that afternoon. She says that it was a stupid idea to think about going to Germany, but Bassam says he thinks that the move will help the village. She rolls her eyes and says she’s not taking advice from someone whose wife thinks he’s dead.

Bassam realizes where Hani’s hiding as the two of them talked about hiding places. He convinces Hani that his mother’s doing a good thing and she will return to Abbudin. Then he tells the boy that he’ll stay with him for the six months, his mother’s in Germany.

The next day Daliyah says her goodbyes to her family. She hugs Hani and says the next time he sees her she’ll be a solar-engineer. She says they’ll build a house and Hani will have his own room. They hug and she gets into the jeep with the two soldiers and the woman from the program and off they go.

A while later they’re driving along, when several vehicles containing rebels force them from the road. The two soldiers are immediately shot in the head, then the rebels force the two women to lie on their bellies in the sand. As Daliyah turns around to look at her captors, we see that Ihab Rashid’s standing over her brandishing a pistol.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday on FX.

Tyrant: The Sins Of The Father Repeated By The Son

Photo Courtesy Of FX Network
Photo Courtesy Of FX Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”
William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Jamal Al Fayeed President of the mythical middle-eastern nation Abbudin, never wanted the pressure of being a leader. A simple man with earthy-tastes, he told his brother Bassam that he really wanted to be a table-maker. A simple carpenter living his days in anonymity, with no pressures greater than having the table he created, ready when the customer wanted it.

Fans of the FX Network’s Original Series “Tyrant,” realize that Jamal’s wishes weren’t granted, as he succeeded his father last year as President of his homeland.  To say his decisions since taking office are misguided, would be putting things quite kindly for Jamal. The world believes that he hung his brother Bassam, after a failed coup attempt. However Al Fayeed could not bring himself to kill his younger brother, leaving him in the middle od the desert to fend for himself.

In the previous episode, we saw that Bassam got saved by two men heading back to their village. We also witnessed what appeared to be an unrepairable rift develop between Jamal and the Chinese Ambassador, Abbudin’s new partner in oil development. The Ambassador’s wife got shot in the arm by agents of rebel leader Ihab Rashid, at the ground-breaking ceremony for the Shunshin oil-refinery, as the gunmen tried to assassinate Al Fayeed, but his shot was far off it’s target.

The Chinese Ambassador told the President that China won’t do business with a country that failed to protect his wife. Al Fayeed responded that the man responsible for the incident would have his head on a stick, before the Chinese representative woke up the next morning.

We start the episode the following morning in Al Jaffa, the village that the rebels live in. Halima the young women we saw spray-painting “Free Bassam, Free Abbudin,” in the second season premiere, approaches her younger sister in the market and asks if she bought any figs. The younger girl makes an excuse why she didn’t, however Halima tells her to head to the other side of the market and get the fruit.

Halima meets up with her spray-painting partner in crime Marwan, who tells her he’s thinking of taking up arms to speed up the revolution. Halima says they promised each other they would abstain from using weapons as violence solves nothing.

We move to the headquarters of the rebel movement as Ihab Rashid gets a call from his second in command. He tells Rashid that large groups of soldiers just jumped into a bunch of military vehicles and heading for Al Jaffa. Ihab’s still on the phone when he sees the first military vehicle pull up. He immediately shouts to everyone one in the room to get out and seek shelter.

Back in the market the air’s filled with smoke and people start coughing, then gasping and falling to the ground. It’s obvious what happened, the head of the Abbudin military and Jamal’s uncle Tariq Al Fayeed, went behind the President’s back and ordered his soldiers to attack the village with chemical weapons.

Marwan tells Halima they must flee for there lives, but the young woman says she has to find her sister. Seconds later the sister arrives screaming that her eyes are burning, she was in the part of the market where the gas got released. We see bodies lying all over the ground.

Jamal storms through the palace and walks into the sauna, where Tariq is sitting. He grabs his uncle by the throat and throws him against the wall. Tariq says that Jamal can truthfully say he didn’t authorize the attack, the General says he saved his nephew, just as he saved Jamal’s father over 20-years before. The President tightens his grip around the old man’s neck and looks as if he’ll kill him there on the spot.

Tariq says that Jamal has a choice, he can kill his uncle and tell the world his military-commander acted behind his back. Or he can say that the rebels had the supply of chemical weapons and that they’re rockets hit them, the government had no idea that the rebels had a supply of chemical weapons. He says some will believe you, while others will not. However in time they’ll cease caring and Jamal can govern Abbudin however he wants. The President releases his neck and storms out of the sauna.

The two young men that found Bassam unconscious in the desert, are members of a Bedouin village. Their goal is still to turn Bassam over to the government for a reward, but their first goal’s to keep him alive. The older of the pair breaks into the village doctor’s office and steals an IV bag filled with fluids, that Bassam told them he needed. They start to head back to the spot they have him hidden, when Kasim and his mate run into the second of Kasim’s father’s wives. She asks him what’s in his knapsack and when he doesn’t answer she snatches it from him.

They head to where Bassam’s at and the woman named Daliyah helps hook him up to the IV bag. She tells Kasim and the other young man to fetch Kasim’s father and let him know they have a guest.

Jamal heads to his desk and sees an envelope waiting there for him. Enclosed are pictures of the victims from the attack. He flips through picture after picture of men, women and children, his face growing paler with each picture he sees. He finally stops looking and just closes his eyes in anguish.

He then meets with the Chinese Ambassador, who looks at him as if he were a barbarian. He says that China can’t be partners with a man that used chemical weapons on his own people. Jamal says that he didn’t authorize a chemical attack and their intelligence believes that the chemical weapons were being kept by the rebels. The Ambassador looks at him and asks if this is true, Jamal says our intelligence tells us that the rebel forces are crushed and the resistance is over. The Ambassador smiles and says that his nation would insist on a full United Nations investigation into the matter, but once that’s completed he believes the two countries can go forward on their project.

The President addresses the nation and the world on TV, saying that Western Propaganda has tried and convicted his nation, when they’ve done nothing wrong. He says that he didn’t authorize an attack of any WMD’s and that Abbudin’s Intelligence agencies believe that Ihab Rashid had chemical weapons at their headquarter. Back in Al Jaffa, Ihab Rashid’s still alive but coughing badly. He’s watching Al Fayeed address the world with a look of contempt and distrust on his face.

Back in the States, Molly talks with her son Sammy about his father. He says that he doesn’t think that Barry liked his son and Sammy really felt the same way. He says he signed up for a college class and registered under Molly’s maiden-name, to not stand out. The professor brought up Barry during their last class and said that he was a great man. He says every student in the class echoed the Professor’s opinion, but he stayed silent. He looks at his mother and asks if his father was such a great man, what did he leave him?

Back at the Bedouin village, the father Ahmos and his first wife arrive back at their home and meet Bassam. Ahmos says his son told him that Bassam claimed to be a medic in the army, but asks him why he wears the clothes of a prisoner? Al Fayeed says that he deserted from the army as he could no longer support the governments policies. Ahmos first wife says they should turn him in, he’ll only bring trouble to the family, but her husband says he’s their guest and he’ll do know such thing. He turns to Daliyah and tells her to get their guest some fresh clothes and show him where to clean up. He also provides Bassam with a cellphone to call his wife.

The doorbell rings at Molly’s home and it’s the attorney James Timmons she met the week before at the memorial for Barry. The lawyer informs them that he’s been in contact with the lawyers for the Al Fayeed family in the Middle East and it turns out Barry was not cut out of his father’s will. In keeping with Middle Eastern custom, the money’s now the property of the family’s male heir, Sammy. He’s inherited $100 million dollars.

Leila heads to the hospital in Al Jaffa to comfort the victims. A mother’s distraught because her young son’s lost his vision. The First Lady of Abbudin, tells the woman that she’s sending her personal physician and his staff to the village to treat the patients. Suddenly there’s a commotion as Halima tries to get close enough to talk to Leila, she tells the soldiers she knows the young woman and starts to talk to her. Halima shows Leila a picture of her sister and tells her she died in the attack.

Leila tells Halima how sorry she is for her loss, but the younger woman asks her how she can be sorry and guilty at the same time. Al Fayeed’s shocked by her words and tells her the government did not utilize chemical weapons. Halima asks if she repeats the lie often enough, does Leila believe it becomes the truth? She says her sister’s blood’s on Leila’s hands, then throws blood all over Al Fayeed. She’s taken out of the hospital by the guards, but she screams that the resistance is now stronger since the attack.

Kasim’s still determined to get the reward money for the escaped prisoner and he calls his buddy whose a private in the Abbudin army. He tells the private they have a medic who deserted from the army named Khalil and he wants to collect the reward. The private tells Kasim he must be stoned and delusional as there’s no record of any deserters. Kasim hangs up and tells his mate that the escaped prisoner lied about his identity.

Samira Nadal goes to the morgue to check out how badly the attack hurt the village and the resistance. She tells Ihab that there must have been over a hundred bodies and she saw about 30 members of the resistance among the dead, including Rashid’s second in command. Suddenly there’s a slamming on the door, Rashid opens it and then lets in two members of the resistance that escaped the attack.

They tell Ihab and Samira that they must leave the village, that the only reason they survived the attack was they were working at the refinery. Their wives and children are dead and they tell Rashid it’s his fault, as they supported him. They are no longer welcome in Al Jaffa.

Kasim tells Ahmos that he called his friend in the military and their guest has lied about his identity. Ahmos’ youngest son’s milking a goat and asks “Khalil” if he’s a Muslim and the man says he is. He asks him then why doesn’t he pray and Bassam responds he’s out of practice. The boy says he can’t be a good Muslim without praying and offers to teach him.

Ahmos tells his youngest son to go and help his brother, then he tells Bassam that his son found out he lied. Bassam tells him he told him the essence of his story, but the older man says that still isn’t the truth. Ahmos asks why there’s no report of his escape and Bassam replies because he’s supposed to be dead. Suddenly a military vehicle pulls up and Ahmos tells Bassam to go inside.

The soldier’s the private that Kasim called and Ahmos tells the young man that he’s Kasim’s father. He tells Ahmos that Kasim called him the night before saying they had an escaped prisoner and since he was in the area he figured he’d check it out. Ahmos chuckles and says that since the private knows his son, he’s likely aware of Kasim’s problem with drugs. He then says that their guest is a cousin from another part of the country and apologizes for the trouble, the private says no problem and gets in his vehicle and leaves.

Bassam thanks his host for not turning him in and Ahmos says he admires his convictions and his courage. He says he has nothing but contempt for a regime that once again gassed their own people. Bassam asks him what he’s talking about and it suddenly occurs to the older man that Bassam couldn’t have heard that a thousand people in Al Jaffa died of a gas attack. He says the sins of the father repeated by the son.

Leila’s gagging and crying back at the palace as she uses a scrub brush to get the blood off her hands. She tells Jamal she can’t believe what Halima said to her. He responds by saying that many in Abbudin won’t believe the story they’re telling the world. Leila suddenly realizes that Tariq actually did use chemical weapons on the village.

She’s now totally losing it, saying she didn’t want them to do the same things his father did. She says she wanted the people to love her, but they can never make this right. Jamal says this is just a small bump in the road and soon, the people will only think of her as their lovely and gracious first lady. He then says to Leila they need to do something to get their mind off the attack.

Bassam uses the cellphone to get caught up on all that’s happened in Abbudin since he’s been gone. He thanks his host for the use of the cellphone and Ahmos asks him if he called his wife, Bassam replies he hasn’t. He says he’s an enemy of the state and he’s concerned if he contacts Molly, they might go after her and his children. Ahmos tells his guest he can stay wit them as long as he wants and Bassam says that would put Ahmos and his family in danger. Ahmos tells his friend to feel no obligation to stay or leave.

Ihab Rashid prays and then kisses the forehead of his second in command. He then wraps his old friend in a shroud as Samira watches.

The afternoon prayer session takes place in the Bedouin village. Bassam stands at the back of the mosque, then walks ahead to where Ahmos and his youngest are praying and Bassam joins them in prayer.

Jamal’s decided to get Ahmed and his wife and Leila involved in a game of charades and the President’s trying to act out the phrase, but his family has no idea what the phrase is. Jamal finally says Gone With The Wind, like the book but the younger couple appear to never have heard of the American Classic.

The Story Continues Next Tuesday at 10:00 pm on FX.

Tyrant: Searching For Direction

Photo Courtesy Of FX Network
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Warning: Spoiler Alert

The Al Fayeed family and Abbudin struggle to come to grips with their new reality, in the FX Network Original Series “Tyrant.” As the family branches in Abbudin and California, deal with the death of Bassam/Barry, Colonel Mahmoud attempts to identify the rebel agent that killed 12 Abbudin soldiers in the previous episode. Our first image of the evening’s watching Mahmoud scouring surveillance tape, trying to see the face of the rebel agent who detonated a truck disguised as an Abbudin soldier.

Our next stop’s the bedroom of Jamal and Leila, as the couple finish making love. Leila asks her husband if he’s alright and she realizes he’s still obsessing over the death of his brother. The President says that Leila may not have liked Bassam, but he loved his brother. Unfortunately he should have realized 20-years-ago, that his brother didn’t have the same love for him.

Leila tells Jamal that she loved Bassam, because he was his brother. However she says feels relieved, that he’s gone and that they’ve put that chapter behind them. Jamal’s facial expression shows that he doesn’t share his wife’s sentiments.

However Barry’s not dead despite the hostile conditions he faces, as he tries to find his way in the middle of the desert. We see Bassam plodding along, his skin already the color of a lobster. He needs to find some signs of civilization soon, or he truly will die alone in the desert.

Back at the palace, Ahmed’s sitting in a chair wearing a powder-blue business suit, while taking hits from a bong in his bedroom. The weed’s smell wakes his wife Nusrat, who asks him what he’s doing? Her husband responds that the Minister of Energy Development’s getting ready for the work week.

Ahmed’s at the Shunshin oil-refinery in the desert, when the aide to the Chinese Ambassador approaches him about the plans for the ground-breaking ceremony, the following day. He tells the President’s son that the way things are planned, the crowd will get blinded by the sun, as they look to the stage to see Jamal and the Chinese Ambassador. Ahmed tells him this is the desert and the sun’s always somewhere, then he says to the aide this is his country and his oil and he knows what he’s doing.

Ihab Rashid tells his followers that they have to assassinate Jamal at the ground-breaking ceremony the following day. One of the rebels replies, they’ve got no supplies or guns. Rashid responds they don’t need guns, just one pistol and one man to fire the gun and put a bullet in Al Fayeed’s skull. Ihab’s second in command, says they’re all well-known and pictures of each of them are on the watch-list. Malik, the rebel that blew up the truck, says he’s not on any watch-lists and tells Rashid if he gets a gun at the ceremony, he’ll kill Jamal.

Ahmed returns to the palace and a soldier tells him that his father wants to see him. He enters Jamal’s office and his father asks Ahmed his suggestion for the new Minister Of Energy Development. Ahmed looks back at his father with a confused smile and says that’s his job. Jamal asks if the Minister shows up for work high on drugs, or insults one of their Chinese partners, when they try to rectify a mistake.

Jamal tells his son the people hate him, even though they don’t know him. They hate him for being Jamal’s son and getting everything that they want. He says they think you’re a lazy fat slob, then asks his son why he’s working so hard to prove them correct? He says if you don’t want the jobs, just let me know. The job of being the Minister of Energy Development and the job of being his son, Ahmed says he wants them both. Jamal says good and kisses his son on the forehead, then says together we’ll change their opinions.

Molly’s back at her home in Southern California, lying awake in her bed in the middle of the night as he teens Sammy and Emma are sound asleep on either side of her. She looks like she’s numb and lost, not yet really accepting that her soul-mate’s been taken from her. She lies there staring at the ceiling and twisting her wedding band.

Once the sun goes down, Barry finds that the desert turns far colder, as he walks through the night seeing his breath in the air. Exhausted he lies down and falls asleep on the sand, taking advantage of the cooler air to replenish his strength for his journey the next day.

Malik’s at his job as a dish-washer at a café, when he’s summoned by one of Rashid’s men. He meets with Ihab and Samira Nadal and eats and talks about the buzz he got from blowing up the truck and killing the soldiers. He tells them that it was a rush to feel the heat and the blast and realize he was still alive and walking away without getting caught.

Ihab reminds him this is a different situation, this is a gun not a bomb and he might be killed by soldiers. He says to the couple that he’s very clever and even if he dies, if he kills Al Fayeed he’ll know his life meant something. A female co-worker comes out and tells Malik his boss is looking for him, he tells her to say he’s in the bathroom. She looks at the three of them and shakes her head, before she walks away.

Bassam wakes up as the sun’s blazing down on him, his skin’s nearly purple. He has a flashback to his childhood, he’s crouched down at a river bank running his hands through the water. A man in a uniform says to him it looks like it’s been here forever, but tomorrow it will be gone. He says that’s how it is in the desert Bassam, it rains and a river forms, but the heat of the sun makes it disappear by the next day.

Barry sees some sort of a reptile just a few feet away from him and tries to grab it so he can eat it, but he slips and tumbles down the dunes. However, the fall turned out to be a blessing in disguise as he sees camel tracks and starts to follow them, realizing that’s his best chance of getting rescued.

Molly tells Emma she needs to leave the house and try to acclimate herself with being home and asks her daughter to join her, but Emma says she’s not up to facing people that day. Molly gets into Barry’s car, as Sammy borrowed hers and she starts to cry. After she composes herself, she drives past a gaggle of reporters and videographers at the end of her driveway.

Jamal meets with his advisory staff and talks about the ground-breaking ceremony, the following day. His uncle Tariq advises as head of the Abbudin military to cancel the ceremony. He says that due to the limited military response to the truck bombing, he can’t be sure the rebels will stay away from the ground-breaking.

The President stands up at the head of the table and tells Tariq and the rest that he’s trying to present Abbudin as a peaceful nation to their Chinese partners and the world. He says cancelling the ceremony, or responding with a chemical attempt won’t bring tourism and businesses to Abbudin. He says that cancelling the ceremony isn’t an option.

That night as Barry walks through the desert, he gains some hope as lightning starts flashing through the sky. He suddenly stops and starts reaching towards the sky for the rain that he expects to fall. However it’s just heat-lightning and Barry spends another night without water as he sleeps on the sand.

Ihab and his second in command start drilling Malik with questions, making sure that he’s got his cover identity down straight. He’s pretending to be a journalism student at a nearby college and he’s a photographer for the school paper. When Rashid asks him what he should say if anyone asks why he’s approaching the stage, Malik responds he’s trying to get a good image for the paper. He’s told that the gun will be in one of the port-a-potties near the stage.

Colonel Mahmoud finally gets a clear image of Malik’s face and he recognizes him. He heads to the café he works at and speaks to the young woman we saw talking with Malik earlier in the episode. He asks the woman if that’s Malik and though she recognizes him immediately, she says the image’s blurry. He then shows her a picture of Rashid and asks if she’s seen him, she remains silent.

He says he doesn’t want her to lie, or turn in her friend so if she recognizes them she should just remain silent when he asks her again. He then shows her the two pictures and she keeps her mouth shut, he thanks her for her bravery and loyalty to Abbudin.

Molly heads to a Catholic Church and slips into the Confessional Booth. She tells the priest that she hasn’t gone to confession since 1997, as she met and married a man who was of another faith. The priest asks what her husband would think of her being there and she says she thinks he’d approve, he died a few days earlier. She then says it all seems unreal and she needs somebody to tell her what to do, how to grieve and to be a good mother.

Barry’s still following the camel tracks, when a sand-storm comes out of nowhere and forces him to the ground in the fetal position. The sand hits his body in wave after wave, feeling like a thousand razor-blades against his skin. When the wind finally ceases, he looks down to see the camel tracks were covered by the sand. He falls to his knees and starts shouting Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, God is Great, God is Great. He then starts weeping and falls to the ground.

The ground-breaking ceremony takes place and Malik’s able to get past the security screening. He goes into the port-a-potty and grabs the gun. He then takes his position with the other photographers as Jamal takes the stage and starts talking to the assembled crowd. Malik walks towards the stage and pulls out the pistol, but he’s shot before he can fire his weapon. Still on his feet he fires his gun, but hits the Chinese Ambassador’s wife in the shoulder, before someone puts a bullet between his eyes.

Molly holds a memorial ceremony for Barry in a church, as the contribution basket goes around, she reaches into her purse and finds only Abbudin currency. A man and his teenage daughter sitting behind her, give her a hundred-dollar bill to put in the basket. She thanks them after the ceremony, the man introduces himself as Jimmy Lytton and his daughter Natalie. He then tells Molly he’s an attorney and says if he can help her in any way over the coming days to please contact him and he gives her his card.

Two men with camels find Bassam passed out in the desert. They believe he’s an escaped prisoner and they’ll collect a reward for turning him in. They bind his hands and feet and still unconscious, they put him lying sideways on the back of one of their camels.

Jamal’s waiting for the Chinese Ambassador at the hospital and asks about his wife’s condition, the Ambassador says she already went through one operation on her shoulder and she’ll have further surgery the next morning. Jamal starts to apologize and the Ambassador tells him to stop. He says his nation can’t make a commitment to a country that fails to keep his wife safe.

Jamal says listen to me, the man behind this will have his head on a stake the following morning. He promises justice to the Ambassador. We then see soldiers unloading canisters of chlorine and Sarin gas, before the screen goes black.

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