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NJATVS Preview: Gotham

Photo Courtesy Of Fox
Photo Courtesy Of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Once A Fanboy, Always A Fanboy! This writer grew up in what’s known as the “Silver Age Of Comic Books” (approximately the late 1950’s to the early 1970’s) and weaned on DC Comics. It was a more innocent era, and the comics reflected that, with Superheroes far less gritty and filled with angst than their current versions. Basically from the time I learned to read at the age of six, until I discovered girls at 13, comic books were a major part of my life. Joining, Superman, Batman, The Green Lantern, The Legion Of Superheroes and perhaps my favorite The Flash, (who’ll also be the subject of a series in October) not only entertained but also educated me.

Perhaps that’s the reason that I’m excited about the debut of The Fox series “Gotham,” later this month, a prequel to the career of the “Dark Knight,” that takes place when he’s a boy. Although it does tell the story of what turned young Bruce Wayne into Batman, it’s told through the perspective of a young Detective James Gordon. The Wayne family’s one of the city’s richest and most prominent family’s and young Bruce watches in horror, as his mother and father get gunned down during a robbery on the street. Gordon bonds with the boy, pledging to him that he will capture the man who took his parent’s lives.

Gordon’s partner’s a veteran whose been around the block a few times, Detective Harvey Bullock, whose motives and allegiances are questionable.  The Crime-Lord of Gotham’s Fish Mooney, a woman who seems to wield a large amount of influence in the city’s underworld. There are also four young people who eventually turn into Batman’s fiercest foes, before they’ve gone over fully to the dark side. These characters include the villains that will eventually become, The Penguin, The Riddler, Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

Think of this as a coming of age story combined with an explanation that the future heroes and villains took the paths they did. From the previews one character Oswald Cobblepot, looks like he’s right on the edge of turning into The Penguin, as he seems a bit mad in all the clips released so far. The series has generated interest since it’s announcement of joining the Fox schedule, hopefully the creators can fulfill what looks like a promising series.

Gotham will premiere Monday September 22, at 8:00pm on Fox.